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Bringing Them Home (Kaito/Brone)

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Yuurei had been healed by his mother. His wound had been closed nicely and he felt as good as he could under the circumstances. He would smile as his mother would hug him dearly and his father joined in on the action. Renji would look at Nimbus, and the Exceeds would cry because of the loss of Kailani and because they were grateful to be reunited. They would hug it out knowing Revy was in on this as well. The Nephilim would smile as he would see Kaito there waiting for him to get his lazy ass up. Of course, Brone was there as well, which meant they both had taken out the men they were fighting.

“You got revenge for all of us, Kaito.” He said as he looked over to Brone.

“Thanks for listening to me and handling that vampire on your own.” He said as he had known his friend was just as strong as them.

Yuurei would get up from where he was as he would free his mother and his father from the chains that had bound them to this place.

[colro=cyan]“Let’s take you back home. I also have to tell Kailani’s father what happened to her.”[/color] He said to his parents.

They knew what had happened to her, which was sad that it had occurred. They would leave Ansem’s home and they would make their way through the forest. The group was heading in the direction of where the wood elves lived. He knew how to get there, but so did his mother. His father felt weak, but he used everything he had to get out of this place.

Caerwyn would notice that the small man had been holding a wound for quite some time. She would use her abilities and she would heal him while they walked around the village. When they got within the walls of the elf village, they would be alerted, but when they saw who it was, they would be surprised. They had no words for what they saw, and they couldn’t believe the young boy who had been outcasted by his community had gone and saved his family in the end.

They would look at the princess and they would kneel down as they were grateful that she was alive. When they got into her home, the parents would sigh with relief and start crying with joy as they took a seat on a chair.

“It seems like they’ve made sure the house stood clean while we were away.” She said as she would wipe the tear off her face.

“You must have a lot to ask of us Yuurei. What do you want to know?” Elijah asked.

“You guys can just tell me who I am, and who you guys are, and your history. I just want to get to know you guys better is all.” He said to them as they were happy to do that.

Renji and Nimbus would be together as he had been telling Nimbus everything he and Yuurei had been doing since they had left Blue Pegasus.



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Kaito not wearing a mask just looked at Yuurei glad that the mans mother was able to pull them back. "Yeah getting that revenge was almost my own death he had a special dagger that would swap the damage across from the damaged to the one they stabbed with the dagger, lucky I still have this belt that makes my skin like steel or you guess might have seen him show up." Kaito rubbed the back of his head as he knows that was a cop out and him down playing himself but he didn't really think he had done a lot but there was not a lot that he could do about it now. Kaito had let Revy out to be with her friends as Kaito stretches his arms and he walked following them and he wondered where they were going as he didn't think that he knew this area.

As they walked into the city he looked at all the elves and he heard them speaking in their native tongue which he knew and spoke himself and he heard something about royalty. He hears a few of them judging Kaito and Brone as they went and Kaito smiles at them which seems to make them stop talking for the moment and he simply says something in their tongue. "Better watch your tongue lest you lose it from it wagging." They went pale at him saying such a thing to them and the hurry off and Kaito sees that the party in front of him had stopped to heal someone and Kaito catches up to them as they walked into a bigger place and he looked around as this was an odd sight and he guessed that they were in Yuurei's home? He had no idea put the place looked fancy like some kind of noble family and he guessed that was why Yuurei was so strong he hand noble blood so some of his potential must have come from there and he wonders, if it was right that he had followed them into the place.

He tries his best not to touch anything or to risk getting anything dirty as he was sure that if he messed this place up at all the staff he hand only seen blurs of as he had walked would probably have his ass for messing up the clean place and he makes sure he doesn't get in the staffs way as they chattered about what they were doing but a maid looked at Kaito and tilted her head and Kaito wondered why she looked familiar to him and he couldn't place her as he had been away from awhile but he is guessing that he must have met her somewhere on his adventures but now was not the time to worry about it and he lets his hood down and he wonders where Revy had went to, but she had went and joined the other two exceeds to share stories and to talk about all that had happened.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had made his way further into the castle structure, following the hall that he remembered all too well. He could remember himself, Yuurei and Kailani running this direction towards the throne room where Ansem waited along with Yuurei's bound parents. He could still hear the echoes of Kailani's voice in his memory. Instead of running, the wounded dwarf staggered his way to his destination. Given that he could no longer hear the sounds of combat, he was sure the conclusion had come, but his nerves were keeping his heart from relaxing. His memory brought up the image of Yuurei's dying form, the light in his eyes nearly went out.

