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In Your Heart Shall Burn (Event)

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Yuurei and Renji were ready to fight, but to fight, they would have to get to the destination. There were men that were following behind them, which was a good thing. They didn’t want anything to happen to these guys as they were a big part of the war. Yuurei had brought a few members from Paradise Dawn as he needed some of them to watch guard of the guild.

The aura around this place was thick and they could feel death surrounding them. It would seem like Chishi had really seen its large amount of death. The walk to this place was going to be a while, but he knew that they had to be on guard. The Shogun had sent assassins for him and Brone before. It was interesting, but speaking about the Starlight Clan within Joya seemed to have been taboo.

Still, a failed attempt brought forth an enemy and he couldn’t wait to see the Shogun and take her out.

Renji could see that Yuurei was focused and trying to prepare himself for what was to come. He knew that there would be a lot of lives lost on both sides. Still, one victor meant they would be able to dictate the future of Joya. He knew he would have to break this cold air that his friend had around him, and he would do so by speaking.

“So, what’s going on Yuu? Are you anxious to fight or something? You know the people in this war are going to run when they see you and Kaito?” He laughed as if he wasn’t wrong.

These two were on another level and if Brone was around, then these Joyan folks wouldn’t know what was going to happen to them. Yuurei would smirk at his friend as if he did want to fight.

“I actually want to see what kind of fighters they have here. They have to be strong or else I’ll be disappointed.” He paused for a second.

“If they are on the battlefield, then they better not run. It will take the fun out of everything. Still, the faster we get this war out of the way, then the faster could start rebuilding things right.” He said this to Renji.

Yuurei would look at Kaito and Revy and wonder what they were going to do.

“I’m surprised you’re here Kaito. I know you don’t like fighting unless you have to. What brings you to this war?” He asked his friend.

He didn’t mind that he was here, but he was just surprised. Renji was happy that he could be around Revy, so he didn’t care for Kaito’s reasoning.

The men behind them were a few feet away from them as they wanted to give them their space. There were assassins and shinobis moving around the area the group was. The Shogun wanted to stop Yuurei and his friends from getting into the war, or at least delaying them. She couldn’t allow a Starlight to enter the battlefield ahead.



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Kaito walked along with his gear on as he was not sure which of these people will truly not turn tail and flee as soon as someone dies but Kaito knows he needed to make a good showing and to catch the arrows that will block out the sun soon that he is going to have to catch and keep there troops alive as there was so many things that could happen here and if that was truly the answer was he to cheat fate of their deaths? Kaito knows there is a lot of things that can go wrong and a lot of things that are un predictable but he turned on his mana vision and looked around and he sees marks on the ground and Kaito sets off the traps and removes those pieces of the ground and the trapped that were meant to cause panic and to dwindle the numbers of the forces that were raising up to fight them but that was not the path that they had wanted to have but he knows that he needed to make the best of all of it.

Revy turned human but kept her cloak over herself so no one sees what she looks like but she she knows that she can do this and help fight as Kaito had been training her in hand to hand combat and teaching her not to go down easy as once you are down it is nearly impossible to get back up after that as they will more than likely drive a weapon into their body and she wants to make sure that is not something that Kaito will have to deal with as she knows that she doesn't want to slow him down as there was a lot she needs to make sure happens and that doesn't get in the way as she was both a body guard to help but there are other things at steak here and she was going to make sure that she makes it count as she needed to make sure that she makes it.

Kaito can smell something and keeps his eyes sharp as there might be something else here but he isn't seeing it as he feels the ground shaking a bit under them and he wonders if they have some kind of creature that is under their feet just waiting for himself and Yuurei to get past it for it to then attack the forces as they are stuck on the other side of the forces and can't get to it well and will have to let it do more damage so that they can get close enough to deal with it but by then it would have done the damage but Kaito would be able to get to it swiftly and he knows Yuurei wouldn't be far behind him on getting to the creature if there was one but he keeps going forward and he wonders what they were about to fast as the clock begun to count down and Kaito know that trouble was really just over the next hill as there was going to be a sizeable force ahead.


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Renji could see that Revy was in her human form; it was not a sight anybody got to see regularly. Yuurei continued to move and he would feel the ground shake a bit. He wasn’t sure what it was, but it seemed like it was big. He saw Kaito had gotten on guard when he felt this and Yuurei understood. At the same time, when it had happened, the Shinobis and the Assassins had planned their attack. They were going to use this shake to attack. These two had been paying attention to something else, so they figured it was the best time to strike.

