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Stop at the Gates (Kaito/Brone)

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Stop at the Gates (Kaito/Brone) Empty Fri Nov 04, 2022 9:27 pm


Yuurei had organized what to do with the guild. It was in bad shape right now, and he needed people to fix things. He was fine with a small number of them taking time with doing the job. The Nephilim were also making sure that everything within the North was fine. He hoped that was the case as he was helping out with the repair. While he was doing that he would be worked up as he wanted to make sure everything was fine here before he continued this war.

It wouldn’t take long, but someone would start walking toward Yuurei. He wasn’t the only one being approached. Kaito and Brone had been approached by two different people, but they had the same message for all three of them.

Yuurei would have the messenger approach him, and he would put down what he had in his hand on the ground. He would look at them as if they had something to say.

“Yuurei-sama, we have a report for you.” He said to him.

Yuurei would stare at him waiting for him to speak up.

“What is it that you learned from scouting through the area.” He said to him.

Renji was on his shoulder the entire time as he was waiting for something to happen.

“We looked around the area, and we found something happening. In Orchidia, the vampires have been seen heading over there, and even attacking the place. You need to go there because the people there need you.” He said to Yuurei.

The berserker would hear this and he would nod as he understood what he meant by that.

“Thank you for the information. I’ll head there right now, please let the others know.” He said to the messenger.

Yuurei would grow his wings and he would start flying to Orchidia right now. The messenger would start with the repair though as his mission was done and he wanted to help everyone else.



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Kaito having been taking a break from the efforts since Yuurei had seem to have had everything under control was meditating between four portals floating with dimensional energy coming from the portals and going around him like a dimensional cocoon of sorts and his eyes are closed tight as the message is passed to him by a member of the guild who seemed very frightened by Kaito and what he was doing at that very moment, Kaito's eyes opened and his dragon like eyes seemed to stare right through the member and scared them even more so they quickly left the place in which Kaito had been doing this and the portals close and Kaito lands on his feet softly and he sighs as that was normal for how he had been treated up until now and he guessed that he should head for the place that the member had told him to go as Yuurei was probably waiting for him and Brone there by now and he gently tugged on his cloak as he appeared outside of the guild with wings on his back and Kaito flew toward the city, It had been a long time since he had flew and felt the wind on his skin as he soared through the sky.

He hopes he is not slowing the team down by flying there instead of portaling there and being there instantly, you lose the experience of the trip there doing that and traveling was always part of the fun to Kaito from his days back on the road with his master who he now knows is his grandmother, he makes sure to keep a sharp eye out and to survey the area for more info than the simple that the other city was under attack and needed saved by them. He wondered if the dark guild in the city was even trying to repel it or if they were hiding like cowards, he doubted the dark guild member his brother had told him about would be hiding probably be out in the fields fighting some where unafraid of the vampires. Kaito watched for where Yuurei was and he landed near the guild leader of Paradise Dawn and he wonders how they are to take this place on and if he was really going to be of use for this man or their friend. Yes Kaito was strong but he was also very unreliable on if he was going to really be doing a good job at this.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe was inspecting several armor sets displayed in the armory, all the while lifting a single dumbbell in his right hand, doing simple curls. He wanted to do full workouts or spar in order to rid himself of this lingering stress, but he was informed it would be best that he was kept at stop shape in case there was another attack from Ansem or the other world; these times have been difficult for the region, not just the guild. So the dwarf decided to inspect the craftsmanship of the weaponry and armory that was brought to the guild; sadly, many were not crafted by dwarves, so they weren't spectacular. He decided to make a mental note to start crafting the guild's own equipment.

Huginn had flew in through the window and perched atop the room's doorframe, "There's another vampire attack". No greetings, but straight to the point, just as Brone preferred.

"Where?" Brone asked as he turned to walk out the door, picking up his blue helmet while on the way out. He was already donned in his golden armor as he treats it as his daily wear for casual and formal occasions. His blood was now racing, now he was able to flex his muscles and release the stress that was building.

"Nearing Ochidia" Huginn flew from the doorframe and landed on Brone's left shoulder as the dwarf hurried down the staircase to the main lobby.

"Let Yuurei know and have Muninn inform Kaito" Brone quickly said as he barely minded the raven.

"You know we can't do that."

"Right, I forgot" Brone grunted in annoyance that he had forgotten such an important detail about his contract with the ravens; the concern about Ansem and his lackies have been worrying him so much, he's been noticing little slip ups.

