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Saturn The Sadistic

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#1Saturn the Sadistic 

Saturn The Sadistic Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 12:11 am

Saturn the Sadistic
Hello everyone.

One of Fiore's neighbors, a country full of happiness, trade and progression was… Regrettably found to be wiped clean. No towns, no cities, no beasts, no people. Even the air feels wrong somehow. The rolling hills, the lush forests, the thunderous mountains. Just. Simply vanished as though they were never there in the first place.

Further yet, all records of this place seem to be missing, memories from people now can’t even draw faces of loved ones. We barely have enough information to even know that there was a country there to begin with. At the center where we can only presume that the capital of this country was lay a single massive golden castle. During their time there the investigative team has found that as it passed the castle has been growing slowly and it is…

Unfortunately, it is clear that the Dark Raiders were responsible for this. We have been told a crack team has been requested to handle this particular raider as their strength seems to be worryingly increasing as they dwell in this land.

This is your local Newscaster logging off.

#2Saturn the Sadistic 

Saturn The Sadistic Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 12:11 am

Saturn the Sadistic

Saturn The Sadistic

Are you watching now Guest?

The golden castle stood taller than most cities did wide, practically yawning to the peak height of the sky. Were there clouds, were there birds or other buildings its scale might have been even more impressive. The golden encompassment of it’s powerful bastions and the walls that it kept… lacked any sort of people to guard them. Just the howling winds on a barren land. Kept that way by a crueler and crueler master.

While the walls grew, the towers split into the sky itself. The rotted core of this place was that which drew the ire of the world. For the maker of this had taken from it something that it sorely needed. The magical essence of this land had been stripped from it to fuel some… Monument to a sin unforgiven.

Deep within it’s layered and honeyed walls sat a single individual. Arm on it’s rest, head propped up against it. Eyes seemingly closed by the ears of this tall being twitched from time to time. Like one did when dreaming yet this man was awake. Golden fur and tail bristling in a wind that wasn’t even there. Like he was somewhere else; doing something else. Irritation played across his features and he’d flick a finger.

Magical servants brought him everything he needed, from sustenance to entertainment but he was rapidly growing bored. His orders had been to find a place to set up a foothold since it had been going slowly in Fiore. He was under the assumption that once he had done so, he would be free to pursue his own goals.


They were late. Every single one of them were late. It bothered him greatly and he had to wonder what of the other invaders that didn’t return yet? Huffing as he got not only one but two owners of each individual signature. Dozens of individuals that he himself had met, but it was hard to distinguish who was who.

I am not even in this realm yet.

He sipped wine that he had once destroyed, the flavor of it brought a furrow to his brow. It was tasty but it wasn’t worth saving. A flick of the wrist sent it back to the nothingness he drew it from and his outfit shimmered a bit out of further frustrations. He hoped that his allies or hell. Enemies he could turn to allies would show soon…

Deep within this castle's grand hall, every gate would have been open for who would invade him? The ones that he wholesale destroyed to make their essence into this place? He hardly thought that would ever be the case…


Saturn The Sadistic Empty Tue Jan 17, 2023 3:49 am


Kaito had been dispatched along with two others to face some kind of threat that seemed to have caused a stupid amount of damage to another country and he guess they really didn't have a better third choice or he wouldn't be the one going to this place in their place or maybe he was just suicidal looking to die but either way he had accepted the mission and he figured as long as the other two were there he would be able to just stay in the background and not really have to do much or at least that was his hope but he figured this was going to be one fight he will not want to be taking lightly and that if he needs to, to just get involved but he figures that this fight is going to be pretty open and closed as this raider sounds like he is a bit of a piece of word and sounds like his ego might even give Emil's a run for it's money, not taking any risks he is wearing his gear as this sounds like it is going to be annoying and a troublesome fight and he doesn't want the raider to get the jump on him or have to call out to get his gear on from Revy's bag.

Kaito walks on the land toward this castle and he looked at it as it was looking that it was made of mana but that was just a waste of mana and that was the complete opposite of what the raiders where about as they were here to steal the mana to save their world wasting it doesn't make sense to Kaito, so either this raider was not very bright or he misunderstood the point of this raid and was wasting precious mana to maintain a total eye sore and he sighed as this was probably going to one hell of a headache that he was not ready to deal with but at this point he has no choice as he is already here and his team is going to be counting on him to have their backs and really he can't risk gaining the ire of his team mates as they were his friends and the most power people that he knows and he needs to stay in their good graces and he kind of wonders if he can eat the castle as it is made out of pure mana it looked like, Kaito does not stand straight at the door as he learned last time that he ended up having to fight someone that doors make good cover for people that know someone else is on the other side of them and he was not looking for a repeat of the getting hit through the door trick he had Revy stay back and watch so that she wouldn't get caught in the cross fire.

#4Brone Heavyaxe 

Saturn The Sadistic Empty Tue Jan 17, 2023 6:16 am

Brone Heavyaxe
Once again, Paradise Dawn was requested to investigate. This phenomenon was a massive abnormality and lacked any true or valuable information, but the dwarf, known as the Shield of Dawn, Brone Heavyaxe, didn't care for such tiring detailing, he simply mounted his tempest wolf, Geri and headed for the destination of the missing country.

After reaching the neighboring country, land seem to drastically change, void of all life, flora and fauna both, a place lost and yet so close to Fiore. The only hint of life was that of the gigantic golden castle that lay in the center of the deadlands. It's beauty and size dwarfed everything around it; the building structures were gray and eroded like ruins compared to the divine structure. If there was any source of life, it would be in there... possibly.

"Odd that I never noticed a castle this massive here in this wasteland" Brone pointed out as he and the wolf Geri ran through the open gates.

"All memory of this region had been wiped from everyone's memories, Brone" Muninn, one of the two ravens said as he flew alongside the dwarf, "You probably been here before but don't remember."

"So the Dark Raiders are messing with our memories now" the dwarf growled, angered. They've fought the Dark Raiders for a while now, but no matter how many times they beat them back, these invaders continued to pester them.

"It's not only memories, the life here, living beings and even the plants are gone" Huginn, the other raven flew on the other side of the dwarf. Brone grunted; if a whole country of people vanished, then this was no simple task to overcome. Whoever was behind this was truly wicked and needed to be stopped. His heart sank at the thought of families being turned to dust and fading in the wind; there was no corpses, not even signs of blood, all traces of people were gone; a part of Brone hoped that the country's citizens weren't truly gone, a bit of hope that kept him darting forward with determination.

