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Towards the Future [MMG – Meeting]

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Yuurei would enjoy his time in the masquerade ball, the dancing, the talking, and the drinking. It was a good time within the guild that he would never forget. Things were good, but it all seemed that all good things would come to an end. There were three people that he was hanging out with throughout this whole event within Hargeon. It was nice to enjoy his time with them, so he figured he would have one last grouping with the other three guys.

He had decided to talk to all three of them. He figured it would be cool to see if they knew about a guild being formed in the North Region. His reason behind it of course was a secret, but he was curious about the rumors he was hearing. It intrigued him, and he knew that if he could see something as the creation of a guild, it would be a milestone in his life. The light mage offered the group to meet him at his guild room and he knew that with everyone being too busy, they wouldn’t see them coming.

He also knew that they wouldn’t have to worry about anybody eavesdropping on them either. This was a good thing. The only thing he had to hope was for their arrival. He took his mask off for the time as he could breathe better, but he left the shades on because he liked the way they looked at him. Yuurei had placed three chairs around his room as he would take a seat on his bed, and Renji would jump on his bed as well. He would take his mask off as he would move around the bed before finding a spot to sleep in.

He would look at Yuurei with a smile on his face.

“Do you think they will come?” He asked Yuurei.

“I know Brone will show, but I don’t know about the other two.” He said as he waited to see who would show up.

His room was huge, the decoration was a light blue with a mix of white paint across the walls. His dresser across the walls, with bookshelves as well. Then the huge king-size bed he slept on with Renji covered in silk sheets.


#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The events were enjoyable, though Brone felt restricted both physically and mentally. As soon as he was away from the parlor and away from eyes, he flexed his biceps and took a deep breath, his blazer popped open and the two top buttons from his dress shirt shot down across the hall, exposing his chest hair, "Good gravel, I can finally breath" he said as he pulled his helm from his head and untied his ponytail. When he heard he was being called to Yuurei's room, he happily rushed away from the event, already spent his patience long ago.

When he reached Yuurei's door, he gave three appropriate knocks as stated in the handbook before kicking the door open which popped the lock from the door, "Sorry about that" he said as he walked in through the doorway and made sure to close the door after him, though he was unable to lock it now, "I'm so use to opening doors differently back in Stella" mostly the truth, though the main reason he kicked open the door was because of the sense of restriction he had to deal with the whole day and night, he just wanted to cut loose, which was against the policies.

Brone spotted three chairs facing inward, while Yuurei seem to be the one at the head of the formation, sitting on the fourth chair, "What's this abou'?" the dwarf asked as he had taken the seat in the center of the three, hoping that everything was alright with Yuurei, it did seem odd he would call him away from a party.



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Kaito appears out of a portal and lands in a chair within legs crossed and Revy pops out landing on her feet and looks around withe a smile. Kai runs his tongue along his sharp teeth. " What did you need of me that you requested me to join you?" his words nearly sound like his is hissing slightly and his skin looks scaly.

Revy looks for Renji. Yeah what is the deal with summoning us? she giggles while she is asking tough still riding the adrenaline from party they had just come from and she is still bobbing to the music and she looks at Kai who looks more dragon like in appearance than he first had when they met for the first time.

Kai looks at brone and he smiles. "So when that picture of you and all your glory coming in? " he laughs softly and his teeth and skin turns back to normal and he yawns after the long day and party they had just been through, he looks around and guesses the pony boy he had seen at the parade hasn’t shown up yet to this little meeting of theirs being held by their host of glory yuurei, he still wonders why they are meeting in the first place.

Kai doesn’t belong to this guild but he guesses these events are meant for them to meet and bond and make friendships with people of other guilds. He wonders if this will strengthen their bonds or if this will be the factor that shatters friendships and causes a rift between friends and make them bitter enemies in the end. He was happy to see them here but he wondered if this was a dark sign for things that are coming in the near future to him and the others.


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Amir †
Amir was feeling greatly annoyed. He had on a robe that made him look long and mysterious. It hides all of his features and shape. The only part of him that could be identified without using magic would be the mask on his face. It was the same mask that he had worn to the masquerade party prior. He kept it on to keep his face and voice hidden.

