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Clearing Out Orchidia (Kaito/Brone)

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Clearing Out Orchidia (Kaito/Brone) Empty Wed Dec 14, 2022 5:47 pm


Yuurei had dispersed his transformation and he would take off his helmet so the locals knew he wasn’t a vampire. When some of them saw him, they rushed over to him. It would seem like it was a few of them that the group had saved.

“Thank you for saving us, you three. The leader of the vampires here made their way to the church. It would seem like they tried to break our will by taking that over. Please save and protect Orchidia.” They said to the trio.

Yuurei would smile when he heard that and the information from the vampire was true.

“No worries, we will make sure that all vampires that dare harm the North will be dealt with.” He said as he would continue moving to the church.

The Nephilim would keep moving and it would be then that he would see a bunch of vampires hanging out in the front of the church. It would seem like this was indeed the place, which meant that someone was going to have to go in there while the other two stood behind and fought off the vampires.

“Hey Brone, want to handle the vampire inside of the church? She’s going to be strong, so be careful.” He said to his friend as he would walk to the vampires outside.

The vampires saw someone approaching them and they immediately knew who it was. They would get up and one of them would go in to alert the others. They were smart because they were going to need a lot more than what was standing here to handle him and Kaito. He would put on his helmet and when one of the vampires was going to talk Yuurei would make his first move. He would close the gap between the two of them and he would kick his head right off. The vampire's head would be sent flying and the other vampires would run to attack Yuurei.



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Kaito looked at the people that were surrounding Yuurei and he tries to stay invisible to the people by putting his hood up and he actually goes invisible and he walked and he follows Yuurei as this was going to be a hell of a fight probably as he sees the mass of vampires that where out in front of the church and he sensed something strange about this area and the fact that they were just standing out side. He feels this is a trap and he turns to say something to Yuurei but it was of no use as he sees Yuurei take off into the mass of vampires. Kaito mumbles to himself that he wished Yuurei would use his head and not be baited so easily and then he pushes off his wings appearing on his back but he is still invisible and he goes into the mass of vampires as well becoming visible as he hit the first few vampires with his dual element covered body and scales.

Kaito looks at Yuurei. "I hope you know what you are doing or you might have just lead us to our doom here." The vampires near him try to attack him but seem to be having trouble as when he went in he made sure he packed them up a bit to keep himself safer in that moment and he was sure they will close in on him and in that moment he will nuke them and regret the fact that they surrounded him with out a second thought as he wasn't going to hold back either as he knows Yuurei will sense it and move or maybe he won't he guessed at that point it was just Yuurei's own fault for not getting himself out of the way of the attack. Kaito shakes his head as he knows that isn't the right way to think about it but Yuurei is the one that took off into them like a fly to a huge pile of shit that needed their attention. He feels bad vibes coming off of that church and he wonders who could be in there and what they were up to and why he got a bad feeling about fighting in this place as if he could feel something was not right her but he couldn't see it.

He tapped the side of his head and his eyes change allowing him to see mana and he thinks he sees markers around the area, question is was it to keep them in or was it to use to cleanse them if the fight started to go bad for them, a way to kill two birds with one stone so to say, at the first sign of those activating Kaito was probably going to split and if Yuurei and Brone are not close enough for him to save them as well they might just get left behind and Kaito will just have to live with that.

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Brone Heavyaxe
As Yuurei was tending to the locals, Brone had picked up the three weapons Uruz, Isa, and Kenaz, the three vampires had used against him. Two spears and a club lined with obsidian blades; very odd weapons, but the dwarf was well versed enough to use most weapons, and since he now had two extra arms, he would need more weapons to fill them. Before he would follow Yuurei and Kaito, he looked back to see the shattered remains of his golden shield, a sacrifice he made in order to gain more power, the two extra arms. This was needed, is what he told himself, in order to avenge kailani's death, save Yuurei's parents, and finally put an end to the vampire lord, Ansum.

When Brone caught up to Yuurei, they were staring at a church which was being guarded by a handful of vampires. The light mage asked a favor of the dwarf and the Shield of Paradise of Dawn nodded, accepting the offer, "Aye, I'll be right back" He said. For a moment he hesitated, looking around for Kaito who seem to have disappeared. Brone shook his head, understanding he had been given an order by his guild master, so he needed to focus on that, so he brushed aside Kaito's vanishment and theorized it was probably one of his Here-and-there magic plans.