"There are already scouts on their way to inform Yuurei and Kaito; Muninn is still doing recon until we arrive."

"Good" Brone sighed with relief; he was appreciative that the ravens were smart enough to perform important acts and be not only good reminders for the dwarf but informative allies.

The dwarf soon found Geri the tempest wolf ready for him at the front of the guild building. The moment he mounted the wolf, they sped off towards Orchidia with Huginn flying above them. The night was young, which mean the vampires had this planned; with their bodies sensitive to the sun, no doubt they will try and finish their task before daybreak, at least that is what Huginn told Brone.

As they were nearing the meeting point, Muninn had glided into a flight beside his friend, "The vampires are ahead, Kaito and Yuurei had flown overhead."

"I've noticed draconic and angelic wings flying in the sky, I had no doubt it was them" Huginn confirmed with his brother.

"Of course" Brone agreed, though with how off he seemed lately, he was sure he would have mistaken them for enemies unless he looked at their faces.



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Yuurei wondered how everybody was feeling about the fight ahead. He didn’t want them to put them in a situation that didn’t need to be in. Still, he knew them better than most and knew they would show up on the battlefield. He didn’t want to fly right into Orchidia and reveal his location. He figured he would go through the front gate though, so the enemy knew he was there. When he got close to Orchidia he would drop down to the ground. He waited for someone to arrive as he hoped that the crows, would tell Brone where he was, and Kaito would be able to pick up his scent.

When he saw Kaito land on the ground next to him, he would have a smile on his face.

“I want to say we wait for Brone, but I think we should go in and start causing chaos to the vampires that think they could do whatever they want.” He said to Kaito.

He waited a bit and figured that they would go see if someone was waiting for them at the gates. He wasn’t afraid or anything, but he didn’t want an army of vampires overwhelming them all at once. The berserker would start walking to the front of the gates, and he wondered what to expect.

“Thanks for being here Kaito.” He said as he would be calmer than he was before.

The one thing he couldn’t do right now though was smile. He was still in pain and he just wanted to break someone’s neck. While he would walk to the front gate, he would see that there were vampires guarding the front. He was surprised about this, but it would seem like they were making sure everything was secured.

The man in front of him was also controlling snakes as well, which brought him to rub the back of his head.

“Wait why are these two here? Wouldn’t Gin have taken care of them?” He asked one of the vampires.

They would whisper into his ears allowing him to know that they had men say Gin failed and perished by the man in front of him.

“We got some vampires to take out.” He said out loud.

Damon was frustrated when he heard Yuurei speak and he wanted them to pay for what they had done to his master.



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Kaito looked to Yuurei who spoke about them going in first and Brone would join them, he wasn't going to back down from that as he knows that won't hurt Brone's feeling as the man will probably come riding in like a very pissed off and battle ready dwarf he is. He walks forward with Yuurei and he loses his cloak and his mask as these vampires were going to see his face as he engrave his faces appearance into their memories and he was not going to fail. "Of course I came that woman probably was the only woman that wasn't blood to me that seemed to understand me. Who knows maybe if some god blessed me she might of been my wife one day." He laughs to himself as he knows that woman was too good for him and he would of found some way to have messed it up in the end and it might of caused a rift that couldn't be crossed or repaired.

He has a request for the man now that he has thought about it and he looks to Yuurei and he uses a confident voice, even though that he is unsure if this will work but from his time in the dimensional energy made him think that it might work and he may gain a new power from this and maybe he will be of more help against the things that go bump in the night that may cause some others a great fright. "Yuurei I need you to fire a light element spell at me when you get the chance." He readies himself to try and consume it and hopefully gain that power that he feels tickling the edge of being in his hands and at his command.

The vampires that heard this are looking at Kaito like there is something wrong with him as they know what scary power that Yuurei has who would ask to have that power turned on them willingly and Kaito looks at them and he knows that they think that Yuurei will probably just vaporize him with a simple spell but Kaito was going to take the spell and not flinch at the same time or that at least that is what he is going to try to do here but he knows that he could be wrong but this was not time to question it just take on the spell and hope this works for the sake of the fight.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Muninn flew ahead a few meters in order to guide them to the front gates, "They had already positioned themselves at the gate, but I don't know what has happened within the city" Muninn said as he fell back.

"We'll just have to cleanse the city of vampires in order to save the day, and we'll do it before sunrise" Brone was confident in this; his gripped tightened upon the reigns, knowing he was nearing the gates. Yuurei and Kaito must have already started the battle no doubt, so the dwarf felt he needed to catch up entirely.

