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An audience with the Raven Queen [Lumi]

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How peculiar... Ever since she set foot in the Sieghart Mountains the armored woman couldn't help but feel as if she had entered a different era. Perhaps it was because she had lived during the period where the Age of Dragons reached its conclusion, the current atmosphere in the Sieghart Mountains felt oddly peaceful. This was nothing like the time where Nacht's magic had turned the population into nightmarish creatures, nor was it the same type of glorious landscapes that she had grown used to when dragons still roamed the land.

Nay, despite the peaceful nature of this land, it felt off. The peace felt fragile, ever reliant on a chosen few to protect it. Perhaps that was why she felt slightly on edge. This was a tension akin to the calm before the storm, like the eve before a grand battle. And it didn't make her comfortable in the slightest.

Not that she would let it show in her expression: her facial features were calm, perhaps stoic even as she wandered along the mountain path. She had asked for directions to the people responsible for protecting the North. After all, her task was one she would accomplish with nary a moment of hesitation or delay. The armored warrior ascended along the cliffside, and in the distance, the base of the ones she had been looking for came into sight. Her trustworthy halberd rested on her shoulder, the banner of her Monarch still wavering slightly along with the wind. There was a irony in the fact her current Monarch had chosen to inherit the symbol of Bahamut's forces. Almost as if it was meant to be... Nay, a light shake of her head followed. She did not believe in something like fate or destiny. But to find that there was one among the dragons who shared her old lord's passion? It did fill her with a vigor long lost.

Her cape, bestowed onto her by her Monarch fluttered lightly alongside her frame, its presence filling her with warmth and confidence. Finally, she reached the entrance to Paradise Dawn's domain and called out, her voice firm and proud: "I am the Herald of the Dragon Monarch! I have come to seek an audience with your leader."

Her voice resounded through the building, from up ahead she could see there were some guards, she could only hope they would get her to meet with their leader. Her Monarch's orders were absolute: she would not leave until she had an audience with the leader of Paradise Dawn.

The Dragoon remained silent as she waited. She could understand the purpose behind her Monarch's decision to send her here, and if she had to be honest? She was curious to discover just what it was about this person that had earned the curiosity of the Monarch of Dragons. But for now all she could do was wait...

Currently using the Cape of Conquerors that is worn by the Obsidian Dragoon.


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It was just another day in Paradise Dawn for all that resided in the hall, that is besides the Guild Master who had been working on reinventing her task and teaching it to Alvis for the last few days. She got a letter recently from her mother that felt like a cause for alarm, but her budding leadership was far too new for her to leave so carelessly. Things were in the middle of delicate change and she could not afford a long and unpredicted absence to deter the matters further. No, if she was careful enough in planning things out now, most things would probably be in running order by the time she returned. She trusted her servant Alvis to get it done and her Uncle Brone to maintain the peace until then. And so as per usual, she was holed up in her office sorting applications, reports, and member feedback.

The sky that day was cloudy, the clouds rolling in grey as if to foretell a storm. Lumikki Hrútr could spell the moisture in the air and it was indeed a comforting scent; calming her down to a content peace as she worked through her pile in time to enjoy lunch. Alvis was downstairs preparing the meal so the Demoness was left to sit alone, humming along to some old folk songs as she worked.

Among the grounds of the Dawn, many of her ravens perched at the highest towers. They were just as vigilant if not more than her grounded patrol. So it would be them to spot the odd stranger approaching first. A banner flapping in the air would alert their eyes the most, its movement in the escalating wind was mesmerizing but the sigil on the cloth was unrecognizable.

A few would part to seek the Revna's attention, while the rest stayed behind to observe the visitor should anything happen. As ravens, they were often overlooked, hardly noticed until it was too late; but this suited them and Lumikki just fine.

