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An audience with the Raven Queen [Lumi]

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There was a slight snarl on Lumikki’s lips and the Dragon’s jest to Lumi’s reaction scrunched her face. She wasn’t used to being touched with this body, and the foreign sensation caught her surprised. But her features would ease as fast as they’d tense from the mention of “sister”. With another drastic head tilt, she’d let the notion simmer. Meanwhile, Ryuko would continue on to the next point of Lumikki’s statement, agreeing with the simple shifts of man.

”Sister…” She’d utter, as she fished the feather offered. It didn’t displease her to hear it, more that it swelled her pride. An entertaining gesture on Ryuko’s part that Lumikki wouldn’t fail to match. ”Aye, sister.” Her face was smug upon this utterance but as she voiced her pleasure, the Dragon was pulling out the mutual gift. The gesture at first confused the gift for a normal use of magic, but when she saw the pedants and flame she was enchanted and amused. Perplexed by the conjured trinket, she’d reach out her hand, but the explanation would make her fingers curl upon reflex.

”Life Flame? This is quite more interesting than I thought….more fascinating than a feather as well. But quite pleasing to have, then dear sister, let me offer a gift as well. The first of which is the assurance to call through me ravens. Speak me name then yers to them and they shall come if they hear ye, from there ye could use them to spread important messages….but, hmmm this lets me call ye aye? Alvis, a paper and pen dear!” One of the servants that stood by the wall came to life as he went to seek the items from her request. He was a tall and pale man with long raven dark hair tied back in braids and beautifully intricate Icebergian dress. While he went to do that, Lumikki would labor on while hearing Ryuko’s musings toward love. Conversation that Lumi wished she didn’t get so amused by, but it was hard to play calm when you felt so overcome with passion.

”Love ye ask? So intimate, of course ye’d ask of it.” She reached for a glass of water atop the table by her and began poking at the water to settle it with her ice. Lumikki had half a dome before shifting back her attention. ”Ay, there’s one I love dearly. A man I’d never expect or foresaw entering me life. Hel, he came to me guild hall hoping to fight us all, even ran into me Uncle’s spears in their clash to prove he could and swing his hammer. Which by the way,” there was a particular light in her eyes, ”is an ancient relic of one our ol’ gods in the Norse end. It was a treat to see it in person, let alone in a battle…” As she spoke with all her excitement, she’d keep to her task. This time pouring some of her pure Obscura into the orb she was crafting. When she was done, testing her experiment, Lumikki got to the nitty gritty of her work. Biting deep into her right hands until blue blood ran freely. She’d freeze it into a compete orb, trapping her Obscura inside and work throughout the details with the water remaining in the glass so that pure ice would hug the orb in a motif of flowers. A little flourish to add to the blue orb with dancing back shadows within it mimic the flames, and a floral curved trim on the top to hang. For that, Lumikki shifted just enough to pluck a strand form her hair and weave it together with a ribbon of shadow. To with she’d run through the floral loop that holds up the pendant. She’d hand it to her sister when she was done and pleased, ”Don’t know if it’ll tell ye I perish, but it should note how I’m fairing. Can’t take a give like yers without anything fascinating back. To returned to yer question, yes there’s someone I love quite dear. A mortal daemon no less, one I took over the pact for and became their patron. I never got the pleasure of speaking on it but….there’s nothing as intimate and vulnerable like blurring and melting beings with another. It was how our love combust in a moment, we simply fused to a “one” in a way we could never predict. See, we’ve both suffer pacts before but they were quite one sided. So whether it’s me lack of experience or cruelty, for I could not tell, this ended in ways I’d never predict. Count me lucky he loves me back and that he returned at all….” As the Daemon mentioned did leave for a time to prove their bond was true. He needed to know she’d honor his freedom, and that he felt true love. While she took the moment to practice separation, as the merge left her somewhat clingy. But she kept true, and he was happy with his journey ended.

Alvis long had the items needed by then, but waited for his lady to finish. Lumikki finally reaching for them would take them in hand and draw an intricate circle with runes and hand it over to Ryuko. ”This is a rare circle sister, so keep it hidden and safe. Ye gifted me a way to call ya should I need it, so I will do the same for ya, but would rather not be called every which way from every mage who steals a glance. This is me personal Magical Summon, the one that calls out to me directly. I’d spare ye the price for calling me long as ye spare me the abuse of being needlessly called. Now, is it truth or dare sister?”

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Indeed, even if she had taken notice of the slight snarl on Lumikki's lips, it was something that lasted only briefly, for the mentioning of the term sister had softened the mood again. It was only natural, if they were to be like sisters, Ryuko felt there was no need to sugar-coat words or hold back in remarks and jests. After all, if you couldn't show your true nature around a sibling, then who in the world could?

Ryuko nodded her head lightly in affirmation. "Indeed, the flame within the pendant resonates with the flame of my own life, in that regard should you prove to be in danger the flame will serve both as a warning to me, and a beacon to get to you. Unfortunately us Dragons never really had a proper summoning ritual of sorts, aside from- ah~ perhaps an entertaining thing to teach you while you prepare your gift."

