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Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea

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#1Mysterious Merchant 

Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea Empty Tue Mar 17, 2020 1:05 am

Mysterious Merchant

"Interesting, another customer has found me," the Mysterious Merchant chorused happily as he turned around and looked at you. "See anything that you would like to purchase?" With a hint of excitement, the Mysterious Merchant inquired about your intentions as he gracefully moved his hand from left to right. There were no wares there before, but as the Mysterious Merchant moved his hand through the air they became visible. Floating in the air between the two of you, a whole range of items could suddenly be seen. They were safely stored in a pocket-space and were merely being temporarily projected to showcase his catalogue. Where did this Mysterious Merchant acquire these items from? Each and every single item presented in this shop was highly unique. "If something catches your eye, the description will appear naturally next to the item," the Mysterious Merchant exclaimed playfully.


  • Ormus’ Hundred Hoods (2,500,000J) – It appears as a normal hooded cape, but it has multiple hoods attached instead of one. Even though only the main hood can be worn, the other hoods still serve a purpose. Each hood is capable of creating a new facial appearance. Whenever the user wears the main hood, they can select one of the stored faces from the other hoods to use as their own.
  • Dhivir’s Thunderous Stride (2,500,000J) – Feeding on the mana of its wearer, the cape stores a certain amount of mana which it can later expel at once. It almost appears as if the wearer is teleporting when expelling the mana, but instead they are almost nearly instantly launched elsewhere from their previous position. Depending on the amount of mana expelled, a loud sound may be heard which can deafen others.
  • Nihlatak’s Corpsemourn (2,500,000J) – This ghastly cape saps the vitality of its wearer and places them into a strange state which causes them to linger between the realm of the living and the dead. The wearer can therefore see ghosts and converse with them should they still possess reason. In addition, the user can let things phase through them at a high cost to avoid being harmed.


  • Icarus' Damocles (2,500,000J) – A magical sword once wielded by the previous King's Sword, Icarus. The sword became infamous for slaying the Cesare, the Master of Phantom Lord, Lance, the Master of Blue Pegasus, and Aguero, the Master of Lamia Scale. Damocles only gained fame after Icarus sacrificed his life to save the Kingdom of Fiore when the first Abyssal Rifts opened. The sword's power lies in the fact that it has not a specific element, but rather changes instantly upon impact with anything else. The sword's element always changes into the element which is dominant against whatever it clashes with.


  • Mana Sprite’s Essence (2,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s mana upon drinking it completely (500 MP).
  • Aether Sprite's Essence (2,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s overall experience upon drinking it completely (50,000 XP).
  • Bastion's Mighty Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s strength upon drinking it completely (25 Strength).
  • Aguila's Nimble Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s speed upon drinking it completely (25 Speed).
  • Dracul's Eternal Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s constitution upon drinking it completely (25 Constitution).
  • Mithra's Soulless Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s endurance upon drinking it completely (25 Endurance).
  • Qilad's Brilliant Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s intelligence upon drinking it completely (25 Intelligence).


  • Tal-Rasha's Palace Key (2,000,000J) – The owner of the key to the palace's front gate can summon the palace wherever they wish. The palace is invisible during the day, though occupants can see everything within the palace once they are inside. At night the palace shines with white light. The interior of the palace is fully furnished, complete with a staff of invisible servants to cater to the owner's every whim. Gentle music played by invisible musicians fills the palace.


  • Mysterious Egg (-) – A mysterious egg. It is uncertain what will hatch out of the egg, but it could be something interesting. This item is currently unavailable.


  • Rhygyr's Vampyric Eye (1,000,000J) – A single eye from a vampire which has been stored perfectly inside a magical jar. The eye can be placed into the socket of another race in order to see through invisibility and disguise spells. In addition, the user will be able to vaguely see anyone bleeding within 25 meters. Lastly, the user can see in darkness as if it is day.
  • Berial's Demon Bringer (2,500,000J) – Demon Bringers are a reptillian-esque claw which extends up to the elbow or shoulder. It is the manifestation of a Demon's soul or power. Its appearance is constantly visible, because the Demon Bringer takes over the arm of the user. This arm can do feats of supernatural strength and durability. Furthermore, spells cast through the Demon Bringer arm cost double in mana but are also double in power. Should the user get accustomed to the Demon Bringer, they will be able use another feat.


