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The Ultimate Battle (Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous)

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The Ultimate Battle (Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous) Empty Mon Nov 28, 2022 11:28 am


Yuurei and Renji had been hearing a lot about rifts being created throughout the North. The Nephilim had taken care of them, but how long would it take for them to stop opening? The berserker wasn’t sure about it, but he could only pray that it would come to an end soon enough. Of course, thinking about it today would just bring things to come true. He didn’t know anything about what was happening, but the scouts from his guild would pick up something. Their movements throughout Erling Peak would allow them to see something happening in the sky. It looked like it was falling apart in several different locations.

This would bring them to report to their guild master as soon as they could. When they got back home, they would see Yuurei outside on the edge of the mountain and they would report to him quickly.

“Boss, there are rips appearing in the sky by Erling Peak. It could possibly be more of the enemies. The rifts are bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. What would you like us to do?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would get up from where he was sitting and he would put Renji on his shoulder. He would look at them with a smile on his face.

“You can gather everybody you can and tell them to meet me at Erling Peak.” He said to the scouts.

Yuurei would crack his neck and his knuckles as his wings would sprout from his back and he would soar to his destination. Renji wouldn’t say anything as hoped this wasn’t as bad as the last couple of times, they fought these guys.

“It’s going to be alright. I think everyone who shows up should be strong enough to handle their own. We will just make sure that they stay at the backline if anything.” He said to Renji.

“I’m more worried about us than them. So make sure you don’t goof around and take everything here seriously.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would hear this and he would sigh as he would make his way to Erling Peak. He would land around the area where he saw the cracks in the sky. It would seem like they were finally showing themselves. The rifts would appear without a problem and the army he had been expecting when they first showed up would appear. The number of people that had shown themselves in front of him was massive. He had a smirk on his face as if this was going to be interesting.

“YOU GUYS SHOULD TURN BACK!” He shouted so they could all hear him.

They would all look at him and then looked at each other as they started laughing. They only saw one man, and from their reports that was the strongest person on Earthland. Still, they felt like he couldn’t take them all on his own. Even with the cat on his shoulder, he would be helpless against this large army.

Yuurei would open his school bag he would bring out his new gear, and he would get into a fighting stance.

“DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YA!” He shouted as he was getting ready.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Huginn and Muninn were flying over Worth Woodsea when their keen eyes spotted an abnormality over the mountain ranger nearby. When they confirmed the abnormality were spacial tears, they immediately turned about and made their way to the Guild Hall in order to report their findings.

The ravens flew down at the cliff's edge by the Guild Hall, where Brone Heavyaxe was doing his rounds around the perimeter. The dwarf, seeing both his ravens fly down towards him at great speed, raised an eyebrow with concern, "Report?"

"There's spacial rifts above Erling Peak" Huginn said immediately.

"Then we'll ride" He said as he whistled for Geri, his tempest wolf, "Does Yuurei or Kaito know?"

"There's a scout on their way to Yuurei as we speak" Muninn said as he perched on Brone's left shoulder.

"Though I think it's better that you fly instead of taking Geri, ground travel would take too long" Huginn perched on Brone's right shoulder. The dwarf groaned in displeasure, hating the idea suggested. He looked out towards the direction of the mountain range, understanding that Huginn was right, Geri would take too long to arrive at Erling Peak, so he had no choice.

"Fine... but ye two are gonna have to guide me" Brone said. The two ravens nodded. The dwarf then took a deep breath before saying "Alright, cape, take me to Erling Peak" then the navy blue cape that acted as a cloak for the dwarf then animated, flapped, and in the next moment, Brone took off into the sky.

Afraid of being off the ground, especially high into the air, Brone closed his eyes tightly as flew after the ravens, upside-down, while the cape flapped after the birds, who laughed along the way.

Eventually the dwarf flew down and was placed on his feet beside Yuurei while the ravens flew high above battlefield. Brone opened one eye to make sure he was safely on solid ground. He turned around and realized he was facing the wrong direction and quickly faced the horde of enemies that were pouring through the rift. He tapped his foot against the solid ground, smiled as he drew a his wooden club in his left hand and his golden axe in his right. Then the navy blue cloak flapped in the wind, spreading apart to reveal the dwarf's extra two arms that moved to draw forward two more weapons; his green axe in the extra left hand and a black axe in his extra right hand.  

"Ye all made a mistake invading" Brone laughed.


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Kaito was enjoying a simple walk in the nice weather of the north for one and then he hears of more rifts breaking loose in the Worth Woodsea and he opens a portal toward where he figures they would be breaking through in the mountains deep in the wood and sends himself into the area and he has Revy give him his gear and his over powering aura covers the area weakening the enemy creatures and raiders in the whole area giving them a over powering feeling that hits them right to their core like they were staring into the eyes of god and the raiders looking at Kaito see a very pissed off dragon slayer clad in multi-colored scales of gray and gold and bigger than his normal appearance. He looks around as he can smell Yuurei and it figures that Yuurei would be the first to make the scene as he seemed as if he was the all seeing eye of the north.

Kaito draws his sword from it's sheath and he readies himself as he can also smell that the dwarf himself was also nearby so that meant that he needed to not worry as much as he was also a very stable ally to lean on if it all was to go to plan but that just meant that he was going to be able to let loose and make sure that the last of the raiders that run don't have anywhere to go if he can help it but that also means that he needs to make sure that he sends counter portals into their portals which could maybe make a dimensional wormhole so he needs to make sure that he doesn't over do it and just does enough to cancel out the portal so they will be trapped on this side of the field and have to answer for the damage and the destruction that they tried to reap and if they think they can just get away with what they had done here and the lives that had been lost over all of these fights, no amount of begging or work on their knees will change what they had done and nothing that they do will ever save them from this all.

Kaito moved into to fight as this is the largest army that they had to fight to date this means that this must be their big force the one that will need to be handled with the most care as this means they will have the bigger players on their side here and he wonders who he might see here or what he might have to find his way around as he meets in a blow with a front facing fighter that seemed to be on his level if not just a bit below him on the skill table as they trade blows Kaito knows they are going to have to fight smart here as this time they are not messing around and this force was here for keeps. If he, Yuurei and Brone fall here the north might be in some real danger and Kaito is not going to go down so easily as to let this force take over after how hard they had been fighting, if he is going down he is going to go down in a grand boom taking them with him.


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The army of men there was getting ready to fight Yuurei right now. Still, they would come to a stop in their movements when they saw another person joining the fight. It was the dwarf, and they would see that he could fly now. It was something that their Brone could do, but they had gathered information that this Brone couldn’t do that.

