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Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed]

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Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Mon Dec 19, 2022 8:15 pm

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Yuurei was able to open the hatch without a problem. He saw that everybody was having a hard time with it, but with his strength and athleticism, he felt accomplished with what he had done. He felt something on his spine. It was goosebumps as his hair had shot straight up. He felt like something was coming for him. He didn’t know what it was, but he felt like it was time for them to go. He had allowed Mishiko to go in first, and when he saw her enter the hole, he would follow after her.

The Nephilim would have gone last, but he didn’t want Mishiko down there on her own. She had helped him last time, and he wanted to return the favor. Still, leaving Kaito behind bothered him too and it was conflicting. Still, he had faith that those two could make it through the hatch and had gone ahead.

“Hurry up Alisa, Kaito.” He said to his friend waiting for him to come down.

He was hoping that they would be okay and that they could get out of there together. This was about to get chaotic like it had done so last time he was in a situation like this. In this new room, he saw that they were boxed in and he would hope that they were safe. Still, he knew that it was more to this than meets the eye. He was on his toe, and he hoped that whoever entered last was able to close the hatch.


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"Tch...! We have company, two of them in fact... Come on, hurry!!", Alisa called out, for the staircase was only big enough for one person at a time. With herself not having been anywhere near the room, all of her companions were faster than her and easily made her way through.

Feeling cold sweat trickling down her neck. She made sure not to waste any time looking back. If they came close enough she'd die regardless of whether she looked back or not. Instead she quickly hopped into the shaft, gripping the stairwell firmly as she found the first step and quickly scrambled her way down as fast as she humanly could.

"They're really not waiting around at all are they? To think we'd deal with creepy clown and overly pierced man all at the same time.", she grumbled out loud to herself, hoping to climb down just enough to close the door after her, if nothing else to just stall her pursuers long enough to make her way down safely. And once she did make it down, she'd quickly pull the ladder down if she could. If they wanted to make her way down, well... They were gonna have to jump.

Actions: Rushes to climb down the ladder as soon as everyone else has cleared the way, and once she gets down she pulls the ladder down to cut off their pursuers.

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Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Wed Dec 21, 2022 6:59 pm

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#80Kuri the Callous 

Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Mon Dec 26, 2022 8:18 pm

Kuri the Callous
They all made it down the hatch as the hatch closed. If one listens closely enough, one can hear things thrashing upstairs against the walls and, finally, silence—the doors around everyone opened to reveal that they were like windows. Surrounding them were boxes of monsters, creatures of old and new, some bizarre and dangerous. Everyone got time to see everything before their box slid down like an elevator to walk into a hall. It seems safe, but then men and women in large suits and body armor come forth with guns, pointing at you four.

"Hold! You are all under-," one of them spoke in a muffled voice till one of the elevators dinged. Everyone looked at each other shocked, scared, and worried, as there were no warnings of this happening. It stopped, and they started to grab for the first one who came down the hatch, Mishiko.

Mishiko, due to your cursed object, they finally came for you. Instead, you see that as a gift or curse; the elevator opens for a giant tentacle slithering out to smash the people's bodies into nothing. The floor was flooding with blood. Sirens roared as the other elevators opened to reveal other monsters. A screech of a siren roared unknowingly in some direction. It was not some scream; it was a song, a warning as the creatures on their way to kill the group now went towards the workers in this unknown facility. A portal suddenly opens in front of them. They can trust to go in or stay here.

Actions; Intro to the Facility, creatures, and now a portal.

P.S. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we are shortening the Story, and for everyone's patience, there will be a larger prize at the end in the next 1-2 rounds.

The Wheel has been Rolled for the ultimate Prize, you all can 'feel' the semi-riches.


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Mishiko looked at all that was going on, from the creatures to seeing the men and women pointing their guns at them. Part of her felt worried, like the past Quillareine she once was. Another part of her knew that her new playmate was arriving soon as she doomed herself, but she also doomed these sick people who were probably watching them, hoping for them to die. As all the death happened the song of Cthulu could be heard. Not many will know what song or call that was, or what sound it even was, but she knew. She sighed and saw the portal open after the creatures went on to kill all the workers that resided in this universe.

She turned to look at them and gave them a light smile before looking back at the portal to walk right in. What she now witnessed was what she expected as a large creature, not even their full body breached out of the water. The Demigoddess of Insanity or Madness, in some other words, was not harmed by Cthulu's effects of their eyes gazing at her. Glowing, as they cause insanity to those that gaze at them. "Whatever you all do, don't look...", she warned them as she also tried to hold her posture, even with her status.