When the Assassins lunged in the directions of Yuurei and Kaito, the shinobis would come out to attack the people that were behind them. The Seraphim would feel the danger coming from his left, and his head shifted in that direction. His left arm moved, and his Berserker’s Suit, Lord Drakkon’s Helmet, Gae Bolg, and his Jeweled Sword Zelretch.

The First assassin that got close to him would see arcane energy coming out from his armor, and it would be dispersed to them and they would be blown away from the hit. A few he had been looking at when they appeared had been shot by his Drakkon’s laser as they would scream and shout from the pain. Of course, it wouldn’t stop there though. He would see that there were a lot of people coming their way, and he decided to do all that he could.

He would toss his Gae Bolg, which cracked an assassin right on his forehead before returning to Yuurei, and he would look over to the Shinobis that were appearing to fight the people behind him and Kaito and he would thrust his Zelretch in their direction. It was then that a huge blast of pure light mana would head over there in a cone.

It would cover them as they would scream in pain from the blast. Yuurei didn’t like that they were being ambushed, but he wasn’t going to back down. He was going to show them that they chose the wrong side.

He would look over to Renji and he would toss him the Jeweled Sword Zelretch.

“Use it, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen me use its ability. It should stop you from losing too much mana.” He said to Renji.

Renji would nod as he noticed there were more Shinobis coming to attack and he would swipe Zelretch through the air and pure mana slash would make their to them and they would be harmed by the attack.

“I can get used to this, but I rather just get up close.” He said out loud waiting to see what was going to happen next.

The men there were caught off guard, but now they were aware of what was going on. They had Yuurei to thank for that. He had stopped them from getting through with the surprised attack, and now they were in a defensive position, waiting for the next attack.



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When the ambush started Kaito had shifted himself leaving his shield with Revy to help guard the front line of people while Kaito moved in the crowd and caught attacks that were coming in on them and he sent his own magical attacks back out as well as keeping them safe was the smart call here as Yuurei was handling most of them but Kaito was also made to do what he could here as he was playing defensive with mild offense while Yuurei was raining offensive on the people that dared to try to assassinate them like they were some low level grunts of some sort. He can tell the assassins didn't know that they would be the ones escorting this ground and that is maybe what had given them a leg up on the attacks as they were probably thinking Mishiko had cut corners here and that there was going to be easy pickings to weaken the forces that were going to attack the place.

Kaito watched Revy in her human form was using his shield like she had been watching him and she was seeing the angles of attack and was moving the shield to change the way the attacks hit the shield and he makes sure to fire beams that helped her as well as told the disturbed units to keep their heads up and ready to carve their way through the assassins if this starts going tits up on them the figure of speech was lost on some of them but they saw how others had moved and readied themselves and fell into rank and made sure that they were there and in the right step so not to get them self killed at least and Kaito disappeared then reappeared in a different place in time to scare them off of a revealed flank area and Kaito was not going to let them sit around and not make it through all of this and he watched their backs but this had seemed to have just kept getting worse as this went and he looked toward where Yuurei and Renji were and he hoped that this was all of them but he had a feeling that there were gonna be more.

Kaito went back to Yuurei's side and he looked at him. "What are the chances that, that was the only group waiting for us here?" Revy threw Kaito back his shield and he kept it at the ready and ready to go as there was a lot that could go wrong and end up with them at a dead end if this was really not over yet he wondered how the other forces that were moving are doing or if there was a way that they should be handling this or if this was just on this one side as Kaito doubted that they would out right try to attack Mishiko as they would want to make a bigger show of her he would think but he was not sure if there was really a point to worrying about this as there were more people's lives at stake here than his own and the others that were in this as this was bigger than all of them but there needed to be something to hold on to here but was it going to be enough to really handle all of this but for now his eyes were set forward as that was the way that they were going to need to go if they were to make it on time and not cause a flux in the battle lines and numbers to allow a pincer on any of the other given forces that reached there ahead of them and their forces.


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Yuurei would see that with their efforts, the forces that were here didn’t have to do anything. He was fine with that as he felt like the troops needed all the energy they could have when the real fight begins. He was happy that he had this much weaponry with him. He could have only imagined how things would have turned out if he had his old magic.

