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Unfortunate Luck (Kaito/Brone)

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Unfortunate Luck (Kaito/Brone) Empty Tue Nov 08, 2022 8:44 pm


Yuurei and Renji would move through the city. His friend was on his shoulder, and he was following the noise where the screaming was coming from. While doing that, he would feel the vibration of people moving around their homes. It would seem like they were doing their best to hide. This was a good thing, and it would give him time to protect them. He didn’t enjoy the screaming he was hearing though and wondered who he would see when harming the citizens of Orchidia. It was still dark outside, and he would just hope that everything would be settled soon. He couldn’t believe things like this could happen right under his nose.

His movements would lead him to a group of vampires that were killing some of the locals that were caught outside. The Nephilim saw this, and he would rush to stop them from killing anybody else, but when he got close to them, he would feel danger coming from his left and he would block it as he felt the power behind that attack. It would push him to the side as he would look at the vampire that attacked him. He would shake his head as it seemed like he was still recovering his stamina from all the fighting he was doing from before.

He would shake his arm and he would hear more vampires coming from every direction. This was bad and it seemed like he was surrounded. Still, he didn’t fear this situation and he would get ready as he had grown two wings this time. He was going to get his energy back as he knew that there was more fighting to be done.

“Oh we got a strong vampire here.” He said out loud as he was looking at him.

“Ansem wants you alive, but your friends are just getting in the way. Surrender, and we will leave this place.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei heard those words, and he would shake his head because he wasn’t going to listen to him. Still, he would look at every vampire around him before speaking again.

“Kaito, he’s tough, but you can take him on. I will help you if you need it, but I don’t think you do.” He said as he would ignore the man and focused on the vampires that were there.

They had to pay for harming the people that were on the floor, possibly dead.



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Kaito had followed behind Yuurei like the dog he was and he hears the man tell him to take on this host to this party and he knows that he needs to make sure that he doesn't screw this one up and he nodded at Yuurei telling him that he could handle this one and he knows that was going to be his mission during this and he runs forward through the guards the man had, had Kaito felt lighter and he was going to make sure that the keeps this man busy as the others get the others vampires under control and he hoped that he could do this and he wonders what this vampire leader has in his then he feels an attack hit against his scales and he smells blood from the attack and he wondered how this could be that he hadn't seen anything and he turns on his Mana vision so if the spells are invisible then he can see them so that he does not get hit once again.

He can see them now it was like an aura around the monster that him moving seemed to cause a ripple in the aura that released a stream of energy at him and the blood he smelled was the magic this vampire seemed to wield and that was a newer magic to him as how does a vampire use blood magic wouldn't that be wasting food to them as blood keeps them alive right? He gets closer to the man and he keeps his cool as this was going to be a longer battle he can feel it as this man seemed to have been studying them as he didn't care about who was following who or why they were doing it but he knows that he needs to make this end and not stay stuck here as the people of this city needed to be protected and why not be protected by the guardians of the north and their friend in Fairy Tail.

The man seemed to keep throwing more at Kaito who is just barely blocking spells with his own as the aura of blood around the other vampire seemed to act oddly as if he was more playing with the wind than he was with blood which would have a thicker thing to it but Kaito can al ready tell he is going to have fun with this one as there was no limit here just take him on and win this.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe followed his friends into the city of Ochidia. The night air was filled with distant and near screams, while the streets were littered with destruction, trash, blood, and every now and then... a victim. The dwarf tightened his grip on both his axes as they made their way through the streets. Soon enough they spotted a group of vampires attacking a handful of local civilians which triggered the heroes into action, but Yuurei was was stopped by vampire with great speed.

The vampire was dapper, dressed in a formal elegant suit. He seemed more serious and stern than most vampires that the trio had fought before. Brone could only assume that he was a powerful foe, but he didn't have time to stop and theorize; once Kaito decided to flex his scales and engage with the dapper vampire, Brone took this chance to rush towards the group of vampires that were harassing the civilians.

Just as one of the vampires were about to bite the neck of a young woman, Brone's golden axe slammed into the monster's back, who dropped the woman and cried out in pain. As the vampire turned around to face his foe, the green axe was swung and met his neck, severing his head from his shoulders.

