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The Silver Cleaver

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The Silver Cleaver Empty Sun Aug 13, 2023 8:47 pm

Lumikki got dressed up quite nicely, wearing a lovely long simple purple dress and her pulled back in multiple braids that came together in one. She did her make up a tad and looked herself over in the mirror pleased with the sight looking back at her. The dress wasn't too much to be seen as fancy, simply a nice thing to wear.

She had long sent one of her companion ravens to pass her Uncle Brone a letter of invitation. Ever since she came back from Joya, ravens would flock around her. She was skeptical of it at first but with all the time that passed, she still finds them around. Lumikki honestly couldn't be any happier for it as she welcomed her new kin to flock toward her. Often being seen speaking with them and sharing her snacks.

She sent one the day before with a note to her Uncle, hoping that with his spare time he could humor her in joining along in coming to Carla's restaurant the Silver Cleaver. With how things have been for the past while, she feels she never gets to spend time with him. The Heartless Angel often taking Brone for himself. So she got dressed nicely to really enjoy the moment. It would be the first time her Uncle would meet her good friend too and so she couldn't wait.

She head out toward the front of the guild where she noted the two would meet. After which she would show him straight there to the place she had planed.

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#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
It was an exciting moment for Brone Heavyaxe, to receive an invitation for an outing with his niece. The atmosphere of the guild had dread in the air, which was why the dwarf had given his mercenaries, as well as the Guild Hall staff, vacation time. Though the war was won, and Joya was freed from the tyranny of the previous shogun, the victors still held the remnants of the aftermath; some had to bury allies, some had to retire early due to physical or mental trauma. The dwarf didn't take any vacation days for himself, feeling that he needed to be a pillar for the rest of the guild, to let them know that they protected, even when they were given time to rest. But event then, Brone had moments when he thought about the fallen and the struggle. This was his second war, but event then, the strong Shield of Dawn wavered in his emotions.

"She's wearing a dress" Huginn perched himself upon the bedframe.

"What?" Brone turned to the ravens in surprise as he had just finished donning his armor. Muninn nodded in confirmation. The dwarf sucked his teeth as he began to undue his gear, wishing his avians would have told him sooner, or at least Lumikki's ravens. It was a surprise for the dwarf when an unrecognizable raven flew in through the window of the training room and spoke to him, delivering a message from Lumikki herself. Muninn had noted that she was becoming more like her uncle everyday, giving pride to Brone while Huginn added she was practically becoming better than him everyday, deflating the pride.

After some time, the dwarf managed to get his armor off and don something more appropriate; A brown and black flannel shirt, with a beige sash on his waist and lower torso to hide his secondary arms, while he wore a pair of black slacks with dark brown combat boots that are kept pristine. As for the white cloak, Brone had requested for a seamstress to alter the outside of the cloak, adding false white fur, to resemble a polar bear skin-cloak. His hair took the longest; grooming it well before tying it back into a ponytail and tying his beard into a series of braids before interlocking them into one long braid. The only thing he couldn't do was switch out his new ring he had collected during the war when he had defeated one of the Daimyos. It had a purple diamond in the center and at times, red static would emit from it.

Giving himself one last look in the mirror, Brone then walked out the door with both ravens on his shoulders. When he arrived at the front of the Guild Hall, he spotted Lumikki in a beautiful purple dress, "Aye, lass, yer gonna drop a number of hearts, I ain't a healer" he laughed as he approached his niece, giving her a look-over.


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"He comes this way Lumi," Trygve made it a point to tell her. He loves being the one to inform her on all the things. Trygve was the first raven to flock to her after the war, and the first to speak with her after she put on the earring she found in her dress pocket. He barely left her side before and he sure didn't leave it now. He enjoyed listening to the other ravens and picking out the bits most useful to tell her. Being the one to report to her most gave him pride and made him feel important. Though of course all the ravens would speak to her and tell her things they thought she'd like to know, he was simply the one who held the mantle for it the most.

The other ravens would tease him, but it was all jest. In the Daemon's charm a family was being formed. The could not say what was it about the girl that called to them all, they just simply accepted it. It granted them a connection they had not preciously know, and so now they were simply her Unkindness.

Lumi strokes her raven Trygve head gently and sweetly. "Thank ye Trygve, how's he looking?"

"Seems all dressed up, different from his normal armor." All the other ravens around her chimed in. "Dressed up! Dressed up! Dressed up!" They all chanted, but to those that were around it was only a series of croaking. Lumikki giggled as she looked toward where her Uncle was coming.

His comment made her blush and she shielded her face in her shyness. "Hardly our problem isn't it Uncle. The would do better ta look away. Sides, I thought it nice to look nice for a change. It's been a while since we had this. Ah, hello brothers, ye really add to the sharpness of his look don't cha. Would ye be tagging along as well?"

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#4Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
"Ye got more than me, lass" Brone pointed out as he watched the flock of raven queens fly about Lumikki. Huginn cawed in laughter as Muninn nudged him with one of his talons.

"Aye, we deserve a break, and I don't wear my best look often" Brone was reaching to pat his niece on the shoulder but hesitated, remembering the time he spent reading through books of etiquette. He then gave a slight bow with a sincere smile, "We'll take my ride, but ye have to lead the way" he said as he whistled, calling to Noctus his black pegasus. In truth, he wasn't lying, but it wasn't the only reason; the main reason he wanted Lumikki to take the reins was because the dwarf was still trying to get over his fear of having his feet off the ground.