It was then they all saw him revealing four arms and he was wielding four weapons. They had gotten defensive as they didn’t know that he could do that.

Yuurei would look at him as he was surprised as well. This was something that he didn’t know Brone could do. Hell, this was something that brought Brone to a whole new level. This man could wield four weapons at the same time. It made Yuurei wonder how many weapons Brone had in his arsenal. The last to arrive was Kaito, but he was quick to appear. He would feel him close by and he had a smirk on his face.

“WELL IT’S TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND!” He shouted to them as he would take a deep breath his wings would sprout from his back and he would look at the vast army.

It was then he would run straight to them as he felt tranquility using these gauntlets. The army in front of him would start running toward him as well. When Yuurei got to the first person in the army he would slide under his attack, and he would pull him by the collar, and punch him in the back of his head as he would fall to the ground.

When he did that, he would feel an attack coming from his side, and he would dodge by pivoting his foot to the right to avoid the attack. He would use his other hand and slam his fist onto the side of the man’s face as he fell to the ground. It was then that he would find a bunch of men jumping on him. He couldn’t avoid all of this, and he would be attacked by them. It was then that he would fly straight into the air using all his strength.

There were people on him, and he would pull them off him and he would kick them, and send them flying to the ground. He would rotate his shoulder around as he didn’t expect that from this army. He would descend straight to the ground, and he would crash on the ground. It would send a bunch of them flying and hitting the ground as he would get into another fighting stance. They rushed to him once again and he would see them thrusting their spears at him. He would sidestep to avoid the attack, and he would grab the spear and pull them towards him. Yuurei would lariat them when they were next to him, and they would flip and be taken out by the attack. The berserker was surprised at how many of them were here now that he was actually fighting them.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone smirked as he noticed the hesitation from the enemy, especially the front line foes. As he began to rush towards the horde that was increasing due to the rift still being active, he noticed Yuurei had already sped pass him and began his assault upon the enemy. Warriors who were confident in taking up the dwarf's challenger were quickly dealt with; one swing from his golden axe had sent two sword-wielders flying back, while each other arm swung their own respective axe, cutting down and sending other foes flying back as if an explosion had just occurred.

"The reports never said he had four arms!" One of the mercenary blade wielders called out, clearly agitated. Because of his hesitation, one of Brone's axes broke through his blade and slammed into his arm, disabling him.

"Fighters, press onto him!" One of the mages called out. Nearly a dozen frontline fighters rushed at the dwarf from all sides, preventing him from avoiding the frontal assault, but instead of instilling fear into him, the dwarf welcomed the charge with a battlecry. However, as the attack was about to clash, one of the enemy mages summoned forth a blizzard that took the form of a dragon. The icy dragon flew forth; with it's area, especially it's wings, the magical beast would hit not only Brone but the dozen of frontline fighters. Some of the fighters looked back and yelled in panic as they spotted the icy dragon, but it was too late, the spell was too close. But, to their luck, Brone flew up above the group of frontliners and as he met the dragon shaped blizzard, he swung his green axe and as the blade touched the nose of the dragon, the spell dissipated, bringing relief to the front line enemies.

"Quick, attack him!" The mage who conjured the blizzard called out as Brone landed back upon the ground, but instead of obeying the command, the mercenaries fell back to gain distance from the dwarf.

"Not the right move!" Brone said as he ran towards where the mages were positioned. A line of shield bearers clustered together to block the dwarf, but the black axe as well as the wooden club with the obsidian blades shattered the shields easily and the dwarf was able to barrel through, making his way to the mages.

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Kaito as he fought them moves his arm across his body and disappears as if he had just vanished from the world at large, but he would soon after appear behind some raiders and he would slash through them. The other raiders around them were confused how he had disappeared that reappeared like that, as he clearly hadn't teleported but if he had gone invisible how did he cover that distance in such a short time he hadn't seemed that fast but the raider were going to be more careful of him as the man had broken through their lines like it was nothing all three of these men seemed like they were going to be hard to get through for them. Kaito is greeted by the next wave of raiders with their weapons clashing with his own. Kaito looks around as he is making sure that the others are still hanging in there and are not dead or in need of help as he hears arrows being fired from behind himself from the forest.

It would seem that the people of the Woodsea also were not going to leave the heroes to fight this threat alone and were going to help them keep at their portals that they came from and to be honest Kaito was glad to see that they were standing up to help them as this was a huge under taking. The raiders start focusing a spell to throw at the fresh back up coming from the Woodsea and it glowed a dark color and Kaito used a portal and sent the spell to a different place as he was not going to make it that easy for them to try and clear out their back up and he moved swiftly as he cut and blasted through the raiders as there was much to do but time seemed to not be on their side as they even with the back up seem to still be against an ever increasing amount of raiders that are pouring in through the portals and Kaito knows he can't get closer without risking messing it up for their side cause he would be risking his life to be stupid and reckless.

Kaito pulls himself back a little and he talks to the people that had joined from the Woodsea to get a few swift footed people to help him like a strike force with blades and bows in hand to help him clear a way to at least one of the entrances the raiders were using to get into there so he could slow their numbers that were increasing but making them have one less place to come in from and they moved and fought as they tried to clear the way. Kaito figures that with them he had around a 70% survival rate and that was probably the best he was going to get in the middle of all this death and fighting. So he was going to make it and make sure that he runs with it as far as he can as he can't let the raiders win and this and all the planning fall apart and him letting these people down.


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Yuurei was ready to continue, and it seemed like he wasn’t the only one. He could see the vast number of soldiers rushing to him, and he couldn’t believe it. The day had come when he was going to be fighting an army with his friends. This was cool, and he couldn’t help but smile at them. They were closing the distance between them without fear and when they got close, they would attack. The Nephilim would do his best to mitigate the damage and avoid everything he could. They weren’t strong, but their number was out of this world.

Still, whenever he could, he would take out one of the men that were near him. He found himself punching one of them in the chest. This would bring them to stop breathing as they fell to the ground. He would look at another person he would kick them on the neck and drop them to the ground. It was then he would find himself blocking multiple attacks at the same time. It would push him a bit back as he would look at the group of people in front of him.

He would get into a fighting stance, and he would shake it off. It was then he would run straight to the men that had attacked him. He would slam one of them onto the ground, and then he would lift his leg as he would kick another one that was getting close to him. He would fly into the air when he saw a bunch more coming to him.

He would stretch his arm in front of him when he did that, and two magic circles would appear. The second circle would release a bunch of arrows that would barrage the enemies. They would shout and scream from the pain, and he would smile as he would descend to the ground where the light mage wouldn’t hit him. It wouldn’t have hurt him anyways, and he would just crack his neck as those who survived would look at him.

