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Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green]

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#1Lucretia Wolfenstein 

Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green] Empty Tue May 31, 2022 3:31 pm

Lucretia Wolfenstein
There was a harshness that came with every development; ever since her fight with kon, ever since her fight with eternal nightmare Lucretia felt like she was missing something. Something that she had been missing for years now; what felt like years at least. Her magic was gone; or at the very least it seemed to not work the way she hoped. Not work the way that she wanted it to. Instead she focused on her physical abilities which were heightened peak after peak; firm placement after firm placement.

Every development was her physical body becoming more, from what she felt initially was a mere afflicted Lycanthropey turned into that of a natural born. Further still she found out that she was above those even; a blessing and boon from the heroes before her she felt. The lion within had empowered her lycanthropy to new heights. No she wasn’t just some meager pup on the side of the road.

She was a precursor, a single instance of werewolf purity that stood over the others. A lord amongst lords. But she never quite put that much stock into it; even when other werewolves seemed to treat her differently because of her blood. Not even fighting, not even wanting to try to challenge her in any way shape or form. It was frustrating to find that her people were so tamed by a simple presence.

Yes. Her people. The lycans, the werewolves, the cursed or afflicted. The natural born even didn’t want to tussle with her. It was… strangling. Somehow. These thoughts on her mind as she stepped into Joya, a full closed helm around her head. Her stature was massive compared to those around her. The Assegai of Shaka zulu was firmly grasped in her hand; a dull thud ringing out as she walked through the streets. She stood a whole meter above those around her; she no longer hid what she was. The long hair and fur was well taken care of but also spoke of her giving into the beast within.

Not to the point of others but where she no longer felt like she was a monster but that she was something else entirely. Her armor shone blue and the woman continued to walk along the path in front of her. People moving out of the way; some gawking and some whispering.

Lucretia Wolfenstein…

It was a name on many of the lips here; she had gotten to the point of where it was impossible to hide her presence in any town she was in. But there was no fear with that name, just awe. Respect. She had become such a fierce protector of the people that it was impossible for anyone to mistake her for a villain now.

She'd exhale through the helmet as she continued along the street; sniffing softly as she sifted through the many scents that were present. She had quite a range that she could tell if there were people around. Some stank quite bad but the more subtle scents were the ones she was looking for.

Who had she come to Joya for anyways? The answer was a simple but harsh one... One that only a single person that would know. But it didn't matter if that person knew or not since... well they were dead. She had never shared that little tid bit of information with anyone. A tickle on her nose told her all that she needed to know. And a single word echoed through her mind with such venom, disdain and a certain trickle of blood lust.


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Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green] Empty Tue May 31, 2022 4:44 pm


Whether it be to luck or an odd deicsion by the large amount of people she had common across, sight wise at least, Jikan's arrival and presence in Joya had been a calm one. She had found herself going off on a whim of adventure once again, fidning herself in the country during its festival and celebrations. Some holiday it seemed. It had recently ended but Jikan found herslef not quite feeling ready to go home yet. She had no idea explaing why but maybe it was in hope? She got into a short spar with a old new Sleeping Calamity recruit, ran into Akuko again and met one of her friends. At food, dance a little, dranked even more. Safe to say it was a blast.

To say anything else...Jikan was simply on her best beavior. Perhaps that was why the citizens had not acted in fear or hostility towards Jikan? Power yes, she could easily kill common people who harrassed her without breaking a sweat. But given that the red and black haired enchantress was acting kind, friendly, normal...well...maybe that made them think to leave her be and just enjoy the festivals and not potentially cause an issue just because she was here?

Either way she had no headaches or annoyances as she chose to have some fun. She was out again today with Mia, not weapons or items on her besides her necklace and earrings used in a fashion sense. She wore a black kimono with pink flowers, a red sash on her hip. Her regular fighting items put away with Mia as they walked.

The crowd was making noises but Jikan knew what the source was long before she heard anything. With he familiar look and height of a friend before her, even from a distance it would be hard to not notice her.

Lucretia Wolfenstein was here.

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#3Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
She cared very deeply for those around her; those that she kept close to her. From the civilians to many friends she made. But there was one spot, one black and red spot on her ledger that always made her hackles on her back stand up. Always made her on edge; the teetering scent of her mother. A few times she had smelled it in her life; knowing that she was close behind the monster that had brought her into this world. It wasn’t that act that deemed her so but many many others that lucretia had been made aware of as she went about her life.

The scent ran cold near the edge of an alleyway, letting her know that it had been weeks. Maybe months since she was last here; a scent that she was able to grasp at easily due to the familiarity of it. Like the smell of strawberry or the hint of the sun on your face. It was something burned into her memory so intensely that Lucretia’s frustration in the fact it was gone earned a nearby wall a frustrated but held back punch to it.

She’d stare down at where she lost this scent; only for another more present one to gain her attention. Ears flicked and her head slowly raised; her brow furrowed and she’d turn slowly. Icy blue eyes searing the crowd before eventually locating the woman that she had made fast friends with.


