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The lil Revna and the Big bad Ùlfr

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The lil Revna and the Big bad Ùlfr Empty Sun Aug 20, 2023 4:40 pm


It had been two weeks since she had last seen him, thinking it was for the best to just push him out of her mind. Yet she also knew if she was too stubborn, he'll be back in the South in no time and she would lose out on all her fun.

Lumikki bit her lip hard as she thought about it, enough to make her bleed. She was laying in bed after a long day of errands and quests. Sore and tired.

She got up and walked over to her desk, slumping herself into her chair and looking over for a pen. Wouldn't suit her to sulk or run away. Wouldn't satisfy her either.

She wrote a note to the wolf in question:

Hey Ùlfr, it's been long enough. Come and meet me in the Orchidia Markets around 6 pm morrow. Dress normal this time, like ye aren't from Blue Pegasus, and if ye could, bring yer guitar.

She considered signing it but what for? No one else calls him Ùlfr or sends ravens to deliver messages. It would be hard to believe he would miss the mark on who was sending him the note.

She slumped back in her chair and groan. "Trygve I need ye to deliver this note ta the boy of that night. The one I said was in the flock."

The bird took a moment to think it over but sure enough, he remembered."If you insist my Lumi. I suppose I'll be sure to bring back his answer as well."

"Good, good..." She said before looking back over to her desk. Wondering if there was something else to do to kill time for the night. Something to keep her out of her mind. Yet nothing came to mind. Only tomorrow was on her mind. She sighed and decided to tire herself out until she could bring herself to sleep.

The following day...

Lumikki finally dragged herself out of bed around early noon. Trygve was back for some time now after wandering around until he could pass on the note. Eager to tell the Daemon anything good as she got herself ready.

She took a cold, long shower to wake up before getting herself dressed. Deciding for the moment to wear a cute short dark blue dress with a small slit up the side and stars. She painted her eyes and lips with the black of her darkness and adorned her hair with her raven-feathered accessories. Leaving her hair down for a change. She stared at herself in the mirror for a moment, wondering if she was happy. Deciding to scrap the thought as soon as it left her because she knew how beautiful she was. She never thought about it before, and she figured, she wouldn't start now.

She slipped on her black boots, tying them up slowly and carefully.

She had her harp with her, it sat within her void. Looking around the room to make sure there was nothing else she was forgetting before climbing out her window sill and swan diving out as she's gotten used to doing. Her black feathers swarmed her before the raven that she was darted forth toward the city. Hoping to the wolf over there soon enough, and if not, there were things to still do for the night.

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#2Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He recently had a battle where he got pretty much thrashed and trashed. He was sore like all over. But at least on the bright side, he feels the bodys adaption to the modification was finished. So he got stronger. But still was in relative pain. At least he was bandaged and feeling better. Michael yawned and then remembered he had a bird friend now. He figured he should name this raven
"Hmm, I suppose I should give her a name... First thing that comes to mind is Philia which means like Brotherly Love in Sevese, but might sound weird.. hmm... so how about........ Phillipa... Yeah. Phillipa sounds nice. Close enough" he nods to himself, mildly proud at his minimal accomplishment

He would notice though there was another. "Wait, theres more? Or is that Lumikki's" he'd wonder and approach that raven. He didnt know this ravens name, but figured he should name it too. Only problem was he already used his creativity on his own raven, so this one he hastily named after the first thing that popped into his mind
"Aw man Im bad with names. Just one was enough to use my brain cells. Ok, you'll be Lawn Fruit. So what'chu got Lawn Fruit?" he sees the letter from Lumikki and takes it to read it

"Hey... I cant pronounce that still... it's been long enough. Come and meet me in the Orchidia Markets around 6 pm morrow. Dress normal.. Oh wait, I should do this in her voice" he then tried to mimic her accent as he reads this "Dress normal this time, like ye aren't from Blue Pegasus, and if ye could, bring yer guitar"

He re read it, this time more in his head and nodded. Luckily he had pen and paper. So he went to write up a reply.... which he needed to think of first
"Shit, Im bad at letters. I always have writers block on these" he said to himself. But still tried to. Though his writing method was more standard and formal and rudimentary of what you learn in school. Still starting with Dear Name and Love Signature.
Dear Lumikki, I'll meet ya tomorrow at that time. Dw I'll dress like I usually do. I hope you can read my messy handwriting. And yeah Im not good at these, cant wait to see ya. Love Michael

He gave that letter to the birds
"Ok, which one of you wants the letter, take it to Lumikki"
he spoke and allowed one of the birds to take it. Once that was done, he just decided to lick his wounds in the privacy of his room and rest up for tomorrow. It was best if Lumikki doesnt see what happened

~The Next Day~

He woke up rather early, around 7am. But lazily stayed in bed until hunger finally set in. Which was around 9am. Granted hunger set in sooner, but he was just too lazy to get up sooner. He got some breakfast food and ate it.
The rest of the day was rather slow. But he made sure to have a nice shower before actually going out so he doesnt reek of scent. Women usually didnt like that. And he got to dress up much more casually. Its been a hot minute since he did it like this. He did leave his mask behind though
"Im not used to this. But hey, new things" he spoke to himself and got his instrument and made his way to the meeting point which was the market place


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"Now that you are all ready my Freyja I just wan you to know he had the gull to call me Lawn fruit. Who would ever name someone that? Are you sure you want an idiot like that in the flock?"

Lumikki had to work to keep her laughter held in as she didn't want to seem she was agreeing with the name. *Coughs,"He has a charm Trygve. Can't be perfect in all places. Else they would all be striving ta be like ye." She snorted another laugh but the raven didn't notice as he was quite charmed. He would ruffle his feathers if he wasn't in mid flight.

"Daft fool even tried to mimic your voice, had now charm, was all a failed mockery. A wolf thinking he could do a raven's skill!""Dress normal this time, like ye aren't from Blue Pegasus, and if ye could, bring yer guitar""That's how he sees you, my Lumi! Probably serves him right he got hurt, Hella mentioned he had a run in with the Angel and he had the wounds to show for it. I say humiliate him and tell him what you know!"

Lumikki busted out laughing at Trygve's annoyance but she really lost it when he showed her what Michael's voice was like playing back her note. She would of continue until she cried if it wasn't for the mention of the wounds. To that she halted her merriment. If a raven could pout she would of, yet all she could do was look before her.

"He doesn't need to know what I know Trygve. That is for him ta say. But the wounds....I won't ignore those."

"My Lumi, you are too kind. You will spoil him and he will only break your heart..."

She was silent for sometime as they flew. "I love to spoil all of ye, me dear bird. All of me flock is me family even if ye all break me heart and leave me. Even if it turns me to a Demon on the spot. It's ye and the guild that keeps me held within meself.....I know he's only going to break me heart. But if I toss my feelings down the Abyss, there's nothing to hurt me. If I can still be meself even through this....then when I turn to a Demon, there's nothing the Abyss could do ta make me a beast instead. It's as Uncle always says. "To come from yer forge only stronger, ye must only let the fire temper yer steel." She went quite once more and Trygve was only ever so regretful for mentioning anything in the first place. He only wanted to steer the girl to what he thought best, as he figured Hunnin and Muginn could for Brone. Yet here he was, break full of feathers. He felt like a bigger dunce than the wolf.

The two made it to the city, by then Lumi was recovered enough to pull all her feelings back. It was handy being a raven when you didn't have to manage a smile. Trygve zoomed before her to ask other ravens if they seen the man, one said they did, noting the spot they saw him head for. He doubled back to Lumi so they could go together.

When she saw him among the crowd, still quite a ways away. Eyes now keen like a hawk. She dipped in the sky heading for him. Gliding along the wings until she was near, and perching on his shoulder. She tugged on his ear as she was a raven, curious of his reaction to a random of her kind playfully pestering him.

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#4Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He was unaware of what was happening in the meantime. He merely focused on getting to the meeting spot where he and Lumikki said they'll met. He hoped she got his letter. He looked at the time and was a bit worried if the instructions were clear where he should be.