The Paladin of knowledge found himself running late for another meeting. The previous secret meeting with the vampire coven of the Nuit family already had him in a sour mood. His family was not keen on Khalfani or the potential mercenary guild beneath them. They considered such a paltry thing beneath them. Amir was unsure how they found out but could not afford to deal with it. They were forcing him to abandon the guild or his last name. Amir gave an f you to all of them. It tanked his mood and now he was feeling miffed.

Making it to the next room Amir frowned. “If this is supposed to be a secret meeting, why is the damn door down?” His question was asked with a hint of frost. The magic in his mask worked to disguise his voice but not his tone. He walked into the room and sat down like he owned the place. Normally Amir would not be the imperious at all. Dealing with members of his family from Minstrel demanded a certain aura of nobility. The aura was something Amir could switch on but not off at will. The aura combined with his disguise would make him seem like a different person to everyone.

“I do hope you excuse my tardiness. I am beguiled with meetings and on a very tight timetable.” Back ramrod straight right foot, tucked behind his left foot, as he made eye contact with everyone else as if seizing them up.



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Yuurei would hear the knocking on his door, and when he was about to say come in, the door would bust open. The berserker was quick to be on guard and ready himself for a fight. That was when he saw it was Brone and he would sigh with relief and disappointment that he couldn’t take in a better entrance than that.

“It’s alright as long as you get that door fixed then I don’t mind what you did.” He said to Brone as he heard the man ask a question.

“Well, I just wanted to talk to certain people about things. I heard a couple of rumors about things, and I wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were about it. Still, we will wait for the other two.” He said to Brone as it wouldn’t take long for the next pair to show up.

He would see Kaito appear from a portal along with Revy. He figured that this man had gotten new powers by some means, which with that it had confirmed his suspicion. He had asked them the same question that Brone had asked, and he wasn’t going to answer until Amir would show face. It wouldn’t take long for Amir to arrive, and his words would bring Yuurei to close his eyes as he would touch the bridge of his nose.

He would relax himself as he would look over at Amir.

“I blame Brone for the door.” He said to as he didn’t have time to explain things that didn’t matter.

He would watch as Amir sat down, and with that everybody was now on a damn chair. He would smile at Amir’s words, and he figured he was an important person.

“I wanted to check up on you guys and see how you were all feeling within your own guild? I for example am fine where I’m at right now, but I think I can do with a change of scenery.” He said to them as he wondered what they all had to say.

"Yuu wanted to see everybody, but he didn't tell me why, so I'm as lost as you are." He said to Revy.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had leaned in when he heard the word 'rumor'. He had been more or less bored during most of the events since they didn't have dwarven flare, so actually getting a chance to hear some gossip may spice up the night. Though the half-elf decided to wait for other people he invited. The dwarf crossed his arms and grunted as he sat back in his chair, "I'll fix the door, don't worry about it" he rolled his eyes, to him the door wasn't important at the moment.

Suddenly a portal made of pure magic materialized within the door, Brone immediately grabbed the handle of his steel axe, ready to find any enemy that intended on infiltrating the guild, then Kaito appeared in place of the vanishing portal. The dwarf chuckled, impressed by the entry, admitting he was better than his own, "Didn't have time to find someone that would get my good side" he said to Kaito as he leaned back into his chair.

Then through the doorway came a tall figure donned in the masquerade. Brone didn't recognize the voice that came from the mask, so he grunted, lacking the trust for newcomers. Then the door was mentioned and Yuurei pointed out that it was Brone's fault, "Fine!" The dwarf got to his feet and stomped over to the door, picked it up and crudely shoved it in place, wedging it in until the doorframe cracked. The door was now in the doorframe, but now couldn't open, "There! ye happy!?" he shouted as he plopped right back into his seat with his arms crossed, annoyed, "Now what the hell is this about?" he muttered under his breath.