Entering through the main golden structure was as easy as getting through the gates, for all doors, and barricades were open. "Be mindful" Huginn said, "If there are raiders waiting, they do not fear easily if they have their doors open, and they may even be aware of your arrival."

Brone nodded as he tightened his grip on the reigns, his blue cloak flapped in the wind as he continued to race through a massive golden corridor. His blue helm, enchanted to emit a cold aura caused mirrors and windows to gather frost on their reflective surfaces as he sped passed.

Eventually, Brone noticed a figured standing in front of a large door. Finally, something alive. Another second and he recognized the person to be Kaito. As he approached, the dwarf dismounted and gave Kaito a nod as a greeting. The dwarf was confident.


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Yuurei had been keeping tabs on the Dark Raiders that had entered this world. There were two groups of mages that had banded together to fight two different Raiders and lost in battle. It was insane that the people in Earthland were losing these battles. Yuurei, Brone, and Kaito had fought against their other selves and had beaten them. It would seem like they had gotten far stronger, but this person seemed to have destroyed an entire country on their own.

This brought Yuurei to have a smirk on his face and at the same time, he was angry. The news that gave him the information was not something he wanted to hear. The lost people’s lives were one thing, but their loved ones couldn’t even remember them. Hell, it seemed like the country didn’t even exist in the first place. That wasn’t good, but one thing he knew was that he couldn’t allow this monster to do as he pleased.

If he was left unchecked, then Fiore might be the next place. That wasn’t good and he wasn’t going to allow that to happen. The vampires that had invaded the North were annoying and one thing, but he wasn’t going to allow things to escalate any further than that. He brought this to Kaito and Brone, the two men he felt were the strongest people in Fiore. Their combat prowess was on a whole different level, and he knew that with them on his side that they would be able to take out this newcomer.

The two of them had known about this and they were making their way to the Erased Land beside Yuurei. The only information he was given was two things. One, it was done by a Dark Raider, and two, a single Massive Golden Castle was placed in the middle of nowhere. Yuurei had used his mana bike to make it to this place, and when the vast water appeared in front of him, he had flown through the rest of the way. Yes, he was holding the bike the entire time he was traveling through the water, and when he got on land, his flight would stop.

His approach to the golden castle could be seen by anybody. He wasn’t hiding his presence at all, but he did wear the gear he wanted to go into battle with. He wore his Lord’s Drakkon’s Helmet, his Berserker’s Suit, his offhand wore Midas Gauntlet, his main hand wore Yang Gauntlet, his Sea Dragon King’s Earrings, his Arachnida, his Uriel’s Ring, and his Wyrd’s Weaver Cape on him.

He would get off his bike pretty far enough, so that way it wouldn’t be in the middle of the battlefield. Yuurei would look around and it would seem like he would be the last to arrive as he could see that Brone and Kaito had arrived. It would seem like they were ready to fight as he was. Still, he wasn’t sure how this was going to start or end, but fighting was a thrill that went through his entire body.

Yuurei felt a bit more comfortable now that he had seen his friends here. It would seem like they were going to fight comfortably or be separated. He could see that they didn't play this as a simple ruse. Their gear on showed that they were taking this seriously and he wondered if the Raider wanted them to go in or if he was going to come out.




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#6Saturn the Sadistic 

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Saturn the Sadistic

Saturn The Sadistic

Its good to see you Guest.

Saturn’s brow furrowed as he could sense the approach of three that he deigned to label as familiar. But the way that they moved in comparison to the ones he would normally have known told him that they weren’t the ones he knew. That these were the otherworlders. These earthlanders compared to his ‘dark invader’ brethren.

They would have entered in with swagger, they would have been irritating to work with but would have been a welcome sight. More so that he would have been able to use them to some end in helping him in his self given task. Yawning a little bit more out of boredom than anything else he considered his route that he could take. Knowing that hostilities were open and out in the field he’d take a rare moment to ponder.

Rubbing at his chin the grin on his face widened a bit as he could tell the arrival of the trio was marked with good fortune. One after another and each strong in their own right. He could tell they were close and with a small flick of his finger he bade the door that they stood on the other side of to open.

He had no intent to attack them outright for they had come to his abode and he’d be a generous host. Well as generous as someone that just wiped out an entire country for the sake of building a castle made out of the mana of every living and non living thing. The doors that they would have been standing on the other side of would lead directly to his throne room. A grand over the top hall that had many pillars helping ‘support’ the castles vaulted roof. It was a good fifty meters to where he was sitting; which seemed like a trifle to everyone involved.

If it wasn’t made out of gold, didn’t have filigree or the like it wasn’t present in the throne room. He sat in a bemused fashion on his throne and leaned back a little bit; clearly enjoying the fact that the world had sent some champions his way. Scratching at his cheek he looked far less worried than he likely should have been. Now… which dialect and language did the ones from this realm speak again? Fiorian? Such a bother.

And for what reason do I have the champions of fiore knocking at my door?

A rhetorical question; he knew why they were here but he wanted to see what answers and reasons they’d give. He didn’t look outright hostile either; like the idea of fighting them was more of a bother than actually getting some words from them. He wondered if they’d play some mental gymnastics with him? Actually… if they were capable of defeating other invaders. What was stopping him from trying to get their services for their world?

His grin deepened at the thought


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Kaito watched as the door opened and he looked at the creature inside of the room looking at them with that creepy smile and he will admit that the creature is very displeasing to the eye, nearly as displeasing as the room that this thing was in was gotti and very displeasing to the eye and their statement was quite wrong he is not a champion of any country at best he is a blight on the country but if this thing and it's strange voice thought it was so smart who was he to really ruin it's little daydream, oh that is right he is Kaito not some stupid raider supporter saying they are the rapture we deserve.  "I am very much no ones champion, so it looks like you may not be so bright for such a powerful creature. And the golden theme I think is you over compensating for something else you are lacking." Kaito makes an obscene gesture with his hand toward the creature, rather this was an attempt to bait a response from the creature or cause it to come closer was not apparent but could be counted as a taunt for the purposes of what he said.

Kaito stays on the fronts of his feet just in case something was about to come flying at him as he entered the room as this was not a safe place to be and he is clearly going to be pushing his luck when he opened his mouth again. "Let me guess this place was the only place that you could find that could fit your ego? With a swollen head like yours I am surprised this place didn't have bigger doorways. I guess with all the shining gold in this room that would stretch your reflection it would really help to hide your clear imperfections huh." He kept himself ready in case this thing decided to come right at him and he would do his best not to get knocked out in one shot if he can help it, he was not sure what this thing in front of him could really do or what it might be capable of so he had to be ready for anything and everything all at once just in case he was in danger or his friends ended up in danger he could try to react and keep himself and them safe as he was not sure how much help he is going to be in this fight.

