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A Dance Between Light and Dark (Lumikki)

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The Seraphim was getting accustom to this place. It was a beautiful place, and every time he stood here to face his demons, the more he wondered if what he was thinking about for the future could possibly happen. Still, for him to want to become something like an Emperor, he wanted to make sure that he was ready for it. He didn’t want to lead a country and then be taken out by others and could not do anything about it.

Then there was also the fact that becoming the champion of the people would only further his claim and bringing people to his side here. Still, today he was going to be fighting another opponent. He wasn’t sure who it would be, but he was going to find out soon enough.

The man was daunted in his armor and his helmet. His helmet being the Monarch’s Golden Guise as it would allow him protection and the ability to see the auras of those he fought. It wasn’t just that, but the resistance that came with the helmet was always a plus. He didn’t know who his opponent was going to be today, so he had to prepare himself for the worse case scenario would be.

As for his armor, well he would use the defensive armor. This armor was one that he obtained through a merchant from the multiverse. He only knew about this armor’s existence due to his best friend. It was a beautiful armor piece and he would keep that on for the time being.

As for his weapons of choices. Yuurei was in front of the gate with all four of his swords. He didn’t need to hold back and for all he knew things would get messy in this arena. They were all held by a different hand as they were battle readied. He wondered how the expressions of his opponent would have when they saw who they were up against.

Migi was observing the area as he wondered what those two mosnters were plotting right now. They were annoying and he honestly wished that he had taken over Yuurei’s body, if these two were being annoying to begin with.

“It seems like your other friends are quiet today and I don’t like it,” He said to him as his eyes popped up as they looked at Yuurei.

He looked at Migi and he shook his head as he wasn’t wrong about that. He wondered they were plotting something or going to interfere in the battle?

“Yeah I don’t know what they are up to, but I don’t want to find out.” He said to Migi.

The arm agreed, and then it would begin.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have ourselves a rematch once again. This time we going to have ourselves and excitement this time. First off we have a person who has been fighting and winning nonstop. This man is named as Leviathan, but as or recently he was revealed to be the former Guild Master of Paradise Dawn, Yuurei!” He shouted as the audience was cheering.

Yuurei walked in as the gate started opening. When he was fine to make his appearance, he would do just that and he wondered who he would be fighting again. Still, he had prepared himself as he got into a stance waiting to see who it would be. It could have been Knuckles, Brone, or even Lumikki. Those were the ones that he knew he would fight repeatedly with the crowd’s excitement the way it was.

“And his opponent she is a powerhouse, and alongside that is her beauty. She happens to be the current Paradise Dawn Guild Master, and the successor of the person of who she is fighting, Lumikki!” He shouted her name as the crowd would cheer when they heard her name.

They couldn’t believe this was the fight that they were going to get, and they couldn’t wait to see how things would unfold today.


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It was another trip to the area, almost like it would become one of her main stays. Maybe it would, her beloved had now seized it, and though she didn’t care for their recent spat even she couldn’t deny there was potential here. How after every match she’d oddly get much stronger, more than she normally would. Or how fascinating the sensations of fighting in the presence of an audience had now became.

Lumikki held onto the thought, weaving it among others as she made her way further North on the back of Asger. Despite the blessings it could bring, she still found it dreadful. Each time her feet touched the ground she was met with dissatisfaction. Whether it was humans who ran their mouths, or her favored people turned into monsters. Curious and curiouser, Lumikki pondered, was it a price for the boon? Or was it the meddling of a Seven God who thought her to be distasteful? She could not say, but she froze over her apprehension to spare the anguish. If Knuckles was getting stronger here, then it’s only a matter of time before she was left behind. How vexing, the thought that echoed in her mind. It was enough to spoil what was left of her mood.

As Lumikki neared the arena, she would prepare her things. The Snow Monarch Concealment fitted around her neck, and Kal’ El cape draped along her shoulders, fixed with ravens feathers for more flourishes. She’d be adorned in her Twilight Veil dress, but wear another proper veil atop her head to block the sun and conceal her face. She wasn’t entirely in the mood to be seen, if the opponent was new, he hardly needed to gaze at her face for the fight. Least that was her line of thinking, the Demoness was already far too known, she didn’t need to be seen all the time on top of it.

Asger lowered his stride, dipping beneath the sea of clouds that he was gliding among, and Lumikki would freeze the mist so as not to get soaked herself. Descending through the sky on his back and waiting until her mount circled around. From above, she’d glance at the rows of seats below and the open field, but sadly her opponent had yet to pass through the gates and Lumikki was a tad bit ahead of time.

