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Fire and Light, Bright as Day [Toga]

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Yuurei thought he had it; when he fought Lumikki he thought he had reached the pinnacle of mastery of his swords. Still, something felt off, and he didn’t know what it was; where he was, wasn’t the best he could do. No, like his other weapons, he could do better than this, and he planned on figuring out what he was missing. Leviathan had fought eight battles within the Arena of Champions, a place where he had enjoyed his time and wondered how much more he would enjoy here.

Another day, meant more chances to fight, and the people who hosted the events of these battles had decided today was another day for battle. They looked at the people that they had on their list. There were plenty of fighters that they could use today, but two of them stood out to them. There was Yuurei, who had been running around with the alias of Leviathan. A strong man, and one who seemed to have no limits to what he could do. They chose him for today’s fight, and the other, his previous fight had shown that he was strong and had a lot of potential.

They had reached out to Toga to participate in this fight against Leviathan. Yuurei of course, felt that there was something in this fight that he was going to need to master every weapon that he had owned. He didn’t have the mastery that Brone had with his axes, but he wanted something close to it. The Seraphim had decided to use something he had found within the Icy Cavern in Iceberg. It was the place where he had killed a bunch of Voidfrost Hollow, and it was the place where something had attached themselves to him.

He couldn’t believe this, but it seemed like these sentient beings found themselves latching onto him.

“Yuurei are we fighting today? You think you can handle using me?” The Venom parasite asked him as a little face appeared next to Yuurei’s shoulder.

The Seraphim wasn’t used to that just yet. He was comfortable with Migi, but that was a bit creepy as well in the beginning.

“And now we have another one living in Yuurei. You guys got to pay rent, I was here first.” He said to Venom.

“Come here and make me little arm.” He said to Migi.

Shuten and Leviathan couldn’t believe this but they were living with another thing in this Seraphim. Yuurei shook his head as he looked at the two of them.

“Behave you two. If Venom is staying you two better get along.” He said to the two of them.

Yuurei was at the gate already as he was going to be testing out his Symbiote Suit alongside weapons. He was wearing his regular outfit for the time being as Venom had shown up instantly whenever he wanted to. The only thing he had with him was his Lerzar’s Dreadwatcher in one of his hands. He was more comfortable showing his arms in battle or when there was a battle about to happen, so all four of his arms were out. They had all wielded a blade of their own, one of them being a floating ball around the palm of his hand.

That was where he was holding his helmet ready to put it on at any moment. The Seraphim only had four swords, and he was wielding them all at the same time today; he felt like he needed to do this to bring out what he was missing.

“Alright let’s do our what we need to do guys.” He spoke to his team as the cape flew around him showing them he was also here before going on Yuurei’s back.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, how are we all doing today?!” He asked as the crowd cheered with excitement.

“That’s what I like to hear! Today we have ourselves a good fight. I don’t think these two have ever fought in the arena, but we will bring one of them out here right now. In this side of the arena, you all know him, he has been in the arena taking down his opponent left and right. He is currently destroying the arena at seven wins and zero losses, give it up for Leviathan or as a lot of you know him now Yuurei!” He shouted as Yuurei’s gate would open up.

When it was all the way to the top, Yuurei would walk into the arena with a smile on his face as he walked to the arena. When he walked onto it he looked around as he raised one of his swords up as he did turn about for the audience. They would cheer for him as they were waiting for the next person to show up. Yuurei wondered who he was fighting today, and he hoped that this would be good.


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The Arena of Champions stood as a colosseum of dreams and nightmares, a crucible where the fire of combat forged legends. This hallowed ground, nestled within the heart of Seven, pulsed with an energy that transcended mere spectacle. It was a living, breathing entity, fed by the fervor of countless spectators and the raw ambition of those who dared to step into its unforgiving embrace.

As the sun climbed higher in the sky, casting its golden rays upon the arena's weathered stone, anticipation crackled through the air like lightning. The stands groaned under the weight of an ever-swelling crowd, a sea of faces alight with bloodlust and wonder. Here, in this grand amphitheater of human spirit, fortunes were made and shattered with each clash of steel, each burst of arcane might.

Tōga, still a neophyte in this realm of controlled chaos, found himself at the epicenter of the storm. The dragon slayer, accustomed to the unpredictable ebb and flow of true combat, now grappled with the artificial constraints of organized spectacle. Yet, even as the unfamiliar pressure of expectation settled upon his shoulders, a part of him recognized the crucible for what it was—an unparalleled opportunity for growth, a forge in which to temper his skills against the finest blades Earthland had to offer.