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Kaito laughs at the dwarf’s words who seemed to be of a very good ore vein with good come backs and smart quips. "that is an actual shame I figure it woulda been titled Brone the dwarves lord. A flagon in one hand and your mighty axe raised in the other." He raised his arm with a fist like he celebrating a victory. "Truly woulda been a thing of glory. "

He looks at Amir who seemed like he was just very pissy and aggravated, he wondered if some woman had scorned him at the party or decided to dance with his rival that he has been bitterly feuding with for years so it appear3d his enemy had gotten the upper hand on him and points added to his favor which he must now mark down on a chalk board they have been using to keep track of their petty points over the years of clashing and bumping heads with one another.

Kaito watches as the dwarf gets the door back to what he hoped was working, finally looks at yuurei who said something of rumors and how they feel about their guilds kaito was very happy in Fairy Tail and he doesn’t think he could have the power to even leave it yet there is still much to learn and an event he must attend and help with there still. " What are these rumors you speak of?" For the sake of knowing kaito had to ask, what this blue Pegasus member was speaking of, cause it had been a bit since he had heard of any good rumors on anything. It was like being back with his master and traveling following rumors and being hired as free angents to do missions and guard important people for the day or long travels training and getting stronger and finer tuned.

Revy sighs knowing this is probably leading to a very weird place, but from the things Kaito had told her, she knew some troublesome events were yet to come and Kaito was going to have to make some very hard choices for what he will end up doing and saying coming toward them fast. I would of thought you being around him so much meant that you should know nearly everything he knows, Kai keeps me informed on things does yours keep you out of the loop? she tilts her head at Renji wondering if maybe Yuurei doesn’t actually trust Renji which might be a good thing or a bad thing.


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Amir †
Placing his left hand on the side of his head, and tilting his head. Amir wanted to express his boredom. It was not the fault of the people in the room. The fact that the door was busted would not even bother him under normal circumstances. It was just all of this was coming at a bad time. Amir would not have bothered with showing up if he had not already agreed to it before. Amir adjusted his mask to make sure his face was covered. He had no qualms with the group. The only one he wanted to be aware of his identity was Brone. The rest did not need to see who was behind the mask.

Breaking the eye contact, Amir started to check the nails on his other hand. The silver stars painted on it were a symbol of his status before. Now it was a symbol of annoyance and aggravation at his circumstances. He was trying not to dwell on it too much. It was nearly impossible to do as the aggravation built up.

“Yes. You should stop beating around the bush. Dramatic pauses and the like are not necessary at the moment. I may be busy, but I am sure I am not the only one.” Amir was not asking a question. He was making a statement in a voice that was not cold, just devoid of warmth. The pomp and pageantry he was enjoying before became spoiled.

Like a freight train and stroller full of babies, a thought hit him. He was thinking about the future of his next guild, as well as his family's demands, when Yuurie’s guild question clicked together. “Wait a minute. Are you talking about the rise of a certain faction in the North?” Amir was intentionally vague on the details. He did not want to say the name of the guild or reveal certain knowledge. If Yuurei was talking about the rise of Paradise then he would find out about it. The guild was still in development. Amir was not a fighter but he would take on everyone here to protect it.

No sooner the thought crossed his mind that Amir knew he had an answer. It was not like he used the Nuit name much. If he had to give it up and take on a coven of vampires to protect his future home. Well he would personally start shoving stakes into his ancestors. It would be better than hiding back like a coward. Besides, they lost the chance to call him family. They could have saved his parents as well before but never bothered to. A part of him was only holding on because of the food, shelter, and education they provided him when in need. He was a lot stronger now so he need not dwell on his past except to learn from it. Thinking and feeling this, Amir could feel his own self growth.

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Yuurei would watch Brone’s action and he would laugh as he shook his head on the matter. He would put pinch the bridge of his nose as he would rub on it because it seemed like he didn’t hear his words because of the action he took with the doors. He would hear Kaito’s words, and it would seem like he didn’t know anything, or maybe he did and wanted to act oblivious on the matter right now.

Renji would hear Revy’s words and he would smile at her. It wasn’t that Yuurei didn’t tell him things, there were just things they didn’t share. In this particular matter, he was going to find out what it was because Yuurei told him he would find out when everyone gathered.

“He does keep me in the loop. This is just one of those things that he said he wanted to let us all know about when we were together.” He said to her with a smile on his face.