Thats where he noticed a raven in the sky. It made him wonder how many were there. Little did he know, a certain raven perched on his shoulder and tugged on his ear. He did flinch when she perched on him. But curiously looked in the ravens direction and picked it up, starting to pet it
"Why hello there. Who are you? I cant tell if you're a raven I already met or not. You're not Phillipa. Granted... ever since I got Phillipa, I have the need to talk to myself more..." he sighs and facepalms "Im talking to birds" he lets go of the Lumikki bird he was holding so she may fly free. He gently patted her more, but then frowned and looked around worriedly if he can find her.


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The raven before him chuckles. Flapping just a bit before him. "And here I thought ye got me scent. Guess honor doesn't push through when I'm a raven, shame really.

She let her black feathers swarm around her, letting the vortex it created tough the floor before dropping to the ground herself. She looked up at him displeased with how tall he could be. Though she was getting used to it, it still made for talking hard sometimes. At least before she mostly flew or they were mostly laying down on the ground. She blushed for a moment and rubbed at her face with her hand. Not caring to bother.

She sprouted her lower most wings, fairly smaller than her norm, and hovered before him once more. Reaching for his neck with her ice cold hands. Black frost quickly spread through his body, black flowers sprouting and then quickly blooming before they just as rapidly withered a way turning to ice dust in the air. All his wounds would be healed in the moment.

She held his chin and looked into his eyes quite stern at first until she reminded herself to soften her features, breaking out into her angelic and sweet smile instead. "As a raven I have keen eyes Ùlfr, nd as a pack mate, ye owe it to me, ta let me do this much." She ruffled his hair to diffuse the moment. As she pulled away, Trygve pulled some of the man's strands in his vengeance. Hopping to get away with his deed.

Lumikki pulled away to finally ger a look at him in his new clothes."Looking good pup, so much better out the collar. I suppose I already saw ye dress nice, so its a treat ta see ye dressing nicer. Ye fit more in with the city now mate. Come lets go, there's a pub we could start at over there." She lowered herself to the ground and folded in her wings, not ready to let them go just yet in case she wanted to talk to the Wolf more eye to eye again. She lead him through some nearby alleys, one after the other until they found themselves hearing music in the distance. Lumikki dipping into the doorway it all had stemmed from. Flying toward the man in front and trying not to entirely bend over as spoke directly into his ear. He nodded letting the two in.

She flew back to Michael."I come here time to time in me nightly rotation of trying out the pubs here. I like this place cause its loud and easy ta get lost in. The music here makes me think of the stuff ye make since ya spoke of all the anger. The drinks are decent enough, though the bar keep took a liking to me cause me frost comes in handy in keeping it chilled down here. It tends ta get hot without me around so I usually get the sweet drink I like free of charge long as I keep the place cool and sit on the bar. I ain't an idiot though," She went closer toward his ear, "I'm sure they like me for more reasons too. Though its embarrassing ta say it out loud to ya. Consider the drinks on me, we could listen for a bit till ye get a spark back."

She pulled away from the wolf and bobbed until she landed on the floor. Turning to go down the stairs. The man she spoke to eyeing Michael the whole time. The stairway was dark but it wasn't hard for the two to see through, Lumi grabbing at the darkness and eating it as a snack. When she got to the last step she turned to check on Michael with a mouth fill of darkness, some sticking out, she tilted her head and smiled seeing that he was fine enough.

She darted for the bar keep to stay her greetings, a band was in mid set on stage. The bar keep always happy to see her, opened his arms for an embrace. Lumi obliged and sat on the counter. Already the room was being hit with waves of her chill making it beyond bearable to be in. The bar keep patting her back in relief. "It really is always a treat having ya around lil raven. I just wish you could come around every night. Its murder down here sometimes."

"It gets boring if I keep coming Leon. Sides, some of ye try me patience. Speaking, I brought a new friend of mine for the night. Treat him nice, aye. I only see him so often."

"Yes, yes I know. Not one down here likes ticking the lil ice demoness anyways. So what are ya gonna start with mate? " Leon was already mixing Lumi's fav drink.

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#6Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He was surprised to see that his bird girl and friend Lumikki. He rubbed his nose "Oh, Im sorry. I was just in my head" he did feel bad he didnt notice her by scent, again he focused on being human a lot of the times that he just forgets to sniff. He should've done that sooner to differentiate all the ravens. He mentally facepalmed when he remembered that. He really needed to learn how to balance the human and the animal within him. It always seemed like going from one extreme to the other

He watched as she magicked her form again and now she hovered over to him and with her icy and nice hands would reach for his neck. But then he'd wonder why would she go for his neck. He wasnt sure whats going on, but he felt the magic for sure. He felt frozen, in a figurative sense, as he watched what she did. He felt his wounds heal

He looked into her eyes with an expression of awe when he realized she healed him, she held his chin and looked into his eyes. She looked quite stern at first. He felt guilty and he wondered if her guild master mentioned him to his guild. He bit the inside of his mouth as he was nervous. But then he realized her features softened as she smiled sweetly. It made him relax as he reached over and touched her cheek.

She told him how she knew and he nodded "Yeah Im sorry.... I kinda lost it. Im glad it wasnt with you though" he was glad he didnt transformed to her and attacked her.

He did noticed another raven though pulled some of his hair "Ow" which made him flinch and glare at it. He swipes to grab it, but it got away. He merely looked at it with a 'i have my eye on you' look.

She then pulled away to see him dressed, he rubbed the back of his head and looked away from her to try and hide his blush.
"Um thanks, you look nice too"
Soon, she lead him through some nearby alleys, one after the other until they found themselves hearing music in the distance. She went to the source of the music. Flying toward the man in front and trying not to entirely bend over as spoke directly into his ear. He nodded letting the two in.

She then went back to him and explaining what was going on or where they were. She went closer toward his ear and whispered to him. He blushed as he realized
"No way? Really?"
Like he was pretty sure what the reasons were, he'd be protective of her in that case.

Lumikki pulled away from him and the two went on. Michael noticed someone was looking at him, so he glared at the guy as they went in. The stairway was dark but it wasn't hard for the two to see through, he watched as Lumi grabbed at the darkness and started eating it as a snack. It was quite the view. Very magical.
When she got to the last step she turned to check on Michael with a mouth fill of darkness, some sticking out, she tilted her head and smiled seeing that he was fine enough.
He smiled back and then noticed the darkness "Uh, you got a lil something" he says and tried to see if he can help her wipe it. But its darkness, its not really material

After that Lumi went to the bar and he followed. She already knew the guy who went by Leon who knew what Lumi liked, he asked Michael what he wanted
"Beer. Cant go wrong with good ol beer"


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Leon slid the drink for Daemon her way and walked over to pour the beer for Michael from the tap. He came back to the pair and handed the man his glass. He was gonna start talking Lumikki up but someone from the other side of the bar call his way, he had no say in that so he sauntered over to hear the order. For the moment Lumikki and Michael was alone again.

She poked the glass of his beer chilling it more than it had came. Taking a good sip out of her glass. She chugged half of it already, the burn and pangs of the liquor already hitting her. She loved the hum that ran through her body, it made her shiver. She sheepishly shook her head as she looked back over to her company. The sound of the music and the stirring of others speaking and laughing oddly sealed them within a world of their own. She looked forward to this.

She pulled Michael's face to hers so he could actually hear her, she wasn't sure if a werewolves hearing was all that much better, but she figured all this noise could still easily drown her out and out of the two, she was sure she was the only one who could read lips.

"What chu mean ye lost it Ùlfr!? Are ye alright?! I healed the wounds but I failed ta see 'em for meself! And how is it ye think I can't handle me own with ya?! Do I really seem that weak ta ya?!" She bite her own lip out of annoyance, the cup in her hand freezing over before she could even realize. She pulled back as soon as she could notice, chugging the rest down to save it before it was ice. She held out her hand to signal she wanted another, the two could hear Leon calling back in an answer that he's on it.

Lumikki never really staying that far out of the bar keeps sight, though now not even Michael could as well. There were a share of glances their way, the Daemon often came alone and usually insisting to leave that way. Enough of them got frostbite learning it the hard way. So they looked on with curiosity, for some even envy. But to the Daemon, it was all always a blur. She never bothered to see anyone. She only came to feel what the music told to her to and zone out. Liking being submerge of the darkness and the red light they used to keep the pub lit. This music was also a new thing for her, hitting sounds she's never heard back home. A few of her favorite songs even mixed well with inner darkness, she wondered if it would also be the same for him.