The muffled roar of the crowd penetrated even the thick walls of the vestibule, a constant reminder of the Trial by fire that awaited. Tōga's keen senses, honed by years of battle, picked up the telltale signs of his opponent's arrival—a surge in the crowd's fervor, a shift in the very air of the arena.

"Well, it's time to go, huh, Strigr-chan?" Tōga's voice carried a mix of excitement and trepidation as he addressed his draconic companion. The majestic creature, its scales a shimmering tapestry of azure hues, offered a silent nod of encouragement. With a deep breath, Tōga rose, the weight of his armaments a comforting presence as he strode towards tomorrow.

As the gates parted, Tōga was assaulted by a tidal wave of sensory overload. The sudden burst of sunlight momentarily blinded him, while the deafening roar of the crowd threatened to overwhelm his enhanced hearing. Yet, even as he blinked away the spots dancing before his eyes, Tōga's spirit soared. This was it—the moment of truth, the crucible in which his mettle would be tested. Gradually, as his vision cleared, Tōga's gaze locked onto the figure standing thirty meters away. Recognition dawned, bringing with it a surge of exhilaration that set his draconic blood afire.

"Oooooi! Yuurei-sama!" The cry burst from Tōga's lips, unbidden and unrestrained. Zangetsu, his faithful black steel companion, carved an arc through the air as Tōga waved with unabashed enthusiasm.

There, poised like a statue carved from living ice, stood Yuurei—the snow-haired enigma whose name was whispered in reverent tones across the continent. Rumors spoke of power enough to bring nations to their knees, of magical prowess that defied comprehension. And now, by some twist of fate or grand design, Tōga found himself face to face with this living legend.

A grin, equal parts fierce joy and nervous anticipation, spread across Tōga's features. Their previous encounter had been but a fleeting moment, a mere prelude to this grand symphony of combat that was about to unfold. In the clash of steel and magic that awaited, Tōga knew he would glean more insight into Yuurei's true nature than a thousand conversations could ever reveal.

As the two warriors locked eyes across the arena, time seemed to slow. The roar of the crowd faded to a distant murmur, irrelevant in the face of the connection forged between these two titans of combat. In that moment, Tōga felt a profound sense of gratitude—for this opportunity, for the path that had led him here, for the chance to test himself against the very best.

The air crackled with potential energy, heavy with the promise of the spectacle to come. As the officiator's voice rang out, signaling the imminent start of the bout, Tōga's entire being thrummed with anticipation. This was more than just a fight; it was a chance to etch his name into the annals of history, to prove his worth not just to the roaring masses, but to himself.

With Strigr's silent support at his back and the indomitable spirit of a dragon coursing through his veins, Tōga readied himself for the challenge of a lifetime. Win or lose, he knew that this day would mark a turning point in his journey—a vessel from which he would emerge forever changed, forged anew in the fires of combat against one of Earthland's mightiest mages.

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Yuurei would see who he was facing; he was surprised honestly to be able to see Toga here. He honestly, didn’t think he would bump into him in the arenas, but here he was. That was nice and he figured that they were always going to cross in battle one day. This was the best place he could think of and he couldn’t wait to see what he could do. Still, the roaring of the people here was enjoyable for him and he heard Toga screaming toward him. He had seen him waving at him, and he had a smile appear on his face. He would wave at him back, but before that, he would put on his helmet.

It was then the wave of his free hand would start as the black orb followed the direction it was waving.

“So, you’re my opponent today, Toga. I’m glad to see you and it seems like you’ve gotten stronger since last time.” He could tell just from his gear alone.

It was different from the first time he had met, and he wondered just how strong he become.

After a few seconds of waving his hand, he placed it back to its original position. They were going to be fighting soon, and that was something he had to get ready for. This was a fight for the people and the entertainment that they were hoping to get here.

His stance changed as the weapon of four occupied his hands. His Zabimaru locked into its hidden form, as the same with Samehada. Fragarch had felt the activation needed from Yuurei revealing the blade made from the orb itself. Then there was Excalibur, it was already, invisible to those who couldn’t see through invisibility.

“Yuu can you call me Anti from now on? I don’t like the name Venom.” He said as he was speaking to him on his shoulder.

Yuurei nodded as he was fine with that and when Anti saw that he agreed he figured it was time to cover Yuurei’s body. The Symbiotic Suit would start forming and appearing around Yuurei. While this happened, Yuurei’s appearance would start to change as well as wings would come out from his back. His hair was whiter and brighter than before his eyes golden with life and the energy he had was different from before.

