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Reunion in the Arena (Lumikki)

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Reunion in the Arena (Lumikki)  Empty Fri May 24, 2024 9:14 am


Yuurei had been away for some time. The incident that had happened within the Kuja Mountain had left him different. He was no longer the guild master of Paradise Dawn, the Seraphims were still after him, and he had something he could barely control living inside of him. When he left the guild, Leviathan and Shuten-Doji had both decided to put their difference aside within the Seraphim’s body. These two started working together to take over Yuurei’s body, and with that had begun to influence the mind of one of the strongest Earthland had to offer.

The darkest thoughts dwell through the man’s head constantly. He wanted to get revenge for those who didn’t look after Kailani. The young man thought his fight for revenge was over when Ansem and his Vampires died, but it seemed like there was something lingering deep within him. The Oni and Demon had made sure to bring that out to light.

Then it was the other thoughts, he wanted to destroy those who threatened the lives of the people in the North. Even if it was a joke or something at the moment, it didn’t matter to him, the seeds of doubt went through his mind. The Warden of Light did his best to control it, but it was a hard thing to do. He already had a short fuse, but this took him to a different level. He traveled trying to find answers, but somehow his mind took him to a specific area.

Yuurei had made his way to Seven, a place where people gather to fight. More specifically, he had gone to the Arena of Champions. This place was used for people to bait against the odds and enjoy their winnings. He figured he would come here to quell his thirst for blood and destruction. This feeling was something he never thought he would feel again. He thought he was able to control it to some extent, but this right here was a different level.

He had signed up for a fight in the Arena and wondered who he would be fighting. Yuurei had already daunted his equipment for the fight. His mastery in his swordsmanship needed work, and it was what he was using today. He had already mastered his spears and fist combat, but he wanted to make sure that he could also compete with the best using his swords.

He had his Zabimaru in his hand, while his Excalibur was invisible already, which made people think he only used one weapon. His face was covered with the Monarch’s Golden Guise, and his body was covered with the Kaldback Armor, which he replicated from Brone. Renji was part of the audience, so he wasn’t taking part in the fight. He held onto the ribbon as well, so it didn’t bother Yuurei in this fight. Migi would be helping out whenever he could though and that red eye glared to the souls of those he would be fighting.

He entered the arena and the crowd cheered; they didn’t know who he was, as he had entered as Leviathan. Still, the gear on him would bring the assumption that he must have been a great fighter with the fine equipment he walked around in.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new fighter amongst our ranks! He has come to the Arena of Champions under the name Leviathan! Do you think he has what it takes to come out on top?! Or will he fail and be another wanna-be champion in this Arena of Champions!” He spoke through the microphone and the people would continue to shout as they wondered who he was going to fight.

“Now let me bring out the person he will be fighting today! You guys know her well, so let me start the introduction!” He shouted as the crowd couldn’t wait.



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It has been quite some time since Lumikki found herself in the arena of Seven, and the last encounter left a disgusting taste in her mouth. A pitiful human was arranged to combat her, for what she assumed was a test match to gauge her strength. It had been her first time competing so it was fair to say her prowess was yet to be known. Still, she could only hope that she'd like this competitor better. At the very least, not make her bloodlust run rampant as it had before. Lumikki had requested to deny all criminals still in jail to fight her, as she hardly cared to be insulted once again. Or run into another mortal who saw himself as some kind of god.

Yet it was with a deep sigh that she entered the arena again. Whether it was the poor memory from last time or the fact that she was too busy at the moment to enter, she did not really know. As for the reason for her participation was only to test her growing magic once more. If she was to be the Guildmaster of Paradise Dawn, then she would have to strive harder. Else those who see the presence of the Angel gone think they could instead try the Demon. Erebus alone proved the possibility as he casually threatened her for means that weren't even her own. Despite the guild who stood alongside her, he felt empowered to make his feelings known. Of course, he could very well be just another madman, but she would not suffer this all the same. If it took constant battles in this arena to prove her power, then she would clash each and every one as if it were life and death.

