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The Final Battles (Kaito/Brone)

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It was a new day and the rest that came alongside sleeping was heaven-sent. It was evening now and it would seem like things would be getting in their way. The Nephilim had prepared himself as he had worn the gear necessary for this fight. He had his school bag and his gauntlets on. His cape flew around waiting to see if it would need him. He had his helmet under his arm as he would look over at Renji. His Exceed was ready and waiting for him as he would climb onto Yuurei’s shoulder and gave him the thumbs up when he was ready.

“Let’s go end this once and for all.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would nod and agree with him as he would make his way to the outside of the guild hall. He had already sent messengers to Brone and Kaito and where they were going to be meeting. He wasn’t going to be waiting for anybody until he was out in front of the forest. He would fly into the air with the use of his cape and he would soar straight toward the Deep Green. He wasn’t sure what was waiting for him there, but he was prepared.

The group had destroyed Ansem’s army, and once they were done with him, it would be over for the group of vampires that lived under one being. If he lost, then he would die knowing that he had to make this Vampire Lord start from scratch to build up his army again. These were the thoughts that had gone through his head, but he felt like everything would be fine. He wanted to rescue everybody in that castle and make sure that he could not live to do something like this again.

It wouldn’t take long, but he would find himself around the Deep Green. He would descend from the sky as he was near the entrance to the forest. He would see the trees moving around as if they were sentient beings and were forming a path for Yuurei to walk through.

“We wait for the guys to show up and then we go in as a group. I’m not what is waiting for us in that castle. So no room for silly mistakes.” He said to Renji.

Renji would hear him and he would nod agreeing with Yuurei.

“Yeah, let’s get this done, so we can get our family back.” He said as they were excited, anxious, and nervous to do this.



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Kaito having slept well finds his way to the meeting point and this time he was going to be as serious as he could be and he holds a fox mask in his hand not wearing it on his face as this was the time to use this mask and not wear his normal more blank faced mask. Revy tailing behind him knowing what that mask is for and how Kaito gets while wearing it and it felt like the power in Kaito was starting bleed out a little which to Revy meant that he was probably just about ready to fight but she isn't sure this vampire master has much left in their stronger army and probably none that could stand up to the three monsters that are heading their way at least.

Kaito plays with the mask in his hand as he made it to the meeting point and he looks at Yuurei and he wonders where Brone is as it was strange to see Yuurei without Brone standing by his side holding his dwarven self up with a mighty air filling pride and justice that just some times might feels a bit bitter sweet of a thought as they are going against something that had given them trouble but last time it was Yuurei, Brone and Kailani, this time it was Yuurei, Brone and Kaito vs this threat and what ever else it might carry and the things that they might have seen Kaito is unsure if this is the right choice or if this may lead to his dead end but he guessed he couldn't think of better people to die fighting beside than these two if he had a choice.

Kaito is going to hold on as long as he can if he can help it as he needs to make sure that they reach the end of the fight before he falls to the hands of the vampires as their leader dies and Yuurei gets the revenge for the three of them just before the darkness over takes Kaito and that was not going to be something that Kaito is going to take lightly as he knows they need this to help Kailani's spirit rest in peace even if it costs his life to make sure that they reach that end of the fence even if it was the very last thing he does ever, though he knows Yuurei isn't going to let him die that easily so he is going to make sure he at least lasts.

"I hope you are ready to go all out and not hold back Yuurei as in the end we need to make sure that there is not anything left undone with this that can come back to bite us in the ass." He is unsure how Yuurei will take what he had just said to him or if it even really mattered as Kaito is unsure if they will even see each other again after today as Kaito has a weird feeling that their paths may soon be torn part at the seams and thrown into chaos that they may never over come but that was a story from a chapter that is yet to be written or worded in stone so he will not voice it.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Huginn and Muninn came flying in through the window of the dwarf's room, but when they saw he wasn't there, they quickly made their way to the armory. Brone Heavyaxe was present amongst the weapons and armors as he finished reforging his golden armor that was damaged the night before, "G'afternoon" he noticed the ravens fly in and perched themselves upon the shoulders of an empty suit of armor.

"Yuurei just left" Huginn said.

"Good afternoon" Muninn replied, being the more respectful of the two.

"Aye, then it's time" said the dwarf before he quickly donned his armor, stowed his weapons and when he finally slipped his blue helmet onto his head, the room dropped several degrees and his breath became visible. He then made his way to the front of the guild hall, guild members wishing him good luck and some demanding he and the guild master returned home with victory, which made the dwarf bare a grin.

