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The lil Revna and the Big bad Ùlfr

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#26Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"O-oh" he was still stunned by her confession. Like no one ever did this to him. Came out with their feelings so sincerely. Well no he'd be wrong. Many people were sincere with their feelings for him. Its just usually the feeling was disguist and being repulsed by him. Or not have any feelings for him and just lust for his manly body and feautures. No one actually was positive to himlike Lumikki was

He patiently listened to her words and motives why she said this. "I dont think I can bear having you be heartbroken. It does pain me, because I do have feelings for you. Like I do love you. For real. Let me get this straight how for real I am." he spoke "I wanna grab you. Kiss you, hold you and do all kinds of lustful things. And im like excercising a huge amount of self restraint to not give into my urges and to like be an adult for once in my life. So like this whole thing is out of character for me. I know you said this is to set us free. But still. Its a hard pill to swallow because you kinda put in perspective what I felt" he explained as he was unaware how he felt or she felt and it did kind of illuminate him

”I love ye Ùlfr…and I’m glad I could say it. Ye never have to answer me back. This is me choice to bare.”
Still, those words resonated with him. He couldnt just give her a whole lot of nothing for that. Well, he thinks he could afford to be naughty a bit. Its innocent enough right? The wolf approaches her and puts his hand on the back of her head, and kisses her lips. He makes sure he's gentle, loving and passionate. To show less with words, but more with action how he feels.
He did break the kiss and spoke to her softly "What can I say. Im weak. I love you too, birdie. I dont know where life will take me. Maybe life works out and we find eachother. I dont know. My heart is torn. Like a lot. But you stay strong. If anyone has a burden then we'll share it. Together"

Eventually they switched the topic. To food, so with Lumikki's ice table and such, the two would eat their food to have a nice rest.


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When he answered back despite her saying he never had to, her face would burn up entirely. Everything about her would burn up. More than she could remember feeling in all her life. She was so used to leaning toward giving the feelings of cold that she couldn’t comprehend this burning. She felt her face for herself wondering if she was burning alive. Not even the air chilled for her despite how much she was feeling. It was like her magic left her for the moment.

He pulled her in and she let him, though she was confused what for until he met her with a kiss. She kissed others, but nothing was as charged as this. Lumikki has her lust and her moments. But it was always more like settling a hunger and an urge. She wouldn’t mind tearing into them or how much she pained them as she got her feeling satiated.

But this kiss shook her soul. Though she would never tell him. It made a rush of heat take her, it even made her feel weak. Her wings would fall away, giving out under from her and forcing Michael to have to take her in. She felt a new surge of what felt electricity take her. All her strength and sense gone. Yet she never felt more alive.

So is this what love is?

She would wonder to herself. She couldn’t stop the tears from falling though she was not sad. She was moved. She was transformed. She had a new found resolve and strength enter where the other bit of her fell away.

By the time Michael let her go again. Her wings were able to form once again and her energy was renewed. She looked back to him with a massive grin on her face.

”Ye can’t be all the weak if ye managed to stop, thought I can’t say I didn’t get a lil weak meself.” Lumi spoke so low that she nearly whispered it.“No one’s ever made me lose me wings before. Shame ye wanting to be a good boy really brings me Daemon’s desire ta ruin ye. But I like that ye could feel like an adult with me.” She crossed her fingers, “suppose for ya I’ll be a very good lil girl and not test me luck. Don’t know how well that’ll go though, but we still have to eat so a decent enough distraction aye.”

She started flying forward again. ”Ye and I have long lives. We have enough time to fall into place. And if not, we have a long friendship to enjoy. A long time to play “who will break first. Me jewels are on ya, figuring the wolf and moon in ya’s gonna make ye naught one day. But if we ever do manage to be more than this,” She turns back to him and smirks. ”Well ya see, ravens mate for life.” She breaks out into a hardy laugh.

The table is set and the two started digging in.

”I can’t believe ya feel the same ya know, I figured meself a fool for loving a boy the first time I met him but, I really do love ye. Even if its just sitting beside ya, I think I could make do with this. I feel bad for who I take out me frustrations on though. I already had a tendency to tear into ‘em, won’t be easy holding back now. I think I’m have to find now who heals fast or one that don’t mind getting healed.” Lumikki broke into a goofy laugh just thinking about what she said. She grabbed the beer she prepared for herself and took a good gulp of it down. Though she was still in and out of her laugh so she almost choked some.

”Ugh, that was a close one! Would be a shame to go out like that now.” She chuckled to herself as she let herself settle. Looking out to the nature just below. She was a raven with the sight of a hawk and the silence and night vision of an owl. She gave that thought as soaked in just how much of a bird she was becoming. Bird huh. ”Wouldn’t it be funny if I played the role of yer pet bird. Wouldn’t that be a surprise when the bird just turns into a girl!” She leaned back into her chair and took another bite. Looking back up to the sky this time.

”Or maybe, I should go find a nice lass for meself. I doubt I would have it in me to be so rough with her.” She looked over to Micheal and stuck out her tongue.

She didn’t mind the idea of finding a nice girl yea. It was a different sensation to a man for sure. After her feelings becoming apparent to her, she wasn’t quite sure she wanted another guy to touch her for sometime. The thought of letting them touch her irks her. Putting her more in the mood to snap some fingers. She sighed, that took quite a few options of her table. The air was chilling pretty fast while she thought about it.

She bent down to untie and take off shoes. Slipping them and her socks within her void. She decided she would rather be more comfortable. Lumi also pulled her hair back into a loose braid and climbed up to sit on the table so she would be closer to Michael again. Swinging her legs as she sat and singing an old song she liked in between the sips of her beer. She looked up to the sky as she enjoyed her drink.

”Hard ta think it was me singing that was the only reason ya stopped to talk to me. Who would of thought it ya know? A lil bird’s song calling to a wolf to ask if she’d shush. Do I still smell like honor? Or could ye smell the love mixed in? I was hoping with how tender ya always handled me like ya did that day, ye never would notice how I felt.”