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#8Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone dismounted from his wolf as he reached Kaito and soon enough Yuurei had arrived. The dwarf wanted to make a comment about the nephilim finally being the one to show up last this time, but before he could get a word out, the doors the group stood in front of had suddenly opened, revealing a massive throne room which a high ceiling that seem to almost reach the heavens. At the other end was some sort of humanoid creature the dwarf couldn't recognize, but given the layout of everything and how this creature seem to be the only one in the room, it was obvious to him that this being was the only one responsible for the entire country of life to vanish, which implies his power was possibly close to that of a god.

As the dwarf entered the room, he heard the statement from the golden being and the retort from Kaito, though Brone struggled to understand some of the words the dragon slayer had used, but he got the sense he was trying to get a rise within the enemy as they normally do right before a fight, so he decided to add to the conversation, "Yeah, and uh... ye look like a jackal" Brone, sure that he gave a clean insult gave Kaito and Yuurei a thumbs-up gesture right before he drew forth his black axe Dhuraindarin in his main right hand, the green axe Spellcleaver in his main left hand. His blue cloak had flapped due to the sudden wind that was brought forth by the opening of the double doors, adding to the effect of hopefully how cool the champions... and the blight, looked.

The room was massive, so it was obvious this would play as the battleground, like the training dome back home, but what was ominous was the fact that the golden being seemed so laid back. Brone wanted to charge in but was hesitant, every step needed to be accounted for. With how golden everything was, the dwarf wondered if he would end up losing his golden armor if he would lose to this gold-collector. He shook the thought of his head, for this wasn't the time for idle thoughts. It was time to get serious.

"He's definitely overcompensating with this massive structure, for what reason to use gold when it is a malleable metal for anything other than presentation and glamour?" Gnicholas the gnome dropped out from beneath the cloak of the dwarf and plopped onto the golden floor. He touched the smooth floor with a finger and then brought the finger to his lips to which he then licked it.

"Yeah... malabel" Brone piggybacked on the gnome's insult, or at least he thought it was an insult by how the tone sounded. The dwarf had completely forgotten about the gnome who tends to hide somewhere on his person, for he was sure he had left the small creature back at home. He quickly gave the gnome a look and Gnicholas understood that this situation was dangerous for him to be aimlessly walking around, so the gnome climbed up the dwarf and sat upon his shoulder.

"What about that thing?" Gnicholas pointed to Brone's side and when the dwarf looked, he spotted Benimaru, a combined sword and shield that was floating on it's own, though ominously floating very close to him.

"Don't mind it" Brone said, a bead of sweat falling from his brow; ever since he picked up the weapon, it tend to float behind him. The dwarf could swear he could feel something breathing down his neck.


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Now with the group together, it would seem like things would get into motion. Whoever this being was, had allowed the doors to open for them. One thing surprised him, and he figured he would voice it out loud.

“I guess we’re going to be fighting inside. I would have thought whoever this person was, would want to fight us outside.” He said to the group.

It was a straight path, and it would seem like Kaito, and Brone would start walking inside the place that they were invited into. He would do so as well, his eyes looking around to see if he saw anything out of the ordinary. So far, the only thing he saw out of the norm was that everything here was gold. He would rub the back of his head as he didn’t think that would be the case here. Still, it irritated him because he had hurt the people who lived in this place. Who were they? He didn’t know, but it was people who were living their lives in peace.

He had asked them a question and he laugh a bit because he called them champions. It was nice of him to think that was what they were. He heard Kaito and it would seem like he would slander him repeatedly. His eyes turned to Brone as he noticed a new person within the group. He knew Brone had crows, but there was a guy smaller than him next to him. He scratched the side of his face as he heard his words.

“When did you two meet?” He asked curious.

He noticed that there was something floating next to Brone, but he would shrug it off. Yuurei would look at the being and he would have a serious look on his face, even though his helmet covered his expression.

“I don’t consider myself a champion, probably something more important, but you know why we’re here. I’ll say out loud though. We’re here to kick your ass for killing whoever lived here. You also don’t belong in this world and we know from everyone that comes from your world you want to take what isn’t yours.” He said as he cracked his neck as looked at him.

“So, let’s get this battle started. I’m not much of a talker when it comes to someone who bullied others out of existence.” He said to Saturn.

Yuurei would switch his Midas Gauntlet off and now what he would be holding in his hand was Gae Bolg. He would get into a fighting stance as he wondered what he would say and if he would allow them to make the first move, or if he would. He didn’t see any traps or anything hiding in the area they were in.

The Nephilim was about twenty-five meters away from the being as he wondered how things would go once the battle began.




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#10Saturn the Sadistic 

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Saturn the Sadistic

Saturn The Sadistic

Its good to see you Guest.

Perhaps it was a bit of fate that he ended up with this group or perhaps it was just his lot in life. His boredom was palatable almost immediately and all that kaito’s attempted insults earned was a small flick of his ear. Not easily goaded and he’d shrug slightly. He could feel the questions unsaid in the air or at least maybe what he figured they wanted to ask.

Certain metals transfer a little bit easier between dimensions. Of all people you should understand that. Especially when they’re laden with mana from the creatures of a different realm.

This raider didn’t seem outlandishly hostile; at least not yet. Brone however earned him a tilt of the head. He didn’t sense the stink of magic in the same sense as the others. So his ‘insult’ was met with a chuckle. They prepared for a battle three and it was kind of amusing to him. Maybe a good way of quelling his boredom.

Aptly put. You’re as clear cut as ever. Though I don’t think our version had four arms. Was that a recent addition? I don’t think ours had crows or quite so many lovely companions either.

Interest was clear on his face and he’d lean forward a little bit, one eye cracking to inspect brone with ease. Dwarves were rare as it is no matter where you seemed to go and he wasn’t about to just let that go. Hopefully a little bit of banter or perhaps a little bit of information could be spared. An ear flicked and he snorted.

I mean realistically I could just turn the whole thing into a giant mana crystal, but then you’d have to hear all the screaming from the people that made it.

Saturn the sadistic gave a small shrug and looked somewhat exasperated. The last one to talk was yuurei who seemed keen to get things started. He’d tilt his head to the side and laugh a little bit at the idea of him killing anyone. Holding up a finger he’d then point it to the ground.

