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Clearing Out the Bats (Kaito/Brone)

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Clearing Out the Bats (Kaito/Brone) Empty Fri Nov 25, 2022 10:28 am

They had cleared the area that they were in with the vampires that were there. Now they were moving around as they were checking to make sure that they had rid themselves of all the vampires here. He didn’t think so and it was because the people in Orchidia were shut in and with fear it seems. He felt the vibration throughout the households, which showed that they were still up waiting for someone to save them.

This would lead the group into the Market district of Orchidia. It would seem like things were calm here or so he thought. There weren’t people here and he was glad about that. It would seem like they had all gone home, which was good because he would be able to take these guys out without civilians getting in the way.

While walking through this specific district, Yuurei would be on the alert with everything around him. It wouldn’t take long, but he would feel the vibration of a lot of people not too far from him. It wasn’t just that, but the group would hear them begging for their lives. They were shouting for their lives, and he hoped that they were going to be able to save them in time. He would move around the place and soon enough the vampires and the people that were there would come into his sight.

He bit his lip because the vampires were approaching them slowly as they wanted to hear them beg for their lives. Yuurei would shake his head because he wasn’t going to let them take their lives. He would rush into the area, and then someone would try to cut him. He would jump back from the blow as he would skid across the ground, and he would see a man with a blade in his hand. He had red hair, and it would seem like he was the leader of this unit.

“So, the mighty Yuurei has been taking out every vampire that has gotten in his way. I can’t believe you made it this far. Still, you’re going to have to see these people die.” He said to him.

Yuurei would fix himself and he would look at him with an angry look on his face as he would put his helmet on.

“I have friends that will succeed if I fail.” He said to him as he was hoping his friends would rescue the people.


#2Kaito Todaro 

Clearing Out the Bats (Kaito/Brone) Empty Mon Nov 28, 2022 8:57 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito followed Yuurei and Brone into the shopping area as he was going to try and not play to fast and loose as he needs to make sure that he can save the people from any extra vampires that might still be in the area as he was not sure how many of the vampires are still in the area and if he can even help to handle them and he sees Yuurei take off and he sticks to following Yuurei and when the vampire says Yuurei will watch them die Kaito just puts the begging people into his domain for safety so Yuurei is free to let loose on them and not need to hold himself back from fighting and unleashing attacks at will.

Kaito also readies himself to release some attacks of his own as he needed to make sure that he didn't just become dead weight on this mission and he wonders what else he might be able to do to really help Yuurei and Brone on this leg of their find the leaders by clearing out the death and other issues that are coming their way from the vampires who seemed hellbent on trying to take them out and he is unsure why they want to do that or really what beef they have with each other but he knows that they took Lani from him, though he said that Lani was never really his to start with was she as it was never like they were together together. Kaito sighed as he knows that is a cop out but he knows it probably would not have lasted even if she had lived as Kaito is impossible to get along with for long periods of time. He tries to sense around for more vampires that might be around but he is not sure that there are more or if there was a need to have to deal with them as they might just surrender or maybe they will run away from them as they clearly out class them.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe ran as fast as he could, trying to keep up with Yuurei and Kaito. Though he thought he was actually doing well in keeping up with them, he didn't realize that the two were cautiously making their way to the market. He made sure to keep his mind focused on trying to save the city, so that he can the whispers in his mind from reaching him.

"The next group of vampires is up head at the market district" Muninn caught the dwarf by surprise. He was so focused on keeping pace with Yuurei and Kaito, he didn't notice that Huginn and returned to relay information to Muninn.

"Seems Yuurei and Kaito already knew ahead of time" Huginn glided beside the running dwarf.

"They have a special sense, they just know things" Brone mentioned, though he himself wasn't aware how they were so aware of their surroundings, like they had some kind of sixth sense about them. Regardless of what it was, such senses played in their favor.

"Keep in mind they seem to be aware of your presence" Huginn said. Brone shrugged. A surprise attack or fully aware on both sides doesn't matter to him; what was important was defeating the horde of undead.