She leaned her head toward his, somewhat head butting him."I didn't wanna talk about it on the outside, figured ye rather it all hushed! Are ye ok?!"

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#8Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She pulled his face to hers again. This was becoming a thing apparently. Not that he minded. He kind of liked it for some reason. Still he eagerly and curiously looked at her. But he noticed she was more like annoyed and concerned. Basically both. He replies "I know Dove. I thank you for healing me. And um, by 'lost it' I mean like sort of went crazy and caused trouble. Mostly on the outskirts where we raced. The Angel stopped me. I know you would've handled it. You're in the strongest guild ever. Its not that I dont think you can handle it or that you're weak. Its more like I dont wanna harm you ever. Even if you can obliterate me with ease. I just dont even want the possibility or attempt to do so. I like you that much, y'know. Who gives the fuck about angel man. I know he can destroy me. I know you can beat me. Its just a matter of who I care and who I dont care about" she pulled back and they both got to drink their drink.

Michael thought about her words, wondering if he offended her somehow. He knew he was part of the flock. But she was also part of his pack. And his responsibility was not to harm his own. Even if they can handle themselves or not, he just didnt want to think of a possibility of laying a hand on her. They were part of a pack or flock. They were friends. And she was one of the best and most fun people he met. No way he wants to even scratch her or glare at her with a murderous intent.

She then leaned her head toward his, somewhat head butting him. Once he heard the question, he chuckled and pulled her closer, so they are actually softly headbutting and even the tip of their nose touching, softly telling her "I am ok. Im fine. I mean its not really a secret. I just didnt wanna worry you. My bad if it turned out to seem like a secret" he brushes his fingers through her hair. She was certainly one of his favourite people. Shame she was here up north and he was down south
"By the way. Im kinda annoyed how some people leer at you"


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She chuckled, her eyes shown a bright purple as she loved over to the company. "Don't mind the idiots. I think a lot of it is they like the feeling they could die at any moment. The others just want what they can't have cause they think it proves their point. That they are the best here...."

Leon placed her second drink right beside her. She grabbed it and began to sip on it for a moment. Staring toward the stage as if she was zoning out. Recanting a story like it was a lifetime ago.

"Suppose if anyone could put ye in a corner, it would be the Heartless Angel. For as nice as his words and polite is his expression, he as hardly different from a Daemon if ye ask me. Waking up and seeking violence. When I first met him, I played a trick on him. He chased me down relentlessly, should of known from there. Yet the charm he had and his true form were betwitchin. He told me even with my ugly darkness I could be beautiful."

She finally looked back to him. "That I could be a Demon meself and I didn't have to be a Daemon anymore. I could toss me father and the pact for good and if I was strong, I could join him in a coming battler....Then he offered to spare and tosses his Gal bog, a spear of his, at me. Fucker did a wonder on me there, damn stick follows ye around and admittedly I just gave up and took the hit. Froze over and let the damn thing piece me leg. It knocked me right out too. Fucking Angel...

She gulped down more of her drink down. The chill hung harder in the air. Black frost flowers sprout and grew from around where she sat. Creeping along the counter. "Least he kicked both our asses in that....Thank for not keeping it a secret. I want the choice to worry about ye, wouldn't ye want the choice to worry bout me?" She flicked his head playfully to send in the point. Her purple eyes shining mischievously.

Lumikki then gave it some thought. She worried always for her Uncle, but she couldn't say that completely for everyone. She cared for them but she didn't worry over them. She didn't like worrying for more people if she could help it.

She pulled a pinion from her wing and handed it over to Michael."Everyone I care for is a feather in me wing. It didn't hit me how much I came ta like the people that I have in me life till now but, ye all do something ta keep the dark at bay. So here..."

A new bang stepped on the stage. The room went the most quiet it would ever get as only voices, glass clicking, and the shifting of gear on the stage could be heard. "But yer okay! So enough of the mush. How ye feel about the music? I really hope ye could do better." She looked around the crowd, "I think only one of the bands I really like are here tonight. Wonder if I could bother 'em to play me favorite songs."

By then it was becoming apparent the same few that kept looking over from within the crowd. Lumikki of course ignored it as she usually did, her darkness curling and coiling from below amongst the crowd's feet to cull any approach she didn't like. Though being within Michael's company eased a lot of her guard. Assuming no one would be daft enough to approach her now. She figured for just this once she could even let herself get drunk in peace. Enjoying the moment for what it was worth without the tense sensation being defensive forced her to be.

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#10Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She reassured him the others were idiots and that he didnt need to mind them. He begged to differ but for now he'd let it be. Lumikki would get a drink and re tell her story of how she met the angel. He listened to her and wondered "Do you hate your Guild Master?" he curiously asked as he couldnt really imagine working under someone he hates. Why would someone do that to themselves. So he wasnt sure if he was getting wrong vibes or was he right on the point

He looked at her as she spoke and their gazes would meet when she'd turn to face him. He wondered what to say "I can say he's right on one thing. You are beautiful. Wings or no wings. Demon, daemon or human. I can see you're a beaut. And thats because" he takes a swig of his drink. But points to her chest, then continues "Its cuz your personality is beautiful. Its like the inner beauty that shines on even if you are technically a being of darkness. But fuck that noise. We dark folk are awesome too. Light is overrated"

The chill hung harder in the air and he noticed the black frost flowers sprout and grow from around where she sat. Slowly creeping along the counter. His attention returned to her though and he nodded when she thanked him. Though she asked him if he wants the choice of worrying about her
"Point taken. I guess you could say that I worried about you when I lost it" he just wanted her safe. So perhaps he worried about harming her.
She did flick him which in a way brought sense to him before he got into his head again. And smiled when he saw her mischevious smile
"Y'know you're cute when you smile" he said as he really enjoyed her smile.

She spoke about how she cares everyone like they are a feather from her wing and he'd listen to her intently and then she gave him an item
"Um thanks?" he didnt know how to react as he didnt expect to be gifted anything. He'd just put it where his guitar was.

He chuckled since it was enough mush and time for fun stuff. She asked him about music
"I like music. Dunno if im any good. I didnt really expect to perform with people. I figured it would only be the two of us" he then looked over at who was performing and the music they played. Though his gaze would wander over to the group that was leering over her. He glared at those guys.


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"I don't hate him, hell I even respect him. He's even been a long time friend of me Uncle and I like how he works. That isn't to say he isn't annoying too...." She narrowed her eyes in annoyance to emphasis her disdain. "He's funny ta annoy back though." She chuckled softly from her amusement.

She tilted her head as she heard him speak. Pouting as his notions of her being beautiful. She just didn't like still getting flustered, but she liked what she heard. "I agree, I'm so tired of light. I'm sooooo tired of how its overdone...." She paused. "The storm within, I could never let it beat who I want ta be. If that's me beauty, than I want ta be dazzling always....Oh, yea. I forget at times werewolves are dark sometimes, what does it feel ta ya? I feel I could imagine. The push and pull, the fear of being hated, misunderstood. I just only care ta see the good. It is because I am a Daemon I enjoy me wings. So what is it that being a werewolf gives ya that ye wouldn't trade for the world?"

He compliment her smile, her blush hidden within the red light. Who would of thought it would spare them them the expense. Realizing it only made her smile widen.

"Ùlfr, I'll respect ye enough to make the calls. I'll trust that if ye feel a danger ta me, to leave ya alone. I think its only fair to ya, being with ye always isn't in yer best favor I'm sure. Ye have more than enough to worry for and others to harm at their expense. I appreciate it. So compromise is just don't disappear on me completely. Dark races are rare as is."

Focus now on the music, stage, and those before them.

"Oh no Ùlfr! Fuck 'em.. I wanted us to play alone, aye, but ye said ye lost yer flame. Figured coming here could give ye something new ta try. Maybe get that melody back into ya heart. I know ye said ya don't know what ta write anymore. Oh! Ever considered making songs of yer battles and adventures? Bring it back to time of ol~ Really now it would be a shame to let yer talent die."