"It's Yuurei and his lackies!" One of the vampires yelled out. The rest of the group scattered to position themselves around the dwarf, giving the civilians a chance to run away.

"The draconic one is facing Lord Handor Transdle; let's kill Yuurei and the dwarf then help Lord Handor" the lead vampire of the group ordered about and the others nodded in agreement.

"Tch! You'll all return to the grave before ye lay a hand on the dragon" Brone said as he twirled his axes in his hand, his eyes darting from left to right in order to keep an eye on each of his enemies. Some vampires snickered, taking the dwarf's statement as a joke, while others gritted their teeth in irritation.

Then they all moved at the dwarf at once, trying to eradicate him in one move. Brone spun around with his axe extended, activating one of the spells within the golden axe. A tornado was conjured from his point, catching the vampire group it the twisting wind and expelling them, sending them flying back. Those who didn't land on their feet had slammed into the side of a building and crashed into a random debris.



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Yuurei said those words to reassure Kaito. He knew that Kaito had doubted himself many times before, so he figured he would tell him he was backup for his confidence. The Nephilim would look around the area as he was gauging the number of vampires that were around the area. It would seem like Kaito was ready to fight as his form changed. This made him smile because he didn’t expect anything less from Kaito.

He would look over to the vampires and he would see that someone was trying to feed on a human. Of course, Brone’s actions were quick, and they were no more. Still, now the vampires knew that they were here, and letting go of the captives was for the best as the civilians started running away.

The Nephilim would appear in front of the man who spoke a big game. His cursed arm was right on the vampire’s face as he slammed him onto the ground before crushing him with the force of his power.

“You guys meet your end today. Any vampires align with Ansem will meet a death they never saw coming.” He said as he looked at the vampires that weren’t rushing to Brone.

They were a bit hesitant at first. They all looked at each other before looking at Yuurei. It seemed like they were trying to see if they would make the first move, but Yuurei would make the decision for them.

He rushed to the closest vampire, and when the vampire saw him, they would dodge the first attack but would be hit with a knee kick to the chin. This would result in their head coming off as they landed on the ground. When the other vampires saw this, it was then that they shouted and rushed straight to Yuurei. He would see this, and he would start dodging their attacks. He would grab someone’s arm and he would pull the vampire close to him.

This would end with Yuurei dealing a lariat to the man and taking off his neck without a problem. The vampire would drop as he looked over to the others that were making their way to him.



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Kaito seems to have learned this things trick but he doesn't think for a second that this is the only ace up his sleeve and he stays on his guard and he protects him self as the other man seems to have more or less have come to life now and he and Kaito are swapping blows that seem to just be nullifying the other then Kaito uses his new found power and me and the man keeps swapping blows but now the vampire seems to be losing the blow for blows and he looks like he is growing worried of what is going on and why it is happening where had this new strength and power and damage coming from the man didn't have time to think he had begun to think maybe he should have his vampire forces to help him fight back a bit but upon looking around he sees that they are busy with the other two men.

Kaito tries to go for a killing blow and the vampire goes low while grabbing Kaito's arm and throws him and Kaito flips and he catches his feet under himself sliding across the ground and then he turns and runs back at the vampire not wasting a moment to catch his breath, he had to keep it on the vampire so it didn't get away and he was not sure how he was going to be able to end this. The vampire seems to be on the advantage as the man seems to be digging deeper into the well of his powers and transforms as well and throws bigger spells and Kaito is pushed onto the defensive as he is trying his hardest to throw the vampire off of his footing and he throws his own spells back and he is pushing harder and he tries to over power them and not let himself get his neck broken or bitten into, he gets up against the guy and he knocks him back and runs back in on him again.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The vampires who were sent flying by the tornado had gotten back to their feet; anger shown across their facial expressions as they glared at the dwarf with piercing red eyes. "Kill him already so we can slaughter Yuurei!" one of the vampires growled. Half the group faded away using their invisibility spell while the rest of them darted forward, then encircled Brone.

Brone switched his stance, knowing they may try to attack at his blind spot. The vampires were playing careful now and he was aware that those who were running circles around him were keeping a certain distance from him in order to avoid another tornado from reaching them. Brone didn't want to wait for the enemy to get to him, he was too impatient at the moment, so he ran forward, trying to get to the end of the ring of circling vampires, however as he moved, so did the spinning ring, keeping him in the center. "Cowards" The dwarf grunted.