He would shake his head as there was no time to be thinking like that. He would look around to see if there were anybody else coming their way, but it would seem like things had died down. He wasn’t sure why, but it would seem like their numbers disappeared.

The warriors here would sigh with relief as they had thought they were goners. They didn’t think they would be ambushed, but with these two here, things turned out for the better. Renji would shake his head as he was surprised that things ended this way. Still, the two of them would look at Kaito as if he had asked a question.

Yuurei would chuckle when he heard that as he knew this wasn’t over.

“I doubt that. If anything, they were trying to see what they could do to us in the beginning. I’m pretty sure next time will be a bit annoying. At least we know this time that we have an attack coming our way.” He said to Kaito.

He would look over to the men that were behind them and he would have a serious expression. They would all look at him waiting for him to say something.

“So, as you guys can see, the Shogun doesn’t want the reinforcement or troops to make it to the main battlefield. She is doing what she can to hinder our side of the war. We aren’t going to allow them to do this though. You guys, I need you to be on guard, but do your best not to fight. Kaito, Renji, Revy, and I will be doing everything we can to make sure that they cannot touch you guys. I want you to save all your energy for the big fight.” He said to them as he was giving them orders.

They would all look at Yuurei when they heard this. They didn’t expect him to say that. They were expecting to fight, but it would seem like they were told to watch. He seemed serious about it as well, so they wouldn’t question him at all. Yuurei’s helmet would switch to his Lerzar’s Dreadwatcher and his Shadowguile armor now.

He would summon his four mastiffs, and he would look at them.

“You four disappear and follow the group. Two on each side and get prepared to attack.” He said as they would disappear into the darkness and would wait for their orders.

Yuurei would switch his Gae Bolg out, and he would bring in his Excalibur, which would be invisible from the beginning. It was then that Yuurei would start moving forward as they were walking to their destination.



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Kaito follows Yuurei's lead as there was nothing more to have to worry about as of the moment but yes there would have to be more and Kaito knows that there will always be another struggle over the wall. Kaito kept his guard up and he walked to a spot and he readied him self to take on what ever might come his way and he wonders what else they might have to throw at the people that they are in charge of. Kaito knows that he will be able to defend them and catch attacks aimed at them but he was unsure if he should really have to worry about all of that but he knows in the end that he is going to have to worry a little about it as invisible spells can be thrown at him. Revy was not sure that she should be out here with them all as she was not as skilled as the other three she was just smarter in a lot of cases but she was ready to handle this as she could.

Kaito makes sure that she keeps hold of the shield that way she was able to take on the duty of watching out for them and blocking what spells she can and he hoped that she was not going to run into a spell that can pierce armor. If that did happen she would be in trouble. Kaito was not worried about leaving her with the shield and him the sword, He wondered if he and her should trade who was using what and if that would help Revy to feel more confident in herself. Kaito shakes his head he needed to focus so he also puts his armor on her in case something was to pierce the shield the barrier in his armor would then protect her from harm but he also knows that, that is a gamble as the armor will feed on her for the mana to use it but he knows that he trusts Revy to be that person in control of herself and not let her self go down easily.

Kaito thinks he can smell blood and other people that are not too far from them and he readies himself for what might be coming as the last bunch seemed like push overs so these might be the actual forces and Kaito might have to hide the army away in his personal domain for their safety and hope that he can hold them all in his space for long enough to get them to  the battle zone and then let them out but that might also hurt their battle spirit. Kaito needs to be careful how much he "helps" as it might just end up back firing and coming back to bite him in the ass and causing part of the forces to become unmotivated for the battle that was ahead of them Kaito will keep doing his best so that they can make it to the battle and not have to explain to Mishiko why he is such a failure to her once again if he was to meet up with her again as he has not seen the woman in quite some time so he wonders if she even wants to see his face.


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Yuurei and the group would continue walking now. They were getting close to their destination, but he could only wonder what else they would be bumping into. He could only wonder what they had planned for them. While he moved and led the pack he would look over to Kaito; it would seem like he caught a whiff of something, but didn’t say anything. He would rub the back of his head as he wondered why his friend didn’t say anything.