"We heard you can speak our tongue now, little daemon" Huginn said as he flew over and landed upon Lumikki's shoulder.

"Are you to reign over us as our queen?" Muninn joked as he kept himself perched on Brone's shoulder. The dwarf heard this and raised an eyebrow, but because of the pact, he kept his mouth shut and avoided looking at Lumikki, but choosing to look towards the bright blue sky, waiting for their ride.

Soon enough, Noctus arrived, flying down from the sky and touching down upon the dirt. "Alright then, time te be on our way" Brone practically cheered as he climbed upon his steed.


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Lumikki heard the tickle of Huginn's voice prick her ears. It was as sensation she never thought she would ever have. Muninn's melodious chime followed soon after his brothers and she grinned greatly for it. They were more cheeky than she ever thought, though she could always see it in their eyes. These two ravens were always a special grade above the others, though she loved all within her flock all the same.

"Queen would make a good start to me dream." Lumikki joked along, though a part of her also meant it. Just until I become a Demon of me own, then I could be known for so much more, though of the ravens I shall always be."

She caressed Huginn's head and he leaned into her hand. Trygve replaced Huginn's place on Brone's shoulder, croaking in his attempt to introduce himself. Though he did not get the reaction he figured.

"This Uncle is, Trygve. He was the first to take a liking to me and the one who speaks with me for the moment the most. He was trying to make himself know to ye, but as ya know."   She giggled. Never in all her years did she think something like this would occur, but life was turning for the best and for that she is happy.

"How is it you get him to understand you, doesn't seem well versed to me?" He would ask Brone's companions. "Ravens of your like, what do you answer to him for?"

Noctus would come down and Lumikki would take the front. She found enjoyment in leading him and was eager to get another go of it. It had been sometime since she flew him last.

Onward they went to Orchidia, the home to the Silver Cleaver and the restaurant of a great friend she wanted her Uncle to meet at last. She landed Noctus in the open space of by the river, too many people would make it annoying otherwise. The local ravens of the city would come and greet her. Observing her new company especially that of the two foreign ravens.

From here she would lead him to the markets and through the alleys. Making their way through a narrow one with many open doors of various shops and kitchens. It was still earlier in the day, only being around eleven or so, not thankfully there weren't many people still here. Lumikki instinctively turned into the doorway she wanted shouting as she did so. "Aye, Carla! I brought me guest of honor. The Uncle ye complain I gab so much about but never bring over! Pass me two Dwarven brews for a start, cause I know once yer here ye'll keep chatting." Lumikki gave out a good laugh, she loved to tease the woman for just as much as Carla liked to tease her. Lumikki walked over to her favorite table, expecting her Uncle would follow. There a window near where she'd prefer to sit, and that's where the ravens choose to perch. Lumikki often passing along some of her meal to her company.

Just as Lumikki sat down, a booming voice came from the window of the kitchen, moving toward the door. "Don't know why it is ye sitting down now lass, knowing damn well I'd want a good look at ye!" Lumikki groaned, but a smile shown on her face. A stout but older woman appeared through the door. She was dwarven as her Uncle Brone is.

She came out the door fast, to fairly large mugs in hand. She slammed them on the table, and took a step back to take a look at the girl, nodding her head in approval. "Nice, nice there girl. Pretty as I always saw ye." She finally turned to the man that was her guest. "So this is the well known Brone Heavyaxe of Dawn the likes of us hear about. I kinda wish I got ta see ye in yer armor, now That I heard steals the show." She three he head back in a hearty laugh, happy to have them over. "Don't mind me, still have a kitchen ta run. Murlo knows his way around sure, but it's I that knows the spice to make a meal worth eating. So I'll be coming and going when the needs comes, but I'll humor the great Heavyaxe of Dawn here for the sake of me lass. She never shuts up bout ye, ya know? One could confuse her for a pup the way she yaps about ye." Carla teased, the air chilled as Lumikki pouted in her response.

"Ye said ya wanted to hear the stories! How can I tell 'em to ya and not say his name once or twice. I swear woman, ye never make sense.

"Yes, yes Lumi dear, we know yer a great and loving girl." Carla lovingly pinched her cheek. "And ye now, ye ol brute. Ye taking care of me girl? Any scratch and I'ma have to insist ye lose the name of shield ya here?"

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#6Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
"Pleasure te meet ye, Trygve" Brone petted the raven's head with a stubby finger. The flock of ravens that perched around the area or flew about seem to all be associated with Lumikki. With her style with clothing and how her spells are formed, he concluded that ravens were her theme and spirit animal. Though they were animals of the sky, a domain separate from his own domain, he was still proud of her for finding who she is.

As Lumikki and Brone took off into the sky, the ravens followed in flight. "Sorry, little chick, but there are certain things we cannot say" Huginn replied to Trygve as he flew above him, spreading his wings to show how wide his wingspan was and showing their age difference.

"Don't mind him, he's a show-off but means well" Muninn flew along side Lumikki's messenger.

Eventually, Noctus would fly into Orchidia and land by the river. As soon as they dismounted, the black pegasus would take to the sky. At this point, Brone stopped wondering where his steed would fly off to. They would make their way through the streets and eventually get to a doorway and walked right in. Brone was surprised he had never noticed this area during his visits to the city.