The moment they broke through the last of the brush, Geri came to a halt, which sent Brone flying off towards the game where the vampires were. The dwarf drew his golden axe while yelling at the top of his lungs, causing the axe to quadruple in size. With a powerful swing, the giant axe slammed into three vampires who were so stunned by the sudden arrival, they barely had time to react.

As the vampires slammed into the gates, Brone cheered. Then he looked back to see Kaito and Yuurei standing there, "Ha! First blood is to me then!" he laughed. Though he thought he had the upper hand, the tables were quickly turned and everyone would soon know how big the table was; six more vampires appeared by fazing out of an invisibility spell, "Ah..." the dwarf managed to say before a brief moment silence.

The closest vampire darted forward and threw a hefty punch, but the dwarf managed to summon forth his golden shield which blocked the attack. The sound of ringing metal echoed into the air. Another vampire sped forward onto Brone's other side, delivering a sharp kick. Brone blocked the attack with his golden axe. For a moment, the vampire's shin and the blade of the axe collided and held there, both sides trying to push the other to the side, but they were held there at a stalemate. The Brone held onto both his shield and weapon, his strength was better than the last time he had faced Ansem's lackies, and he intend on showing that.

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Yuurei would hear Kaito’s words and he would have smiled at him as he would have walked with him.

“Shoot, if that was the case, then we would have been brothers. You would have also beaten in the one thing that matters and that is love. Still, one thing that can still happen is that you will always be my brother.” He said to Kaito as he would hear the next thing he said.

The Nephilim was actually confused at first, but he wouldn’t question what Kaito had said. If he wanted him to do that, then he would do just that.

“Alright, I will do just that, if you want just stand with the vampires, and a bunch of arrows will be coming down on them.” He chuckled when he said this as he would stretch his arm out.

A magic circle would appear in front of him and then a second one would appear in the air and above Kaito and some of the vampires. He couldn’t get them all in his circle, but he wanted to make sure to land his attack on Kaito.

While this was happening, he would see Brone flying out of a brush and toward a bunch of vampires. This made him blink a few times as he was a bit confused about what happened. He would shake his head because he heard Brone’s words and figured that he would say something like that. It caught the vampires off guard and the arrows would rain down on them.

At the same time, he stood there waiting to see what was going to happen to Kaito at this moment. Damon would watch all of this happening right now, and the annoying one of them all was Brone.

“I’ll start off with the little man. You guys keep fighting those two until I’m done with this shit.” He ordered the other vampires as they looked over to Yuurei and Kaito again.

They would see that some of their comrades had been hit by a spell and even Kaito as well. Yuurei didn’t do anything else as he wanted to witness what was going to happen.



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Kaito heard what Yuurei said and he wondered what it meant to have a brother, as his biological brother pretty much hated him and really only asked for jewels from him which didn't really bother him as he had killed their mother so Kaito feels that he owes Emil a lot for the trouble that he probably had caused for Emil while he was growing up with out his mother in his life. Kaito really hoped that this will work but his thoughts on if it will are very low but something had told him to do it and his master had told him to always trust his gut to lead him if there is a feeling follow it and remember to respect it as it might just be for the better cause it is your senses telling you the right path.

Kaito can feel the light magic powering up around him and he tilts his head back and he starts consuming as the light magic rained down on him his body begins being clad in gray and golden scales from him consuming the light magic that his friend had used, it helped him awaken the new power in himself that his body is covered in light and arcane energies and he looks toward the vampires and he smirks as he lifts his hand and it releases a blast of arcane and light magics mixed together. Was this his true potential ? Or was it the first step in the right way to him becoming more of a monster than he already was? Kaito just let the thoughts go and he released more of his new power, he begins laughing and it probably sounds crazy like Kaito had lost his mind but he runs into the vampires and he doesn't even stop for a second as he looks to nearly be gliding as the energies flash and fire off of his body as if he was a coursing well of the energies from a ley lines for the two elements at the same time.

Kaito looks to Yuurei with a smirk and his eyes are glowing red in the night. "Now now we can't just let Brone and I have all the funnn~" His words sounded nearly taunting toward the other man who had helped him to unlock this power but he was merely saying this was the time to rip through them and give them the frights of their lives as they had missed with the wrong people.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was being flanked by two vampires who were trying to bypass his shield and axe so they could rake their vampiric claws across his body, but their attention, including Brone's, were drawn to light that was brought forth above them. For a moment they thought the sun had risen, but they realized they were wrong as they were pelted by arrows made of light. Brone managed to raise his shield above his head in time to block the majority of his friend's spell, though a few arrows now stuck out of the dwarf's armor.

