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The Ultimate Battle (Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous)

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#26Brone Heavyaxe 

The Ultimate Battle (Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 11, 2023 5:15 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Bits of the diamond skin that protected Brone the Bastard was falling off as the dwarf walked towards his foe, breathing heavily. Brone Heavyaxe was growling as he too was walking towards his foe. Though the feline Heavyaxe was so tall, reaching about eleven feet, the gray dwarf covered in diamond skin, cared not for whatever transformation the white-mane dwarf unlocked, for he intended to finish him off.

Heavyaxe didn't waste anymore time and rush forward with his newly acquired speed. The gray dwarf slammed his black axe into the ground, causing the rocky terrain to erupt and shift, breaking into pieces and causing the feline giant to slow his run, trying to keep from running into any of the uplifted land or falling into a newly made crevice. As he came to a halt to try and figure out where was the best route to take, Brone the Bastard burst from a nearby wall of rock as if it was mud and swung his black axe. Heavyaxe nearly blocked the attack with one of his weapons, but remembered that any of his equipment would be broken easily by the magical weapon, so he ran into the attack, the blade catching his shoulder and drawing blood, but with the feline-dwarf's new transformed body, the attack wasn't as threatening as it was before.

Brone the Bastard was assaulted again by several of the white-mane dwarf's weapons, but kept focusing on avoiding the opponent's own black axe. This continued between the two; they would move about the battlefield while trading blows while avoiding each other's most dangerous weapon. And as they moved about, every so often, one of the two black axes would hit part of the terrain and cause it to shift and send another tremor throughout the area. None of the raiders from the other world dared to get anywhere near the battlefield that the two dwarves had taken over, unless they risked dying as collateral damage.

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#27Kaito Todaro 

The Ultimate Battle (Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 6:53 am

Kaito Todaro
A Revy yells out to Kaito to duck and he does without even a second thought about it, as he ducked two arms had reached out of no where Kai had seemed to have seen where he went and he used his magic to aim to take him out, but Kaito doesn't think that Revy voice was his Revy it lacked the confidence of his Revy and sounded more male than female but still a younger sounding voice. Kai looked back at his Revy, Clyde and is confused why he helped the other him. Kai sees how beat up he is and he thinks he understands but he can't lose this fight and he jumps back through to Kaito's world and him and Kaito start fighting in the tree they are in going from branch to branch as the mountain seems to be shaking a bit as the others keep their fights going. Kaito and Kai are both gassed and are fighting on fumes where both sides of the armies below seemed to understand and are probably just waiting to pick off who ever is the winner of the fight between them. Kai's eyes glass over and start clouding and he nearly falls out of the tree and Kaito grabs his hand and stops him from falling. Kai was knocked out and Kaito lays the man on the ground and he tells them that this is a no go spot as he was not going to be killed. Kaito walks back onto the battle ground and his team and Kai's team had both ended the same in Kaito's victory and his and Kai's team go to Kai's side to make sure he is okay and to stay out of the fighting.

Kaito along with those still loyal to him get back to the fighting to try and make sure that they fully break the moral of the raiders and their cause as this was going in their favor as at least one of the three generals of this war on their world was knocked out and being tended to and Kaito was the one that had beaten the man and he removed his armor and he gets back to fighting as his clothes are torn and look like he had been through hell, Kaito is tired and weakened but now wasn't a time to be sitting on the side lines to catch his breath it was time to tear down what these people believe in and their goals are unreachable. Kaito is glad that others were ready to come as he is sure that he would have been a goner if it was just him over here facing this numbers. Kaito is stumbling a little as the battle damage and fatigue are hitting him worse as he used more energy and then he feels two healing spells hit him from somewhere and his body feels far lighter and he catches a piece of candy that had been thrown on him and he puts it in his mouth and he sucks on the candy to help restore his energy levels as he keeps fighting and making sure that he doesn't waste this opening where he can take on what the raiders have left before they are fully repelled as he figures Brone and Yuurei should be ending their fights as well.


The Ultimate Battle (Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 11:14 am

Yuurei was a bit confused on her words, but he knew that it was his people or Yuri’s people.

“You could have just lied her peacefully right? If something was happening to your word, we could have found a way to live with each other. Still, it seems like that won’t be the case.” He said to Yuri.

She would hear his words and she would spit on the ground. They were both exhausted and this was going to be the final fight. She would make her way to Yuurei and he would see it coming. Renji had been quiet this entire time as he was watching the two of them fight. Yuri would let out a bunch of arrows at Yuurei, but the young mage was able to dodge the attacks.

It was then he would noticed that she had closed the gap between the two of them. She would try to stab him with her sword, but he would move to the side and he would counter with a punch straight on her face. She would feel herself losing conscious, and she shook her head a bit as she looked at Yuurei. It was then he would raise his knee on her abdomen and she would gasp for air and her eyes would fall back.

She found herself falling to the ground and then hitting the floor. One of the three were down for the count, which the other men had taken noticed. This also rose the morale of the people who were on Yuurei’s side. Yuurei would sigh with relief as he had taken her out. She was a tough opponent, but she wasn’t something hat he couldn’t handle. He would look around to see that people needed his help.