As Lumikki sat, so did the dwarf. Then an older female dwarf appeared with a great entrance, prompting both her visitors to stand. The woman, Carla, looked the young lass over before turning to face her uncle with great energy and compliment, "Ye have me apologies, ᚲᛟᛚᛚᛖᛖᚾ" Brone gave a slight bow as he spoke, referring to Carla by a dwarven term used for an attractive woman, "Me niece here told me we were going some place fancy, so I had to dress the part".

Carla spoke fast and with great appreciation for Lumikki and Brone's name which nearly brought the dwarf to go as red as his forge, "She be finer than any of me weapon or armor, forged right this one" he placed a hand on Lumikki's shoulder and gave her a smile before turning to Carla, "Any scratches she gets is from her own work and strength" he bellowed a laugh.


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”ᚲᛟᛚᛚᛖᛖᚾ!? Haven’t heard that in decades! Now what mountain are ye haling from Heavyaxe, are most yer clan this charming?” She broke into another hardy laugh. She almost forgot the sensation of being in another Dwarfs company. ”Look a me now forgetting me manners. I’m so used to speaking with the lass that it slipped me mind. It’s nice finally meeting cha, me name is Carla of the Logi clan. If ye ever heard of us, we are particularly well known for handling the fires and flames. Lumi here told me yer clans linked if I remember it right. It’s a beautiful thing ye have that. Now I won’t be a moment, but I gotta still mind the kitchen a bit if ye eva want ya get that meal. I’m sure the lass has been promising it ta ye, so I just got ta deliver on it.” she made her way back to the kitchen leaving the two to settle back in the chairs for a moment. The dwarven brew still hot on the table.

Lumi made her way to sit down, cooling her drink to how she liked it before drinking a lot of it down. “Ye know, isn’t it odd ta think this is the first time I drank something by ye. We really have to find the time to go out more often Uncle. Doesn’t look good on the family otherwise.”
Meanwhile on the windowsill.  ”How then do you think I could be for my Lumi as you are for Brone.” the young raven was eager to learn from his idols. Hoping to achieve their insight and perception one day so even he could do that himself. All he wanted was to be the best raven Lumi had. Being the first to find her and the first to be understood, he took it as a sign. Thinking perhaps this was his purpose. The desire became him.

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#8Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone couldn't hide his grin; it has been some time since he had spoken with another dwarf, even though Lumikki indeed held the heart of a dwarf. Carla spoke openly, loud, and tried to pack everything in within few sentences. Like home, is what the male dwarf thought, "I hail from the southern mountains by Myras, though my clan originally comes from Iceburgan, connected to Lumikki's clan, though my father went his own way" Brone had quickly recalled the clan name Logi, there were stories of such dwarf-kin, "Aye, some of me kin called ye Hearthkeepers and Forge starters; some say yer clan developed the Everlasting Fire" magical fires are known to have properties that could last for long periods of time, but the rumors and myths say that there are dwarven clans, like Logi, who hold the power of creating flames that can never go out.

He wanted to sit and speak with Carla further, but he understood her work needed to be tended to, so he gave her a hearty formal greeting before she departed and finally got comfortable in his seat, "How did ye find a gem of place such as this, lass?" Brone asked his niece as he took a look around the area. Though it was constructed to fit within a human city, there were designs that were made by dwarven hands; rough and stern squares, diamonds and even runes could be seen here and there. Brone took a swig of the drink and was quickly given a memory to when he was barely exploring the tunnels and downing his first drink; good memories.

"Aye, we'll go for more outings like this, Frostbite, don't ye worry" Brone made that a mental note to himself as well. For the two of them, it has mainly been about training and recently the war. Though Lumikki has become a powerful mage in her own right, she deserves to have fun and relaxation, especially with her family.

"Take to the sky and scout whenever you can; knowledge is power, so the first to know what's going on, will be the one to make the first move" Huginn hopped over to the younger raven as he unfurled a wing and draped it over him.

"Lack of knowledge can be a detriment and can bring people in danger, especially those we care for, so never shy away from being nosy" Muninn hopped over to the other side of the young raven.

Brone rapped his fingers on the table, debating whether or not to speak up about it, but he eventually spat it out "Lass, what's this thing about ye becoming a demon?" he asked, trying to sound nonchalant, though it came out as awkward as he felt. Both Huginn and Muninn turned their heads to view the table.


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"She found me, not too long after the Chaos men attacked. I was helping around and she offered me some food. Once she heard me speak, crazy woman just pulled me in nd claimed me as hers. Said something about "not having enough of our ilk out here yet we call these lands the North." Couldn't say she's wrong. I didn't expect our guild turning out as it did." Lumikki would answer her Uncle how how she found this place.

"Honestly Uncle I worry ye spend too much time within the halls. No point in protecting lands ye haven't walked nor enjoyed yerself. I get the duty of it all, we were raised on honor, but the Heartless Angels is just as strong, he could hold fort too. Sides, even that cheeky bastard finds the time to walk the Markets. I think it's time so did ye. Carla could use the time and stories, I'm running out of me own!" Lumikki threw her head back in a laugh herself, the thought of being to young to have enough stories to keep and older woman entertained was the complete reverse of what she's known. Her Uncle thought, well she was sure he had more than enough to spare.

Off to the side.

"Hmmm, so I must see all at all times? For my Lumi, I suppose it'll just have to be done..." Trygve really thought it over, he couldn't bare letting his girl get hurt because he failed. He really internalized what was told to him. "How do I know what's important!?"

Brone asked what he had felt he needed to ask.

