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In a place far too easy to overlook, Lumikki caught wind of some interesting news. A raven sent from her clan, the Omena, brought word of another oddity brewing back home in her motherland. With the experience she had within the North, she knew it could get dangerous if unchecked. But all her bird could tell her that those who enter a cave seldom leave.

”Uncle…” the Demoness managed to find him in the training dome running drills with his men.”A lil birdie just told me another disaster is brewing, this time within Oddr. Will ye be find to set out within two days time?”

Meanwhile, another raven of the Demoness had found their way to Ittindi on the clue that he’d return to central. The message would be received by the the Rune Knight within two days time, and so by then the pair from Paradise Dawn was already making their way over.

Hello friend,

Seems we have another anomaly out in Iceberg, the location is within the Oddr Mountains. You could find me and Brone in the nearest village so that we can meet and set out. I know finding more oddities to bring back could only boaster your reputation within the ranks, and what more, this should prove one of the more dangerous missions in your bulk for the moment. On that note, I highly recommend you dress very warm. For though Brone and I have an affinity for it, it could prove devastating to you.

From the Lady in the North

When the pair enter the snow topped village closest to the mountains, Lumikki seeks the cousin who remained there to inform the Demoness on the odd cavern they planned to enter. Waiting until Ittindi arrives to finally get the explanation.

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#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe was directing his day patrolmen as they ran laps around the training dome, all the while he ran laps with them. "Keep yer pace, or else I'll catch up to ye, and trust me, ye won't want me catching me!" he joked as he kept to the back of the line. Though he was the only one who was enjoying the run, they were all proving great stamina; the dwarf nodded in approval.

Lumikki arriving to inform the dwarf of a new magical disaster, gave the Day Patrol a chance to end the session early because Brone needed to begin preparing for the trip right away given the distance they would need to travel.


The cold chill of Iceberg was inviting to the dwarf. He took in a deep inhale as he took in the sights, though the village wasn't a grand as the cities, he still admired the work the villagers put into their homes and structure. This would be the first time the dwarf would actually get to meet another Omena other than Lumikki and her mother. Though the disaster was their main reason to their visitation, Brone had little worry, which was why his excitement ended up taking over.



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Two days ago

Ittindi had been sitting with his recent failure of a recruitment effort, the worse part for him is he had a strong feeling he’d see him again. Would it be Paradise Dawn with Lady Lumikki or perhaps with the new leader he had met recently Lady Ryuko the Monarch. Either way, Ittindi the youth would be a little shy about it, but the true fault lay with him. He didn’t even know if it was because he came on too strong or weak, how did one ever improve at recruiting others? Something he’d have to ask Lady Lumikki or Sir Brone when he saw them. That’s when his wish would materialize, most of his luck seemed to work that way how could one not have faith when life worked in such ways? Reading the letter he saw that he was needed, and it would probably help him cinch the promotion he was up for. There was no time to waste, he’d run downstairs and hop into his mana car. His tuxedo on and his get out bag still in the trunk he’d head to the nearest train station. He had a special pass to get his car boarded, it had cost a pretty penny, but t hey had a council discount.  He’d read and relax on the way to Iceberg, it’d be his first time in the country. Ittindi would hear Naki stirring and speak to him on the way there.

”It’s blue, the feeling I’ve got…”

Ittindi would make a ooh then whoa as he shivered the train had some temperature control, but it only went so far in the freezing cold on a moving train. No doubt the majority of the fuel was going towards the engine, he’d hear Naki speak into his mind.

”I haven’t been this cold in a while…once there was a champion in Iceberg. You have progressed faster than any of my avatars before…surely you’ve noticed your body changing?”

Naki had gone on about his changes lately, Ittindi knew that it had been happening before Naki. Now that change had morphed into something unrecognizable, part of it had been his encounter with he merchant. Yet, there was still something else itching to get to the surface, he had a feeling that was what Naki was talking about. Ittindi would look out the window musing to both, ashamedly happy for the company.

”It’s a cruel summer”

Present Day

He couldn’t imagine living in a country like this, but he’d have to find a way. This is the most probable location of where Lady Lumikki and the Young Master would raise their family. Ittindi had to admit part of accepting the investigation was all expense paid trip from the Rune Knights.  When he arrived, he’d take his car to an outpost the Rune Knights had set aside for storage then it was guided trips al the way to the small village Lady Lumikki and Sir Brone were going to meet him. Between his magical suit, his furcoat and his newest unlocked ability, the cold didn’t seem to faze Ittindi as it did before. The guide would take Ittindi to Lady Lumikki and Sir Brone, he’d shake out his fur cloak he had purchased before waving and speaking.

”I know Lady Averie and you told me about the ice lands but it’s breathtaking but more deadly than I imagined. I see why you’re an ice mage now Lady Lumikki.”