He would hear the annoyance of Amir, and it would only make Yuurei laugh a bit, but it wouldn’t take long for his laugh to come to an end when he heard Amir’s words. He would have a smile on his face because he was glad that at least one of them knew of it.

“I wasn’t beating around the bush. It’s okay for you to be upset with your problems, but don’t take it out on those who might be by your side in the future.” He said as he would go on to talking about the other thing that Amir would say.

“Still, yes I’m talking about the rise of a faction in the North. I heard quite a few things about it and I wanted to go check up on it myself. I figured if I see what they’re about then I might join them. I, of course, would miss this guild dearly, but I can’t be here anymore. Things are not quite as perfect in my life as they may seem.” He said to everyone here.

“I was wondering if anybody knew more information about this rumor and if anybody was interested in heading to the North. I mean, of course, you don’t have to go with me, but we could always meet in the end.” He said with a smile on his face.

Renji would hear all of this, and it would seem like Yuurei did take interest in leaving Blue Pegasus. This probably wasn’t going to be their home for much longer, which meant that he was going to be further away from Revy than before. Still, he was sure he could see her any time that he wanted, and he would look at her with a smile on his face.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was irritated and it was obvious by his facial expression, but the moment Kaito spoke, the dwarf tried his best to keep a smile from cracking; he wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he wasn't easily swayed when he was upset, but such a compliment from Kaito made it difficult. It has been a long while since Brone was flattered in such a way, "Aye, ye have a good eye and a good sense about ye" the dwarf, but added a scoff before turning away from everyone to face the wall, pretending to wallow in his anger, though truthfully he was hiding his blushed face and smile. For a moment, he had forgotten why he was upset as well as why he was even in the room in the first place.

The dwarf kept facing the wall, just listening in the conversation of the others. He wasn't sure who the masked person was, but it seems they didn't enjoy the summons one bit and cared little for the wasting of their own precious time... Brone began to like them. Grumpy as he may seem, he was easy to please and a friendship with him was easy enough.

Suddenly the tone seemed different with the mention of a rumor of a certain faction; though as vague as the identity of the masked figure in the room, Brone's interests were peaked. He turned slightly to face Yuurei as the half-elf explained further. What Yuurei said concerning being upset and taking it out on a future alley, got Brone realizing he was trying to get a potential team together. These rumors caught Yuurei's attention too even though he himself seem to know just as much as the rest of the group in the room, but he still plans on going north.

"Alright, ye got my interest" Brone said as he stood up, now fully facing the half-elf. He had no information about the northern region of Fiore, but that was also part of the wonder, the mystery and possibility of what could be up there. His nostalgia returned to him and he began remembering his father's stories of when he use to be an adventurer, looking for the next big adventure, "So I suppose this will be the next big adventure for us" he pulled his chair closer to the group and sat back down, "I hope it ain't disappointing" the dwarf smiled.

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Kaito smirks at the dwarf seeming to be flattered but knowing he had to act tough in front of the others to not show it openly, Kaito hadn’t heard of anything about any faction in the north that was raising he didn’t have any want to leave Fairy Tail at the moment so he would just have to keep his nose out of it as he didn’t feel it really needed to be any of his business about faction raising up in the north unless it is another dark guild but he doubted they would be joining any dark guild. He figured that they would be doing a decent job on their own without the need for him to be doing anything or bothering with the north.

Revy looks at Renji then she bows and walks away from them, seems Revy is now the enemy to the male with his big head and the ego to boot. She takes her place with Kai and doesn’t speak nor even look at Renji in the least bit, she figured Renji has his mind set on just leaving from being around her again so she has to respect that. So she stays next to Kai who wouldn’t just abandon her or just disrespect her. Kai pets her hand and he yawns.

It appears this meeting was just a farce, he had thought maybe they were going to make a questing team or something that would contribute to the bonding of guilds and the union of friendships they were to be building, but instead it was just a plan to get people to travel north for some group that is starting up and abandoning their guilds like they are swapping places to eat for dinner. This meeting was in every aspect a complete failure to live up to the spirit of bonding as guilds, but to break that bond in both aspects, like spiting in the face of the people that gave them their starts rather it be petty or if it was just unrest with their own guilds.