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#28Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
In a way, the two were syncronized with how they felt during the kiss. This was like a state of dream. He couldnt believe someone would love him like this. And yet he knew he felt the same. Though as much as he enjoyed the kiss and wished he could be even friskier with her. He had to end it. Albeit barely.

She spoke in a low and whisper like voice, though her words made him grin. "Oh I wouldnt mind being ruined by you" wink wink. Though she did bring up a good point. Food. He nodded and said "You're right. We should eat"
So the two would go and prepare to dine. Though as he listened to her, he chuckled "Oh? Ravens mate for life?" he spoke in a low and seductive voice, but still a bit of humour and mischief mixed in "Well then, you'll be pleased to know Wolf packs live within a strict social hierarchy, led by the alpha male and his mate, with whom he stays for life~" so ravens arent the only ones who mate for life. She was in a treat. Time will tell what the future holds

As they would eat, he would listen to Lumikki before making his reply "I felt a strong kinship with you. I knew wolves and ravens like get along. I never met one. But when I did, I figured to take care of them, be good. Y'know. I didnt know you felt that way towards me. But I must have sensed it because I started to love your presence. I just wasnt really sure WHAT I felt. I just didnt think you would. Honestly I still cant believe it birdie" he spoke to her and then continued to eat his food before it gets too cold on her icy table. Though he chuckled when he imagines some poor sap being her victim.

Michael pats Lumikki's back when he saw her choke, he wasnt really good with first aid. But he knew some parents did that to kids or was it babies? Either way she felt better and he breathed a sigh of relief. He shook his head to her reply.

He looked at her as she thought about pretending to be a pet bird, and imagining that pet turning into a woman. He chuckles "Now thats something alright. Would be crazy stuff."
Though when he imagines her finding a woman, he'd shake his head "I know Im usually in some kinky shit. But for some reason I dont know if I'd bear that." in a way he was already in that situation. He noticed the change in the temperature and wondered if she was ok. He'd watch as she bent down to untie and take off shoes. Slipping them and her socks within her hole thing. She also pulled her hair back into a loose braid and climbed up to sit on the table so she would be closer to him again. He smiled, but then realized she was singing an old song she liked in between the sips of her beer. He looked at her curiously as he sipped his own beer and thought about how they met. He looked up in the sky as well as listened to her. She reminisced about their first encounter. He didnt know things would turn that tender. He was mildly annoyed with how nappy he felt at first. Only later to relax around her resence and want to nap with her.

She asked if she smelled like honour. Michael reached towards her to wrap his hand around her. He'd approach her and sniff her neck.He was close to her, ie there was physical contact to really get it in. As he closed his eyes and focused on her scent. He let go and backed away to normal distance and spoke
"Lumikki smells like Lumikki. I think thats the best way to describe your scent." anyone can have honour in them. But there was only one Lumikki


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"Ye don't know if ya could bear that?" At this time the girl was on the table. She leaned toward him as she asked for she was quite confused."What are ye bearing?"

And then a devilish and mischievous smile crept on her face. "Ooooh~ ye into some kinky shit ya say. Doooo teeeeeell Ùlfr." She starts to laugh as she lets herself fall back on the table. Sparing the wolf her goofy faces as she lets him speak for himself. "Ya know, now that I think of it. I never told anyone what I liked. I never even spoke stuff like this. Actually, I don't even think most people know me at all...I don't mind it per se though it can get lonely. Hmmm I don't even know where I'd start or how ta do it. I don't even know how to put meself into words."

She finally pulled her harp from the void. Holding it on her chest as she starts to pull some strings. It was an airy melody. Not very tight in its composition, but that was because of the airiness of her thoughts. And soon enough she would sing a little song of the aimlessness that was life. How you could keep walking and keep finding things that were new. That you being among those things were a sea in yourself, too many things to ever define, to ever know. Loose lyrics for the loose melody. Nonsense to fill the silence.

"I suppose I chose right. The first in me flock is also the one ta know me best. Even if it isn't all the grand intricacies, ye know me on a deeper level than some ever could. And to that!" She put her harp to the side and shot back up so that she was sitting up again. Snatching up her half-finished beer. "And ta that maybe we should cheer to!"

She grinned and chugged whatever was left after clacking her bottle with his. Enthusiastically drinking her beer. Heheheh....I can't wait to be the Demon by yer side. The slice of the Abyss ye'd call too." She smiled as she turned and leaned toward him. "We're dark races aye, but I'm determined to be the best and strongest of me kind. I refuse to lose ta anyone. And with ye in me flock, and I in ye pack, well...I really can't afford not to either can I. No No No, just can't be done. I must be the strongest Demon for....for.... Ùlfr?! What's the name of yer pack? They have names yea? Right?" She kept tilting her head with every asking of a question as if it was a matter of the degree she tilted or the position she took that kept her from finding the answer. All the more perplexed and confused as she kept bouncing around.

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#30Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"Well well well, wouldnt you like to know. Whats the fun in telling you" oh she wished to know his kinks? How cute. But he wouldnt tell her just yet. They have more time. Besides he wanted to keep the sexual topics off the table. Both figuratively and literally considering she was sitting on a table

She spoke then how she never told people what she liked, which made him tilt his head "Not even to fellow Guild Mates? Honestly babe, you're full of surprises. But if you ever feel lonely or like wish to like lighten a burden on your soul, feel free to tell me anything. I guess since we dont have an elephant in the room, we can talk and do anything" which made him think about certain things now that he said that. But he quickly shunned the idea as soon as it popped into his mind.
He quietly observed her and listened to her tune and medley. Letting her express herself freely for a bit. Though soon getting an idea for a song of his own. He wondered if he can get in touch with that band.