As the vampires began to confront Yuurei, some running inside to get reinforcements, Brone decided to take this chance to rush into the church, but since the vampires were blocking the entrance, he jumped through one of the windows. The glass shattered, catching the attention of Iris Clad, a vampiress who was in the middle of trying to pluck out the eyes of a civilian.

"Ah a dwarf, you're probably one of Yuurei's" The black haired woman said as she licked the bloody knife, turning away from the civilian who was cowering on the floor.

"It's Yuurei!" one of the vampires yelled before one of the vampires' heads rolled into the church, drawing the attention of Iris.

"Focus Yuurei, I'll handle the dwarf" Iris told the others within the church; seeing the look of concern on her face, the other vampires understood and rushed out the front door to try and take down the light mage, "Now for you" she turned to Brone who had already crossed the distance between the two and swung his golden axe and his green axe, to which the vampiress dodged with great speed, but then she noticed a black axe was coming in from underneath the golden axe; she managed to barely dodge it, but she couldn't avoid the blue spear that came in from underneath the green axe. The spear tip broke the skin of her arm.

Iris dashed away in a blur, gaining distance. She looked annoyed and surprised, "Four arms... that wasn't part of the information given" she said as she eyed Brone's extra limbs. The dwarf knew that his sudden new arms would play an advantage to him which is why he used them to hide his extra attacks, especially the blue spear to which he noticed that had the magical power to slow anyone it hit.



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Yuurei was wondering who would help him out with the fight in front of him. Yes, he knew that there were a lot of vampires here, but he figured that they would be strong enough to fight them. He would chuckle when he saw Kaito appear next to him after hitting a few vampires. He would just shake his head because he doubted that.

“I mean why not throw ourselves to the vamps? I assume if Brone get’s the job done, then we don’t have to worry about the remaining ones. They would run away when they find out who got taken out.” He said to Kaito.

Yuurei was about to fight the vampires that were coming, but it would seem like Kaito had other plans. The danger he sensed from his own friend was unexpected. He would get out of the way as he would lunge off to the distance. He made sure that there was a location where he could move through the place and not bump into anything.

When he landed on the ground, he would look at the vampires that were not destroyed by Kaito’s spell. Still, more vampires were coming straight to them and Yuurei would continue fighting. He saw a couple of weapons being lunged and swung in his direction. He would sidestep to the side and jump back from another. He would slide on the ground, and he would smile at them.

“It seems like they were told to focus us.” He said to Kaito as he chuckled.

He would sense more danger coming and he would dodge the attacks that had come from his left and right side at the same time. He would move out of the way as he would jump back to avoid the attacks and both vampires would hit each other instead.

Yuurei would shake his head when he saw this and he would go on the offense after that. He would move to them without hesitating, and he would knee one of the vampires on his chest. This would bring him to go into the air before Yuurei slammed the vampire back to the ground.

Yuurei would see another vampire coming his way, and Yuurei would pivot his foot to slightly dodge the attack and then counterattack with a lariat. This would cause the vampire to hit the ground hard and he would be out for the count. His eyes looked around to see more vampires coming straight for him. He figured that he would have to enjoy himself more with this, but he couldn’t attack anything and everything.



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Kaito starts scratch the side of his face under his mask as he was feeling itchy and he wondered if maybe he was starting to shed his scales or something or if it was a nerves thing or maybe the blood lust he was suppressing was starting to bubble to the top and he was about to burst and lost all control before he snaps. "Never change Yuurei the north is going to need you if you survive this all and we all just die some horrible death that I probably deserve." Kaito's voice sounded like it had a hiss to it as Kaito drew his sword and he starts to face the vampires that were willing to step up to him and this was not going to be as easy of a fight that the vampires might of thought that they were gonna get from fighting them as they had grown far stronger that they looked and Kaito keeps itching like he has a nervous twitch his mask falling off dropping onto the ground and half of Kaito's face is covered in scales and his eyes are glowing red.