  • Mysterious Merchant’s Salutations (500,000J) – The next time the mysterious merchant appears somewhere, the user can instantly enter the topic without leaving their existing topics.
  • Mysterious Merchant’s Mercantilism (500,000J) – The next time the user visits the mysterious merchant, they will be allowed to do two purchases instead of one.  


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WORDS: 345 | Cutie Springs Forth

“Goodness… I sought you out and yet when I arrive, it would seem that it is you that finds me?” Almost jumping out of her skin when the merchant raised his voice, even though the Valerican vixen had headed to the northern woods in search of this particular figure she found herself rather startled by the man once she had found him, at least for a moment or so. Heart pounding and warmth in her cheeks simply because of his amazing entrance, an accomplished prankster like her had to admit that his flair had certainly caught her attention, but that was to be nothing compared to the items that he apparently had for sale.

“And somehow your wares seem even more impressive than your mysterious manner might imply…?” The blue eyes of the beauty widening as she took in the items that this enigmatic figure revealed to her, Sofia couldn’t help but let her jaw sag as she looked at the items he carried and nearly rubbed her eyes in disbelief at what she saw. Relics such a rarity in the world, even among treasure hunters, but apparently ample in the collection of the figure before her, there seemed to be so many things that she felt like a child in a candy store, so very many treats that she could hardly believe her luck.

Amazing… All of them, but… I know which one I want already~ Such fabulous items certainly tempting, and not least because of the intent that Miss Serena had once she had gained one of them, perhaps it was the fact that she was here to buy something that would act as a gift that helped her make her mind up so quickly, but whatever it was it meant that there really was no choice for her at all.
“I might want to buy everything you have, but if I can take only one thing, it will be the Tal-Rasha's Palace Key~?” So very many treats laid out in front of her but the one that caught her eye the item that would allow her and her lover to make their home wherever they may be, while a palace might have been a bit grand for a young woman trying to evade the title of a princess it certainly suited Alisa Vollan, and honestly was the greatest thing that her lover could think to give to her. After all who better to live in an Ivory palace than the woman known as the White Empress?

Buying the Tal-Rasha's Palace Key for 2,000,000 Jewels, UNLESS my guild discount works as well, in which case I get 30% off, which would make it 1,400,000.
(Unclear as to whether the discount works here or not?)

Stir Up Some Excitement

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- Sofia Serena

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Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea SofiaSerana

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WORDS: 320 | TAG: @Alisa | TRAINING

Well... Here she was. That really wasn't so hard now, was it? Leaving her ship in some clearing as she ventured through the wilderness, Alisa soon came upon the Mysterious Merchant's discreet stand.

"Good evening~...", she greeted, nodding at the shady, but cheerful looking salesman, instead turning her focus to the priceless wares at hand. After all, the merchant had a look of a... Man? Who meant business, and Alisa for one wasn't overly keen on spending too much time strolling around idly. Inspecting each of the wares, she came upon a sword that looked woefully familiar... She'd spent too long pursuing Lance's killer not to recognize that blade, and no matter how tempting it might feel to claim such a poweful weapon for her own, her gaze instead fell on a cape draped idly on a stand.

Lightning magic hmm...? Not in any way similar to the kind of magic Alisa herself posessed but... That kind of power was its own reward. No matter how fast she may be, the ability to teleport in and out of the fray seemed exactly like the type of ability that could save one's life in a pinch, which was more than enough for her.