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The chill in the air was still thick, even with the shifting of the seasons, Iceberg met spring in varying ways. Often only changing the climate by the time it was summer, as the lack of cold to maintain the ice sheets often caused it to melt into slush and marshes. Of in cases like in Fjallgard, melt the ice among it so that it may pour like waterfalls. It, like many other places in this land, was a beautiful sight. The gorgeous environment locked away by the harsh tundra that boarders it and the hardy people who rarely take well to foreigners. So much overlooked by the view of an outsider, fueled Lumikki’s love for the lush lands and culture even more.

The small town by the Oddr Mountains was full of life and bustling activity. There were far more people around than they were used to, this area wasn’t a popular place to reside but the locals got by. It would be the recent disturbance that bolstered the numbers, bring more activity then Roweno was used to but the village people took the change in strides. After all, the wanted the problem resolved before it affected their home.

Lumikki and Brone at the time would be found in a tavern. They had arrived a half hour before Lumikki’s cousin, Selby had planed to show. And all around the village, Lumikki’s ravens perched among the walls and roofs to watch out for their visitor, Ittindi. To help assist him on arrival.

The pair already made their orders, Lumikki with steaming cup of tea and a hardy breakfast of eggs, steak, and potatoes. She was still half asleep as it was still a way to noon, but work was calling and she could not afford to sleep in.

But with the grace of the Gods, Ittindi would show before he cousin did, five minutes before the designated time. She’d wave for his attention, to which he’d greet her. ”Aye, the frost runs in tradition with me family for a reason, but it also helps to temper the constant chill overtime. Glad to see ye dressed so warm, form the little I’ve heard, yer gonna need it.”

Needing it is right, cousin. The chill right now is nothing compared to the frozen prison tucked in the cave, least from what I’ve heard. There aren’t many survivors to tell us the tale, and that’s why I need ye prepared and ready. Can’t go about loosing an Omena or a Heavyaxe for that matter. Yet, it’s sad to say but something must be done.” Selby had arrived and took up the final seat in the both beside Lumikki. She was a petite woman just about Lumikki’s size with raven black hair and protruding black feather among various feathers. Short feathers lined her arm but most of her skin was wrapped in furs. Lumikki came from a family of Raven Demi-humans, a notion that wasn’t very well known outside of Iceberg, but the clan was very well known among those within the lands. Tracking and providing information is but one of the reasons they are garnered well.

After a moment to get their orders taken, Selby would finally continue the conversation. “It’s been a while cousin, I’ve heard you’ve been busy. Glad to see not too busy to help here though, we worry the threat within the cave will expand if left untouched. Eventually taking this village with it.

”Hush Sel, ye know I never ignore family. But as for this “threat” were there any words of odd creatures perhaps? Just need to see if it lines up with a problem I’ve had back home.”

Creatures ya say? I did hear there were these weird ice golems in there, giant apparently. They gang up on you if ye ain’t careful. A man that wondered barely managed to run back out. Seems they like dragging you further if they could.”


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#5Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Upon hearing the suggestion to grab breakfast at a local tavern, Brone happily agreed. Though Lumikki shown hints of tiredness, the dwarf was energetic, at least compared to his niece. He would happily order the same plate as his niece and requested for a cup of dark roast coffee. Though people tend to assume dwarves normally drink alcohol, which is generally true, it was a misconception it was the only thing they drank; for Brone, he favored caffeine to give him the needed energy for the day to come.

Huginn and Muninn flew overhead, scouting the region as the flock of Lumikki's personal ravens did the same, though the former remained in the sky until they confirmed the butler had arrived, to which they them flew to the window where Brone and Lumikki were close by to report; afterwards they would then take their personal time to converse with each of the Lumikki's ravens, for they had a social life of their own.

"Worry not, for the cold strengthens the heart and can even wake the dead" Brone laughed as he nudged Ittindi, grateful that the butler was able to travel such a distance to meet them and join them on their expedition.

Soon enough, another young woman would arrive, it wasn't until Lumikki interacted with her on such comfortable standing that the dwarf understood her to be the Omena they were waiting for. He then noticed the resemblance to his niece; such as the black hair, the height and especially the raven feathers. For a while he had forgotten Lumikki had mentioned her family weren't normal humans, but were more raven-like; despite the fact that her mother had raven traits, such as black feathers that resembled a cloak. It made sense to the dwarf how she was so close to ravens including Huginn and Muninn; surprising it took him so long to notice.

"Brone Heavyaxe, nice te meet ye, lass" He gave him introduction quickly to Selby so he didn't interrupt her from giving the information she came for. The dwarf nodded as he tried to picture the the situation they were about to walk into. The cold was something he wasn't worried about, though Ittindi was the exception, given he didn't seem to have any magical means of protection against the cold, so they would need to be wary of his well-being. As for the ice golems, this would prove to be more of an obstacle, though not an issue, given that Lumikki and Brone both had faced off against golems in the past, though they were stone. With their prowess of ice, this would most likely prove to be an easier situation to handle.