Was there a connection here? She doubted it; her mother would only work with pureblooded werewolves and last Lucretia checked Jikan was not one of those. Biting the inside of her cheek the warrior would raise a hand to give Jikan a wave before approaching. Fast friends and on the opposites; though Lucretia didn’t so much know that last part. She had kept her head down and kept her nose to the grind; so much of the world she still was fledging on. Right now her two targets was an entire guild and… her mother. Her voice was surprised but she earnestly… well she had to admit that the kimono that Jikan was wearing fit her very well. Lucretia had never been one for fashion; or at least wearing something fashionable; but she could respect the effort.

Jikan. I wasn’t expecting to see you out this far…

Her voice sounded a little more metalic, a little more pained. A little… stressed. From her hunt that ultimately led to a dead end. Though if she were able to get that scent back again…


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Ah yes...Lucretia was indeed here. Even in her armor it was impossible to deny her look. When Jikan's quick and mighty friend turned to her and began to speak to her though, and called out her name. Well, that was something that she could not doubt. To do so would be a bit mad...or a bit mean.

Jikan moved different here. Instead of the agile steps that Lucretia had probably gotten accustomed seeing Jikan move in, instead, it was a swift and smooth movement. A slow yet somehow contradictory swift glide as her body moved in on her friend. Weaving and yet having a sight of sliding through and pass the crowd as they somewhat departed. One out of Jikan's presence being noticed and recognized, and some out of awe of Lucretia herself. Either way it was a beautiful eerie movement from Jikan. One that was like a ghost out to play.

Jikan eyed her friend's voice. Metallic, pained, tense....not Lucretia. "My my, what is the matter my dear friend?~. I am happy to see you here but not if you are gonna sound and feel like this.".

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#5Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Seeing the way that Jikan moved reminded her that not everyone wore their armor all the time, not everyone was always on the defensive. Not everyone could take the time to live a different life; or treat it in a different way. The werewolf had been for her entire life one of those people that never would rest easy. Never be able to do anything else; save for a few soft moments here or there. It would be eerie to others more than not; but to lucretia it spoke volumes and put her mildly at ease.

She’d reach up to remove her helmet; shaking her head and letting her fur stand this way or that. Not really caring at the few surprised looks she got. To hear that she was a werewolf was one thing; but for many to see that she was and didn’t hide it was another. The mumbling grew louder and there were some that hurried away. Something you could never change.

I found traces of my Mother’s scent.

There was a lot of venom laced behind that single word, a growl of bloodlust perhaps? Something that put this mammoth of a woman on edge to the point of where not only did she act differently; but… She seemed different too. New armor; lack of fear, an intensity with the grip on her weapon and helm. She’d bite her inner cheek and stare down at her friend for a moment.

...I would explain but. Not quite something I would want to share in front of so many…

She’d motion to the varied civilians that now started to go about their business. Yes there were people that were famous in different steps here but now that that initial shock had worn off… Well most of them were getting back to it. There was a layered level of pain evident in both her voice and eyes at this and she’d sniff at the air; looking a little irritated that it was so faint…

What are you doing up here in Joya?


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Oh how little Lucretia knew of Jikan. It was funny really, how little time the two of them had done together talking or on some sort of adventure, but they had felt and decided that they had a friendship. But, it was strange how there were many things unknown to them about each other. Their past. Jikan did not share anything about her childhood. And Lucreita had recently did share some to Jikan. But some things were still kept hidden.

Even if Jikan was not wearing armor the red and black haired amazon was absolutely always on the defensive. Even more so with no armor in a crowed crowd. She had her mind, agility, and reflexes. They were always there when she had her armor and gear on, but there on another level of attention when she was out in the open. With only the power of her skin and magic to do anything if attacked.

Although, she did her best to not stop her from enjoying her life and freedom. It was one of the reasons she worked so hard for power after all.

"Your mother?", this was....something. Lucreita never talked bout her mother. If she did she did it so short and rare that Jikan could not remember anything about the woman. And she was here?!?!? Her scent at least, but that meant she was here at some point in time. Maybe even recently...

"Alright later then", at this point Mia had caught up to Jikan. Looking up at Luc with a little bit of awe she was speechless. "Oh, me? You now just hanging around. Exploring. Had to get some fresh air out of Fiore".

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#7Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The two of them really didn’t know as much about one another as you’d think. One being part of a light guild and one of the most prominent members left in their guild and the other being the leader of a dark guild with the beck and call of many individuals that were in their own impressive. The two of them may not have had adventures together, may not have talked much, may not have done too much in realms of earning one another’s trust but there was something there that defied the logic. Defied the general conventions of understanding.

Something clicked and something made these two friends; was it divine intervention? No. It was personality, it was gumption, it was the way they acted and interacted. Every little thing just… slid perfectly into place. They were friends and it was just going to be that simple. Even if they stood on opposing sides of things; with neither of them really knowing it.

The question caused an earflick; the word sat weirdly in Lucretia’s brain and she felt a growl slip out of her lips which she had to apologize for. Looking away with such a dark expression on her face it was impossible to really consider that there was love there for their parent.