The Demoness resolved to stay within the room reserved for waiting competitors. Affording herself one that she can remain alone in. The space was fairly small, the furniture simple but comfortable. Red drapes with Seven design motifs hung by the windows, and pottery with painted depictions of legendary stories of past champions sat atop of shelves. The boisterous roar of the crowd was still prominent here, seeping within the walls with a thunderous tremble. It was the back drop to Lumikki’s pages as she thumbed over heroic stories that originated from Seven itself, while sitting cozily on a long and flatten cushioned chair. The melodic cheers like immersion for the tales unfolding with every written word. She wanted to get familiar with the lore, culture, and people as she saw herself coming to the country more often. What more, it boarders along her homeland of Iceberg as well, and she wanted an understanding beyond the bias ideals from home. Perhaps in her endeavor, she could understand Knuckles’ choices some more, but she would keep this project hidden as there was no desire to admit to such fascinations. Like many sentimental and thoughtful things that the Demoness would entertain, she enjoyed them most when cloaked in the shadows. Even if her affections and sentiments were obvious.

Finally, a knock could be heard at the door of the room Lumikki resided. A signal of her coming battle, though she still did not know to who opponent was just yet; but a cold chill lingered in her spine as if another bad omen was to come. It was with a deep sigh and the sucking of her teeth that Lumikki rose from her seat. Leaving a bookmark to hold her page and sliding the book into her abyssal void. And with heavy steps, the Demoness would approach the door and walk the halls that lead to the arena. Her face now veiled once more with the shadows that clung to her in passing, like spiderwebs layered on top of the other.

The announcer would begin his routine, steps before she made it to the very gates that would reveal her. The slivers of sun not yet touching her skin and yet she already heard his accursed name. Yuurei was her beloved friend and previous leader, someone she held in high enough regard despite his abrasive tendencies and extreme; but she held no such love for Levitation. The amalgamation of a persona she didn’t yet understand. Lumikki was not very sure of his predicament, or privy of the clear details regarding his struggle. She was not sure she still had a friend left within him and if she did, how much more was lost in the time that she saw him last. Either way, no matter the line of thought or proceeding question, she knew this would hardly be a fight she could maintain. The best she could hope for was to learn what she could and walk away before getting shattered in his grasp once again.

“And his opponent she is a powerhouse, and alongside that is her beauty. She happens to be the current Paradise Dawn Guild Master, and the successor of the person of who she is fighting, Lumikki!” The announcer bolstered, he was running through her introduction and Lumikki narrowed her eyes. His excitement to spell her name and title was concerning, but regardless of their word, sadly Lumikki’s reputation proceeded her. With all the constant visits, there shouldn’t be much of a surprise to her identity. Perhaps she would consider the path of a champion as well if she spent more time here.

”We meet again Angel, or should I refer to ye otherwise. Ready to train me once more in this endless endeavor? I was just reading a tragic story, Seven has a plethora of ‘em. There was one I was just reading that was quite curious, but it’s as they seem to say. One must imagine Sisyphus is happy….” If Lumikki smiled under her veil, Yuurei wouldn’t know, but she took to a stance to get ready. Snatching her Abyssal Spine staff out of thin air as she brought it back into this realm.

”I wonder if there’s any happiness in this path for ye and me both….” Lumikki was ready to take to the skies should she need to, though her wings were not yet formed as she was observing what he would do first.


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Yuurei waited for her arrival at the arena. His eyes looked over to the other gate as he waited for her to make her appearance. She would with the cloak hiding a bit of her, but he knew it was her. This was going to be interesting, and he heard her speak.

The Seraphim smiled at her as he was always happy to see her growth. That was never an issue with him.

“It’s me, I mean it’s always me, just those two enjoy altering my decision of influencing my decision as of lately. Still, they are backing off from bothering for the time being.” He paused for a second as he got into a fighting stance.

The stance would reveal his four arms, showing her something new that he had obtained. Leviathan and Shuten Doji had provided him with the two extra arms as a way to assist him in battle and give him a different type of advantage. In each of his hands, there was a different sword being held by Yuurei. All of his weapons were embedded with the power of light that his Seraphim abilities allowed him to do. His eyes looked at her as if she had done the same thing. The appearance of her staff sent chills down his spine. That was the one that made all her spells even deadlier than they already were. Still, he wasn’t sure when the harp would show up, and on top of that her flight was too great for him, so he had to things to make sure to cover that distance between the two of them.

