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The Threat Remains (Event)

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Yuurei had been asked by Mishiko a while back to be able to help her with a problem that had been caused within Joya. Joya was indeed the home of his father, so it meant that he was part of Joyan. He didn’t want to see people who were basically from where a piece of him originated be treated like the dirt they had been treated. He had checked the place out, and he couldn’t believe that a lot of the stuff that he had seen was within Joya. It wasn’t just that, but he had also been attacked by an assassin. It would seem like the Shogun had killed off his family, or the majority of them.

The reason behind their deaths was stupid, and he enjoyed it. He was going to make sure that the Shogun regretted making the Starlight clan his enemy. He was with Renji and Migi was always attached to him. They were in an outpost not too far from where the battle would begin. This was going to be fun, Yuurei wondered what kind of enemies he would be fighting within Joya.

The challenges would be endless, and he couldn’t help it. He was with a bunch of people within his guild. He had mobilized a bunch of the people in his guild to help in this war. They were mercenaries, so it made sense that they would show up for this especially when their guild master told them they could or not.

Yuurei’s task was simple, and he was enjoying himself. He was forging the weapons that they were going to be using for battle. He was making all different types of weapons, but it would seem like the fighters in Joya preferred katanas, Yari, and other various weapons. Of course, he also created armor for them as well. The things he created he would put them to the side so that Renji could take them and hand them out.

“This is going to be fun. I wondered what the hell is going to happen in this war. Do I die or do I get to see a new era?” He asked himself as he was continuing his work.

Migi would hear him as he was helping him out with the work as well.

“Well, I’m not going to let you die. If you die I die, and that I cannot let happen, but whatever we face, we will face it together.” He said as he continued hammering the steel that had been heated up by the fire in the forge.



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Kaito had agreed that if Mishiko well at that time she went by Quilla, if she needed help with something that he would appear and help if she but the call out and true to his word Kaito appeared to assist with the efforts but really what he was doing was helping move healers around and other units that might be misaligned or misjudged for their current task. He also was dropping peoples orders for weapons and things through a portal to the blacksmiths so that they were saving time from others having to run out and collect them. He was not wearing his mask as that was less likely to lower moral of the people as they saw him as a cloaked figure and he was making sure to help raise spirits as he went around as yes he was a mule for them but his job was still an important one even if he feels he is being a bit abused by it but that was part of the thrill right as the forces ready for what might be their last breaths and last fights.

Kaito was also passing out cute charms that Revy was making to them as good luck and things to know that they are not alone when they look at the charms, they said he could also offer prayers but Kaito lacked faith to give them prayers with but he was whiling to allow them to pray to what ever being they might wish to pray to as he works on himself to try and make sure that he doesn't mess up his moving of people and handing out aid and stopping some half wits from crashing other people as they misloaded resources so they end up side heavy and tipping. Kaito would move the people with his magic or he would teleport himself to them and hold up the tipping load to give them time to move then try and right the cart. Kaito kept helping the Healers as they walked around making sure people were in the right places and the right sets of health but Kaito was not sure if they were going making this easier or harder on them selves by how they were doing it but he would keep helping them as best as he can as his magic makes him helpful as sending away those that are not fit to serve is as easy as dropping them off in a safe place that was away from the fighting and it only really made Kaito look like the bad guy to them which Kaito being honest was use to just looking alike a bad guy to people so he would just take this on the chin.


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Yuurei kept working as he was forging the weapons right now. He was sweating from how hot the area was, but he was used to this. It was a comfortable sweat as he was cooling down the weapon he had created. Renji was moving around as the Joyan people who were here got their weapons. The Exceed was in his human form as it would be easier to give things out. They would nod as they would take the weapon and armor as they appreciating what Yuurei was doing.

They knew of him and knew that he was not originally from here. He was Fiorian to them, but they heard recently about his other half. They knew his last name was Starlight, but thought it was a coincidence. Of course, as of lately with all the information he was gathering, they knew he was from that clan, and since they knew what the Shogun had done to the Starlight clan it was only right he was in this war.

“A Starlight fighting for the people of Joyan is what we needed. His weapons will be perfect for the battle to come. I just wished there were more of his clan to fight along with us. What the shogun did to his clan must be unforgivable. What is the man like? What’s your name?” He asked Renji.

Renji would continue to give out the weapons as he would look at him.

“He’s a man who wants to help any and everybody. My name is Renji Starlight, and there are two Starlights fighting in this war. You guys aren’t alone as it seemed like, whoever organized this brought in a lot of powerful allies from all over the world.” He said to them.

He knew Kaito and Revy were here as well, which meant this was going to be interesting. He was sure he had seen Brone, Benimaru, and Gnicholas around these parts too.

