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Outside Bar (Pub Crawl)

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Outside Bar (Pub Crawl) Empty Wed Oct 26, 2022 10:06 am


Yuurei and Renji had followed their guide to the next place on the list. It would seem like they were really be taken everywhere. At least the last two couple of places were in the North. He had seen that they were taken to Orchidia’s Market area, and it wouldn’t take long for them to make it to an outside stand bar. There were a few people there, drinking and he was one of them. He was enjoying a weird wine at the moment, well it just looked weird. At first glance, it looked like someone was trying to kill you, but when he tasted the drink, it was good.

He had chugged it down and he would look over to Renji as he was doing the same thing. This was good because they were enjoying themselves for her memory. They would look around to see if everyone else was enjoying themselves as they continued drinking.


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Kaito was vibrating a little and Revy looks at him weird and she wonders what the hell is going on and he runs and grabs a drink and she does as well then Kaito starts walking on the walls as he goes and he looks odd and out of place and weird as he was not walking on the floor and he was just not paying attention as he banged his head off of things as he goes.

Revy is worried that he might have been drugged or that something is wrong with him. She looks around for Yuurei or Brone or really anyone but she could ask to help with him but she didn't see them and she sips her drink and thinks that maybe he was just getting a sugar high as he didn't usually drink so much sugary fruit juices. She hoped it was just that and not something else that needs to be looked at by some kind of doctor.

#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had visited Orchidia a number a times before, but this outside stand bar seem to be new to him. He shrugged, for whether or not it was brand new made no difference to him, for he intended on drinking his sorrows away, or at least try. He walked up to the stand and demanded for something strong. After a moment for the bartender to put together something, the dwarf downed the drink; the taste made him rattle for a quick second, but then there was nothing. He was about to tell off the bartender about how weak the drink was, but the hit soon came. The burning sensation followed by the intoxication. How quick it was that the dwarf even teetered; he began to wonder how strong was the drink that it even affected a dwarven metabolism, which meant that such a drink was dangerous to sell for commoners. Then he remembered that he was off the clock and he was there to mourn his friend's death, so he cried.


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Yuurei and Renji were drinking, but it would seem like they were drinking on the other side. They didn’t see Kaito, nor did they see Brone. Still, what they could do was continue to drink everything they could here. It was a time to feel different than usual and to hopefully stop thinking about Kailani. He would just ask for another drink, and he would get just that.

Renji would see this as well and he would get another drink as well. The two of them would get what they wanted and would drink it without a problem. It was strong and they definitely felt it throughout their bodies. While they were doing this, their guide would look at them and he would walk around the pub they were at.

“The next and final stop is Rush Valley. Follow me guys, and it will be your last stop.” He said to them.

Yuurei would hear this and he would follow behind their guide to the last place for them to drink.



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Kaito got pulled off the wall and put back with the group as this has been one hell of a trip for them all some of the other people that were around them had looked like they were getting a wee bit off the rails Kaito just feels like he could phase through walls. (cause he can) Revy is not sure how she feels besides sleepy and maybe that this has been too damn long of a day and why were there so many stops and moving.

Kaito finished the drink off and he hands the glass back and he is on his way to the next place with the group he wondered if this was the real last stop or if it was not really the last stop and there will be more to this all but in the end all he could really do is go and see and witness the greatness of the last stop on this trip around the places.

Revy had made sure that her glass was returned as she was yawning from all the exploring and being lead around.

#6Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone tapped the bar, signaling to the bartender that he wanted another drink, though the bartender hesitated and gave the dwarf a raised eyebrow expression, he soon refilled the empty mug, figuring if anyone would be able to withstand this concoction, it would be the sturdy dwarf that was known to be the Shield of Paradise Dawn.

The Heavyaxe dwarf reached out for the mug and noticed his vision slightly blurred and his hand nearly missed the mug entirely; he realized his hand-eye coordination was slightly off. He hadn't felt this intoxicated since he had his first drink. He couldn't be happier. Brone soon downed the second mug and cheered, but eventually the memory of his late friend came to him and tears began to run down his face. Soon enough he found out Yuurei had left and decided to chase after him, though he ended up crashing into a pile of trash.


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