Kaito seems to not stop moving as he clashed and fought the vampires as he seemed more crazed as he keeps itching the scales that are on his face and it seemed to be driving him madder as he kept doing it and he wasn't seeming to stop and the itch couldn't be scratched. Kaito keeps going at the creatures as they looked as if they were confused by how Kaito was acting and not sure if this was really what their info had told them about when Kaito gets serious and his personality changed and this was not really the time for them to think that they had all the right info as they tried to make room and think if they really wanted to keep standing there or even try to keep fighting him as there was clearly something wrong with this guy as he moved different and he was acting abnormal and his strikes were erratic and not like he was properly trained as he wasn't taking forms or stopping to plant his feet to make the swings count more like he was playing with them.

Kaito is showing no signs of stopping or defending as he scratches and hits come in as the vampires fire magic at him and he consumes them and starts laughing and his voice seemed different was this like a cocoon breaking open and a new beast being there and not the same person that they were taking on and that they were to be facing but a monster that looked like another person but was slowly changing as if poison was coursing through him as he ripped into a vampires chest and tearing bits out and cutting off vampire limbs and taking his time with them.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The blue helmet upon Brone's head emanated a cold magical aura that slowed anyone other than himself that was within the area. Though only Brone's breath of visible, Iris was affected by the slow, even though her undead body no longer felt the felt nor did she need to breath.

With a swift motion, Iris had launched a volley of daggers towards the dwarf. With such speed, Brone knew he couldn't dodge all of them, so he simply ran towards Iris in a straight line. Two of the daggers hit his shoulder and torso, though the golden armor protected him, it cracked further, still damaged from the previous fight. When he was close enough, he swung his axes at her. Iris avoided them as best as she could; with her speed she could avoid frontal attacks easily, but with four weapons swinging at her nearly at the exact same same time was much more difficult. This was intentional, Brone would force Iris to dodge most of the attacks but by the time the blue spear came in for a prodding attack, she couldn't avoid it in time; once again she was stabbed by the spear tip and forced to jump back a few meters to gain distance.

Iris had tossed another volley of daggers. Brone, not wanting to lose his armor too soon, had kicked one of the pews in front of him, causing it to lift up sideways and block the daggers, then he kicked it forward, sending it flying towards the vampire who dodged. Brone soon came up close to her and was going to use his tactic again, but something stopped him. Iris was no longer there, but in her place was Kailani. "Lass" Brone's voice weakened; his dear friend who was said to be dead was now here in front of him, her eyes were frighten of him, tears looking as if they were about to stream down her face.

The vampires must have kidnapped her and put her through a lot of trauma, they lied about killing her. Or so Brone had thought or hoped. A dagger suddenly sank into her chest, bypassing the armor through one of the cracks. Kailani was smiling wickedly now as she pulled away from the dagger she attacked Brone with. As the woman laughed, he realized this was an illusion, the vampire had taken the form of Kailani to trick him.

"Cruel demon!" he growled as he ran towards her and brought down the black axe without thinking. Iris dodged it and once the axe touched the floor, the cathedral's floor split in two, opening up to the basement below. Iris continued to laugh.

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Yuurei would hear him and he would smile at his words. He didn’t plan on it, but he didn’t plan on allowing Kaito to die.

“I will make sure to do just that, but you can’t die either I won’t allow it. That is an order from a friend.” He said to him as he would see Kaito dropping his mask.

It would seem like being a Dragon Slayer came with their perks. He was scaled up on the face and it looked cool. He wondered what was happening, but he didn’t have time to be spectating his friend.

The vampires around him would rush straight to him and they would attack swiftly. He would see this and he would start dancing around the battlefield. He would avoid their attacks without a problem as he would just look at them. This was not something he expected from the, but it shown how brave individuals or didn’t have any new information on him.

Yuurei would be quick to go on the offense and he would lunge straight to one of the vampires that had missed their attacks earlier. He would punch the vampire right on the face with everything he had. The neck would crack and soon enough it would be sent flying. He was showing them no mercy as they had killed his best friend. He felt it was only right that they would all meet an outcome like Kailani. His eyes met with another vampire and he would rush straight to them without hesitating.