“I must say Seven is growing on me. Fighting is what I enjoy doing the most, and this place applauds it. I was wondering do you think I would make a great Emperor here?” He said this with his smile still intact.

He figured that she would be surprised by this and by the extra arms, as Brone had something exactly this prior. He wasn’t sure why the old bloke got rid of his arms, but something must have happened. It seemed like he was going to start the match first this time around. He watched Lumikki as she was waiting for him to do something. He acknowledged that and decided to make the first move.

“I wondered would you support me if I did this?” He asked and at the same time he made his move.

He took flight, but not in his average way. No, he had used his cape, which he didn’t always use. The cape didn’t think it needed to help him fly but instead was always glad to protect him where he couldn’t protect himself. This time it was different and it seemed like Yuurei would use the cape to start this off. It would give him flight and he would push off toward Lumikki, hovering so instead of running he moved to her by flight.

She is going to dodge, isn’t she? He thought to himself as he swung his Zabimaru toward her.

While he had done that he had awakened the sword from its slumber. It had changed from what it was to a serpent-looking sword. It was far longer than it was before, which would allow him to cover his ground. Zabimaru would roar as it rushed toward her while he also closed the distance between him and her.

“Lumi can I ask, do you fear me, or do you admire me?” He asked her while he attacked waiting to see what she would say to him.


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”Were they altering only yer thoughts Yuurei? Seems yer far more changed than I thought. Brone mentioned to me how he lost his arms, but I could have easily assumed ye snatched ‘em for yerself…Suppose even an Angel could hunger for more forms, now ye just need more eyes and halos and ye’d suit some of the old descriptions from tales and legends. But tell me, are ya now a God of War yerself? Is this country the place yer warring?” The Seraphim flexed back, each one his arms gripping a different sword in their grasp. All of which, she’d taken a glance of at least once before, save one that she wasn’t sure to have spotted in its entirety. Her “World’s eye” would gleam it best it could, but her understanding had not fully yet settled upon it. Needing some more time to work the blade out which she scarcely had now that he was in the crux of his stance. His posture was unlike any she observed before, as unlike Yuurei, Brone was not privy of showing off his arms nor showing off his might all at once. The Dhain Dwarf often made a habit of tucking them into his sash, for what she assumed was his attempt to still appear normal. A sentiment the the Demoness understood as she often hid within the human facade, though less for simply acceptance as it hindered her plans to present herself so obvious. Subtly often striking true where the monsters in plain sight could not and with her reputation so notable already, there was no desire to be more apparent.

”If I had a say, from all the books and lore I’ve read. Ya seem like ye’d fit quite comfortably within the beings of Bellum. Multiple appendages and weapons are a common thematic among their higher spirits, and their relics provided them great powers, aye. But if yer fixation is settled onto the land of Seven, then I suppose I could see why. Yer like Knuckles, happiest when deeply nuzzled into a fight. Constantly pushing back conflict and hinderances with sheer might and grit alone. It’s funny ye two have found yerselves here around the same time, but the desire settle here isn’t as surprising. Seven is indeed beautiful, almost reminds me of me beloved Iceberg. But if ye’d make a fitting Emperor? Hard to say. Such power is not as simple as one would even assume, layered with the fact the this country like mine, is politically too spaced out to reign like normal. Ye won’t sit on top of the throne as comfortable as the king of Fiore does.”

Even as she spoke, Lumikki could note his many muscles twitching. The man was eager to swing his arsenal in her direction. Possessed by Demons or not, he was always famished in the midst of battle. The calm waters of the surface only hiding the turbulent currents underneath, ravenous in their desire to snatch the opponent and ravish them. Lumikki was no long a stranger to this trait within him, having sparred with the Seraphim for some time. Even when she was younger, he would not spare her the agony of his strike, only the amount of damage he could truly inflict. And so the Demoness was hardly naive, she knew she was simply bidding her time until she would be made to barely make it out conscious as she managed the time before. Even before she could peacefully finish the remainder of his words, Yuurei would dash for her. Only in a manner he did not often try, his cape now pulling him from the ground as he closed the gap toward her. And even within the lunge in Lumikki’s direction, he’d bellow the desire that was freshly on his mind. Her support in usurping a nation. A request that honestly felt confusing to her. ”Huh?! Ye left the guild so ye could take over a nation? Is this what yer were musing when ya simply vanished? Why I could only ever see ya if I trek over to Seven?”