An invisible claw raked against the back of his golden armor. That pushed the dwarf to action. He raised his golden axe into the air, cried out a warcry at the top of his lunges before slamming the axe head against the ground, causing an explosion of ice and snow to erupt from his position, conjuring forth a dome of a miniature blizzard, capturing the ring of circling vampires. With the falling hail and snow, Brone could see the silhouettes of the invisible vampires as they tried to withstand the intense cold. Brone moved in to approach the closest vampire who's silhouette hesitated, surprised that they have been discovered, but before they could properly react, Brone slammed both axes horizontally into the vampire's chest. The silhouette hit the now gathering snow on the ground and didn't move.

"Get out of the blizzard!" one of the vampires called out.

"No you don't!" Brone yelled as he brought his golden axe again and brought it down upon the head of another invisible vampire while activating another spell, increasing the cold, dropping the temperature further, ultimately slowing the foes within, "Try to escape my domain!" the dwarf growled.

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Yuurei tilted himself back as he would see a vampire swing his blade at him. It would go above his face, and when it was no longer there, the Nephilim would make his move. He would thrust his got right into the vampire and he would send the monster flying. He would look at another who tried to attack him. He would glide his gauntlet next to the man’s blade as he missed the attack as he would be met with Yuurei’s fist. It would bash his head right in, and he would drop to the ground. He would look around his eyes quickly scanning each vampire that was coming to him.

They were dangerous and they were being difficult. He figured he would make this easier for himself. He would stretch his arm to them, and two magic circles would appear. A bunch of arrows would appear above him and the vampires, and it would start raining down on them. He would dodge the attacks as he could sense the danger and the vampires would be struck by his arrows. The ones that had dodged the arrows would be met with Yuurei as he would pierce through two vampires’ hearts without hesitating before pulling his arms back.

It was then he would feel two vampires get behind him and would swing their weapons. His cape would take the first hit, and then the second would be met with his bag. He would turn to look at them as if they were sneaky little bastards. Yuurei would turn to look at them and they would attack again. He would dodge their attacks and he would meet them with a counterattack of his own.

Yuurei would land a hook on the first vampire that hit him and then he would pivot his foot to spin around and would backhand the second vampire. It was then that they would both fall and meet their end. He would look at the others and he would shake his head.

“You want to beat me?! Then you going to have to come to me together! Stab each other and catch me off guard if you can!” He shouted at them waiting to see what they would do.



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The Vampire man looks at Kaito and he smirks then speaks. “Ansem might have a use for you as well if you play your cards right.” The vampire man then cracks his knuckles as he doubts the dragon slayer is going to even heed the words he speaks to him as he seemed to be so far up Yuurei's ass that he can't see the light and then he cracks his neck and he goes after Kaito again.

Kaito had listened to him and he wonders what they might want with him as he was nothing special just a man that just lucked into everything he had and the things that he did were just him acting on something else that is deeper in his soul. Kaito knows that this vampire might just be leading him astray or maybe this vampire was telling him the actual truth about it. He wasn't going to risk it and he goes at the vampire without another thought as they needed to make sure that, they made this count and him acting like a coward and yielding would only end up costing others their lives as this was a war so all the rules were different than a normal encounter as this was one for keeps that they can not just try to spin a different way too many lives were in the balance and too many lives were lost for him to not to make this all count and not let them bully him or tell him off as he was here for a reason he was chosen and that was it there was no other way about it.

They clashed and they moved around as they did so each trying to keep themselves from getting hit by the others attacks and spells even at super close range as Kaito was good at being slippery and hard to pin down so this was an easier task as he can just get himself out of trouble if it was truly what he needed to do and not let this vampire to even have the slightest bit of hope in his dead cold heart as this was going to be where he was buried and maybe someone will come and mourn him but today is not the day as Kaito was going to tear them apart and make them wish they had just killed him instead of him letting get himself in order and his weapon clashed hard against the vampire who slid backwards stopping.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The vampires struggled to rush out of the storm of ice and snow as the temperature dropped further due to the dwarf's ice magic. "This is nonsense! I thought Lord Ansem said Yuurei's dwarf had no magic!" one of the vampires tried to find their way out of the intense cold, hail slapping against his face as ice was beginning to frost over parts of his body. An axe came out from the whipping flurry, cutting down the vampire; his shouting had allowed Brone to locate him, to his demise.