Remembering the conversation they had two weeks ago wasn't so hard on her, her sense of memory was really good. But playing the chat back in her head had her curious of something.

"Hey Ùlfr? What are twink boys? Never bothered ta ask and now I'm curious. We could trade questions if ye like to keep it fair."

Lumikki chugged down more of her drink. The effects were already kicking in and she could feel the hums and pings of being tipsy. She let herself sway back and forth to enjoy the sensation from her disorientation. Bouncing herself in place. This is where she usually stopped for a while to let it wear off before she went for more, but she took the opportunity to push further. Her hand motioning for another.

"Aaaay, my girl wants more! Alright just give me a sec love. Gotta finish things on this end first."

Lumi didn't even look his way. Not even as he spoke, she mostly kept her gaze on her company and just focusing on what he had to say. She did feel the disturbance in her darkness though, like someone heading for them. Yet she was still keen enough to manage it fine enough. Locking them into their next step over and giving him a cold glance before turning back to Michael. Hopping the point was made clear she didn't want to be bothered, not today. The shadows tugging him back into the crowd and for the moment he just followed the flow and pulled back.

Lumikki herself wouldn't mention it, nor make it a big deal. She usually invited trouble because she found it entertained her. Her small stature, cute features, and her "charm", meant she would get a decent flow of annoyances. Yet the Daemon in her took it as a chance to play. Tricking, bulling, or destroying the incomers that thought they had an upper hand. She figured it was her own act of service in the city to make things a bit more safe. Crushing the fools that thought she was weak enough to take on.

But this wasn't a moment for her to play with the fools. They didn't even exist as far as she was concerned. All she cared was enjoying the moment for as long as she could. The last thing she wanted was for Michael to get dragged in meaningless nonsense. So she was subtle in her traps.

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#12Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
Well it seems she does not hate the angel, she respects him and apparently he's friends with her Uncle. Although she said he's funny to annoy. Michael chuckled "We should annoy him together one time"

In regards what Yuurei told her, Michael had to agree, she was beautiful. A combination of her personality and beauty was what stirred him into opening up that he was a werewolf and the transforming bit. But for now the most beautiful thing she had was that smile. Something about it, he didnt know how to pin it or define it. But he just loved seeing her smile. He can tell, she deserves to be happy. And to see her smile even more made him smile as well. He felt relaxed around her.

Speaking of music, he laughed when he heard her "Oh? So this here is to just like bring back my mojo and inspire me to start writting again?" he nodded to her and kept in mind her words.
Though he doubted he'd do much on adventures. But who knows maybe something inspires him.

She then remembered something else and asked him what twinks were. He chuckled hearing the word from her. So he explained "A twink is an attractive gay and effeminate man. I usually use it as an insult of course. So I call my male guild mates twinks. Cuz they're attractive, but very gay and girly in my eyes"
Though she said they can trade questions. So he pondered on a question "Hmm... well tell me what do you like. Like hobbies and that stuff" basically what are her likes, what does she like to do and such. She can go into as much as detail as she wants

He noticed the guys that were trying to make a move on Lumikki. He went to draw his knife that was behind, but just as he grabbed the handle, the girl managed to deal with it all, with her magic. So he stopped and just relaxed and went to give her a headpat instead
"Nicely done" yeah head pats. He totally wasnt using the hand to reach for a knife


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Her eyes would only sparkle brighter than ever before. “Are ye trying for me heart, love? No one’s offered to bother him before with me before!” She threw her head back to cackle so hard that she nearly toppled over. Her shadows caught her and pushed her back forward all while she still laughed mischievously.

When she got it out of her she finally looked him over again. Pulling a lock of his hair lightly. ”Yes Ùlfr, I want ye ta play with me. Make a lass sing!” She winked as she enjoyed the tease, breaking face for a moment to stop her laugh. She left it at a smirk instead. ”Sure a big bad wolf like ye could make a lady sing anytime. So we’ll have to make this time actually interesting, right?” She knew nothing about him and his past. Only what her eyes could tell her. Only of the now. She could only assume a wolf like him was trouble even back home. But that was the fun no? The trouble? She really wanted to just enjoy the chaos with someone that she could actually trust to stick around. At least in essence. So she hopped they could stir trouble for the moment just being their unhinged selves. Two goofs entertaining bad ideas. Like fucking with the Angel for one~ Lumi could nearly chirp from the thought of it. His face was always too calm, too in control….

“Twink…twink….” Took a while to remember, never thinking she’d ever need to connect the dots. It was all just random happenings by chance. “Aye, almost forgot. Saw some of yer mates round a week or so ago. Is…Dae-Seong what cha mean when ye say that? He is pretty aye, but I sense the dark in him. Still, I could see the charm he could have. Just he’s too polished for me. Won’t suit a lass raised with the rougher kind. Even ye in yer suit still has more charm. The scars a nice touch.” She nodded in agreement with herself. Her face almost profound as if she said anything one could consider clever. ”And the tattoo just sells it. I need more meself. My favorite one is in a spot I don’t usually show.” She pouted as she rubbed her lower stomach with her ink lied. “It’s a ram for me family. But I think I could get meself some more.”

She leaned over with another smirk on her face, her balance wasn’t the best at the moment. ”wanna join me for a new one?” She broke in a giggle and pulled away. Honestly thinking over her ideas for new tattoos. She was getting bored with showing only a guild mark all the time.

He cut into her thought with what she liked. That was out of the blue but reasonable enough. Yet before she could make out what she liked he praised her. She was so confused, tilting her head so fast she bobbed off again. “Are ye ok Ùlfr? Ye look a lil tense. Before she could settle on that worry Leon slide a drink in her hand. She gave him a nod and gulped another half down. Exhaling deeply as she stood still a moment to gather her thoughts. The air was getting a fresh second wave of chill that thankfully pushed away the pangs of heat that were approaching.

“I love to read stories of old. Me Nan used to recount many to me all the time when I was a wee lass. It just stuck in me soul since. I love reading. Plucking me harp. Creating with me ice. Oh and Flying! Now that makes me heart sore! I suppose I’ve even come to love chatting with me ravens. Oh but don’t worry, I don’t ask about ye. But they do pass me lots of interesting things.”

She leaned forward as she swung her legs from the counter. Glancing down to notice he was still only on one drink. She poked it to at least refresh her freeze. Finally looking out again into the crowd and tracing them with her eyes. Drinking was fun, it made her feel free at times. But maybe a little too free. Made the dark pour out too as she want to relax and be her unconfined self. As much as she trusted Michael to accept her, she couldn’t accept herself in front of him. She didn’t want to become to much to handle herself. A chore to watch.

Yet all she could think about was how much she wanted to dig her talons in someone, or they dig in her. She looked over the rest of her drink and sighed. She refused to let her pride lose, she refused to be weak. She chugged the rest and let it add to her over floating feelings. Pointing to the ceiling as black snow would lightly fall. And that’s where she stared for the moment.

“Our lil black bird is blessing us mates, guess we really got to put on a show for her!”

That brought her back as she just scoffed at what they said. Looking back to Michael, ”Idiots.”

“Careful lil bird, some of ‘em out there even like to think of you as their very own lil goddess of night. You’ll break some hearts if they could hear you now.” He smirked at her as he was in on her thoughts. Leaning on the counter as he spoke to her. She leaned her elbow on him and rested her head in her hand. “Didn’t ask for ‘em to take notice nd I don’t care if they like me. When’s Pentakill playing?!” She shot back up as she asked nearly tipping forward and falling off again. Before he shadows could cradle her, Leon grabbed her waist and pulled her back in. It didn’t bother Lumi as she knew he wasn’t a danger, so she didn’t fight the help. She was more annoyed she kept nearly falling and embarrassing herself in front of Michael while trying to look cool. She pouted for her failure and Leon for the moment let his arm rest around her.

“Whoa now lil goddess, don’t you think your getting too feisty. And so impatient, is it cause your friend? He finally looked back toward Michael and finally took the time to look him over. He never saw him around here. “They got the next set raven, so you won’t wait long. But for now Ima need you to slow down.” He pulled back and slide her a glass of water. She looked at it with complete disdain. “Could you do me a favor bud and make sure she drinks that. She’s not usually this sunk and if I get called away, I can’t be sure she’ll humor me.”