Even Trygve looked over. "He didn't even know that? Hmmm was it not important?" He took a moment think it over himself."Ooooh, It was about my Lumi, so he didn't need to know! Clever, clever....oh gods! What if I don't get clever?!"

Lumikki looked him in the eyes and smiled her sweet smile for the man she loved like a father. He really is one of her hearts and souls that kept the Obscura away. An eternal flame for her if you would, to keep the Abyss from claiming her. She hopes she could always have him.

She tilted her head as she debated the words. Chugging a good bit of her drink to feel the rush of warmth it gave. She knew her Uncle would love her all the same, that was never the worry. It was admitting it that gave her the nerves. But it was hers to tell and the ravens did good to leave this for her to share. She looked over to her brothers and gave them the warmest smile. "Thank ye me loves."

She took her Uncle's hands for the comfort, hopefully he wouldn't be bothered by her cold and she spoke she pulled on locks of her hair from her bangs.

"Its always been hard to say cause it made me feel so wrong for a long while. Wasn't till I spoke with Yuurei that it became clear ta me. He told me how we weren't all that different and I needed it for the moment. See remember when we went on the first quest for the crystal Gnicolas. How I told ye of the voices in me head. One was a Demon named Lorimer, seems he made a pact with me dead beat father. Claimed he had a hand in making me too. I didn't get a choice in me pact Uncle, but I'm a Daemon all the same. I hope to be me own Demon like Yuurei is his own Seraphim. He said I could be! He said even in me dark for I could still be beautiful like him." She took a pause to calm herself down. She was gunning off too fast for her mind to keep track.

"The darkness of the Abyss is nothing like that of the primordial Uncle. It's harsh and perverted. It corrodes ye over time and makes ye cruel. Ye saw a tad of it in the war.....I try not to be a monster, I promise. Just gets hard sometimes to sort the thoughts. But I don't want to be the monster in me story! I swear! After the war I calmed down some but it doesn't change the fact I want ta be more. I want to be me own Demon, me own power."

She leaned in toward he Uncle as if she needed it to be a secret. "I want ta slay other Demons that mean to toy with us....and the Seraphim that tried their way at Yuurei. I can't fight the hunger or desire ta tear 'em all. Just hope I could be strong enough like ye...."

She raised his hand to her forehead as she tried to sort all the things she just said.

Trygve in the back was simply touched with his Daemons struggles and perseverance.

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#10Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Hearing Lumikki out, Brone understood where she was coming from. Storytelling was part of the clan, sharing the adventurers that they have experienced, but so was protecting the fortress, "Aye, lass, ye right, I guess I should stretch my legs out more" Just like his father before him, he had dreamed of adventuring and exploring the lands to collect and make stories. Founding Paradise Dawn as well as defending it had caused him to grow roots into the ground. He was still in his youth, though he had experienced many things in his time, he wanted to see more and for Lumikki, because she is human by blood, her lifespan is much smaller than his. He didn't want to see her get old, but it was a reality, so the least he can do is show her the world.

As for the ravens, Huginn nudged Trygve, "Curiosity is key, whenever you see something or someone that Lumikki might know or be interested in, put focus on that, it might be nothing, but you lose nothing by listening in".

"Don't worry about whether or not you're clever; it'll come to you in time" Muninn comforted the younger raven.

Concerning Brone's question of Lumikki's 'Demon' statement, he would look over to his ravens, wondering if they knew something of this. He had caught sight of the birds, but his niece pulled away his attention, grasping his hands. Her cold hands were comforting, reminding him of the cold nights by the hearth.

She explained of the demon, it's pact, her biological father's involvement, and the 'corrosion'. Brone sat and listened, his leg would shake, bouncing on the balls of his feet, trying to keep himself calm, trying to digest everything she was saying. This wasn't her fault, but she has been handling it; Yuurei gave her words of wisdom to help her through her internal journey. But the voices she hinted back on their first quest troubled him; he should have listened and helped her. The demonic form he saw during the war troubled him too; he should have asked if it was safe.

Brone took a deep breath. He had fought onis and an actual demon that was summoned before him. They were trouble and corruption. But Benimaru was the first oni that had a descent soul. Lumikki, he knew well, has always been a strong girl, now a strong woman. "Slaying demons, eh?" his voice was low, but a smile crept onto his face as he looked upon his niece; he noticed how much she changed from when she was a child. Her ice was like her nan's, but now is pitch black, possibly because of the demon... but Lumikki made it her own, her battle is with the demon, whatever this power within her, she was making it her own, "I can't wait te see more of ye prowess; ye gained ye own wings" he was excited.


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Her Uncle’s response was what she needed. Her heart soared as the relief washed over her. No matter what, what she wanted was to always have him on her side. She knew that he wouldn’t always understand her, and that he couldn’t always be there. But she would be content if he just loved her and was on her side.

”I love ye so much. I always did even since I was a wee lass. I always loved when ye visited and truthfully I was mournfully sad and bitter when ye stopped. I wondered for a time if we weren’t important enough for ye anymore and then for a time I forgot bout ye. Suppose time feels deferent to ya, suppose it flows like a blink of an eye, but for me at the time, if felt like forever.”

She pulled back for a bit to take another sip from her drink. She focused on the feeling and the sensation of the burning liquor slipping down her throat, through her chest and to her stomach. She let the tingles get her, and she would go for another sip more. Breathing out a somber sigh and continuing.