Michael nodded when she said they should cheer to it, so he clacked his bottle with hers and finished the drink. She soon leaned over to him as she spoke and he leaned into her, wrapping his hands around her as he listened.
Though eventually he grabbed her and just decided to rest by laying on the ground with her on top so he can hug and hold her. In a way mirroring their previous encounter when they were transformed in their respective forms
"Mmm this is nice. Nature, rest. Pack name tho? I never did it. I guessed it'd be edgy to have a name. I mean Wolf Pack?" he shrugged "What do you expect me to say, Legion?" he laughed


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"Ooouph!" She yapped when he grabbed her out of nowhere. It took her by surprise but she was happy for it. She worried she wouldn't feel his arms and strength now that he knew how she felt. She worried he wouldn't ever get close to her again if he was trying to be a good boy. Yet here they were, like when they first met. Her heart had sung louder than all the bands thus far. And she looked down at him sweetly.

"Wolf pack is booooring Ùlfr! But legion has some charm to it. Though it feels we are lacking in the numbers and throw away men to hold that name. We need something smaller, something we both have." She held to him."Ye still didn't tell me what ye can't bear either!"

She nuzzled him as she thought. Wondering what would be worth the trouble of him using her name."What's edgy? I never knew a name could have an edge." She listened to the sounds of the animals around them, the light breeze and closed her eyes. Just taking it all in as she felt the warmth from him pour into her. "I'm not too cold am I? I know if can turn frigid sometimes without realizing it. I don't wanna take all the heat ya have for it cause honestly I worry I'll take all the warmth ya have...."

She began to fidget a little at the thought of it. She had never once considered it before. Always with the mindset that if they wanted to touch her, they would have to brave her cold. If they played with her, they'd have to face her talons. The Obscura turned those intimacies into meals she'd devour. A hunger to be sated without much thought in the cost it was for the other. Most walked away from their encounters, though they realized just how scary crossing a being like her could be. One that rarely considered holding back. They usually never tried again, though it didn't deter the fools who figured perhaps they were the ones who could conquer her.

Conquer her, she thought. That's right, they just wanted to be the ones on top. Yet here below was a wolf who would have claimed the same, but he let her rest on top of him comfortably and undisturbed. Wanting her but sparing her feelings. He wasn't like the "Simp" or fools she grew to hate, the ones who grew her darkness and hunger. Hel, she hadn't considered love for a long, long time...

She began to play with her hair as she mulled all the things over. Her braid came undone and her hair fell all around them. She adjusted it so it wasn't a bother before playing with her locks again.

She focused on the sound and feeling of his pounding heart. Humming to its lovely music almost like she was purring to its presence. A werewolf holding a Daemon. Two dark races who could stalk in the dead of night. Who could pierce the dark veil seamlessly and claim whatever they would consider their prey. Two nocturnal beasts...

"We'd be more like Dark Stalkers won't we Ùlfr?" She moved up so she could nuzzle his neck and curl up on him. His scent buzzed in her mind.

She let her dark curl around her hand to form a talon as she clawed the earth beneath them. Being this close had her so charged but she had to be good. So she figured clawing the ground would do better than biting her cheeks.

She didn't all the holding back as much as she hated knowing that soon enough he'd be gone...

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#32Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
Well well well, she was back on top of him. Not that he minded. She was so petite that he felt it was ok. He liked to rest on earth and let her rest on him. He liked her cool body. It was a nice contrast to the heat of Hargeon. He will miss this cold when he goes back there. He'd pat her back gently as he'd enjoy her presence and this tranquility.

She'd ask him about pack names. He'd open his eye and look at her. He chuckled when she said wolf pack is boring. Legion has charm, but thinks they lack numbers
"Perhaps we do lack in numbers. But whose to say we wont add to it? Besides, no one has to know its just us, y'know. And its badass when a person says we are Legion. It gives the enemy the allusion theres a big number, because the name is so massive" he'd say his own reasoning. But overrall he wasnt the type of person to name packs. Perhaps thats just because he was a solitary man before.

She then asked him, what couldnt he bear
"I thought I said it. I dont think I can bear the thought of you being with another woman."

She nuzzled him and asked him what does edgy mean. "That means like something or someone trying too hard to be cool, almost to a point where it's cringe worthy." he then gently presses his finger to her lips "And before you ask whats cringe. Because I know you will~" he chuckles "Cringe is when someone acts or is so embarrassing or awkward , it makes you feel extemely ashamed or embarrassed or both at once." he chuckls more "Sorry Lumi, I like to speak very like informally with tons of slang from East Fiore or Caelum" he then nuzzles her

She asked him if he minds the cold. He shook his head. "I like your cold. I was always sweating under the heat of the sun and Hargeon. It feels so refreshing to cool off" he nuzzled her more. Honestly he'd take off his shirt just to feel more of the cold on his body. He notices her fidgeting
"Birdie, are you ok?" he asked, he would soon stroke her hair that fell all them, Looking her in the eyes

Soon she'd come up with a name of her own. "Sure, we can go with that cutie" his eyes soon would glance to her talon as he'd wonder how can he help her feel better


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Lumikki sat up and pulled her arms above her head for a big stretch that went as far down as to her back. Her talons dissipated in the air as if they were made of smoke all along. She softly screeched, and her hair fell over her face draping her from the wolf's sight.

She let herself fall forward, her arms holding her up so that she was not back to laying on him just yet. Her hair falling straight down but he could still see her clearly. Lumikki looked at him straight in his eyes, a cheeky smile on her face. "I figured ye'd hate it more if I found me a nice lad to hold me through the night. Warming me frost in yer place. Yet here ye are not content with a lass either. How cute Ùlfr, I didn't figure ye territorial just yet."

She pulled back so that she was only sitting on him again. pulling her hair back as she did. She tied it in some higher braids and used her shadow to hold it in place. She added black ribbons into her hair as she thought his words over. "I like how ye talk lots Ùlfr, there are just a lot of words I haven't heard of. I just wanna make sure I always understand ye. The last this I'd want for is a moment to seem cringe, especially for ye." She smiled at him so sweetly.

She pulled herself in another stretch, her wings formed to join along. Pulling back all their two meters as she felt the beautiful relief. Relaxing herself and her wings when she was finally done and making a small tent of her wings. Blocking out the little light and noise and the outside so it was only them. She kept the little space faintly cool so that the closed space wouldn't become too how, since all she could feel herself WAS hot. She could hardly connect with the feeling of her cold now that her body only wanted to heat up from within.