"I'll have this cape, if you would.", spoke the sculptress, smiling at the merchant as she grabbed her chosen item and dropped a rather generous pouch of jewels in return, an amount fitting for the powerful item she'd just claimed. Whether or not she'd actually make use of this was anyone's guess, but Alisa most certainly thought so... Why else would she spend just an impressive amount of cash on such a whimsical purchase?

She didn't have time to shower, having been caught in the middle of training as such, and as she draped the cape around her shoulders, she very much looked like she couldn't wait to get right back on her training regimen, to properly master her new item in time for the big day.

Buying: Dhivir’s Thunderous Stride (2,500,000J)

30% discount from guild level 5 (final price 1,750,000J)

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea CyhFjWA

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While wandering about in the massive sea of trees, Kaiser stumbled upon a merchant selling his wares. She wondered why he decided to station himself in this vast forest where it was hard for people to find him. Of course she was interested in what he had to offer. She had the money to spend, and some of the things that he had were really eye-catching. Kaiser noticed that she was not the first buyer there, however. A couple of girls had just left when she arrived with purchases of their own. Were the items really that useful?

The merchant showed her a few tricks that amused her. She just needed to look over an item to see what it could do. While they were all very interesting items, Kaiser had a really hard time picking which one would suit her the most. The potions seemed a little overpriced to her, but if she could come back later to see if there were any other new items, she would definitely do so. The thing was, she had never seen such powerful capes before. In fact, she probably never came across an enchanted cape. It was all very amusing to her, his whole setup, and all the little tricks he showed her and everything. If this was a part of his marketing strategy, it was definitely working because she was totally buying from him and also paying him another visit to check if he had new items. Due to his great marketing skills, Kaiser was convinced that she should get that cape that let her phase through damage, and she would surely come back for new items whenever the next time was.

[ Purchasing Nihlatak's Corpsemourn ]

[ EXIT ]

Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea Sigbys10

m a t r i a r c h y
#5Venus Rosé 

Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea Empty Tue Mar 17, 2020 3:10 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

Out of everything that was located in Worth Woodsea, it had to be this mysterious little vendor that attracted her attention when she was walking through the streets of the luscious town brimming with greenery. At first, she’d just take a quick glimpse, thinking that they were either just some decorative accessories or they were merely things that were useless to her albeit, having a second look at it, it definitely piqued her curiosity.

”Very interesting.”

The femme fatale picked up a magical sword, glistening underneath the sunlight as she twirled the blade. ”What does this do?” She’d be informed about how it was a magical sword wielded by the previous king of Fiore with a special ability that’d give quite a challenge to whatever it comes against with, and with additional information that she’d only be able to purchase one item. The woman was greedy for money, but she wasn’t that desperate enough to get all of these, in which some of them might prove useless to her.


It was tempting, but that wasn’t the item she wanted. Then, a strange eyeball contained in a jar to preserve longer caught her attention. There was something about it that drew her. ”I want this one.” Venus didn’t bother to ask whatever it did: she was that kind of a person that when she decides on something she wanted, nothing in the world would change her mind.

”So, how do I wear it?” The woman lifted the jar, examining it carefully as the merchant give her the details about how she’d have to undergo a surgery to install the vampiric eye into her socket. Venus nearly froze when the information was given to her, not because she was frightened of knives or needles, but because she had horrible flashbacks of how she escaped the laboratory without knowing what she was doing there or why she was at the place. This should be nothing, she reassured herself.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea Empty Tue Mar 17, 2020 3:10 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz walked into the sho with his griffon taking a rest outside. He had never seen man such as this before. He approached slowly as the strange merchant turned around to greet him. In instant magical wares appeared floating in the air between them. Kaz looked at them with a gleam in his eye. He was searching for a staff or a book of some sort. Something to replace his outdated gear with but there was nothing.

"Hmm perhaps there is something," he said in response to the merchant. Kaz looked over more of the items. It was a small place to be but inside the shop was an alarming and mesmerizing amount of magic. He didn't know how someone could fit so much stuff into such a small space. It reminded the mage of Christmas time and that same odd figure that appeared.