The sun was already past its highest point in the sky, as she was told her match would be sometime mid-noon. She'd sit all by herself in the waiting area, waiting for the moment to come while reading one of her many books. The boisterous cheer could be heard even from the room she resided, their thunderous enthusiasm failing to bolster her own. All she could really do was drown in her pages until the one who came to inform her knocked on the door when it was time.

Lumikki could not shake this feeling, something ominous was approaching. Usually, the Demoness would hardly care all that much about it, but something in her core spoke; the danger was heading toward her. It would be her problem to be bothered by and the notion dampened her mood; but it would be tasteless and cowardly to leave now. Only Yuurei proved to be an overwhelming terror after all.

A knock swiftly tapped her door, it was time to put her book down and fight. She'd drop it into her void as she got up, sauntering down the maze-like halls as she headed for the arena.

Leviathan? She'd pounder as she was at the end of the final hall. The announcer's voice was already booming in her ears and she'd hear him begin the introductions. Yet that name bothered her, it sounded far too familiar but she didn't have the mind to place a finger on it.Leviathan, Leviathan, Leviathan, she'd repeat in her thoughts while she took the final steps. It was now time for her introduction, but she'd drown it out.

" The Demoness of the North! With Frost and Dark in hand! We all saw it before folks, cross your fingers so that we see something as exciting again. But if the name proves anything interesting, maybe we'd be witnessing two Demons in the arena today!" Two Demons?....wait! Lumikki picked up speed and finally entered through her gate, only to be met with someone she hadn't seen in ages. Ever since the moment he left...

" Where have ye been, we've been worried!" The little raven called out, but was he there to answer? She thought the name he chose could be some sort of joke, and in her merriment to see him, she'd forget the sinking feeling of before only for it to surge up stronger the moment she glanced at his face.

" Who are ye!" She growled, baring fangs in her moment of frustration. Lumikki was in her human form, but her anger was flickering her appearance in slight and subtle ways. She had her crafted armor, the Twilight Veil, as well as her Snow Monarch concealment wrapped around her neck though she'd pulled it over her mouth in preparation. The Ka'el cape hung from her shoulders like feathers from her back. Her staff was in between worlds always available to grab and her harp was simply in her void, a simple whisk away. And though Tenevi was not present by normal means, her silhouette would form the moment Lumikki shifted instance to prepare for the match. The harpy's presence as a shadowy figure is still susceptible to the clash of battle.

Lumikki almost felt sure she could feel the demonic presence in him, though he had only mentioned their influence once before. She honestly thought nothing could turn him. His strength and might quack many creatures in this realm and even others. Yet a demon got the best of him...she should have eaten the thing when she had the chance but suppose that would be the focus now. This fight, it was hardly in her favor, and maybe it could even truly lead to her death. But what better way is there to go than trying to aid one of her own?

" Ye won't win over the Angel forever..."


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Yuurei waited for his opponent to make face, he stood there waiting as the announcer spoke out loud. He was calling them out and soon enough knew who he was fighting. There was one title they used that allowed him to indicate that Lumikki was his opponent.

[/i]Oh great we get to fight one of your own so early.[/i] Levithan ran through Yuurei’s thoughts. We get to show her no mercy, isn’t that what you did with her anyway Yuurei? The Oni spoke.

Yuurei would shake his head trying to get them to stop talking those two have been a nuisance to him ever since the day the Watcher showed his face at the guild. The thoughts he was conflicted with and the change in his mood had been completely different that day. Their presence inside him had truly started to change Yuurei. He wanted different things since then, but his main principle stood the same, he wanted to keep those close to him safe, but how he achieved it was different.

He wanted power, he wanted revenge, and he wanted to destroy. Still, seeing Lumikki brought him a swivel of happiness, but the two of them continued to give him thoughts he wouldn’t normally process.

“Would you two shut it!” He shouted and the two dwelling within him would soon go quiet.

His hearing turned to Lumikki who asked him a question. His eyes looked at her with answers he didn’t want to expel. She asked him who he was, and that question only allowed the Oni and the Demon to laugh at Yuurei.

She knows, Oh she knows. Shuten said. Yeah he told her about us, but does she think we control him? This bastard is tougher than we thought. He replied as they both laugh.