When stumbling in through the throne-room doors, he found Yuurei embracing his freed parents and Kaito nearby looking free of any damage. A great sigh of relief came to the dwarf; they finally did it, Ansem was defeated and Kailani was avenged. Seeing Nimbus in a cat embrace with the other exceeds, had nearly brought a tear to Brone's eyes; all that was left of Kailani was Nimbus, who was thankfully safe. Yuurei thanked the dwarf; Brone suspected his guild master knew well that he was reluctant to let Kaito handle Kailani's killer. He shrugged and gave his friend a smile, simply shrugging it off as if it was nothing to worry about, despite the fact it did indeed bother him initially, but at this point in time, he was free of any negative emotion... all was well.

Eventually, everyone made their way out of the vampire's lair, and made their way towards the elven village within the forest. Walking made it difficult for the dwarf, but he did his best to hide his best as he continued to press his hand against his wound, but he didn't do well in his task, for Yuurei's mother halted him for a moment to use her magic to heal his wound. Brone, blushing due to embarrassment, felt a bit awkward, but the warmth he felt from the magic calmed him soon after as the wound closed up. "Thank ye" is all he said to the mother of his friend before they hurried to catch up with everyone else.

When they arrived at the village, Brone was amazed to see how an elf society was; floating whisps of light filled the air, the trees were like elegant building structures. Everything was either a shade of glowing blue or green as if the group had entered a land of dreams. It was better than the stories he had heard when he was a kid; now he had a story to tell his clan when he returns home for a visit.

They reached Yuurei's parents' home and they were all greeted well. Brone was surprised to see that Yuurei and his parents were treated like royalty, though Kaito and Brone were looked at oddly by the surrounding elves, which Brone understood well. From what he heard, elves usually kept to themselves and were very wary of outsiders, something elves and dwarves had in common; so Brone would give a friendly head-nod to onlooking elves every now and then.

When hearing Yuurei ask of his parents, Brone was amazed that he knew little of his own history, though he did remember Yuurei explaining to him that he was separated from his parents when he was very young, all due to Ansem. Now all of that was in the past and the half-elf could finally get his answers.



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Yuurei had heard what Kaito had gone through. He was glad that his friend had made it out alive, and when Yuurei’s mother heard this she would tend to Kaito’s wounds. She would start healing him without a problem as she was happy to help him.

The berserker didn’t pay mind to anybody that he didn’t know. He didn’t live in this house basically his entire life. He moved into Kailani’s house and it would seem like the people here had kept this place clean in hopes of Yuurei’s return. His father would clear his throat though as he figured he would start with himself.

“Well, I’m originally from Joya. Yes, Yuurei I’m not from Fiore, but from Joya. I come from a family that has created mythical and mythical items throughout our generation. That means you have come from a bloodline of men and women who can create amazing and one-of-a-kind items.” He said with a smile on his face.

He was actually surprised to hear this but stood quiet as his father didn’t stop there.

“Yes, because of this our family can use any type of weapon we want and it wouldn’t feel foreign to us. Which is why I became a ronin and started exploring the world. When I got to Fiore, I was attacked and left for dead. Your mother here had found me in the forest and took care of me. It was one of the many reasons why I fell in love with her.” He took a pause again as Yuurei waited quietly.

“When she took care of me back to full health, it would seem like she felt the same for me, and she had lost everything. Her family told her she couldn’t be with them if I was around, so they got her a place by the edge of the forest. That is why we live here and not somewhere else. So yes, as you might have noticed you have royal blood within you.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim was surprised to hear this, and his mother would walk away from Kaito as she had fully done the best she could to heal him. She did notice the cursed that he had, and she wondered if she wanted him to cure that. She wasn’t sure if he would let her, so she ignored it as she looked at her beautiful boy.

“I’m so happy to see you’re alive my baby boy. But to add to what your father said. You are of royal blood, but I’m happy you were not raised like one. I can see you’re different than I would have ever hoped for. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. Now that you’ve brought us home I will get things situated here, and things will be different here okay? So I want you to go back to your guild with your friends and get situated there.” She said to him.