You misunderstand me, Champions. I didn’t kill a soul. They never existed in the first place and when this mana comes back with me to my home realm it’ll be as though they truly were never there. I’m not keen on staying here ‘Not champion’. A week from now I would have left of my own accord. Seeing as this worlds version of me hasn’t been born yet.

His boredom was still the same, practically oozing off of him. He’d slowly stand and motion to the air. The roof of the castle slowly yawned open and the entire area was literally molded into the form of a flat surface for them all to stand on. Nothing to get into the way and it was like they were standing on a sea of gold. Stepping on it didn’t yield the same slippery nature and he’d tut softly.

Tsk Tsk. I only really came here to take me. Nothing else is really important. That’s what all this mana is for. Do you know how bloody difficult it is to assign someone another home realm?

Saturn shrugged a little bit, adjusting his stance and pointing to the three, one after another. He didn’t seem bugged by the fact that they were moving closer or preparing in some fashion or another.

You’re clearly strong, but you could save yourself the trouble if you just use your brain instead of those less important muscles.

There was a furrow of the brow and he'd snort in derision. His next words were filled with so much venom that you could practically feel it dripping off of the words.

"Before I even came here you probably never heard of this place or gave it any thought. You don't really care about the people that lived here. If I had never come here you wouldn't have spared the place a second thought; it'd just be a useless hovel for all you likely would have cared. At least I admit that I don't care about the people here or the people of my own realm. I'm only here to serve my own interests."


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Kaito listened to the thing speak and it's voice to be honest just made him feel ill on the inside as this thing spoke as if it was some sort of higher being while looking, smelling and acting like it was some kind of rat that was so confident in itself that it had not properly had it's nest guarded and so Kaito now understands this is not a sadistic raider just a narcissist thinking they are above and beyond those that it sees as below them.  Kaito gives the dwarf a thumbs up back as Kaito was amused by the dwarf joining in on the fun of hurling words at this thing as it was clearly not going to make a move so that means one of like three things. Either it is waiting for them to make a move and then strike them back, it was unsure how to attack them, or it was scared to make the first move as they are not some chumps that can just be walked all over like the weaklings that he had probably preyed upon to get to where he is right now. Kaito clears his throat and he looked back to Yuurei and Brone as he spoke and pointed a finger at the thing that had spoken so high and mighty at them.

"Hear that guys? He thinks he knows anything at all about us and how we are. Strange that the narcissist that speaks as if they know anything at all is just literally full of hot air with the breath of if they had just been licking them self like a depraved deviant or for the fact they couldn't find anyone else that would willingly lick it for them. I am a world wandering mage and they are from a guild that travels the world and hunts monsters and other things, so you couldn't probably be more wrong if you tried to be." Kaito knows this thing is a small dog that lucked out and got power and now they think they are a big dog when really they are still just a small dog with the ego of a big dog that had earned it's place and not one that just keeps yapping at three people that are not interested in the villain speech that the thing was putting on for them. Kaito has no ideas to what he and the other two men are going to do or on who is going to be the first one to make a magic or physical move vs the other in this seemly stupid stand off that they were currently having.

Kaito keeps himself and his body ready for what every this thing might throw at them. Revy is keeping an eye out for any tricks or things that might factor into the fight that  Kaito and the other two men might not see as she was going to do her best to be as useful to them as she possibly can be here without getting in their way if she can help it that is.

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#12Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was keeping a stern gaze on the golden figure, wondering what kind of combat abilities he had. Then Yuurei questioned the meeting of him and the gnome, "Oh, uh, we met during one of my patrols and we just started hanging out" the dwarf shrugged, for he couldn't really make their meeting anyway interesting, for it was just another sunday, nothing special had happened. Then the sword-shield had floated right by Brone's ear; the dwarf could swear he felt a deep sigh tickle the hairs on his earlobe which sent a chill up his spine. A part of him guessed Benimaru wanted to be introduced too, but the creeped out dwarf ignored the ghost-like equipment and went back to the banter between the 'champions' and the golden raider from another world.

Yuurei had denounced the title of 'champion' as well in an epic statement, though the dwarf felt out of place for he was the only one that didn't deny the claim, "Is it ok for me to be a champion?" he muttered but let the question fall away as he realized that wasn't important to the situation.

The golden figure returned the banter, though didn't seem as interested; actually he seemed bored entirely. When he spoke directly to Brone, the dwarf's chest swelled with pride, Makin' friends is one of mah special abilities" though he realized how unimpressive his statement sounded right after he said it, he did his best not to show any expression of regret.

When the golden figure mention that none of the country's civilians were killed, Brone sighed in relief, but he was entirely confused by what was explained after. They never existed in the first place. Such a thought gave him a bit of a headache as he tried to comprehend that statement, "But... they were here... so they existed... but then they are not... so..." he wanted to scratch his head, but his hands were full, so thankfully Gnicholas the gnome stood on the dwarf's shoulder and scratched his head for him. Then the golden figure mentioned something about the usage of mana to move his home, to which the dwarf wondered why didn't he simply hire movers to help him, but he pushed that to the side in order to try and keep up with the conversation.

Kaito continued to verbally bash the enemy, which helped Brone understand a bit since the dragon slayer decided to practically explain that the golden enemy was insulting them, stating they "knew nothing". Brone wanted to return the insult but realized the entire conversation had escaped him... so the enemy actually had a partial point, the dwarf wasn't aware of the majority of the situation... so he kept his insult to himself.

This was too complicated for the dwarf and it seems Gnicholas wasn't offering to explain anything and Benimaru just wanted to breath down his neck instead of actually speaking... if it was able to, so the dwarf spoke up. "I be Brone Heavyaxe, also known as the Shield of Dawn, Champion-" he stopped midsentence and remembered that Kaito and Yuurei denounced the term 'champion', "Protector of Fiore!" he then pointed his black axe at the golden figure, "Golden Jackal! I do not understand what you mean by existing and not-existing, nor do I understand your here-and-there magic, but if we defeat you, would those souls continue to exist again?... as if they already existed?... despite not existing in the first place?... though they existed first, so... despite not existing in the second place?"

"Alright, you can stop now" Gnicholas leaned against Brone's face and covered his mouth with one of his hands.

A black magic circle appeared then in front of the gnome, then before the dwarf could even spot the circle, a black arrow made of condensed magical darkness then shot out of the magic circle at great speed which then darted across the golden platform that was once the throne room.