He looked over to Kaito, realizing he too was caught in the spell, "Kaito!" Brone yelled, worried that his friend was injured. He was about to call out to Yuurei and demand he stop the spell, but seeing Kaito's scales glow a mixture of gray and gold had surprised the dwarf. This must be some kind of new found power of the dragon slayer. Even though the show was impressive, Brone's attention was once again drawn away to the sound of Damon calling for the lackies to attack Yuurei and Kaito while he himself attacked the "Little man".

"Little man?" Brone took a moment to realize that the vampire was talking about him as the two vampires that were originally flanking him had darted away to fight Kaito and Yuurei. The dwarf quickly moved his shield in time to block a powerful blow from Damon who had came in to engage him at top speed. The vampire's punch hitting the golden shield caused the dwarf's arm to rattle a bit, but he managed to stop the shaking. Brone was about to make a comment, but just as he was about to say something, Damon threw another punch that swung above the shield; the dwarf quickly brought up the shield to block it, but the hit never came, the punch was a feint, Damon quickly delivered a knee into his stomach, cracking the golden armor.

Brone got his focus back and swung his golden axe at the vampire, but Damon managed to take the time the dwarf was surprised to jump out of the way. "Damn vampire is a snake" Brone hissed in anger.

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Yuurei would watch Kaito absorb his light magic and he would watch as it would allow him to change his form. It was interesting to see that Kaito could wield the power of light and arcane. He wasn’t sure he could ever do something like consuming an element. He could use the power of dark, light, and arcane though, which he wasn’t sure why. He heard his friend’s voice as he attacked some of the vampires. It would seem like it was time for Yuurei to join in on the fight. He was never going to be a bystander; he was always going to show them the fury of what he felt about this entire war.

He would sprout out four wings on his back and his left eye would change color to go a golden iris. His red eye stood that color as Yuurei was some type of abomination. The powers that were granted him by three different things made him look crazy.

He was lucky to have these powers, and he was going to use them to his fullest right now. He wanted to save his energy, but he figured he would just wait and let Kaito fight the next person they bumped into. He would soar through the air and toward two vampires. He would punch one of them with his left hand and he would fall to the ground. Seeing this, the other one would start to run away from Yuurei.

He would shake his head when he saw this, and he would swing his arm straight to him. It would extend as it would reach the runaway vampire in no time and it would punch him right on the back of his head. He would break his skull with that attack, and he would just look around to see what else he had to fight.

There were a lot of vampires, but a lot of them had been taken out by his light spell. He would flap his wings as he would see his next victim. The vampire was surprised by how fearsome these three were, he would shoot out some dark magic at Yuurei. He didn’t care as he would punch the magic with his left arm as would end up right in front of the vampire and he would lariat his head off with his right arm before snapping it back into place.

“Whoever killed Kailani, doomed you all. Well, that and the fact that Ansem still has my parents too.” He said with a smirk on his face.



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Kaito heard the last thing that Yuurei had said about them still having his parents Kaito had no idea that Yuurei even had parents he figured that Yuurei came to Earthland in some kind of relic capsule from the sky and was picked up by some simple wooden folk that mistook him for a half elf and raised him as that so that is what he thought he was so he would learn morals and not abuse the god among morals powers that he had to use at any point that he pleased. Kaito shakes it off and he figures that he will probably be filled in later as he was not one to need to dwell on it or really think about it at this moment. Kaito takes arm and he rushes at the vampires and he fires beams of mixed energy from his hands as he went and he thinks that he has to keep it going or he will probably collapse he wonders if he can catch a vampire boss to use for himself for intel or break them to use for recon if they are strong enough. Kaito knows that is probably a poor choice so he gets the idea from his head and refocus' on the fight he is already in instead of the one that he is not yet in.

