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Guild Creation Review

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In order to get a moderator review your guild creation, post in this topic.

#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura

Infinity Wolves

Wolves for centuries have been a part of myths and legends alongside werewolves. Many cultures across Earthland have used the wolf as a symbol of loyalty, protective nature of friends and family, understanding, and mystery. The haunting howls to the moon to communicate with their pack members of the waning song at the midnight hour. Infinityy Wolves gives a place to call their own. Wolves don’t back down from a fight given the circumstances the world has against everyone.

Earthland is home to over a dozen different races that give it a colorful painted picture. Humans are relatively common amongst society in Earthland. Non-human races are very much ridiculed for something that’s out of their control. For centuries, many races have been enslaved, bullied, and ridiculed for not being human.

Races all across the board such as Wood Elves, half-elves, Nekomata, Demi-Human, and so on, are put down for something that is out of their own control. There is no advocating or representation of powerful figures to change the way society sees these different types of races. Let alone, any guilds or factions that really are made specifically for this cause.

Infinity Wolves was created for the sole purpose to change the minds of humans of how other non-human races are. This guild provides a safe haven to innocent who seek it that do not hold a bounty or are racist to others. They promote each other on strength and influence on culture of their own background. This guild provides easy work for those who seek it in a safe and non-discriminatory manner. It helps beginning mages and members who really need the extra work. Infinity Wolves is meant to give a sense of community and belonging even to non-members. The true goal is to show the world non-human races and humans can live in peace.

Infinity Wolves proposes a lot of revolutionizing laws and methods to fight racism. They provide a voice for in the political world. All races are welcome, even humans.


  • The user may only take Good and Neutral Quests

  • There is no tolerance for race discrimination within each other in the guild. This results in being banned from the guild permanently.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about Infinity Wolves to others for as long as they live, unless the guildmaster accepts.

  • Infinity Wolves will take in anybody regardless of rank or race as long as they do not hold a bounty or aim to hurt anyone within the guild walls.

  • Those who are on the banned list from the guild may never step foot inside of the guildhall ever.


The building stands on the side of a mountain overlooking a portion of the city of Astera. It stands on ancient grounds that have special properties making the guildhall have special characteristics. It's holds three stories that includes a basement that leads to the underground ruins that the guild was built on top of. The guild provides rooms of the members and all. The architecture resembles similarities to Celese and Icebergian cultures. It was built with the unique setting of Astera. Wolf statues are places all over the building to symbolize the guild and what it stands for. A noticeable wolf statues stands with bright ruby eyes in front of the guildhall.

This building once belonged to Vincent Nakamura as a secret from the rest of the family as a safe house. This was given to Lee Nakamura as a gift to create Infinity Wolves. The inside of the building is filling areas for the members to relax with a large library filled with knowledge of different races and cultures. All books are from all over Earthland and open to the public. A common theme within the guild is fish tanks of exotic fishes and animals in the personal collection of the guildmaster. It serves as a relaxant for any and all guild members. The second floor resides the dormintories, library, and meeting hall. The third floor resides as a private area for the guildmaster's office and living space.

The basement leads to an underground tunnel with ruins that's overgrown with plants and wildlife. The ruins run along a underground river the spews from under the building turning into a water fall. Only the guildmaster and certain members have access to this area.


The mad woman herself, LeeAnn Nakamura, is a fire force to be reckoned with. Many people who see Lee consider her a scary person due to her harsh nature. She is a fair person who gives people a chance to prove themselves with careful consideration. The kitsune was once human, but her magical energy was sealed inside her body causing it to break. Later in life, she revealed she was a kitsune to herself after the seal broke. Lee has a strong background in both worlds as a human and as a non-human race. She understands the struggles of both worlds and aims to reunite them.