" Greetings, an armored warrior approaches the guild my Revna. With a symbol never seen in the North before. They came alone, but we know not what for." Lumikki wouldn't answer right away, her eyes were still pacing around a page in hand but she would open a drawer to the right and pull out a snack to pass it to her raven. The bird hungrily took the nut into its beak, savoring it as their master finally rested the page and turned around. Her hand beckoned him to her lap so that she may pet him and think." It's far too soon for other guilds and organizations to know of our change in leadership. Yet no one's ever come to our door when Yuurei led. Do ye think they've felt a disturbance lil one? Do ye think they know the Angel's gone? Curious....but interesting."

" Interesting indeed," Lonu, a raven once forest spirit to the Woodsea and one of Lumikki's more level-headed birds, would echo his agreement. " So you think they mean us trouble?" now spoke Trygve, her first and most aspiring raven; he sought to be the closest to Lumikki and the most useful. " Heh, does it matter? Fresh blood at the door and a break from the paperwork, don't ya say." Gunvald was her most bloodthirsty, but even this comment was just a jest to annoy the other two. Lonu was wise enough not to take the bait, but Trygve was too young and naive to let it pass." A brute like you has no say here! Think of how the Dawn would look if they killed every guest that wandered to their door!"

" Hush loves, I'm thinking..." she sighed, already tired. The pair often fought but it was no time to bother her now. Lumikki simply wrote a note and passed it to Trygve to handle. Within it was the instructions that she was aware of their guest, and to await her further orders.

The bird hungrily took the note with pride, he was overjoyed from being the one chosen for the important job, and he'd quickly glid down to the gates where the visitor who was soon to arrive.

The guards gave a nod of understanding, before awaking the newcomer. By the time she exclaimed her desire, they were long prepared." Yes, but on what business do you have to disturb our Guild Master? It would be best to provide a reason now, as they've known you were coming for some time now. Should they accept your claim, we'd be advised to escort you in; but if they do not, we'd heavily advise that you leave."

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The armored knight remained silent, a thoughtful frown upon her visage. Did they anticipate her arrival? Nay, her Monarch had yet to commune with the others about her intentions. Perhaps one had seen her arrival beforehand? It did not matter. The guards demanded for her to state a reason, a fair demand all things considered, and it was one that made her smile. "Good, it would do your leader no good to invite a stranger in her domain without knowing the reason behind their visit."

She nodded her head, seemingly approving of the wariness of the guards as she continued. "I have come in the name of Pergrande's Dragon Knight! Our Order seeks to discuss a potential alliance and perhaps offer a mutually-beneficial trade, although the details of said trade will be given only to your leader."

She raised her halberd lightly and then jutted the bottom of it into the ground, the banner waving proudly in the air. "Do understand, that as the Herald to the Dragon Monarch, barring me entry would do you no good, whether it is for the people of the North, or Paradise Dawn itself."

Her gaze remained fixated on the guards, although for a moment it seemed as if... she was distracted. A light nod of affirmation followed from the armored warrior who resumed speaking. "Although, my Monarch believes that the leader of the North is wise enough to know when to turn away a potential ally. A proper alliance can only prosper when both parties have something to gain: And considering both our leaders are facing similar... obstacles it would be useful to parlay."

And with these words she had gone silent. It was a good thing she was send here instead of the others. It was far more likely one would have lost patience and gone in charging in the hope of finding Lumikki, even if a trail of guards followed in his wake, the other likely would commit a crime and the final one would cause Paradise Dawn to commit a crime.

Why was being a Herald sometimes so difficult? Was this how politics felt like? If so, she could understand why her Monarch was no fan of it. It was so much easier to settle an argument with a lance into someone's throat or by burning a village to make an example out of them, than it was to solve it by words. But she could understand why her Monarch had chosen for her to come here, instead of attending this meeting directly. If something went wrong it was far easier to deal with the matter compared to when the Monarch herself was present. Not that something was about to go wrong right? Her gaze lifted up toward the sight of the ravens at the top of the keep and for a moment she couldn't help but smile.

"They do serve a lot of functions, at the very least they ensure the battlefield is cleaned up afterward. I never was a fan of walking through a sea of corpses..."