Lumikki pushed his face away in her annoyance. “Aye, I’m small but I ain’t new weeeeee lass. Ye don’t got to baby me!” He took her hand from his face and lightly pulled her in, she nearly fell over again if he didn’t also stop it. Her shadows coiled as his throat in her fit but all he did was caress her head. “Play nice, I only do it cause I care.” She sighed and her shadows fell away. ”Yea, yea…” She took the water and sipped at it.

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#14Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She was adorable. Her eyes had a wonderful sparkle to them, but her words made him blush. He coughed to clear his breath and went to get his composure back. And then he spoke to her "Well, thats cuz they're lame and dunno the meaning of fun" he said in a clearly tsundere ish way. But the rude tsundere, but more bashful tsundere.

She winked and teased him and he was a sucker for those. She really knew how to throw him for a loop. "Heheh, I could make a lady sing. I guess" he said with a faint blush creeping back up, which he tries to suppress.
But what he loved about Lumi was her mischief and character, well looks too of course. But the idea of causing trouble with someone was like too good to pass up. He couldnt help but fall back into his old habits. But he had more faith in Lumikki not to go crazy and do really bad shit.

He giggled like a school girl a bit when he heard her say the word and repeating it. Though he stopped with the laughter when she mentioned a name "Oooh, him. The joyan twink. Yeah, I sense it too. He has some darkness in him for a human. Ill intentions. But I can feel he's keeping it under check. Most likely because of the Guild Master" he spoke and finished his drink.
Michael nodded "Yeah I think thats what he's going for. Polish. Perfection." he was again bashful though when she mentioned him and the scars. He touched his face, particularly where his scar was on the side of his lips. Granted he had one on the nose and over his eye. It was dark times. Those scars were as mental as much as physical. He spoke softer "Heh, well... Im glad you like em"
And thats when she mentioned the tattoo. No one really complimented that. He curiously looks at her as she rubbed her stomach "I wish I could see it. My best bet would be to drag you to a beach or a pool so I can see you in a swimsuit" he teased her.
He listened to the tattoo description and nodded "Mine was designed by a friend. He wanted to be a tattoo artist, so he drew many tattoos. I happened to like this one and decided to get it."

She leaned over with a smirk, but her balance wasnt the best. It made her worry about it for sure. So he didnt catch what she was saying until later
"Join you? For a tattoo? Oh? That'd be cool." he then leaned close to her "Got anything in mind?~"

Questions wise, he decided to ask what did she like in general. He figured they can both ask the getting to know you type questions. So this was his.

She listed her things and he nodded "Well I guess its your turn to ask me something back? ... Wait? What did the ravens pass?" the thought of her asking the ravens about him never occured to him funnily enough. He trusted her to give him privacy. But now he was curious what do the ravens pass on?

As he watched her, he contemplated about grabbing her and sitting her in his lap. That way she's safe in his arms, as well as balanced. And bonus points for holding a lady.

He looked at the guy. Leon was his name if he remembered correctly. "I dont mind breaking their hearts" he spoke. Though he had a plethora of bad ideas and he didnt know how he'd affect Lumi that way so he didnt wanna do it. Anywho the guy finally noticed Michael or addressed him properly. He noticed the water and nodded. Yeah she needed to drink it.
"Give me another one. Beer I mean"
Anywho, once he got the chance, he took Lumikki and sat her in his lap. He grinned. "Sorry cutie. Gotta make sure you stay safe. I dont want you falling over" he hands her the glass she was sipping "Here, enjoy it"


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Michael pulled her into his lap and passed her the glass of water. The sensation of being slide over entertained her like a very short ride, plopping on his lap made her giddy. She looked up to him in impish glee until he also passed her water. Now she would only scowl from the betrayal.

Leon chuckled at her childish display.

"Leeeeeooooon, it's no fair yer turning him against me too." She turned toward him to show him her glare and pout. He leaned back onto the counter again to get a better view of her. "Ya aren't usually this cute raven. I guess I got too used to your glares." He looked back to the werewolf. "So how'd you meet the lil miss?" His expression was more stern now than playful, but soon enough Lumikki pushed his face away again.

"Hop off Leon, I like him. He's kin"

"Is he now?" He softened his face for her. "But how would I know your fine in his care if I don't make sure. He doesn't check out for any of the Dawn members. He just out of the blue as far as I could tell."

She brought her finger to her lip shushing the man. Taking a swig of her water before looking back up to Michael again. She was gonna ask him a question, but she thought better of it first, looking back to Leon again. "Leave traitor!" He chuckled but humored her request. He still had to pass the wolf his second beer.

"Ah yea, me ravens. They like ta tell me nonsense they figured I'd enjoy. The like to tease and find a lot to croak about. They keep me aware of things around the North, but I told 'em all to mostly steer clear of ya and spare me the details. Figured ye'd hate me if I knew more than ye were willing ta say. Can't stop Trygve's complaining on ye though. Bird can't stand ye, but he's just a prideful shit. I love him all the same."

She pinched her nose and squeeze her eyes shut, thinking hard on what she wanted to know of him. She didn't think it would be so hard. "Oh, ye never told me what ye loved about being an Ùlfr! What about it makes it all worth the troubles of tides? I'm curious meself, I feel so normal compared ta ya." She leaned all the way back into him and gulped her water. Swinging her legs from her hyper jitters. The black snow she caused was still falling but the snowflakes would only turn to shadows below. It was still persistent in keeping the crowd mostly away, but it wasn't holding as strong or tightly. So some of the crowd gravitated a bit toward the bar.

The band on the stage were in their third song. In two more the band Lumi wanted would play and from there she wouldn't care where the two go.

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#16Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He adored her lil impish glee, so much so that he almost felt guilty for the 'betrayal' of giving her a glass of water
"Now now sweet cake, Im only doing this cuz I care~" he'd say and nuzzle her a bit. As much as a hedonist he normally is and loves alcoholism and getting drunk. Its just he liked Lumikki so much that he held her to a better standard. He didnt want to get her to an unfavourable situation because of drunkendness.

Leon asked how the two met. Lumikki said that they're kin. He merely said "I just happened to stumble onto her and we sort of clicked" and in regards to not being part of the Paradise Dawn, Michael would laugh and say "Well you're close. I am out of the blue there. Blue as in that Blue Pegasus guild. Shocking I know since Im not dressed as a pretty boy." he chuckled as he motioned towards Lumikki with his head "as per request of the lady here"

Lumikki shoo'd the man away when he gave Michael his 2nd beer, which the wolf gleefully took and drank.
Though he'd soon pay attention to Lumikki as she'd answer his question and he'd nod, before going to finish the 2nd half of the bottle

As he nearly finished his bottle, she'd ask him the question. Ah the one he forgot to answer. He'd stop drinking
"Hmmm. I dont know personally. I guess theres always that pride and love for what you are. I do feel like we're the underdogs of earthland. Theres just so few of us as far as I know. Which on one hand Im happy and sad. But I dunno. I feel as normal as you. I guess you can sniff things good. You're fluffy and delightable to others who give you a chance. I dunno, im probably talking out of my ass." he didnt know what to define why he loves being a werewolf. Truth be told, he could list all the flaws of being one, but wouldnt know how to list all the good things. He tried his best to answer her question in a positive light. But had a hard time doing so personally


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“I like being an underdog….” Lumi began to munch on more darkness so that it would fill her stomach. Using it to get a better grasp of herself again. She knew how she sober up when she wanted to. It was just nice to feel the sensations you get when you were drunk. She didn’t want to be drunk anymore. She found she hated getting babied. At least when she was alone, she only had to worry about holding back from slaying the idiots who approached her. Now she just feels like a pathetic lamb. She scowled, this isn’t how she wanted him to see her. Without realizing, her emotions just keep tossing her around. She called for her inner winter to find the calm she needed to just be. Frosting over the needless extra thoughts and feelings for the moment.

”I like being a Daemon. I love what it gave me even when I hate things about it. I love the power I have. I love me wings. If I was normal, I would miss out on all the things I love more than anything….And ya know. I love being the underdog with ye. Whose to say ye’d ever like or show me yerself if I wasn’t a Dae. Whose ta say ye’d ever enjoy the comfort of me company the same.”