He wasn’t going to interfere with Brone or Kaito’s fight. If they needed his help they would call for it. Yuurei would help the volunteers out with the fight and when the soldiers so that he was here to fight they had lost their morale. It meant one of the strongest fighters from their world had been taken out. The Nephilim would make quick wok of them as he would go around the field taking them out. It was then he would fly into the sky and he would raise his arm up.

“This is our world, and they cannot have it. Let it be known to all of Fiore! The North is for the people of the North!” He shouted and they would scream with excitement.


#29Brone Heavyaxe 

The Ultimate Battle (Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 14, 2023 1:04 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
The two dwarves danced about the battlefield, Heavyaxe using agility given by his new form and the gray dwarf using his ability to move through earth like it was mud. Blows were landing, but neither of the black axes managed to land a hit, for each of the dwarves knew well the consequences of a successful hit from these special weapons. Each clash sounded as if an explosion was set off and the ground rumbled. It was obvious to the onlookers that these two beings were very much alike but polar opposites, both being forces of nature.

Eventually, it happened, Brone the Bastard came close to landing a hit with his black axe, and Brone Heavyaxe had no choice but to take advantage of this rare moment, it was a chance for him to destroy the enemy's axe with his own, so he clashed with his own black axe. Both axes were destroyed instantly, causing a tremor to vibrate so fiercely that there was a brief calm. But as stated, it was only brief. Brone the Bastard clenched his fists and began to throw punches and surprisingly enough, Heavyaxe, though his feline fur body was tough enough to handle attacks enough, the unarm attacks from the gray dwarf were strong enough to bruise his opponent, as if they were weapons themselves. Though the gray dwarf was weaponless now, he still his fists; as for Brone Heavyaxe, he allowed his green axe to appear in his now free hand that held the black axe.

The mud around the area solidified. Brone the Bastard was no longer running, but tanking and enduring all hits as he was moving in for counters and initiating attacks. The white mane Heavyaxe returned the gesture, understanding that the enemy was daring to insult the other dwarf. "Do you continue to dodge my fists? Do you admit I am stronger?", though it was not openly said, this is was understood between the two, so Brone Heavyaxe answered by not running away, but remaining in one spot with the other dwarf as the two were wailing upon one another. Fists were slamming into the white mane and the feline body of Heavyaxe while spears and the remaining two axes continued to slam into the diamond skin of the gray dwarf. Surprisingly to Heavyaxe, he noticed his green axe, spellcleaver, didn't negate the diamond skin of the enemy Brone; the spell he casted probably conjured the skin, but the skin itself isn't magical.

Little by little, they pelted one another. Eventually, the diamond skin had fully chipped away until Brone the Bastard was just nearly naked, save for his pants, and with no weapons, but just his fists. This didn't deter the gray dwarf, only strengthen him further through adrenaline. For a moment, Brone Heavyaxe saw himself in the enemy dwarf; he remembered those moments he fought Yuurei until he had lost everything, there was even a moment he fought Kaito until he lost his armor and weapons, and yet he still pushed forward with no hesitation.

This battle was fantastic and both dwarves truly enjoyed it, but for the sake of the war, they dare not admit it. They push forward. Even though Brone the Bastard was drastically slowed because of the frost magic, he was still able to deal great damage with each blow, and despite Brone Heavyaxe, swinging all four of his weapons at great speed given to him by his lion form, the gray dwarf was still standing, enduring the assault like a monster or god.

Then... all stopped. Brone Heavyaxe was heavily breathing as his weapons held still, no longer swinging. He stared at the gray dwarf who stood there, clenching his fists in a boxing stance, but... no longer conscious, but still standing. After a minute of silence, a small handful of the enemy forces came over a large boulder to view the fight, wondering why the destruction had stopped. Though Brone Heavyaxe slowly shrunk and reverted back to his true dwarven form, he gave the onlookers a stern look, letting them know he still had energy to spare. Those onlookers ran away to report the situation.

Brone looked at the enemy Brone who was still standing, though out cold. "Not bad" he said between deep breaths. Then Yuurei's announcement came ringing through the air, followed by cheers, letting everyone know the battle was over.

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#30Kaito Todaro 

The Ultimate Battle (Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 14, 2023 1:26 pm

Kaito Todaro
It would seem that the day had been won from the other twos stand points as well So he needed to just repel the last of the raiders and then they day would be over and hopefully their lives will be back in order and not constantly being interrupted by invaders that wish to try to take over their world Kaito along with those still able to fight by his side take their final stands pushing them back and through their portals back to where they had come from and then Kaito went back and he kneeled lifting Kai in his own arms and he carries Kai over to the portal where a male exceed was waiting for Kai and he has the mans team carry him back through the portal as the exceed salutes Kaito with tears in his eyes as they had lost but Kaito hadn't killed Kai and the exceed was thankful Raider walked from around him and made their ways back through and Kaito starts walking back to his team and he nearly collapsed as he did his team keeps him on his feet and they walk toward where the other two should be so that they can go home or maybe some where that can help get the soreness out of their muscles and bones for the night.

Kaito reopens some portals giving the others that had joined them to help fight a way home with the last bits of his mana reserves to make sure that everyone got to go see their families tonight as the healers on both sides helped those that couldn't walk get back to their respective home worlds or safe places for them Kaito wonders if this was really the end or if this was only the opening act to the end of this all for them, Kaito guessed only time would tell as he was far too beat up and far to tired to think on it deeper that a basic simple thought.
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