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The guards were not a fan of her attitude and arrogance, but like her, they'd choose to remain silent in moments that would greatly benefit from it. After all, their answer at this moment didn't matter as much as Lumikki's would, and it was likely that she was already made informed. All they had to do now was wait.

Their assumption would prove correct, for the moment the warrior's reason escaped her lips, a raven flew up to deliver it. By then when they passed through the office window, even Tenevi, the harpy companion of Lumikki, would be there to await the situation." An alliance they say...I've never heard of them before...but it could prove interesting. It's been a while since Paradise Dawn was a consideration let alone a desired ally." Lumikki sat back in her chair and mulled over the implication. " I would consider it suspicious that the warrior claims to be of use to us, just a mere few days after that note from your mother." Tenevi, unlike Lumikki, never cared to entertain other people. As far as she was concerned, Lumikki had the means to do all things with just the two of them alone.

" Aye, but where's the fun in not entertaining these.... courtesies? And what is a Demon without a devilish deal made? There's a raven tucked in every corner Vee, it's no easy task to pull a fast one on a Demon in the know. Hmmmm, it's been ages since it got used..." Lumikki couldn't remember the last time the meeting hall got to accommodate guests. As she mulled it over, she pulled out a key, and turning it in the air would manifest her servants. Two men and a woman sprung forth with a puff of black smoke and feathers, all in fine Icebergan attire. " Dears, I need ye to meet with Alvis in the kitchen to update him on the matters and prepare for me guest. I would like the meeting room to be presentable and refreshments made as promptly as ya can. I shall be down within half an hour to meet the stranger, and Vee, ye shall be the one to meet and escort her." The harpy looked rather annoyed, not at the demand given to her but at the need to meet a stranger at all. Yet she'd silently nod in agreement and ushered herself to the windows so she may glide down and pass the word.

" My master agrees to meet with you but first needs the time to make arrangements. One cannot show up uninvited and without an appointment but still believe to be taken within the moment. I hope you understand. She will meet with you in a half hour's time. By then, I will be the one to escort you...stranger who fails to give any proper names."

When the time came, the three-foot-tall harpy with her head held tall and graceful movement would begin to walk inside, prompting the armored guest to enter and cross the long bridge. After entering one of the many buildings and climbing the steps, the pair would find themselves in a large room filled with many big windows. The rain that was a hint before, was now trickling softly on the panes. Tenevi pointed to a seat at the long table, a glass of water was already prepared but a pot of tea would sit at the ready as well. And a large platter of sweets and sandwiches was placed just beside it.

All who stood within the room were all servants Lumikki conjured, waiting for the need of them to arrive. And soon after the knight gets comfortable, Lumikki finally enters as well. The Demoness wore a long black dress with blue trims that trailed behind her and an Icebergan garter belt with various runes, as well as a thick veil made of pure darkness that obscured her face so that one could not yet see her, but for the time being, she presented as human. With brown skin with arms still exposed and periwinkle hair braided to hang behind her, eyes like sapphite and citrine, and hands still stained black. With her entry, a small chill would whiff in the air as the cold clung to her presence but it would not present uncomfortable to her guest. And she'd saunter down to the other side of the table to take a seat where a small meal was prepared as she was still famished for lacking a proper lunch.

" Greetings stranger. To what do I owe this spontaneous arrival." Lumikki spoke with a clear and precise voice, it was commanding but still gentle as hints of her mischief can still echo in the words. " Ye sit before Lumikki Hrútr the current Guild Master to Paradise Dawn."

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The timely arrival of the harpy and her comment about introductions made the armored warrior go silent for a moment, pondering about the notion. "A name?" She had long discarded such a thing. An identity was something she had forsaken by the time she became a champion in Bahamut's legions. "Does your leader name her clothes or the pen with which she scribes a letter? I am alike in that regard: I am the lance which pierces the foes of my Monarch, in that regard providing you with a name would be nothing short of a lie and a slight toward your leader for doing so."