She looked back up to him after another mouthful of darkness eaten. The cold in the room was consistent again, the shadows along the floor were fortified. She was again within her wits and power. Sheer spite and pride forcing her back to center.

”I don’t like the intense emotions, the conflictions, the blood thirst. I don’t like being ruled, owned, invaded. I don’t like turning to someone I’m not. Being a Daemon isn’t perfect, but it did let me find the things I love more than anything.” She smiled for him quite sweetly, filling it with all the love she had before returning to her water and gulping the rest down.

“I really like ye Ùlfr. Ye make good company in the darkness. But if ye even find yerself lost and deep within the depths, seek the ravens. Old stories tell how they tread the unknown and in between while others cannot. Chances are they might know the way ye seek.” She adjusted the way she sat on him so it was easier to see him as she spoke. She didn’t care for the sight before her, she cared for him. When she was done, she’d look back to him with her gleeful eyes.

”And when I’m in the Abyss of me own. When I turn into my own Demon. I’ll remember the pack I belong to so I know I have a place ta return. Keep the dark from calming me even at it’s worse.”

She meant what she said. When the time came for her to dive in the Abyss and be reborn anew, there was a chance she could be render but a mere beast. All her wits lost and snatched from her. Just a ravaging Demon of the Abyss. And so she needed all that anchored her. Ever feather of her wings to keep her strong.

Though as scary as it all was, it didn’t scare her for a moment.

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#18Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He smiled softly as he watched her munch on the darkness "I dunno why, but I love watching you eat that. Its just so unique to eat something immaterial." he tries to reach for the darkness, just to feel it. But for him there wasnt much to feel "Whats it like to eat darkness? What does darkness taste like" he asked playfully, harking back to her question what does Honour smell like

She later spoke why she loves being a daemon and he just nodded happily as he listened to her and agreed with her. Though when it came to dislikes things became interesting
"I dislike the conflict too. Same as being ruled, owned, invaded and to add that Im being stigmatized and shunned. I feel my kind is being the most hated one. I dont like living in the fear of being hunted down just because what I am." the intense emotions and bloodlust was more part of the conflict in his opinion. He looked at her sweet smile and smiled back. He loved her smile. Hopefully she'll always be happy

She spoke how she really liked him, which did touch him. He loved her company, so he really liked her
"The feeling is mutual, dear. I like you. You make great company, whether in light or dark. I just love being with you" he said to her. He watched as she adjusted herself so she can see him. He chuckled, maybe it was good he didnt finish the 2nd beer. If he was even remotely tipsy he might've already kissed her by now. Its good he had self restraint. He didnt wanna do anything stupid when drunk. And he didnt have the perk of being able to eat darkness to sober up

Still he loved the look in her eye. There was something about her that he really liked but couldnt really define. She was just a gem to be with. If he could, he'd put her in bubble wrap and protect her for eternity.

He smiled as he heard her "You're always welcome here, wherever I am. If you ever need me. Imma be there for you." he then took the beer bottle and finished it off


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"Depends where its from Ùlfr. I could be sweet, savory, even spicy. I've had some that were rich and some dull. Down here it tastes smokey and a bit charred like meat slow cooked. Helps me fill up fast." She lightly froze some of it and grabbed his hand so she may lay it on his palm.

"This is the gist of what I feel when I pluck it from the air. It feels like an array of fabrics or the sensation of a stream of water. Though ye are the first to ever ask or care. I tend forget what a quirk it is, and ye are the first I ever allowed to feel it as I do." She looked up to him and tilted her head, simply observing how the bit of darkness made him feel.

"Can't imagine smellin honor though. Hope it smells nice..." She took a sniff of herself from the curiosity and was disappointed with nothing. She figured since she was already here, she'd even sniff him. She liked it more than she thought. It was like pine and rain mixed into one. "Hmmm perhaps I'd say ye smell like free will."

She noted her joys and dismays, and he matched hers with his. The were more alike that she would have preferred. "Can't say me kind is anymore hated than yers but I'd say the only reason we aren't hunted more is cause we feel more like a myth with all the years since the war. They got ta believe in us to fear us. Though I think they'd come to hate what we are most. Daemon's usually choose to pact, though I know the matter of yer kind is usually thrusted on ye. All the same, I'd never let ye get hunted without sticking a wing out. If I even manage to become a Demon like I want, consider yerself backed with the power it gives. It is a pain to be a dark kin, aye. We'll suffer more alone from habits I'm sure. But it's nice to even speak of it for once and know that another out there really understands. I'll take wha I can get."

Lumikki gave him a hug, she wasn't very strong but she put all she had.

Leon walking over for a moment handed her another glass of water and a beer for Michael. "They're up lil raven." He would say as he walked by, Pentakill had entered the stage and already set up. They were beginning their first song, Cull.

One could hear them playing now~

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#20Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He was interested in the answer she gave him. Surprised she even managed to freeze the darkness in her ice so he may touch it. He curiously held the frozen darkness in his hand. Feeling it in his fingers. And of course licking it because he's curious and wants to try it with all his senses. So that includes taste as well.

In regards to his smell, he chuckles "You smell nice." he said with a relaxed smile. But as she was better at words than him, he tried to like define it somehow "I'd say Honour, its like smelling steel or dirt, but dirt smells nice. Naturey, like pine trees. I dont know really how to define it. Its like a bunch of stuff mixed in. It might not make sense to you. But makes sense to me." he spoke and nodded as he figured that was the best take he'd get. But to his surprise she went to sniff him, which made him blush. He smiled and chuckled a bit

When she hugged him, he hugged her back. He enjoyed this. It was nice. Its the best way he can define these feelings. He'd curiously look over towards the stage as he hugged Lumikki still


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The two would sit still and enjoy moment. Lumikki got to enjoy song she liked with her new friend. She gestured for a real drink this time, Leon looking her over before he would oblige. Fixing it right up and placing it beside the two. She willed for a black frost talon to hand it to her not wanting for either of them to move much. She swung her legs as she got to drink something more interesting than water again.

The next song from the band will play, being Tear of a Goddess. This was one of her particular favorites. The singer of this usually just played the guitar but she would offer her vocals to this song.

Lumikki would sing along for a good bit of it. Enjoying the moment and mood. Especially feeling the burn of the booze churning in her full stomach.

Though as they would look over to the band, for much time the crowd was looking over at them. Noting the closeness of the pair. Lumikki time to time would flash back her death glares, but drunken fools tend to accept stakes of death.

Now it was time for the bands final song, though they weren't up for long, Lumikki was glade they played. Lightbringer, the only light besides the moon that she enjoyed to be brought. She rocked her body to the song, singing along to the dramatic bits of the song. The band, already taking notice of her enthusiasm since the lost long, would ham up the moments to entertain her further. Lumikki in return would conjure a smoke of cold shadow to pour off the stage. Her snow falling more vigorous than before.

Then with a big swing of her arms, she conjured two massive talons to swing from the stage of the climax of the song and a dark frost unkindess to from the smokey shadows and fly toward her and the crowd. When Lumikki was very pleased, she liked to spell along with the band to make their show more impactful. It was a give and take that both parties enjoyed, as Lumikki has fun with the dramatics. It is part why the bands would aim to claim her favor and that she was adored with in the crowd. It was an experience only they would share.

When the show was over she turned back over to Ùlfr grinning. "That's always fun. Hope ye enjoyed."

Her shadows among the ground would disperse and her snow would cease to fall.

"You really out did yourself tonight huh, lil goddess. You'll only garner more offerings if you aren't careful." Leon would tease. He leaned back on the counter and looked on to the band packing their things to leave the stage. "Can't blame them for loving you though. When are you coming back?"

Lumikki shrugged as she got off Michael's lap, stretching her arms and her wings in one go. The stretch was deep and went on for a bit, the Daemon giving off a soft but loud screech as she did. It was the screech that completes the stretch she would say.

