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III - Lector the Exceed

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III - Lector the Exceed Empty Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:51 pm



Name: Lector

Slot: Companion

Race: Exceed

Class: Unique

Quantity: Limited

Element: Arcane

Mana: 500

  • Strength: 20
  • Constitution: 50
  • Speed: 50


Height: 40 centimeters.

Appearance: Being an Exceed, Lector's appearance is that of a small, mildly anthropomorphous cat standing on his rear legs, with his two front legs acting as hands of the sort. His fur seems to be dark brown in color, with most of his body being red, but his face, belly, paws, and the end of his long tail are pink. He has large, pointed ears, and prominent tufts of dark fur jutting outwards in correspondence to his cheekbones, where his whiskers are. Lector doesn't don a complete outfit, instead sporting just a blue, sleeveless button-up vest which is left open and has three dark round buttons on its right side.

Description: Exceeds are cat-like creatures from Extalia. Their origins are unclear. Similar to the other Exceeds, they were all sent to Earthland as eggs and grew up here without knowing anything about their homeworld. Unlike the Exceeds from Exvalia, they only have a single tail, however, they are capable of using magic to sprout wings and fly around.

Personality: Lector is a highly arrogant cat. He has a habit of belittling others, considering everyone to be beneath their partner. When things don't go as he foresees, Lector is left in a stunned state.


Requirements: None.


  • Speech: Lector is capable of speech.

Companion Perks:
  • None.

Partner Perks:
  • Based On Lector's Experience: The user receives an additional 20% experience when completing quests.


  • Name: Aera
    Rank: B
    Mana Cost: 100
    Requirements: -
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: -
    Cooldown: 1 Post
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: Aera is a spell that allows its users to sprout large angelic wings that give them the ability to fly. There is also a time limit to how long the user can fly, as the wings disappear after the user's mana is depleted.

#2Lee Nakamura 

III - Lector the Exceed Empty Sat Feb 19, 2022 5:20 pm

Lee Nakamura
I will relciam this

III - Lector the Exceed Tumblr_oua5s27DHT1v5lsxco4_r1_500
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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

III - Lector the Exceed Empty Sat Feb 19, 2022 5:39 pm

@Lee Nakamura has reclaimed Lector the Exceed.


III - Lector the Exceed Empty Tue Aug 23, 2022 2:40 am


This companion has been unlocked and is available for purchase.

#5Go D. Drakkon 

III - Lector the Exceed Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 3:27 am

Go D. Drakkon
I will be taking him for 1,000,000 jewels


III - Lector the Exceed Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 5:40 am

Toge has purchased Lector the Exceed for 1,000,000 jewels.

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