She paused, recalling her Monarch's words as she adjusted her gaze, focusing on the clouded sky overhead. "You may call me 'Lancer'." Finally she was allowed access inside the guild building, quietly following after the harpy as she took in her surroundings, although subtly. It was clear that even inside the rumored strength of Paradise Dawn couldn't be ignored. Trained guards, a well-maintained guild hall... It almost even felt like her every movement was being watched by someone, and yet it felt something was missing. The knight's gaze shifted as she was led inside the room, the long table, the pleasantries, even the servants that were ready to serve her guest. She approached the seat, shifting it lightly backwards while resting her halberd slightly against it and remained... standing? Only later would it be revealed why she did so, for when Lumikki entered and introduced herself the herald of the monarch did something most might find a bit unexpected: she bowed. her head bowed just far enough as a gesture of respect toward the guild master while she waited for Lumikki to proceed to sit down, after which the knight would take the same act, it was after all disrespectful where she came from to sit down before the host of a occasion like this.

"Forgive the unannounced arrival, Queen blessed by the Ravens, or would 'Lumikki' do? I am not too familiar with the etiquette practiced among the denizens of Earthland in this era." She waited for the woman to answer her after which she continued. "I have been sent by my Monarch, the Dragon Knight of Pergrande to discuss recent events- but first please accept Monarch Ryuko's sincere apologies for not yet attending directly. The recent conquest of the surrounding provinces within Pergrande and the foundation of the Dragon Order have left my Monarch somewhat... cautious of public appearances. Despite the tense peace that currently lingers in that faraway land, it is still in a state of unrest that requires a certain... 'delicate' approach, quite like the current state of affairs within Iceberg, wouldn't you agree?"

It was bait, to see if Lumikki would reveal that Paradise Dawn, or perhaps herself had an interest in the events unfolding in the frozen land. "My master was quite fascinated when she heard of your ascension as the leader of the North, and alongside her congratulations would like to learn more about you, and what it is that you seek to accomplish in the future."

She paused for a bit, a hand lightly resting on the edge of her cape as she smiled apologetically. "Please do forgive me for not partaking in the pleasantries you prepared. A being like me only requires mana for nourishment, and as such I would prefer if you could distribute my share to these who aid you in protecting the north."


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” This era is both simple and complicated isn’t it. But for simplicity’s sake here, Lumikki will serve fine.” The Demoness was not quite sure of the person’s intention. It was odd behavior to be sure to call out a difference in eras; but it was the absurdity of it all that entertained her and it was enough for her to play along and let it be. After all, in a world full of magic, demons, and gods, she would not be the one to determine the validity of anything without more time to observe it; and with her vast knowledge of various lores and time periods, this only served to tickle her fancy.

Lumikki would dig into her meal with restraint and small bites, to maintain etiquette and to still be available to speak at anytime the moment calls for it. This proved to almost be a meditative task paired along with her guest’s introduction. As the act of eating gave her the patience needed to not interject needlessly. Lumikki was intelligent, clever, and playful, yes and she knew how to pay mind to the words of her company. This did not mean she always had the experience to dance around a conversation though, especially one that spoke to her as an authority and not simply an individual. So she took the moment to practice the skill of restraint and avoid her usual chaotic playfulness. Processing the words of the “lancer” before her.

” Hmmm interesting account indeed. I appreciate the congratulations, thank ye.” Lumikki nodded along and continued,” Kind of ye indeed, but I would still recommend at least water and tea. As for rest, well no food goes wasted here.” She put down her fork and looked at the women before her with hands clasped. Trying to peek deeper to her identity with her World’s eye, but would only revel a haze. The Demoness couldn’t even gleam a name, but it only added to the validity of the Lancers rebuke to offer one before. Yet with this show of honesty, it did not speak entirely for the peculiar visitor.