”I can’t thank me mum enough thinking this place would be the best for me and pushing me out the house. Honestly I was terrified at first till I saw ye. Then it just felt like a dream, the kind where the room spins and ye see old faces. I just can’t imagine me life any other way, and I can’t imagine not having ye around anymore wither.” She gave him a big and silly grin. She doesn’t usually get moments to gush to him about just how much she loves him. With the Dwarves back home, it was always one of those things that you just knew even no one ever said it. Yet she didn’t want for that. She wanted him to know it all the time.

Lumikki held up her hand and a dark frost feather formed. It was a pinion, so it was quite large. She handed it to the Dwarf before her, a goofy smile still on her face. ”I find meself saying it a lot lately, but its not like it means any less the more I say it and the more I say it to.” She handed him the feather she crafted just for him. Waiting for him to take it in his hand. ”Ye, Uncle, are a feather in me wing. Ye are incredibly important ta me and ya always will be. I want ye to be a part of me flock.”

She took her drink and downed the last of it. Enjoying it but sad to see it gone. She’d have to order some more, or probably a different drink would be best.”Ye know, ye wouldn’t believe it, I know I hardly do. But Uncle, I found me first love.” She hadn’t said it to anyone yet, not knowing exactly who to talk to. And in this moment of already opening up and sharing, she just wanted to tell him even more. She didn’t want to keep him in the dark if she could help it.

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#12Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Family is their treasure:
It caught him off guard for a moment. Brone has heard Lumikki express her feelings to him like any girl who loved her family so deeply, but the way she said it outright, not indirectly, was with warmth from the heart. She was hurt when he stopped visiting, it didn't hit him before, but he realized it recently, "I'm sorry, lass" his voice was a low, slow rumble, like a soft sweep of snow after an avalanche long passed, "At a certain point, me mum, and me pa put me to work, becoming very busy with helping the clan, and on top of that, I was training secretly with my uncle, he was teaching me not just how to survive the coldest front, but how to wield all matter of weapons, even after me pa said he didn't want that life for me... time escaped me" He knew it wasn't an excuse, he didn't want to make an excuse, but he figured Lumikki, more than anyone, deserved the truth. Brone had always had an interest in adventuring and fighting, hearing the stories of his father and how he would fight monsters and travel to great places with axes of many sizes. That was the start of Brone's desires. But Dordon admitted he was young and foolish and didn't want that for his son, but the young Brone's fire didn't extinguish, but he didn't want to go against his father... until his uncle Nargbark brought him to the side and promised to train him in the way of weaponry and survival, all in secret, and Brone promised he shall never breath of word of this.

Time was different between dwarves and humans. And Brone had not known that before. He simply thought humans just lived shorter lives, but now he realized because of that, time was all the more precious to them, even when they didn't realize it. Two decades were little to a dwarf, but it was a quarter of a lifetime to a human. That absence Lumikki felt was that a century to the dwarf, and Brone realized that as he watched Lumikki one day, noticing how tall and strong she's gotten so quickly.

"I'm glad yer mom push ye onto us" he grabbed his mug from the top, not caring about the handle, and tapped it against Lumikki's mug, his smile grew, though softly as if tired and lost in the past, "Ye taught me so much in such a small amount of time" he then downed a large swig of the burning ale, such a potent drink. The thought of complimenting the server was quickly tossed when he put down his drink and saw a black feather made completely of ice being handed to him. He took it in hand and watched as the frozen vapor trail from it, like the smoke that trailed off his first axe when it was dipped into a water bason right after coming from the forge, then handed to him by his father.

"Frostflower..." Brone's voice nearly broke, his emotions welling up as he cleared his throat as best as he could, a small chuckled escaped his lips as he was trying to figure out what to what to say, how to say it, "... I love ye as me own blood, as me own daughter" he turned the ice plume between two fingers, careful not to harm it as he looked up at his niece with a warm smile, "I'm happy to be that feather in ye wing, and know ye'll always be the most precious gem in me treasure hoard... always".

His heart felt as if it would melt, his absence from his own family had affected him from time to time when he left home, but ever since Lumikki arrived, it felt as if home was brought to the guild, "Yer first love!?" Brone was brought out of it when he heard Lumikki's revealing secret. He couldn't help but bare his teeth in a wide smile, "Aye, lass, tell me about him, her, whoever!" his laughter came back, excited to hear her story, he downed his drink and slammed the mug onto the counter, so normal to him that he didn't realize he just drew in many eyes.


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His declaration to call her something akin to his daughter sent the Daemon into an excited frenzy. She just as quickly sprouted her wings to jump into a hug. Embracing the Dwarf with all the strength and love she has for him. To be his most precious treasure? Lumikki couldn’t even hold back her tears. The Daemon let them flow as she wanted Brone to know just how much he meant to her in every way. Only sinking back into her seat when she felt ready to let go.

Lumikki had made note of her crush, since she was already in a moment of purging and sharing. Trygve in the back was simply annoyed. ”I’m sure in time she’ll find he isn’t as amazing as she makes him out to be. My Lumi is just to kind and compassionate sometimes. Did you know that she even accepted him into her flock!? Sure he let her into his “pack”, or what ever that is really, first but she let him into her flock without even challenging the mutt! Not even the head of a beast or a trial? I just hope he returns South and she forgets all about him….The idiot even had the nerve to call me Lawn Fruit….and peak the attention of the Seraphim of Dawn of all people….Actually, do you think you guys could help me convince her this crush is foolish? She hasn’t paid me any mind.” The bird passionately croaked out the window sill, Lumikki took a moment from adoring her Uncle Brone to toss a black snowball at him. Knocking him out side, Trygve shook off the blow and the snow looking up to the duo in a plead full side with me kind of way.