Geri, the tempest wolf, waited for him out in front. Brone mounted the wolf and soon enough they were following Huginn and Muninn as the ravens flew towards the Deep Green. The setting sun basking an orange glow in the sky, over the land that Brone treasured. During the entire ride there, the dwarf couldn't help but remember the last meeting he and Yuurei had with the vampire. How they trekked through dangers and up a mountain along side Kailani in order to hunt down Ansem. He was so confident they would be able to defeat this monster, but he had soon realized the vampire king was a force of nature that neither of them could hold a candle.

That was the day Yuurei nearly died, a day Brone promised he would never repeat. Though he was nervous about this reunion, he was determined to slay the monster once and for all. He only wished Kailani would be riding with them. Muninn flew close to the dwarf, taking notice. the dwarf wondered whether or not the raven knew what he was remembering.

Eventually, Brone, Geri, and the ravens arrived at the entrance of the forest where Yuurei and Kaito and their partners, Renji and Revy, were. The trees seem to have parted, showing them a path in, "Good, ye found a way in" Brone said as he dismounted from tempest wolf. Geri whimpered as he nuzzled his nose against the dwarf, "Don't worry, we'll be alright, just listen out of my call or for Huginn and Muninn" Brone petted the wolf, reassuring him.

Brone turned to his allies and nodded at them, "Hope ye ready, because this will be a fight where no punches will be pulled" he told them before he started to walk the path.



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Yuurei would smile at Kaito when he heard his words. It wasn’t something he expected him to say, so it caught him off guard. Still, he was glad to hear them and he would rub the back of his head.

“Thanks for that, I will make sure that Ansem sees a form of me he has never seen before.” He said to Kaito as they were waiting for Brone now.

“You got to do the same. Ansem is a different type of monster or at least he was when I fought him last time with Brone and Kailani.” He said as he had gotten incredibly stronger since then.

It wouldn’t take long, but Brone would appear on his wolf, and once he was ready he would nod to his words. That was precisely what they weren’t going to do today and it would cause destruction through that monster’s castle.

Yuurei would walk the path laid in front of him. The nature around them wasn’t pleased with the foreign castle entering their area. It destroyed many trees that didn’t need to perish. Nature wanted Ansem and his castle out as well. The berserker moved through the path laid out in front of them and it would soon be that the court would appear.

He would be the first to enter as he didn’t want his friends to be harmed and could sense the danger coming to them if there were any. When he entered the castle with the two behind him, they would see a man clad in armor approaching them.

“Welcome to my lord’s castle. My name is Gantz and I’m here to explain what will be happening here.” He said to them.

Yuurei could feel the power coming from this guy and it would seem like Ansem had a few more powerful vampires roaming around his castle. The Nephilim wanted to destroy this guy, but he figured that he would hear him out before they attacked him.

“So, Ansem wants to see what you’ve accomplished in the two to three years since you last saw each other Yuurei. That is why I, Gantz will be fighting one of you here. The other two can move forward, or waste your energy fighting me. I will allow you to choose who you want to have stayed here, but Yuurei cannot be the one to stay.” He said to them with a smile on his face.

“One more thing the next man to see you is the man who killed Kailani, so you two can argue about whether or not you want to fight him together or not.” He laughed when he said this.

Yuurei would hear this and his eyes widen. The vampire that had killed his best friend was here. His fist clenched harder than ever, he felt the blood dripping from his fist.

“Brone, take care of this vampire. As you said before, don’t pull your punches, his strength is on another level.” He said to Brone as he would move forward to the other room ahead of him.

Gantz would see that they would leave the little one for him. He figured once he took out Brone he could help Zade with whoever he was fighting.



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Kaito looks at the castle and how the forest almost seemed to be angered by the walks following the man as he seemed to think that there was more to this place than that were seeing and Kaito knows Kaito has some strange danger sense so he was fine with letting the man go ahead of them Kaito is unsure if he would be able to react fast enough to save Brone or himself if something was to go wrong but he guessed that, himself would be fine as he would just phase what ever was thrown at him but his dumb ass would probably still move to protect Brone or Yuurei. Kaito then hears the clanking of metal armor drawing closer and this man seemed to sound like he was nearly as cocky as Emil is and then he hears the words that one will stay to fight the mana nd he wonders who Yuurei will pick to remain and fight the first one and who will move on with him and he hears Yuurei name Brone to be the one that is to take on this guy and he sees why Yuurei had picked Brone as the man was clad in armor and Brone would be the better of the ones between himself and Brone to have to take on that man.