While he had a million questions he wanted to ask, his focus was on the items at hand and finding something that could better prepare him for the coming tournament. Eventually, Kaz stoped at an item. He felt a strong pull in his chest. it was heavy, like being pulled into some darkness.

"Ah this item. A dark item indeed. One that comes at a high cost. If you are willing to pay it it can grant you a great deal of power," the shop keeper said.

Kaz reached out and felt the angelic nature within him pulling against the item. It tried to refute it but Kaz forced the feelings away. "This. This is the one. I'll take it," Kaz said looking at something safer. It was a simple scroll that would allow him to purchase from a distance next time.

The merchant smiled. "A cautious and wise choice. I'll see you next time."

Purchasing Mysterious Merchant’s Salutations (500,000J)

#7Mysterious Merchant 

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Mysterious Merchant

"Certainly, miss. Few have managed to open the gates to Tal-Rasha's Palace, but even less have managed to actually enter it," the Mysterious Merchant said as he pulled out Tal-Rasha's Palace Key out of his pocket-space. The Mysterious Merchant safely placed the key in Sofia's hand and then turned around to help out other customers.

"Excellent choice, Dhivir's Thunderous Stride," the Mysterious Merchant exclaimed as he materialized the cape and pressed it into Alisa's hands. It was almost magical. Alisa didn't need to present the Mysterious Merchant with coin, for her pouch suddenly felt lighter when she accepted the cape into her hands. "And you, Nihlatak's Corpsemourn you will receive," the Mysterious Merchant said as he pulled it out of nowhere and gave it to Kaiser.

The following customer was a bit more inquisitive, but such encounters were usual for the Mysterious Merchant. The Mysterious Merchant poked Venus' left eye and replaced it with her selection. Her purchase was completed, however, her eye was suddenly in the possession of the Mysterious Merchant. "It is not a matter of wearing. This is called modification."

Lastly, Kazimir approached him without being able to select something specific. Not uncommon at all. Still, he appreciated finding the Mysterious Merchant and wanted to be able to see his wares the next time. The Mysterious Merchant had something special for such customers should they be interested, namely scrolls which would allow them to find him or purchase more the next time. In this case, the customer simply wanted to find him easier the next time.

"Hmm, almost of out wares," the Mysterious Merchant noticed. It was about time for him to depart and leave, but a few more hours wouldn't hurt.


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Walking around the woods was not something that Aegis did often, but Its was something he enjoyed doing in order to be free for a time from the new duties he had recently acquired. Just ahead, he heard a bit of a commotion and went forward to investigate.

Upon seeing a mysterious man in blue, aegis was a little hesitant at first but curiosity overcame him. As the merchant made his where is visible, there were a great many things that appeared before him almost out of thin air. "The Description appears?" he asked quietly almost to himself.

He began walking along the line of items that this person had produced. As he was looking over one of the capes before him, the merchant was not telling a lie, as before him a scroll appeared before the cape explaining the history and what its power is. There were only a few things left, as apparently there were some people here as well before him according to the merchant, but one thing did catch his eye. There was a egg, seemingly less vibrance and fantastical than the other wares. This peaked his interest.
As Theo as proof, the ball of cotton and joy floating with him, the Beastmaster and caretaker in him made a pull towards it. As he began looking at the egg more carefully however, a description didn't show up. The only thing that it described was *Unavailable*. He was a bit puzzled as for a merchant having an item that was not being sold as listed.  Aegis looked towards the merchant who looked gleeful at the ability to sell most of his wares in such a short amount of time.
From where he was in the ware selection he walked back over to the merchant. "My good friend, I have a question if you don't mind me asking. Why have an item before us to sell but it cannot be sold?"