The man heard Renji and he was surprised to hear that he was also a Starlight. It made him more at ease to know that their firepower was even stronger than they anticipated. Renji would continue to hand out the weapons and armor to the people around him. They were all in a one-line fashion; Yuurei would finish up another weapon and he was moving on to the next one. He had done a bunch of armor earlier. Those were the harder ones to make, which meant that he needed time for that.

“It seems like Renji is enjoying his new form. It also seems like he’s raising the morale of the people waiting for their weapons.” He said to Migi as he continued his work.

Migi would hear this and he would laugh at those words. He looked over to Renji, and he would go help, but then Yuurei would be left with one arm.

“Yeah, and here I am working out in this heat. But I guess I can’t leave you empty-handed, so that is the dilemma.” He said as they were working on the next steel to forge a weapon.



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They look at Kaito oddly as they were surprised that he was doing so many things at once and was keeping the movements of people flowing and it didn't seem to get over crowded as they used him to get them to where they needed to go and they praise him as a life saver but Kaito doesn't see himself as that, he sees himself as an issue that was not the one that was going to save them as realistically he was helping them to more swiftly go to their deaths and that was not something he was going to be proud of as there was more that needed to be done. He looks at the charms as he stars to hand out more of them and he wonders what they can really do but he hooks one of them to his inner cloak to see if maybe it will help him to survive the wars and attacks that might come his way as there was a lot of things that could go wrong here.

A smaller woman that was helping to get people properly feed, equipped and clothed stopped Kaito while he was on his way and he stopped to see what the woman needed. "Mister, can you please help me lug these staffs to the newly arriving healers?" The woman pointed to the staffs and Kaito nodded as he went over to the bundle of staffs and he followed the woman who seemed to be barking orders and not acting like she knew she was tiny compared to the giants she barked at to clean up their acts. They arrive to the area with the newly arrived healers and he hands them a staff with a charm attached to them and the woman looked at him a bit sideways about the charms but she wasn't going to stop him from attaching them and giving them over with the staffs. Kaito looked to the woman with a smile and she told him to kneel down and so he did and she patted his head then told him to get back to work.

Kaito does as he was told as Revy sent him through another bag of the charms and he hands them out to those that he meets and crosses but he feels sad as he knows a lot of them will probably not make it as some of them look like they are pretty young blood and some looked greener than goose shit so they probably don't have a full understanding of the riskhs they are at but they were battle ready so he can't and couldn't send them away as they were skilled but training and the real thing are far different things so Kaito will have to just hope they can keep up up and keep putting their best foot forward even if Kaito was not fully committed to sending them to their deaths as he saw a far amount of death during the dark raiders attack on this world but Kaito has to just suck it up and keep pushing to save as many as he can by making sure they are really ready and the healers are really up to this level of needs and wants they are going to have to be giving to these people.


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Yuurei would continue to make the weapons in front of him. He would swipe the sweat off his brow as he continued to push through. This was a lot of work, to be honest, and he could feel the heat getting to him. Still, there was nothing he could do about it and he would just push through it right now. He didn’t want to send these people to their death, but if they were going to fight, Yuurei figured that he would t least equip them with the finest equipment they could find for free.

He knew that things were going to be tough in this war, but it wasn’t going to stop him. He was a monster in his own right, and with the people within Paradise Dawn here, there were more monsters. He was hanging out with one at the moment, even if he wasn’t within his guild. He wasn’t sure how they could lose this war unless Joya had some monsters of their own.

He wasn’t sure what he would face, but he knew that they couldn’t be scarier than the Seraphims that he had to face.

Yuurei and Migi would continue to prep and finish making the weapons for the warriors here.

“Yuurei would you want my help in the incoming battles?” He asked him as he didn't want to step on Yuurei’s toes.

Yuurei would continue to work as he didn’t want to take his focus off the work.

“I don’t mind if you help me in the fight Migi. That is why you’re here, to help me out when I need it. This is war, so anything goes I say. But for right now I need your help with crafting this stuff.” He said to Migi as he would continue working.

Renji would see that the weapons that he had in front of him were gone. He had given them all to the people that had been in the line, but there were more people waiting for their weapons. He looked back to see if there were more weapons ready,m and he would smile as he saw them. He would walk over to the area and he would pick them up. He would look at Yuurei as it would seem like he was working really hard in this preparation for the war.

“You got this Yuu. Once we give everybody all their weapons, then you can help out with something else right?” He asked him wondering what he would do next.

Yuurei would look over to Renji and he would nod.

“Yeah I guess when I finish, I can help out doing other things. I don’t mind that; I also got to prepare myself for battle as well. Still, we will see what needs to be done in the end.” He said to Renji.

Renji would nod when he heard him, and he would pick up the weapons and he would bring them to the front. He would see the people were waiting for him and he would start handing them the weapons. He would continue the flow of the line again as he was making sure they were getting the right stuff. These guys all looked like seasoned warriors or people who were looking for a place to meet their end in battle.