"Hard ta say, depends on what quests I end up doing next, but I can come back in a few days. So ye should have me favorite sweets ready and me favorite bands!" She chuckled very much like the gremlin she was, taking Michael's hand to pull them out. Anyone that was in the way of the door quickly parted for the lil Daemon, but they all looked at the man as they moved. No one in the bar but Leon or the bands ever felt or enjoyed Lumi's favor. So the curiosity and disdan hooked the regulars of the bar. Of course, if they choose to be difficult all the same as drunk fools could be, many already suffered being frostbitten before. The experience keeping all the vet's away as they knew the Daemon hardly knew how to hold back, even for them.

The pair would ascend the stairs, Lumikki pulling away to skip out the door and enjoy the fresh night air. She flew for a bit again to enjoy the sensation of her flapping wings, but also to still be around eye level with the wolf beside her.

"That was fun for while it lasted, but it's time to enjoy the better bits of the night. I know a stand with some good food to eat as we go, and then I wanted to return to the Outskirts with ye so we could play and talk in peace."

She began to lead the way, not too far off was the stand she had mentioned. The man sold sandwiches but also meat on sticks. She ordered a bit of everything along with some sodas and more beers. Slipping them into her void for safe keeping while they walked the rest of the way.

"I hoped ye enjoyed it down there, and even if ye didn't get inspired from the songs, I hope something comes ta ye. Oh I never asked, what made Blue Pegasus so appealin to ya? It seems like such an odd choice for ye... She halted in the air, curiosity taking over, "It's clear me tattoo mark is on me thigh, I put it there cause it's easy for me ta show and I like it, but where's yers?

She flew around him playfully. "Do ye like wearing a suit anyway? I mean I still find ye charming and all, it's just yer usual suit ye lots too. Me mums a seamstress and a pretty good one, so I get curious of the preferences of others."

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#22Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He curiously looked at Lumikki as she sang along. He chuckled and hugged her lightly a bit as she enjoyed herself and listened to her. He focused on Lumikki and the band, but he did feel like they were being watched by the others.

Eventually the other song would come up. He liked the music she listened to and he understood why she wanted him to hear it. Lumikki rocked her body to the song, singing along to the dramatic bits of the song. He bobbed his head a bit, not as expressive as she was. Plus he couldnt help but blush as she was moving with the melody. He noticed the band also performed so she'd enjoy it even more. He smiled as he was happy for her. And he'd observe as she'd conjure up a smoke of cold shadow to pour off the stage. Her snow falling more vigorous than before.

She conjured then two massive talons to swing from the stage of the climax of the song and a dark frost unkindess to from the smokey shadows and fly toward her and the crowd. He enjoyed the show, Lumikki performing made it more enjoyable for him. Especially when she sang along with the last song. He doubted he can outdo her favourite band. He felt like anything from here on would be a downgrade. He wished he could have his band back. Those were fun times. Though he knew their songs were edgy and as heavy as this.

Michael looked at her as she turned to him and smiled and patted her head "Yes birdie. I loved it. You were my favourite part during it" he glanced over to Leon as he complimented her. She merely shrugged and got off his lap and ansered the man. Soon she took his hand. He held her hand, making sure to intertwine their fingers "Lead the way birdie." as they were leaving, he caught the other peoples jealousy so he just flashed them a smug smile and a wave.

They'd eventually leave and be greeted once again to the outside which was night time. She'd flap her wings to fly, albeit to be at his eye level. Michael happily nodded "I like food. Lets go"

She began to lead the way, and the stand that she mentioned was not too far. The vendor there sold sandwiches but also meat on sticks. Lumikki ordered a bit of everything along with some sodas and more beers. Slipping them into her magic thing for safe keeping while they walked the rest of the way.

And thats when she spoke to him. "Mmm, it was just the closest guild at the moment. I didnt wanna wander around Fiore aimlessly and live in inns and doing minor quests. Plus ehm... the girls." he shrugged "If I met you sooner, Imma say I'd probably be like those poor saps that are simping for you." he chuckled "You'd probably smack me away if I did any advances" he then focused on her other question, his guild tattoo

"Oh you must've been distracted by my muscles and you didnt see it" he joked, but then pointed to where it is upper part of his left arm, so like below the shoulder area. "It be here. Its just that its usually under a sleeve. I guess I'd need to pull up my sleeve. But Im never in the mood for that. And honestly Im more proud of this" points to neck tattoo "Than this" and then rolls up the sleeve to show the blood red pegasus symbol.
He rolls down his tattoo

He watched as she flew around him playfully. See, in a scenario if he met her first, he would've probably grabbed her from the air and smooched her on the lips. Like there would be a lotta more kissy kissy if he met her sooner. Then again, she probably would've blasted him off back to Caelum if he tried to. Him being very oblivious how she felt

Anywho she asked him about the suit "Huh? Naaah. I just started wearing it like a month-ish back when I joined the guild. I know I was told its not obligatory, but it feels weird to stick out like a sore thumb. You have all the babes and the twinks and then theres me who looks like he's been living in a basement. This is what I usually wear" he'd say as he would walk to their destination


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Lumikki leaned in on his shoulder, looking perplexed and confused. "Simping? What's simping Ùlfr? Hmmm, and poor saps? Ye mean the fools in the pub? I can never believe most of them like me. I feel what they love is the idea of me. I am less a girl ta love and more a prestige to bare, and I feel that way cause of how I see 'em looking at me. Eyes of greed and pride. I am but a race to win. It got worse since I started coming more, I'm sure there are many who hate me for it, changing the feel of the crowd and all. Though the pub and bands adore me, catering to me fancies as I only bring them prosperity. It is all a show, a façade. But I dance the dance with 'em cause they can also entertain me."

She thought over what he said at it all. Letting the idea of it sink in for a moment. She was ready to bury her feelings in ice, and she was committed to the task, but for now she was pondering the prospect he proposed.

She realized then, after he mention his pride and joy of a tattoo, how she never bothered to take it in herself. She flew before him for a bit to really look at it for herself. Tilted her head as she studied it and traced all the details over with her eyes. She would nod to his statement and show him her satisfied expression. Lumikki would indeed see why someone would indeed be proud of it.

"I know I want plenty more meself, but I don't know what else to get and where to start."

She flew behind him again, her hands on his shoulders so she could bob behind him. Listening to him speak of his style as if the choice he had now would make him look foolish. As much as she wanted to tell him it really wouldn't, she remembered some of the stories her Uncle Brone would tell of the place. They were keen on their image, and Lumikki telling him otherwise to how he felt about it would be abhorrently rude and pointless. Ùlfr was right in that there was a kind of look to uphold, she just hated to had to hold it. Though, she finally realized. It was his choice to be there, as it was his choice to dress the part. She was less truly sad for him and just the lack of freedom she herself assumed these things gave him. It all finally put itself into perspective, and she circled back to the thoughts of the men in the pub and her thoughts of the Blue Pegasus guild.

She wondered...was Ùlfr also an ideal she loved more than the person? She thought back on their moments. The company they shared that time before. The comfort she felt he gave her. She thought about it all, mix with how the sight of him would make her hurt flutter and a fire burn in her. What could she idealize more than the person before her? She couldn't think of a thing. Though she found intense kinship from his dark race, she knew of the bad those entailed. She knew perfectly well she could stick with him in the tougher times most could not, and what more, she could understand the things he would feel because of them.

She finally understood all that it would mean for her. She would prefer to be with him during all those hard times than pretend that he was just some ideal or comfort.

The two would finally leave the city, entering to the peace and comfort of the forest again. The cool night air blowing as the sound of the crickets chirped. Lumikki would scan the woods taking in all the critters around. The dark green from all the foliage comforting her. The moon tonight was waning, almost entering its new moon. There wasn't that much light, not like the two really needed it, but the emptiness left behind from lady above was noticed. Still the stars would clutter the sky and still be dazzling. Lumikki would look up to them as they make their way for a comfortable spot to sit and eat.

"If ye meet me sooner, would ye really been like 'em? The fools in the bar? Would it mean if yet met me sooner, ye would of liked me?" She couldn't bare to look at him as she spoke but she felt it would be easier to move of if she kept going.

"Ye don't got ta say a thing back, or even care. Ye don't even got to acknowledge what I'm gonna say. Just consider it nonsense from a drunk girl or some foolish fancy a lass could have...." The words got stuck in her throat, and it felt her neck constrict. Pit grew in her stomach and she could never imagine a fear like this besides the feeling of fighting the Heartless Angel. She was tense and she was locked. Maybe she worried too much of what he would say, but that was more reason to toss it to the wind.