"I'm ok Ùlfr. Just hotter than I usually ever feel. I feel like I'm burning." She grabbed for his hand so he could feel her forehead and confirm it. She herself couldn't tell anymore. The wolf below her was still warm to her, but he was a foreign heat. She's used to feeling hot from the outside just not the inside. This was a first for her.

"Oh Ùlfr, I sang for ye. When are ye gonna play for me? I'll have ye know!" She smirked, "Yer the first I've played or without the intent ta weaken. Hmmmm, let me try to see how this sound would land then...." She opened a way out with her wings and held out her hand. A frost talon carried over and handed her harp. She Adjusted how she sat on her wolf, pulled all her wings back in the moment, and played him another song. One she had intended for bolstering spirits as they went off to battle. All while singing a little tune of a Valkyrie unleashing her power in a final battle.

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#34Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He blushed and looked away from her, feeling a bit bashful. He didnt really have a proper reply in mind for her tease. Though he would look back to her as she pulled back so she was sitting on him. She fixed her hair nicely as she then spoke to him again, in regards to his little slang lessons. He smiled when he heard her say that she likes how he talks "Y'know... Its kinda cute hearing you say those words." it was quite funny as he had a hard time picturing her say things like edgy or cringe or twink. Oh dear god what is he doing to her.

He quietly and yet fascinated watched her as she pulled herself in another stretch, her wings formed to join along. Her magic was so interesting. He watched as she made like a covering for them, so they can be in private maybe. When he asked her how was she, she said that she felt hot. She even took his hand and touched her forehead so he could feel it.
"Mmm, I think you're ok. Must be something else" he had an idea what she might feel, but he didnt want to say it out loud.

She then asked him when he can sing for her. He chuckled "Like maybe as soon as I get my hands on the guitar sweetie. I cant really play in my bottom position" he says with a laugh.

She soon summoned her harp and played him a tune she had in mind for like buffing people. He'd listen to it
"Oh, I love it" he had another idea. He'll have to sniff out her favourite band. He has a great idea for this tune. He is gonna blow her away. But for now as she finishes, he kisses her forehead
"Awesome work. Now its my turn to sing for ye I guess" he says as he went to his guitar and grabbed it. Sitting down and getting into position "You ready, Princess?"


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She pulled her wings back and had them beat down hard, lifting her up in one go so she could free the wolf from her clutches and sat back on the table. Sad as she was to part, she was more than excited to hear him play. Something she could only assume had been a while ago for him. She didn't know what it was like in Blue Pegasus. So she had nothing much to say and think on about it there. But the way he spoke of it, liking the babes and disliking the twinks. She wondered if there was a disconnect to who he was before he entered. She wondered if playing music again even if it were only a little, would help him claim a piece of his old self that he could enjoy.

Lumi herself didn't know much about Michael, or his past, or his being. She didn't know if there was anything from his past worth savaging, and she sure didn't want to ask him of it all yet cause she had a feeling he wouldn't care to talk of it. He was a mostly vague guy, only telling what he felt he wanted you to know, and she didn't mind it. It left a lot to the dark unknown, and she herself was comfortable there. It wasn't knowing all the details of his being that made her like him anyway. It was the feeling, comfort, and kinship that selt her so..... ablaze?

As the wolf was preparing himself Lumi would bring herself to ask. "Do ya think me a fool? Naive for falling so in love with ye in no time at all? Daft isn't it? I don't fully know ye, nor do I find the need ta know more than ye care to share. I just..love ye. Its so weird, and hard ta explain. I wonder if the feelings are what makes me so hot?" She laughed at the last part since she said it as a joke. Figuring since love and passion were known for being like flames to wildfires that she too had her inner winter pushed into a summer. She ran her hands from her thighs all the way up to her face trying to see if there was any cold to her left. But all she figured was that she was a maiden fawning in the night.

So as Lumikki listened to Ùlfr's song, she let her black frost creep along her skin for the moment. Trying to cool herself off as he played. Her hands never left her cheeks, the part she thought was hot the most. She softly swayed for him and his melody as she herself was in bliss.

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#36Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
As he prepared for his song. He played a tune, but as he heard Lumi ask him a question, he changed his idle playing to fit the mood of the conversation, being lovely dovey and emotional. He softly chuckled and said "Honestly, thats what I believe. You feel that way. Because you are cool to me. Pun intended" he said softly with a wink

But now it was his turn to sing for her. He played his guitar and looked down to his guitar since this was his first time singing to a person, so he was a bit shy of eye contact. But he decided to sing the last song he did
"I can feel the animal inside
My resolve is weakening
Pounding on the doors of my mind
Its nearly overpowering
I cannot begin to describe
The hunger that I feel again
Run if you intend to survive
For the beast is coming to life"

It was an obvious song about werewolves or rather about himself and how he felt. How he always felt his urges and how in a way how he processes his own thoughts as he feels he would transform, how he feels weak and the animal is overpowering

"Taking more than a glimmer of this tainted moonlight
Death approaches on this night"

He looks up at the moon once more since he mentioned it in his song, but eventually slowly he relaxes more

"For the animals soul is mine
We will be completed right before your eyes
I have no control this time
And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight"

Especially during the chorus. It was a rather obvious song with a few metaphors thrown in here and there. About him and his inner animal. A song about his transformation and subsiquent hunt. Eventually thus now he moves onto the 2nd verse
"I can feel the calling again
The primal need is filling me
Changes are about to begin
And now my blood is boiling
I can see the fear in your eyes
But you cant bring yourself to scream
Time to shed the mortal disguise
The beast is coming to life
Taking more than a glimmer of this tainted moonlight
Death approaches on this night"

Once then he sings the chorus of the song for her, though he did wish that it was better. A guitar and a voice in his mind did not carry the true vision of the song, as it was very incomplete without other instruments. Nevertheless he sang on for her

"We begin the hunt tonight
Til the power courses the creatures take flight
When the kill is close and I will be satisfied
For the smell of fear tonight
Wakes an ancient lust that will not be denied
You're mine"

The last verse was like written as like an ending to his human form and an entrance of his animal form. He and the inner animal behin their hunt. His awesome power taking over his prey. The thought of killing satisfying him. An ancient lust being bloodlust specifically. The primal and carnal and savage urges. And the last thing he would say to a victim. They were his. And one more time he'd sang the chorus and soon enough finish the song.
After that he didnt know what to do. It was the first time he performed for someone


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She rolled her eyes at his pun but before she could say something cheeky back, he started playing for real. The Daemon halted in place as if her movement could distract him. Slowly bringing her hands back to her face to cool her face off again.