His body was covered in a white and black skintight suit with what looked like an insect on the front of his chest. His helmet had not been covered though and he just stared at Toga. He had also brought all of his weapons to turn from their respective element to light. When the announcer told them to start, Yuurei figured he would do just that. His Samehada had unwrapped itself from its bandages becoming more volatile than it was before. It wasn’t just that, but Yuurei’s Zabimaru would also start changing as well.

“Awakening Zabimaru.” Yuurei let out those words and the blade would start to change its form.

It went from one type of blade to a different type of weapon completely. It was much larger than before as the entirety of the weapon itself reached up to twenty-five meters. It wasn’t just that, the spine-like blade had a serpent as the edge of the sword. It looked at Toga as if it were ready to attack the young man.

“Alright I guess I will start things off.” He said this and as soon as those words were spoken his wings flapped and he pushed himself in the direction of Toga.

He was going to test him out first before he used any of his spells. A simple swing would do the trick and as he got close to him he decided to swing with his Samehada first. The reveal of the purple blades and the mouth of the weapon as it was hungry to absorb the power of Toga. Yuurei swing was aiming for his side of Toga aiming for his armor first.

“How have you been?! Still, not interested in joining me?!” He asked with a smile on his face as he knew he was a Rune Knight.

Yuurei had the other three swords ready to make a move if they needed to at the moment. His eyes focused as he wanted to make sure he had a grasp of Toga’s condition before anything else.

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Yuurei was an enigma cloaked in the form of a man, a being whose very existence seemed to bend reality to his will. His power, a colossal vortex, radiated outwards, enveloping him in an aura that crackled with celestial energy. When their paths first crossed on Luluhawa Island, Tōga had sensed the immense strength within Yuurei, a realization that intensified as they faced each other in the arena. Yuurei's essence pulsed and shimmered, a luminous beacon of otherworldly power.

While such an awe-inspiring spectacle might have intimidated others, Tōga was enthralled. This was not a threat, but an invitation, a challenge that ignited the dragon slayer's spirit. Tōga, ever the inquisitive warrior, watched with keen interest as Yuurei prepared for battle. The ritualistic placement of his helmet, the enigmatic stance suggesting unseen weapons, and the dramatic transformation that followed - a swirling maelstrom of cosmic ink that morphed his attire into a stark, monochrome armor.

With the addition of four arms, glowing eyes, and ethereal wings that unfurled from his back, Yuurei's metamorphosis was complete. He now stood as something more than mortal, a being that defied definition. Reacting to the palpable shift in the air, Tōga felt his own mana surge in response, a fiery tide that called forth the draconic essence within him. Scales as red as smoldering coals wove across his skin, his eyes narrowed into slits of predatory focus, and his canines elongated into ferocious fangs. His Dragon Force awakened in full, a testament to his readiness to meet Yuurei’s challenge head-on.

Yuurei, now fully armed and eerily majestic, wielded his weapons with a grace that belied their deadly intent. The black orb in his hand morphed into a sinister blade, while his other weapon, Zabimaru, transformed into a serpentine behemoth that slithered through the air with lethal precision. Tōga, observing every movement, prepared himself for the inevitable clash.

The dance began with Yuurei's charge, his wings beating like a tempest, propelling him forward with terrifying speed. Tōga's enhanced senses screamed a warning as Samehada, the most grotesque of Yuurei's arsenal, lashed out towards his side. In that split second, Tōga's mind calculated trajectories, angles, and possibilities.

With a burst of strength that belied his mortal frame, Tōga launched himself skyward. His leap carried him over the horizontal sweep of Samehada, a hair's breadth separating him from its ravenous teeth. In the same fluid motion, Tōga brought Rengoku's Kimetsu to bear, its fiery edge arcing towards Yuurei's chest in a daring counterattack1.

Zangetsu remained poised at Tōga's side, ready to parry any follow-up from Samehada's direction. The dragon slayer's cape billowed behind him, a feathery banner that spoke of his indomitable spirit. In this moment of vulnerability, suspended in mid-air, Tōga embodied the essence of his fighting philosophy – calculated risks tempered by unwavering courage.

Oooi, Yuurei-sama! You’re persistent!

As the blades closed in on their respective targets, time seemed to slow. The roar of the crowd faded to a distant murmur, irrelevant in the face of this cosmic clash. In Yuurei's four-armed, winged form, Tōga saw not just an opponent, but a mirror reflecting the infinite possibilities of power. Every move in this deadly ballet carried the weight of worlds, each decision a potential turning point in a battle that transcended mere physical combat.