She paused for a moment, sitting a bit more upright as she expressed her intention further. Most often our kin communicates through Dragonspeak, as you can imagine the sound of our roar can traverse vast lands, but more unique is the fact the sound carries a wave of mana that functions quite similar to telepathy. It allows our kin to commune even in far-away distances, but ever since the Age of the Dragons ended it became a tradition lost to time."

She couldn't help but find her eyes alit with interest as she heard Lumikki's answer to her question. "Fascinating~ A warrior brandishing a weapon of Icebergian mythology? I frequently heard the stories of your Uncle's prowess on the battlefield, but that one would dare to challenge him in such a bold fashion..."

She hummed once more, clearly fascinated by both the story and Lumikki's display of her Obscura and the magic touch to the gift she had been preparing. She smiled as she lightly lowered her head forward, as if to beckon Lumikki's to grant her the gift directly after which she nodded her head lightly in response. "It is a feeling I'm somewhat familiar with, even if I could see her any time I desire, any moment spend apart from her makes me feel like a part of me is missing. Funny isn't it? That a Tyranical Dragon could be as love-struck as a maiden."

She chuckled softly, a light shake of her head following at the statement. "But it is true, both statements are a part of who I am. To these who cross my path and are unwilling to bend the knee after their defeat, I will be a tyrant who will crush any hope they still hold, making them realize that after their defeat, mere survival is a blessing... but to these in my care I hope to be a just and fair leader. One that can inspire them to greatness so that even should the day come that I no longer walk among them, that my legacy would endure."

She couldn't help but grin at the next part. "And to my family I am quite protective, willing to stir both Heaven and the Abyss should the need for it come. In the end without them I would have never made it this far. Whether it was because of my father's resolve, Maple's unconditional love for me or even our newly forged bond of sisterhood. It are all bonds I consider precious."

She gazed at the details that were presented of the summoning rite and stifled a soft chuckle. "O mai~ For a moment I forgot that mortals frequently summon Demons for favors. Although next time I call for you it shall be for tea-time instead then~ As entertaining as summoning you out of the blue could be, we both can be quite busy given circumstances at times~ And for the next occasion I shall pick Truth as well."


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"Hmmm is that so? I doubt I could make a roar that spreads so far, or lace it with the mana yer kind once did but if anyone could try to pitch their voice for such a tongue, it would be me. That is, of course, if you ever found the need. Truth be told, I've been fixin' to learn all the languages there is to know here on my spare time. Like learning the cultures, or for you ina sense, enjoying my feathers, it's somewhat lik'a hobby. And in time, I'd be able to mimic yer voice as well. That is, if I could learn it." Lumikki spoke in an assortment of tones, dialects, pitches, and voices. Things she collected over time in her observations. Her friends and close associates being the most clear in execution but she did not bother pulling on any voices her sister did not know. And to the degree the raven Demoness weaved them all together, it was almost as if she became fluent in the craft.

Ryuko's reaction to the tale of her lover brought out the maiden in Lumikki. She never got to gush about love like this before. There was no one for her to tell. She lacked the friends who cared to hear it, and with an astonished face the Demoness finally realized that she lack and girl friends...But what took her out of that thought just a quick as she fell in was what more Ryuko said. "Kukuku, leave it to me Uncle to be known by Gods and Dragons alike. I'm feeling envious....but yes, me lover is a reckless one. I'll have me hands tied keeping him alive till becoming a Demon beside me. She'd sigh happily, though somewhat distraught, she was indeed brimming with joy. It would seem her sister felt the same. This person was now her other half.

"Bittersweet is a woman in love. No race or existence could avoid it should they ever fall into such passions. It makes ye a tyrannical Dragon or frost Demon burning from within. We'd kill for our lovers I'm sure, enough to become maidens for it. Granted, yer the first I've ever spoken to about it. Hardly any maidens here to entertain me fancies. But yer beloved, she's mortal? Are ye not scared? I was with me last love, a mortal who could not even share his short life with me as he had a responsibility to another. It broke me heart but I grit me fangs....and I would've continued that bitter path if I had not met with me Daemon..." She bite at her long talon-like nail, working through her frustrations and bitterness. Gnawing at them hard and mindlessly while Ryuko chimed in further with her feelings and devotions. "I agree dear sister. Family does the same for me... They keep me tethered. They keep me humane, far from the Demon that I am--But! Ye could very well meet for tea. Suppose for ya, ye could call me for whatever. Most don't know about this spell besides the fanatics and occult, but it has its uses. Just beware to call me while I'm in a bath." Lumikki smiled sweetly and pressed her forehead against Ryuko. Sharing an endearing moment before pulling away again. Her question now tight in her lips, but she'd have the truth. "This mortal ye love, Maple? What will ye do with her? Would ye find a way to make her timeless? Or....what will ye do when she passes on from this realm and into another?"

Fast forward:"I'll be daring lass, I'd take another dare."

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