When looking at him became too much, her face staying hot no matter how much black frost she willed to cool her, she gave up. Closing her eyes as she let herself fall back atop the tables. She swung her legs as she followed his song. She herself had a good memory, so she would also hope to remember most of the words. Yet that proved harder than usual, her flustered feelings spiking during certain moments so she could not always follow with the song. Only enjoyed the feeling the wolf was giving her.

The moment Michael finished his song and silence was allowed to hang in the air for a moment to long. The Daemon shot up from her spot, sitting up almost in an instant. Before darting forward and knocking the wolf back down. She was careful to not be too forceful in her dash, but she wasn't the best at holding back most times. She conjured a soft shadow just beneath to take the brunt of her energy in his fall. She just wanted to collide with him and be close once more. The two were now atop her shifting shadow, when the girl pulled herself back up like she was sitting, she clapped her hands. The shadow they had laid on turned to soft black snow. she figured he would find it more comfortable that way.

She fell to the side her back laying on the fresh-formed snow herself, wings dissipating as she dropped. Her hand outreached to the sky as black tendrils coiled around and unfurled her arm. The song among many things made her hyper and hungry.

"Ye were amazing!" She finally said. Took long enough for the words to follow. She let her arms drop so that they lay just above her head. "It was me favorite song tonight." Poor girl had such a goofy grin on her face as she was so ecstatic at the moment. She began to wiggle some to make the snow even more comfier.

The last bit of the song would only play over and over in her mind now that she was still. Every time she heard the "you're mine" play in her thoughts, her face would hurt more and more. The girl wondered if she was red. Black frost creeping her cheeks so that she didn't have to worry about them giving her away.

"I like the animal in ye, but suppose the Daemon in me makes me biased. Seeing as I understand yer hunger and all, but to an extent...I still enjoy it. I came into me guild feeling like I was starving and though I've come a long way and managed to keep meself together. I'm still so hungry, and if I'm honest....I love the sensation of the that hunger. Suppose that's what makes it so hard to fight sometimes but...I can't help but want ta give in. And when I'm accompanied of another being of the dark...it just makes me crave it all the more."

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Michael Winters
He did not know how much fangirling there was happening as he sang for her as he focused on the song and the feeling of it. He didnt want to be distracted and give her like a sub par performance. But before he knew it, when he finished the song, he found himself down once again. He blushed to her reaction and her words. He chuckled "Favourite song. Hah, good one. But this is nothin. Y'know what. How about tomorrow we meet at that bar place. Hopefully I should stay here for a day." he had no idea when the Cristina was leaving Orchidia. Thats why he booked the next day for her. He wanted to show her real music, with all the instruments backing his music

He would notice the black frost on her cheeks and poke it. She was an adorable one. Though soon he'd pay attention to her and not the frost on her.
"Mmm, I would feel good about it, if I didnt have to fear for my life because of the Rune Knights and all the guilds. There are not many werewolves anymore. They're being hunted by everyone, guilds, knights, vampires. Sure people hunt Vampires but we have too many enemies. And not anymore numbers. I fear one day, we might be hunted to extinction. Granted I have met one werewolf. But I smacked the shit out of them" he said and facepalmed. "But they upset me. I try to help, but they do stupid shit." though perhaps he should've been lenient she was a child after all. OKAY, maybe he should've thought about that actually. Still what she did traumatized him. Was he really not good with wording? He'll have to apologize to her. But he's so bad with other werewolves that arent his kin. Maybe he's bad with children and just good with babies. He glanced at Lumikki for a moment and then trailed away with his thoughts


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She grabbed onto his arm and held it in her embrace. Her massive wings shot out and covered the pair once more, not even a sliver of the outside was allowed in. The Daemon nuzzled his arm, sad and frustrated. His fears made sense to her. They were indeed a looming terror. She could see how they would creep in and mar his life, why it would make him entertain his facade.

She herself never really had the fear of being hunted. Soon after becoming a Daemon, she got to join the Dawn and participate in work to calm her hunger. The Heartless Angel and her Uncle could scare almost anyone away. Brone would never have allowed her to be hunted, and yet Michael lived his life knowing that he could be the next of his kind killed.

Tears streamed from her eyes as she was sad to be reminded of the reality. It was just too easy for her to forget. Yet perhaps, with her luxury to get strong and be protected, she could at least extend that comfort to him. As long as he was alive, his kind was alive. As long as he could live peacefully how he liked, she didn't really care what he did.

Her wings dug into the snow, digging deep before pulling him into her. "Long as I breathe, I won't let ye be hunted. As long as I got me wings and me darkness, I'll use it in your favor. If ye ever do find yeself becoming the prey, then I'll simply have to come flying. I already wanted to be a Demon ta tear me father and Yuurei's Seraphim apart. But I think it would please me most getting stronger so ye could also call on me. If the time comes and ye call me name, I'd want to bring the Tundra to yer foes and drag then to the Abyss with me talons....But I don't know how better ta swear this to ye."

She shifted so that she sat on top once more, her wings and darkness never waning for a moment to keep the outside away. This was her little world, her little pocket where he was safe.

She took his hand and placed it over her heart. Pressing it to her chest so that he could feel how strong her heart beats, so he could tell that when she speaks, she never wavers.

"Aye Ùlfr, I'd always fight alongside ye. Whether ye call on me or not. Whether ye break me heart or cast me away. Me wings shall beat for ye and me talons would carve anyone in yer way...." The ice that had crept along her face had long fallen away. Her blushing face was clear to see now, but also was her resolve and her sincerity. There are indeed cruel beings of their kind that deserve to be hunted. But he was not one, and so she would simply have to become the winter herself so she could find peace of mind as she supported him.