Lee is a quiet and private person. She doesn’t like revealing too much information about herself or the guild to just anybody. You have to gain her trust in order to gain anything from her lips. Many who cross her either consider her a friend, enemy, or neither. She is a very honest person who values honesty as the best policy. Though, her quiet nature is easily countered with that of her flaming temper. People she considers family and friends, she will protect to no end including her guild. There are a set of personal guidelines she follows for herself to follow in her elder brother’s footsteps.

Lee does not claim to be a hero or trying to be. She is just a person who does her job to give people a better life that she was not given during her time of need. The kitsune doesn’t want any spotlight and rather give it to someone else. Although she does not want to be a ‘hero’ spotlight, she does want to be known as a strong and capable mage following in her brother’s footsteps.


  • Claw: This title gives the user the ability use Seed's Roots

  • Fang: This title gives the user the ability to use Maw's Binding

  • Howl: This title gives the user the ability to use



Level 1:

  • Lunar Eclipse: By tapping their guild mark, the user makes it disappear which hides their identity by nullifying the descriptive effects of reputation. Users with contracts have the effects of their reputation reduced by two tiers.

Level 2:

  • Minor Shop Discount: The user recieves a 10% discount on all items and magics in the shop except companions.

Level 3:

  • Short Cut: The user gets a 20% word reduction on completing quests.

Level 4:

  • Major Jewel Boost: The user receives an additional 20% jewels from completing Good and Neutral Quests.

Level 5:

  • Valiant Raiders: The user gains access to "Valiant Raiders" will receive successful rewards when raiding and defending against raids regardless if they are successful or not.


  • User 1: LeeAnn Nakamura (Guildmaster)

  • User 2: Atani (Founder)

  • User 3: Raymus (Founder)

  • User 4: Konyo (Founder)

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Paradise Dawn

When it all boils down to it, this guild stands as a beacon of not only resilience, but also compassion and freedom. While many may believe that these words describe the ideals of a light guild, Paradise Dawn has declared itself an entity of its own, choosing to be as far away from the Fiorian Government as possible to be its own entity. In short, they are a Monster Hunting & Mercenary guild that has established their territory as its own thriving nation. After the return of the dragons, with an influx of ruthless beasts and all sorts of other creatures seemingly crawling out of hell to cause destruction, Paradise Dawn has taken matters into their own hands.

They often have a variety of political stances, some more heroic and some even more on the darker spectrum so when it comes to mercenary work, virtually anyone can be taken for the right price. Giants, evil sea creatures, crazed vampires, cyclops', lords, villains, you name it, Paradise Dawn deals with it all. Dawn is an entity that is not affiliated with the King, the Magic Council, or the Rune Knights and many members aren't fond of the nobles for their long history of corruption. Instead, this guild focuses on the protection of Paradise.

Because the guild prides itself on Freedom, Paradise Dawn is an open guild with a lot less restrictions than other guilds. However, when it's time to come together to hunt down beasts or eliminate threats, they prove to be the most united of the guilds. Members tend to be Mercenaries, fighters, merchants, bounty hunters, explorers, assassins and scholars. They have all sorts of talents, making Paradise Dawn extremely diverse. Because they are Extremely organized and resourceful, common-folk tend to reach out to the guild for help as opposed to the Rune Knights, even going so far as to building homes around the guild to remain in close proximity. They see Paradise Dawn as a good thing and a Nation to be apart of.


  • Members can take both good and bad quests.

  • Follow your heart and remain true to yourself.

  • Never give up. No pain, no gain.

  • Guild members agree to protect the guild location.

  • Members of the guild must not reveal sensitive information about the guild. This can result in Banishment or the loss of a limb.

  • Members help and protect one another.

  • Members must contribute to the guild in anyway that they can. to keep it running.

  • All races, religions, and genders are accepted.


Guild Breakdown:

The Paradise Dawn guild building rests on two sides of a mountain in Seighart mountains directly in front of a waterfall. Truthfully, it is a sight to behold. The guild is made up of multiple subsections, all connecting to each other. The architecture is a fusion of many different cultures, mostly following the Desiertan style. The special thing about Paradise Dawn's infrastructure is that it is also technologically advanced. Overall the building is vast, bridges and small merchant shops around the guild, complete with member living quarters, training facilities and research facilities.