He closed the gap between them and the vampire would feel nothing but a hole in his chest and his heart missing. Yuurei would pull his arm out with the heart still beating and he would crush it without hesitating. It was then that every vampire that was fighting him decided to attack him all at once. He had a smirk on his face because it wouldn’t matter what they had done.

Yuurei would fly into the air without allowing them to touch him as he looked down at them all.

“You don’t live through this. The moment your master started a war with me, he lost.” He said to them as they looked at him angrily for saying such a thing.

Yuurei would dash down to the ground and he would start moving around and punching the vampires that were around him and tried to attack him. They would have their hearts ripped out and their heads ripped off every time they got hit by Yuurei.



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Kaito looks at the other vampires which looked like they had what their collective pants as they were not looking to mess with him as he seemed to be crazy and they didn’t think they could handle crazy as that was above their pay grade if they were being paid in anything beside land and people to use like cattle to give them the blood they need to fight the cravings and the blood lust that most of them suffered from as their leader their king was not one to share or give out freely and here they were up against a death squad that was here to cut them down in the name of their dead friend and the things they had done in the north while they were rampaging and none of it seemed right or fair to them as they were told this would be easy but it has been nothing but grief and hatred in fights that seemed to out class them as they were not slowing these mages down at all just slightly interfering but not enough to be spared if they didn’t die here their vampire lord would have their heads when they went to report it and it was going to be far to late to even save him probably.

Kaito keeps tearing into them and fighting them as he itched his skin like he was mad, Kaito laughs and asked if this is all they had and if they didn’t have something stronger he might not be able to dissect later if he so chose to but the vampires have no idea what he means or how he would mean to do it as they are being cut down one after the others by Kaito’s sword and being bashed with the shield that was staying close to his face as he itched and laughed as they had not seen any of this coming but they were sure that they could turn this around but had no idea if they could really do that as this was something that could not be handled just like that this was their lives vs the mages and the dwarf if they really had lives the vampire thought as they kind of saw Brone as Yuurei’s pet not really a person for some reason and they had very limited info on the dragon slayer that was tearing through their ranks with little to no second thoughts crossing his face as he had started to beam spell them and lob off their heads and they couldn’t seem to over power it or even get close to doing so even together which tells them that his magic like Yuurei’s was strong and very unpredictable for them. Kaito is having fun stealing their items and then hitting the poor person whose weapon just got taken with his blade as they hoped to defend the attack.

Kaito showed no mercy they were the enemy and simply all he and Yuurei were doing is culling the monsters numbers to save more people from their fates at these hands with claws and piercing fangs.

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Brone Heavyaxe
"So sad, Yuurei's dwarf is still mourning the death of the girl" Iris chuckled as she tossed another fan of daggers. Brone kicked a piece of one of the damaged pews in the way of the daggers, blocking them before he rushed towards the vampire, anger flaring in his eyes. Seeing the determination coming from the dwarf, Iris was actually slightly concerned, wondering if the visage she was wearing had any remaining affect. She didn't want to gamble the chance, so she left through the air, jumping over the large rift in the floor, trying to get to the other side of the cathedral.

Brone was now getting annoyed by this vampire who was just using tricks and running away, so he raised his golden axe and brought it down upon the floor before him, activating it's innate magic and the magic within his helm, conjuring form a blizzard that quickly filled the interior of the cathedral. Snow and ice spread and gathered, whipping about, leaving no crevice safe.

Iris landed on the other side of the cathedral, but as she looked back, all she was able to see was the clustering snow and ice that was whipping around as if a constant explosion. "Where is he?" she strained her eyes, trying to peer through the blizzard, she had another three daggers between her fingers, ready to be thrown, but she wasn't able to spot the dwarf. The cold was beginning to layer upon her body.

Suddenly, bursting through a wall of snow and ice, the dwarf was soaring through the air, crossing the large hole in the floor, his black axe was coming down with a downward swing. Iris, tried to jump out of the way, but her body was much slower than before, so the blade cut her across the chest and the blue spear in Brone's other hand had poked her yet again before she jumped back a meter. She tossed her daggers at the dwarf, but because she was much slower than before, Brone managed to land on the floor, then quickly spun on his heel, allowing his golden axe to swing, arcing horizontally which activated another spell, conjuring forth a tornado about it, not only blocking the daggers that came towards him, but erupting outward and pushing Iris back.