Eventually, the remaining of the vampires that chose to assault the dwarf had escaped the dome of icy doom. As they patted themselves, trying to remove the ice that had formed on their body, the stationed blizzard had faded away, leaving behind the dangerous dwarf who stood in the center of a large circular field of snow. "Rip his head off!" A vampire ran forward at the dwarf, but Brone knew this was a distraction; his instincts told him someone was closing in behind him, so he turned his head and spotted from the corner of his eye, a silhouette of snow rushing at him. It seems an invisible vampire wasn't aware that the ice from the blizzard made his spell useless, but it would have been too late for them to realize as the dwarf quickly swung his green axe back and decapitate the undead. Within a few seconds, the head and the rest of the body appeared on the ground, the spell negated by the spellcleaver.

The first vampire that played a distraction tried to stop in his tracks and pull away, but he was already too close, Brone swung his golden axe which it's blade slammed into the vampire's side, causing him to tumble, dead-dead rather than undead. Two more vampires then came rushing, trying not to let the dwarf get a chance to breath. As they swung their claws, instead of hitting his arm or side, the golden shield appeared, switching places with the green axe, blocking the attacks.

"I'll rip out his throat!" A female vampire rushed at his back. Given the positioning and because the other two vampires were pressing against the shield, the dwarf couldn't move to counter the female, so he conjured forth another layer of ice upon his golden armor as the female vampire raked her claws against his back, shattering the layer of ice. Brone needed to end this quick, otherwise they'll overrun him.

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Yuurei would look at them and they would start running to him all at once. This was good because it was what he wanted. They didn’t understand what they were getting themselves into by fighting him. Their death was unavoidable as he was someone who was going to take down Ansem. The young berserker would move his left leg back as he was getting into a stance. He would look at the vampires moving straight at him, and he would move his right arm back. When he had done that, he would let it begin. He would swing his arm as if he were trying to whip someone with his arm, and it would extend.

He would take a step forward with the leg that was in the back as he was using the force behind the attack to move across the vampires in front of him. A bunch of them would dodge the attacks, but the ones that didn’t would find themselves folded in a way that they couldn’t normally bend.

Yuurei had shattered their backs with this attack, and they would hit the ground as he would retract his arm back to normal. The other vampires that weren’t hit by his attack had continued their path to him. It was then then that they would attack him together, and he would see this. He would jump into the air as cape would allow him to fly and he would watch them stab each other as they had missed. They didn’t die from the attack, but a lot of them were harmed and were screaming from the pain. He would land not too far from them as he had a smile on his face.

“Are you guys dumb or something? No wonder you guys are just lackeys. Well, that’s fine because I will bring your life to an end, which probably should have ended long ago.” He said this to them as he was ready to continue.

The vampires didn’t like what he said, but Yuurei didn’t care. He would be the one to run this time to approach them as he rushed through the fields and to the vampires. As they were taking their blade out of each other, he would start his attack as he would start punching and kicking the ones closest to him. Those that were able to attack would do so but would miss and in return would be taken out by another one of his attacks.

Yuurei had a smile on his face as this was going smoothly, and he hoped that Kaito was doing well against that vampire.



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Kaito isn't sure if he is losing ground or if he is keeping his ground here as it seemed this vampire was starting to coat himself in something that is slightly absorbing the blows that where seeming to hit flesh before, this seems like a losing fight in his new form instead of a winning one which was odd to Kaito as he expected it to be a simple fight and the vampire dying peacefully. "I have no want to serve a master other than the one I have." He has no idea where his master even is right now and he and this vampire clash again and Kaito feels himself being pushed back and he points his finger and he blasts the vampire that puts his hands together and releases a two handed blast and the two spells meet and null each other out. Kaito wonders if they are just matching up well or if this creature has an ace up it's sleeve to show him soon.