Yuurei would shake his head once again as he would grab it for a second and he just hated that they were doing this. They stood quiet when he fought only triggering certain emotions and thoughts he wouldn’t normally bring out in a fight, but this was different. They were mocking him because of who his opponents were.

“I’ve been away; a danger to the guild you see. Still, I guess I’m me, different, but me. My feelings are different, but my ideals stay the same. I have voices, new voices who won’t leave me be.” He explained to her.

Migi would appear on Yuurei’s shoulder ashamed to be living a life with those two.

“Sorry Lumi, prepare for the worse. Those two have this weird way of controlling even me. Yuurei holds his own, but me it's not that easy.” He said to her as they were just watching from the sidelines right now.

A smirk appeared, and the thrill of fighting surged through Yuurei and playing with what others would call food. He would whip Zabimaru with his right hand easily as he would extend the blade. The joints unlocked themselves and it extended quickly as they rushed to Lumikki to hit her. His eyes stared into the Demon of his Guild. He had wondered how she would approach this. A bit of him really excited to fight against Lumikki.


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The voice was still of his own, but his account and Migi's interjection confirmed all she needed to know. She was indeed fighting her precious Guild Master, though it was a title he didn't hold anymore, it remained just how she regarded him. He was the one to see her grow as he pointed out a path even Brone could not relay to her. A the Dwarf though wise, was ignorant in many ways. Knowing her race and nature were but one example.

Lumikki thought back to the time the two first met, it was in the library of the Paradise Dawn's guild hall. He was searching for material to usher his war, as she was on the hunt to understand what she had become. Bittersweet it was to see him like this. She'd hardly constitute him as a monster, more like a beautiful Angel of destruction as many angelic texts would have conveyed. Yet she could sense the corruption only Lumikki would know so intimately. What happened to the Angel that said I could be beautiful? What happened to the Angel that pushed me to be strong?

Empty questions and empty thoughts, it was just a means to process and cope with her new reality. A broken-hearted stance to see what it was....she could only acknowledge the things that still remained and revere them as the virtues that made him not just strong, but dazzling. The traits of a warrior she was raised to honor, as those of Iceberg held their champions highly. Yuurei wouldn't be seen any different and now it was time to honor their battle. Of course, Yuurei was hardly one to waste any time. Even as her Guild Master, he would swing full force. All but their first time had played out that way and there was no need to feel frustrations for it anymore.

With a swipe of the Demoness' hand, she would pull forth her Abyss Spin, ushering it from the middle realm from which it resides. As she did, Lumikki also followed through in that motion to cast a quick spell to aid in dashing out from that danger; but the howl of the blade served to hinder her, ever so slightly. " Never one to go easy, didn't need a demon or two ta spur that out of ye!"

By the end of her dash, Lumikki would kick off into the sky. Being airborne served her little purpose beyond it was within her comfort. She knew well by now the Angel had many ways to seek and hunt her down; and her ascent would prove a quick one with the cape cutting through the usual drag.

" But I'll make ye feel something for once...." The mage held tightly to her staff while the air all around the field chilled instantly. It nearly endangered the audience if it were not for the barriers that protected them, but a large lavender magical circle gleamed below before an instant freeze burdened the air. Not even Yuurei's armor would spare him the burning chill of her spell.

Finally, now she'd reach her full ascent of twenty-five meters into the sky, and with her climax, she coated her skin with magic. Black Frost wrapped along her skin like armor made in Dwarven forges, its form akin to those of Valkyries with accents that compliment her four wings. Armor, black as obsidian would adorn her small frame. It left no skin bare as it hungrily consumed her. Wings would grow from many points, the helm, knee plates, and boots. While runic etches would carve their way atop the surface of bigger plates, calling to the powers of protection and overcoming battle, before fluttering out into feathery flourishes. Her helm like before would cover much of her head, and a band of darkness would cover her eyes leaving only her nose and mouth for others to see. But with her dark skin, they would still prove hard for most to discern. The back of the suit had four holes with the intent of freeing her wings should she need to, and from her waist down hung a black fabric-like skirt that sat atop a plate of ice. While her neck and chest were adorned in a plating that bore ice crystals and many shades of blue and purple. She'd go even further to coat her skin with a spell she had crafted in memory of an old friend. Black frost now serves as a second skin to shield her further from his attacks.

