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The Threat Remains (Event)

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The Call to Arms was sent throughout the guild hall as an announcement instead of being placed on the Quest Board. Brone Heavyaxe knew well that he was expected to partake in this war for several reasons, but the main one range within his mind as he made his way to the armory: The last time he had visited Joya with Yuurei, his guild master had learned of his heritage but also of the tyrannical rule that had claimed the land of Joya. His friend vowed to find some way to free his people, and now that time had come.

The Heavyaxe clan, as well as it's sibling clans, were battle-forged and honor-ready to take up the mantel to fight for a right cause even when it came to wartime. But the dwarf wasn't sure, initially, if his niece would be alright with joining. She, being a full grown adult, and a mage with potential along with the heart of a dwarven forge, was capable, but couldn't assume if she was comfortable with the call. However, when she did inform him that she will be coming, his pride swelled, but worried about informing her mother about the decision. Regardless, he had to put his concern to the side and write the letter before sending it off. Gnicholas had to caution Brone, informing him to provide little to no information since the Shogun may send spies to intercept letters, so the dwarf padded the letter with his own personal stories, including Lumikki's first quest, all written in an old dialect of dwarven script.

Supplies ranging from equipment to food were packed and shipped by boat to the shore of Chishi while the soldiers participating in the war, had traveled their own way. When Brone and Lumikki landed in Chishi, several people of higher rank from Fiore guilds gave their information and met with generals of the rebelling Joyan army. What was very important was information, as emphasized by Gnicholas, so spies were being sent out to collect. Lumikki had the skills and courage for such a task; and though Brone was reluctant to let her go, he couldn't help but weaken at her silent plea. All she did was look at him and those glossy orbs that were her eyes had won. He sent her off, but only under the condition that she take at least one of the ravens with her. Though they couldn't verbally communicate with her, Brone said they can have the ravens carry dwarven script notes so they wouldn't lose contact.

Brone wanted to go with her, but there was a heavy need for armorers and smiths since the Shogun herself kept all the valuable Joyan blacksmiths under her finger. So the dwarf assisted in making a make-shift forge so they could begin forging armor and weapons for the rebellion. Many Joyans had joined the rebellion, ranging from ronins to average civilians. With a deep breath, Brone grounded himself so he could fall into the routine his father had forged for him.



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Lumikki Omena sat through all the tales of Joya that Benimaru, her Uncle's oni shield companion, had to offer; consuming them ravenously as if to carve them within herself as she had the stories from her Nan. She never dreamed she would be able to visit his homeland so soon and she couldn't be more overjoyed. Even if the reason for her journey was to fight within a war, she invited it. The dwarven people never shied away from a battle and neither would she. There was no place better to polish her skills and temper her spells.

Besides, a deep longing, a hungry craving, a darkness as deep as an abyss was calling to her. It electrified her blood and made her heart pump faster. Even on the ship would she never cease her restless and hyper pacing. Her eagerness to pour out her dark frost and swallow her victims whole was unbearable.

Lumikki wasn't always like this but when her grandmother died, a cruel hunger swooped in the void left behind. A demonic presence already poisoned her long ago and she was finally feeling the malicious affects. Though the cruel tendencies awakened, she was long from lost. Lumikki was still very much herself, the interference of the demon already mostly severed. Of course she wouldn't be made aware of any of these things. Only the hunger that came over her and how she would like to play with her thoughts as though she were only eager to save the people of Joya. Yes, Lumikki was just as heroic as her Uncle Brone after all. Nothing dangerous or malicious within her. Least this is what she likes to believe. Who would accept her if she was anything but the sweet girl she was.

Lumikki included her own letter when her Uncle wrote one to her mother. She wrote of the friends she's made, the stories she was told. She included pictures of the outfits Benimaru would describe in his stories, and one of Geri and Uncle's Ravens. She wrote that she loves her family and that she misses them lots, but that she was very happy to be in a guild now. She already felt how much she was growing and she couldn't wait to show her.

When the finally ported at Chishi, Lumikki's anticipation finally hit a crescendo. She couldn't even hold back her ice and chill anymore as she took her first steps on land. Leaving frost flowers in her wake. It was like a whole new world here, though she had hardly seen anything Joya had to offer in this little stretch of land, the feeling and energy here were nothing she's known. When looking over the list of what the rebellion needed, it was an easy choice for her. She would be a spy. What a better way to see more of the land untethered and give back easily to the front. It was what her mother's side of the family used to do for their people. Take the forms of ravens and scout the lands. Lumikki was sure her Nan would be proud, and she hopes that her mother would be too.

