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What It's All About [Quest|Sage]

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What It's All About [Quest|Sage] Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:58 am

Sage hold his warm cup filled with coffee, and moved it towards his mouth, drinking the warm coffee in the dawn light of The Town of Era. He was enjoying his morning in a cafe near his hotel, the coffee tastes great and he felt energised. Two middle aged woman was having their breakfast next to Sage's table, and he heard them saying something about some part of Era was having a crisis and the people at that part of Era was very poor and both of them felt very guilty about it. Then he heard them saying something about a half dragon creature named Dragast supporting the part and told each other what a good thing he is. Sage was interested in this topic so after he payed for his coffee and breakfast, he seek the part of Era where it is very poor and economically unbalanced. When he found the poorer part of Era, he was devastated on how the part was, he could never imagine the heart of Fiore would be like this, then a small creature walked past by him, it have two horns on its head, a long snout and sharp teeth, Sage's mind clicked and having an idea that the creature is Dragast he heard from the cafe. Sage decided to ask him some questions. "Umm,
excuse me sir, but are you Dragast?"
Sage asked the little creature for conformation in case he got the wrong person. "Yes, indeed I am Dragast, and you young man must be a mage." Dragast replied with calmness in his voice and Sage was amazed on how he knew that he is a mage. "Oh, yes you are right, I am a mage and my name is Sage, nice to meet you." Sage confirmed him and shared his name so that they can have a good term with each other. "funny, you are a a mage and your name is Sage." Dragast giggled a little,
and Sage grinned, as he know that Dragast didn't mean to offend him but just a joke.
"Umm, can you explain to me a little bit about this site of Era? I am new here and a new mage too."
Sage asked Dragast to help him understand more about this part of Era with a humble tone and hoping Dragast would help him. "Oh yes, this part of Era need more contribution from someone like you, let us start here." Dragast quickly accepted Sage's request and he sounded like he was desperate for someone to at least be curious about that poorer part of Era. Dragast turned and showed Sage a construction site bigger than the one that Sage joined back in Hargeon, this construction site seemed like it needs hundred and paid man as the outcome can be seen that it will be something big and Sage guessed that it must be for the public. "We are going to build a public school here." Dragast said to Sage with a tone full of hope and dreams.

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What It's All About [Quest|Sage] Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:00 am

"We are building a public school here, so that the children of this part of town can be educated and grow up into a successful person." Dragast explaining to Sage the reasons why they want to build a public school here. "and it will also increase the popularity of this town and hence the economic will rise instantly." Sage explained more detail to Dragast, showing how fast Sage is as a learner. The school looks like it need more help and Sage hoped that building this public school will help this poor part of Era. "You know Sage," Dragast said trying to deliver some information, Sage replied with a curious sound only showing that he was interested on what Dragast want to say to him. "Rich people may appear smart only because of they are capable of affording good education, poorer people could be even more intelligent if they were offered good education as well." Dragast shared his wise statements of rich and poor people and their intelligent. "Yeah I am sure poorer people would be more intelligent if they were offered education, what an unfair world this is." Sage said looking at the ground in front of him, but inside his brain, he was thinking about his family back in his village, they work all day long, harvesting and farming since a child and they could only give their children education at home about manners, ways of planting and harvesting, the stars, weathers, types of plants and other simple stuff. Sage felt very angry at the world on how they treated different people in different ways, only if he could get some education, he would be smartest person in the whole world. Dragast seemed to notice Sage's misunderstanding, "Dear my little Sage, you shouldn't judge what the world did to you, it is only challenges, and I know that you are brave enough to face all of it." he reminded Sage and gave motivations to him so he won't become upset anymore. Sage felt warmer when Dragast said those words, he felt like he's being cared by someone. While walking, they saw a few children playing tag, their joyful giggle and bright smile made Sage smiled a little, he stopped in his tracks and looked up at the sky, thinking what would happen to him in the future, the sky made Sage's mind clear and Sage wasn't thinking about negative things anymore, when he looked down again, Daragast isn't beside him anymore, Sage turned his head looking for the small blue crature and then he saw him buying noodles in a local noodle shop, Sage couldn't see him holding any noodles as he walked to the children that were playing tag. Sage saw Dragast pointed his finger at the noodle shop while saying something to all the children. The children than ran to the noodle shop with joy and the shopkeeper gave each of them noodles. Dragast then walked back to where Sage is, "Supporting the local shops around here is very important to help them gain money and not lose faith in life. and giving the kids money to purchase candy from the richer parts of Era won't elevate the poorer parts from their position." Dragast explained to Sage briefly. Sage was amazed by his wisdom. Sage and Dragast both walked out of the poorer parts and departed, it was almost lunch and Sage was starving after seeing those noodles.

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