"Actually, just take it for what it is. As a member of yer pack just being honest so she could let it all go. Trust and all that bollocks, and hopefully ye'd still keep me round."

Lumikki was behind him the whole time they were walking but she hovered atop him now, leaning before him she that he'd see her face just upside down. Her hair fell like a drape blocking the rest of the view.

"Ye don't have to entertain me, and I ain't no soft fool. Its just...well Michael, I can't explain it but I think ye are me first love. Trust it bothered me cause I didn't want ta bother ye with me pointless emotions. I just guess the more I try to bury 'em the messier I could get. I wanna be prime for ye if the time comes when ye need me the most. So I just wanted to clear the air. I adore ye Ùlfr, and I believe I always will."

The fear and tenseness faded from her. She no longer felt the burden of it all. Wondering if she should of done so from the start to be rid of them. Still, now that she finally was honest with herself and to him, she felt stronger than she was before. Lumikki loved hiding with the shadows, but she didn't really want to hide who and what she was from everyone she cared for. She wanted to be accepted fully. She suppose for that, she would first have to accept being rejected as well.

The features of her face softened. She gave him her sweetest smile once more filled with her lover and adoration. She did adore him.

She flew up higher before him then. To give him the space she figure he needed. Keeping herself a ways above as the finished their walk. They were just at the end as now there was just the trail to take up to the high ground they hung out before.

"I don't know if ye still have it in ye to play songs. Though what ever ye did would make me night. It was the reason I took ye there. I hope ye like mine too, ye'd be the first I'd play for. It's kinda embarrassing really."

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Michael Winters
"Oh um... well a simp is someone who fawns and like loves a girl or a guy dependin who you are, you like wanna do everything for them? Ehh, now that I think about it, I dunno if I can define the slang" Michael spoke, unsure if he was helpful in the explanation of the word. Nevertheless he'd listen to her more and nod as he'd understand her words.

At the mention of his skull tattoo, she flew before him for a bit to really look at it for herself and tilted her head as she studied it and traced all the details over with her eyes. She then spoke how she wanted tattoos too, but just didnt know what yet. "You'll figure it out"

She flew behind him again, her hands on his shoulders so she could bob behind him. He'd walk, not quite sure of the direction and would occassionally glance at her for guidance. Things were quiet and he didnt know how come. Was she really in that much of a deep thought for a tattoo?
The two would finally leave the city, entering the forest once more. Lumikki would scan the woods taking in all the critters around. The moon tonight was waning, almost entering its new moon. The Moon was always a lovely sight for him. Calming. The two would soon enough make themselves comfortable to eat

He looked at her as she asked him a question that was tied to a topic before "Liked you? I do like you" though he noticed she didnt look at him as they spoke. He had an inkling of an idea of what was going on, but he didnt really believe it.

Though she spoke on. He was starting to be increasingly worried and fearful, because she was tense and she was locked. He didnt know what was going on. Again he had a bit of a hint, and the idea that she did like him in that way was preposterous to him as he couldnt really believe it.

But thats when she spoke her words and he was a bit... no... A LOT speechless. He was her first love?! She felt that way towards him?! She adores him?
"Fuck" was the first thought he had as he realized the gravity of his situation. He'd reciprote her feelings in a heartbeat

How does he like deal with this like an adult. In a way her words gave some perspective to him. He was pretty sure what he felt or how she made him feel, it was the same. He adored the icy daemoness. He felt she was genuine with her love and not lust. It wasnt a carnal and bodily urge, but a deeper and spiritual connection.
Michael knew he had a flaw. It was bodily urges first, love coming second. Only after satisfying his lust is he willing to continue a relationship. But he knew with his ex, that didnt work out and she just used her womanly viles to wrap him around her finger and manipulate him. Actually, both were bad for eachother. He was sure he corrupted her as much as she corrupted him. But that brings the new question. The two ladies at Blue Pegasus, the two wives. He bit his own wrist in order to control himself. Similarly how Lumikki would do it with inside of her mouth.
He knew he should make rash choices. Lumikki said so herself he was drunk. He couldnt do anything even if he heart was beating for her. It felt wrong. No, it didnt felt wrong.. It IS wrong to take advantage of someone who is drunk. He felt his own words being stuck in his throat as if his own body was trying to filter him and help him decide what is right to say

He merely approached her as she gave him a sweet smile. He touched her cheek and rested his forehead on hers. Kissing her would be sweet. Sharing life with her would be sweeter. But what was the correct choice, he didnt know
"I think I feel the same. And honestly, I do really like you. I do think its love. But... Im a werewolf... a loyalty of a wolf.... its like your Honour. I cant promise myself and then run off to be with you. I feel.... physically and spiritually torn" he was sad when saying this. Because... well you cant have your cake and eat it. He cant have both things and knew he had to choose one.
"I dont think I ever broke someones heart and dumped someone. Usually... I would be on the receiving end of that stick...." he sighed "I do adore you and I wanna hold you and do a whole lot of shit with you. I wanna say you deserve better... But I would be lying if I wouldnt be sad seeing you with someone else.... I wish I could have you... But my own wolf bound loyalty binds me elsewhere" his hand reaches for her head and strokes her hair gently
"I dont know if you will remember my words when you are drunk and get your hangover. I just know... I dont wanna play with your emotions and hurt you... and Im not gonna take advantage of drunk you. But, I will love you and care for you. Maybe not romantically, but I will love you"
So was this to be his ultimate test. Resisting the temptation of a beautiful woman. Temperence? Not giving to lust?
To satisfy his desire he'd merely kiss his own boo boo of a bitten wrist.

Back to music he'd nod
"I'd play a concert for you if I could"


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She sighed when he bit his own wrist and flew back to him when he woefully kissed his own wound. ”Ye a dunce, I’m not drunk when I say this. I felt this since the last time. I just figured I’d tell ye so I could let it rest.” She grabbed for his wounded wrist and gave it a peak herself, small black frost flowers sprouted from his bite fading away to a closed wound.

”I didn’t tell ye I love ya to guilt ye. Nor to hold ya here and chain ye. No me dear and precious Ùlfr. I did it ta set us free. I love ye enough to let ya be yerself, not some ideal. If ye have yer desires, then chance ‘em. I’d be with ye always ta support ye even if ye love someone new or ye find another more beautiful. I just wanted to show ye my trust and honesty. Give ye reason to be loyal with me beyond the word of two dark races.”

She moved so she was beside him as they climbed the trail up. They were making it up quite fast. The feelings fueling the momentum. ”I choose to break me heart so ye never could. Before I thought I would be better to freeze and bury ‘em in ice. But I faltered and I hurt, now I just feel like nothing is in me chest hurting. Ye could love me however ye want Ùlfr. Just know I’d always be in yer pack.” She smiled gleefully as she looked at him. ”And I am the first within it, I hold that in me glory. Since after all ye failed to meet me sooner.” She winked at him to layer on to her cheekiness and lighten the mood. She didn’t do this to make his sad or hurt. She didn’t do this to punish or hurt him.

She did this so she would never be poisoned by her feelings for him and direct her Obscura his direction. When the swirl of the darkness in her. She knew it was only a matter of time….

”I love ye Ùlfr…and I’m glad I could say it. Ye never have to answer me back. This is me choice to bare.”

They were finally at the top. Lumikki’s feet touched back to the ground. She swung her hands up to conjure them a table and seats within the darkness. A comfortable set up for they could enjoy their much wanted meal. She walk over to her table and began pulling the meal from her void after first pulling a blanket she had long packed before. It didn’t occure to her after she made the table that the food would get colder faster. She chuckled to herself as she tried to make it work and fix the food nice. Hoping Michael didn’t catch on to her flustered state.

She sighed and hard stretched her arms behind her. Finallly satisfied with her set up. She sat down and began to take a bite of one of the beef sandwiches. Passing a beer to Michael after chilling it herself.

”I could live without the concert if ye could play me a few songs.” She tilted her head and smiled before stuffing the food in her mouth and biting more than she could chew.

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