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The quests listed in this section are for the characters that consider themselves to be good or are part of guilds that encourage justice. Doing these quests will rack up fame. While that serves as a tool to be liked by the people of the land, it also may become a reason for the bad guys to put a target on your head. Quests are a swift way for your character to gain experience in order to level up, to make money and earn some extra rewards.

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    The quests in this section are for the more chaotic, sort of characters and guilds. They are shadier tasks that can range from petty thievery to murder. Instead of fame though, for bad quests, you character earns infamy. Infamy serves as a marker for how dreaded your character is in the community and how sought after they are by the good guys. Much like the good quests, these are are divided by rank and are equally rewarding.

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      The event quests are listed in this section and are usually those that are entwined with the lore of the site. They often involve people that are either from a certain guild, of a certain race or maybe even in the possession of a certain item. They are quite different from the usual quests that a member can take. These quests may be ongoing, or may only be temporary. Additionally, some may require player versus player combat.

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        ● CALL QUESTS

        The call quests are a special set of quests that are given out to certain members. The quest's title will specify the members it is available for. The offer may be because of their class, their guild, their race or simply their alignment. Occasionally, it may also be offered to a member or a group for performing certain feats in an event. They serve to aid your character in progressing and sometimes enabling a more deeper interaction with the lore.

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