It was like a dark Valkyrie bearing down in the skies, ready to claim her warrior upon the end of battle. Of course, Yuurei was no mere warrior, and the Angel of Destruction well intended to rip her down from the skies above. But that hardly deters both beings of the winged myths from playing this song and dance.

It was time to show him something new, as her usual means hardly stunted him.

" There will be a day where ye can no longer drag me down. I suppose I can maintain that fight if it means flying equal to ya. When dusk no longer needs to turn to dawn, we can simply enjoy dancing in twilight for an eternity good friend. That is if ye find yer peace once more. 'Till then, I hope to hold us in the North up in yer stead. So find yer comfort and enjoy the taste that chaos has to offer."


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Yuurei would see that she would dodge his attack without a problem. A smirk appeared on his face, even though hidden by the helmet he wore. He wondered what she would be doing next. He had gotten into a stance to get ready to fight. However, he would see that the woman would go into the air to take flight, but it wouldn’t end there. He wanted to push forward, but instead, he would do other things while she had gathered herself to attack him.

“Execution Zabimaru!” He shouted these words and the segments that were stretched out wouldn’t come back to Yuurei, but they would detach and hover in the air.

He looked at her as if she had used a spell that immediately covered the entire arena they were in. The frostbite and pain that he felt in his body were thrilling. It was something he hadn’t felt for a long time; they hurt indeed, and he felt the stiffness that could have taken over him if he was not who he was.

Still, he was angry that she had hurt him, but instead, he was happy about it. She had grown and he would attack as well. The Six Segments would fly straight toward her while she was ascending from the ground. While that was happening, Yuurei started to hover in the air, but not due to his transformation. No, he was using his cape to do this as she wasn’t using her other staff at the moment. That either meant she didn’t need it or she wasn’t going to use it right now.

She hasn’t gotten stronger, Yuurei. It seems like you were right in giving her the reign of your guild. Shuten laughed when he said this to him. At least he didn’t pick the stupid dwarf. That little thing would be fooled into making so many mistakes it’s laughable. Levithan said as he was laughing at Yuurei.

The Seraphim would shake his head hearing this. He didn’t like what they were saying to his best friend. It was annoying, but they urged him for revenge. She had harmed their vessel, one that they wanted to break and have for themselves.

This cape was valuable, and it would give its life to serve and protect its master; this was why Yuurei carried it with him always and he wouldn’t let it go. Still, the pain was exquisite, and he would only scream from pain and delight that she inflicted damage on him.

“I expect nothing less from the new Guild Master! This pain I feel means everything, it shows your growth but watch out Lumikki! If I get taken over you will need to be able to defeat me!” He shouted at her as he watched his blades make their way to her.

Yuurei’s body would start healing though. His Excalibur’s Scabbard would start the healing process of the damage he had taken. He felt the relief of this pain and he wondered what she would do to dodge his attack.

He could feel his right arm twitching and it would seem like one of the two presences within him had moved over to Migi and brought his conscious to submit to their whim. The Seraphim was powerful, and he felt that he needed the entire guild to come after him and take him down, they would all need to work together to take him out if there was ever a day that he had lost his battle against the Oni and Demon. Of course, he felt like that wouldn’t happen, but he wanted them to prepare for the worst.

He waited for her next move while he wondered if she would take those attacks, he had launched at her while she flew into the air. He would reach up to fifteen meters as that would be as far as he could go with the cape. It was more than enough to be able to do anything for her. She wouldn’t be at the furthest parts of his attacks this way. Flight was a dangerous thing, one he had encountered in the past and could do nothing about. This time he was prepared for everything, and it was all due to the experience of his past.