It had taken a moment to sink in but he heard what that vampire said that the next one was the one that had claimed Lani's life and he wonders if Yuurei is going to be fighting him or if like this room it is going to be Kaito's turn to be left behind to deal with a vampire that might be stronger than the one that Brone is having to take on but he knows that Brone will be okay and if Yuurei leaves him with the next one he will be fine as well as he needs to make sure that they take them down and they make sure that they actually kill them and not to let them come back up or back to haunt them in the after life. "I am sure Brone will be okay but the next guy and the guy facing Brone I don't believe they will be okay once Brone is done with his and I when who ever I get my hands on when we see the one am taking on." Kaito can hear the mask talking to him and telling him that it is nearly time to be the real him the real king and not just the horse the king rides into battle and if he is still to weak to be that king, that he will take the control over and not hold back like Kaito does.

Kaito knows they are empty words but he also knows that he needs to make sure that they don't fall behind or fall off if he can help it as he doesn't want to lose himself but if he must then he will lose himself to the darkness for the power to protect and revenge those that deserve it.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone followed his eyes through the forest. The trees seem to sway as if pointing them in the direction of the enemy, but the dwarf knew that wasn't possible, so he ignored such a thought, his main focus was getting to the castle and defeating Ansem. Eventually, they escaped the cluster of trees and the castle came into view. The gothic cathedral-style castle sent a shiver up the dwarf's spine; the memories of their last visit had flooded his mind. As if sensing the dwarf falling into a flashback, Muninn, high above the tree line, looking down at him, had cawed loudly, pulling him back to the present. He rushed to catch up to Kaito and Yuurei so they could cross the empty courtyard together.

The moment they reached the large double doors, Brone began to heavily breath; a mix of nervousness and impatience was noticeable, but he chose not to say anything, trying his best to focus on overcoming any obstacle that may be before them. They opened the double doors and entered the large foyer. It was mostly the same since last time, like reliving an old memory, but instead of being greeted by half a dozen of Ansem's theater group, only one vampire, who was heavily armored, arrived to greet them in the foyer.

Brone met Gantz's eyes and didn't look away, even Yuurei and Kaito left to go onward, "Aye" is all Brone said in reply to Yuurei. The dwarf heard Kailani's killer was somewhere close by, which caused him to tense, like an inch he wanted to desperately scratch, but before he could rush pass Gantz, Yuurei already made a decision... and Brone never defied an order from his guild master; not because of fear, but of how much he respected and trusted Yuurei. So he hyperfocused on the armored vampire who too stared at the dwarf.

Once Kaito and Yuurei was gone from the foyer, Brone drew two axes into his main hands, Spellcleaver in his main left and Dhuraindarin in his main right. As for his secondary hands, two spears materialized, Jotun's fang in his left secondary hand and Shaka Zulu's Assagai in his right secondary hand.

"You and I have something in common" Gantz said as he began to walk towards Brone, closing the distance while drawing forth a bronze spear. His voice was calming, as if he was having a simple conversation with an acquaintance. Brone didn't reply to the vampire's statement, he simply started walking forward too in order to meet his foe halfway. The cold aura emanating from the dwarf's blue helmet filled the entire foyer, causing glass surfaces such as table vases, windows and mirrors began to gather frost as the temperature dropped, "Despite what we want, even if we know we're right, we follow orders without question, because we are good soldiers" once the two were about two meters away from one another, they both sprinted forward. As they covered another meter, Gantz extended his bronze spear forward at the same time Brone extended his golden spear. Both spear points bypassed one another and nearly hit their target, but both fighters were quick to avoid their foe's weapon point. As Gantz stopped advancing, the dwarf continued to move in order to get close enough to swing his black axe at him. If the blade hit his armor, then it would shatter, but if the vampire would block using his spear, then his only weapon would break; either way, it would be in the dwarf's favor.

However Gantz knew the weapon already, so instead of allowing the axe's blade to connect, he would slam his gauntlet hand against Brone's main right hand, preventing the black axe from moving forward. Though the dwarf didn't get to land the hit with his axe, he still managed to jab his blue spear which it's point managed to hit the lower torso of the vampire. Gantz, though barely reacting to the hit, returned the attack by kicking the dwarf in the chest, cracking his armor and sending him sliding back. Brone tried to keep on his feet, but lost balance and tumbled, but was quick to get back to his feet. He faced his foe, noticing where he had hit the vampire's armor, there was a patch of ice. The two were determined to put this war to an end.