”Sorry bout that.” Lumikki turned back to her Uncle. ”Ye’d be surprised how obnoxious some ravens could be.” She held her hand to her cheek, ”But I love ‘em all the same. They really feel like me people at times…”

She leans back over to talk to him gleefully. It was like the girl was a teen all over again. ”Ye wouldn’t think it but the lads from Blue Pegasus. The guild ya told me ye and Yuurei met from. Anyhow him and his like were visiting and we met along the rivers. And well….” The Daemon pulled away in a blush. Holding her cheeks to ice the hot away as she was so flustered to even speak on it. ””Well we got to talking and we hung out and well there’s only so much I figure I could speak on him but. He loves me back.” Her voice which started out so strong would end in a near whisper. The girl didn’t have girl friends and she never talked about things with anyone. So she was so embraced and shy.

But her happiness would fade soon enough as she got back to talking. ”But that’s the thing right. He has another guild ta return to in time and it seems he also has loyalties to another. I took a chance to tell him what I felt so the bitter cold didn’t take me and i just happened to luck out in that he felt the same. What happens here though, well I don’t know. But I figured I could get stronger ta cover his back whenever the moment comes. Besides that guild of his, I don’t think he has much else.”

Lumikki finally took what was left of her drink to chug it all down, slamming it down on the table as she too was used to doing. She let the flavor sit on her tongue for a moment and enjoy the burning feeling in her stomach. The only burning sensation the girl’s come to enjoy.

”I want ta be the darkness he comes to hide in. The pitch black void that embraces ya as much as it accepts ya when all else does. I want to be a Demon that could scare away the monsters for me guild and those I love.” She rummaged her pocket to pull out a sketch she made of the boy and passed it to her Uncle. It was a pencil sketch of the guy she liked, very little shadow added but it showed how he looked quite well and fine. Brone would easily be able to notice the lad if he were ever to see him. ”Thats him.” Lumikki would point at her work. ”His name’s Michael Winters.”

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Brone Heavyaxe
Huginn tilted his head as he wasn't sure who this fellow they were referring to was, that is until Muginn explained, "Michael Winters; I spotted Lumikki interacting with him as I was flying by, but he isn't a threat" even though he trusted his brother, Huginn still gave a low croak of concern. When he is left out of any important information, he gets riled up in worry, but he tries to hide it. Muninn, knowing his brother too well decides to do him a favor; his eyes gleamed as he tapped into his memory, the magical mental space that was like an archive of anyone who crosses his path, retrieving even secrets most may not know. The black snow ball startled the ravens. Both brothers looked down from the window sill to see Trygve looking up at them with pleading eyes. Huginn didn't want to make a decision or even answer until he got enough information on the mystery guy; he looked to his brother who's eyes were still gleaming.

"Blue Pegasus huh?" Brone was surprised to hear his former guild's name. Though it hasn't been long since he's been there last, he couldn't help but think about his tattoo of the forgetmenot flowers covering his old Blue Pegasus stamp. The thought subsided as he listened to his niece speak of the man, her eyes seem to sparkle, no doubt the forge within her heart blazed bright when she thinks about him.

As Lumikki continued to speak, Brone smiled, but contemplated what to say; he had no experience in romance. There have been two occasions of when he had a romantic interest, but nothing came of either of them. He wanted to be a good support for her, to provide her with guidance and knowledge, but here he was, sitting and listening to his niece talk about her first love and yet he had no words of wisdom for her. He heard of stories of love found and lost, some bloomed, some died, but these were second-hand to him, his own experience was minimal at best.

He took the sketch in hand and admired the artwork. He didn't recognize the young man, possibly joined the guild after Brone and Yuurei left. "Aye, he looks strong" he didn't know what to say about him. He would quickly look at Muninn, wanting to know if the raven had any information on the man, but knew better than to bring him the raven brothers because the contract makes conversations difficult, "Lass, I'm happy he gets yer forge ablaze" Brone's smile was warm not just because of the alcohol that was taking hold, but because of the smile that was on Lumikki's face. She's happy, and her love is blooming; though he knew nothing of love, he knew this was bringing his niece great joy, "If he feels the same, then there's hope, just don't lose yerself in the dream, even if we're waiting for it to come true" This was a lesson he learned when he was younger, not because of romance, but for something else personal. Hope sets his spirit ablaze, and sometimes a dream comes true, and there were times... he was wrong. But he always believed missing out on a chance was worse than a failed dream.

"He's a werewolf" Muninn whispered to the ravens so Brone didn't hear. Huginn would have taunted Brone to get a reaction from what he discovers, but this was a different situation; Lumikki is love with this man. The dwarf male can handle obstacles and pain well, but the ravens treated Lumikki with more care. Now concern settles on Huginn despite the fact that Muninn tries to explain to him that Michael is a good person.