As the arrow darted for the golden jackal, Brone kicked off, rushing towards the golden dark raider with his axes in his main hand. His left secondary hand had his blue spear and his right secondary hand had the golden spear. After 2 seconds, the dwarf was already at his top speed, and by the third second, the dwarf would already close the distance between him and the foe, so he made his first move by swinging his black axe horizontally at the enemy while jabbing the golden spear at him as well.

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“Yes, it’s okay to be a champion Brone.” He chuckled at his friend’s comment

Yuurei was ready to battle, but the being seemed to have been more talkative than anything. He would listen to him a bit and it would seem like he was taking note of the difference between everyone and the people he shared his old world with. The Nephilim was all for talking, but not with this guy. He wasn’t there for what he had done but hearing him talking about the people that were used to making this castle for something else only sickened him.

He was irritated with what he had said. He didn’t kill a soul, but he killed their bodies. Those people were suffering right now, and they would be the only way, those people would be free. The Seraphim would hear the rest of what he had to say, and he would shake his head. Yeah, it was time to fight, this guy was annoying. He was trying to tolerate him, but what he said at the end was dumb.

“I’m pretty sure, if this place needed my help, I would have shown up, but I can’t seem to remember them can I and I wonder why. Still, your words are annoying with how wrong you are. I hope the other you never get to meet you.” He said to him.

He had heard Kaito’s banter and then he heard Brone’s confusing words it almost gave him a headache. That was when a black magic circle appeared. His eyes widen as if that was a first. He didn’t see his friend use any magic like this before. The arrow that had come out of it was powerful and it would seem like it was heading straight to Saturn.

“Well, the fighting begins, didn’t know that gnome was that powerful.” He said as he felt the power behind that attack.

Still, he was going to take part in the fight. After the arrow would hit its target, Yuurei would have a serious look on his face as he would take his spear and he would launch it right at the animal. It would glow once it left Yuurei’s hand as it was imbued with mana and it homed right at Saturn’s legs.

“The way I fight and the way Yuri fights are way different. I know since I took her down.” He said to Saturn as his Gae Bolg would make his way to Saturn and only him.

The hunter would move, kicking off the ground and he would start moving around. His movements weren’t to get closer to Saturn, but to make sure that he wasn’t caught stuck in a position where he was flatfooted. He made sure to keep himself twenty-five meters away from Saturn as his spear would be at the being in less than two seconds.


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Saturn the Sadistic

Saturn The Sadistic

Let us Start.

Then tell me wandering mage. Have you ever wandered in this part of the world? Seen the people here? Felt the wind from the sky grace your skin and breathe life into the world around you? Or are you just going to act the part of a child and fool who thinks just because someone else from a different walk of life is inherently wrong because it doesn’t line up with your beliefs? I fully accept my own lot in life and the awful things I have to do to progress. But it sounds like you have to belittle others just to make yourself feel better about your own frustrating existence.

He’d grin a little further and fold his arms; he didn’t really care for the insults that Kaito had to hurl his way. It was amusing to him to think that they thought their words would make him mad. He’d shrug his shoulders; looking somewhat unsurprised they had to repeat their ‘goal’.

Besides I’m only here to find the other version of myself; you should be grateful as if they walked the same path I did or do you wouldn’t be able to handle them.

Brone was quick to jump into the conversation again and Saturn the Sadistic looked a little pleased that he was able to get some sort of chat. Flicking his ears a few times he’d ponder the information present. This brone was a lot more friendly wasn’t he? Though a bit confused at the prospect of the whole existing but not.

They existed, now they don’t. It’s not as though its in question that they hadn’t but that they had and that existence was wiped clean. Like you do when you wipe out an infestation of rats or well I suppose in this case…

He’d look around for a moment and snort a bit.

To you I’d probably seem the part of infestation that wiped out the trunk of a great tree and you all get to see it wither. As to answer your question, If you can convince me to return them to their original forms sure. Defeating me for it? Hmm. I am unsure how magic from a ‘dead man’ interacts after an effect has been set in stone.

His eyes flicked to Yuurei; if a place that needed his help he would have shown up to help them.. That smile of his deepend and there was a bemused chuckle.

Pretty sure? So I’m right in thinking that you’d never give them a forethought and only an afterthought.

One attack flew towards him, from the gnome of all people. He’d tilt his head in a puzzled manner and with a casual backhand he’d dismiss the spell into mana particles. Though the mana didn’t get absorbed by him and would instead return to the gnome.

So it’s like that. Pity then.

With a clap of his hands there was a sudden wrenching of the world, cracks and splits would take over. Stumbling the sensations of the area and while brone’s movements would seem as they closed the distance they in fact only inlaid that he wasn’t quite as close as one would think.

As for Gae Bolg? The spear seemed to be hurtling towards saturn with no indication of possible distance closed. But for yuurei, the gnome and Brone it was as though they hadn’t spent any real efforts. Any real mana. In fact with the way they were spread about it was like their efforts instead were directed towards different iterations of the same being and with a thunderous crack.

Each would find themselves in a similar area; Brone was with his Gnome and benimaru but Yuurei and Kaito were no where to be seen. A great golden expanse with a somewhat bemused looking Sadistic Jackal…

For Yuurei the same could be said, though with how Gae bolg moved the saturn that he was facing against took a little more of an active motion by slapping the spear mid motion so that it would go back to it’s holder. Mana quite clearly unspent. Quirking a brow saturn motioned towards him…

As for kaito? Well. He’d find himself in a very similar situation. Alone, faced with another ‘version’ of Saturn. This one with their arms folded compared to battle ready companions. They may have been split, but each had a considerable magical and physical presence. However they were far weaker than the ‘true’ fighter and mage. About a third or so.

Champion or not Guest, My goals remain unchanged as do yours. I would do battle with you and if you win, I will retire. Leave this world and never return. I will cease all hostile actions towards yours and any other world. But, if I win. I will expect something just as valuable. I will not ask you to do anything I would not consider myself. What say you?


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Kaito laughs loudly at this creature. "Your attempts to be deep or witty are falling far short of your attempts I can readily assure you. Your words and form fall as deep as a puddle. Wandering means you are free, I have gone many a place. You claim I judge you for the way you walk your path, but no I simply judge you because to be you are just a blow hard and a moron. I guess once we finish with you, I have another ugly monster to hunt down and stomp out in his crib then ?" Kaito watched as the man just slapped the gnomes spell then Brone was gone from sight. Kaito wondered if later the spear that Yuurei had thrown had done anything or if it was slapped away as well. Which to Kaito makes no sense as it had seemed that the man was unharmed by what he had seen hit. Kaito kept a very tight grip on his weapon and his shield as he was not going to risk losing them to this freak or any of the things tricks as this so far has just seemed like some stupid child that thinks it is smart to be an edgy narcissist when really it just shows that there was no real brain in their head and maybe they are lacking somewhere else as well.