Kaito reties his hair back and he gets a more focused look on his face as he runs at the vampire and this time he dodged the vampires attacks as he kept running toward him and he needs to get close and he has to get a clean hit. he has to make any opening he can find count as his vampire tired to beat him down and he gets around and under the vampires arms and he pushes off and he slashes across the monsters side and the vampire laughed as if it was what he had planned for then he sees the vampire turn unharmed. Kaito realized the vampire at the last second hardened its skin with his blood magic so the damage he did was nearly just fully negated. Kaito is running out of options by the minute and he figures that there is going to have to be a massive change here or there is going to be a massive loss to them. Thinking of himself as a massive loss Kaito laughs to himself.

The two clash again but this time Kaito changed his attack mid step and went to the other side and this time the slash did massive damage. Kaito had figured out the trick the vampire would spread his mana then condense it at the last second in the area about to be hit, so Kaito used a feint this time around to get it to be mistimed and placed allowing the slash.

#12Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone thrusted the golden shield against the two male vampires, forcing them to stumble back before he swung his golden as he turned to face the female vampire, however she lunged backwards to avoid the strike. The dwarf activated another spell enchanted into the axe, causing it to quickly grow four times it's size and allowing Brone to slam the oversized weapon into her midsection, then following through and slamming her against the floor; her body no longer moving.

"He killed her!" one of the vampires yelled out.

"Was she yer girlfriend? Because ye didn't get that upset when yer other pals met the same end" Brone taunted as he faced the crying vampire while twirling his golden axe in his hand after it returned back to it's normal size. The vampire didn't enjoy the retort; his eyes slashed red in anger as he bared his vampiric fangs. Like a raging beast, he would rush forward at the dwarf at top speed. Brone wasn't phased, he simply positioned his golden shield in front of himself. As the vampire slammed the shield with a powerful kick, the sound of the shield hitting rang in the air, but the dwarf was too sturdy to be pushed back.

The second male vampire had used his friend's rage to his advantage. While Brone was distracted by the rampaging dwarf, he ran about the perimeter and got behind him as silently as he could. Then he moved in for the attack, his claw ready to take his head, but unknowingly to the vampire, Brone had no blind spot, do to his skills he developed from obtaining the War God of Axes title, he was aware of his immediate surroundings. So as the vampire's claw came close to the dwarf's head, the golden axe came swooping about, slicing off the vampire's hand.

"Bastard!" The vampire yelled as he jumped back to gain distance as he clutched the stub where his hand once was. The other vampire, the one who was raging was still seething in his anger, given up on using his intelligence to fight, now was trying to bypass the shield that was keeping him at bay from the dwarf. He bit onto the edge of the shield, trying to crack it, but all it did was cause his own fangs to crack.

Brone brought the golden axe back to the front, slicing the angered vampire's head off, allowing him to fall to rest and so he could join his lover in full death.

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Yuurei wasn’t playing around with these guys as he was being swift with every attack he had dealt. There was no need as they didn’t deserve his mercy. That no longer existed against the people who were made, and loyal to Ansem. He moved to the vampires that were here, and he would see that they were planning something. When he got close enough, he would see that one of them was quick to try and stab him. He didn’t move and it would seem like he was trying to die while harming Yuurei at the same time.

It caught him off guard, and he would dodge the attack, and another vampire would appear right behind him. The vampire tried to attack Yuurei but he dodged the attack. This was interesting, and the Nephilim would turn to block the vampire’s attack with his left arm. It was then he would swing his right arm.

He would thrust it straight through the vampire’s heart and he would pull his hand out with the heart in his hand. Yuurei would drop it as the vampire he had dodged before swung his sword from behind.

Yuurei’s cape would block the attack Yuurei would hear the noise of his cape being torn and harmed.

He would turn to look at the vampire that was in front of him now. He would jump away from Yuurei and he would get into a fighting stance. The berserker would do the same thing, but his necklace was giving him a sense of danger.

He would lunge to his right as it would seem like they were trying to make sure that he couldn’t gather himself. That was the smart thing to do, which meant they worked well together. Yuurei would see the vampires missed their attack, and then another vampire would attack him.

The Nephilim would look over at them and he would grab their head and slam them to the ground with his right hand. He had extended the arm and then retracted as he had crushed the vampire's head with the ground. They were monsters, but so was he, and now it was just to prove who was the scarier one of the two.