If the Demoness didn’t freeze over her emotions in preparations to her match, then perhaps she could have succumb to them right then. A tinge of fury sparking within her as he casually voiced her request. Lumikki didn’t mind standing by the Seraphim, nor did she mind contributing her power in battle. But to be met with such a request after all the recent circumstances was vexing to her. Either way, such a choice would take time. What more, there feels like an insidious trouble brewing within her Motherland just next door. Could the Guild Master of Dawn even spread herself out more?

Lumikki put her all in dashing away from him and his strike with her snow Hare Step spell, a feat she could only execute so many times, and swung down her staff. The Abyssal Spine didn’t make contact with the floor, but the mana from the strike did. Pulsing and shooting within ground while a magic circle flickered before ice stalagmites jutted up in vigorous intervals. The broke apart the stone and ripped apart the floor. She knew it wouldn’t deter him, the man was hovering as it was, but it was a quick response as a means to delay so that she could move once more. She’d hope that the rubble and dust could hold off the serpent his sword became. Taking the moment to unfurl her four wings and make to the skies as well. As she did, Lumikki willed her magic while pressing her hand to her chest. A lavender magical circle, like a halo, shown behind her head before black frost overtook her form in ice slicked armor. Trails of dark would streak behind her and soft black snow. Once she was comfortable within her hight of twenty-five meters, one she knew he could still easily strike her down in, she’d turn over to face him. Her fave will hidden but now behind the helm of her magic and the shadow that now made up the visor over her eyes. Her lips, which were still visible, were pressed together flattened, as the conflicting nature of his request was still burning in her mind.

”Admittedly I’ve lost me fear for ya some time ago; like one learns to face death with acceptance. Which isn’t to say ye don’t warrant the terror ya sow….that being said, whether I admire ya is hard to say. Yer vexing Yuurei, but admire how ye intimidate most people so they never touch what’s yers. If ye want me to see ye for more, ye’d have to show me more first…Ye’ve hardly been around Warden of the North, move woven in shadow than I….”

Lumikki pulled her staff back and swung it in an arc before her, she was preparing the next spell to shoot out so that he would not rush straight toward her undeterred. Not like it would halt his ascent, but it was something to lay in between for the mean time. A wall of magical circles would open up before black frost weapons would quickly form as if passing through them. The four swords in his hands being a notable few within the arsenal, but all the weapons that she’s seen pass through his fingers would show among them. They were set to crash down, but none were expected to touch him.


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Yuurei heard her words and as she spoke the smile continued to creep up bigger and bigger. His friend did get rid of his arms, and it was a bad choice. He was powerful, more powerful than him if he had just used everything he was supposed to use. People didn’t understand that in a fair face-to-face fight, Brone was scary.

As she explained to him it seemed like she felt it would be hard for him to govern this entire country alone if he had chosen to take it for his own. The smile of his dispersing from his face as he was not pleased to hear that. It seemed like she didn’t have faith in him. He could do it, live comfortably, and make sure that nobody stepped out of line. Still, what he wanted was a place where he was ruler, and the people that he cared for could live peacefully.

“Do you think I cannot take over Seven, keep it beautiful and make sure that the other people in the other Polis govern fairly, and not take advantage of the people here? I will create a Polis above all other Polis to make sure that they don’t sneak around and collude against me.” He paused for a second.

“I didn’t leave the guild. You guys will always be my home. It’s just that I didn’t want to lose control and harm those I love, so I made sure to stay away but close all at the same time.” He said as it seemed like nobody understood his situation.

He didn’t want to wake up one day and not be himself and go on some weird killing spree. The Seraphim didn’t want to harm any of his friends. He was sure they could fend for themselves, but how long would that last? It wouldn’t be just that, but he felt that he would catch them by surprise, which would make things even worse. That was the worst possible outcome he thought about if he actually stood in the guild and continued to run the guild.

Still, their fight had begun, he had attacked and she had dodged. That much he knew was going to happen. He was glad she was getting better in battle. She was the guild Master, and he needed her to be able to protect the guild on times when he could not make it. Still, when she dodged, his movements didn’t stop there. He snapped his arm back with Zabimaru as he had missed his target, and prepared for the next movements of Lumikki. There was nothing in front of him to cause him to make a stop, but he turned around in the direction she had moved in. His necklace gave him a vibration in the air, so he knew how to move in the air to look at her.

His arm brought Zabimaru to him so that he could use his next move. There were the spikes that she had created and he saw it coming. He pushed himself to move higher from the ground, and he would grit his teeth when he felt something striking his leg. He sucked his teeth when that happened, but it seemed like things didn’t stop there. His armor felt the danger, and the damage had occurred as well. His armor would let out the dense arcane mana straight toward her. She spoke to him and it seemed like she didn’t fear him, but it seemed like she didn’t admire him either. It was sad to hear coming from the one he had entrusted the future of the guild to.