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After a moment of being stunned and flailed on the ground. Trygve finally shook off the snow and rose up. He would comb out the bits that clung to his feathers with his beak before returning back to the sill with the other ravens. Eager to gather what they themselves were thinking. By the time he rejoined the duo once more he could see Huginn too was flustered. At a loss for Croaks he assumed. He let a low guttural one himself to chime in with his understand. Meanwhile Munnin was trying to comfort and reassure his brother. “I hate to say it but that dunce defiantly returns my Revna’s feelings. But there’s still some solace to be had here, though she herself doesn’t like it. He won’t be staying North nor is she unwise enough to follow the fool there. Bless the skies he also had a prior commitment. Else I may never be rid of him. I will say this though.” Trygve walked closer to Huginn in particular to pass on something more sensitive. Figuring he was the brother to actually sway. The raven leaned over and in a low croak as soft as a whisper began to tell him something he happened to know by another raven he knew tasked with sticking by the boy. “If what Hella told me was right then this mutt also happened to cross paths with the other winged one of the guild, Yuurei Startlight himself. Seems the lad spoke of something he foolishly consumed from some merchant he’d deem mysterious….absolute idiot. And the veil made him volatile and ghastly violent. Practically rendering himself a beast. Hella didn’t want to say too close from there on but she did watch on as the Seraphim quelled the beast. This feral stray went out of his way to keep his distance from Revna, the only smart thing and respectable choice I never thought he could muster. But with him losing his senses even for a moment, I’d hardly think him “harmless”. So…do you see now brothers what I see? Would you side with me knowing what you do now?”

Meanwhile back at the table

Lumikki chuckled somberly as if she already subscribed to such a fate. ”Loves aside, I’m not sure I could promise ye that I’d refrain from falling into me fancies." She grabbed his hands again and looked to his eyes. A smile wore on her face but the sadness poke through in her eyes. Life was bittersweet for the raven, all she could want and love yet all the more to lose. In the end, it could be with her own hands that she tore her life apart.

”I love tales of old. Me Nan raised me on ‘em. I pursue readin ‘em hungrily, but that’s when i took notice of all the nameless characters and beasts. Sure they were monsterous in a way. But how I saw ‘em, they were just the kinda ilk to lose themselves to their passions, naive or foolish of the cost. Medea the poisonous witch, Fenrir the bringer of Ragnarok, Scylla the devourer, and so on. They didn’t start like monsters, but that’s the only part people even want to see. It makes me worry Uncle, being a Daemon and all. Would I falter to? Would I be a pitiful monster? You and Yuurei are both cherished heroes. Will I simply become the beast of the Dawn, lacking all grace and sense cause I lost meself to me passions and dreams to be a Demon of me own. To claim the power for meself so no being above dare toil with me life again?”

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Brone Heavyaxe
Huginn tilted his head at Trygve as the younger raven explained more about the interaction with Michael. He then looked to Muninn who silently confirmed with a nod. It bothered the raven that he was not aware of these interactions, especially with Lumikki and the guild master, but he found it fortunate that another raven was about to spot this situation. Muninn noticed his brother's attitude; when it came to being unaware of something, it would bother him, but he could tell that Huginn appreciated Trygve's skill in obtaining this information.

Brone felt the cold of her hands, like an embracing breeze. The look in Lumikki's eyes reminded him of those same eyes, though different colors, from when she was a child, excited to hear about the stories of heroes and adventure. There was indeed a sadness behind them, probably of risk, probably of doubt, but the uncle gripped his niece's hands and smiled wide for her, "We're not always sure of the win when we venture forth, the risk is part of it, but even when bad happens, ye always have yer family here for ye, yer home for when ye need to heal from the scariest battles, that of the blade, and that of the heart" he then brought up her hands cupped together and kissed them before patted them with his own rough dwarven hands. Her hands were bigger, though slender and elegant because of her human heritage, and black from her prowess of her grown magic, they were still the same hands he held more than a decade ago.

The stories she favored weren't like those he kept on his own bookshelf, but they were heroic nevertheless. He got up from his seat with a start, causing eyes to look in his direction, he would draw his black blade Dhuraindarin which caused a patron to hide under his desk, "This blade's reflection was used by a wicked dwarf to destroy and raze towns, but when I dripped it, I used it to save the land by bringing down that dwarf" he then rested the axe onto his shoulder and gave Lumikki a smile, "A weapon can be destructive and dangerous, but it will do your will if you make it yer own".

Huginn and Muninn nodded in unison, agreeing with the dwarf. They were sure to keep an eye on their Lumikki, and when they cant, then her flock will watch over her in their place and Huginn made sure to pass that message onto Trygve with an understanding look.

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The look of approval and validation from Huginn was euphoric to Trygve. Drinking it all in as his plumage would puff up. All his feathers felt electrically charged, he had to shake off the extra energy. "You can trust in me that I will never let you or her down! What ever I know, we know!" The poor fool was drunk in the satisfaction of it all.

Lumikki was taking in all the sweet words her Uncle gifted her. Letting it pour into her heart.

Carla and Murlo would come over. The man placing down the dishes Carla promised on making. "It's nice meeting ya Heavyaxe. Carla would go on and on herself about how good it is to have a legendary Dwarf around. Lumikki's also said her fair share of good things in the more hard to get stories. Hope you too enjoy, I helped but this old hag will refuse my part in it all." He roared in laughter and merriment as Carla pushed him over.

"Aren't ya a pain in me side sometimes?" She cheekily sided eyed him before looking back to the table and the two's faces. She held a flame in a topless jar within her hands. "Don't mind that bugger, he likes to take the piss out of me when finds the chance. Here Heavyaxe, ye already seemed well versed on me clan, so consider this me gift for bringing honor back to our race's name. These short lived also are even quicker to forget. So here, something as eternal as the Dwarven spirit. I carry a piece of the flame meself to tend, won't cook a meal without it. Ya could use this ember to light yer forges and never worry of the flames giving way. Though if ye stumble onto some trouble in managing it, sure the lass could help ya. She's smart enough for it." She threw her head back in a hardy laugh. Placing the flame before Brone and pulling a chair over. "Now eat! Do me the honors so ye could praise cooking!"