It was then that more of them would rush to him as others would pay attention to Yuurei. The Nephilim would see that different types of magic would be sent coming his way and he would see them coming. He would dodge the attacks and when he saw how dangerous the spells were, he would move even further away from the spell that he dodged.

Yuurei would look at the group of men that were here, and they looked upset. He would shake his head because he wonder what was going to happen.

“YOU GUYS NEED TO SEND THE OTHER ME!” He shouted to the group as they all looked at each other and it would seem like they were thinking about doing just that.

One of them would run off to the back of the line. Yuurei would see this and he would chuckle as it would seem like that was going to happen soon enough.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone rushed through the enemies that were trying to stop him from getting to the mages. But the dwarf wasn't slowed, he continued to make his way through the cluster of enemies, swinging his four arms, wielding powerful weapons that couldn't be stopped. Whenever a shield or someone with a heavy step of armor came forth, the black axe or the club would shatter their defense and whenever a magical spell, defensive or offensive, the green axe would negate it with ease and if anytime the numbers became too overwhelming, the golden axe would conjure forth a tornado that would push back the enemies, giving Brone breathing room.

Eventually the dwarf reached the higher position where the mages were. The mages, in a panic conjured forth an ice barrier, but the green axe slammed into it, vanishing it in an instant. One the mages was waiting for this moment, so he summoned forth an ogre with his magic. "You can't negate a summoning" the mage laughed as the ogre began to slowly wind up his giant club, but before the club could even begin to swing, the golden axe quadrupled in size within one of the many hands of Brone as he flew into the air with the help of his cape, then the giant axe would slam into the face of the ogre and send the giant tipping over and hitting the ground and unfortunately for the enemy, some soldiers were caught beneath the ogre.

The ogre, still conscious, swung his giant club at the dwarf who was standing atop the giant's chest. Brone deflecting the giant club with his black axe which instantly destroyed the club, reducing it to dust.

"Very interesting" Huginn said as he flew with Muninn high up in the air, safe from the battle, "Any magic that sent his way is negated by the green axe, any non-magical weapon is instantly destroyed by the black axe, any armor can be shattered by the obsidian covered club."

"Seems Brone is a complication" Muninn chuckled, "And he's only but one third of the group, the others are forces of nature themselves." The two ravens then noticed a group of enemies were rushing away from Yuurei, "Retreating already?" Muninn wondered. He decided to flew over to their direction while Huginn remained over the area where Brone was.

"Anyone else want to try their luck?" Brone cockily said as he stood atop the prone ogre who himself was also hesitating. The enemies in the immediate vicinity stood their ground, wondering what plan to try next, then one scout had rushed up to one of the mages who took higher ground. The scout reported some information that Brone couldn't hear, but the smile upon the mage's face told the dwarf that they might have a new plan. The dwarf smirked, too confident that any plan would be dealt with easily by his might... little did he knew that one of the army's most powerful trump cards was on it's way.

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Kaito keeps playing defending the normal people as they help them fight back the raiders as well as cloaked figures that are among the people fighting helping and keeping others safe and tending to the ones that got wounded and Kaito was surprised that they as well had come to back them up but he figured that it was probably for the best that they were there to help with the incoming fight as they were trained by him and with him so he knows that they will have his back as he keeps fighting back the hoard of invaders that thought that their numbers could over power this dimensions skills and won't die attitudes. Kaito and the hooded cloaked ones that were not back healing and firing off spells stuck close together as they combo and string their attacks together as they knew each other and were able to get into sync with each other.

Kaito got a big farther ahead of them as he striked and slashed at the stronger enemies that were trying to make their way to them and to take them down. Kaito was not going to let these ones closer to the normal people than he had too as that was going to be a murder as they were up the totem pole from the footmen they were currently dealing with and Kaito knew he needed to make his mark so that the stronger ones would stay after him and didn't attempt to push forward into the weaker units that were moving around and fighting as hard as they can to not end up as one of the raiders pets snacks as they had flying creatures and giant guard creatures that had joined them from the rifts into this place. Kaito was taking shots at the flying ones they were the ones most at risk of getting to the weaker people that had joined the fight and Kaito and his team didn't want that happening, Kaito sends a smaller female member in a rabbit mask up and is fighting on the back of one of the flying dragon like creatures that had come through the rift to clear off the units on it's back that were looking to skydive in on them from behind and over whelm them by attacking form both sides.

Kaito released beams from his fingers that are tearing into the enemy that seem to just keep coming and Kaito wasn't sure how much they are going to be able to take and withstand but this was a good test for his team as they have a chance to strike and make sure that the iron stays hot and the enemies keep falling and trying to go back a bit but Kaito doesn't let them get too far away as they could just regroup and just keep trying to attack him and the others that were pushed to the front with him on the uneven grounds of the mountains and the trees taking some hits for them and he knows that he and the others have a longer road ahead of them.


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Yuurei would see that more of them were heading toward him, and he would dodge their attacks without a problem. He would crush them without mercy as they had attacked his home. The Nephilim would see the bodies drop to the ground as if they weren’t giving up. He would look at them and he would stretch his arm forward once again, and this time a star bomb would come out and he would send it to the first person in front of him. It was then that when it would explode, it would take out everyone that was within the perimeter of the explosion.

The Nephilim was taking down their forces using his area of effect spells. He figured this would be for the best and it would spend less energy to do. It was then that he would see a huge ball of darkness coming straight for him. The energy behind that was insane and he would dodge the attack before it hit him. He would slide back, and he would see that a woman would appear in the air with demon wings on her back. He felt something familiar with her, and it wouldn’t take long before their eyes would meet.

It was him, or her from the other universe. This was insane and he would take this seriously. Yuri would look at Yuurei and she would smile at him.

“We left you to uncheck for too long. It seems like you’ve become too strong for a lot of people in your world and my own to take care of. That means I will have to deal with you myself.” She said as she would take out Samehada from her back and she would point it at Yuurei.

He would smirk when he saw her equipment as it would seem like her items were similar to his own.

“Careful Yuurei, she isn’t like anything you ever fought.” Renji warned him.

It was then that Yuri would fly straight to Yuurei with full force, and it was then she would swing her blade at him. He would dodge the attack, and she would barely hit him as it would go through his armor and hit him instead.

He would cough up damage from the blow and he would feel the pain lingering from what she had done. He would wipe the blood off his mouth as he couldn’t believe that his armor meant nothing against her. This wasn’t good and he would gather his composure. She would dash straight to him again and she would swing her Samehada once again. He would dodge this time and he would attack her as he had through a jab of his own. His eye focused on her and he would hit her through her armor. She would move back and laugh because this man was definitely her other half.