” I’ve heard whispers of Pergrande’s civil conflict. Enough to be informed but I didn’t pay it much mind as it didn’t bother me in the slightest. Still, ye’d be correct to say Iceberg has its fair share of civil disrupt, but it’s just part of the culture at this point.” Lumi’s head tilted and she mulled over the odds of Lancer’s Monarch sending her over days after the note from her mother and readied of the news of change in power. It was curious to see someone from a country so far away, oddly so invested in guilds of another. Especially with a desire to know their ambitions.

” I plan to accomplish cementing me rule. Whether it is in the Dawn or in me humble Dwarven clan. Of course, I am sure there are legendary feats to be overcome as I do. Would participating in Pregrande be one?”

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The Lancer nodded her head lightly, a gauntleted hand reaching for the cup of tea that she took a careful sip from. When Lumikki's gaze settled onto her, the power of the world's knowledge would stir, almost like she was reading a biography from a book or something. It mentioned that the being in front of her was also known as the 'Obsidian Dragoon', but like her earlier statement she had not possesses a true name to share. Instead the world's knowledge bestowed onto Lumikki the awareness that this was a being that had lived during the Age of Dragons and had made a name for herself as a Champion who participated in the grand conflict that saw the evil dragon Nacht sealed away. Yet among all this knowledge there was also a name that struck out: Bahamut. It seemed that this woman had once served the dragon known as the Monarch of Dragons.

"A fair goal to pursue, and one that aligns closely with my master's own mindset." She brought the cup back to her lips and took another sip, the tea being quite pleasant in flavor. "To establish oneself as a worthy ruler one needs to perform feats that would rebuke any foolish enough to oppose thy claim."

Lumikki's thought of participating in Pergrande made the woman known as Lancer think for a moment. "It would. Despite the current tense peace my master believes it is only a matter of time until the remaining provinces are forced into a decision. Either they will comply and join her, or they will follow Druringrad's boldness to oppose her. It won't be long before pleas for aid will reach thy shores and these of the other guilds and countries. War is coming, one that will change the future of Pergrande. Although participating in this war might earn you standing among the fellow mortals of Earthland-" She paused at the end, closing her eyes as if she was thinking.

"Yet if that is your goal, then perhaps turning your attention to Iceberg first will prove to hold more merit. Unite its people and vanquish the threat of the restless undead. Surely that will both prove to be a deed worthy of a legend but... also strengthen your position. At least that is what my master would propose."

She opened her eyes and smiled briefly. "Despite being among mortals, my Monarch is still a dragon and her heart is with her people, which is why the events in Pergrande are more akin to a stepping stone for her. What she seeks is quite alike to accomplishing a legendary feat, but with a more honed consequence in mind: To renew the Age of Dragons and see her kin returned to Earthland. In that regard she has currently earned the backing of two of the Ancient Dragons and a majority of the dragons that remain in hiding on Earthland."

Another light sip followed as she looked at Lumikki. "In that regard, she wanted to propose an alliance, to combine our forces so that you could pursue your ambitions in Iceberg, and when the time is right, show who earned your favor when the war breaks out in Pergrande."

She went silent, lowering the cup of tea. "Although we would not blame you for being wary either. Now that you are the leader of Paradise Dawn, the delicate intricacies of politics will not remain away. Or like mortals enjoy saying: With great power comes a greater responsibility."

She heaved a soft sigh and finished. "Although should you require more time to deliberate the merits of such an alliance, or desire to speak to my Monarch directly that can be arranged."


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" Favor among the mortals...what a humorous thing that is, ain't it? Not like they've lost all me favor since the change, it's more like, I sit within a new perspective. But feats and stories should be done when young so that they age in the most interesting of ways over time. To this, I enjoy planning me meddling to coincide with those desires. Of course, me homeland will always be at the forefront of the care I can provide." Lumikki's face was hidden by the veil all that time, but as the conversation was now warming up in ways so could emphasize, the dark of her veil would ease to reflect as such. One could now see her lips in a cheeky and playful smile, relaying that though the matters were serious, she still intended to be amused.