"When me other goals are done, this would fittingly replace me motivations so that I never stagnate. I'll simply have to become the force of winter herself to find the peace ta stay within our pack." She smiled at him, somewhat goofily to lighten the mood she helped darken. But also because she couldn't help but smile at him sincerely. She knew his time up here was temporary, that it would break her heart just to see him leave. But as long as he lived, she would always have a wolf to pester. That and the motivation to get strong and turn into a Demon sooner would have to be the only things on her mind when she'll heal the heartbreak. The only thing keeping her going until she was content to travel herself. She grits her teeth from the frustration of the pain to come. Biting her cheek without even realizing it as she was fortifying her resolve. This motivated her more than killing her father ever had. She figured she'd best take advantage of the passion and fervor it granted.

Her eyes glowed purple as she got lost in thought, and her pocket of space got decently chilled.

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Michael Winters
She grabbed onto his arm and held it in her embrace. Once more she covered the two of them with her wings. She rather cutely nuzzled his arm. Though looking at her she seemed sad. He patted her on the head to try and cheer her up. Though he noticed her tears and thats what made his heart skip a bit and be worried. He didnt know what to do
"Hey, dont cry" why was she crying? Because of what he said? Well... made sense he guessed. He didnt think it was cry worthy. It sucked. Or maybe he just did enough crying as a kid that his tears dried out

When she spoke, he softly hugged her and nuzzled the top of her head. He did not have many words to say. He figured it was best he showed his appreciation with gestures and actions because if you over use certain words, they would lose their meaning.

She shifted so that she sat on top once more, he softly chuckled and commented "You really like being on top, dont you?" He would watch as she took his hand and placed it over her heart, which made him blush. Pressing it to her chest so that he could feel how strong her heart beats, so he could tell that when she speaks, she never wavers. He was being a lil red, she could see it clearly. He looked at her eyes, surprised, confused, in awe or shock. There were a flurry of emotions, but the best description was it was like a lost pup was looking at you. When he heard her speak, the certain words had a certain feeling to them. A ping perhaps.
It would sadden him, because he doesnt want to break her heart. He looks away from her "I dont deserve you" he says as he tries to move his hand away from her chest.
He doesnt deserve someone that good. Someone who'd do something like that for him even if he does hurt their feelings and break their heart. No, not at all. What did he do to deserve that? It hurts

He would glance at her and see her bright smile. He would touch her cheek. Cup her face and look at her eyes. His eyes were sadder when he remembered the reality he had. He was in a bubble, but breaking her heart returned him to reality. He was a really shitty wolf. Where was his loyalty, who had it.


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She would grab his hand with both of hers. Her way to make sure he wouldn't that his hand away just yet. And she would just lean into his palm and close her eyes. "Ye know, I always wanted and waited ta see if ye'd ever go on top. Though I think ye've come ta like me on ya too." She would tease before just sinking to the moment of feeling his warmth on her face,humming a song that brought her much comfort and much serenity.

She was afraid she was too much as she always had a tendency for. The Obscura always made her emotions intense. Both her hatred and her passions would flood her entirely. And so she would devote herself to those sensations, almost losing herself in a way. Not by the darkness that she figured would take her, what she held defenses for, no but her own passions and intensities. Her ravenous desires and plights to feel every bit of it for just as long as she ever could.

This became one of her passions. The poor Daemon girl is still too young and naive. She did love the wolf and that would be true, but she never for once considered how it would break her. She never considered the gravity of her convictions and afflictions colliding.  

Thankfully an event like this would usually only happen once. One does not usually pledge themselves more than once often. Not many choose the hel of making the mistake many times. To her, she was one of the girls in the many stories she had read, and if she could work to be the one with the most power in her story, then just maybe she could also be the hero as well.

Who is to say if one is a hero or villain? Life is a series of twists and turns that toss you around more than the chaos from within. Yet Lumikki, a child who never feared the dark, the Abyss, or ever feared she would lose herself to them, now chooses to lose herself to something else entirely. With the conviction of a Dwarf, and the passions granted to her by her mother. She hoped that one day, all that she did would be worth it....

The naive Daemon finally let the wolf's hand go. Cupping his face with both her hands herself. She was usually scared to touch him, worried she would scare him away and lose the warmth she had.

Yes of all the things this Daemon could fear....it was ever scaring him away. Of making him hate her....Not even the pits of the Abyss shook her, but this little intimacy she found, one she thought would be rarer than even herself. She could not bear to ruin it....

"Ye don't deserve the bad things within yer life either. But living ta be a joy in yers would only mean the world ta me. Please let me be the darkness ye run to. The one ye go to when ye need to escape. As the sweet darkness from the primordial mother, I swear ta accept te in all yer forms. With all yer vice and virtues. I ask for nothin in return but yer affections, company, and kindness. So too have darkness ta run to when all I crave is smothering meself away." She leaned forward and kissed him on his forehead and then his nose. Looking to him with a bitter-sweet smile of her own. "Ye know, there's even pleasure in the pain. There is something savory in something that tastes bittersweet. And I too am curious of how strong I am in holding all me pieces together. This was always me own choice. Cutting me off would hurt me more than any rejection ever could. Ye don't ever have ta love me, ye just...please don't abandon me...." Her wings covered her face in an instant. The Daemon obscured in her moment. Her other wings all would open, letting the world from out flood the within. Her darkness coiled around her waist to pull her away. Holding her in the air as her wings would close again with only herself inside. She didn't predict her tears and she dared not risk him seeing them. Not after that! No...not at all. She had to prove herself strong after all. Otherwise, it would all be for not. Otherwise, he really would leave her because he'd figure it was for the best.

She iced herself so fast her tears would freeze, opening one of her wings to let the wolf peek back in. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry. I won't, I won't do that again. I was just nervous. The Obscura, it just got a lil much was all. I'm OK now!" She still hid in her feathers, but she couldn't bear the pain of him seeing right through her.