Kaito clashes and releases more bursts of energy and he can hear a song in his head but he can't place it or why he knows it, but it still claws at the back of his mind as he dodged vampire claws and he elbows some of the vampires in the stomachs just just barely wind them but he is learning their weak spots for none lethal take down for if he goes off script to capture one of the stronger ones, he feels a strange want to experiment on one but he doesn't know why but he tries to ignore it as why would he want to inflict the same pain he had to endure onto someone else even if they are a creature of the night and the undead he needs to get his head back together and not do something crazy like that he isn't like that. He fires back at the darkness spells that are coming flying at him as this was not a time to be losing focus he needs to zero in and break their ranks with this new type of power he had gained by some miracle.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone referred to the attack Damon used as a lucky hit and simply moved forward on the matter. As the dwarf moved in to attack; Damon had also moved in to engage the dwarf while pulled back on a clenched fist. Brone made sure to be aware for another feint, because it seemed too suspicious that the vampire was trying to attack with a simple punch. Once they closed the distance, the golden axe of the dwarf had swung at the vampire's neck, but in an instant, a bamboo tree shoot shot up from the ground at Damon's left side, blocking the axe's blade. As Damon's fist came swinging in, Brone raised the shield to block the attack, but once again, the attack never came, what did happen though, was another bamboo tree shot up from right below the dwarf. The top of the tree hit the side of the blue helmet so hard as it continue to sprout up, Brone's head was knocked back.

Damon took this chance to sidestep and position himself on Brone's left side, bypassing the shield, then he delivered a strong punch to the dwarf's side. Brone activated the innate magical spell of the armor, causing a layer of ice to instantly freeze right over it, adding additional defense as the punch slammed into it, shattering the layer of ice and further cracking the armor. Brone gritted his teeth, angered by this vampire's tricks, so he began to turn his body and was about to swing his axe, but two more bamboo shoots shot up right in front of where his arm was, keeping his right arm from moving any further as Damon was deliver another punch, but this time to the side of Brone's head, cracking the blue helmet. "Damn it!" Brone yelled, seeing as he couldn't swing with his right arm, he would swing and slam his shield into the vampire's face, but vines suddenly sprouted from the bamboo shoots and entangled around the shield, keeping it from moving any further...

Brone was temporarily immobile and he stood there, shock and dumbfounded, looking at the work of the spells Damon had conjured, then he looked and met Damon's eyes as the vampire just shrugged his shoulders before slapping the dwarf across the face three times. The dwarf yelled at the time of his lungs as he broke through the bamboos and vines, spinning in one spot and activating his axe's spell. A tornado was conjured right where he stood, pushing all who was near him back, including Damon, who was sent flying, but ended up landing on his feet.

"No more tricks!" Brone said as the tornado stopped, revealing the dwarf fuming with anger.

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Yuurei would look at the vampires that were around the area, and it would seem like they were nervous. Still, they seemed determined to take him down. They were in for a treat because he was in his form for a reason. The Nephilim would see them rushing straight to him and he would start dodging their attacks. He would move to the right and then spin around the second attack. He would end up behind one of the vampires and he would slap his head off as he connected a hit on the monster’s neck.

He sensed more danger from behind him, and when it got too close, he would jump into the air and take flight as well. He would dodge the attack with ease, and he would come crashing down as he would stomp his feet into the two vampires below him.

They would crash to the ground as they had cracked their bones on impact with the floor. His eyes scanned the area as it would seem like they needed to truly learn their lesson. The light mage would swing his arm and at the same time, his arm would extend ten meters as the force he used to swing his arm would be there. He would sweep all the vampires around him at once as he would snap all their necks and have their heads come right off. He would snap his arm back right after that happened and he would just look at them all.

“I don’t need any answers from you monsters. Once we’re finished here we will clear the vampires in Orchidia City without a problem.” He said to the ones that lived.

Yuurei was ready to move forward, and he wondered what the few remaining vampires would do.



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Kaito keeps blasting into the groups of vampires that are trying to avoid him as he seemed to be able to keep up and keep on the attack as he was not sure if they were going to be a really problem for them as he keeps going and he was not going to back down as he wanted to make sure that they all saw that he was worthy of being here and that he was not really one to be left behind. Kaito pushes himself harder as he needed to give it his all even if it was only a small bit above normal he needed to make sure they didn't stand back up as none of these ones seemed to be on the right level or strength he needs a strong one and they seemed to be lacking here and he wonders if he can really find one that is on the right level he is going to capture it and he seems to be getting the evil glint in his eye again as he wants to make it count as this was his really aim and his real mission as he need to cut them down but he wants to make one suffer and that means catching a strong on and making him or her suffer for awhile and he thinks he will take a lot of joy from it.