Iris was sent flying, cuts about her body from the tornado and ice gathering over those cuts from the blizzard. She slammed in an altar, the candles clattered to the floor. She got herself to he knees and quickly looked for the dwarf; as she spotted the four armed enemy rushing towards her, his weapons ready to dig into her, she quickly changed her form to resemble Yuurei, "Wait, don't attack" it sounded just like Yuurei, but Brone knew better that this was just another trick, so he jabbed both spears at Iris.

But, for a split second, Yuurei's visage changed, his face was bloodied and his eyes lost it's light, it was the exact look of when he had died after losing the fight to Ansem. This caused Brone to hesitate for just a moment, long enough for Iris to activate a spell. "Pins and Needles!" needles and daggers suddenly erupted around the dwarf, cutting and stabbing him as they swirled like a cyclone. He could barely move, his armor was falling away in piece.

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Yuurei would see the vampires dropping to the ground. The ones that weren’t near him, would feel fear from someone that wasn’t a vampire and in their own circle. This was insane and they wondered what had happened since the last time Ansem had taken him out. The Nephilim were destroying them, and he wondered if any of the vampires would be able to take them out. They needed Ansem for this, and their legs were shaking. The berserker would come to a stop as he would look at the group of vampires. He could see the fear behind the vampires, and he would shake his head.

He would crack his neck as he would walk over to them. They would step back a bit as they were a bit nervous. He had a smirk on his face as he would hear destruction all around. It would seem like his friends were dealing with the enemies around them.

“Do you know which of the vampires killed a woman name Kailani? If you do I will spare your lives.” He asked them wondering what they would say.

The Vampires would look at each other as if they were hoping one of them would have the answers they were looking for. It would seem like they were all empty without an answer. They would all look at Yuurei and the Nephilim would shake his head because they were all useless then.

“Well it was nice talking to you guys, but that means you all got to perish. You will feel what she felt and become lifeless.” He said to them as they could see and feel his anger across the battlefield.

He would tilt his head and then he would run straight to the vampires in front of him.

“He’s coming to get ready because he won’t hold back!” One of the vampires said this as they were all on the defense.

Yuurei would make his way straight to them and he would clash at them. He would collide with the vampires as he was taking their heads off. There were some vampires that had tried to fight back. The berserker would dodge the attacks that had come from behind and would take their heads off without a problem. They would fall to the ground as they were screaming. They couldn’t believe this, but Yuurei wouldn’t hesitate. His hands were covered in blood, but this was all for her sake.

He look at the few remaining vampires left and he would tell them to come at him whenever they were ready. Renji was surprised about all of this, but he knew they wouldn’t be able to take him on.

“Come fight me, and don’t you think running away is part of the plan? I will catch you all if you try and do so and make sure that you will regret it.” He said to them as they would gulp from his words.

They didn’t know what to do, but they knew they couldn’t run from there. Yuurei had a smirk on his face as he could feel the feat he had installed into them.



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The itching had seemed to start slowing down and Kaito wonders what it was and why it was happening and if he can learn to control that power. Kaito coming back to his wits starts playing more defensively than he had been as his armor is pretty beat up from him just fighting enraged and without any real thoughts behind his attacks and he needs to make sure that he is not going to keep tanking hits like he was and that he takes the proper steps to keep himself safe as he doesn't need to be weighing down Yuurei in this fight and that he needs to see it to the end to try and find the one that had take Lani from them and He needs to find what happened to Nimbus as well for Revy's sake and he needs to find out what the vampires were really aiming for and why they seem to be surprised that he was with them at every turn had he some how broken the dimension and he didn't belong here in this moment had he caused a spider crack in the dimension and had done something the Kaito in this dimension wouldn't have been doing or maybe they just didn't he would show up to help take them on as rumors are he is a coward and that he is a strange one.