“Yes, when you lose your best friend, when you thought you lost your parents, when you were an outcast to the people you thought were your kind, things leave to two paths. Evil, or to become strong enough, so that you can’t be hurt in those ways again.” Those were the only two paths he knew of.

“If you want to talk to me after this fight, then we can chat, if you want to spend time with me all you need is to ask.” He told her.  

Still, while they talked Lumikki had attacked, the weaponry she created and launched at him. He only ascended to fifteen meters as it was as high as he could go, but it was enough. His arm moved, with the invisible blade gripped tightly for what he was about to do. It was then his eyes glared into her own. Her form changed, she was as beautiful as ever, but this was indeed a fight.

“Excalibur!” He shouted as he would launch a beam of light that spread out in a cone.

It would clash with her Spell, destroying it without a problem, but it would continue to go straight to its intended target. His eyes were not blinded by the light of his attacks, he could see where it was going and wondered if she would stay standing after that attack.

“Just to be clear you aren’t a friend, you’re family to me.” He said to Lumikki.


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”I see…” Lumikki uttered. She was taking in all his words carefully, sincerely trying to understand. ”I see yer temper is taking charge, what ye said aren’t the words that left me mouth. I suppose if there were anyone to make it look easy, it would be ye; but it’s as I said, it wouldn’t be the same comfort we see of the king. Should ye want to pursue it anyway, then by all means—Rule.”

Lumikki kept an eye on Yuurei and Zabimaru. Knowing quite well just how fast both of them moved, but it would seem his armor found itself agitated as well. For a moment, Lumikki too had a craving for more sentient items, things that would fight alongside her in service of their master, but for now she needed to survive this matter first.

To surprise of the Seraphim, Lumikki stood still and waited for the culmination of Yuurei’s strike. Instead of the normal presentation, she decided to ham it up for the show. As this was all for entertainment anyway. Lumikki dropped her staff back into its shared realm, pulling her arms back to begin a cast that essentially amounted to flourishes of darkness. This spell was harmless, a spectacle for the crowd and with enough focus, she was even able to make black snow fall onto the stands.

By the time the attack connected, Lumikki shattered her armor herself to release an explosion of frost and a flurry of snow. From the cloud, came forth an unkindness. Rushing toward the Seraphim a little ways below. Their wings brushing lightly along his skin and armor as they all spoke in unison. ”Very well, we should chat. Perhaps it is time to rekindle the bond among family…” And with that, the ravens would exit through the gate, rushing to be let free outside the arena once more.

Should Yuurei choose to meet Lumikki, he would only need to follow the ravens to where she resided atop the highest pavilion.


Curtain Call

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Yuurei laughed hearing her talk about his temper. His temper was always bad, it was a short fuse, and honestly, it was one reason why you never crossed him. It was always there, but Leviathan and Shuten-Doji weakened him mentally to the point his temper would come out even from the slightest trigger. He tried to control himself as their fight had come to a conclusion. She wasn’t afraid of fighting him, but the fights never lasted long enough for them to truly declare the victor.

It seemed like she had given up yet again. It was frustration that had filled his blood, but he would take deep breaths. He had to come down and honestly, he knew that anybody who fought him would have a hard time fighting him. That he understood, and he was hoping to only become stronger after this. His spell had gone off, it seemed like things had connected, and when it cleared up just ravens would be left standing. His eyes blinked a few times as he wondered what was going on here.

The crowd was in awe with what they saw, and it seemed like from that attack Yuurei was the winner. They all started cheering as they were all wondering if Lumikki was alive. The announcer was surprised with how this ended, but he had a job to do. He walked into the arena with Yuurei in the air. The Seraphim had the ravens move by him and they had whispered in his ear. He did ask to talk to her after this fight and she had agreed to that.

This would bring him to calm his nerves a bit as he descended from the ground as the announcer started speaking up.

“We have ourselves a winner! Lumikki has either perished or has stepped out of the arena if those ravens are here! Which means Leviathan is the winner!” He shouted as Yuurei raised his arm into the air.

While doing that, he turned around, and his form changed. He would grace them with some wings, and his appearance had changed, but they couldn’t see that because of his armor. He would flap his wings to pick himself into the air again. He nodded at the announcer and he would fly in the direction of where the Ravens had gone. He figured he would follow the ravens as it would lead him to Lumikki.



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