"You won't need to struggle, all you need to do is-" Brone cut off the voice in his head with a sudden grunt. His focus on the voice was diminished once he and his party turned the corner and reached the market square. Civilians were rounded up like cattle while vampires were lounging around as if this was their dining area. Who drew their sights was the youngest looking vampire who held a fine sword.

Yuurei's reply to the vampire who spoke had given Brone pride, but his memory flashed back to when he saw Yuurei laying on the snow, dying.

"-If I fail" Yuurei's voice echoed in Brone's mind and the whispering voice reached out again.

"He won't fail if you-" the dwarf cut off the voice again, this time with a battlecry. Cyan energy, cold as ice, flared from his helmet as he ran forward, baring his golden axe and golden shield.

"My lord, Erea, I shall deal with the dwarf" one of the vampires with light blue hair and pale skin had twirled his blue spear and rushed at Brone at great speed, not waiting for the lead vampire to give permission.

The two prong spear slammed into the golden shield of the dwarf. The two pressed against one another as they stared into one another's eyes. The vampire smiled wickedly while Brone gritted his teeth in anger.



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Yuurei would see that the civilians were saved soon after and he would chuckle as he looked at the man with, his katana. He looked to see what Yuurei had looked at before and only shook his head. It would seem like their food had been rescued. He would shake his head as if it didn’t matter. After he killed this man then they could devour everyone here without anybody getting in their way.

The Nephilim would dash straight to the man, and he would swing his right fist at the man. He would barely dodge the attack as he could see how powerful this man was. He would counter the miss with an attack of his own as he would rise his katana upward attempting to slash Yuurei. He would see and sense this and he would avoid it as it cut a bit of his shirt because of how close the attack was. He would skid back, and he would chuckle because it would seem like this guy wasn’t joking around.

Erea would look at Yuurei and he knew that he wasn’t one to play around with, but at the same time, if he won, he would be given high praise by Ansem. He would start transforming at this point as he would look at Yuurei as he would grow bat-like wings. He would swing his katana from where he was, and slashes of fire would head toward the light mage’s direction. He would see this, and he would start dodging the attacks. While he was doing that, Erea would make his move. He was close to Yuurei and he would swing his blade to cut the man in half.

Yuurei’s necklace made things easier for him and he had grown wings before he got close and would go into the air to dodge the attack. He would sigh and wipe his brow because that was a close one. He would get into a fighting stance in the air this time as he looked at him. Erea would see that this man had a transformation of his own and he would smile as he would also take flight as well.

“So, if an airborne fight is what you want, then I will give you that. Still, you will die by hands in one hit.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei didn’t respond to him and instead waited to see what was going to happen. He wasn’t in the mood to play games with this guy or anybody for that matter.


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Clearing Out the Bats (Kaito/Brone) Empty Thu Dec 01, 2022 11:22 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito was just going to keep playing it like there are far more than they can truly see as he keeps his own sword at the ready and he tries to smell around for blood even if they are scentless blood is a hard smell to hide and he runs down a side alley way as he was going to see if there were more as the place seemed completely empty of people so he was pretty much able to run around freely as he knows that he is strong enough to be able to survive a vampire attack he knows that he can not be put down easily and if he gets cornered he will just teleport and uncorner himself. Kaito has learned to adapt and over come through the process of helping in the north with his vampire invasion it seemed. Kaito knows that he needs to make this all count and not get discouraged as he keeps hunting for the vampires that are still hiding in this area.

Kaito comes around a corner and he sees two vampires that are pretty beat up already just hiding and he wonders to himself is he really going to kill them or will they take the chance and flee if he was to tell them to just leave as he was not looking to beat up on those that are already on the ropes and these are survivors of something was it one of their past fights or was it that they were being run through the ringer and haven't had time to take care of themselves and they are drained themselves. Kaito stops himself and thinks again but would they give a mortal the same luxury of the doubt to just leave or would they just see they got the jackpot and scored a easy prey. Kaito steels his heart cause he knows they don't deserve the kindness he was about to give them as he realized they wouldn't do the same for a human in his shoes.