Kaito isn't a coward nor is he going to ditch his friends if they need him but he does need to make sure he controls himself and if this is "itch" he is feeling is bad he might have to find someone to help him get rid of it before he tears through some innocent people like they were a field of wheat and get him a wanted ad in the paper. He parries and meets blows with a few of the last vampires and he hopes Brone isn't being hung by his pinkie toes inside of the building or out side because he has just been narrowly focused on the enraged fighting he had been doing that he hadn't even been watching out for Yuurei or if anything had changed with the runes he had seen with his mana vision earlier but he knows at the moment there was nothing pointing toward there being an answer to all of this and if there was really a reason for it all.

Kaito dodges some spells that the vampires had begun to fire at him mistaking him for being tired and losing his edge which they couldn't be more wrong about if they tried to be as he was not going to tire that easily as they needed to make up a lot of on him if they wanted to try and face him head to head as he starts firing back spells and meeting their spells with spells so they can not come close to him as he is not sure what foul effects they would place on him if he were to just take one on the chin like a champ, he was going to make sure that they fully regretted what they had done here as this was the beginning of the end for the little vampire attack forces that had shown themselves in the city and had attacked his friends and place of his family.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The swirling daggers and needles had stopped, now they all levitated in the air all around Brone. The dwarf had his four arms up, bracing against the attack. Blood ran down his arms and places where the armor couldn't defend against, even his helmet had a few cracks in it.

"Well isn't that sad, fighting against your own friend" Yuurei's voice came from the false visage, but even though she looked just like the half-elf, Brone knew it was Iris. Her smile and how she stands was nothing like Yuurei. He wanted to attack her but the attack had actually caused pins-and-needles affect. Just a moment, just a quick moment to allow the effect to subside, then he'll move. Or so he thought.

"Whatever you're thinking, it won't work, this cathedral shall be your grave," Yuurei's face began to change along with his cloths; in the next moment, where Yuurei stood, now stood Kaito, "Your friends will join that other friend of yours... in the dirt" seeing that wicked smile on Kaito's face angered. Brone saw this as desecration of not only Kailani who had passed, but of Yuurei and Kaito, this vampire using their image in a manner that wasn't of them.

"Yer head will roll" Brone barked at her.

"I'd like to see you try" Iris moved her hands and a dark magic circle appeared before her. The daggers and needles that surrounded Brone quickly formed around him to create an Iron Maiden with the interior fully filled with long nails and daggers. As the device formed and closed, Brone's body felt punctures all throughout his body.

His anger fueled him as he mentally forced himself to move against the torture device. He yelled out loud, trying to break free. Iris watched as her body formed back to her true self, chuckling as she took a seat on a nearby pew. "Perish" she said.

Brone's anger tapped into the magic of the golden spear that he had taken from Uruz the vampire. An eruption of white magical energy surged and whipped around the iron maiden. Iris hesitated for a moment, even though she knew that the dwarf was pressed to the point he shouldn't be able to move his green axe to negate the magic.

The iron maiden then erupted. In the place of the four foot tall dwarf was an eleven foot tall lion-like humanoid. Iris stood up and took a step back in worry. It was a second later that she realized it was the dwarf; the white hair was now a large white mane, his four arms were bulkier and covered in fur. The gritting teeth were all canines.

"New found power-?" Iris was about to finish her joking question but Brone didn't wait, he rushed at her with a great speed he never had before. Before Iris could try and jump out of the way, the large lion-dwarf slammed his golden axe into her side and his blue spear jabbed at her leg. She was then slammed against the floor, blood escaped her lips. Brone raised his green axe, intending on finishing her off.

Iris quickly took the form of Kailani again, "Brone, please!" Kailani's voice begged, but the angered dwarf knew it wasn't her and didn't slow, his axe came down. Then in the next moment, Kailani's body had become that of one of the male vampires that had ran outside to fight Yuurei. The green axe decapitated the vampire.

Brone looked up to see Iris standing on the the other side of the large hole in the center of the cathedral's floor, she looked scared and pissed. If it wasn't for that last second spell that allowed her to switch places with one of her lackies, she would have lost her head. Her eyes went blood red as a dozen daggers appeared to float around her.

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Yuurei would look at them as he waited to see what they would do. It was in this instance that one of the vampires would instantly disappear. His eyes widen as he was impressed with their last-second escape. He didn’t even know where they had gone. Well, he felt someone moved into the church, but their life had disappeared right then and there. He would look at the vampires in front of him with a smile on his face.

