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Feeding the Woman of Time (Kuri)

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Yuurei had decided to go and seek an audience with Kuri. When he did, it would seem like she was more than welcome to have him show up. He and Renji would walk to the temple that belonged to the weird woman. He had met her in the house with everyone that day. Still, he figured he would collect these pops that were being given out throughout this place. It would allow him to gain more power in his quest to defeat Ansem and protect Fiore from the Dark Raiders. When he entered the place, he would see a curtain with light behind it. There he could see the form of the woman. He would rub the back of his head as things were silent for the time being.

“I will be cooking something for you tonight as it’s part of the special things I love to do.” He said to her.

He had seen that she had stuff prepped for him to use to make anything he would like.


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This pleased Yuurei as he was glad to see that he didn’t have to bring anything for her. Still, he figured that she would use some sort of magic to bring out what he needed anyways. Yuurei would start all of this by washing his hands after he put his sleeves up to his biceps. He didn’t want to dirty himself and he didn’t want his clothes touching any of the food. He decided that he would make a nice chicken Katsu curry for the woman behind the curtain. It would seem like she wasn’t going to come out until everything was ready, so he was fine with that.

The Nephilim would move around the kitchen as he would take fresh boneless chicken and start washing it. Once he was done with that, he would move on to getting the seasoning he would need for the chicken itself. There were a lot of options, but his eyes looked for what he could use for this.


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Once he had found everything he was looking for, Yuurei would start adding the seasoning to the chicken itself. He would do this for a bit as he was mixing it all over the chicken and making sure that everything was fine and ready. When he had finished, he would leave the chicken where it was as he was giving it time for it to mix properly. He would go for the curry he was going to make for her as well. He would get the ingredients that he needed, and he would put them in all the small he was going to cook it in.

Once he had started doing that, he knew where he had to go next and it was to make the sticky white rice. The Nephilim was quick to move around the place as he was doing multiple things at once, but he was used to this. He would get the rice ready as well and soon enough he would start cooking the rice.


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Yuurei would give everything time as it was cooking well, and she would be able to smell the aroma from behind the curtains. He was moving around, and he was a freaking damn good chef. His chicken was cooking, and he would turn off the fire that was cooking the curry as it was something that was done already, and he didn’t want it to overheat. The rice was done as well as he would check on it and it was just perfect. The Nephilim had moved over to a small dipping sauce, and he would create the sauce for the chicken katsu as the meat for the meal was almost done.

He would give it several minutes more and while he was doing that, he was prepping the plate for Kuri. He would put the rice on one side, and then the curry on the side. He would cut up a bit of cabbage and put it to the side of the place as well. He would put the dipping container on the side as well.


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Yuurei would move with the plate in his hand to the chicken and would pull it out of where it was being cooked and he would make sure that it was not oiling or wet. When it was ready, he would place the chicken on down and start to cut it up into slices. Once he had done that, he would scoop up the chicken and he would place the other side of the plate. He would smile as the plate was full for her to eat and enjoy. He would get utensils for her and he would walk over to the curtain.

It was then he would have the plate in one hand, and a napkin for her in the other. He would smile as he was happy to see someone’s reaction to eating his meal.

“The meal is ready for you to eat Kuri. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think, so I may improve as a chef. Still, take a bite of the meal, and then used the sauce and dip the chicken into it. After you do that mix the rice with the curry to get the full experience.” He said waiting to see what she would do.

#6Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
The Goddess herself sat on her throne as she crossed her leg over the other. Her hands rested against her lap as she waited for people to arrive. She had all the time in the world and her experiments to deliver all she needed or the quests that come. She heard the large door open, her arrival that dared to come and entertain her. She was not easy to entertain, but the one thing she loved more than her lovers, was top tier food and a good drink. It was man of white hair, Yuurei, he was at her little party. She couldn't remember what happened truthfully.

She sat there silently, her assistant grabbing her some enriched blood-wine in a pristine goblet with sugar and an orange on the rim. She could smell everything, from the rice, chicken, spices mixed in as well as the rest of it. Her heart was pounding, and tongue slid against her canines. She had to hold herself. Once he was done, he was kind enough to carry it all to her. Slowly, she stood up and the curtains revealed herself. Her red ruby eyes gazed down at him due to height differences. Once she looked at him, she lowered her gaze down at the food. "Chicken Katsu Curry," she murmured in her soft tone, getting ready to sit down so she could try this formally. She grabbed the proper utensils and took a spoon of the rice, dipped it in the sauce and finally, cut some meat with the important parts, the vegetables, most the cabbage he nicely prepared. She opened her mouth and put the rice in her mouth first, then the chicken and started to taste the full thing.

The smell was interesting, but the thing with Curry is that it can be sweet, spicy or both. This one specifically is supposed to be sweet; some add honey to it. She enjoyed sweet things, but also if it's mixed with spice. Kuri took her time, it was how one complimented the chef, by enjoying the food, savoring it even. Only savages scarfed down food, that and starving people. She looked up at Yuurei and then back at the food as he was probably waiting for her judgement. "Mmm~", she let the feeling of the warmth embrace her body as it satisfies her sweet tooth. She put down her utensils and started to stand up. "Yuurei,~" she started and had her hand against her cheek, smiling. "It was quite delicious, but maybe add some more spices to it as there was more sweetness, overpowering the rest of the taste. Probably due to my own palate," she started, "Quite satisfied though, unlike some who cooked for me earlier," she snapped her fingers for someone to appear and put the leftovers in a container for later.

"You'll be a good husband, caretaker or restaurant owner someday, whichever you choose to be in the future," she lastly said before gifting him his pumpkin pops. She surely did love company. Quite the unique strong types too.


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Yuurei would see her taking her time with the meal that he had prepped for her. He could see that she was enjoying it, but it would seem like something could have been done differently. He would wait for her response as he stood tall. When she was done, she would have a smile on her face as she spoke to him. When she was done talking, he would have a smile on his face. He was glad that she enjoyed the meal, and it would seem like she would have preferred a bit more spice to it. He nodded understanding that he would know this for the future if he ever prepared a meal for her again.

“That’s good to hear. I’m glad I was able to feed you in a different manner. As for the future, I don’t even know what that would be, but I might start a restaurant someday. Still, it was good to cook for you today I will be off then unless there is something else you wanted me for.” He said to Kuri as he would make his leave if she dismissed him.


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