Mindful of Yuurei's other occupied hands, as well as the looming threat of Zabimaru and the advent of the suit, the dragonslayer made sure to keep an avenue open for himself in the event of a potential escape.

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Yuurei had noticed that the young man had started to change his form. He knew what it was as he had seen it from Kaito; this was Dragon Force, something that many Dragon Slayers had if they trained enough. It seemed like Toga had access to this power too, which was a good thing. This made the Seraphim know that this man would become another strong person within the world. When he swung his blade, he had done a simple swipe to Toga, but he had missed his mark. The Seraphim had a smirk on his face as he could see that Toga had leaped into the air to avoid being hit.

That was interesting, and he wondered if the young man had a way to avoid being hit if Yuurei had chosen to attack him in the air. When this happened, the danger he had sensed from Toga had arrived. It seemed that the man was trying to cut him with the beautiful katana that had come out from its sheathe. The Warden had the option to take a step back and move out of the way of Toga’s blade. Still, he decided he wouldn’t take a step back, no he decided to take his Antivenom Symbiotic Suit for a spin. The blade would cut Yuurei’s armor, and the damage would be done, but it wouldn’t stop there. The Symbiotic suit would take negative to what Toga had done and tendrils would come out and it would hit Toga’s armor.

The Seraphim had a smirk on his face as he figured he would continue on with what he had planned to do from the start. While Toga had cut him, Yuurei had stopped his Samehada’s swing and had snapped it in the direction of where Toga was. It wasn’t just that, but he had also swung Zabimaru. The Serpent sword started moving as it rushed toward Toga from above him as he was ready to crash into Toga.

“Me persistent? I am indeed, but nice moves Toga, I didn’t think you would jump into the air to avoid my attack. Not a lot of people do that, because of how hard it is to dodge once you in the air.” He said to Toga as he was attacking him.

Anti had been harmed and he wasn’t happy about that, but he figured that if he had been harmed, he would have harmed the person who did it as well.

“Yuu he hurt me.” He said to the Seraphim.

He ignored him for the time being as his focus was on Toga. Migi would appear on his arm, and he laughed at him.

“It hurt, doesn’t it? You will be alright though.” He said to Anti as he looked at Toga and Yuurei’s fight.

The Seraphim had plans within this fight, but he wanted to see what Toga would do next. He had two other hands that were free and ready to be used whenever he had to.

The crowd was cheering and roaring with what was happening right now. The two of them had attacked each other, Yuurei looked like he had been harmed, while Toga hadn’t been hit at first, but those tendrils had attacked him right after. This fight was moving quickly and they were anticipating with what would happen next.


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The clash of Rengoku's Kimetsu against Yuurei's enigmatic armor sent ripples of excitement through Toga's being. A triumphant smirk danced across his features, pride swelling in his chest at being the first to land a strike. Yet, the ease of execution gave him pause—a seasoned warrior like Yuurei should have evaded such a straightforward assault. The reason for Yuurei's apparent lapse in defense soon revealed itself in a display that defied conventional combat logic. Where Toga's blade had struck, the white armor erupted into a frenzy of spiked tendrils. These organic protrusions, alive with malicious intent, lashed out at Toga's chest, their razor-sharp tips finding purchase in his Ryōhi armor.

"Tch!" Toga grunted, his mind racing to analyze the armor's unexpected response. It seemed the suit possessed autonomous defensive capabilities, reacting to injury with aggressive retaliation. Was it an extension of Yuurei's will, or did it operate independently? This enigmatic behavior was unlike anything Toga had encountered, sparking both curiosity and a heightened sense of caution. Fortunately, the tendrils inflicted no lasting harm, and the battle continued unabated.

The aerial dimension of their duel added another layer of complexity to an already intricate battle. For most combatants, leaving the ground was akin to signing one's own death warrant when facing an opponent like Yuurei, who navigated the skies with the ease of a born predator. While terra firma offered its own advantages—the ability to pivot, to use friction to one's advantage—it also constrained vertical mobility. In contrast, the open air was Yuurei's playground, a three-dimensional chess board where he held all the pieces.

Yuurei, ever the tactician, sought to capitalize on what he perceived as Toga's vulnerability. As Samehada's initial swing met empty air, the grotesque blade snapped back with vengeful speed, seeking to catch the dragon slayer in his anticipated descent. But Toga, true to his unpredictable nature, had an ace up his sleeve.