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" The Dawn hunts monsters, Angel. Should the time come when ye become one of yer own,
we'd strike ye down if ya head for the North. Tis the only place I know yer sentiments lie, but the chaos ya inflict on the world is yers to enjoy. I am no saint, simply the Demon of the North..."
His sword would quickly break apart, much like it had before in matches prior. She'd sigh as the fight would prove turbulent for her, but she'd see it done on her part.

Before the blades could draw too near, Lumikki would twirl with staff in both hands. A magical circle flashed before three massive talons of black frost manifested. They'd rotate fast, spinning with speeds that picked up over time; kicking up the air to form a frigid vortex with the claws adding to the ripping winds. They catch the segments just in time and she'd continue her work as well.

With a swipe of her staff, a circle formed and the swipe of the other would lead to one more. Both took up the field before her magic spilled out and layered to the frigid air. Her frost creeping on his armor and skin now sapping his strength and speed.

From there, she'd now just drop her staff back into its realm, and with her free hand, she'd open her void to pull another. Plucking the strings of her hard to begin her baneful melody.


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Yuurei would watch his weapons be hit by another spell she cast this time another one with a blast radius that would have wiped out the stadium. Still, it was aimed at him and his weapons; whereas in any normal situation the spells Lumikki had cast, would have clashed and whichever of the two spells was stronger would have continued forward. This, however, was a weapon attack, combined with the ability to send the Segment moving, causing it to take damage but continue its trajectory toward Lumikki.

The Demon, herself was protected by a dark armor, so each segment that crashed into her would cause damage to her defense spells. This would break the two that she had on her, and then the sixth segment would hit her armor damaging it as well. As for her Dancing Demon spell it would go everywhere and it would damage Zabimaru. The blade looked damaged due to that spell, and it was coming straight toward Yuurei. The Seraphim would activate his armor defense spell. The Kaldbak’s Fierce Winter that Brone used on him before, he would use it on Lumikki.

This armor was from their Country after all. and it would protect him well as it would handle the spell without faltering to its direct hit. Zabimaru would reattach itself to the hilt that Yuurei was holding. It was then he would use his Kagutsuchi ring to repair his Zabimaru for the damage it had taken. Once they had been reunited, Yuurei would begin his next assault, but it would seem like Lumikki would be thinking the same thing. Still, Yuurei was on the move, he wasn’t going to be hovering in one area. No, she had harmed without a problem once and he figured she could do it again if he continued to just stay in one place.

The Seraphim would move and when she activated more spells, the Seraphim would sense the danger of her abilities. Still, a smile had appeared on his face, she was strong and he wondered how far she would go. While trying to dodge the spell, it would seem like he would come to notice that his magic was far too big for this arena. He kissed his teeth, knowing that he couldn’t escape from her spell. It was then he felt his Speed and Strength being sapped by her spells.

“Brilliant; I forget your ability in magic is better than most people. This is interesting I couldn’t even escape these spells if I tried it seemed.” He said to her as he was now flying towards her instead of away from her.

If he couldn’t dodge her attacks, then he would just go full throttle and straight to her. Leviathan and Shuten would laugh when they saw what was happening. Yuurei’s form would change and he would reveal his true form. His wings would come out of his back, but he was still using his cape's ability to be as close as he could to her.

One thing he would do for Lumikki would reveal himself to her. She had seen how he really looked before, and now she would see it again. This was his true form before he had become a Seraphim, but he had to conceal it from the world. He started to feel like he didn’t need to do that anymore, and it was because of these two monsters.

When he saw her harp appear in her hand, he knew what she was going to do now. His smirk could only grow bigger as he was happy to see the different forms of abilities that she had when fighting. The Warden of the North knew she knew about his Excalibur. Still, he kept it invisible so that when he used it spell, it would be revealed at the last second. It was a nice ability hard to avoid.

“Excalibur!” He said while he was closing the gap between the two of them as he couldn't reach the height she could reach in flight, but their distance from each other would be 10 meters in a forty-five-degree angle.

His left arm swiped upward, launching a devastating swing toward the young woman. A beam of light would spread out as a cone toward her spreading up to sixteen meters going through her equipment and straight toward her. While doing this he had done something else as well.