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Yuurei wanted to see the vampire that had killed Kailani. It was irritating to hear that the vampire that had claimed his best friend’s life was in the castle. While he walked, he would hear Kaito’s words, and he would nod at them. He wanted to fight the vampire so badly, but he knew that there was Ansem that was also running around the castle as well.

“Yeah I’m pretty sure Brone can handle his own in that fight. That transformation of his makes it so he can fight on our level for quite some time. It’s something I look forward to fighting against soon.” He said to Kaito as he kept moving.

The path to Ansem’s throne wasn’t new to him. He had known where to go from the last time he was here. It was etched into his mind and it was not something he would forget.

“As much as I want to fight the man that took her away from me, you’re going to be fighting him Kaito. You loved her as much as I did, so I think it’s only right you take your time with him.” He said to him as if he would allow Kaito to get revenge for Kailani.

It wouldn’t take long, but Zade would be waiting for the two men from above, and when he saw them, he would throw a bunch of daggers at them.

“Phase Kaito, a bunch of weapons from above.” He said to him as he dodged them without a problem and he would look at the man who threw them.

“Here I thought I would be able to hurt you with that attack. I guess I was wrong. I was hoping I could pierce you guys like I pierced that female elf.” He laughed when he said that as he dropped down to the ground to greet them with a huge smile on his face.

Yuurei wanted him more now as he kept talking about what he did to Kailani. Instead, he would just bleed from his hand and he would walk away from him.

“You can fight the man who hungers to put you in the ground. I have your master to see.” He said to Zade as he would keep moving.

He didn’t turn back to see if he would attack him as he figured that Kaito would protect him and have his back if anything. Yuurei would make his way to the throne room and when he got there, he would see the man sitting on that stupid throne again. What hurt him more was to see his parents were there as well.

Renji’s eyes widen when he saw this because he saw Nimbus with Yuurei’s mother.

“Your son has returned to rescue you again. This time I will make sure that he doesn’t live through this fight.” He said out loud as he got up from his throne.

“We will see about that. I have been blessed with powers you wouldn’t think were possible for someone like me.” He said to Ansem.

It was then he would start to transform. The wings on his back would appear and he would look fierce as he was ready to throw everything that he had against Ansem. The Vampire Lord would see this and he figured he too would do the same.



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Kaito watched Yuurei was they walked and he wondered where the vampire was going to come from then he hears Yuurei tell him to phase and so he did phase as the daggers went through him as he looked right at the vampire making direct eye contact with them as he tilts his head at the vampire as they land on the floor and speaks of how he stabbed through Kalani and he had wished to do the same to them and Kaito saw Yuurei move on as he was told that this man was his to have and Kaito nods placing the mask on his face and his body is consumed in a blood red aura and his eyes glowing from under the mask and Kaito's usually wilder stance was more refined and as the vampire moved in and tried to take a strike at Kaito. Kaito grabbed the vampire's wrist pulling him in close and kneed him in the chest and the vampire weezed as that kneed had knocked all the wind out of him.

"It would see that the half elf boy was really not the only strong one in the group, I will take enjoyment as I cut into you!" The vampire used his arcane magic to throw daggers coated in his magic and Kaito simply swings his sword and a slash of arcane magic swiftly flew at the vampire knocking away the daggers that were in flight and smashing the vampire against a wall as Kaito slowly walked toward the man and the vampire felt something. Was this feeling fear or was it the over whelming feeling of power that the mage had just knocked into him from a distance but before the vampire could finish the thought of which it was he laughed and ran toward Kaito who seemed a completely different  person and not himself just batted him away as the vampire felt his arm nearly give out. The vampire then felt magic tear through his body as Kaito without even a seconds rest had fired beams if his finger tips into the vampire badly damaged the walls behind where the vampire's pin holed body was and Kaito had hit him in the joints.