Kaito looked at the man in front of him with his arms crossed and he wondered why waste their time and not just flat out fight them to start with and why would any of them trust this things words. Kaito mocking the creature and crossed his arms as well as he spoke. "Thing is I really needn't need to fight you, I just need to buy time, like I said I am not a hero, or a champion. But they are and I am pretty confident that you are not going to stop them so I will just stand here maybe pick my nose and just wait, maybe do my nails." Kaito pulls a snack bag from his inner cloak while keeping his eyes on the the creepy creature and starts snacking while he waits for this thing to make a move or do anything besides just blow hot air that once again just smells like the man so lonely had just been licking himself to get himself by. Kaito wondered if this thing even knew what a bath was or how one is taken or if from where he is from there is no such thing as running water and soap to wash ones body with.

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Brone Heavyaxe
"I don't think he was done with his small talk" Brone whispered to the gnome on his shoulder as he ran towards the golden jackal.

"To be truthful, I did fire prematurely, I had presumed the encounter would commence immediately" Gnicholas replied as he held onto the dwarf's golden shoulder pad. Brone always had difficulty understanding the smaller creature, but he got the gist of what he said.

The two of the shorter creatures felt as if they weren't making any progress as they ran, "This is taking forever" Brone gritted his teeth in irritation.

Gnicholas looked over to Kaito and began to wonder what Saturn meant; of course he knew the golden being was simply performing a monologue, but from what he had read in the many books he's read, villains who provided great monologues tend to have some valid point. The gnome knew nothing of Kaito, this was the first time he would see the dragon slayer. "Why is he so angry?" Gnicholas asked.

"It's either the dragon powers or the curse, never asked him" Brone said as he continued to run, not giving up, for he was determined to outrun whatever spell that was placed on him.

Then Kaito vanished as if his image was shattered into thousands of pieces like glass before fading away, "Well there he goes" he looked over to Yuurei who too had vanished like falling away shattered glass, "Him too".

Brone looked around to see that his battle-buddies were gone, "Blast it! I suppose it's just us, Gnome" Brone came to a halt... though he figured he was just simply in the same place he was before. Then a familiar sigh came to his ear as Benimaru floated by him.

"You too, Beni" Gnicholas patted the oni mask that was on the shield while Brone tried to ignore the ghostly equipment.

"Golden Jackal, give me a second!" Brone pointed his black axe at the enemy with great gusto before whispering to Gnicholas, "Can ye translate what he said?" Though Brone spoke the common language just well, just like reading a book, the dwarf had a small attention span and would struggle to keep up with an explanation let alone a monologue.

"He pretty much said that you have two options, either talk to him, give him reason to bring back the people or beat him in a fight" Gnicholas gave the dwarf the short version and didn't bother to give him the parts that were mainly directed at Yuurei and Kaito since the more he gave Brone to think about, the more likely he would forget or have trouble comprehending.

"I accept!" Brone called out and immediately rushed at the Golden Jackal, after covering the distance, hoping succeeding this time, his black axe was instantly switched out for the club edged with black obsidian blades, Macuahuitl as he spoke, "Each life as an interesting story!". Gnicholas realized the dwarf took both options and planned on speaking to Saturn while fighting him. As the dwarf would swing his weapon horizontally at Saturn, Gnicholas figured he would help out.

The gnome activated his Shroud of Darkness spell, causing a globe of darkness to envelope him, Brone, and Benimaru, now from a third person point of view, an onlooker would see a ball of darkness heading to the golden jackal as if it was dodgeball. Brone, with the eyes of a dwarf could see through the darkness, so it troubled him not, he intended to slice at Saturn horizontally with Macuahuitl at the torso area while jabbing the blue spear Jotun's fang at the lower part of his torso and jab him with the golden spear Shaka Zulu's Assagai at the other side of the lower torso.

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Yuurei would shake his head at the being’s words. This word was fast and for this man speaking like that was just irritating. Still, he would take a deep breath and he would allow himself to calm his mind. He did attack the man and it would seem like he wasn’t happy with the fact that they started fighting. His spear had left his hand and he would see the world had started to change around him.

He was running for a second but stopped to try and gather what he needed to do next. It was confusing, and yet surprising what this man could do. It wouldn’t take long, but he would notice that his friends weren’t around him. That was different, and his face turned into that of anger behind the helmet. What did he do to his friends? He didn’t know, but he couldn’t sense them.

One thing was constant, and it was the Jackal that was in front of him. He would smack the spear, making contact with it before it made its way back to him. Yuurei would catch his Gae Bolg as he spun around and got into a fighting stance with Yang gauntlet no longer in his main hand, but instead, his bow would be in his spear moved to his main hand while his bow was on his left hand. He didn’t have to hold back, especially since he was fighting against this monster on his own.

He wouldn’t know what he had truly done, so he decided to go off since he wasn’t going to harm his teammates. He heard Saturn’s proposal, and he figured he would accept his challenge. It was not something he expected to be said when he got here. Still, he figured he would ask for something in return.

“Sounds fine to me, but if we win, how about you give us something in return as well for you leaving this place.” He said to Saturn.

He would let out a deep breath once again as he figured it was time to start this fight. He wasn’t sure how everyone else would be handling things, but he figured if he could take this guy out, then he would be able to go help his friends out.

He knew that Renji would be annoyed with things if he were here. The Seraphim understood the conditions that were being given to him and he would start. Yuurei figured that since he smacked the spear away from him last time, then the hand he smacked Gae Bolg with wouldn’t be able to use again. It was a speculation, and he wasn’t sure, but he would do it again. The Seraphim’s spear would glow with yellow and blood-red light as he infused the light element he had within the entire spear, and he would launch it straight at Saturn's leg.

He, of course, didn’t stop just there, but he would start moving. He wouldn’t run straight to Saturn, but he would move to his left as he was trying to gather his momentum in speed. While he was doing that he would pull the string with his right hand and aim it at the sky. It was then an arrow would be shot into the air and thunderclouds would start to form, alongside a storm. His distance from Saturn was currently thirty meters, and he would keep it that way unless Saturn tried to close the distance between the two of them.

