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It's Been a Ride

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#1Odin † 

It's Been a Ride Empty Mon 01 Aug 2022, 11:16

Odin †

It says a lot that I had to stop myself from putting '[Farewell]' in the topic title.

Been part of this site for over 10 years, through multiple iterations, since I joined back when I was 13. Safe to say I've grown up with this place and I've enjoyed most of my time here (we don't talk about the Flying Ex Patriarch).

That being said, I am leaving. There's no one here I've ever really disliked, and there are too many people to go through individually. I hope to stay in contact with most of you (I'm meeting you in Australia one day Kon, goddammit) but to any and all others I hope you enjoy your time here and wish you the best.

Lots of love and best wishes,

Bone Daddy

#2Erebus Gresham 

It's Been a Ride Empty Mon 01 Aug 2022, 15:22

Erebus Gresham

You were a great villain— no matter what, I had always had the most fun writing with you Odin. I hope you enjoy yourself with your future ventures and we will stay in touch 100%. Peace & Love homie.


It's Been a Ride Empty Tue 02 Aug 2022, 08:31


Your presence will be sourly missed, and yes one day you will have to come down to Australia.


It's Been a Ride Empty Tue 02 Aug 2022, 09:21


Stay safe & remember to enjoy yourself in whatever you do! Don't be afraid to say hello any time in discord!

#5Khalfani † 

It's Been a Ride Empty Tue 02 Aug 2022, 19:48

Khalfani †
<3 <3


It's Been a Ride Empty Mon 08 Aug 2022, 06:12


You'll always be Bone Daddy to me

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