The Nephilim could tell it hurt her, and he would cough up more blood because of the circlet she wore on her head.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone stood atop the chest of the ogre. He looked about himself, but the enemies kept at bay, though they held their weapons and held their gestured hands at the ready for spells to be cast, but nothing happened, "Scared aren't ye?" Brone laughed as he twirled an axe in his hand.

"I'm not scared!" The ogre called out as he began to pick himself up from the ground, but Brone was quick to react. He jumped into the air and as the ogre got to one knee, the dwarf brought down all four of his arms, swinging all four weapons which all collided with the skull of the giant, cracking it and knocking the creature out. The body of the ogre fell back, causing a tremor throughout the area.

"Anyone else not scared!?" Brone called out. Explosions rang, catching the dwarf's attention. He spot an explosion of light before a globe of darkness nearly swallowed up Yuurei. On the other side of the field, beams of energy were scraping the land, no doubt it was Kaito's magic.

"Our Yuri and fighting their Yuurei!" One of the mages called out, causing a roar of cheering to sound. Brone got concerned. He looked back to Yuurei's fight, noticing he was fighting a singular enemy; someone with batlike wings and a feminine body. If the enemies were right that their world's Yuri had arrived, then it concerned the dwarf, wondering if she matched the power of his own guild leader.

Another tremor shook the area. Brone looked to the ogre, but the creature was still knocked out. Then another tremor came. The dwarf searched the area, trying to find what was causing the quakes.

"Brone the Bastard is here!" one of the mages called out, sending more cheers.

Brone Heavyaxe thought for a moment they were referring to him, but it clicked in his mind; their world's Brone had arrived. Following where the enemy platoons were facing, the four arm dwarf finally spotted what he was looking for: A greyish skin bald dwarf came into view. Every step this grey Brone took had shook the area.

"Who dares stand in our way!?" the bald dwarf yelled out, causing cheers to erupt, "Who dares stand in my way?" his tone got heavier. The two Brones locked eyes with one another; Heavyaxe exhaled frozen air from his nose while the Bastard grinned wickedly.

Just as Heavyaxe was about to say something, the grey dwarf quickly slammed his black axe upon the ground before him, causing a rift to open up in the ground, a handful of enemy invaders fell into the abyss below, screaming to their demise. The rift extended and opened up below the ogre. As the ogre fell into the chasm, Heavyaxe flew off the belly of the ogre, thanks to the animated cape, who rescued him.

The Brone of Paradise Dawn then landed on a safe ground, some distance from the chasm. This battle would be intense. With the destruction from the great forces, the mountain top may not be the same after the battle.

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Kaito hearing that Yuurei and Brone's others were here he figures he knows why the portals hadn't seemed to have slowed down and Kaito sees Kai and his own team of personal fighters and this seemed like it was about to get out of hand as Kai has four arms which is far different than what he was using now. Kai speaks toward Kaito. "Oh my you must be me from this dimension, I can tell from looking at you that you get no ladies, maybe you should try for men you---" One of Kaito's cloaked fighters had taken a strike at Kai, put was countered by one of his own fighters and Kaito figures that the ones lined up are more than what his rag tag group is as they are all wearing fighting clothes which meant that Kai was a master and not a underling.

Kai yells across the battle field to Yuri. "Why is my me here so lame looking!? I shoulda just stayed back I can already tell he isn't worth my time!" Kai sits on a rock and yawns and lays back and scratches his side as he was just going to take a nap as this fight would just be boring and not worth him having to use his power. Kaito went to move forward but he sensed something and a sword slashed near him from out of no where and Kaito looked around but Kai hadn't moved from his place on the rock looking like he is napping but when where did that slash come from? Kaito swings his sword back and hits the sword that swung at him but the sound of the clash also came from over where the Kai on the rock was laying. He can attack me... from there... the two teams are fighting and knocking the others around Kaito and Kai's forces are pretty much matching blow for blow while Kaito keeps trying to get to Kai as he parries sword attacks that seemed to some out of no where and disappear just as fast.

Kaito thinks he is in over his head here and this was not going to just go away even if that is how it could work and he sees female Yuurei in the distance and he wonders if they all three are going to get wiped out by the other thems but he can't back down he has to get through there and he wonders if from the way he talks that he is a ladies man, now he wonders if the female Yuurei and the other him are together but he doubts that. He keeps trying and then gets swatted back by one of the Kai's team as they were not going to let him get close and Kaito's team mates are getting pushed back but Kaito hadn't power up yet and he does that transforms and he starts running through the other Kai's team of fighters.

"Oh so now you get interesting!" Kai jumps up to his feet and he also transforms and runs at Kaito and they clash and Kaito has to dodge as Kai has an extra weapon and two extra arms that are swinging in on him from different angles and ways and Kaito is doing his best not to get creamed by a sucker punch or other form like getting gutted by the other sword that swung around as well.


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Yurei would make a motion to cast a spell of her own. This time she would try to bind Yuurei within a certain area in the air. The berserker would see this, and he would break out of it without a problem. She shook her head as she knew better than to try this on him. Still, she wanted to test the limits of her magic. It was then that she would smile though because her magic had touched Yuurei. He felt a bit weaker for some reason and he would shake his head as he looked at Yuri.

She was excited to see what else this man could do right now. Yuurei was surprised that her magic had done something to him even though she couldn’t secure him in one spot. He would take in a deep breath as it was time for him to be calm about this fight. His new weapons would be enough to take her out, but he would have to hit her a few more times for that to happen. Yuri would gain some of her mana back and she decided to cast a spell that would heal her a bit. The Nephilim couldn’t heal, so he moved to her as she was doing this.

She would see this and he would try and swing an attack right hand at her. The woman would move to the side using her wings to avoid the attack and she would swing her sword at him. He saw this and he would dodge the attack by dropping down to the ground. Yuri would see this and she would land on the ground soon after he did.

“So you want to take this fight to the ground? That is fine with me.” She said to him.

He would smile at her as if he wasn’t going to be fighting just on the ground. No, he wanted her down here, so he could better grasp her powers. She should have known that if she were him from the other side. It was then that she would close the gap between the two of them and she would swing her sword without hesitating. He would lunge back to dodge the attack, and she would move close to him again. He saw this and he would lunge again, but this time to the side as he would roll on the ground. She would smile as she would move toward him and when he saw this, he would gather himself and rush to her again.

It was then that she would slash at him, and he would take the hit once again, but it wouldn’t be until he had swung his fist straight on her jaw as she would stumble back from the blow. He would wince from the pain that he felt from that strike as he felt weak from everything he took. Still, his physical resistance was what made him last a bit longer than usual.