Yuurei’s eyes widen when he heard that because he didn’t want to go.

“But I just got you guys back.” He said.

His mother would look at him with a smile on her face.

“I’m glad you want to stay here with us, but we aren’t going anywhere. You can come back later. We also need to tell Kailani’s father the bad news, and I know you don’t want to be here for that.” She said to him.

Yuurei would sigh and he would nod agreeing with her before hugging them and looking at the guys.

Nimbus would tell them that he would stay behind with Yuurei’s parents and meet Kailani’s father and then maybe he would head to the Paradise Dawn Guild to live there. Renji understood this and he would hug his best friend before running off to Yuurei’s side.

“Kaito if you can take us back to the guild please.” He said to his friend hoping he would do just that.



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The wood elf maid looked around before she came closer to the man and she wondered if he was actually the man she knew and that the high elf that had trained her hadn't passed on as it was abnormal to see Kaito be close to people but he had come back with the young master and a dwarf which to here sounded like it was out of some kind of book a human, a angel and a dwarf go on a mighty quest. She giggle to herself as she thought about the odd mix of people that had come into the home along with the three cats that could speak and walk on two feet that were dressed oddly out of season for when they were. "Hello sir and honored guest of the home my name is Evie do you remember me?"

Before Kaito could answer Yuurei's mother had walked over and started healing him but he wasn't hurt really as none of it left a mark on him as his belt stopped piercing attacks his armor and shield had taken the other blows so it wasn't a big deal in the least and he over heard them talking about how Yuurei was royal blood Kaito had seen that coming and the elf maid had backed up because the woman of the house had drawn close and she was a newer hire here in the home while the master and madam had not been around so she feared that she would get into trouble if she spoke out of turn and to someone above her station.

Kaito looked at the elf maid looking scared and he smiled. "I have been a lot of places and I have to admit i have taken a far about of bumps so my memory probably isn't the best but i feel the last time I saw you was before my grandmother took me out to better train me on missions and dealing with the people at large. You were the crying little wood elf girl in the tree that i helped?" The elf maids face goes red from ear to ear as that had indeed been her but that is not what he wanted him to remember about her and she scurries off to get back to work and the head butler looked to Kaito and Kaito waved at him and the butler simply shook his head with a small laugh.

The woman had finished what ever healing she had done then he heard Yuurei call out for him to open the portal back home to Paradise Dawn and Kaito swipes his hand and he opens a portal that will lead them back to the guild and to home where they belong and really should return to though Kaito feels that he might be in trouble with the mass female members of the guild for him walking into the wrong bath as the debris from the fighting had obscured the markers for which was which and he had just walked in to one with out a second thought and that might have lead to him becoming enemy number one of every female member. Once they are through he follows them as he thought maybe Yuurei was going to stay back with his family for a bit Rey had went through the portal with him returning to the guild Yuurei knew and loved and had pretty much risen from the grund after the old master had ditched it.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone stood within the main room along with his team as Yuurei engage with his father of their history. Though the dwarf normally would lose patience and get bored from stories that lacked battle and danger, he was invested in Yuurei's past, for years he had wondered who this half-elf was and what brought him about. As Yuurei's father explained his own origins, Brone realized the obvious; that the man was full human, despite the obvious facial features and the build of his body was wider than the slender elves that make up the entirety of the village.

The story was interesting to Brone, especially the fact that Yuurei's paternal history is connected to weapon smiths; if that was the case, then the half-elf should be able to wield an array of weaponry. The dwarf wanted to barge into the conversation and convince Yuurei to add more weapons to his arsenal instead of just the gauntlet-types, but he did his best to hold his tongue, trying to not interrupt the father-son bonding time that Yuurei had not received for all the years he was away from his family.

To hear that Yuurei's maternal side is of royalty was surprising to the dwarf; he was surely impressed and it was obvious from his shuffling that Brone was trying to contain his excitement, some of the elves that were onlooking chuckled, some witnessing a dwarf for the first time. Though it did sadden Brone to hear that Yuurei's mother was sent to the edge of the forest, it did made him wonder how big was the elven nation if the town they were in was considered 'small'. Brone had walked over to Yuurei and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, letting him know that he no matter what, everyone was alright and happy.