Kai stands With Revy on his shoulder. He has no reason to really listen to any more of this it was at this point a moot point. He starts making his way to the door instead of just warping out, cause it was more of a point to leave though the door then it was to just warp out cause it gave time to change the subject and not make this meeting as boring as it is or against what this event really was about in it’s whole essence. All he knew was he was displeased with yuurei for the way he spoke to Revy.

Revy was in essence more teasing Renji, not taking anything out on him. She is worried for Renji going forward if he will end up anything like yuurei. She thought maybe he was the one, but she is now sure that she was wrong since he didn’t even stand up for her against yuurei so she is just going to distance herself from him and ignore the pain she feels from this betrayal of her feelings.

Kaito wondered if Lani was also gonna be going with them but since she wasn’t at this meeting he figured she didn’t know about this yet or that yuurei hadn’t brought it up to her, he wasn’t sure what she would do about this plan or if something had happened between herself and yuurei. He figured if she was leaving as well she would tell Kai before she left, but he still had to wonder what happened, cause yuurei seemed proud to be Blue Pegasus before this. He trusts Lani to let him know if she was going to make a move like leaving to the north.

He feels that if Lani was going he might have followed her. He shakes his head and he feels like it was just selfish of himself to think like that. He stops and he looks at the other men and he wonders if this is really the right choice or not as he is having doubts in Fairy Tail himself lately, but would he really want to abandon them like this man was speaking or should he stay steadfast To Fairy Tail for a little bit longer and see what happens.

His head is sort of spinning a little cause in a way he agrees there needs to be change but on the other hand he is very loyal to Judith as the mother of the fairies but he feels the need to change and grow, but his loyalties still fall to Judith the woman that gave him a chance to stay and grow till he reached this point in his life and power spike of the years so he basically owes his life to her.


#12Amir † 

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Amir †
Amir was beating his fingers against the arm of his chair. He was lost in thought and did not even listen to Yuurei’s quip about his behavior. The issue of his family outweighed the issue of Yuurei’s recruitment. The entire force of his family was not something that could easily be dealt with. A coven of vampires would be considered nice if they left your body intact upon death.

The other thing going through his head was how much the information on the guild had spread. The guild was not up and open. Amir was still even a member of Infinity Wolves at the moment. How could he possibly allow such a deluge of information to be leaking, Amir was even confused about how he did not know all the information was leaking. Information being outside of the guilds control made it too easy for someone with nefarious intentions to harm the future guild. The future guild was not even outside of the infant stage, making it very vulnerable to outside influence. For example his own family who had a grudge against Khalfani, trying to make him betray the guild and his lover.

“You do not have to worry about me. I plan on heading to the North myself soon. I have a bunch of stuff to accomplish. I will not be free to travel now.” Amir gave his response when he thought about it.

Amir looked to see one of the people present get up to leave. “You do not have to join if you don’t want to.” Amir piped up to keep the man from leaving. He had to check to see if the man had any nefarious intentions for the guild. If the man considered the invitation to be a threat then he would have to be taken care of. “I think you should at least sit down. We can change the subject if you are bothered by the thought of joining a different guild. Sitting down you can at least have a discussion about partnering up with both guilds. Leaving now will only serve to sever any chance at a friendship.”

The scholar was building up a headache. He was an overthinker that needed the help of alcohol to slow his mentally rushing mind. It was a shame this meeting came sober. He could not even gather some of the serving people here to bring him something.

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Yuurei would have a smile on his face when he heard Brone’s words. That was good to know that he was interested in the topic that was being discussed. He would watch him adjust himself as he would nod as he had agreed with his friend. This place that was being formed needed to be something that he could thrive in and forget.

Renji was confused about why Revy walked away from him. There was a meeting going on, but him leaving to another guild didn’t mean they were no longer going to see each other. Still, the expression on her face depicted that there was something wrong, and she was not happy with how the talk to move to the north was going. When Renji was going to say something, it would seem like Kaito and Revy would get up from where they were and would walk away. He was confused about what was going on, and why these two looked like their mood was put off.

Yuurei looked at Kaito as well as he wasn’t sure what was going on. Did he say something to offend him? He scratched the side of his head as he truly was confused.