Getting: Mysterious Merchant’s Mercantilism for 500,000

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Revana walked towards the darkest part of the woods. The owls of night could be heard as well as the insects that were instinct due to winters breath. The hallow woods were nothing as such as the wild life lived throughout this time. She wore her red long dress with her hoodie hovering over her scarlet red hair. The woman was entering like a bandit of red riding hood. Her brown eyes shined in gold like a wolves against the sunlight as she gazed at the lantern of this stranger. Revana tried to stare into the man's darkened stare as he spoke darkly. ''Welcome, Stranger to my wares of rare merchandise.". It was a nice intro as she nodded to the man.

''What do you have that may interest an old soul?" She wondered outloud. The stranger studied her and had a position of thought. ''Mm, I don't think I have anything that may interest you no longer, but here is a coupon for next time. Just use it and you get two things instead of one. Just hurry to me." He said and then he seemed as if he was waiting for something. 'Right, jewels.' She thought coldly with a sigh. ''I'm going to assume you want about half a million?" She bit her lip and shoved her hand in her little bag. The stranger of darkness nodded as he lifted his hand towards her. She gave him a few more jewels as she then grabbed the ticket. ''Alright, I'll be expecting something good." She replied to him. With that she turned away to leave.

Getting: Mysterious Merchant’s Mercantilism for 500,000


Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea Sigme10
#10Tomoe Tanaka 

Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea Empty Wed Apr 08, 2020 6:25 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe moved through the thick bushes and brush of Worth Woodsea until he had stumbled upon a clearing - but not just any kind. It matched the description of strange rumors that he had come to follow up on. Such things were often not to be taken too seriously due to the citizens' need to be dramatic and make things up for theatrics. Ghost stories and tales of dead men returning from their graves were all the rage in the forests of Fiore, where people would sit by the campfire and drink into the night while becoming more and more unnerved by the tales they shared.

Such was what the Joyan was expecting, but upon the appearance of a strange man levitating directly before him, Tomoe reached for his blade in an instant. Before he could draw, however, he felt the strange urge not to. It was as if pushing this encounter further into aggressive territories would be the death of him. That was the feeling the ronin came across as he reached for his weapon, and promptly stopped. The man was surprisingly jovial despite his location and manner of dress, and seemed to be a merchant of sorts.

Tomoe, not letting down his guard but also not instigating anything from the man of untold power, decided to look things over. Apparently he would know the effects of the man's wares simply by staring at them? Such would prove beneficial for the warrior as he eyed the stock up and down.

He could feel his blood pump faster and his heart rate increase upon seeing the effects of a certain hood, however. The effects appeared to be that he could change his appearance whenever he wanted, aside from his height. He could be anyone, and live his life under any mask he cared to. The suppressed urge that beckoned to him - the urge to be closer to HER - fought within him, and with darkened eyes the cursed warrior retrieved the cloak of his inner desires. It was as if the item was made for him for the purpose of returning to HER side, and while he did his best to contain himself, he could admit to feeling a degree of relief while handing over the money necessary to complete the purchase.

Walking away with his newfound miracle, Tomoe grinned a subtle yet ambitious grin.

Purchasing: Ormus' Hundred Hoods (2,500,000)

- EXIT -

#11Mysterious Merchant 

Oooh suddenly in Worth Woodsea Empty Wed Apr 08, 2020 9:25 am

Mysterious Merchant

"See you next time in that case," the Mysterious Merchant said to the undead after handing him the scroll. Next came a girl. She was quite odd, because she spoke to herself and pretended to say the Mysterious Merchant's words as well. "Why are you talking to yourself?" Eventually, the Mysterious Merchant played along and handed her a scroll after accepting her money.

Finally, the last customer appeared at the Mysterious Merchant's shop and showed great interest in the last remaining cape. "Excellent choice," the Mysterious Merchant said as he handed the cape to the customer. It was quite a day. One thing was for certain, he wouldn't set up shop somewhere in the open the next time.

The Mysterious Merchant started to limp away into the sunset, gradually losing his limp with each step until he started to walk completely normal. Did it make any sense? Not at all. Did anything make sense at this point though? Nay, for he was not a regular merchant, but the Mysterious Merchant.

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