Khalfani Morningstar, the Anti-hero and once a slave in Stella, is known for many things. He is the rogue prince-brother of Desierto, a student, and the Son of a Wizard Lord. As such, he has been exposed to unique experiences that have molded him into a young man that seeks justice above all else, not just for himself, but all people who have experienced injustice in Earthland. Khal is a firm believer in the idea that the gods do not determine ones fate. This makes him an ambitious man with goals that could seem farfetched or impossible to some. However, the dragon slayer is no stranger to beating the odds. He believes that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

As the Commander, he knows when to step up and lead and when to stand down and listen. It's what makes partnerships and teams work. Though needless to say, he is analytical and able to come up with a solution on the spot. However, Khalfani does not pride himself as a prodigy or anything of the sort. In fact, he is more humble than people may initially assume. He has always worked diligently to overcome any obstacle sent his way. From participating in a number of wars he has developed a knack for fighting and  is well capable of maneuvering through the world of politics unscathed. At first, his cold and straightforward demeanor may be off-putting to some, but it becomes no secret to those that get to know him that he's passionate and cares deeply about his friends and family, so much so that he is always ready to put his body on the line to defend his loved ones.


Passive Guild Perk:
  • I do what I want!: Members can do both good and bad quests.

Level 2:
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Users receive 10% more experience when obtaining rewards.

Level 3:
  • Unlimited Potential: Members of Paradise Dawn can do up to 3 Neutral Quests per week. This does not allow the user to bypass the S rank quest cap.

Level 4:
  • Work Even Smarter: Members receive 20% more jewels when obtaining rewards.

Level 5:
  • To Be a Hunter: The user may once per month complete a Special Quest called either "Monster Slaying", or "Mercenary Work." The quest may be one rank higher than the user (unless the user is S-rank) and is not affected by the monthly S-rank quest limitation. The quest may be done in any country available as long as the theme of the topic is slaying a monster or doing mercenary work relevant to that region. This special quest can be done with other guild members, however, they must meet the rank requirements to tag along per the quest regulations and it will also consume their monthly Monster Slaying. Once completed, the topic may be submitted in Quest Review with a reminder of the perk to receive rewards for the completed Special Quest.


  • User 1: Azure

  • User 2: Amir

  • User 3: Brone

  • User 4: Haru

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Halcyon Eclipse

Born out of frustration and a feeling of a lack of progress, Halcyon Eclipse is a testament to the values and goals of its Leader and Master, Khnurn Atenhotep. Standing as the last and only bastion against the occult forces that are determined to bring about death, decay and destruction, Halcyon Eclipse is dedicated to eradicating any and all occult groups that have made it their purpose to summon those that exist above. However in the process the Guild has also tasked itself with ensuring the safety of those affected by their actions by providing stable housing and lodging for those impacted. To that end the guild was built to be a mercenary guild, hiring out their services to earn the most coin possible as a means to provide for all of those under their care while simultaneously funding their crusade against the Occult Arts.

Halcyon Eclipse does not have any allies or inherent enemies currently. Maintaining a true neutral standpoint, they do not care for the King, the Guilds, nor any other faction or factor within the country of Fiore. They simply pay their dues as requested and focus on their own goals. This does not mean that they will not fight on a side in a conflict, only that to earn their services, one must pay the price.


  • Members can take both good and bad quests.
  • Users must be B-rank and above to join.
  • All requests by outside forces require monetary compensation before a job can commence.
  • Users may not worship any Dark/Evil/Corrupt Deities that are currently being hunted.
  • Guild Members operate in teams of Two - Three
  • Member goals do not have to align with Guild Goals
  • Each member is assigned a Tarot Codename upon reaching GL 3.