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Kaito was unsure what he was even doing and why he was doing this for but he sees some idiots had over done it and he helped get them to the healers that get them back into shape. Kaito guessed that they are in need for now at least and he gets them to the place that they need to get to and he wonders if there was more idiots that were not being careful out and around that would need them to come and get help so Kaito headed back out and he went to see what he could find as there was a lot of things going on and he was not going to step down just yet as there are still a ton of things to sort out and people that probably still needed to use him for all he is worth before he is killed off or before they as well were killed off but Kaito relented as he walked and moved people through portals to get their stuff and to give stuff to them but he was not sure how this was all going to work or which people were going to be going in first as they were probably still worried about spies watching all of their moves.

Kaito wondered if there were even spies in their numbers but Kaito keeps helping with supplies and helping boost peoples spirits with the charms and he knows that there are a lot of people around here that were in need of the things that were swimming in their own thoughts of if they were about to take on a monster a beast or if they were going to be the first one to fall and just be walked over as others went to war to fight maybe even try to save them but maybe not even make it and that worries Kaito as they are not fully sure of what might be there or what even was there for them as they were from somewhere else and didn't have a deep lock to this place even if he has some blood that comes from this place he has no known ties to it besides passing through and doing small odd jobs. Revy came through the portal and she helps him hand out the charms as well as gives pep talks and Kaito smiles as he knows that Revy had been ready for this.

Kaito knows he was wrong to have the exceed be stuck making the charms to protect her from growing attachments to the warriors here and she knew he was feeling worried as well so she raised his spirits as well because them having low spirits would make anyone else worry as they were about to go to war and they were around for the prep and then the bigger fights as well but there was a lot of people here and he hopes that he can keep up with the prep work with Revy as they do their best to keep the lines moving and the people being put to the right places as they don't want the wrong one to slip past and get someone that was not up to the task killed off.


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Yuurei would continue his work, and he would look at the line. He would see that it was coming to an end soon, which was a good thing. That meant he didn’t need to make any more weapons and armor soon. He had been keeping track of everything he was creating. He knew what he had made so far would be enough. He was finishing the last one right now as he would looking at it. He was making sure that he had done everything right and that it was a faulty weapon.

“I think that should be enough weapons and armor for the people here on this line.” He said this as there were other blacksmiths in this place.

There were lines everywhere and he swore he saw Brone around here as well. He would move to where Renji was standing, and he would help the Exceed out by giving the armament out to the men and women here. The Exceed would see this and he could see that Yuurei was all sweaty, but willing to help. The two of them would give out what needed to be given to everyone in front of them. They would take it and move on, giving Yuurei thanks for preparing all of this for them.

He would keep a smile on his face as he was happy to help them and he would be going to war with them as well. He wasn’t going to be on the sideline as they were kind of his people as well. He wasn’t raised here, but his father’s past was enough to make him want to be involved. It was then the line would disperse and Yuurei would wipe the sweat off his brow. He would sigh with relief as he was happy that this had gone smoothly.

“That was good, but what do you want to do now?” He asked Yuurei.

The Seraphim would look around and then he figured he would clean up and start scouting the enemies. It would be for the best, and he would be able to take out a lot. Still, he was wondering if he should go alone or bother Kaito.

“Well, let me clean up first. I know it wouldn’t matter, but I would like to make sure that I don’t stink on the battlefield.” He laughed a bit when he said this but would move to the river bank.

He would take his time cleaning up as he was making sure to get the sweat off him. He didn’t have a shower here, but there was no need for it. Once he was done though he would put on his clothes and he would look over to Renji.

“Let’s go find your woman and Kaito.” He said to Renji.

Renji would blush a bit and shake his head as he would Yuurei. The two of them were walking around the camp, looking for Kaito and Revy. It shouldn’t be hard to find them as they were really a pair who blended in around here. It wouldn’t take long, but he would spot them and he would head over to them.

When they got there, Renji would look at Revy with a smile as he was happy to see her.

“What are you two doing?” He asked her, but noticed the charms that she had next to her, and figured they were giving those out.



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Kaito was going to keep this up as long as he could but he had to admit he was starting to feel like he was over doing it as he had been constantly on the move and helping people for the better part of what had to be five hours his feet were starting to scream at him and his mana had felt the burn as he was not as young as he had wanted to be any more. A healer looked at him and their eyes got wide as he had scales on his skin. "What are you!!?" Kaito looks at them man from where he is sitting and blinks and tilts his head and then looks down as he sees the scales. "Oh I am a dragon slayer so I can get scaly guess I pushed myself to hard." Kaito makes the scales go away and he yawns as he was tired as hell from all the labor he had been doing around here for them.