Eventually, the meeting was over and Yuurei's parents were ushering him home, despite Yuurei's reluctancy. Kaito was asked to open up a portal home. Brone, excited to return home, had gave a deep bow to Yuurei's parents, especially now that he knew they were practically royalty, before turning about to see Kaito's Here-and-there magic conjuring a portal. The dwarf gave one last smile before exiting through the portal after Kaito.

In the next moment, Brone found himself in a warm area filled with steam. The screams of women in towels threw off the dwarf. He realized he was in the women's bath area. A quick look around and he found Kaito making his way to the exit, so he quickly followed behind him.

"Two nights in a row, Kaito!" Brone caught up to the dragon slayer, "Two nights in a row you got me looking like a perv" he grumbled as he did his best to nonchalantly walk beside Kaito, trying his best to not look suspicious as two male guild members ran past them, heading towards the women's bath, trying to see what was causing the ruckus. Hopefully Yuurei and get himself out of the situation.

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Yuurei and Renji would look at Kaito’s portal and he would smile at him. He was glad that his friend had done this for them. He would enter it and it wouldn’t take long, but he would notice that they had entered another bath house. He would just look at the area around him and he knew where they were. He would walk out of the area as he would hear the screaming of women around the place. He wasn’t going to be caught in here, and Yuurei would hear Brone’s words and he would laugh at him.

It would seem like this was the second time this had happened. The Nephilim would smile at his friends as he was glad they were here. The berserker would look at them as he walked around.

“I’m really glad that you guys were here.” He said to them as he would start crying a bit.

He would turn around as he was walking to the guild hall. He figured that they would celebrate everything that they had accomplished today. He moved through the place as he would wipe the tears from his face. Renji would look at him and he understood why he was crying.

“It sucks that she is truly gone, but we did what we could do to make sure that they could never do anything to the innocent people in this world again.” He said to him as he would make it to the guild hall.

The people there would look at the group that was there, and they would see that they were strong and healthy. They could see that the war that was going on throughout the North had been over. They would see that their Guild master was crying a bit, and he would finish wiping his tears. He would clear his throat for a bit as he looked at everyone.

“Let’s throw a party and celebrate the defeat of Ansem, and everyone associated with him.” He shouted out loud and everyone would yell and they would start drinking.

He would have someone come toward him with a drink and Yuurei took it from them. He would down the glass right away as he would exhale from taking it. The berserker would look at Kaito and Brone and figured he would talk to them for a few.

“So, what are your plans now that we finished dealing with the problem in the North and rescuing my parents?” He asked them wondering what they would say.

Renji would make his way to the counter and he would take a seat he looked at everyone as they were enjoying themselves right now.



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Kaito was at a loss at how they had found themselves back in this place he guesses his worries about the women of the guild probably going to want his head for that mistake the other night must have effected where the portal had lead them to. He had hurried out of the room as this is not where he was to even have come out and he was mad at himself. "I guess I lost focus and the end randomized location in the place my bad truly but at least you probably get the pick of the litter if you want to go back and ask loudly if any of them wants to be your drinking partner for the rest of the day." He laughed softly as he was joking and he walks "Where else would I have been? I am the doomed mage of dimensional fates." He was joking again but the way he said it made him wonder if maybe there was something wrong with him.

Kaito isn't sure how he feels about having a party but he guessed that this is just Yuurei's way of cheering himself up and trying to get the spirits of the guild up after they were fully attacked but they had held their ground and then the three of them set forth and took care of all the vampires that were trying to take down Yuurei's guild and trying to attack places in the north. Kaito was going to probably just stay on the edge of the party as he was not sure if there were just going to be glares at him as he was an outsider and he had made that whoopsy the other night which probably has him on a watch list from the female members of the guild. Yuurei's question about what he will do kind of caught Kaito off guard as he hadn't thought about what he would do next after this.

"I have not the slightest clue maybe I will return to wondering as I always do or maybe I will find something else that is in need of my help hard to tell." Kaito really didn't have an answer as at this point he was a shell of himself and there were a great many thing going on around the world and he was not going to just go looking for trouble but Kaito knows trouble usually comes looking for him. He looked around at the people that were already drinking and cheering and he wondered why even with people around he feels alone, he can see his friends but it feels like there is a barrier of his own making that keeps him behind the glass like a beast in an exhibit isolated. He knows that this feeling isn't right but it is just how he lived his life and did what he could to help those while not getting close or letting them in.