Kaito runs at them and he sees the fear in their eyes, he wasn't going to kill them but he was going to beat them and send them away he has to be a bit better than they are but he doesn't need their blood on his hands as they were already weakened and he is not a monster yet. He put his weapon away as he fought with them as he had no intent to kill them and once he had beaten them he threw them through a portal and he hurried along as he touched his temple to look for mana sources that could be hidden so that he could look for more vampires that are hidden and just waiting for the town to come back to life.
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Clearing Out the Bats (Kaito/Brone) Empty Sat Dec 03, 2022 11:27 am

Brone Heavyaxe
The dwarf and the blue haired vampire exchanged attacks, though no hit connected yet. This vampire wasn't a regular soldier and Brone understood this, as the heroes continued their journey forward towards Ansem, the enemies will get stronger, just as it was before, when they last hunted for Ansem. "Don't let it end like last time" the voice in his head whispered.

The blue two prong staff the vampire wielded nearly hit Brone's shoulder, but the golden shield deflected the attack. Brone noticed where the staff hit upon the shield, it froze over slightly. He understood that the weapon was indeed magical and might have a similar effect to the blue helm upon his own head, he could feel the cold that emanated from the weapon whenever it came close to his head.

"Come on, Isa! Don't let the dwarf get the best of you!" A vampire with white hair and a deep tanned skin complexion called out as he sat atop a hill of debris, watching the fight.

"I don't need your commentary, Uruz!" The blue haired vampire called back as he barely dodged a swing from Brone's golden axe.

A vampire with a designed mask stood up from his seat midway up the hill of debris, then began making his way towards Isa and Brone. "Oi, Kenaz, you're going to help him out, instead of watching?" The tanned vampire called to the masked vampire.

"Lord Erea wouldn't happy if you allowed Yuurei's lackies live" The masked vampire drew forth a long club that looked to be designed with ancient writing and the sides were embedded with obsidian blades.

"If Isa dies, that isn't my fault" Uruz chuckled as he laid back. Kenaz didn't reply, but ran forward at great speed. As he neared the dwarf's back, he swung the club, but the dwarf was aware of his immediate surrounding, so he blocked the attack with his shield while blocking an attack from Isa with his golden axe.

"Two against one"[ The voice whispered.

"I can handle it" The dark grunted. He used his shield to shove the club away, giving him a chance to press an attack upon Isa, but the blue haired vampire was quick on his feet and managed to dodge it well. Despite the numbers, Isa and Kenaz don't seem to be as confident as Uruz was. The attacks continued to be exchanged with Brone being in the middle between the two vampires assaulting him from both sides.

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Erea would look at him and he would prepare himself for what he was going to do right now. Yuurei was waiting still and soon enough the man in front of him would make his attack. He would get in close as he would try to cut Yuurei with his katana. The Nephilim would see the speed behind the attack, and he would dodge the attack. It was close as he could see that he cut a bit of his hair. His eyes widen when he saw this, and when he had gone to counterattack, it would seem like Erea was ready to attack him again. The man was quick in the air and the berserker could do one thing and it was a dodge. He would do so quickly and when got away he would see that the vampire was close to him once again.

The Nephilim was noticing something, and it was that this man was precise with his attack, and made sure he didn’t waste a lot of movements when he fought. That wasn’t something he would expect from this vampire, and he was becoming entertained. Renji saw this and he was going to let him be, but then decided to snap Yuurei back to reality.

“Remember why you’re here Yuurei. These people took her away from you, so you don’t have time to enjoy yourself.” He said to him and Erea looked at the cat and wondered what he meant by that.

Yuurei would hear this and his mood would turn sour again. he wanted to scold Renji for that, but at the same time his friend was right. Erea had moved to Yuurei and the Nephilim would sense the danger. He decided to play fire with fire as the man would swing his blade, and his bag would take the hit. While this was happening, Yuurei also attacked he would be punching Erea right in his chest. He would jump back when he felt the blow from the attack as he grabbed his chest and looked at Yuurei.

The light mage would have a serious look on his face behind the mask he was wearing.

“It seems like you’re fighting for something like me. I guess now it all depends on whose will is stronger.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would hear this, and he would shrug his shoulders. He didn’t care what Erea was fighting for. He just knew that this vampire and the others were harming innocent people and killing a person he loved dearly.


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