Uncle Brone was reluctant, and she could not blame him. She would miss him greatly as she ventured without him. A bit scared herself as to what could happen, but he insisted on a raven joining and that was fine. They would hardly hold her back and ravens were known to travel in twos. Uncle handed her slips of papers for the sake of writing notes. Adamant she wrote back to him if anything were to happen and she hardily agreed. She was well versed in the dwarven script, under her father's insistence, and she would use her dark to write the notes so that they make leak from the paper and fade when held into the light. Extra measure to make sure that her people are safe.


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Brone Heavyaxe
The sound of ravens cawing had drawn Brone's attention. He would look to the sky, though he knew Lumikki and Huginn had already taken off, the sound of passing ravens would make him wonder how many enemy shinobi had already frozen to death. He smiled at the thought.

"You like ravens, Brone-san?" one of the civilians, Tori, had called to him, pulling him back from his staring into space.

"Aye, they are good friends of mine, even family" the dwarf chuckled as he patted Muninn's head who had remained behind and perched himself on the dwarf's shoulder.

"Some believe that crows and ravens are omens of death" Tori said, his voice had a hint of fear in it and Brone caught it. The dwarf raised his hammer, sending Muninn to perch on a nearby rock, safe from the heat of the stone forge. The hammer slammed against the hot metal that laid on a small portable anvil, the sound pulling Tori from his own worry.

"Good; we'll send a message to the Shogun that her days are numbered; those ravens and crows will strike fear into them" Brone grinned as he continued to hammer down onto the piece of metal. Tori was silent for a moment, but the words from the foreign dwarf gave him hope. Each time the hammer fell, the strike send strength into the civilian.

"Thank you, Brone-san, your words give great encouragement" Tori gave a heartful bow and the dwarf laughed with happiness.

"Tori, let me tell ye about battles many people thought I should have lost" Brone began to recite his own personal tales of when he had fought against impossible odds, all while forging the weapon Tori had requested. He hammered away and when he dipped the heated metal into the bason of water, it sizzled, causing the water to evaporate, adding effect to his story. He ended the story with a victory and a smile on his face as he presented the finished katana.

Tori nearly teared up, but fought back against it as he accepted the katana with a deep bow. As he looked up, he noticed an engravement in dwarven runes at the base of the blade, "What does it say?" Tori, being Joyan, knew well that blacksmiths would name the blades and sometimes engrave the name on the metal, but he had never seen dwarven script on a Joyan style sword.

"It's name is 'Crow Caller'" Brone returned the bow in respect. Tori thanked Brone and had departed to the training field with his new blade.

"Are you worried about Lumikki?" Muginn spoke, but even if someone would overhear, they wouldn't be able to understand him like Brone could.

"She has a dwarven heart, she'll be grand" Brone smiled as he added coals into the hearth that powered the forge, "One day she'll have tales far greater than even mine".

"What makes you say that?" Muninn cocked his head; he knew Brone was very confident in himself, but he had done amazing things that were treated as tall tales unless others were there to verify.

"She has greater potential than any of me kin, Muninn, just look into her eyes" Brone laughed.

The sound of a crow's caw drew their attention to the training ground. As Tori swung his blade, the sound of the blade cutting through the air and striking at the training dummy mimicked that of a crow's call.

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In an explosion of feathers, Lumikki took to the skies in raven form. Like an arrow she hungrily darted forward. Huginn was hardly trailing behind, matching her speed with ease and before long the two birds were nearly in sync with stride and form. The sight from afar was nearly like two birds dancing mid flight as they kept circling the other in air.

The tug of the wind on her wings were euphoric and the nature of the new lands, vastly enticing. Lumikki hardly knew where to start so she began anywhere she gleamed a human's touch. Following bridges and paths until she found mundane villages. She would circle the connecting roads until she found traces of settlements. Her enemies aren't far now.