In a breathtaking display of adaptability, Toga's Birdman's Cape1 unfurled, granting him unexpected mastery over the aerial domain. The pink-haired warrior shot upwards, leaving Samehada to snap futilely at the space he had occupied mere moments before. For a heartbeat, it seemed as though Toga had turned the tables, matching Yuurei's aerial prowess with his own improvised flight.

Yet, even as triumph gleamed in Toga's eyes, a new threat loomed overhead. The colossal serpentine blade, a leviathan of steel and sorcery, descended upon him with the inexorability of fate itself. "Argh!" The cry tore from Toga's throat as bone-white railings crashed down, the weapon's maw engulfing him in a crushing embrace.

Unable to evade, Toga braced himself against the onslaught. The force of the impact sent him plummeting earthward, his body carving a ten-Tōga furrow through unyielding soil. The segmented monstrosity pursued relentlessly, grinding the dragon slayer deeper into the arena floor with each passing second.

A thunderous explosion of debris and dirt erupted from the point of impact, a visual exclamation mark punctuating the ferocity of the exchange. The arena, already electric with anticipation, erupted into a frenzy of shouts, screams, and applause. The spectators, their blood singing with vicarious adrenaline, bore witness to a clash that would be etched into legend.

As the dust began to settle, an eerie hush fell over the crowd. All eyes strained towards the impact site, searching for any sign of movement. Had the indomitable dragon slayer finally met his match? Or would he, like the mythical creatures whose power he channeled, rise once more from the ashes of defeat?

The arena's cacophony of cheers and gasps momentarily hushed as Toga's voice, soft yet resolute, cut through the chaos. "That's a neat weapon, Yuurei-sama..." The words hung in the air, a prelude to the spectacle about to unfold.

From the heart of the debris cloud, a ripple of energy pulsed outward. Silver waves of power radiated from the impact site, parting the dust like a cosmic curtain. As the veil lifted, Toga emerged, his Bukan headdress in tatters around his feet, a testament to the ferocity of Yuurei's assault. Yet, where one might have expected defeat, they found defiance incarnate.

A regal aura of vivid light swirled around Toga's form, lashing out against the very air. This was no mere defensive measure, but the advent of something extraordinary—the Perfect Ultra Ego transformation2. It was a technique untested in the crucible of true combat, born from necessity in the face of overwhelming odds. Yuurei's Zabimaru had made one thing crystal clear: hesitation meant certain defeat. As the silverish swells spiraled around him, they began to meld with the crimson scales of his Dragon Force. The fusion of these two powerful states created a breathtaking visual opus—red scales now outlined in glistening silver, transforming Toga's draconic appearance into a multi-hued masterwork of power and beauty.

The risk was uncharted. Combining two such potent transformations was uncharted territory, a gambit that could just as easily destroy Toga as empower him. But if not here, in the Arena of Champions, then where? This hallowed ground of combat seemed to demand such audacious displays of courage and skill.

With fluid grace, Toga brought his hands together, conjuring a sphere of fire between his palms. "You're extremely powerful, Yuurei-sama!" he called out, his words keeping pace with the rapid movements of his hands as they stretched the fireball into an arrow of flame3.

"This is truly an honor!" The shout accompanied the release of his spell, the fire arrow soaring not directly at Yuurei, but to a point just beyond him. It struck the ground three Tōgas behind the Seraphim, and in that instant, hell itself seemed to open its maw.

The resulting explosion was a maelstrom of infernal fury, a blazing vortex that reached out to devour everything within an 18-Tōga radius. A column of fire, as bright as the sun and as hungry as a starving god, shot skyward, threatening to engulf Yuurei and his arsenal in its all-consuming embrace.

Toga's tactical acumen shone through in the placement of his attack. Retreat would only draw Yuurei closer to the inferno's heart, while lateral movement offered little respite from the searing heat. There was but one logical path of escape, and Toga stood ready, his heterochromatic gaze fixed on the spot where he anticipated Yuurei's emergence.

Five Tōgas from the blast's edge, Toga had positioned himself with calculated precision. His weapons lay at his feet, temporarily abandoned in favor of this high-stakes gambit. Every fiber of his being thrummed with anticipation; his enhanced senses stretched to their limits as he awaited Yuurei's countermove.

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Yuurei had thought he would be able to land a hit on Toga with Samehada, but that wouldn’t be the case. The man had something that allowed him flight. He noticed the cape on him and a smirk had appeared on his face. That was interesting, to say the least as he had something similar with his cape. Still, that was why he used his attacks in pairs. He wasn’t sure, but he had a feeling he would dodge the attack. There was just no way someone would jump into the air without a plan.