It was raining harshly and then it happened, thunder would strike down on the only enemy that was in the area. The fight would begin, Yuurei wasn’t going to hold back, this Jackal killed people, and would probably do far scarier things if he was allowed to be here.


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I forgot to roll just for mechanic sake


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(I am posting this as it has been over four days since Yuurei posted)

Kaito guessed that this creature was not going to really do anything and it was time to maybe look into their options as this golden coward was not going to come to him and so instead Kaito rushed toward it and looked the being right in the eyes as he was going to do something. He guessed as maybe the freak could not control the puppets of itself all at once and he can can hear this things sickening voice echoing in his head that it was just time to end this as this thing and he was not going to live to see what the dragon slayer can really do but this is just how it had to be he guessed as this monster was not of this world and needed to be cleansed from the world so that it may be put back into order and there was clearly only one way that can be done and that was by killing him here and now not letting it's influence spread as it had been allowed to live far too long and it was time to cut them down and leave them with nothing as it was a freak and a monster and it needed to be purged from this world and Yuurei's fame farther raised to the heavens.

Kaito was willing to purge this monster as it should not exist in this world and it's what a true plight looked like as it was sickening and it made Kaito's skin crawl as it was not right and just everything about it was an a front to the world at large. As he needed to release an attack now and he was still a good distance away Kaito pointed a finger on his right hand which held his sword toward the creature to unleash an AoE spell at the creature and hopefully get it with a decently clean hit to get it started on his side as Kaito is unsure what other tricks this thing has up it's sleeves but he knows that he doesn't want to trigger anything so he was going to start at a safer distance first to see what this thing might do here.

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Saturn the Sadistic

Saturn The Sadistic

Let us Start.

Yet you are shackled to this world all the same.

Flicking an ear the golden jackal figured that the other would more or less be privy to waiting around. But perhaps there was a small bit of impatience in that regard. It was fine to him if they wanted to get things started, he was figuring that they wanted to crush him or the like anyways. There was a keen sense of frustration that rolled off of his person however when the other saturn’s being was placed in danger.

You misunderstand how we are born. From the moment that he opens his eyes for the first time he will be as a golden god striding among the lands. I can already tell that he is swiftly approaching. His energies are… different. Somehow.

Saturn’s voice wasn’t full of the confidence regarding that topic that he wished it would have been. Even though he had sent away the other two he didn’t send away kaito; if a dimensional dragon slayer was anything… he knew where his home was. But not where he had sent the other two. Or perhaps he was more vaunted than the others that came before him? Hard to know really.

You say that you’re no hero but….

Everything to him that spoke of this individual told him the story from the start. Every emotion and every thing that he could gleam from them was at an instant pushed away and the jackal’s head jerked a bit as the sword that kaito had spat an spell that he didn’t recognize from it.

He had different spells too didn’t he?

The AOE crashed into saturn’s person, seemingly tearing at the equipment he had but with a snort he’d pull his hand back before making a swing at the other dragon slayer from afar. From the mid point of this swing a enormous magical seal came into being before lobbing a condensed magical ball towards the other.

You certainly walk the walk and talk the talk.

If kaito avoided it it’d just keep going… and then detonate with an explosive force far past him. But if kaito were to take this attack head on he’d feel those energies ravaging his entire being from head to toe. Not cutting through his armor or items quite yet…

There was a distinct lack of annoyance from the ‘golden jackal’ as it inspected the counterpart that it would be fighting to this group. There was an edge of peaceful ventures in this swap out to the ‘golden plane’ that it had taken them both to. However when the dwarf asked him to hold on the Demi-god blinked owlishly. Okay that was a new one for him.

Never quite had someone ask me to wait before…

The ‘jackal’ chuckled softly and crossed his arms; waiting patiently for brone and his gnome to finish talking. The two of them talked briefly and he was quickly given the answer. The acceptance of his ‘contract’. Though the dwarf kept speaking as he rushed forward.

The swath of abilities that were launched at him from before were impressive and the flurry of blows that were oncoming doubly so. But without even opening his eyes did he take action; tapping his chest a barrier would spring into place; with a huge magical seal warping up his body.

If Brone was feeling like he should fight the mage in close combat what was he to say that he shouldn’t? From within the confines of the barrier another energy seemed to bleed out casting a strange glow to the area.

The globe of darkness seemed to eat away at the barrier; though Saturn didn’t look like he was too bothered by that he didn’t seem very keen on getting hit more than once. Hopping on his backfoot to avoid that first blade he was inadvertently caught by the the second. Which… Seemed to break the barrier and bite into the energy underneath.

However the third swing rather than meet the golden jackal’s body or the area underneath would unless brone pulled his weapon away or took another action to save it. Would catch upon a golden stream of light. Summoning forth an impressive spear of his own that seemed to be made out of the life stuffs of the people that he had drained away.

A golden Version of Rhongomyniad.

Each person here did have a story they were trying to tell, even if it ached and edged on like the chapter you wanted to avoid.

Coupled with his weapon being summoned in real space rather than within his body the ‘jackal’ almost seemed weaker somehow? But it didn’t stop him from pointing a hand at the gnome on Brone's shoulder. A spiraling burst of light launching from his fingertips point blank at the dwarves companion.

Yuurei didn’t seem to take any of the words that Saturn had to heart; disappointing given that he was hoping they were at least one to listen but every single individual of this version of the world was so vastly different to those of the ones he came from. It was startling in a way but in the same sense he was curious what events lead to them being heroes rather than conquerors.

His motions were simply tracked by cracking an eye; the golden hub of a particular hawken’s eye making itself known. Not only did this being have his own power but the power of others to make him even more deadly. Interest peaked as he was given an answer.

If it is a prize you seek for victory, name it. It’s only fair.

He had after all basically asked the three of them separately if they would play his game and potentially serve him. Lacking an answer from one, given an answer from the second and the third trying to add a stipulation to their victory… It made him excited to hear whatever it would be.

There was a hint of annoyance as one of his arms twitched, causing the jackal to glance down at the offending appendage. Why wasn’t that annoying? He’d snort a little bit as he could feel the vast swaths of Yuurei’s arsenal start to bear fruit. From Gae bolg leaping forward to strike at him to that rain of arrows that followed suit.

A simple tap on his chest brought alight a barrier to his body. A grand magical seal overlaying his being for an instant while a powerful aura of some kind eased out of the very slivers that this barrier didn’t quite cover. It was hard to hold back that aura after all!

