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Saturn The Sadistic

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#26Brone Heavyaxe 

Saturn The Sadistic - Page 2 Empty Sun Feb 05, 2023 5:31 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Gnicholas the gnome would continue to lay on the floor like a ragdoll while maintaining the darkness spell and listening to the sound of combat coming from within said darkness; as far as he could tell, the darkness was proving to be affective against the enemy, but the sudden blast of magical energy told the gnome it was possible that Saturn was able to perceive his surroundings within the void of light; if that was the case, then half of the ability was useless, but so long as the shades within the spell still caused necrosis to Saturn, then it still had some use, at least for the time being.

Within the globe of darkness, Brone and Saturn were able to see one another just fine, though the shadows within the darkness seem to grasp at the golden jackal, trying to harm him while the dwarf pressed his attack without letting up. If he no longer needed to worry about the spear made of light, then he'll swing his Dhuraindarin axe at Saturn's midsection from the right side horizontally while also swinging Benimaru's blade at his lower torso in the same direction; then he'll follow up by swinging his green axe, Spellcleaver, horizontally as well, but from the left side instead. Though Brone was pressing his attack, he still had Benimaru's shield at the ready incase of a counter.

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Yuurei’s storm would continue throughout the battlefield and the thunder that was enveloping the clouds would finally come down. It would move quicker than expected as it would hit the being in front of him. The Seraphim was stronger than he had expected, but the next thing that he did and it seemed like it would be a success was the arrow he had shot at the Jackal. It had gone straight at him and he would think nothing of it, but he would have him with the blow. He figured that it had to do something with Saturn not being able to hear the attack coming, but that couldn’t be it, right? He figured that being would have seen the attack and had tried to dodge the arrow.

Of course, the final and scariest thing from Yuurei’s attack would finally hit. He had launched the quick jab at him, and he wasn’t sure if this would end the Saturn minion that was in front of him. He expected the group to be able to fight the strongest Saturn that they had seen on the throne. Still, they were fighting lesser beings than him. If they won though would this be the end, or would their next challenge be the original Saturn and the companion that he had seen within the sky?

“Why didn’t you move from that spot? I thought you would be able to do more. Saturn, show yourself, and bring my friends here.” He said out loud as he was wondering if he heard him.

He wasn’t even sure if he had taken the Saturn down that was in front of him, but he had dealt a significant amount of damage with just those three.

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Kaito having finished his attacks on the creature having made clean contact with the creature and assumingly broke the creatures chest armor with his attacks that he had just landed. Kaito spoke as he went in for his next set of strikes on the creature and during them as well as this thing had called him a champion or a hero, he doesn't really see himself as either and this fight and defeating Saturn was not going to make him feel anymore like those things as they are empty titles royals give to those they fear so they brand them with titles so the people under them know not to mess with them and to always keep their eyes on them as there was a fear that the one with that title will just turn on it's "owner" like a wild dog a bystander trying to feed the hungry creature. "I am not a hero or a champion, but I still have things that I need to protect and defend from things like you."

Kaito Glowed with a red aura as he used his readied shield to hit the creature in the chest where he should have weakened it from the damage that went past the armor as it broke and swiftly followed up the bash from his shield with a slash from his sword across the chest of the creature swapping elements if the creature had any weaknesses to hopefully put the creature down for good as Kaito put every thing he had into the strikes and he was not sure how much this thing might have in the tank left to fight them with but his glow disappears as he attacks again with a slash of his sword while keeping his shield ready for another attack or to defend him if the creature was not already defeated by these attacks that had hit them before this.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Gnicholas couldn't truly get details of what was happening within the darkness, but judging by the grunts and yells of the dwarf, though the gnome figured it's over exaggeration to express oneself through making vocal noises while in combat, but he's not a fighter, so he chooses not to state his opinion, the gnome, either way, can tell Brone must have be doing well... as far as he could guess. The only thing Gnicholas could do is simply lay there upon the floor, holding concentration upon the spell that continued to manifest shades that would rake necrotic claws against the golden jackal's body.

Brone would press his assault further once again, all the while trying to convince Saturn of his point of view, "I don't know why ye vanished them, maybe for power, but know that every life has a story worth telling" he would delivery another heavy blow from the black axe Dhuraindarin as he did before, this time at the shoulder of Saturn, "If ye take the time to listen or watch, ye can see some amazing things they can do" he would then slam his green axe, Spellcleaver upon Saturn's other shoulder, "From crafting the smallest of things in fine detail, to baking the most delicious foods" then he would stab Benimaru's sword, point first into the abdomen of the golden Jackal, "If ye just bring them back..." the dwarf took a moment to step back, catching his breath, "I'll treat ye to this nation's best drinks" he said, hoping that the golden jackal would consider.