These attacks seemed so well thought out and were powerful as well as well as tactical these destructive moves were not Kaito's usual style or way of fighting so this was not normal or not the way that Kaito usually fought and as the vampire's body will take a moment to regenerate the spots that had been fired through. Kaito had already gotten on top of the vampire and he was making super fiscal cuts on the vampire in purpose as this was more him torturing the vampire and not him trying to win the fight here he was methodically making these attacks and he was showing no emotions as the bells on the mask gently rung as Kaito moved and attacked like a graceful dance of blood and blade as if he was not even there and that this was some simple waste of his skills and the vampire was not going to go down so easily and he was going to make this mage suffer but how will he be able to do this as it seemed the mage was overwhelming him, he could not fail his master no matter what he needed to kill this mage and get to his masters side. "I hope you are ready to die you stupid Dragon slayer that follows a false hero, but a villain of his own making!" The vampire smirked as this was going to be his day and this mage was not going to have it as his master was going to praise him for the efforts he does here as he was not going to fall to this mage and they will take out that ugly eye sore of a guild and enslave all of those useless fools that call it a home.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The two warriors closed the distance between one another easily, exchanging attacks. Even though Brone had more weapons in hand, Gantz was able to avoid the weapons more or less while jabbing his spear quick enough to exchange weapon blow with the many-arm dwarf with a attack ratio of one to one.

"I saw your face, you wanted to take on Zade in order to avenge your fallen comrade" Gantz said as he countered one of Brone's axe swings by slapping away the green blade; he then swung his spear, having the shaft slam into the dwarf's shoulder guard, shattering it, "But you prioritize your order like a good soldier". For a moment, Brone had thought the vampire was mocking him, so he pressed in and attacked with all his weapons, forgoing defense. Gantz managed to sidestep and bypass the two spears jutting forward, then as he clenched a fist, his gauntlet hand surged with magic, the shadows of nearby furniture quickly leaped into his fist, empowering it right before he punched the blade of the dwarf's black axe. Though the vampire's gauntlet was shattered, revealing his naked hand and forearm, he managed to destroy Dhuraindarin; then he continued forward with his assault and delivered a raising knee into the dwarf's face, breaking his nose and sending him flying back again.

Brone crashed into a table and destroyed it, the vase with flowers that was sitting upon the table had fallen onto the blue helmet, shattering. The water within dripped down the dwarf and onto the floor. He then got to his feet and quickly used his now-free hand to force his dislocated nose back into place. Gantz took a deep breath, his eyes glazed over with a tint of red as he could smell the blood that dripped from the dwarf's nose, but the warrior was stoic, able to hold himself no matter how hungry he was.

The dwarf stared at the vampire and the foe returned the look. Brone realized now that Gantz didn't mock him judging by his earlier tone and his current stern expression, "Ye be following orders I see" the dwarf had no hint of mockery nor humor in his tone, this battle was a long time coming and he didn't care for whatever the conversation was going, he simply decided to answer as he flexed his arm that held his black axe previously, within seconds, Macuahuitl, the wooden club lined with obsidian blades materialized into his free hand.

"We should have attacked Paradise Dawn with full force, ridding our trouble of this little war, but as a good soldier, I follow my orders without question or hesitation" Gantz held his stoic expression, no hint of regret or second-guessing; he stood straight like an honorable fighter.

On another day, in another time, against any other enemy, Brone would show his respect for such an honorable enemy, but this was different and he dare not provide anything to any enemy holding rank under Ansem, so for this honorable foe, all Brone offered was a respectable silence before he tapped into the magic of his golden spear. His body expanded, growing and reaching eleven feet tall while his hair unraveled and escaped from the base of the blue helmet, resembling a white mane. The dwarf now resembled what people would call a were-lion.

As the lion-dwarf growled a deep sound, his breath froze due to the drop in temperature, looking as if a fog was dropping from his maw. If Gantz was impressed, he didn't show it, he simply ran forward towards his enemy. As Brone kicked off, his speed increase was obvious. He looked as if he flew across the foyer as he swung his club, the obsidian blade were blocked by the remaining block, but the blades cracked it, digging into the skin of the vampire and drawing forth dead blood. Gantz attacked with his spear, but Brone, now greatly taller than his enemy, managed to kick it to the side, deviating the attack so that the bronze spear speared the marble floor. The dwarf's two spears pierced the vampire's armor while the green axe was coming down for a slice from above, but Gantz didn't allow the final attack to connect as he dashed backwards out of melee range.

The battle changed, now both sides were planning on going all out.

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Yuurei was surprised to see this transformation of Ansem. He didn’t see it before, but it would seem like he had a hidden form that he did not see with the other vampires that had transformed. He could see the horns appear on his head as they were curved. His hair was still around as he turned into the black creature. The wings on his back were enough to let him know that this would be a battle in the air, and the third eye on his head was scary.