As the visitor continued her explanation, this time divulging more information about the person and intentions of her Monarch, it was becoming more clear to Lumikki what brought them to her door. The smile she bore only grew more while resting her elbows upon the table with clasped hands. " I see...that spells things out quite clearly for me as to why I could be of consideration. A being such as a dragon, I could only assume they'd prefer the aid of another timeless being. Mortals are too temporary after all, a goal that ambitious with them in mind could take forever, and training the warriors could span generations. But with that said, the world is overrun with them. The company of dragons would prove a pleasing one when I eventually withdraw from the forefront. Consider me bored without their presence in this realm and amused by the venture of aiding their return."

Lumikki pulled back and straightened her posture; shedding the last of her dark veil away akin to the sight of a cloud no longer blocking the sun and lifting its shadows. Her face was now shown in its entirety, before letting the shadows that surrounded her now warp in her direction and smother her skin. The darkness soon peeled away like freshly fallen snow only to reveal a truer form." Those of Iceberg are not shy to war, and though I won't choose to risk me people needlessly. I shall join in yer venture if ya aid me in mine. The time for more timeless friendships could be beneficial and I am amused. But the discussion of details will be handled in person as I can't fight along another I've never seen nor met. Ye could call for me with the arrangement has been made, to this Monarch earliest convenience. Until then, as ye understand, I am quite busy." The white wings that adorned her pale hair pulled back and her hands clasped together while she was in thought." Yer free to stay as long as ye need and send word to yer leader. Me ravens could assist in that accord as well. I presume of course, that this was all ye wanted to discuss?"

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Based on the words spoken by Lumikki the armored warrior could clearly sense a fondness toward Iceberg. A fondness for one's homeland. In a way she would have to admit that she didn't know that feeling. Nor did her Monarch, after all Ryuko grew up among divinity, the same divinity that scorned her like an outcast. Although she did understand the importance of bonds and family.

When the veil lifted over Lumikki's features the Lancer showed no sign of apprehension, no disdain or fear, if anything her expression was eerily calm. "I would not think of making a honored ally of my Monarch wait. Your words were more than plenty to convince me that the time is right to carry out the second order I was given."

The Lancer slowly rose from her seat, a hand reaching for her halberd as she took a step aside from the table and, bend the knee? She kneeled, halberd resting at her side as she spoke. "Monarch Ryuko-"

A feminine voice rang through the air as the air seemed to start to shift and distort, for a moment it seemed like it might have been some sort of Dimensional magic, but there was no sign of a gateway opening. Instead the figure of the Dragon Monarch appeared at her herald's side, a hand resting lightly on the woman's shoulder. "Excellent work Lancer."

The dragon lady spoke, her voice soft and gentle as she took over the cape and turned her attention toward Lumikki. Her tail swished lightly, her wings stretched out slightly from her back while on top of her blond hair a crown adorned her head. A light tilt of her head followed, a smile lingering on her lips. "Do forgive the sudden intrusion into the conversation Lumikki~ Although the timing was impeccable since I just finished tending to some business in Caelum and was on my way homewards."

A soft hum followed as she sat down in the chair Lancer had been seated at mere moments ago. "I can see why I sensed my herald's interest peak, I heard your beauty was one worthy of a bard's tale, yet they did not mention it was otherworldly as well~"

A playful remark, a hand raised to her chest in a greeting. "I am Ryuko, Dragon Knight of Pergrande, Monarch of Dragons, and hopefully one of these favored with your friendship in the near future~"

As she finished speaking she gently clapped her hands together, leaning forward toward the table. "According to Lancer you wish to get to know me better, a desire that is mutual~ Although I had prepared to send a diplomatic delegation to the North as a gesture of goodwill and an offer of aiding you in your endeavors--- one as interesting as yourself deserves my personal attention."