Rolling for ...?


Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Mon Dec 26, 2022 8:25 pm

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#83Kuri the Callous 

Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Mon Dec 26, 2022 8:27 pm

Kuri the Callous
Your warning passes to the others and your sanity isn't completely gone, but you know what you have to do to let the others go and to end the tyranny of this universe.

Reason; roll was passable, but not enough for you.


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Her head started to feel rather confused. Her hand grasped the side of her head as she felt rather dizzy. "Mmmm, mother?", she muttered coldly. She wabbled towards Cthulhu who slowly reached out to grab her body and grasped onto her. Mishiko couldn't control herself and limped against their strong grasp. Not dead, but they now disappear like nothing, teleporting the others out of the universe as the Old Gods of this universe smashes it into nothing for failing the Ritual.

Meanwhile as everyone else was probably teleported back to Samhain, Mishiko was playing with her bag of pops while sitting on an unknown Island that she was forced to be on. For what reason? How was she going to get back home and will Cthulhu ever show up again after last night? Mishiko was unsure what happened to Kaito, Alisa and Yuurei, but surely, they were all safe, right?

Her eyes just go lost into the distance, still alive. Just... more, can't get into the details.


Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Mon Dec 26, 2022 8:58 pm


Kaito made it into the box with them the door shutting behind him and he quickly looked around and he saw that all of the others had made it as well that was a relief for him, he hears the walls slide and the thing they are in begin to move and he sees the other creatures, he wonders if this was going to be the site of their death as these things are probably going to be released on them to take them out for escaping. The doors open and he hears the command coming from the armed people and their words cut off as the unknown creature had reached through and killed them before they could attack him or the people he was with.

He sees Mishiko walk into the portal and he followed behind her hearing her warning he tries not to look around too much then sees she got taken up and next thing he knows he is back in Samhain. He looks around and wonders if he will be able to find that dimension again with his magic to try and get the woman back and he also notices that his cloak feels slightly heavier than it had been, meaning it was probably over and that woman was probably lost but Kaito was going to try and find her if he can.


Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Tue Dec 27, 2022 3:28 pm


Yuurei had made it downstairs and there he would hear from above the thrashing around the room. It would seem like they weren’t too proud of letting their prey escape. Still, he knew it was just the beginning as he would see the door open that was around the area. There he would see the different monsters in this place and the thing they were in would start to descend. This couldn’t be good, and he wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

The next thing that happened was the group waiting for them holding guns at them. After that a tentacle would come soon after killing the men and it was then that they would grab Mishiko, and he was going to help her, but there was nothing that he could do. It was then that other monsters would show up and his heart started beating faster. They were back at it again and this time they had to escape the monsters that were coming for them.

The portal that appeared last was not something he was expecting, and he decided to take his chance with it. He hopes that Kaito would do the same thing because they could use his portals later to escape if they didn’t perish.

Yuurei wouldn’t look at the creature as Mishiko had warned them and he would move into the portal after Kaito had done so. He hoped that everyone would be fine and escape in one piece.


Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Wed Dec 28, 2022 7:30 pm

"Well... That was a little too close for comfort...", Alisa sighed and shook her head, swiping off a trickle of sweat building in her forehead as her chest rises and falls... She looked around, catching sight of those weird boxes and the monsters inside them, "No way... Are they keeping all those things here...? But why?"

Puzzled by the revelation, and even more so by the thought that all the monsters she'd seen upstairs could have very well come from here, her brow furrowed immediately:

"Looks like our uncle has been up some rather unsavory business... What the?!", in the end, whatever assessment they could have made wouldn't last long as all hell quite literally broke loose, the men arriving to intercept them in turn caught by the very monsters they kept in cage, who wanted nothing more than the complete annhilation of everybody in this facility.

Without hesitation, Alisa leapt into the portal alongside her companions, knowing whatever salvation would await them there, or nowhere else.

#88Kuri the Callous 

Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Wed Dec 28, 2022 7:51 pm

Kuri the Callous
Everyone was able to escape in one way or the other, the three of them together. As they escaped, they were given a bag of pops.

Yuurei, Alisa and Kaito have received a total of 35 Pop due to certain things being met.

Mishiko has received 32 Pops due to certain things being met.


Cabin in Samhain [Event; Closed] - Page 4 Empty Wed Dec 28, 2022 7:55 pm

@Yuurei @Alisa @Mishiko and @Kaito Todaro have received their Pops and have 1 week to use them before the store and world closes for good.

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