“Why are you leaving Kaito? Did I say something that might have offended you?” He asked confused.

When he said this Renji would run towards both and he would look nervous and scared he or Yuurei did something bad.

“What happened Revy? Did Yuurei say something bad? I think he was talking to Amir. So don’t go, even if I go to the North I will see you I promise.” He said as he was tearing a bit from what was going on.

Yuurei saw this and he hoped Kaito would understand that they were not talking to either of them like that. Still, his attention would turn to Amir as it seemed like he was going over there himself. He had a smile on his face because he was glad to know that someone, he met throughout this Mardi Gras had plans to head over there anyway.

He hoped this guy would have more information for him on the matter. He was planning on getting more information on his own and seeing what he could find about it.

“I just figured I gathered information about everything that’s happening in the north. I am considering making it a long-term home, so if I know who is building this new place, it would influence my decision on what I do there.” He said to Amir as he was hoping Kaito would come back to his chair.

Yuurei would look over to Brone as he would rub the back of his head and then look over to Amir because he was his only lead about the North that was concrete now.

“Since you were already going to the North Amir, is there any information you can give me? It doesn’t have to be big, but it would be nice to have some sort of lead, so I don’t run around like a headless chicken.” He said to Amir wondering what he would say.


#14Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Traveling to the north for a new potential faction, whatever that may be, was exciting to Brone, however it didn't seem to be the case for Kaito who had got up and started making his way to the door. The dwarf watched as the human walked away without a word, "Oy, Kaito, ye alright?" He wasn't sure what could have been the issue, and it didn't dawn on Brone until Yuurei mentioned it that Kaito might have been offended. Maybe it was possible that the young man was tied to Fiore, his homeland. He definitely understood that, he found it tough to leave the mountains of Stella to travel and find the adventure he's been searching for and as of now, Brone had the chance to see that adventure, but for Kaito, it was diferent.

"Sorry, lad, ye don't have to come along with us" Brone quickly moved to catch up to the young man to place a hand on his arm, "But if ye don't mind, could you at least stay for bit, I would like to talk to ye as much as possible before I make my way north" He gave his young friend a smile to assure him that at the end of the day, he was still cared for. The dwarf figured it was about leaving behind a home, but it's a double edged sword with the fact that even though they met not too long ago, but that they are going to part ways, "Don't ye worry, I'll make sure to visit, hopefully I don't lose track of time and I decide to visit when ye have as much white hair as I do" Brone laughed, trying to lighten the dark mood he began to sense. Even though it was meant to be funny, the dwarf worried about the change he would see in his human friend every time he would visit. Brone's been sheltered in the mountains most of his life, so he had little human acquittances, and new little about them, but he knew well that they had a shorter lifespan than his kin, so the concept of time may be different for them, while he sees a span as just a tick of the clock, every tick to Kaito might be years that fly by.

'Oh how fragile some of us are, and how cruel can time be to harm friendship across races' Brone thought.

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The man hears them as he tries turning the door knob and realizing the door is stuck and broken he then turns his head toward the dwarf who had placed their hand on him and his sharp dragon teeth showed his slitted eyes looked into the dwarfs eyes. " Fine I will stay just watch where you are touching." he is noting the dwarfs hand is close to touching his skin. Kaito returns to his side of the room that he had began. " Yeah do you know who the leader is Amir I think he just called you." Kaito’s slit eyes looked at the mage in the mask and they look a bit irritated and intimidating he looks like he’s short on patience for answers.

Revy looked at them and she looked away embarrassed for maybe over reacting to what was said the timing seemed to fit and she saw red and had a mini blow up at him, she looks up at Kaito who seemed more dragon like than human like while she looked at him. She hit him in the chest to get him to knock it off cause he was being scary. Then she jumps down and she sheepishly walked up to Renji and she looks at him. I am sorry for the out burst… I shouldn’t have gotten short with you. She bows her head her cheeks red from her completely embarrassing herself. She then goes back to sit by Kaito.


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Amir †
Aspirin. Amir was desperately wishing someone could bring him Aspirin. He had to make a mental note to work on those healing spells when he got home. Amir needed to at least try and function his healing magic as working on himself as well. He was finding it harder to deal with the stress that was starting to come from his daily living. The guild had not even started up and he had a lot of cleaning to do. Amir was glad the mask stopped him from showing his facial expressions. Who knows how the elf would have reacted to seeing the look of disgust on his face.