He couldn’t get hit like that again or else he was going to be out cold from those blows. Her attacks were darkness, which he was resistant to as well, still, the lingering damage was something else. The light magic he was hitting her with was not something she wanted to get with again. They were both focused and readied themselves for the other’s attack.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone observed the chasm that separated him and most of the enemy platoon that chose to oppose him, especially the other Brone, who nonchalantly walked towards him.

"Ye be the other me from dis world, eh?" the bald Brone scoffed as he got close enough to observe his counterpart.

"The better Brone" Heavyaxe joked, though the size and width of the chasm was highly impressive, he himself had never caused such damage with Dhuraindarin before. Since he was sure it was the exact same weapon, he could only assume the reason to why the damage was so immense was because of the bald dwarf.

Brone the Bastard didn't reply to the insult, but simply spat into open chasm as got to the edge. He held his black axe in his dominant hand, but nothing in the other; though this seems less threatening than the four weapons Heavyaxe held, the white haired dwarf didn't take the other lightly; he was sure Brone the Bastard was rightfully respect for him battle prowess or whatever other reason he was feared by his own peers.

The large chasm separated the two Brones, giving Heavyaxe time to determine how to go about this fight, but the bald dwarf didn't have the patience, so with one wave of his left hand, a magical circle appeared and in an instant, the two landmasses closed the gap between them with great speed, meaning the two Brones were adjacent to one another. The bald dwarf swung his black axe and because of how sudden this move was, Heavyaxe didn't have time to dodge the attack; subconsciously he activated the innate magical spell to conjure a layer of ice over his golden armor, but the black axe destroyed not only that layer of ice, but the entire armor set.

The shock of the power of the familiar axe threw off Heavyaxe for the moment, but he was skilled enough to counter quickly, so even though he had lost his armor, he managed to swing both his right arms. His own black axe slammed into the dark gray armor that covered the bald dwarf, shattering it as well, now with his body free from defense, the golden axe being held by the other hand managed to slam into side of the bald dwarf. Though the blade managed to bite down and draw blood, the expression on the two armed dwarf didn't change.

Brone the Bastard swung his axe again and Heavyaxe retaliated by swinging his obsidian bladed club. The axe shattered the club, reminding the white haired dwarf that this blade is able to break anything that wasn't living, causing the bald dwarf to laugh, "More arms don' mean more brain".

Heavyaxe summoned forth his blue spear into his now free main left hand and quickly jabbed it into the bald dwarf's chest. The foe didn't bother to dodge it, but took the brunt of the hit full on; Heavyaxe didn't mine, so he struck his foe with the rest of his weapons he held. The bald dwarf's body jerked from each of the hits, but he didn't falter.

"Hitting like a fly" The bald dwarf chuckled seeming not bothered by the attacks. Heavyaxe was impressed by how his counterpart can handle such an assault, so in order to try and gain his thoughts, he quickly walked back a few meters. Brone the Bastard scoffed as he tried to close the distance between the two, but for some reason this was proving a bit difficult, so he tried to run in order to keep up.

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Kai doesn't let up as he keeps after Kaito with his swords and the two extra fists that were swinging at Kaito wanting to get his hands on him to tear a piece off and maybe feed it to some extra dimensional creature and let it loose after Kaito so that he will not know even a waking second of safety from the hunting of the creature that never sleeps only chases till it get what it is sent after and tears it to pieces and devours it like it was nothing more than a small snack. Kaito parries what he can of these attacks and Kaito wonders if there is even a chance that they will make it out of this in one piece or at best they will drive them back and win the day as this fight was going on very close in power between himself and the other him as he was gonna need to make sure it all goes the right way.

There is clashing of the followers of Kai and the team of Kaito's going on around them as even their teams seemed to be nearly equally matched as well. Kai nearly gets Kaito with a dimensional slash that put the sword through Kaito's spine, but Kaito had thought fast and went intangible and the sword missed hitting him and probably paralyzing him for life by a matter of small seconds that could have made this all really grim for them if they had tried to keep fighting after that, Kaito gets some room from Kai and keeps moving as blades seemed to come out of no where and he has to stay on the defensive as Kai was seemly excited and was not going to let Kaito feel a moment of rest till he was dead and this dimension was burning to the ground like the inferior dimension it was to them. He did this for his people and he wasn't going to let a dragonslayer like Kaito who hasn't mastered more than one dragonslayer type win this over him.

Kaito is getting pushed to his limit and he sees his team keeping up the fight and the villagers of the Woodsea keeping fighting back the raiders and he knows he can't give up and he has to pull this back in their favor and get this all going in the way the want but he doesn't know how he is going to beat a war god version of himself that seemed to be able to return to sender his attacks and the extra arms make it so easy for him to be able to do things like that as Kaito has to stop the swords and the other two free hands on Kai cast spells that Kaito still has to dodge as they are incoming and can probably take him out with very little problem if he gets hit with one that will probably be combo'd into something else that will take Kaito out before he can actually even try to fight back against it his other self was truly a monster and he sees why this guy is probably considered some where around their strongest members even if from what he hears he isn't top ranked like Yuurei's is.


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The soldiers that were there were surprised by the fight. They didn’t know how to interfere but felt like they should. It would seem like the other versions of these people had appeared and things were getting intense. If these three fell, then this forest and all of Worth Woodsea would be theirs. That was when they noticed that there were people coming from the forest ready to fight as well. This was interesting and they were going to be busy as well.

The two of them would stare at each other and the fighting would begin. The two of them would make their way to each other, and Yuurei would make the first move. He would launch a left punch at Yuri, which she would dodge quickly. The fist was close to her face it seemed like he didn’t hesitate to hit a girl anywhere. She was fine with this because she expected this from him. It was then that she would swing her sword at him, and he would pivot his foot to swing his body around and dodge the attack. He sighed internally because that weapon is scary. He had to find a way to destroy that, and she was probably thinking the same thing with his gauntlet.

The two of them were moving through the battlefield as they were causing destruction around them. The soldiers around them would either get out of the way or become victims of the blows that they were dodging from each other. Yuurei would dodge one of her attacks as it would hit the ground. He would leap up and he would try to slam his fist straight into her. She would see this, and she would jump away as it would hit the ground in front of him.

It was then he would look at her and he would run straight to her without hesitating. She would see this, and she could tell that her other half was indeed a monster. It was then that she would cast a spell again and send it flying to Yuurei. He would punch it and it would disperse from where it was. She couldn’t believe this and figured that she would have to do something about this. It was then that Yuurei would make his way to her and he would stretch his right arm straight at her. It was then she would notice how fast that arm moved. She didn’t have time to dodge it and she was hit. She would be pushed back and felt that attack, and she coughed up blood from it.