Lumikki wasted no time as she began to stuff her face. It only brought more joy to Carla as she watched the girls enthusiasm. Murlo came back with more drinks, and took the cups away from last time. The man also looked very pleased.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was surprised to see Carla and another dwarf arrive at the table. He had nearly forgotten where they were for a moment, for he was so focused on his niece's concerns, it seemed as if the world was freezing over. Hearing how the two dwarves cared so much about his niece, Brone couldn't help but smile widely, "Pleasure te meet ye".

The meal before them smelled divine; the spices were hearty and heavy to the noise, familiar to his clan, for a dwarven meal wouldn't be easily forgotten. What truly surprised Brone was the gift from Carla. He looked at the flame that flickered within the topless jar. An Eternal Flame from the Logi clan; this was truly a precious gift. His cheeks flushed red from the heat. At first he hesitated, trying to find the right words, then realized he didn't have anything to give in return, "If I knew we would be exchanging, I would have brought something" His sight went from Carla and back onto the flame, how magnificent it was, nearly forgetting about the meal that was brought to them.

His stomach growled, reminding him along with Carla prompting him forward. He joined his niece, feasting like they were monsters. The taste was rich and heated well; then he wondered something, "The meal is enchanted! Have ye prepared it with an eternal flame in the kitchen?" the food was well crafted, as if a weapon or armor finely created by the hands of dwarves.


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Carla threw her head back and let out a deep, hardy laugh. His reaction was most amusing to her, no one really paid any mind to the old girl she was or what she could do. Nothing more than enjoying her meal that is.

"Ye'd be a fool to think the ilk of me clan only knew to use the flame fer one purpose Heavyaxe. No, our lot were skilled in any craft that was tempered with a flame. None would leave their home without first mastering a dish of the house. We were privy to dabble in all ya see, gotta find what skill we took to. Mine is clear I'm sure. Lumikki told me and showed me of yer pieces in her visits. I've seen better, but I've seen worse. Figured a small gift between two Dwarves would serve us good. I have a need for new pots and pans if ye know, the shops here are piss poor in the metal they make. So I hope ye could manage the feat of not letting me down." Carla winked at the man, she was brimming in her cheekiness, a large grin plastered on her face. She was drinking the company of her guest eagerly as she missed the feeling of another Dwarf around and it had been a while since she got to visit her own.

"Speaking of clans, the lass told me yers were to be meeting soon. Precious thing that is and if I'm correct, it'll be her first. Ye'd do well ta show her 'round and make a proper day of it. Whose to say when one would see all their kin like that again? And I want her filled with stories when I see her next, ys hear?" She laughed once more pleased to see it. Happy to slowly make way in their lives as they were hers. She wasn't properly aware of Lumikki's Daemon race as Brone didn't just before. She figured this would be the girls first and last event, so she really wanted Brone to make the day special. To help Lumi get her fill of family before time did it's work.

Lumikki herself was getting drunk from the interactions. She's been raised with Dwarves aye, but these two are a new sensation in themselves. It was like worlds were colliding in the interactions. A taste of home before she too make the trip back to the mountains. She chucked at Carla's words in between bites, holding a cheeky grin of her own. Eager to hear what the two would find worth talking about.

It was a pleasing sight seeing her Uncle at odds with another, the man usually either domineering from his stature alone or the one leading the boastful cheeky quirts a situation may demand. But watching a Dwarven woman pushing against the aura of the shield of Dawn so that he was but a man like any other, it was a fun energy to be around.

Really, there was much charm to be had within the Dwarven kind. The variations of wit and humor were diverse yet all intrinsically tied to the identity of the race. They were as fierce if not fiercer than any other race, but Lumikki would argue, no other race could drink the nectar of life as enthusiastically as the Dwarven could. The saw the beauty and essence in all and had the years to appreciate it in all its spender. To channel it in all their works and all their passions. And they did so while never finding any aspect of their work too boring or too mundane that they failed to give it, it's proper care.

It was with these people she was raised and fostered. To this people that adapted her and her mother into their own with open arms and vigor. It was these people that forged who she was as her mother brought the flames and her Nan brought the ore.

This was to her, one of the things that made life worth living. And for all her ten thousand years to come. This would be the basis in which she would try to live every single day until her last. Watching the over all seven of her clans for all the generations to come.

Trygve now in between the two brothers would also vibrate within their company. This to him felt like he too was being invited to a family of his own. This sensation quite foreign to the young bird but becoming the norm now that he was of the Revna's flock. One he would do best to guide just as well as these to did Brone. He would look onto them both, Huginn and Muninn. Picturing himself in the years to come under the training of them both. He hoped they would let him follow so that magic what power they held would rub off onto him. This surging desire was the flames that burned and blazed with his passions. Their image was inspiration on how he wanted to be forged anew. Yet the young and naive bird much like his master had much to learn. There were so many complexities in the world that one could never begin to figure out until one's lived enough years to understand.

And so when he finally broke his gaze from his heroes, he would settle back to the person he care for the most. The one he wanted to protect above all else. For the world she had allowed him to enter brought him the most pleasure, and made him feel the most alive.

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