“There is not much to add. If you have details then you have the details that you need to know. At the moment not a lot of info is supposed to be classified. If you want to know the full details then you will have to wait. It is a necessary security precaution to keep outer powers from strangling the faction in infancy.” Amir was tapping on his chair harder now, as he absentmindedly kept running various scenarios in his head. His voice even lost some of the edge. Amir was too focused on multiple things to pay the sound of his voice any mind.

“Truth be told. Part of the reason for my delay to the North will be to quell the power of some of the outer powers. The pure existence of the faction in the north is dangerous to some. The one heading up the faction even more so. A possible threat is always beaten down the fastest. Even now we all have multiple things to do and not enough people to do it.”

Amir was speaking and tuning out certain parts of the conversation. He did not pay Kaito any more attention as he believed it unnecessary. It was not that he was ignoring him but Amir had a lot to think about. Amir had come to the decision to kill two birds with one stone. He could test Yuurei’s loyalty by seeing how he reacted to the situation at hand, he could also check if Kaito was a possible information leak that he would have to plug up.

The thought process of the scholar was mysterious. A man that devoted all his skills to using his brain was weaker in other points. His weakest point being his body. His recent experiments helped boost his brain power, with his body falling behind he was having issues controlling it. It made another constant worry in his brain. The brain that was starting to overheat a bit just from all the issues and challenges he faced today.

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Yuurei would hear Kaito as it seemed like he would stay, which was good. He looked over to Amir after he had been asked a few questions and wondered how he was going to speak. It seemed like the man knew more than he was leading on, which was a good thing. He was hoping that he could get more information on the matter.

Still, while the man finally spoke to him, he would basically let them know that he knew a lot but wasn’t going to tell them. He would rub the back of his head as it meant that he was going to have to dig up information himself. The building of this faction or guild was in its infancy stage, but it didn’t mean that there weren’t people that didn’t know of it. People talked, and others did everything they could to get information that nobody could get their information on.

He did tell them that there was a delay in forming this thing in the north because of a struggle. It was rather weird to hear this, but in the end, he figured that he would have to get more information on his own.

“I see, so there isn’t much that you can add to what I already know. It’s okay then, it just means I have to dig deeper.” He said with a smile on his face.

Renji would watch Revy come down from Kaito’s shoulder. He saw her come to him and apologized for her reaction and movement earlier, and all he could see her do was a bow to him. He would rush towards her and he would hug her as he was okay with the apology as long as she didn’t stay mad at him, then it was alright to him.

“It’s okay I just thought you hated me.” He said to her as he was tearing a bit, but held it back.

Yuurei would just talk to everybody about anything else afterward and figured they would just continue random conversations in his room since the door was stuck because of Brone.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone took a step back, startled by the sudden expression Kaito's face. The look and the fangs put the dwarf on edge, causing him to instinctively reach for the handle of his axe, but he caught himself before he felt the weapon. As the red haired young man walked back to his side of the room, Brone realized he had forgotten an important detail about Kaito, the fact that his skin was cursed. He clenched his fist, wondering how close he was to being affected by the curse he had heard about only through a mention he heard only once. But another thought filled the dwarf's mind and that was Kaito's feelings; it wasn't just the fact he was almost touched, but the conversation, or offer to inspect a new faction. Brone walked back to his seat, though he remained standing, for he could now tell that no one within the room was relaxed, save for the exceeds.

He wanted to know who this 'leader' was that Kaito spoke of, possible the one who's founding the new faction. As for the cursed man calling the masked person 'Amir', the dwarf was surprised, his eyes instantly went to the masked person the moment he heard the name, making it obvious the dwarf caught that. However, regardless of what is being said, Brone was hesitant to speak. The atmosphere within the room was dark and he himself was the only one that seemed excited for the offer Yuurei had, though Amir stated he had an interest, he had a prior engagement.