Still, Yuurei would fall to his knee as he would also feel the blow behind that attack as well. He couldn’t believe this as it would seem like she had a trick up her sleeve. She had summoned her Hammurabi’s Code and it would seem like whatever that was caused him to be harmed as well.

It would seem like he was fighting another person who had something similar to Brone’s chest piece. He would wipe the blood off his mouth and he would stand up straight ready to fight Yuri.

She would do the same thing and she would have a smile on her face because this was getting interesting.


#17Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The two dwarves assaulted one another. Though they were biologically the same people, their armor and fighting style showed their difference. As Brone Heavyaxe would avoid the enemy's axe, he would counter with two or three of his own weapons to which Brone the Bastard would either avoid a few, but mostly take the hits with little reaction. The fact that the bald dwarf was able to take on attacks head on without hesitation showed how terrifying of a fighter he was.

The white haired Brone swung his black axe, but not at the enemy dwarf, but at the axe's counterpart. If he managed to destroy the weapon that had the potential to destroy cities, he would but able to have the upper hand in the fight, not only that, but it was the only weapon that the enemy had, which would leave him fighting barehanded at best. But Brone the Bastard anticipated this and instead of dodging or countering the attack, he moved in so that Heavyaxe's blade slammed into the grey dwarf's shoulder. Surprisingly, though the axe drew blood, it didn't reach the bone, nor did the grey dwarf even wince... but laughed. With his black axe safe, he took the chance as pulled it back to ready for a wide arcing swing.

Brone Heavyaxe felt the wind shift as the enemy's black axe was pulled back, revving for a big swing. He quickly jabbed his blue spear into the chest of the grey dwarf, but the enemy didn't stop, so he stabbed him again with him. The grey dwarf said an incantation, causing a hidden tattoo to on his chest beneath his worn shirt to glow bright enough to show. The earth beneath the white haired dwarf formed into mud and began to envelop his body, starting at the lower half. Heavyaxe understood that the enemy had tattoos that held magic though neither of them were mages; this spell specifically was designed to hold an enemy in place and if he was hit with that big arcing swing, he may be in critical condition at best. So Heavyaxe slammed his green axe down upon the hardening mud below him, shattering it and allowing him to jump back, barely dodging the enemy's black axe.

"That's some neat trick... that axe of yers" Brone the Bastard said with a half smirk as he watched his foe carefully position himself some meters away.
Neat Trick:

"My arms are just as useful as my actual arms" Brone Heavyaxe smiled. The two dwarves couldn't hold back a chuckle at the terrible joke; though they were vastly different in fighting style and personality, they still had the same taste in terrible jokes.

When they both settled their laughter, they returned to the fight. The bald dwarf rushed forward to get back into melee range, but he noticed that his own movements were slower than before. He sucked his teeth as he watched Heavyaxe switch his own battle stance, something that he shouldn't be able to do so easily while someone was running at him, but with how slow the gray dwarf was, the battle might be falling into the white hair dwarf's hand.

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Kaito feels a sharp pain from being nailed by a rouge attack from one of the followers of his double. His own team reacted in kind but Kaito knows this is not good and he has to do something soon or they will fail and be at a great disadvantage him going down is not going to be good and he feels a healing circle healing him which means his team knew that attack had done more to him than he was showing and he feels much better as the enemy team standing around him felt the pain of the healing circle that they are standing in and Kaito hurries and strikes at them and Kai blocks an defends them from Kaito's attacks even through it costed him one of his swords Kaito can tell that Kai didn't regret the movement so maybe the raiders weren't all bad guys just to them they look bad but he doesn't know what they might be after in their dimension.

Kaito jumps back to make room again and this seemed like there was an anger in Kai as he and Kaito back at each other and blows and spells are flying back and fourth and neither one of them were gonna back down. They kept slamming into each other and hitting each others weapons and pushing the other as their teams and followers traded their own blows and it looked like a near even match between the two rival teams here. Kaito hoped that the people that had come to help were not being slaughtered but right now Kaito has to keep himself focused on the fight in front of himself and he can't really be worried about the other people that had come to join them as there was no moment of rest just people attacking and defending in short bursts and Kaito and Kai look like they are being pushed to their limits as they slide away from the other.

Kaito is attacked by a normal raider, But the raider stops mid swing as the glares from Kaito and Kai told him that he was getting in the middle of something that they had no right to be in and they will both kill them if they do not swiftly leave the area and Kaito and Kai look back at the other as they both know how this is going to go and it is going to be ugly. Revy looked around and she doesn't see another world Revy so she wonders if maybe other world Revy just never made it or it is why the other Kai fights so hard to do what ever he is doing maybe another world Kaito came and killed his Revy in front of him like the dimensional god slayer Kaito that is still on the loose that went into hiding awhile ago, Revy wonders if these raiders are really that strong with how much of short work that Kaito, Yuurei and Brone seem to be making them.

Kaito reels back and he hurries forward again to match weapons with Kai but Kai vanishes and reappears behind Kaito and Kaito has to hurry and get himself turned around and he blocked the hit from Kai just in time but Kai smirked at him like he had expected Kaito to block the hit.


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Yuurei wasn’t sure what to do at this point. He would look at Yuri as she seemed to have the upper hand now. She was looking for what to do next and knew that she couldn’t waste any time with the code behind her. She would finally make her move as she would run straight to Yuurei. He would see this and he thought about one thing, and it was to run. He would take flight into the air as he knew she was behind him. She would follow suit and he would continue moving. He was badly hurt, but so was she. Still, he wasn’t sure what was going on. He just knew that the thing she had summoned was a problem. He was going to have to wait it out or figure out a way to destroy it.

Still, to be honest, just by seeing that she wasn’t protecting it, meant something. He wasn’t sure, but he felt like trying to break that thing would be useless. Yuri had a smile on her face as it seemed like her doppelganger was afraid of her. She was excited to see this and she wanted to take him out. She wanted to show him that she was the superior version of the two. The Demon would shoot out magic from her hands and mouth as she was shooting them at Yuurei. He would sense the danger of her attacks and he would dodge them. They were quick, but seeing her attacking him meant that the effect of that tablet only worked one way.

He wasn’t in any condition to attack her as he knew that if he had landed a blow on her, then he would probably be met with the outcome of him being unconscious. Yuri had her smile the entire time as she was following him everywhere he was going. She even found herself finally laughing as she found this too good to be true.