He would move straight to Yuurei who had changed as well, but not as Ansem had done so. He would see this and when he saw the claws coming for him, which were covered in a claw-like gauntlet, Yuurei would clash using his own gauntlet. The two of them would look at each other, and Ansem would give the berserker a smirk on his face.

It was then he would feel something pushing him away from the man, and it would seem like he was quick to use his other hand to push him away and damage his armor.

The light mage would see this and he would cough a bit as the impact was strong. Still, he wasn’t done here and he would stop himself from being knocked back any further as he would make his way to Ansem. Once he got to him he would launch a kick and the force behind it would cause the Vampire Lord to dodge the attack.

With this opportunity, Yuurei extend his right arm and it would move its way to the monster. It would connect to Ansem’s chest and it would send him flying to the wall from the blow. He would snap his arm back and he would keep himself focused and angry. His parents saw all of this and were surprised by everything that had happened to their son. They were surprised by his transformation and the fact that his arm could extend.

Ansem would come out of the hole that he created and he would laugh a bit at the blow that was dealt to him.

“So you got stronger I see. That is perfect. It is what I wanted and hoped you would fulfill your role. I want your parents to cry again when they see me take your life away.” He said to him as he had a cape that protected him from the blow.

Yuurei look at the chest piece as he knew that it wouldn’t be able to take on another hit like that. The Nephilim would look at him and he would see that he was right in front of him. The man’s eyes widen when he saw this because it was then he would get hit, or he was going to get hit. His helmet’s spell would kick in and he would see the attack coming. The Nephilim would dodge the attack in the nick of time, and he would counter it with a left hook to Ansem.

It would send the vampire to the ground and another hole would be created from the attack. His parents would look at this and it would seem like he was overwhelming Ansem. They were about to cheer, but Ansem would shoot out a beam of darkness at Yuurei.

The Nephilim would dodge the attack, but it was in before Ansem appeared next to him. He would hammer his fists on top of Yuurei’s head and it would send him flying to the ground. Once he had done that, Ansem would shoot a bunch of darkness spells at him and it would create huge debris on the ground.

Yuurei’s parents and Nimbus would see this and they would gasp from this mess. Renji was in there, and Nimbus hoped that Yuurei didn’t allow his partner to get hit like that.

“I can see you Yuurei. Come out from there.” He said to him as he waited for him to come out.

Yuurei would shake his head as he would fly out of the debris his armor would be shattered, but he wouldn’t be harmed by the spells that he had launched at him. His helmet was still intact as he looked at Ansem.

“You are as powerful as ever, but I’m not the same as last time.” He said to him as he would push his way to Ansem.

The Vampire Lord would attack, but Yuurei would dodge it. Renji was perfectly fine through it all as Yuurei’s armor took the damage of it all. Ansem would see the counterattack from Yuurei and he would dodge it as well. The Nephilim’s right arm would make its move and it would extend and it would knock Ansem away from him. He would move away from Yuurei and he would cough up blood as he looked at him. He gained his lifeforce back every time he hit Yuurei and the berserker could see that.



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The vampire transforms and that runs at Kaito who doesn't even seem phased by the attacks that damned shield that he had some how gotten was stopping all of the hits that he was throwing and the vampire was gaining anger at a higher rate as Kaito timed the swing from the vampire parrying the blow causing the vampire to leave himself wider open and Kaito takes a strong swing and cuts deeply into the vampire and the vampire jumped back cursing Kaito's name and saying that he should join them his powers would be put to better use and he promises to allow Kaito to work under him and promises that he will not double cross Kaito as Yuurei will do one day. Kaito doesn't respond just jumps in at him with a decent form and slashes and he shield bashes the attacks from the vampire as this wasn't just Kaito it was a focused kill mode Kaito.

The vampire tries to take to the air but Kaito quickly teleported and appeared on the vampires back and he slashes into the monsters wings making him fall back to the ground with Kaito landing on top of him and shield bashing and punching the vampire with his free hand and he starts to cut into him as the vampire tries to speed up his healing but Kaito is being a massive pest to the vampire as he is getting bashed and beaten down and then the vampire in a fury threw Kaito off and away. The vampire can tell this is not going to end his way and he knows that the others will kill him and get revenge if he dies here to Kaito and the vampire smirking starts filling his own body with arcane energy and expanding and he tries to slam Kaito under his fist without any luck as Kaito's shield was very unyielding and gave no way to the giant hand that came slamming down on them and Kaito smirks as he was having fun or it was better to say that this Kaito was having more fun now than he had been having before.