Revy walked around the area and she wondered if this place was really okay but it looked like most of the repairs are done or at least at a glance they seemed close to finished she just hopes that they don't have to see another threat like that again in the near future and that they can find some peace and quiet in the future to just enjoy without risk of the roof coming down on their heads as they party into the night probably.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone looked back to see that Yuurei had caught up relatively quick, though not without being yelled at by one of the women. The dwarf couldn't help but laugh; what a way to end a serious situation. The night was done, Ansem was defeated and Yuurei's parents were saved and at the end of it all, they were welcomed home as 'Pervs' instead of heroes.

Yuurei caught Brone's attention as he noticed the half-elf was tearing. It was a rare sight to see him cry since the guild leader was always so optimistic of things. "Aye, me too, my friend" he patted Yuurei on the shoulder and was going to pat Kaito on his shoulder, but hesitated as he usually does with him; their first meeting, Kaito had told him that he was cursed, so the dwarf reframed from making any physical contact with him, though at times when Kaito himself makes physical contact with him, nothing bad seems to happen to him, but even then, Brone preferred to be careful.

They reached the guild mess hall and was greeted by the guild members who were still awake this late in the evening. Yuurei had called for a celebration for the defeat of Ansem and the rescue of his parents, so drinks were being poured and passed around. Brone was excited and grabbed the largest mug of ale that was available and began to drink heavily. There was a moment he spotted the nurse who had locked eyes with him from across the room. "Oh no" the dwarf began to quickly walk away as the nurse was trying to chase him so she can perform a check up on him.

"Sir Brone, I see you have a wound!" She called to him.

"It's healed, lass, leave me to my drink" Brone said as he continued to try and evade her.

"Magical healing doesn't fix everything" She called as she continued to chase him, but eventually she caught up to him and grabbed onto one of his four thick arms. Though Brone knew she wasn't strong enough to hold him down, he didn't want to even struggle with the young lady, so he gave in a sat at table close to Yuurei and Kaito while he was inspected. He drank from his mug heavily, not intending on letting it go.

When Yuurei asked what the plans were now that the vampire king was done for, Brone had thought for a moment, "I guess continue to protect the north region as a guardian and get stronger, nothing else for me to do, very simple and very straight forward" Brone said before he finished his drink and gestured to the bartender to send him a refill.

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Yuurei would hear his friends speak. It would seem like Kaito was planning on just wandering around and allowing things to proceed as they always have. He smiled at him as he knew there wasn’t anything that would bring this man to join Paradise Dawn. He figured Kailani would want them to be able to be in the same group together. Still, he couldn’t say the words, he wanted Kaito to be a part of them because he chose to and not because he felt forced.

“I hear you, well you know you are always welcome here. You have friends and family here, so don’t forget that Kaito.” He said this as the others would hear it.

They would cheer as they raised their glass to what Yuurei said about Kaito. It was then he would look over to Brone and his friend speak. He chuckled as he shook his head; Brone was indeed a very simple person and he didn’t expect any crazy answer from him.

“Yes, you keep doing that Brone. I know with you staying in the North, I don’t have much to worry about.” He said to him as he everybody would agree to those words.

They knew that these three standing here, were monsters in their own right. They didn’t understand how these three become so monstrous, but they were abnormal and the guild was glad that they had good intentions for Fiore.

“As for me I will continue to better the North. I plan to make sure that we cannot be bothered, and only idiots would dare to mess with us.” He said to everyone as they would shout out loud to his words.

Yuurei would get another drink as he had finished his. He would take his drink and he hid the wound that he had gotten from Ansem from the nurse. It was then another one had gotten close to Yuurei. She would shake her head, and he would chuckle as he was caught.

“You need your wounds treated. It will be for the best trust me.” She said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would rub the back of his head with his free hand, and he would nod understanding her words.

“Understood.” He said to her.

She would treat his wounds to the best of her abilities and while she was doing that, he would be drinking. He would sense someone else approaching him, and he would smile when he saw who it was. He was holding two letters and he would stop in front of his guild master.