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Michael Winters
She'd grab his hand with hers. And she'd hold him. He'd listen to her words and to her hum. He'd reply "Oh Lumi. Trust me, I dont think you can handle what happens if I go on top" in a playful but gentle way. Her humming song sounded... introspective, thats the mood he was getting from it. It made him go into a deep thought and question his own sense of loyalty. He loved her, but he also loved the two Pegasi wives. Granted they knew they were an open relationship. Now if that was a closed circle, he'd feel he should devote himself to them. But he wondered, what if they look at another dance partner to satiate themselves. By that logic, he'd be allowed to get Lumikki. But he also believes the deaemoness shouldnt be a 2nd banana. It was a hard position. Or maybe it wasnt hard and he was just a bad person. Truthfully, he couldnt see the ladies he loves be with another man other then himself. Is it possessive to be that way or is it normal to devote yourself to one.

He looked at her as she finally let his hand go. Now she was cupping his face with both her hands herself. She spoke once again, but her words would wound him once more. He cant let someone suffer because of him. Because they care for him. It hurts him so much. Because he cares for someone and his existence causes them pain. There was a certain pain of guilt he had. She even kissed his nose and forehead.
Michael took her hands to remove them from covering her face. He didnt want her to cover her face. Not now. She started to apologize to him. But all he said to cut her off was "Shut up" the next thing was probably the most stupid thing he would do. Or something he'd regret. It was the opposite of anything really. But what he did, was kiss the daemoness on the lips once more and embracing her in his arms.


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Her tears would freely fall again as the wolf embraced her. His lips pressed to hers calmed and quieted her mind. Her wings would envelop them once more but with time the frost in them would shimmer like stars.

She agreed with him, perhaps it was time to shut up. She said all that she needed to say and all that was left to echo in her mind was "I love you".

She clung back to the wolf and poured all the lobe she had into their kiss. Figuring it would be the last and ultimate thing that she could do to prove to him what she felt. Savoring a moment she thought would be the last of its kind.

It was all bittersweet....

But the Daemon chose to focus on only the sweet once more. She slid her hands back up to his face, pulling him even more into her. When the kiss would break, she would gently kiss all around his face with her peaks slowly. Giving a lingering kiss on his forehead to stop her from moving on. She was fighting the urge to go further with all her being, black frost flowers would even begin to sprout and bloom from beneath them and the air would chill. She let the temper drop more figuring it could cool them off, if she couldn't pull away then maybe the cold could slow them down.

Lumi nuzzled his neck as her cold would dance around them. Her darkness would cling and coil around her too, her emotions so charged that her magic couldn't help but leak out of her. Her wings would too freeze nearly solid, and she would pull away from his neck to just look at him. Just to see his eyes.

She took a deep breath. Her body was still so much hotter than she could bear. She fought her hunger, she fought her talons, she fought herself.

But the man gave her kindness and she would not make him regret it. She touched the wall that was her wing, looking at it as it all crumbled into dust now flying in the wind. Freeing him from her cold pocket.

She pulled away and walked off to stand at her table. Looking off to the sky above. Letting her black frost incase her once more but this time as a temporary prison. To freeze herself in place so that for the moment. She would not bother him anymore. The frost had inched um her toes first and they were now at her thigs.

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Michael Winters
The kiss was something the could not put into words. Both decided to just shut up and let their actions speak louder than words on how they felt. Both poured what they had into it. And both in a way reluctantly let go. He knew if they didnt stop, he'd just go further.

She nuzzled him and he nuzzled her back. But eventually the two had to stop and let go. He took a moment to regain his breath and he'd watch her as she'd walk over to the ice table she made. At this point he really didnt know what to do. What can he say to make her feel good? It was all so bittersweet. He'd eventually wake up and walk over to her. But he still didnt know what to do. He gently placed his hand on her shoulder and just softly and even longingly looked at her. What do they do now? He just wanted to make her happy.
"How are you?" he finally speaks


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”I’m so hungry and I’m too hot to bear. No matter how cold I make it….I can’t cool off.” She looked over to him and gave him a sweet smile. Only full of love for she had no sadness left. Only hunger and desire. ”Won’t be able to hold the blizzard back ye know. If ye leave now ya could miss it.”

The frost was to her sides. Her finger tips were beginning to encase as well. Soon and for a moment. She could be a statue. And once he was gone, she could let her blizzard go. Rage within the forest as it will only be her. And hunt within the night to shed her frustrations alone.

But she didn’t want to be alone….this was getting harder than she could handle. She rather the pain to the loneliness. She rather be with him for as long as she could before he was gone for good. She swallows her storm with a big inhale. And shed her black frost coating just enough to move again. It still crept her skin, just with no intent to trap her within.

”I changed me mind, I have no interest in blizzards. I just wanna be with ye for as long as I could.” She walked to the edge and sat herself down. Grabbing his hand to play with his fingers. ”I’m try to be good cause I know ye conflicted.” She took his fingers and nibbled on them gently. She wanted to sink her teeth in something so bad. She’d look out from time to time to see if there were game to kill.

”What’s yer favorite thing ya hunt?” She was trying to pushing the conversation so he wouldn’t be pained. All the while she still mindlessly nibbled. Her eyes shifting into the night for prey and right up at his eyes. Her question got even her curious. What did she like to hunt most? She figured it was the fools that flocked to her. The ones that meant her harm and annoyance. She enjoyed feigning fragility.

But for the first time in perhaps ever. She was actually fragile in someone’s grasp. It was an odd sensation. Looking up to someone that could be a danger to you. It shook her in the moment. Make her feel weaker than she did. She mindlessly dragged his hand to her throat, curious what it felt like to be prey, and zoned out as she gave the sensation thought.

There was a discomfort in feeling you could lose it all. But the thrill go push back with all you had was also pleasing she concluded. Perhaps it was nice to take a break from being the hunter and sink for time to time as the prey. Yet not many ever would make her feel as such, and not many she would allow of it to. Hmpt her hunger only grew, and the frost would creep his fingers for it.