It doesn't bring Lani back to him but he will give them a lot of time to think about what they have taken from him even if it wasn't them he would make them understand he was not playing around and this will be his grand plan till he is either stopped or till he gets bored he will see he knows he isn't really the torturing type so this thing in his must be part of that voice in his head that tells him to do bad things or was torturing a vampire a good thing ? He was a bit conflicted by this as he keeps blasting and slashing through the vampires that were around him. He looked around to see how Yuurei and Brone were doing and they seem to be fine and he guessed that this was just another walk in the park for them and he takes flight and he roars down at the groups of vampires as he keeps going and the start taking hits from the combined powers of his magic and that which Yuurei awoke in him as requested.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Damon smirked as he twiddled his fingers, causing the grass around him to magically grow at a quicken pace. Brone didn't want to allow the tricky vampire to use anymore magic, so he ran forward, yelling his battlecry. As he closed the gap between them, he swung his golden axe at the vampire; Damon flicked his wrist to conjure another stack of bamboo stock to block the attack, but at the second, Brone magically switched his shield to his green axe and swung it, cleaving through the bamboo and causing it vanish, negating the spell; the green axe slammed into the vampire's chest, causing him to cough up blood and stagger back, then the golden axe, now free from any impediment, slammed into the vampire's chest as well with such force, the dwarf managed to slice through Damon and sever his body in two.

The upper and lower body of the vampire flew meters from one another but before they hit the ground, they turned into bundles of flower peddles. "Dang tricky bugger" Brone grunted, finally satisfied that his axes hit true. He looked to his left and right to make sure the flower peddles were just a mere illusion that the vampire was using to distract him, but after a few seconds, he noticed the peddles immediately lost their color and curled, dying away as they lost their true life long ago when Ansem turned Damon.

A draconic roar caught the dwarf's attention; he turned to see Kaito in his grey-gold dragon form, sending a roar of energy at a group of vampires who didn't have a chance in defending themselves. It seem the dragon slayer was doing well. When Brone looked for Yuurei, he was quick to find the nephilim embraced by his four wings, already done with his own fight.

"Right, I guess we can move forward" Brone said as he walked over one of the bundles of dead flower peddles. He took a moment to kick it, causing a handful of the dead peddles to fly into the wind. The dwarf simply wanted to make sure this wasn't an illusion, but for a brief moment, he felt sorry for the vampire, wondering how his life was before he was turned, but then he remembered Kailani had died at the hands of one of Ansem's vampires. Anger came back.

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Yuurei was done with it all and it was because Kaito had shot out a huge attack, which was decimating the vampires here. He would shake his head, but he was glad that someone was getting into it. He would look over to Brone and it would seem like the Dwarf was done with his fight as well. This was good, and that just meant that they were able to fight against these vampires without a problem. This war was looking well for them, but they were losing people and the damage wasn’t worth it.

He would crack his neck a bit and then his knuckles while looking at the gates in front of them.

“Once we finish clearing out all of the vampires here, then we move onto the castle that is within the forest. It shouldn’t be hard to find. Hopefully, they don’t have any other surprises after this is all done. I also hope the people in the city are okay.” He said as he would look at them.

Once he was ready, he would enter Orchidia; he would hear people screaming. He would shake his head at the noise but would follow the sound.



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Kaito hears what the man with the plan had said and he nods and he gets back to finishing cleaning up the streets like he was told to do and he hoped that he will be okay to not be doing anything special and that he can not let himself get carried away while he is doing it, this town houses a dark guild but that doesn't make it okay to destroy the city even if it is on accident as the vampires had already done a number on them as a city so he guesses that is totally fair enough.

Kaito keeps going and he hunts down the last of the vampires that were running the streets and then he starts getting ready to head for the next place and he still feels like he is being watched but he isn't sure from where they are watching him but if he needs to he can always just launch a few attacks and week them out but the feeling feels like it is a pretty good distance away so he doesn't worry about it and heads to the next place.
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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone didn't bother sheathing his axes, he knew that beyond the gates that were before him were more vampires that needed to be dealt with. Yuurei announced the plan which was simple and easy for the dwarf to follow, "Aye, deal with the undead inside the city, then off to the forest" The dwarf wanted to say 'destroy Ansem' but the thought of fighting that monstrous creature again brought back the memories of the last fight they had; the vampires directly under Ansem were trouble enough, but the leader himself was a being on another level.

Brone had to snap himself out of the daze; he had to remind himself that he and Yuurei had gotten much stronger in the past two years and they had a powerful dragon slayer with them. Whatever happens now, it wouldn't be a repeat of what happened last time, and the dwarf was sure of that.

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