Revy walked over to the healer and gives him a charm and the healer seemed taken aback as he had just been rude to the exceeds friend and he still got a good luck charm. The man thanked the exceed then hurried off to his post as he had already made enough of an ass of himself and he was not looking to drag his feet and farther cause issues with the people helping them be ready for the war and the efforts to keep them from dying as they had seen others of different guilds helping them before anything else. Kaito hear someone speak and he wondered who it was as he was tired and a bit loopy but that had just been the day that they were all having. Revy looked at Renji and she holds out a charm to him and Yuurei. "We are taking a bit of a break before Kaito works himself to death and over doing it like normal."

Kaito had laid back in some hay and waves his hand. His feet had stopped hurting for the time it means that his belt plus his god hood must have kicked in as he is no longer as sore or tired and he wonders if he will ever really be use to the fact that he had become a demi-god or if this is just another of those things he will just have to deal with and not think twice about it. He jumps up to his feet and he walked closer to Yuurei and Renji where Revy was standing at and he wonders what Yuurei would be doing here and not in the forge had he gotten kicked out or was it just his break time as well from the work that he had been doing or were his hands starting to go numb from all the hammering and slaving over the hot fires to make the weapons change to their liking and he wondered if there was really going to be anything else going on today like the fighting starting or was this just a last day of checking on it all.


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Yuurei and Renji would hear Revy speak. They would both chuckle when they heard what she said. That was something Kaito would do, and they understood it. Renji would take the charm that she was giving them, and he would smile at her.

“I will treasure this forever, so you don’t get to worry about it. I’m sure this will protect me from all types of danger.” He said to her as if he was happy that she was around.

Yuurei would look at Kaito and it would seem like the man was overworking himself. Still, one thing Yuurei noticed about his friend was that he had done that a lot.

“So are we going to just sit around and make sure that everybody is prepared for this huge battle that is about to happen? Or are we going to also join in the battle and lessen the casualties in this fight?” He asked wondering what would be said.

Yuurei heard him and he would look at Kaito as it would seem like he was going through some time of fatigue. When he saw that his friend moved closer to him it would seem like he was confused about why he was there. He would have a smile on his face as he figured he would explain. Kaito didn’t have to say anything, but they had been friends for a while so Yuurei kind of figured out what he was thinking.

“I finished doing all the forging for the men in my area. I handed out all the weapons and armor to them, so I figured I would go see what to do next. I figured I would make sure everything was done before I head into battle. Are you guys ready to do the same thing?” He asked Kaito and Revy wondering what they would say.

Renji heard Yuurei’s voice, and he shrugged his shoulder as he figured that would be the case. Still, he knew that if they teamed together then it also meant that he was going to be able to be around Revy a bit longer.

“Yeah, we figured taking these weird and crooked people out of Joya would make things better. It also means that whoever is the new Shogun better watch out. If they are being shady with the people here, then we will make sure that they will regret it.” He said out loud to everyone.

Yuurei would look at him and then Kaito and Revy as he had a smile on his face.

“Well, I say enough with the chatting. We should go and start doing something. I’m pretty sure the battle will begin any second now, so might as well join and make things easier for our side.” He said as he was ready to go and start this war.




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Kaito was unsure to if he was joining or not he knows that they might need to be there and to actually help out the people and make sure they don't end up a mashed puddle on the ground and Kaito wonders if that is even the right way to think about that but he also knows that he needs to help get them out of trouble here but is that something that would help the people or would that just be something that crashed the other men's spirit if Yuurei and himself were just running through them like they weren't there or was is better to just let them fight and protect themselves from this and prove that they are proud people of this country but he guessed as he has a small bit of Joyan blood that it was still his and Yuurei's rights to fight here but it still seemed to taste sour to him and that was just something that he couldn't seem to over come about all of this.

Revy looked at Renji with her eyes narrowed at him for him being so over the top about the charm and she had to admit that him speaking like that was creepy. "I think that maybe you need to slow your roll a little about the charm." The exceed looked at Yuurei and she nodded as of course they were going to help them fight by the side of the Joyan people and help them to be free from the shogun and the others that had come for their freedoms and doing harm to this country. Kaito was glad at least one of the two of them were on board and excited to serve as something about this all seemed off. Kaito helps a few more people and then he walked next to Yuurei as he knows that it was really just far too late and he has to fight now or there might be other unforeseen issues that they would need to take on.

Kaito swings his arm and his gear appeared on himself and he took a deep breath to steady the nerves as there was a decent chance that this might be the last time he sees these people as he was probably the most likely to die here as he was not a great fighter but only passible skills and he sees the growing spirits of the others and he put his mask on and he hopes that they really know what they are getting themselves into and time was about to slow or speed up so this was it.

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