Gael-bolg’s spell would crash against the barrier, weakening it to almost a point of non-functionality. However it buckled to the first bolt, the second was immediately followed up by the the third and Saturn blinked a bit as he could feel the annoyance of this ability. It had pierced through his barrier, his aura and dug it’s fangs into his body.

He couldn’t hear, his right arm was feeling strange and he had this nagging sensation that yuurei had fought people of lesser strength like this before. He could feel the tug of the mana on his body and with a snort his free hand pointed at the seraphim.

From around him a vast swarm of nearly microscopic beings reared up from out of the golden plated plane. They were as though a cloud around their master and the jackal couldn’t help but cackle a little bit.

Oh! What it feels to be young again! The bite of someone’s magic and steel against my flesh made real! You really are a hero of heroes aren’t you?

He couldn’t hear an answer anyways; not that he cared but he’d motion for this large swarm to go overhead for some reason or another. Grinning ear to ear the jackal was now holding a golden version of Rhongomyniad.

After this is all said and done I’m going to have you regale me with your past victories.

The jackal’s voice wasn’t strained and it was clear he was already a bit happy with the way things were turning out mixed between the three. However he wasn’t quite done as his motions begated another fact. He had been condensing something at the tip of the spear from the moment he had summoned it in that swarm of golden specs…


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Brone Heavyaxe
The obsidian blades of the club slammed against the magical barrier that suddenly protected Saturn, but the blue spear managed to shatter it. The golden spear Assagai would have hit it's mark but the sudden conjuring of a weapon threw off the dwarf, forcing him to pull away his attack before it colliding with this spear of light. Saturn's hand came up at that time to release a blast of magic, launching the gnome off the dwarf's shoulder, but Brone couldn't react in time to protect the smaller creature.

"Beni! Brone called to his new companion while tossing both his spears back behind him so they were out of the way. Benimaru, floating behind the dwarf, excited to be summoned forth to help had split itself; the shield flew into Brone's secondary left hand now that it was free, and the sword flew into the secondary right hand, all the while Brone had caused his  Macuahuitl to magically switched places with his black axe, Dhuraindarin, which was secured, now ready to attack, then swung the axe at the newly conjured spear of light that Saturn held; whatever this weapon could do, the dwarf didn't want to take the chance in letting it act as he intended on breaking it in an instant with the axe. Immediately after initiating the attack of the black axe, Brone would swing his green axe, Spellcleaver at Saturn's midsection, and for the third attack, he would swing Benimaru's sword but at Saturn's lower right.

Brone wanted to mention something else to try and continue his conversation, but given that he was surprised that the golden jackal was able to see in the conjured darkness and summon forth a weapon, he needed to keep his focus. He had already slipped up and caused Gnicholas to be hit.

As for the gnome, he had been sent flying and landed 25 meters away. Because of the fact that he needed to maintain his Shroud of Darkness spell, he couldn't move, so Gnicholas laid on the floor like a doll while he watched the battle before him. Luckily the globe of darkness was large enough, both Brone and Saturn will still within it. Saturn may be able to see in the darkness, but the magical spell can still bite at the enemy.

Brone wondered what happened to Kaito and Yuurei. Were they too became non-existent like the citizens?
Benimaru wondered if Brone would now trust him now that they fought together.
Gnicholas wondered if he could pretend to be dead or knocked out if he laid there so Saturn would ignore him; for that magical blast had hurt.

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Yuurei wasn’t being harmed with the right words. He didn’t mind anything that was said to him. It was that he wasn’t assaulting his friends nor were they weak enough for him to truly worry about him. Still, he agreed with him getting a prize if he won. That was good and he would continue running around as he was watching things unfold. He had a smirk on his face because it would seem like this was going to be interesting. His Gae Bolg would disappear after using everything it had on that barrier and it would end up right back in Yuurei’s hand. It was as if it teleported straight back into Yuurei’s hand.

He wasn’t surprised about this as it would seem like it would be hard to land his attack on this being. Still, the next attack would hit and it would shatter the barrier and soon enough hit the Jackal in front of him. It would seem like my right arm was also limp, which meant that Gae Bolg had done its job in the beginning. The mana would make its way to him. It wasn’t the full mana he had been using, but it would be enough to do him justice.

Still, it would seem like this Jackal had done something to himself and on top of it all he had summoned something. This was interesting, so now it was going to be a two versus one. He cracked his neck as he continued his sprint around the being. He would hear his voice and it was loud, it was booming, which meant that he couldn’t hear. That sucked, but at the same time, it wasn’t his problem.

When he saw that this buster had protected himself it would seem like he was prepping for what was to come. It wouldn’t stop Yuurei from continuing with his attack as Wrath of the Storm would fall once again on Saturn again. This would deal three S-rank damage, two of which would possibly be stopped by the Ultra Ego. Would Yuurei know this part, no, but he would see that it was doing its job?

Yuurei’s Gae Bolg would disappear from his hand and his Yin would appear on his right hand. He would shift his direction of running and he was moving straight to Saturn this time. It was then he would pull the string of Stormcaller before letting out an Arrow Shot at Saturn. This happened when he was about twenty meters away from Saturn. The arrow would make it to him within a second, and the Seraphim would close the gap between them.

Saturn would find Yuurei launching a quick jab straight at his chest. If it would land, then he would feel the wrath of Yuurei’s strength as Saturn would take five S-rank damage from the blow as well. The Seraphim did know that there was another creature here, but it had not attacked yet. He figured this was his time to do everything he could. He was sure not all his attacks would succeed, but if they did, then it would be the end for Saturn.


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Kaito saw that he some how had hit the creature with his AoE attack from the distance and Kaito had kept himself ready for if the creature is going to throw a counter attack and he sees the orb coming flying at him at a decent rate and he used his pointed hand to cast a spell  that warped the spell away. So that it didn't do anything and less risk of damage to the area if he can help it as this isn't a thing that Kaito can really tell might happen if he didn't stop that spell and he wasn't going to risk having that hit something or someone else that was behind him somehow and Kaito then be at fault for that to happen when he could have just stopped it, Kaito was no hero but he was also not a monster that wants to watch a place get fully destroyed. Kaito keeping himself going forward as he was going and his shield was held in front of him in case the creature was to attack when he reached close enough to the creature to try to take his opening, Kaito took a slash at the creature in a bid to do some real damage to the creature to try and help this end quicker. After the slash happened rather it hit or not a slash of arcane energy flew forward in the way he had swung the weapon. Kaito keeps his Shield close and ready to block a counter attack from being so close to this creature if it didn't just die from taking that hit.


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