Currently located in a temporary Guild Hall in Baska. The Halcyon Eclipse Guild Hall is currently a rented out section of the Boar Hat Pub. It isn’t meant to be fancy but more so pragmatic until the necessary funds are built up to move the guild to a more suitable location.


Stalwart and Incandescent. Khnurn Atenhotep is a devout man who has devoted his life’s work to fighting the many evils that threaten to dunk the world into chaos. A well known Rune Knight for several years, he finally handed in his badge on the eve of his Kingsguard appointment after coming to the realization that the Rune Knights themselves weren’t enough going to help him fight what he considered the real fight. As such he’s gathered and built up a group of fighters who all somewhat share a similar goal or at the very least found it interesting enough to tag along.


Level 1:
  • At Any Cost: Members can do both Good and Bad quests.

Level 2:
  • The Right Person for the Job: Members receive a word reduction of 10% on completing quests.

Level 3:
  • No Exceptions: Members can invade and collect on both Contracts and Bounties.

Level 4:
  • Deeper Pockets: Members receive an additional 20% jewels when completing quests.

Level 5:
  • God Hunter: Members may once per month claim bonus stat points by either completing a quest or battling someone else. The outcome of the battle does not matter, however, the battle must be completed. The amount of bonus stat points received is based on the rank of the quest or opponent (D+2, C+4, B+6, A+8, S+10).


  • Leader | The Sun: Khnurn Atenhotep | Seika
  • Founder | The Moon: Hitomi Minamoto
  • The Star: Tempris
  • Founder | The Devil: Ragnar Aesgir
  • The Fool: Kaito Todaro
  • Founder | The World: Sho Shimura

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Collective Mind

The Collective Mind is an order of Explorers, Adventurers, Researchers, and Scholars. A group who will spend months at a time travelling across countries to unlock the secrets of lost civilizations or learn new techniques from countries afar. The guild separates itself from its peers by truly remaining apolitical and avoiding pledging itself to anybody or authority. The Collective Mind will commonly assist both Legal and Illegal guilds in their goal for knowledge, however only in the hopes to learn more from them. Formed after the politics surrounding guilds became overwhelming the guild operates outside of the norm instead focuses on its own goals.

Hoping to disconnect themselves further from other guilds, The Collective Mind structures itself more akin to the Rune Knights, giving members titles based upon their order within the hierarchy of the guild itself. Although even the lowest of researchers is treated with respect as a fellow seeker of wisdom, their access to certain parts of the guildhall might be restricted due to concerns about whether they possess the means to comprehend what lies within those facilities. Rising within the ranks of The Collective is based upon the accomplishments of the members, their contributions to the overall research of the guild being more important than the time spent, or the overall power of the individual.

Should one prove themselves truly capable within the guild, the Convocation might award the member with a seat among them, this means the member will attain a title and a field of expertise they focus upon.

The Collective Mind's main goal is to create a renowned archive that is a depository for artifacts, knowledge, and treasure. The material held there is mainly in form of books and scrolls as new knowledge is recorded daily. When the guild members aren't busy with their studies and research, they are going on adventures to find artifacts or specimens to put in their labs for future analysis. The Collective Minds are willing to travel anywhere for their individual studies, though their ultimate goal in doing so is to find the Akashic Records.


  • The user may take only take Good and Neutral Quests.

  • The user must never use former contacts met through their being in the Collective Mind for personal gain.

  • The user must value knowledge over their own glory and fame.


The Collective Mind's guildhall is a large floating structure that curiously enough can often be seen hovering at different locations through Earthland, on a surface level the Grand Library is known to host several serene gardens, for even the most dedicated of researchers sometimes needs a moment to relax amidst some tranquility. Beyond the gardens there are also several sections that resemble the natural habitats of a reservoir, small lakes and lush parks serve to host some of the odd creatures one of The Collective Mind's members might have brought back, yet they are always ensured the safety of their specimens and fellow researchers by means of the unique contraptions that are in place to keep the creatures from escaping.