“It seems like one of you met an unfortunate demise. I didn’t think they would be run away to be taken out. That or someone used him as a decoy.” He chuckled when he said this.

They would look at him in anger and he would just wait for them to make their moves. It was then they would all run straight to him. He would nod as this was what he wanted. They would attack him, and he would move around the area. He would dodge their attacks as it would seem like they were desperate for their lives. He felt bad for them and wanted them to live, but the thought of Kailani made him throw it all out the window.

He would just begin his destruction of the remaining vampires in front of him. He would chop a vampire's head off when he swung his arm around. The force behind it was enough to do so. Then he would dodge the next attack as he sidesteps, and he would kick another head off of a vampire. The Nephilim kept moving around as he could smell their fear of them. He even saw one of them cry a bit as they didn’t want to die.

Yuurei didn’t care about that, and he would move straight to a vampire, and he would crush his face with the ground and now they were unrecognizable. He would stand straight, and he would see the remaining vampires as they were running to him. He would run straight to them, and he would take them all out without a problem. The vampires would all drop to the ground without a head on their shoulders. He would brush his hair back as he would look at the area around him.

He would see Kaito to see what he was doing, but then he felt someone approaching him. The berserker would look at the person approaching them, and he would notice that it was one of the scouts from the guild.

“What do you have for me?” He asked him as he approached the man.

“Yes sir, there have been sightings of vampires making their way to the Erwyr Settlement. I hope you can make it there before the people there are harmed.” He said to Yuurei.

The hunter would nod as he was glad, he knew where to go next.

“Thank you for the information. Keep a look out for any more sightings of them. The people in the Settlement should be able to hold off a bit, but we will head over there soon.” He said to the scout as he would disappear and continued his work.

“Guys we’re heading to the Erwyr Settlement! If you haven’t followed me!” He shouted so they knew where to go.

He would start moving as he had faith that Brone would come out victorious.

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Kaito keeps fighting till the vampires stop coming and fighting Kaito looked around as there were no vampires left he guessed Yuurei had gotten it done and Brone's fight must have been winding down soon as they need to clean up what is left and Kaito goes after one of the other vampires before they can get away and bring back any reinforcements to help them and he was not going to let them do that and he jumped in front of them and he swings his sword stopping them from fleeing and getting away and he he hurries back to Yuurei to see if they had any more info on where they were going to have to go to next and he hopes that they might get a little bit of rest before they are whisked off into the wild west of the vampires once again before they can all really recover he gets back at Yuurei's side to head out to the next place.
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Brone Heavyaxe
Iris sent her daggers flying at Brone, but the large lion-dwarf dashed right through them, several of the daggers graced him or stabbed into his furred body, but he barely acknowledged them, he simply focused solely on bringing down the vampiress. Brone leaped over the giant hole, getting closer to his target while Iris began to panic, her form changed to Kaito again, but the dwarf didn't hesitate, he only pushed forward.

The massive lion arm that held the black axe swung downward, but false Kaito dodged, "Brone, what are you doing!?" it was Kaito's voice, but Brone didn't slow, he began to mentally block out any sound. He didn't intend on hesitating again, he didn't intend on falling for any tricks. Another arm jabbed the blue spear which pricked the false Kaito who then changed to become Yuurei again.

"I'm ordering you to-!" Yuurei's voice was caught off by the green axe slamming into his chest. Iris scream escaped through the half-elf's lips, Brone allowed his rage to take over and he brought down the black axe again which slammed into Yuurei's body, forcing the image to return back to Iris. Her body was then slammed against the ground, knocking the wind out of her.

The floor cracked and Iris' body faded into dust. Brone stared at the dust that remained there. As his adrenaline settled, the transformation reverted. His size reduced back to four feet. The dwarf questioned the sudden transformation, but his attention was brought to Yuurei's voice. For a split second he wondered if it was Iris again, but he confirmed the tone. Silence fell, meaning the vampires in the immediate area were already dealt with. Pain returned to him, but luckily it wasn't fatal. Brone walked out of cathedral and headed to the next destination.

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