She perched on a tree, Huginn joining her in her rest. Looking over to her fellow bird she began to speak for the first time this trip. "I may have your form and I may croak myself but I won't be able to talk to you much even like this. This work is important to me so lets make our own talk instead. When we spy in the camp, I won't be able to talk much anymore. So lets settle things now before the fun begins." You could hardly see it in her raven face but the little daemon was beaming with joy and excitement. She was already bursting with ideas for her new language, she had been giving it thought as the pair flew. Lumikki's feathers began to ruffle as she jittered with excitement to bond with the bird further.

And so she got to work explaining all the cues. "Ye and when we short croak pause short croak, it'll mean we are hungry," Lumikki finished her explanation. Huggin croaked and nodded in agreement as Lumikki ran through all her codes. The pair in sync once more. Though Lumikki was conversing with the raven, nor she or Huginn ceased looking over the road, minding the habits and intervals of all who entered and gone.

The sun was at its highest point in the sky, it'll be time until night comes and Lumikki would much prefer to act then. "Let us finally look over this camp, I want to look over things before I send you back with a note for Unlce," Lumikki said as she began to take flight toward the settlement. Both ravens circling the sky as they began to count and look over anything notable. This camp was a small one, perhaps because it was in the outer most area of the Shogun's territory. The reach to maintain control this far had waned. The men manning the outpost looking rugged and brutish. Hardly a solider and not an once of magic in the air. These foot-men were mere grunts, enough for Lumikki to practice toying with as she settled on her methods. This would hardly be worth reporting back to Uncle with but she figured it would be best to keep base. Least her discovery is another X on the map back in Chishi. After a few hours of loitering around and observing the activity, Lumikki long croaked. A sign to Huggin to fall back, and both birds did just that as they returned to the perch they made use of before.

Only six foot-men seemed consistent, Lumikki began to think over, their supply seemed low. In her surveillance and with her keen eyes, she noticed some notes among them. Though not a lot to denote heavy activity. Lumikki thought hard on when she would rather send Huginn back, but decided on in the morning. She would like to gather the notes the men passed among themselves so that she may also send them back with her message.

And so Lumikki waited for the remainder of the day to pass, as her and Huggin shared what ever food he brought back. Just before evening peaked through the sky, a commotion was happening. Seems a poor merchant was caught within the foot-men's patrols. They dragged him back along with his wares. Lumikki thinking back on the supply she had observed and concluded this is how they must sustain. If they didn't warrant a share from the Shogun's forces, they really wouldn't be missed if they so happened to disappear. Lumikki cackled in her raven form, Huggin slightly taken aback from her spontaneous reaction. She cocked her head as she answered back to him,"what an amazing first find, I'm going to have so much fun shattering them...." Huginn was hardly green toward carnage, witnessing much in his time, but even this found a way to unsettle him. His feathers ruffling slightly for it. The glee and the chill in Lumikki's voice was beyond palpable.

Of course the carnage was not all Lumikki sought in this endeavor. She could of left them alone for a little while longer if she didn't happen to be spying on them as they had captured the vendor. If they were not cannibalizing on the weak around them then maybe her cruelty would not have stirred. Now that she was hungry for carnage, she was eager more than ever to get to work. Nodding to Huggin to return to the camp with her once more. Both birds hiding at the highest post they could find, waiting patiently for the cold night to fall over the outpost.

Lumikki made note of all the men's faces and where they had all went. Seems four of the six will sleep first as the other two stood to watch on the 2 only roads around. They must of built this base on a common trail and stopped the flow of travelers since. Desperate to snag any that straggle near enough to the old main road. Though it didn't matter much to her, none of the men expected an attack from with their base.

After what must of been two hours that had passed, Lumikki began to glide down toward the western road. She figured enough time had went by for those at sleep to be long gone within their dreams and for the men at watch to begin waning their resolve. In her descent she was careful not to flap her wings, choosing instead to softly hover as she fell. Until she made it around two meters behind the first man. Lumikki was quite nervous, this is the first time she aimed to snuff out the light of another. Though for every ounce of worry and fear within her, she was brimming with sheer hunger and delight. She wanted to see the effects of her magic on a victim that could hardly fight back. One, she reason, must of deserved her cruelty anyway.

And so Lumikki softly crept forward in her small raven form until she felt close enough to her prey. Feathers shifting and emerging in air before rising to reveal a little daemon girl. The sound was almost like leaves in the wind, not enough to stir the man who didn't feel the murderous intent.