It was then that he would see what was in their line of sight. There were people who were on the ground; they had been defeated, and they seemed scattered. It would seem like they had fought valiantly but faced death in the end. His eyes would scan the area, and he wondered where they were. He didn’t feel them with his necklace, so he wondered if they understood his ability after the first wave that had attacked them. It was then he would feel danger coming from several directions.

He sucked his teeth as he didn’t have any defensive spell. That was bad, and he would need something like that in the future. The Seraphim would look over to his right, and then his left. He hoped that his words would get to Kaito in time for him to do something.

“They are doing a long range assault.” He said to Kaito.

It was then he would go to his right and he would bring his arm into the air and he would swing his blade straight down.

“Excalibur!” He shouted the name of his attack as a huge wave of pure light energy would be sent in the direction of where the attacks were coming from.

It would engulf everything within its direction stopping the attacks from the right side to advance. Still, it didn’t just stop there as it would continue moving and it would hit those hiding from the distance. They would scream and shout from the attack. They didn’t see it coming, but some of them had saved themselves. He wasn’t able to get them all, and that was obvious. It was then that they would switch from such a range to close quarters. Their orders were simply to cut the number of fighters before they make it to the main battlefield.

Renji would hear Yuurei’s words as he heard Yuurei warn Kaito that they had done a long-range attack. He would go on his left and he would thrust the Jeweled Sword Zelretch forward and a huge blast would come out of it. He would also use something similar to that of Excalibur. It would basically repeat the same thing as what happened with Excalibur. They would scream from being hit and they would start moving toward the group. It would seem like they were trying to overwhelm them with numbers, which he welcomed it.

“They are coming, be ready to fight and defend. Mastiffs get ready to attack those rushing toward the group.” He ordered around as he was prepared to defend the group.

They had gotten ready to defend themselves if it came to them. They were anxious, yet found it exhilarating. They had for people defending them and showing how important they were. It wasn’t just that, but they were also showing them that they were capable of overthrowing the Shogun with them on their side.

Renji was getting ready to fight; this staff was amazing for him as it allowed him to be of even greater use to Yuurei than he was before.



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Kaito hadn't said anything as all he smelled was those that were already dead and even before Yuurei's words reached him he was already aiming his palms to the sky protect the people that were in their care. Kaito wondered why there had to be another attack like that as there was no need for it to have to be like this as they should understand that Kaito and Yuurei were already too far out of their league so taking on more people with them was just a death sentence for them and that was not something that should be taken so lightly as to allow you own people to be getting killed here, Kaito knows that there was trouble with this all as if he doesn't make that change now and scare them off it might end with more people having to die. Kaito puts his hat on right spreading his aura through the area and he hears hushed. "What the heal was that?!" Kaito fires beams of arcane energy in the ways that he had hear it from.

Kaito was making sure to hopefully aim for non-vital places on them but if they were going to attack and be surprised by a counter attack then they probably aren't much to be worrying about keeping alive but he knows that Yuurei probably doesn't want needless blood shed either so he makes sure that he keeps them alive at least for the moment as Kaito doesn't need his title name changed to the Bloody Slayer as that was not a great title to try and hold but he knows that he might not even have a choice in the matter as there was still so much to do but nothing that was going to give him the right to murder them. Kaito has Revy make sure to cover the flank and shield bash anyone that dares to cross them and make them into little more than a bunch of whining babies when they are sent off to jail or what ever punishment Mishiko sees fit after they have made their way through it all and to the light on the other side but that was not for Kaito to chose not here and not now.

Kaito mainly kept his attention to defending from the attacks that kept threatening to rain down on them but Kaito was not going to back down as he was the best shot at this all going right as there was still a ways to go before they reached the battle grounds and he knows Mishiko would have his ass if they are late and they didn't get the forces there in one piece. Kaito knows that there is a lot that needed to be done and not just to waste time here defending so he unleashed his AoE out into the forest and watched the people flee for safety as they heard a dragons roar from above them fooling them into thinking Kaito might have some how summoned a dragon to come down and attack them as it was all part of the plan to make them be unsure of if they really want to live this life or if it was really worth their death for something that was pretty much a done deal already for this crumbling country as it had needed a reform and he hopes that Mishiko doesn't ruin the country in what ever she does as this country still his part of his blood line as well even if it was just only a small part of it and he didn't know his family from this side.