Once one reaches the center of the floating structure there is a grand hall, where a secretary confirms the identity and access level of the guild member, after which they are able to travel further into the inner sections of the structure by means of an elevator. The first level, as one might suggest contains a collection of accommodations for the members of The Collective, and in some cases visiting guests. There is also a dining hall, which is often manned by those who enjoy the more culinary delicacies that old civilizations have to offer, albeit some rumors often suggest that the dishes served here can range from divine to downright once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The floor underneath this contains various research facilities where the Collective Mind frequently investigates ancient relics or works on creating innovative or outright outlandish projects. This section is commonly only accessible to Guild Members, and guests can only be accompanied by the supervision of one of the Convocations of Four. (basically either the GM or one of the founders). Finally in the deepest reaches of the structure, one will find a facility dedicated to the personal endeavors of each of the Convocation. Due to the complex, and often dangerous research that is conducted there, those facilities are considered off-limits to those without an invitation.

Grand Maester

Konyo is a highly recognized, dominating individual who carries the burden of countless lives on his shoulders. A true veteran having fought in two wars. Due to his sheer awareness of his abilities as a fighter, he is incredibly self-confident in them. To ensure the safety of his members and avoid them meeting the same fate as his former comrades, Kon prefers to work independently however will work with others to achieve the goals of The Collective. His past shaped him into the man he is today, figuratively and literally having lost both his right arm and left eye.


Level 1:
  • Explorer's inventory: The user receives a copy of the Endless Pouch, this may be used to store their equipment in a pocket dimension. In topics, the user can summon and equip their items immediately using this effect.

Level 2:
  • Prospector's Greed: The user receives a 10% discount on all items and magics in the shop except companions.

Level 3:
  • Travelling Guild: The Collective Mind's guildhall is a forever moving object capable of moving once every 3 months to a different region at the Guild Masters discretion. Maesters have an innate knowledge of where the guildhall is at any moment and may roleplay anywhere within the Guildhall's current location.

Level 4:
  • Hunters & Collectors: The user receives a 20% word reduction to completing quests.

Level 5:
  • True Explorers: The Collective Mind devotes themselves to uncovering lost treasures around the globe as a result find themselves in a unique opportunity of being able to discover them far easier than others. This reduces the cool-down of Unique and Legendary customs through the storyline system by one month.


  • The Cartographer: Esperia

  • The Theurgist: Atani

  • The Archaeologist: Priscilla Ivalice

  • The Toxicologist: Ikanbi

  • The Chronologist: Karisa

  • The Stitchworker: Vaxias


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Utopian Demise

"Beware the things that go bump in the night"

Hidden deep in the shadows, where many dare not look, they have always been there. Beings of great power, shunned simply because of who they are. Vampires. Werewolves. Daemons, fallen Nephilim, humans corrupted by the abyss, demi-gods cursed as a result of their mistakes. These races have suffered persecution at the hands of the humans, but so too have the elves and dwarves of their time. And many of them have had enough. Whisperings have began to emerge from the shadows, people who wish to see those touched by the darkness to rise up against the tyranny they have suffered.

And those whisperings have created a group. Formed from those who wish to see the time of the creatures of darkness come, bolstered by the power of dark mages, Utopian Demise is a shadow. They act without recognition, keeping under the radar of the King and his cohorts as they build their army. An army filled, not only with the dark races who have suffered, but with humans who believe in the cause. All who wish to see the world change are welcome, and all can make a difference.

It is time for the world to hear our voices.


  • Members may not take Good quests.

  • While the Overlord has the final say in all guild matters, The Reaper ranks above the Harbingers and the harbingers rank above ordinary members.

  • Support the cause.

  • Hide in plain sight.

  • Leave no trace.

  • Be free.