Lumikki cupping her hands, pooled her darkness. Blowing the dark smoke lightly as it crept behind the man and settled around his eyes. He was puzzled but not yet startled. Believing it to be a trick of the eye in an already dark night. The moon barely pass the new moon's phase. Perhaps he thought it was on how the fire flickered, that it was dying. Though Lumikki would never know. She didn't give him much time for thought as her cold hands clasped the man's neck. Her frost traveling his throat and her dark tendrils coiling. He barely made a sound as she froze his wind pipe and could hardly flail about when his head was being smothered with her obsidian shards. She didn't stop there though, not until he was all frigid, frozen, and ready to shatter.

She left him standing to avoid making a disturbance. A silhouette would prove handy as she made her way to the to the other guard. Mindful of every step. She approached to find his head was lightly bobbing. This amused her as she made her way toward his throat, not even minding to add darkness in her attack since he was already dozing off. This being her second attempt made her more confident. It really didn't take a lot to make a man succumb to the cold, and so she eagerly poured her magic into him; causing the ice to puncture his throat, but his blood froze before it could properly pour. Her ice and tendril creeping and wrapping her head.

Another frozen doll. Off to the men that slept. Her confidence brimming as she began to walk over to the first tent. Pouring her vivid darkness through the entry and forming large tendrils. As she clenched her fists, so did the tendrils in their coil as they smothered the man in his sleep. He could barely make out a sound as she allowed the frost to race over his body making lovely obsidian flowers. Lumikki went off to do the same to every proceeding tent until all before her fell stiff. From the last she emerged with a blanket and key as she walked over to the caged merchant. Stirring in his sleep. She opened the cage door and covered him carefully, minding she didn't startle him, and then returning back to work as she collected all the slips of papers. Nothing of the dark obscured her vision as she still saw quite clearly.

She worked well until the sun began to poke out once more, organizing things in the camp from what she wanted to leave her people and what she would take. The merchant finally string out of his sleep. She walked over with breakfast for him. It took time for him to blink himself awake, but he was greatly surprised to meet with her. It startled him fully from his rest. She pushed the food into his hands and pointed at the road. His wares stacked neatly by the gate beside broken black shards. "When you are finished, go home. It's not safe here for you," Lumikki said as she rose from his side and walked away.

After she silenced the men for good she had sent Huginn to give word back to her Uncle. She sent him with documents that she thought might of been useful, but she could hardly tell. She was not used to this script. She went by quality of the paper and just hoped for the best. The rest of the notes were neatly tucked in one of the tents until the people of her side came to look them over for themselves.

Huginn was poking in the distant sky, this put Lumikki at ease. She could rest for a bit before taking off once more. She went to the bundle of blankets and pillows she piled and began to curl into a ball as she fell into her makeshift bed. Huginn's croaks ringing in the distance as he flew above a lonely merchant on his way back home.


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Brone Heavyaxe
The hammer fell upon heated metal for hours, the heat of the forge was constant in Brone's immediate area, to the point no one could stay close to him for too long. But for the dwarf himself, this was as normal as any job. He had crafted several metallic wears, ranging from shoulder pads to full chest armor in a short span of time that the other blacksmiths who were contributing to the rebellion were highly impressed.

One of the blacksmiths had taken a break and visited Brone's station to inspect the work. He had noted that since the dwarf had began working at his forge, he had yet to stop to even take a break. The Joyan blacksmith, Himoyu, was able to avoid being captured by the Shogan because he had retired a decade ago, so she had no reason to acquire him. But for the rebellion, to free his country, Himoyu secret came out of retirement, at least for this war.

He complemented the dwarf, and asked him how he was able to sustain himself within the heat for so long. Brone laughed and answered, telling him that it is natural to dwarves, but he himself comes from a long line of blacksmiths, though maybe not as well known as the Starlight clan of Joya, blacksmithing is second nature to the Heavyaxe clan. The two blacksmiths shared stories with one another, bringing happiness and hope to each other and the people around them, for wartime wasn't easy on any of them.

Hours later, three people, clad in full leather attire, hiding their faces, had approached the dwarf. Judging by their voices and their physique, one was female and the other two male. They gave no names, but simply asked for blades that were strong, silent, and that quick enough to slay the fastest shinobi. Brone gave the three a cautious look, but it was Himoyu who vouched for them.