Yuurei would see the vampires were left, and he knew that this would be the end for them, but they still had a lot to do there.



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Kaito knows that the trick will not work a second time as they both jump back at the same time and the vampire holds his side and looks at Kaito wondering how he had figured it out and he then realizes that Kaito has had his eyes closed as he did these things and he figures that the man could sense it which means if he is going to strike down this mage, he needs to make the attack count the first time or the man will know how the the trick worked and how to get around it and not waste too much of his own mana to do it. He knows this mage that he is facing is strange and seems to not really feel like he is a good guy as he can smell traces of blood on the man he is clashing with, he smelled of death and decay like he was some kind of serial killer or a monster in a lab.

Kaito rushed forward breaking the lull that had seemed to have happened in their fighting as he was not looking to make this last any longer than it had to have to be. Kaito and the vampire clash and the vampire can tell that the man is holding back a bit, was he testing the vampire? or was the man just simply running out of gas and was going to collapse before long? The vampire had a bad feeling about this as this man had been pushing himself and his healing to the max now the man seemed to be weakening quickly but that had nothing to do with it right? The cut on his side beaconing pain as the attacks hitting each other but what could that mean had this man see the face of god or something? The vampire feels a mana spike and he tries to move but it was already too last Kaito had grabbed the mans arm and pulled him closer and he kneed the vampire.

The vampire reels from the blow to his chest from the guys knee he hadn't seen that attack coming so he wasn't able to get his blood armor to the spot to absorb the impact for him, he is winded and he tried to slash at Kaito but Kaito lobbed off the vampire's hand and the vampires vision blurred a little from the increased pain he was feeling and he wondered what that was, as the vampire looked into Kaito's red eyes.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone turned to face the remaining vampire who glared at him angrily while clutching the stump where he missing hand was, "Want me to give ye a hand with that?" the dwarf laughed which angered the vampire further. But taking one look around himself to see that the rest of the vampires were fighting Yuurei and Lord Handor still facing off against Kaito, he realized he had little to no chance against the sturdy dwarf.

"Get over here, so I can put ye six feet plus one hand under" Brone laughed yet again as he began to walk towards the vampire. The sheer cold of the magical aura from his blue helmet brush against the vampire, causing his body to shiver from not only the cold, but the fear of his unlife coming to an end. He was about to turn about and make a run for it, but something locked him in place. His feet were held to the ground by lack of his own will; Ansem had compelled him to stand his ground and fight Yuurei and his kin to his dying breath. No one can defy Ansem's will, even if they tried, they will fail.

The vampire slowly turned to face Brone who was still walking over to him, gripping the golden axe tightly, his expression stern despite having a laughing fit a moment ago, "Changed yer mind about runnin'?" the dwarf noticed the vampire hesitated, seeming as if he was about to run; he wasn't aware that the vampire was compelled against his will.

"I'll rip your throat out" The vampire growled, though he did so out of fight-or-flight instinct; since he cannot run, he had no choice but to fight. So he yelled at the top of his lungs and ran towards Brone. As the dwarf raised his axe, the vampire faded out of view, activating his invisibility spell. The dwarf swung his axe where the vampire stood, but felt no resistance, meaning he missed. "Damn spell" He cursed.

An invisible claw raked against the back of his armor. Anticipating this tactic, the dwarf swung his left arm, but instead of the golden shield, his green axe took it's place. There was some resistance; part of the axe's blade had nicked the vampire, nullifying the invisibility spell and causing him to become entirely visible again. Brone didn't waist time, he continued his spin and swung his golden axe, which ended up bisecting the vampire, ending him once and for all.

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Yuurei would look at the vampires and it would seem like they weren’t sure what to do here. He would shake his head because the rest of it should be easy pickings. They didn’t think the light mage in front of them would be this strong. Hell, the group they were facing right now was just crazy. He was pretty sure that they were on a different level, and the fact that their leaders were spread thin was why they weren’t doing well in battle. It was a mistake on their part, and they should have just crushed the entire guild altogether.

It was dumb of Ansem to listen to him, but it was too late to go back on it now. The only thing they could do is weakened them for someone to take them out. The vampires started running to Yuurei, and the Nephilim would see this coming. He would get into a fighting position, and he would start taking out the vampires in front of him. They would strike at him, and he would only shake his head as he would dodge their attacks and he would hit them with a counterattack. His blows were so powerful that he would pierce through their bodies.