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As Ittindi made it inside a warm tavern, he understood all to well the bears need to hibernate. If only he had the ability to take a break for months at a time just drinking and eating. To tired to even clean, something Ittindi couldn’t wrap his head around maybe with some kind of perspective magic? The tavern itself felt part hunter lodge part bed and breakfast, a rustic feel that Ittindi knew to well from his travels to more rural parts of nations. As he sat down next to Lady Lumikki and Sir Brone she would congratulate him on his smart choice of clothes, Sir Brone going far enough to mention it would help his strength. Truth be told Ittindi’s physical capabilities kept growing at astonishing rates, but he also knew that part of that was through the aid of Naki. He had the most disturbing nightmare the other night on that front, Naki had been squabbling with what looked like a god from another country’s religion. They were arguing over who would take Ittindi’s soul both arguing over the damage his deaths have had? This confused Ittindi while he had been “revived” so to speak by Naki’s power he hadn’t truly died had he?

”Thanks for the invitation, I needed to get away from Central. You think it’ll be more void creatures out here? This would mark the second location it’s starting to become a precedent or pattern.”

It had caused him problems as of late, and not to mention the stress had turned some of his hairs white he had to get it magically darkened to retain his youthful black. That paired with his failed recruitment, and it was easy to see why Ittindi would want to get far away from his current predicament. As Lady Lumikki’s family member briefed them, she must have had been just behind Ittindi he didn’t even see her enter. She appeared to be a mixed race, he wondered if this was what Lady Lumikki originally looked like before becoming a demon? He had saw her change from human to a more fitting form for a demon, so it was possible that she didn’t look like either form originally. It made Ittindi wonder if Naki was originally a race from this land, or from another realm entirely. Their silence indicated that it was a sour subject so Ittindi would note it for later.

As Sir Brone introduced himself to Lady Lumikiki’s cousin Ittindi was surprised, with how he heard they were family he just assumed they all knew each other. It was possible that Sir Brone was royalty and Lady Lumikki a distant cousin not noticed until she made trouble? He’d have to get more from the local villagers and his Young Master in the future. From the conversations he’d had with Lady Lumikki he could tell she wasn’t one to look back with rose tinted glasses.  The next time there was a pause in the conversation Ittindi would introduce himself to Omena.

” Ittindi Amali a pleasure to meet Lady Lumikki’s family even under unfortunate circumstances.”

He’d offer a small bow unsure of the customs in Iceberg, Ittindi planned on learning more before any major ceremonies. There just hadn’t been time for him in the last couple of months, with his training taking on new heights, cleaning jobs and his Rune Knight duties he had been left with little free time.

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”Could very well be Ittindi. None of the usual creatures amount to be a problem, golems included. But if the cave acts as a territory, kinda like the forest in the last occurance. I would not be surprised if this was another void den.” The conversation was cycling fast and there was a lot to mull over. Lumikki, a bit nervous to the unknown trouble below, was somewhat fidgeting with her fork as she hoped the golems wouldn’t drain her mana like the avians of before. But with deep breaths, she’d be able to calm it.

”Hmm, Oy, I forget ya don’t know what I know half the time. Sorry to come short. This is me cousin Selby Omena. Family on me mother’s side.” Of course Brone would know that details, but this explanation was for Ittindi who did not yet know much about her or the family dynamic. Meanwhile, Selby would also skittishly try make up for her fault as well. ”Aye, sorry. I just heard Lumi talkin and I fell into chiming in…over ambitions but I wanted to get the details out the way first.”

”It’s what it is. But for point of reference since ye’d be seeing more of me family down the line Ittindi. I was born into the Omena clan, a nomadic tribe that somewhat became indispensable to the formation of a lot of Icebergian territories. I won’t bore ye with the details, but simply put me family has a knack for gather information and spreading it about. Brone is of the Heavyaxe clan, a different family all together, but when me mum married pa, we were absorbed into the Hrùtr clan, ergo the name ye’d know me by. Heavyaxes being one of seven families within. Heh, at this point, ye met more of me fam than Knuckles did.” She’d tease to lighten the mood but also because she found humor in it.

Either way, there was nothing left to do than wait for the food and plan their actions. ”What’s the plan of attack. Like before, I can’t very well send me ravens in there so we’d be going blind into the unknown once more. Sadly in a cave no less, so there’s no room to spread wings and take flight. At this point, any input is helpful.” Lumikki groaned from this notion as she didn’t enjoy closed spaces or the underground. A complete inverse to her Uncle’s desdain for flight but reverence for all things under.

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