“Awakened Zabimaru!” He shouted as the second sword would start to change its form as well.

The sword became a skeletal-like weapon with the head of a beast. The weapon itself was twenty-five meters long as it waited to be used. Yuurei would swing Zabimaru as it would move at spell speed and the baboon-like sword was ready to smack against her if whether or not she dodged Excalibur's spell.

Migi, on the other hand, was becoming excited and was doing its best to control itself, but for how long.


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His form would peel away to reveal the beauty he was, the glamourous facades of a devastating beast. " The Angel of Destruction and Death...." She'd utter with levels of apathy afforded to her as she steeled herself from within. Locking her emotions away into a deep and vast tundra so that the battle wouldn't bother her. But as she saw him repair the blade she carefully tried to destroy, moments after shattering many of her defenses, the Demoness understood. " Me time had yet to come.... She'd face his onslaught rushing toward her. Two attacks that could easily wipe her from the field again.

It would irk or sadden her, she'd guess. If she didn't lock those emotions away. She supposed gazing as his wings proved point enough. The Angel rarely had a need to show his grace in flares or full force unlike she who danced in all appearances available to her. " But I see more than ever, I'm only a shadow. I'd give meself one last chance to prove otherwise." All she said was more for herself than to him. Her voice was not near any level useful for him to find her audible. " Before I accept the truth, and never fight ye pointlessly again old friend."

Lumikki drew a circle with her finger and dropped her harp into the void made to tuck it away safely. Breaking to ravens at the crux of his spells hitting the spot where she was and slipping away. All her birds converge to a point below the carnage near the side where there stood a referee. Lumikki would signal to them to stop the match, and the barrier soon dropped to free her.

" I've reached a point where I do not need to take yer attack to prove to meself I can. I concede the match Yuurei, ye've won." She'd hope this agitated the Demons in his head, knowing they'll try to force more conflict later. Yet whether the bashed her or walked away, the result will prove the same. He was not himself, so there was no need to pretend otherwise. It would require more practical means to spare him his affliction. Abilities she lacked alone, or perhaps would never have.

Lumikki left the stage and Yuurei won the match.

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Yuurei would look at her as he was inching close and it was then the harp would disappear. His strength returned to him, allowing him to rush faster to her than he had before. It was then that his weapons would hit, but then it didn’t Zabimaru moving around the arena as the Queen of Ravens had appeared in a different direction. There she was near an officiate and he wondered what was going on. Shuten and Leviathan were excited to see what would happen, and the Seraphim would stare into her eyes. It would seem like she didn’t want to continue this fight. His heart saddened, she knew defeat and it also seemed like she didn’t want to fight him while he felt this way.

His eyes were now filled with sadness, but Shuten and Leviathan were not pleased. Attack here, don’t let her leave. This foolishness cannot be accepted. He said this to Yuurei as Migi’s arm would start to mutate. It would grow sharp appendages and it would reach out to Lumikki as the young lady was walking out after she had admitted defeat. When he saw this happening, his eyes widened.

Yuurei screamed at the top of his lungs as this was happening, and then another type of screaming came out from the Seraphim. His arm had been cut off in an instant. Who had done this? Well, it was the man himself, he had swung his Excalibur to detach his arm from him, and the ability of the two appendages would disappear. Migi would regain consciousness, and Yuurei would drop to his knees.

His weapons dispersed since the fighting had stopped, and his hands had grabbed his head.

“You can make me do bad things, but you will not make me hurt my family. I would rather die than allow you to do what you want.” He spoke to himself.

Shuten laughed in Yuurei’s head, hearing his words. Soon, Yuurei your death will come, but not in the way that you think. You will just become a shell of your former self soon. He said to him.

Yuurei had won the battle, but he felt like a loss either way. The referee didn’t know what was going on, but one thing was clear, Lumikki had given up.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems like we have a winner! Give it up to Leviathan!” He shouted as everyone would cheer for his victory.

Renji saw what had happened, and he shook his head at the end results. Migi crawled back to Yuurei before latching himself back onto the Seraphim. Shuten and Leviathan didn’t bother controlling him this time as the deed was done.



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