That cape was a nice touch to it and honestly not even Yuurei saw it coming. His Zabimaru was in motion, the blade had already targeted Toga from above. That was when he saw the two clashing as his longest weapon had sent Toga to the arena floor slamming the young man onto the ground. When that happened, he brought Zabimaru back to his side, his eyes looking in the direction of where Toga had fallen.

He was sure that he didn’t take the young man out right? He hoped that was the case as he wanted this to go on a little longer. Zabimaru would make its way back to Yuurei's side waiting for its next attack to happen.

“He better get up from that.” He said to himself as the debris had dispersed from the area.

It was then he noticed that there was something different with Toga. It seemed like the young lad had reached a form, a form he had seen before. His head tilted a second as he knew someone who had the same look in their eyes. That was when it came to him, this state was the Ultra Instinct. No, it was different, this felt like raw power and the aura around Toga was more violent than Kaito’s form.

He heard his words and he had a smile on his face.

“That was a nice move there, Toga. I didn’t think you would have a cape that allowed you to fly. I didn’t expect that, but I didn’t expect you to just jump into the air and not have a backup plan.” He said to him as if it was why he had attacked with Zabimaru.

It seemed like he was going to attack, Yuurei would get ready as his body was inching to move, but the young man waited to see what would happen.

“You’ve gotten stronger, you wouldn’t have been able to take all those hits. I’m glad you are showing me everything that you are.” He said that this was going to be interesting.

Yuurei could sense the danger from the attack that had gone his way. The eager Seraphim was ready to rush forward, but instead, he took it in. The use of his weapons was how he would perfect his combat with swords right?

The explosion would occur, the intensity of the fire coming from behind him and soon engulfing him. When the attack Toga had done covered Yuurei, something happened. The Seraphim had done this before. He was going to use this until someone decided to fight against it, the Warden activated his Fragarch’s spell.

His Fragarch Aonbharr would shoot a beam of pure mana right at Toga. The attack had intercepted the explosion that came from behind the Seraphim. This would disperse his spell and the damage that would have been dealt to Yuurei was dealt to Toga.

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing Yuurei had done. No, he was indeed moving forward and toward the direction of Toga. The man was waiting for him, but it wasn’t going to be because he was out running the man’s spell. No, he was rushing straight to him with his wings flapping bringing him forth to the young man. He had a smirk on his face as he was planning on using his helmet’s spell in this fight, but what he was doing was so much better.

“Brilliant! Your moves are explosive and beautifully done! You are strong Toga. I only wished you had or would join Paradise Dawn!” He shouted as he would use his empty hand this time.

The empty hand, held Excalibur as if it was invisible, so when Yuurei had gotten close to Toga he had swung Excalibur attempting to break his arm and deal some more damage to Toga. Zabimaru had been dragged around the place, but Yuurei didn’t use it to attack at the moment as he was waiting to see what Toga would do next.


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The future might dictate otherwise, but for the moment, Tōga was fortunate that Yuurei permitted his spell to proceed uninterrupted. There were myriad reasons—shifts in tactical thinking, perhaps—that could have spurred the Seraphim to intervene and disrupt Tōga's preparation. The choice to refrain granted Tōga precious seconds, brief in real-time yet expansive in the tempo of battle, allowing him vital moments to observe, assess, and strategize—a luxury every seasoned fighter cherishes.

Before the fiery arrow detonated, Tōga meticulously cataloged his observations: Yuurei, an entity with angelic flight, wielded a Zabimaru capable of extensive reach and heightened lethality. More intriguing was his armor, which either responded telepathically or acted autonomously. These insights, though limited, were more than Tōga possessed at the duel's onset.

As the explosive spell unfurled, Tōga shifted into a defensive stance, anticipating that even a successful strike would merely incense the celestial warrior. What unfolded next caught him off guard. Amidst a puzzled murmur, Tōga watched as his fiery onslaught was effortlessly nullified, replaced by a piercing beam of light that erupted from Yuurei's previous position. Immobilized, Tōga absorbed the full brunt of the energy beam—an attack that bypassed his physical defenses and targeted him at a more fundamental level.

Ordinarily, such a strike would debilitate a lesser warrior, but Tōga, bolstered by his Extinctas lineage, found his vitality surging in response to the assault. A grin spread across his face; the damage, rather than crippling him, had invigorated him immensely. Rooted firmly in place, he observed Yuurei's approach—wings beating rhythmically, one hand poised as if clutching an invisible weapon.