Kaito jumped forward and he aimed for the vampires thick neck but the vampire swiftly moved himself so not to get cut and the bash of the shield knocks the vampire off their balance and Kaito landing quickly cuts the heels of the vampire causing it to fall over and Kaito keeps giving the vampire more wounds to slow the healing.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The demeanor wasn't enjoyable for either of the soldiers; Brone, especially in his werelion form, was seething in his anger, as his memories went back and forth between hearing of Kailani's death and watching Yuurei nearly die at the hands of Ansem. As for Gantz, he was stern in his combat, not boastful in his movement as he was mainly focused on his fight with the lion-dwarf; he didn't have any say in how to go about the attack against Paradise Dawn, but now he was able to act of his own accord as ordered by Ansem. Once he defeats Brone, he planned on seeking Kaito, ridding the castle of him, then hopefully Ansem would allow him to kill Yuurei, that is if the vampire lord had not finished him off by them; this bout with the guild had gone on for long enough and it was risky and a nuisance to allow them a chance at living.

The two of them would exchange blow for blow as they closed the gap between one another again. As they would dodge one another's attacks and readjusted their own position for better counters, they would end up darting around the room with their great speed. At one point, Brone managed to land a blow with spellcleaver, cracking the black armor of the right arm, but he would soon realize this was possibly intentional as Gantz summoned forth darkness magic and caused it to erupt from him and slam into Brone, sending the lion-dwarf flying through a set of double doors, then slammed into a coffee table within the center of the next room.

The dwarf understood Gantz was possibly waiting for Spellcleaver to deliver a blow so he would be able to use a spell without the axe being in the way to negate it. Not only was Gantz powerful, but he was knowledgeable of Paradise Dawn; Brone began to wonder if the vampire had indeed made the calls during this little war, whether or not Paradise Dawn had any chance of winning.

Brone got to his feet from the debris of the coffee table to realize he was in the parlor room, the same room he had fought the theater group those years ago when last he was within these castle walls. Gantz stepped through the doorway; there was no banter between the two, both knowing talk would mean nothing as they both knew what the other wanted, the annihilation of the other, so they continued their bout.

The room would be torn asunder as the lion-dwarf swung his axes, carving up the walls and floors as he missed; Gantz would crack the floor beneath him as he slammed his foot in order to gain enough power to stab his bronze spear into Brone's torso. Though the spear head pierced Brone, causing blood to leak, the werelion held his ground, but soon lost his footing as Gantz pushed forward, sending him slamming into the northern wall, then with another push, both fighters went through the wall and found themselves in the library.

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Ansem would look at him and he would make his move once again. He would disappear as he would end up behind Yuurei and he would go for another attack. The Nephilim would 0feel the danger coming, but 9it would seem like he had moved too quickly for Yuurei to be able to get away. He would feel the slash penetrating through his armor as it would shatter and he would find himself stumbling forward in the air. He would feel the wound opening up and Ansem would feel himself regenerating the energy that he had lost.

The berserker would turn around as he would gain distance away from him. Caerwyn would weep when she saw her son being harmed by Ansem. Elijah would hold onto his wife as he understood her pain, but he had to stay strong and hope that Yuurei would be able to do something about it.

“Look at your parents crying because you’re getting hurt. It’s too bad you can’t become a slave like them. I decided your fate and there is no changing it.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would shake his head as he could feel the blood dripping on his back. Still, he was back in the game and he wasn’t going to allow Ansem to get the better of him.

He would see Ansem coming straight for him once again, and he would be able to see his attack coming this time. Yuurei would dodge and at the same time he would get closer to Ansem and he would punch him straight in his gut. The Vampire would cough up blood from that one attack, and then he would feel another attack coming from his right and hitting him in the face and on his left side. It would send him flying and he would hit the wall.

Yuurei would be surprisingly calm right now as he would look at where Ansem would be.

“I don’t care what you say Ansem. You don’t live after today. You had your time, and it’s time for you to die.” He said to Ansem.

It was then he would exert the energy that he had been holding on to. His parents would feel the mana that their boy had. They were impressed with all of this and wondered what he had been doing for the last three years since they saw him last time.

Ansem would come out of the debris he was stuck and he would make his way to Yuurei. It was then he would attack the half-elf again, but he would come to a miss. Yuurei had done something to him, and he was off balance. He wasn’t going to explain anything to him as he would land an uppercut on his chin and he would follow it with a spinning roundhouse kick that would be sent him flying to the ground.