After Brone had accepted their request, the three had left the area, stating they would return. Himoyu explained to the dwarf that those three were low ranking shinobi who served under the Shogun. Though they had lost their names and their past, they had broke free from their ranks and joined the rebellion. Several elders confirmed this, though they all seem to hold some kind of code of secrecy, simply stating that those three rogue shinobi are telling the truth. As odd as it seemed, Brone accepted this with faith and got to work on three different weapons.

The forge flared brightly as he began to heat the three bricks of steel. Brone asked Gnicholas for his assistance for a specific part. The gnome was hesitant, but the dwarf assured him that his part would be quick enough so he'll leave the area before the heat got to him. After the first steel brick was glowing a bright orange, Brone hammered away at it until it was thin, then every so often he would get his pliers and shears to cut it down. He would dip the metal into the bason, releasing steam that risen to the sky. Muninn had to fly away, for the heat was getting too intense for him. This process was repeated a few more times since Brone was trying to make the first blade as thin as possible; then he would call Gnicholas over, and the gnome would recite an incantation while imbuing the blade with magic. Shadows would crawl and seep into the blade, coating it. Once Gnicholas was done, the gnome ran away from the area, trying to catch his breath. But the dwarf stayed, though the heat was starting to affect him too, since his focus was heightened with this project.

The orange light had dimmed to a deep red; Brone swiped a metallic plate against the edge of the blade, though delicately, making sure that the edge was sharp as possible. Though it seemed simple, this process had made the dwarf sweat, every so often, he would get a rag to wipe the sweat from his brow as he would focus on the sharpness of the blade's edge. When he was taking a little too long, he would take the blade to the forge in order to keep the heat up. He took a moment to take off his linen shirt. His chest was damp from the sweat. It was only a moment of rest before he went back to work in refining the blade's edge. He kept swiping, the sound of metal against metal rang and rang until he got it right.

As he dipped the blade into the water bason to cool it, steam, mixed with tendrils of shadow risen into the air. As he pulled the blade out, the weapon glimmered with beauty, black as obsidian, and light as a feather. The next part was easier; Brone had fastened a strong but comfortable handle at the end with no guard. The blade was single edge, with a short, but curve length. This sword was designed for speed as will the other weapons.

There was no break, Brone immediately got to work on the other two, and just like the first, he used the same process and got Gnicholas to enchant them with the same darkness as well. But instead of swords, they took on the visage of other unique weapons. The second was a giant shuriken that was able to be foldable, easier to carry. The third was a chain-sickle with a iron ball at the end of the other side of the chain.

When Brone was finally done, night had fallen and only the light of the forge was lit in his area, he lowered the flames of the forge and sat on a stone so he could catch his breath. A cold damp tower laid on his shoulders as he took his break. But not longer after the forge cooled, the three shinobi had returned without word being sent to them. The dwarf grunted and muttered something about impatience as he got up to present the weapons to them.

The first, the sword, was called Last Breath. The female tested it, swinging it in midair, causing no sound, feeling no air resistance and there was no flash of light. As she had used it on an old chair, still there was no flash or sound, as if she didn't touch it at all, but a few seconds later, the chair fell apart, the slice was clean.

The second, the giant shuriken, named Raven's Shadow. The second shinobi twirled the weapon in his hand; it's  blades were like the sword, silent and cut through the air with no resistance. He then sent the weapon flying through the air and it glided with great speed like a soaring bird. It slice through a willow tree and the shuriken returned to the thrower's hand before the trunk of the fallen tree hit the shallow water of one of the many pools in the area.

The third, the chain-sickle, was named Abyssal Warden. The last shinobi twirled both ends of the weapon, testing it's reach, and it too was silent, despite it's many chain links. It wrapped around a nearby chair, was then pulled forward and with a swift motion, the shinobi used the sickle to slice it in half.

It was the deep bow from all three shinobi that told Brone that they were greatly satisfied with the weapons. He bowed back, but when he came back up, the three were gone. He sighed, tired as he sat back in his chair. Gnicholas came by and asked if he was worried they may be used against the rebellion, in case they were double agents? Brone shrugged his shoulders and said they were vouched for. He then leaned in to the gnome and said, if he was wrong, then he himself would not be able to face off against such blades, but Lumikki would be able to devour to enchantment that is holding the weapons together.