As she finished speaking she leaned backward in her seat, her gaze fixated on Lumikki. "And perhaps a bit overdue: it is a pleasure to meet you in person~"


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Lumikki was more surprised by the sudden rise of the Lancer than she was about the appearance of another, to which only fueled her amusement. ” Here and there magic is a fine one to have indeed. Sometimes I find meself envious of its convenience.” The Demoness chuckled as her new guest settled, placing the cloak of the messenger now onto her own shoulders.

” Hardly an intrusion if yer answering on me request. Welcome to the Paradise Dawn, the snacks and tea extend to ya as well,” Lumikki gestured to the assortment on top of the table and one of her servants brought a new cup to pour her some tea.

” Kukuku ye flatter me, I figured I’d show sincerity by revealing me face. I could agree that it’s a welcome sight seeing yers. I never heard stories of dragons appearing so fair.” Lumikki’s posture fell into a relaxed one as she leaned back with her legs crossed. Her meal sat atop the table forgotten and pushed to the side, but she held her tea in hand.

” The pleasure extends to me as well, it’s a rare honor to accept such an established guest let alone a Monarch as yerself. But it would be rewarding to get to know me new friend. Perhaps we could start there as I don’t figure traveling back home will be a major inconvenience to ye and of course yer welcome to dinner and a room for the night if ye’d like.” Lumikki finally took a moment to steal a sip of her tea. Savoring the flavor of the lavender and honey while she thought about the events passing quickly before her. It was all so amusing indeed, more so that there was hardly a prospect of being visited before despite being a Demon of note. So to be given the opportunity for making interesting friends made her new role more appealing than she’d figure it to be. As she did not take the seat by ambition or desire but for the resolve to assure her guild’s stability and power didn’t waver.

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Ryuko couldn't help but chuckle at the Demoness her words. "Indeed, it can be quite beneficial for one to possess. Although the magic of this cape is a one-way direction." A smile lingered on her lips as she tapped the rim of her cape with a hint of affection. "Perhaps I shall entertain you with some tales about 'here and there magic' another time~" A graceful nod was made by the Dragon Monarch as she took one of the snacks and took a light nibble from it, savoring the taste. "One of the things I adore about occasions like this: trying out new delicacies~ A close second to having a tea party with wonderful company."

A soft hum followed as she heard Lumikki's compliment, a brief grin lingering on her lips. "I'm not too surprised, in the past my kin rarely took forms like this, after all we are proud of our legacy, but there are some who prefer to blend in with the mortal races. I prefer to take a bit of a middle-road." As she accepted the cup of tea that was poured she turned her gaze toward Lumikki.

"Ah~ A fair suggestion~ How about we make it a bit more entertaining?" A little smirk emerged on her lips, a hint of a tricker's mischief in her actions. "There is a certain game mortals like to play to get familiar with one another. I believe it is something along the lines of: Truth or Dare?"

She paused, trying to get a grasp on Lumikki's thoughts through her expression as she chimed softly. "It is quite simple really, every turn you can pick between answering a question truthfully or to accept the challenge in a form of a dare. While you are permitted to decline the dare it will lead to some sort of penalty~" She brought a hand to her cheek and pondered softly. "Ah~ how about, whoever gains three penalty points first will have to aid the other in the 'problem' they are facing."

She gently took a sip from her drink, her gaze softening as she hummed the next part. "Makes it a bit more interesting than just conversing, right?"

There were plenty of things she wanted to find out about the woman across the table, but Ryuko genuinely felt that an idea like this, a playful suggestion would be more appealing to Lumikki. She didn't know why exactly. Perhaps intuition?

"Dinner does sound lovely, although I might not be able to stay the night. Responsibilities will see me back home at some point~"

At the very least dinner would be a wonderful way to turn her thoughts away from the fact she had just devoured a ancient Fae Dragon, and she did need to be home tonight since she had promised to spend some time with Maple. Between meeting foreign leaders, war crimes and tending to the wife she had quite a busy lifestyle for sure! Not that she minded.

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