It was then Ansem would scream in pain and in anger as he flew back into the air as looked at Yuurei. He couldn’t believe what the young man could do, but he figured that if he couldn’t beat him fair and square then he would do something else. Ansem would look at Caerwyn and he would fly straight to her.

Yuurei would see this and he would fly as well. He could see Ansem had the head start, but that was the point. Eventually, Yuurei would get there, and he would feel Ansem pierce him. The Nephilim would cough up blood from it, but it was not a fatal wound. The berserker blocked the cheap attack that would hit his mom with his own body.

Ansem smiled because he felt his life force coming back to him, but it would stop right there. The impact, the sound of something being pierced through would be heard across the room. Yuurei’s hand had gone through his chest and he had taken his heart with a thrust of his cursed arm.

“What did you do?” He asked Yuurei.

“I took your dead heart from you. Now die Ansem, my parents are free now.” He said to him.

Yuurei would push him off of him and Ansem would fall to the ground and he would start fading away. The vampires around would feel their connection to Ansem disappearing as they felt the pain he felt. Yuurei would kneel on the ground from the blow he felt from the vampire lord. His mother would rush to him as she would start healing him. She was crying because her baby boy had saved them from this mess that they were in. She was not going to let him die after that as his wounds would start healing.




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The Vampire should be feeling helpless had a smirk on his face and he drew a hidden dagger and he swung the dagger to hit Kaito who at the range didn't have the time to react to it Kaito had get hit bay it then thrown to the side by the vampire. This dagger was special it pierced armor and would give the one whose skin stabbed and pierced the damage that the holder had suffered in the the battle which means that the vampire would fully recover. Kaito was laying on the floor a few feet from the vampire not moving, the vampire starts laughing as the wounds he had taken would have been fatal to a human that would have taken them so he thought he had won there and that Kaito had fallen and died. The vampire soon realized that his wounds hadn't helped from the hit on Kaito and then it dawned on the vampire Kaito played dead. He looked to Kaito whose eyes were looking back from under the mask glowing red and a smile fully visible that sent chills down the vampires spine as he knew what this meant for him.

The vampire struggled to his feet as his body had yet to regenerate and there was no what that he could get away from Kaito. Kaito stood up as if he was a puppet that had been pulled up by strings then he dove right at the vampire making sure their head and neck were no longer feeling a connection. The vampires head looked up at Kaito from the floor and begged one last time to be spared before Kaito stomped down on the vampires head making a sicken noise of crunching and splatting as he had done it. Jaito then looks to the way forward to go and to find out if Yuurei had won yet or if it was his time to intervene in the big boys fight that had nothing to do with him but he sees that he had walked in on the climax and he sees a woman run over to his friend that had fallen limply to the ground and he made his way over his aura and eyes still shining and he kneels down next to his friend that was being healed and he offered the woman some of his own mana to help her to save the mans life. Kaito might not be a hero but he wasn't going to just sit around and watch the woman struggling to recover and to help her son at the same time if he could help with his Dragon Slayer mana.
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Brone Heavyaxe
The books and shelves would be shattered during the battle between the two loyal soldiers. Though Gantz was very skilled, he was beginning to lose his edge. He had eventually realized he was slowing down as time went on. The blue spear that Brone continued to stab him with continued to expand the frost upon the vampire, slowing him bit by bit. Because of this, the dwarf was overpowering the vampire. Gantz realized he needed to gain distance so he could gather himself, but no matter what he did to try and back out of the engagement, Brone would quickly cut him off, pressing his assault.

Gantz's armor was cracking and falling away with each successful hit, and even though the vampire managed to land blows from his spear every now and then, it didn't match the amount of hits the dwarf was returning. Eventually Gantz realized he would lose unless he would try a risky move, so he forego his defense and moved in for a full attack and though the spear did pierce through Brone's armor, shattering it entirely and pierced through the lower part of his torso, deep enough to the point it's end appeared out of the dwarf's back. But this gave Brone the chance to deal the finishing blow by beheading the vampire by swinging both his axes in a cross-x motion.

The battle ended as Gantz's head rolling across the library floor. Though the enemy was done with, Brone had trouble pulling the spear out from his body since the vampire's corpse had not only remained instead of fading, but remained standing as well and it's grip upon the spear didn't loosen at all.

Once Brone was free of the spear, he reverted back to his true dwarf self, he put away his weapons and held a free hand against his open wounds and he staggered out of the library, but before he lost line-of-sight, he would give Gantz one last look as he acknowledged him an an honorable warrior.

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