“These came in for you.” He said to him as he presented him with two letters.

Yuurei would take them and the man would walk away. Yuurei would put his drink down and he would read the letters. It would seem like the nobles in the North wanted to meet with him. It would seem like they wanted to create chaos within the North. He would shake his head because he just shouted about how he wanted to make the North peaceful. They would need to be stopped soon, so they couldn’t do that.

The next letter came from Reign. It would seem like he wanted to see Yuurei and discuss the future of the North as well. This was interesting and he didn’t think this man was a bad person. He figured he would hear what King Reign had to say. He would make his decision and he would go see the king. Still, first, he was going to enjoy the night with the people within his guild. He was happy it was all over.



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Kaito of course stayed to the outer side of the party as he had no interest in getting caught up in the middle of a drunken brawl or some poor fucker trying to hit him with a sucker punch and finding out what it is like to get folded like a table and left to cry with over half their teeth missing. Kaito sighs as he is not sure what to even do from here and he wonders if maybe he should start walking the world looking for love or companionship from a woman or if he should just go on a cruise and just not bother being a guild member for a bit and take some actual time off and not that time where he ends up doing quests or solving problems while he is on the resting parts of the time off. He doesn't even know what women may even of a interest in him but he guesses that he could find that out as he goes and he wonders if maybe someone might confess to him.

His hopes for this are very low as he is not really a catch and he is not really personable enough to draw a woman's eye so he will just need to accept that he needs to not push his luck and just let it all go normally and at it's own pace so that there is no regrets on his part and he doesn't wish to make a woman jaded at him for what he did to try to court them. He feels like this is not what there is to doing it all but he watched the part goers and he hopes that they get to live long and party and enjoy themselves and soon after he sees Yuurei get some letters then take off and now Kaito had to wonder what could have pulled Yuurei away from the party and why did he had that strange look on his face. Kaito doesn't follow after him as he figured that it was just something that Yuurei was going to have to handle and he had to just let him handle it.

Revy went around and helped people get drinks and food as well as ice and bandages for any wounds and things that they might have endured from the long struggles against the vampires from just the other day as they were all brave if not just some of them stupid.
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Brone Heavyaxe
Though they were discussing of their plans, Brone had no worry concerning separating from his friends. Kaito is a traveler and it is reflected in his magic, but the dwarf was sure the dragon slayer would soon arrive to visit or to help in a dire situation if need be as he always did. Yuurei is the guild leader who aims to better the northern region, which more than likely included politically. As for the dwarf, he had no idea what he aimed to do, but it didn't bother him; his clan had always focused on stability in a certain area. Brone was good at being a protector of the Northern region, so that is what he will continue to do until otherwise.

Another drink was delivered to him after his wound was checked and patched up, though he figured the check-up wasn't needed since the wound was barely a visible scar; he felt no pain or ache. Regardless, he put the thought to the side as he downed another drink with a few gulps, getting cheers from nearby guild members who also wanted to join in on the celebration.

"Oi, Sir Brone, I heard you've been bursting into the women's bath" one of the guild members, a tall martial warrior was already tipsy and decided to burst out the statement in a chuckle.

"That Yuurei and Kaito, and if ye want to file a complaint, just talk to them" Brone laughed as he pointed to Kaito and Yuurei. A number of the guild members jokingly pulled away from their direction, practically stating that no one dared to complain to the powerful heroes who had just defeated an army of vampires in just a few days.

Within just a few moments, Brone was called to detail the story of their adventure. "Oh, I don't know if ye lot really want to hear this bearded fellow go on about such a traumatic evening" he joked as he gestured them to leave him be, but he couldn't hold himself back as he then kicked over a chair, standing up, "So there we were, bursting through the trees and into a clearing where several handful of vampires awaited; though they were guarding the gates to the town well, they didn't expect an angel, a dragon slayer, and a four-arm dwarf to come by and start tossing heads!" he started flexing all four of his arms as he began telling the story of their nights. He would go into detail about his own fights, and would do his best to exaggerate Yuurei and Kaito's parts where he himself wasn't witness to it, but he was sure he was close to the truth in some aspect. Brone was too busy telling the story and catching a good portion of the guild's attention that he didn't notice Yuurei receiving a message.

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