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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders

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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders Empty Fri Jul 29, 2022 4:16 am


Dark Universe Raiders


Powerful mages and adventurers from the Dark Universe have crossed into our world. Unlike the no-named raid parties, these are powerful individuals capable of causing irreparable damage. We must band together and stop them before it is too late.

Event Conditions

  • Dark Universe Raiders are non-player characters that can be battled against by a party.

  • The requirements to battle them are listed in the individual listing of each Dark Universe Raider.

  • Each member must meet the rank requirements to participate in a battle versus a Dark Universe Raider.

  • Users may only battle against a Dark Universe Raider with one character at a time.

  • In order to participate, one person must use the template below to sign up for their party. Once the party has been approved, the steps below can be followed to continue.

  • The Dark Universe Raider makes the topic. The topic may then only be entered by the approved party.

  • Once started, the participants can enter this topic without traveling. The topic doesn't take up a slot either.

  • The topic starts with a 50-meter distance between the Dark Universe Raider and the party.

  • Only a single party may battle against a Dark Universe Raider. This means that a Dark Universe Raider is considered unavailable to battle if they're already in a battle.

  • Participants in a battle versus a Dark Universe Raider have 24 hours to reply. Should they miss their turn, they're considered KO'ed. This affects rewards.

  • Dark Universe Raiders have 72 hours to reply to the topic.

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