Gnicholas couldn't help but smile; Brone wasn't known to be a clever person, but this indeed impressed the gnome. Having his niece as a fail-safe, but mainly as a way to make sure that his niece was protected. The gnome walked away, intending on getting something to eat.

A raven's call caught the dwarf's attention. As he looked up, he noticed Huginn. His tiredness gone for the moment as he got to his feet. The raven landed on his shoulder and handed him a small parchment. The dwarf went over to the forge and closed the hatch, snuffing out the flames entirely so that his stand was shrouded in darkness, away from prying eyes. He opened the parchment and saw the the black runic writing, his niece's handwriting. He nodded as he read.

It seems Lumikki found a group of possible mercenaries or soldiers, camped on an old common road. They seemed incompetent, so his niece took it upon herself to dispatch them... and she described it in detail. Brone laughed, proud of her strength and skill, but a little worried about whether or not she found a fascination with detailing her... deeds. Either way, she provided information as her job entailed and even took out an encampment. Before Brone went to speak with one of the generals about this news, he write his own letter to Lumikki, informing her that she can return at any point, he even mentions he has a story to tell her about some clients, but he didn't want to go into detail until she arrived. An easy way to convince his niece to return as quickly as possible, knowing how much she craved her uncle's stories.

Huginn took off with note in hand.

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A few hours passed before Lumikki was woken up by the feeling of light pecks, soft croaks, and her hair being tugged. She begrudgingly blinked herself awake but knew full well she should begin to head out. As she rose from her pile of blankets she glanced a note beside her.

Of course her Uncle would bribe her back with stories, Lumikki laughed as she read over his message. He must of became fully aware of how much she loved them. Wiping the gunk from her eyes to walked over to the fire pit and prepare herself a small breakfast. Huginn flying around to keep watch. She ate her meal quickly in silence before reading her Uncle's message one more time, tossing it into the flame to burn to ash. As she got up from her meal she smothered the fire in her frost.

Her small bag was already packed from the night before. A map she found as she combed the camp laid right beside her things. She already studied the map a few times before morning streaked the skies. Looking over the marked areas as she thought over her new route. There were three places she considered for her next outing, but with her Uncle calling her back she reassessed her plans. Mulling over how much she could get done before she would return to base.

Then, there in the distance she heard two croaks. It was followed by three short ones before eventually ending with a long croak-pause-long croak. It seems Huginn was already making work of her code. Wanting her to look over, danger was approaching; but it seemed it was something she could handle.  

She stuffed the map in her bag quickly and tied it around her waist. Walking to the direction of the raven's call, toward the eastern gate. Huginn flew back, perching on her shoulder and lightly tapping one of her adorned horns two times. She figured that meant there were two men to handle. She smirked as she plotted what she would do as they approached.

As the men finally reached the entry, they were met with a thick fog of dark. Lumikki spent her wait amassing a large cloud, holding off until Huginn's cue to let it go. The men were caught off guard and flailed in their confusion. Lumikki slid her foot along the floor causing it to be iced soon after, forcing them to topple over in their struggle. When both had fell, she crouched at the foot of the entry. Placing her palms to the ground, Lumikki inhaled deeply. When her lungs were full she let the breath go, black shards of ice rose from the earth like a reaction and pierced the men. Their sounds were guttural at first. For a moment they even pleased her, but she became annoyed soon after from their insistence. Lumikki supposed she preferred silence than to the cries of man as she smothered what was left of them with her cold. Quieting them as she walked pass their twitching bodies to leave the outpost.

Huginn flew over to Lumikki while croaking three times. She looked over to him and out stretched her hand as she saw the bundle of papers in his talons. The ones she tucked the night before. Suppose it would be keen to bring them back herself she thought as she placed them in her bag. Huginn now circling the sky. Lumikki looked back for a moment to see the camp one more time, running through her thoughts to make sure nothing of note was forgotten. When she was satisfied from thinking it over she began to walk back toward the direction she came. Breaking out into a small sprint before feathers seemed to burst out from around her. Soon enough they veiled her entirely and out emerged a raven shooting forth like an arrow in the sky. Huginn joining his companion in her flight as they made it back to the base.

As she flew, Lumikki hummed a song her Nan taught her long ago. Returning satisfied from her work as a raven of her family.



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