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Michael Winters
She gave him her answer and soon enough she got encased in ice. He at first thought she was fine, she sounded happy and she smiled. But then the ice cacoon came and he didnt know what to do. He would slowly approach the frozen Lumikki and lightly knock on her face. He didnt know what to do. Which was becoming a recurring topic in his mind. She spoke of this heat she was feeling. And at this point there was only one thing that came to his mind as to what this heat was. It was perhaps a more literal heat. Not the temperature kind but the animal kind. He didnt know, could demons be in heat? His thoughts might be heretical, but perhaps she has the urge to....

He shook his head and thats when Lumikki was not encased in ice anymore where she said she changed her mind about the blizzard. She said she'll try to be good because she saw he was conflicted and that breathed a sigh of relief. She started to play with his fingers and nibble him. He found that so cute. If only he could make her happy more.

She asked him what was his favourite thing to hunt "Favourite ever? Human. As werewolf, deer or elk." or any big and meaty prey. He noticed she moved his hand to her throat. For a moment he wondered why she did that. But with the whole contextual clues that they were talking about a hunt and prey. He figured she was always the hunter and strangely wanted to know the sensation of being a prey. So he got a mischevious idea and grabbed her by the throat and pinned her down.
With a grin he said "Boo. I'm finally on top of you" he eased his grip on her throat and let go of her neck


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"Hmmmm humans are me fav as well, especially the fools that think me a weak target..."She was so zoned out that the push back too her off guard. It snapped her out of her thoughts but it also snapped the last thing that held her back. She wasn't thinking too much about it anymore. Her face and thoughts all ablaze. She touched her neck for a moment, her eyes beginning to shine the brightest of purple. The shadows coiled the pair, its edges frosting.

Lumikki's wings unfurled once more as she charged at the wolf once more. Pushing him back to her pile of snow, the to crashed in and sunk somewhat into it. There she was on top once more, whose to say if she didn't enjoy being on that bottom in that moment, or that she didn't like to lose? Who is to say she enjoyed it more than she hand often winning out before.

She held herself up to look back down to him, biting her lip as she did. Looking into his eyes and looking over his features once more. Before she could realize, she bit her lip so hard it would bleed. She didn't feel it though, only tasted it. She licked them before she leaned in for a kiss of her own. The first she ever initiated for herself and with that, she was more passionate than she had been before. Letting her love and lust pour into one. She wanted the ebb and flow, the win and lose, the song and dance with him. She grabbed his face to only pull him deeper. Breaking away only to kiss his cheeks down to his neck, lightly biting at his throat in her attempt to hold back. She didn't want to hurt him like she did with the others.

Her hands would only claw and tear into his shirt.

She pulled back in a moment when she could to look him over again, her hands now clawing at her own throat. She took his hand into hers once more and nibbles his fingers before eventually biting at his hand enough to hurt only a little bit.

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Michael Winters
They both agreed that humans were the weakest and yet best target. They were too smug and their numbers needed to be culled. He wished he could, but cant. For now he just played, cat and mouse with a birdie. What he didnt expect was that she would this time do the initiative as she pushed him down to be back on top. This time she initiated a kiss and it was as passionate as ever. He held her in his arms as the two kissed once more. But between the kiss and the moan, he spoke "MMmm, we shouldnt...if we do, I wont be able to control myself" before continuing the kiss once more pressing himself against her

She broke the kiss, but only to kiss his cheeks down to his neck, lightly biting at his throat. He enjoyed the kisses, but felt his own animal urge grow more. It was at that point he was starting to lose that self control he had. He'd notice her hands would only claw and tear into his shirt. When she pulled back to look at him, thats when he took off his shirt. There she could finally see his guild mark where he said it was.
She took his hand into hers once more and nibbles his fingers before eventually biting at his hand enough to hurt only a little bit. He flinched a bit at the light hurt. Unaware though why does she like to bite at him. He thought that was a werewolf only thing. But perhaps she tried to emulate that


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He flinched and she liked it. It made her hunger even more. She ran her hands across his chest finally feeling his skin for herself. The warmth only rushed into her. She was already too hot as it was, but she liked the sensation. She wanted all the heat he could spare.

She ran her hand over her his guild mark, lightly clawing it so the just broke skin. She was annoyed to see it, she was more it would take him.

She leaned back forward and went back to kissing his throat so she would not have to see it anymore. Holding his face in her hand to pull it away. Her other hand ran up his thigh.

She was passed words. Nothing could escape her mouth now even if she wanted to speak. She didn't even have anything on her mind left to say besides "I'm yours..." Thinking back to the song he had sung. The animal that he was. Wolf that was usually the one to hunt.

Poor girl was fried and frazzled. She never had to hold back so much before and all in one time. She did her best but she couldn't anymore. It wasn't in the nature of a Daemon to BE good. And so she finally lost her side of the battle.

"I'm yours...I'm yours..." She would continue to mumble. Whispering it in the wolfs ear. Nuzzling at his throat. Pulling his hands to feel her too.

The lil raven proclaimed herself to her big bad wolf.

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Michael Winters
He could feel her cool hands on his skin. Her hand would trail over to his arm, just below his shoulder where his guild mark was. She clawed at it lightly. Her dislike for the mark was clear. Whether she had beef with the guild or just the fact that he was there, was unknown to him. But he'd gently take that hand and move it away from his arm so she wouldnt claw at him there.

So she leaned back forward and went back to kissing his throat, he closed his eyes and relaxed as he held her. Though he'd open his eyes when he'd feel where one of her hands was going. Oho, so she was going there was she? He didnt expect the bird to be so bold and move so close to the jewels.

Then she said those words that sent a shiver down his spine. He felt that he would have no control from here on out. He'd start to kiss her and make out with her. Grabbing her and carrying her over to that icy table that she made before. The raven wanted to see what would happen when the wolf gets on top. Well he'd oblidge and show her a world of pleasure
"I hope you're ready for what comes next, because I wont and cant go easy. Not now, Im all... riled up" he said and would proceed to have a time with a raven. A wolf and a raven

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