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Era - What It's All About

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on Tue 13 Jun - 22:57



Quest: What It's All About

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None


Daragast: Daragast is a dragon-like creature who has been around for a long time. He serves the Magic Council and contracts anyone that is capable of taking care of issues that need to be taken care of according to him. When his trust has been gained after completing a few of his requests, he is willing to share monstrously difficult tasks.

Summary: Follow Daragast as the two of you walk through Era, listening as he will explain to you what he believes are genuine concerns regarding the current state of Era.

Enemies: None

Objective: Join Daragast for a walk as he explains his concerns towards what is happening in Era.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Intelligence


  • Create a topic in Era Town.
  • Overhear conversation in Era.
  • Seek out the Daragast in the poorer part of Era.
  • Join him for a walk through Era.
  • Listen to Daragast as he vents about his concerns about Era.
  • Daragast will talk about construction in the poorer parts of Era, mainly construction of a public school in this area.
  • He'll explain that while the rich may appear smart because they are capable of affording good eduction, a poor person could be even more intelligent if they were offered eduction as well.
  • After that he'll explain that it would be beneficial to the Rune Knights to scout intelligent people around this area and employ them as civil servants, which will in turn give people around this area more income and raise the status of this area.
  • As his venting is coming to end, some poor children can be seen playing a game of tag. Daragast will walk to a local noodle shop and purchase ten cups of noodles. He will then go to the kids and tell them to go to the noodle shop to enjoy some noodles to restore their vigor after such a great game of tag.
  • Daragast will then come back to you and tell you that supporting the local shops around here is very important. Giving the kids money to purchase candy from the richer parts won't elevate the poorer parts from their position.
  • After that, as the two of you walk out of the poorer parts, he will reward you for taking the time to listen to him.


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May I take this request?


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Ignid has started this request.

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