“Are you going to run from me all day now?” She asked him as she figured that he was using a lot of mana for that transformation.

Yuurei would look back for a second and then dodged the attack that had come straight to him. He would shake his head as he would keep it forward and would continue to fly around the air.

“What else am I supposed to do. You knew what you were doing when you summoned that. I have to find a way to destroy that or you will kill me.” He said to her as he kept moving.

Yuri would chuckle when she heard those words. She figured that she would have to attack him with everything she had. She knew that the code didn’t last that long, so she would have to hit him while he couldn’t counterattack.

Yuurei wondered how everyone was doing and hoped that they weren’t going through the same thing he was going through. Yuri would continue to shoot different types of magic, but Yuurei would dodge the attacks. Then she used a spell that would start following him and another chase began.


#20Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Though Brone the Bastard was much slower than he was when the fight started, his wide arcing swings were dangerous and Heavyaxe needed to take great care, less he would lose more than just his armor and his wooden club. As the enemy's black axe had missed, the white haired dwarf quickly moved in to attack the foe, jabbing his blue spear into his chest, slamming his golden axe onto the enemy's shoulder and his own black axe trying to destroy the other, but whenever Heavyaxe tried to aim for the enemy's axe, Brone the Bastard would pull his weapon away and swing for a counter which the white haired dwarf focused on trying to avoid.

Out of all of the weapons and magic in their arsenal, both understood to avoid the blackaxes they both wielded. So the exchanged continued between the two. At one point, Heavyaxe nearly had a wide opening to delivery a blow from all four of his weapons, but the bald dwarf wouldn't allow it; as he swung his black axe and missed the foe, he allowed the blade of his axe to hit the ground, causing the ground to split and open up a rift. The fissure caused a tremor that sent nearby platoon members to fall into the fissure. Luckily for the two dwarves, they were sturdy enough to hold their ground, but it allow Brone the Bastard to dodge that four-hit combo.

The bald dwarf then conjured forth a layer of solid stone over his body like armor. Heavyaxe swung his green axe and destroyed the armor instantly given that it was able to negate any magic, but this was what Brone the Bastard was waiting for, he took the opportunity and hit the green axe with his own black axe, shattering easily.

Brone Heavyaxe cursed as he leaped away to gain distance. The bald dwarf laughed as he slowly made his way towards the white haired dwarf, the icy magical effect of Jotun's Fang keeping him at bay. Heavyaxe summoned forth his golden spear into his now free left hand so now he held two spears in each left hand and two axes in each right hand.

"Without that magic eater, I can go all out" Brone the Bastard laughed as he walked forward, his body solidifying into a black onyx stone to increase his defense, "Trust that when I'm done with ye, I'm going to sink every city beneath the earth; this will be my new kingdom!" his voice caused the earth beneath their feet to tremble.

"Trust that I'll be rippin' ye in two and sending both halves through that portal" Brone raised his golden axe into the air and yelled out a battlecry, Cyan energy whipped up, the magical spell within the golden axe caused the dwarf's muscles to bulge as his strength increased. Then he raised his golden spear and shouted even louder, the white energy from the spear enveloped the dwarf, causing him to grow and transform into a large feline beast, his yell became a roar.
Brone the Mountain:

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Beams fire from kai's hands at Kaito who has to go intangible quickly wasting the spell meant for protection as Kai knows how Kaito's slayer works and Kai releases a blast that he had been carrying around in his portals with him toward Kaito that at the moment is tiring out as this fight had been on a level above where he was ready to be fighting at for so long but it also seemed that that Kai himself was starting to get gassed. Kaito knows this fight is taking it's toll on them all and that they are not either side going to back down though as they both have a mission and people counting on them winning this fight and making it back out of this world or repelling the threats of the other world from their lands. The two clash once again and Kaito's sword and Kai's swords break at the same time and they look at each other with a laugh as it seemed this all was becoming mirrored as they don't seem to be as different as they first appeared.

The only big difference is their normal goals, mortals, and paths it seemed but they both had a more noble goal in this fight and that was to help and protect the people that need them to step up and not be a hinderance neither one of them is high on the pecking order probably but they both have to give it their all as their fists and their spells meet and Kaito is the first one knocked away and Kaito tries to get back to his feet as he got set tumbling away and Kaito holds his arm even through he knows that he isn't hurt there but he isn't sure if this version had any clue of the item he was wearing and of the effects that it had on his own body to protect his body from breaking but it doesn't stop him from being beaten but gives him a bit of a heads up on people and things that would other wise hit him and tear parts of his body apart. Kai laughed at Kaito as he thinks that he had broken the mans arm with that hit. Kaito starts running and trying to act as bait.

Kai takes the bait as he thinks he had the other man on the ropes, their teams are still busy fighting each other and not slowing down as there was a ton of things that were going on with seemly no end in sight. Kaito makes a quick turn and he seemed to have disappeared as Kai went around the corner he sees that the man had vanished and then he is hit by a spell that sent the over confident man sliding around and holding himself as the shoe had shifted and how the spellsword had the advantage over the other in this fight and he was going to try to keep it as he ran after the other Kai.


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Yuri could tell that the person she was fighting was going to continue running. He wasn’t the type of person to try his luck again. She didn’t care though as she was going to try and take him out as soon as she could. She would use a bunch of spells right at him and they would be coming at him all at once. Yuurei would see this, and he would dodge all the attacks that were coming to him. He figured that she would continue this ruse until she was able to hit him. It was then he would turn to see that there was another spell close to him. He would swing his Midas Gauntlet straight at it and he would disperse the spell. He would shake his head as he was still flying around through it all. It seemed like she wasn’t giving up.

“If you want me to fight you, then turn off that slab behind you. I almost blacked out because of that. I didn’t think I hit people that hard.” He said to Yuri.

Yuri would shake her head when she heard this because she refused to do that. She figured she would try to get him to hit her.

“You know that not even you would do something like that. I think you should turn around and fight me.” She said to him.

He would keep pushing through the sky as he wasn’t going to fall for that. It was then that he would catch a glimpse on Brone and he would see that he had transformed into something different. He didn’t even think his fried could do something like that. Kaito was dealing with his own problems as well and he knew that none of them could help each other out. They were all dealing with something of their own. The soldiers around the field were fighting to the death with eh locals as well. He would shake his head as he was thinking about too much.

It was then that she would disappear from where she was and appear in front of him. She didn’t attack him or anything, but he would bump right into her. His forehead would collide with hers’, and he would fall downward to the ground. He would rub his forehead because he felt the pain that she felt. She would chuckle at him because it would seem like it worked. She would shoot out spells once again and he would look over to the spells that were coming to him. He would dodge the attacks once again, but at the same time he would have to hit a few spells and there were too many of them coming to him.