Everything else that was said seemed very confusing to the dwarf. But from what he could catch from the mouths of others, was that there was a lack of information due to secrecy, and that secrecy may be played in this 'power struggle'. This was all too confusing, everything seem too vague. There was no name for the faction or the supposed leader, even though Kaito stated Amir knew the person, no name was mention. The power struggle had no name to whom is involved, if names were known. Yuurei was the one who brought this to the table, but it seemed, save for Brone, everyone else had already an idea of what was on the table, and no one looked to happy about it. He wanted to ask who the leader was, who were the threat to the new faction and of course who this new faction was, but he figured asking such things would bring trouble and worsen the black cloud that was already figuratively filling the room, and in the end he probably wouldn't even get the answers.

With that contemplation within his mind, Brone figured the meeting wouldn't go anywhere, and if it did, he wouldn't understand, so best that he would start making his way, "As I said, I'm in on this, given that ye seem sure about this, Yuurei" Brone's excited expression from earlier was replaced by a serious and concern look, "And if something seems off or there is trouble, at least I'll be there to confirm, taking the brunt of it, and I'll let ye know the truth, Kaito" He turned to Kaito. The red haired young man had shown friendship to the dwarf, though it was in tidbits and they had just recently met, but something about the mage gave the dwarf a sense that he was a descent guy who was simply concerned.

"I'll be heading up there now so time can be cut short" Brone said to Yuurei before he turned away and headed towards the door. He grabbed the sides of the door and ripped it from the doorframe again, placing it leaning against the wall. The doorframe was severely damaged, so there was no use to putting the door back. Brone left to go on his next adventure.

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Kaito was on edge a little he had to admit he wasn’t sure if he was mad or concerned anymore just that for some reason his blood was boiling and his dragon qualities showing with his scaled skin and slitted eyes. He signs and his human appearance returned he wondered why this man felt he had to hide this info in a hidden meeting of trust, so to him it already appeared a bad faith movement from the mage in his tacky frosted mask to hide info from people he could have called an ally to himself. He can feel the chains of fate tightening around his own neck like a collar to keep the dragon slayer dancing like a trained monkey to beg for coins and jewels for some master that mistreats him and barely feeds him.

Revy looks at Renji and pats his head. I know I was in the wrong, I fully admit I over reacted. she lowers her head to the other exceed. Feel free to bonk me on the head once. she braces for the orange exceed to bonk her on the head to get his pay back on her for how she had acted and caused a misunderstanding she wouldn’t blame him for hitting her as she offered him the chance to do it.

Kaito looks at the orange exceed to see if he will do it if he will strike Revy as she asked him to do it, he wonders if the little orange exceed has it in himself to do it. Kai doubts the exceed would take her up on that offer but he still sits back and waits to see if the exceed will do it or if he will do something else.

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Amir †
Amir allowed the current party to discuss without his input. He already gave his opinion on the matter. It would be odd for him to reiterate. No one present would be dmb enough to need a constant repeat from him. Amir was just glad that the guild chat did not seem to be too concerning. Kaito seemed a bit on the duller side. Not mentally slow but too kind to be much of a threat. He attributed it to the fact that Fairy Tale was more of a kind guild. Amir had doubts that they would go out of their way to cause trouble in the North. Even now the young man looked kind enough, he was already apologizing to the exceed.

Brone looked to be the first one to depart from the group. “Bye Brone. Safe travels.” Amir gave Brone a wave as the man departed. He had respect for the dwarf. Amir viewed Brone as fun to be around. The odd man had an interesting air to him. An air that could put the fun in funerals. He really knew how to make people laugh. Amir continued to have a more in depth conversation with Yuurei. The topic was aiming more towards topics like food, and magical ability. Amir was slightly interested in the capabilities of the half elf.

Some time passed and Amir could feel a slight rumble of hunger build up. “With this I will have to head out as well. Yuurei, I hope to see you and Brone in the North.” Amir was the second to leave the room. He turned back towards the odd man out of his future home. “I guess I will see you when I see you. I doubt it will be anytime soon.” Amir needed to get out of here. He was not feeling the best and needed to return to rest. He could have stayed longer, if the place had a calmer vibe to chill his nerves. That and the chance to rip off this mask. The siren call of his room was serenading him. Amir was happy to get this event over with.


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