With the dwarven assault, Saturn would fall defeated, though Brone made sure not to deal a lethal blow. He would stare at the golden jackal, hoping that he managed to reach him and hoping he would made due on his promise. With the sound of combat stopping, Gnicholas lifted the darkness spell to reveal the dwarf was standing while Saturn would on the floor, wondering if the battle was truly over.

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Yuurei had called out for Saturn, but while he had done that nothing had come to fruition. He didn’t get any answer, and he would somehow be stuck in this place. How the hell, was he going to get out of here? This was confusing and he would rub the back of his head as he figured that the Jackal would answer them sooner or later.

He wondered how everybody was doing in their fight. He was sure that they were doing well, but what he did hope more than anything was that they had kept enough energy. He wasn’t sure, but he was hoping that they would fight the real Saturn together, and this time he wouldn’t be lazy about it. The trio had such amazing team chemistry and they couldn’t even use it in this fight.

The Seraphim would walk around the place as he was trying to figure out what to do. He had an idea of how to get out of here, but it would work for Brone. He was sure Kaito could leave whenever he wanted, but Brone would need some type of help.

“I figured he would show up, but I guess he’s waiting for the other two to win.” He said to himself as he would just pace around.

He wondered about a few things, and he was wondering if his chapter should come to a close soon.


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Kaito not fully sure that the downed enemy had really been finished off he hit it in the chest once more with the shield one more time then begin to walk around the area looking for where the others where or a way to make it out of here as this place felt wrong and there was no real way to tell what him using his magic in this place would really cause but Kaito doesn't let his guard down as this whole thing might not really be at an end but he knows that he needs to get out and back to his friends as it was hard to tell what might have happened to them if this was not the end of the while thing but he knows that there has to be a way out some how as this thing had said if the beat the creature they will win, but he saw no actual signs of how to get out of here.

He kept looking even if it was fruitlessly for the moment was there going to be another fight? or had that been the end had they killed the monster or was this just a warm up to what will really be the next step in this all, Kaito didn't know what or if this was the end but till they had some form of conformation he was going to stay on guard and be ready for the worse to come when and if it did come or to celebrate the win with the other two that he had come here with in the end it was hard to tell what was really going to happen but Kaito knew to be ready for it as he doubted they will be treated to an audience with the king for them winning here but this creature had seemed to have been strong.

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Brone Heavyaxe
All went silent. And when he was sure the battle was done, Gnicholas slowly got to his feet and looked around. Confirming that Saturn was down and unresponsive, he patted his clothing as a subconscious reaction, though he realized even though he tumbled a good distance away, he wasn't dirty. The floor of this entire castle was spotless without a maid around as far as he could tell.

"I hope I didn't kill him" Brone said as he stared at the prone golden jackal.

"Hopefully you didn't; We do not know whether or not slaying him would reverse the magical spell that was placed upon this nation" Gnicholas walked over and stood beside the dwarf, joining him to stare at the body of the golden jackal. Though they questioned whether or not he was alive, neither of them would take the risk and check for a pulse. Brone gestured to the floating Benimaru to check but the sword-shield hovered there, deciding not to be the scapegoat.

Suddenly the golden jackal faded away and soon enough the scenery changed, everything seem to have return back to how it was before. Yuurei and Kaito came back into view and the dwarf gave a large sigh, "Oye, I thought ye two were either dead or made into mana like the rest of the people" Brone chuckled, but the question still remained: Now what?


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Yuurei was waiting for something to happen. The companion that was in the sky just stood there, and the place wasn’t changing. He would look around as he figured that he would find a way out of there on his own. Yeah, that was it, he would find a way out of here on his own. All he needed was a door, and he knew exactly how to get it. He was about to summon his palace, but something would start happening. The place was becoming distorted from before, and the Seraphim would keep himself grounded as he was trying to figure this out.

The place he was in would start changing again. He looked over to Saturn and it would seem like the one he had fought would start disappearing. It wouldn’t take long, but he would find himself back at the golden palace. He had a smirk on his face as it would seem like splitting up in three had backfired on him. When he was at the golden palace, he would see that he wasn’t alone. Brone and Kaito were here, which meant the only reason he was back at the palace was that they had also taken out the Jackal. There would only be one now and it would seem like they had done their jobs well.

He would hear Brone’s words and he would rub the back of his head as he was trying to figure it out as well.

“Nah, I took him out without a problem. Still, I wished we were fighting him as a team. I was on my own and took mine out without a problem. What about you two?” He asked them waiting for an answer.

While he was waiting, he would look around the place and he would see that something was happening. The palace was losing the mana that it had taken from this place. It would seem like it was going back to where it had belonged. That was good and he was hoping that it would be the same for the people here. Yuurei looked at the throne and it would seem like Saturn was on the ground. He wondered if the Raider would get up and give them a fight worth being here, but he doubted that.

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