He would remove their hearts or take their heads off their bodies. It was interesting the way he had fought because he was never this cruel. The pain he felt behind each blow would bring anybody to understand. He kept going through them like fodder to the slaughter and he would come to a stop when he had finished all the vampires around him. They were all on the ground and none of them moving. He didn’t allow any of them to live as they didn’t allow Kailani to live. Their lives would be the cost for her’s and they were done just yet.

Yuurei took his helmet off as he could tell there were more vampires here than just them. He would look to his friends to see if they were done with their fights before they would head to the next area. The Nephilim had regained a lot of his stamina as the vampires he fought were nothing to him. He had come too far from when he had lost to Ansem in the first place. He just hoped that everyone else was the same way. Renji was on his shoulder this entire time as he stood quiet. His friend was hurting, and he was still worried, wondering if Nimbus was still alive.

He didn't question Yuurei’s methods right now or comment on his way of fighting either.

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Kaito and the man hit one more time and the vampire starts to bloat, when they had made contact Kaito had added some extra magic to his hit sending it into the body of the vampire as the skin broke on his hand forcing the energy to cook the vampire from the inside out making him explode. Kaito sighs as he had clearly over done it as that was not his aim as he was just trying to disable the man but instead he ended up killing the vampire, well rekilling? He walked following after Yuurei has he let his body rest and recover some mana as his body was very sore and very tired as he was not sure that he could keep going like this or if he was going to just end up falling over and not getting back up as he was nearly at his limit and he gets his cloak and pulls a snack out of the pocket to help him try to perk up so that he will not hold them back as they are not sure what might come next.

Kaito looked toward Brone to see if the man had made it through as he can see that Yuurei had made it through with out a doubt in his mind Kaito figured that the troublesome twosome would make it but he knows they also probably feel pretty rough as they have done most of the fighting and heavy work up until now at least.
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Brone Heavyaxe
All went quiet and the area where Brone was was still. The dwarf stared up at the moon, remembering a time he, Kailani, and Yuurei walked to their next quest while he looked up and complimented the moonlight. Yuurei didn't care much about it, but Kailani took the time to acknowledge the admiration. For a moment, the dwarf imagined Kailani walking up beside him to say "Looking up at the moon again, Brone?" but that was not the case... that would never happen again.

"Do you wish for strength?" It wasn't the first time Brone heard that voice, but it was the first time he heard it outside of his dreams. By this point, it became so frequent that he knew it wasn't his imagination, he was just unsure who it was, nor did it really matter. The voice came to him at times when he was despair, mainly of Kailani's death, so the voice was more audible in recent times. The reason to why the dwarf never truly accepted it was because it demanded for Brone to give into his aggression and for Brone, though he was indeed an aggressive fighter, he never favored giving into his full anger.

"You must give up on your hesitation and your defensiveness... Ansem has brought you war... and you already lost one and nearly lost the other" Hearing that caused Brone to quickly look over to Yuurei, who was already reverting back to his base form, the battle was over. Kaito was calming himself as well. The dwarf had actually caught eyes with the dragon slayer. Worried that he was showing an odd expression, Brone forced a laugh as he walked over to his two friends.

"They can't handle us! Now let's get going!" He rushed over to Kaito and Yuurei and began rushing them along.

Huginn and Muninn flew up above in the night sky. They acknowledged the battle was over but knew well that the war was yet to be over. They noticed Brone was staring off, probably dealing with the voice he had mentioned, but was reluctant to speak further of it. Whatever the voice was, they wondered if it was having some kind of effect on the dwarf.

Huginn mentioned he would fly off to scout the city to find the next batch of vampires; Muninn replied by saying he would remain with Brone. They then split up and with a single 'caw' from Huginn, Brone looked up to see his ravens were splitting up, acknowledging they were doing their part by doing reconnaissance.

As they would walk onward, Brone would do his best to ignore the voice who continued to whisper into his mind about how the further they walked into the night, the more dangerous it would be and if he wanted to win the war, he would need to consider taking the offered deal. Whatever the deal was, the dwarf felt he didn't need it. He hoped he didn't.

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