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Yuurei would see that things were becoming chaotic really quickly. It wouldn’t take long, but the men who were getting close to them had continued forward. They had no choice, they were slaves to their Shogun. The Seraphim would shake his head. He thought the three of their attacks would be more than enough to scare them off. It wouldn’t be the case because there were some loyalists within the group.

It wouldn’t take long, but they would appear rushing out of the forest. It was like they had thrown all tactics out of the window the moment they saw their strategy being thrown out of the window. He would shake his head as he would look at Renji and then everyone else.

“Try not to kill these fools. They don’t seem to understand what they’re doing or don’t have any choice on what they get to do.” He said as he shook his head.

He would look over to the ones that appeared from his side and he would just disappear and appear in front of a few of the people here. He would swing his blade as he would connect. This would send them flying, but they wouldn’t be killed. They would be unconscious and taken out for possibly the entire day. He would look around as he would move around. They couldn’t see the sword he was hitting them with, so they figured he had something magical that they couldn’t see.

Renji would shake his head as he would swing the Jeweled Sword Zelretch and a light of pure mana would hit someone. He would dodge someone’s attack and he would punch them right in the face. It wouldn’t take long, but someone would hit Renji and he would stumble a bit.

Yuurei had caught a glimpse of it, and his eyes widen. It was then he would disappear and appear right by the man who had touched Renji. It was then he would grab the man’s face and he would slam it right onto the ground.

“Who do you think you are?!” Yuurei asked as he looked at them with an expression he had hardly ever shown.

This would get them to stumble back a bit. His intent to kill had come out and it was because of his friend. They knew this man was a monster, and it would seem like they had awoken him from his slumber. Renji would put his hand on Yuurei and he would look at him.

“It’s okay I let my guard down is all.” He said hoping Yuurei would relax.

He would look at Renji and then he would look at the people in front of them.

“Get them all.” He said and the Mastiffs would jump from their spots appearing to take out four of them.

It was after that they would disappear once again; Yuurei would push forward and he would run to the next group of people who would feel his wrath. His running was too quick for them to follow it looked like he disappeared. He would no longer have his Excalibur as it would appear in front of Renji.

The Exceed would grab onto it and he would feel as if he was healing from the blow. Yuurei, however, was punching and slamming people together with his bare fist. He didn’t need any weapons, and that was enough to make him scared to be an enemy.

Yuurei continued his onslaught and the people here would just scream and shout from the blows. Renji didn’t even fight as he knew this was over for them. It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would be the one standing over a bunch of bodies.

“We should be on our way.” He said to the group.

The people there saw what happened, and they felt bad for the people who were on the ground. That was not a man the new Shogun should make an enemy out of.



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Kaito had become cloaked in a red aura that made Kaito look far more scary and deadly than he had before as he smirked at them from under his mask. Kaito spoke in Joyan so that they would fully understand him. "But Yuurei I wanted to carve them up!" Kaito ran right at them with his sword swinging and watched them falter in front of him as they now thought he was insane and not someone that they wanted to be fighting so they made as quick of a retreat to their own force as they could with Kaito making manic laughing sounds that seemed to bounce around in their heads.

Revy had to fight the want to start laughing when she saw how Kaito was acting and moving he seemed nearly crazed by he didn't seem to have an aura of danger around him like if he was an actual threat so she kept working on defending and taking care of the ones that still had the guts to come through toward them still she swings the shield like it is a weapon but it was clearly heavier in her hand than how Kaito would use and wield it but she was doing her best as there was much to over come here and she was not going to let herself get killed by some idiots trying to win a lost fight.

Kaito did flips and tricks as he clashed weapons with the remaining people and he had to admit this was a fun thing to do and that was the point to have fun and not let it all get away from him, as they helped raise the army and get them to the place that they were required to go and not just teleport them as that would just look like a cheap trick and Mishiko would not approve of that or that is what he thinks so the hard road was the only road for them as there was not enough time in the day to attempt to make it all work out here but they know that they only need to fight and bee seen and felt for the others to keep their spirit and their heads. Kaito was not sure if that was the best choice of words but it was the only ones that he had and he heard Yuurei call out that it was time to go so he regrouped with Yuurei and Renji as Revy came up behind him dragging the heavy shield along giving it back to Kaito who seemed to lift and put it on his back like it was nothing of any real weight and he wonders what the next leg of this will look like and if it will still be in their hands to take it on.
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