Though evasion was futile, Tōga had no intention of retreating. As Yuurei closed the distance, the air around them warped, the fabric of space itself seeming to tear under the strain of Tōga's Kamui. In a bold maneuver, he attempted to strip Yuurei of his symbiotic suit, banishing it to an interstitial void between reality and oblivion1.

If successful, the gambit would leave Yuurei vulnerable just as his strike landed. The impact, aimed at Tōga's chest but subtly redirected to mitigate exposure, shattered his chest plate and reverberated through his core. Utilizing the Ultra Ego transformation, Tōga redirected some of the attack's energy, dissipating it into the ether, though the residual force still pummeled him harshly.

With Yuurei now perilously close and potentially unarmored, Tōga retaliated instantly. Flames, tinged with the silver hues of his transformation, engulfed his hand2. He thrust this fiery maelstrom directly at Yuurei's chest, targeting the newfound vulnerability with a strike intended to sear and scorch, leveraging every ounce of power at his disposal in this critical, close-quarters clash.

It's risky, but where's the fun in taking it easy!?

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Combat Log:


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Yuurei looked at Toga, the man seen like he was having fun with this fight. The Seraphim was also having fun with this fight. The two of them were exchanging blows, but to be honest, the Seraphim had an answer for a lot of things. He was impressed his Fragarch had harmed him, but when he had swung his Excalibur  he did no damage to the man, but he had taken his armor off. That was perfect, but Toga had done something he didn’t expect.

The man had taken his venom suit off him with what looked like his eye. He wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, but he knew that move was something that Kaito could do. It was not the first time he had seen something like this and it wouldn’t be the last. The Seraphim didn’t freak out from this but would use one his free hand to add on another armor that was in his arsenal. The initial surprised of his armor being taken away from him was all that was needed for him to make sense of what was going on. The armor of his choice was his Berserker’s Suit. It was something he would use on Toga as the next wave of attack.

Still, while he was being attacked, Yuurei had decided to go on the offense as well. This man was tanky, but he was also very strong in terms of his durability. The Seraphim’s eyes widen when he felt the blow hit the armor with that spell. The danger that came from that attack though had released a discharge of arcane energy. The suit had indeed gone berserk as it would attack Toga for attacking Yuurei.

The armor had taken the damage without any much resistance to it, but a few deeds had been done. Yuurei was swinging his Zabimaru and his Samehada toward Toga. They were both moving at a vertical angle trying to cut the Dragon Slayer down. While doing this another thing would happen. The hand with Excalibur moved upward and it would summon four Mastiffs behind the Warden.

That same arm had also brought out two sharpened appendages from Yuurei’s shoulder. It seemed like Migi had finally joined the fight and that was fine. The half-elf didn’t enjoy his armor being taken away from him, but it was a good tactic. That was why in return of that, he was using a lot of stuff on Toga.

Migi would stretch the appendages to about ten meters wrapping to hit Toga on his back or if he moved away in the direction he tried to move in.

“You four go invisible and get ready to attack him.” He said to the four mastiffs and they would howl and go invisible at the same time.

This howl had also debuffed someone’s power. The former guild master wasn’t sure if his attacks right now would do the damage that was needed to take Toga out, but if it didn’t then he had made his next move.


Action Log:

Spell and Passives Used:


Attributes in Detail:



Migi's Arm:


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As Tōga unleashed his spatial magic, he managed to strip Yuurei of his enigmatic white armor, banishing it to some distant, unseen dimension. This tactical maneuver, though daring, was intended to expose Yuurei to a direct and devastating strike. Yet, as Tōga's fiery fist surged forward, aiming for what he anticipated to be unprotected flesh, his blow met an unexpected barrier of new armor that materialized instantaneously around Yuurei's form.

Confounded by the rapid redeployment of armor, Tōga's brow furrowed in confusion and frustration. The abrupt appearance suggested some advanced form of Requip magic, allowing Yuurei to switch defenses with bewildering speed, a testament to his profound magical prowess. Despite this setback, the energy from the clash further invigorated Tōga, bolstering his strength as he prepared for another exchange.

Yuurei, not missing a beat, launched a dual assault with Zabimaru and Samehada, their formidable strikes descending in unison. Tōga, agile and alert, narrowly evaded these attacks with a well-timed leap. However, as additional spikes protruded menacingly from Yuurei's shoulders, Tōga instinctively conjured a fiery shield, bracing for impact.

The shield absorbed some of the force from the initial spike assault, but the subsequent barrage proved overwhelming. Tōga felt the full fury of the second strike, the impact reverberating through his frame, propelling him backwards and leaving him wracked with pain.