Deep beneath the catacombs of Sagrada Church, further than any dare to explore, lies a forgotten, underground castle. Preserved by the magic that created it, it now serves as a home, and base, for Utopian Demise. Any who have navigated their way through the labyrinthine deep and found the ancient castle should turn back while they still can, as only darkness awaits them.

The interior of the castle has been stunningly maintained, as if the years spent beneath the surface has done nothing to mar the beauty of the ancient structure. Dining rooms that would incur the envy of kings, bedrooms larger than any noble could possess, the castle is filled with everything one could desire. Entire wings of the building remain unexplored, begging its inhabitants to discover what could lie within.


To most folks, Z'Aleel is a complete mystery, to others he is simply a myth created by anxious, frightened priests. It was told that there would be a day where the Ant-Illumin would rise and bring hell onto earth, destroying human civilization as we know it. Alas, the prophecy was no Myth. Z'Aleel stands as the sole character who is destined to opening the gates of hell; he is the Nimulli. The young Fallen Nephilim is truly one of a kind, despite being the adopted heir of Odin Morningstar, he is the off-spring of an unknown entity of hell and a Wood-Elf, purposely created for the sake of plunging the world into an era of all that is Unholy. Entirely disgusted with humans, he wants nothing more than to see them become the livestock that they are, even feasting on their flesh himself. Destruction, Chaos, Mayhem, are all things he was taught to embrace, and so he does just that. Quiet, mentally unstable, cynical, intelligent, are all words that can be used to describe the person Aleel is. He is truly merciless, often torturing his enemies and lusting for their fear- it's almost as if he can taste it. From the shadows he lurks, the archfiend amongst men, an omen of chaos.

The Reaper

Second only to the Overlord, The Reaper is a highly regarded member of Utopian Demise. Dubbed as the "Ace" of the guild, they are incredibly powerful and influential. The Reaper is respected, loved and sometimes even feared by the members of Utopian Demise. They act as an advisor to the Overlord, helping them make decisions and guiding them down the path best suited for the guilds mission.

Quiet, calm, and collective, Quillareine isn't at first one for conversations. She comes from a background of a Priestess's life and she has a vast amount of war experience within Joya. She likes to watch her surroundings and is very blunt when asked to speak. In battle, she is known as an actual Reaper, killing her targets and leaving no trace of the body afterwards. She isn't scared of many things, and her innocent look can trick those who are easily fooled. The daughter of the Shinigami of Joya is quite unpredictable in how she will react to situations. The woman is open to new ones; they are cruel or good towards the people as long as she sees justice in them.


These 3 members are second to the reaper and are always the most influential in the guild. They do not necessarily need to be the strongest (although power is important) but they have shown their determination towards supporting the goal of the guild. Any member can become a Harbinger, but their number is always kept at 3. If there already exists 3 members, a potential Harbinger must prove why they deserve the title. This can be through combat, acts of service to the cause, or simply by proving their case in front of the Guildmaster. The Harbingers command the utmost respect from the members, to disrespect them is to disrespect the Reaper & the Master.


Level 1:
  • Wolves Hunt Together: Members may bring along guild members to do quests that are within two ranks of the lowest ranked member.

Level 2:
  • Vampiric Seduction: The user receives an additional 10% experience from completing Bad and Neutral quests.

Level 3:
  • Hidden in Shadows: By tapping their guild mark, the user makes it disappear which hides their identity by nullifying the descriptive effects of reputation. Users with a bounty instead have the effects of their reputation reduced by three tiers.

Level 4:
  • Speed Daemon: The user receives a 20% word count reduction on completing Bad and Neutral quests.

Level 5:
  • Eyes of Utopia: The user, due to their underground connections, has been able to gather information about people all over earthland. Because of this, the user can see a brief description about someone as if their reputation is increased by two tiers.


  • Overlord: Z'Aleel

  • The Reaper: Quillareine

  • Harbinger of Despair: Achlys

  • Harbinger of Façade: Akuko

  • Harbinger of Reckoning: Valeria Hildegard

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