He noticed that she had a lot more mana than he did, which was not good for this battle.

“We’re going to have to end this fight soon.” He said as he would laugh a bit as he would get ready to turn to her.


#23Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone the Bastard stared at the large feline monster that was Brone Heavyaxe's new form, then he burst out laughing, "Ye being a bigger hairier target doesn't mean a damn thing other than that I can hit you better!" the bald dwarf said as he began rushing towards his foe... or trying to rush forward; the blue spear had slowed him drastically and on top of that, the blue helmet that sat upon Heavyaxe's head had further slowed the bald dwarf; even though he realized this, he didn't worry himself about such a problem.

"Ye will regret not taking this seriously" Heavyaxe's laugh came out as a growl as he kicked off the ground; his body was much faster now even though he was practically a giant. As they closed the distance between one another, Brone the Bastard swung his black axe, but Heavyaxe easily avoid the attack and moved to his foe's blindspot in one quick motion. The giant feline swung all his weapons. The gray dwarf was amazed by the speed the white mane dwarf had, but he couldn't waste time reacting to the sudden change; he activated another magical ability and his body solidified further, but not to stone, but diamond. The spears and the golden axe slammed into the dwarf's back, cracking the diamond form, though barely. As the black axe was about to deal a devastating blow, Brone the Bastard avoided the attack just in time. The other attacks weren't as problematic as the black axe, knowing whatever that axe hit, wouldn't destroy it unless it was organic.

Brone Heavyaxe wasn't surprised he had missed the blow with his black axe, for his foe was clever, but instead of backing away as he was doing recently with his previous tactic, he pressed his attack, knowing his new form gave him an advantage. But before his next round of attacks could land, Brone the Bastard had suddenly sank into the ground as if it was quick sand. "What!?"

The gray dwarf jumped out of the ground behind the white mane dwarf as if the floor was mud. "Didn't think I would have to rely on magic to beat ye, but here we are!" the gray dwarf laughed as he was already swinging his axe as he erupted from the mud, so Heavyaxe couldn't dodge the attack.

The black axe slammed into the large feline's body with great force. Normally such an attack from Brone the Bastard would have broke bones and sent the foe flying, but the feline body was so tough that the blade barely drew blood. Heavyaxe quickly turned on the heel of his foot as he swung his black axe. Brone the Bastard, so focused on dodging the black axe, had avoided it, but didn't see the golden axe coming in for a follow-up, slamming into his protected body and sending the body into the mud where he come out of.

Brone the Bastard appeared out the ground some meters away; his smile was gone. Even though his strength was great and his defensive spells were probably the best in the army, he was meeting his match against this transformation no one had informed him of.

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Kaito and Kai are wrapping around fighting the other and fists and spells around flying around the battle field as both of them are too caught up in the heat of battle that they have pretty much lost sight of what was going on around them as they fought dragon tooth and nail as they were doing crazy flips and portaling around and Kai's making full use of his two extra arms as Kaito used his shield to hold them back and protect himself from the blows and he throws more punches of his own as he was going to keep fighting and not back down and keep taking him on. The teams where fighting as well tooth and nail not sure who is going to win but both Kai's teams are cheering them on between fighting and trading blows with the others and they smiled. They really both are not that far off just both just fighting from the other side of this event and that shows Kaito that maybe this all was a mistake as there was still a chance that there could be more understanding and maybe a mana line that linked the worlds once again and they could both keep on living but he knows the rest of the country was not going to think they are not that bad and Kaito's double may be an outlier as Brone's and Yuurei's  both seemed evil to the core.

Kai seemed misunderstood in this and this was him doing what he must to save his own world while the other two seemed to take pride in their what to destroy the world here to harvest for the mana they lacked. Kaito and his double trade blows sending the other through a portal of their own making as the towns people and the other lower raiders are fighting for their lives and they were in deep need of an ending soon as they were all starting to wear thin. Kaito and Kai both appear at the same time on opposite sides of the other looking at the other it seemed they were nearly matched on how they fight and what they can do Kai's arms were majorly damaged and he was breathing harder as he knows that Kaito is the stronger one between them and Kaito goes in to end the fight with his other self who opens a portal and flees for the moment as more raiders come flowing out of the portal to fight  Kaito and the others and Kaito keeps fighting so he isn't shallowed up by the mass of people that just came flowing through into their dimension.

Kaito wraps himself to get a bit of space as he was getting over run by the new fresh raiders and he is unarmed as one of the last hits had broken his shield and his armor is pretty much busted and nearly falling off of his body, Kaito catches his breath as he opens a portal of his own to help more that may  want to help enter into the battle field from Fairy tail and Paradise Dawn as they need more bodies to help stem the tide that had just came right into his face and Kaito is extremely tired and his mana was beginning to wear extra thin.


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Yuri was on the offense the entire time. She would see that her relic was starting to collapse. She couldn’t hold it anymore, which she was upset about. All this man did was run the entire time after he noticed that he had harmed himself when he attacked her. She wouldn’t let him see this though, she would shoot out a barrage of magic spells at him. She didn’t care what he had to say anymore as she felt like this fight should have been different. It didn’t make sense how strong he was compared to how strong she thought he was.

Yuurei would sense the danger of multiple spells coming straight for him. It would seem like she wasn’t joking when she was launching nothing bunch magic spells at him. He would dodge them as eh could feel where they were coming. His movements were quick and he kept fly forward as he knew that she was trying to close the gap between them.

“Not talkative anymore. You are going on an extreme offense here.” He said to her as he kept moving.

She would suck her teeth when she heard his words. He spoke a lot and it seemed like he wasn’t tired. Yuurei was indeed hurt, tired and exhausted. This woman had harmed in ways he didn’t think he could get hurt by someone outside of his group. He would keep dodging the spells and wondered why she was continuing to throw more spells at him. It was then he would look back and he would see that she didn’t have that stupid tablet behind her.

It made sense why she was going on the offense like that. Yuurei would sense more spells coming to him and he would turn around and he would start attacking the spells with his fist. He would disperse them the ones that would have hit him and dodged the ones that were simple to avoid.

“You do know I’m the superior you right? You being all nervous shows that. You should leave and never come back. It would suck to kill someone that is basically supposed to be me.” He said to Yuri.

Yuri would hear this and she would shake her head at his words.

“Shut it, shut it, shut it. There is no way you are stronger than me and I cannot go back. This was supposed to be our new world.” She said to him.

Yuurei didn’t know what she meant by that, but he was going to end this fight.


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