Managing a strained chuckle, Tōga quipped through gritted teeth, "Arghhh, Yuurei-sama! Must be nice having four arms, hahaha." His body was battered, his strength waning, but his spirit remained unbroken, even as his physical form teetered on the brink of collapse.

As spectral hounds materialized at Yuurei's command, it was clear they were unnecessary; Tōga was already at his limit, the ferocity of the onslaught having decisively tipped the scales in Yuurei's favor. "Y-you won this time," Tōga conceded, gasping for breath. "Now tell me. How did you repel all those attacks?" His voice was a mixture of admiration and inquiry, seeking understanding from his formidable opponent.

As the arena roared with applause, celebrating Yuurei's triumph, Tōga lay defeated yet dignified, his request for knowledge reflecting his unyielding desire to grow, to learn from every encounter, no matter how harsh. The crowd's excitement reached a crescendo, their cheers not just for a battle well-fought, but for the spectacle of witnessing two titans clash in a display of unmatched martial prowess.

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Yuurei had seen his attacks go through and it seemed like the Dragon Slayer had dodged them. Still, how many of them could he dodge? He wasn’t sure if he could do that for a while and he was right. When Migi hit the first armor, and then the second one hit Toga, he could see that it was over.

The Seraphim had been excited to see Toga had fought him well. He heard his comment, and he laughed at his words. It was nice to have four arms. It was one thing that Brone had that he wanted. It was beautiful and when he found out his friend no longer had it well, he sought out that power.

The Warden had used his mana to regain his Antivenom Symbiotic Suit back as Anti was surprised that he had been ripped apart.

“I didn’t think someone could do that to me, did you?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

Yuurei heard him and he laughed a bit.

“Yeah a friend of mine does the same thing. When I saw him do it, it surprised me, but I had an idea of what he had done.” He said to Anti as he looked over to Toga with a smile on his face.

“Brone had four arms too, but apparently, he gave them up. I have two things that decided to help me out and gave me these two extra arms for combat.” He said to Toga as he would disperse his weapons and then his arms had looked like they disappeared.

Still, he had asked Yuurei questions, and the Requip mage smiled at him. He didn’t mind telling him about any of it.

“I can tell you, I don’t mind. There are a few things in my arsenal I don’t think I will hold on for too long. You see this orb.” He brought out his Fragarch again to show him.

“You ever see this in a fight or an orb that takes the shape of a sword, that means you should never use your strongest attacks. It will be used against you, which is not good for anybody.” He said to Toga as he wanted him to know about this sword.

When he heard people cheering though, he would raise his arm as he was the victor. They would cheer harder as he acknowledged the victory and he looked at Toga. He would help his opponent up as they were just fighters in the arena and not enemies.

“That form of you was not Ultra Instincts right?” He said as he was helping him out of the arena.




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As Tōga reclined on the ground, a rueful grin on his face despite the lingering ache of his wounds, he listened intently to Yuurei's explanation about his new ability. With each word, the dragonslayer pieced together the puzzle of the Seraphim's remarkable defensive capabilities. "Yeah, it’s something new I picked up recently. First time using it today, among other things," Tōga quipped, trying to mask his discomfort with humor as he settled more comfortably onto the arena's warm surface.

"Interesting, I guess it's the same for your armors, too" Tōga mused aloud, his mind racing through the implications of Yuurei's orb-like sword which seemed to repel any offensive measures back upon their originator. It wasn't just Yuurei's inherent power that made him formidable; his arsenal was enhanced with artifacts that not only deflected damage but seemed to use the enemy's force against them. While Tōga couldn't ascertain whether Yuurei nullified the damage before it was redirected, he suspected that the Seraphim might be rendering himself virtually invulnerable, turning his foes' strengths into their own undoing.

Chuckling softly, Tōga corrected a possible misconception, "Nah, I’ve seen Ultra Instinct before, and this isn’t that," his voice carried a light-hearted tone, belying the intensity of their recent clash. "I've got what’s called Ultra Ego. It amps up my strength the more damage I take. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll be enough to give us a real run for our money in a rematch, haha."

As he lay there, the crowd's excitement still echoing in the background, Tōga's thoughts drifted to the potential of his powers. Each battle, each encounter served as a crucible for his abilities, forging him into a stronger warrior. The prospect of testing his limits against Yuurei again wasn't just a challenge; it was an opportunity for growth, a chance to push beyond the boundaries of what he thought possible. With a mix of anticipation and resolve, Tōga imagined their next encounter, envisioning a duel where he could match Yuurei blow for blow, transforming every strike endured into a surge of retaliatory force.

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