She. Was here. Within the last month. I’ve been… Hunting her since I was a fledging hunter. A role I have returned to.

That was enough to share in place; that Lucretia. A hunter. Was hunting her own mother. Hopefully that would be enough and the woman looked down to Mia; she’d try to give an earnest smile but it was rough at the moment.

...I understand. It’s why I go to iceberg as often as I do. I sometimes miss the frozen air.

The wolf ran a hand through her ‘hair’ and couldn’t help but stifle a sigh. Iceberg was a weird place for her, weird knowing that her mother had been there. Had led her here and then… just vanished. She’d shake her head slowly and then turn to Jikan.

I never told you what guild I was in before right?


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The context of it all was something to be amazed. From an outside perspective there would be a question of how? How could Jikan and Lucreita call each other. Not as many talks with each other to be more than acquaintances, and none of which that could, for the most part, be called an in depth topic or one with a big piece of meaning. Besides the last time they talked. There was no missions done together even though they both were powerful warriors that took up magic jobs and adventure requests. If anything, the only thing that they did together for the most part is randomly come across each other, chit chat, then somehow get into spars with each other time and time again. With that, they were more like friendly rivals than actual friends. Was there an accumulation of trust that was built because of that, of those repeated cycles of interactions and interpersonal decisions?

Either way they had a rivalry, one that was friendly and given the events between the two, they had no reason to be aggressive to each other. At least from how things went. If Luc knew who Jikan really was in terms to her public perspective in Fiore, she had never done so to show her.

But anyway, Luc was here and acting very different than normal. Di....did she just growl at me?? What I do? Oh...shes looking away. Mad at her mom then??

As the information become more clear to her Jikan only got more questions. Why was Luc hunting her mom? And why had she been doing it for so long? What...could Luc's mom could have done? Contet wise...Jikan did not need to ask more. Lucreita would not have know but Jikan was a former hunter. One trained in her family legacy of the career since she was out of the whom. Her name...the one she used now and had made connected to her in Fiore, was different from her last name, different from her birth name. All in an attempt to leave that part of her life...that family...away in the past along with its damn curse.

A wolf could hunt a wolf better than anyone. That was a simple fact known by any hunter, to catch one type of being, you had to be bale to act and think like them. Having the same abilities only helped....but...one's own kin, parent? That was something Jikan had never heard or seen...heck even thought of before.

"Oh no, you did not. But I believe I found that out by myself. You can tell me now if you want to confirm my information if you wish".

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#9Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Maybe when everything got down to it, it was the honesty that they shared with one another that tied them into being rivals or friends. But there were a long list of things that could be said about it. There was a certain level that had to show that they were content with the way that things were handled.

Lucretia didn’t seem to mean to growl at Jikan so much as just… the idea of her mother seemed to really piss her off. There was the soft twisting sound of metal as lucretia’s hand closed tightly in on itself and she’d exhale slowly.

Sorry. That was not to you.

What could she say past that? The woman adjusted herself; looking far more somber than what she normally did. Lucretia’s expression shifted slightly when the other seemed to indicate that she had found out what she had been a part of. It wasn’t hard to guess; not with the symbol on her shoulder. But ultimately…

Infinity wolves. Though I’ll have to be honest it feels with how things have been going ‘Lone wolves’ might have been a better choice of words for it.

Lucretia shook her head, leaning on her spear. There were a few… individuals that had expressed that they were interested in her joining varying guilds; mostly nameless ones but one of them…

But that might change sooner rather than later; my guild membership is going to be coming to an end soon.


Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green] Empty Thu Jun 16, 2022 5:31 pm


Luc said her peace. And even though Jikan accepted the fact that Luc was not growling at her, she could not help but decide to have some fun teasing Lucretia a little bit. With her just adjusting herself back into a calm manner, it was all just too tempting to act~. Jikan folded her arms, acting in an uncharacteristically playful manner, she gave a fake huff and puff, turning her head to the side as she did her best to give a fake pout. "I would hope not Lulu that was mean and unexpected. You growling at me in such a way~ SO rude ugh", she played the role having fun in boredom. She may had been a tad too much of an actor in the exaggeration part though.

"Annnnnyway~", she spun around still, going around the massive werewolf that was her friend.  "Trouble in paradise? I thought it was fitting it was called Infinity wolves and you are, you. I thought you would find kin and a part of yourself there when I first heard of the guild".. She stopped moving, her spinning placing her behind Luc facing away back to back. "It is a shall that is not the case. What is a Lord of Wolves without a pack after all??".

After attempting to scare Luc a little she would drop the act and return to her usual normal self. "I now I know. No worries. I guess it had to deal with you looking for your mother? Stressed or not on the best terms with her? And I must admit I am curious, who are the groups that have come to you my friend?".

#11Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The werewolf was glad at least that Jikan didn’t seem to take her growling to heart; though the playful manner brought a few owlish blinks. She was not used to this side of Jikan at all and it actually seemed to catch her offguard; including calling her Lulu of all things. That one made her adjust herself, scratching at her head.

...Don’t think anyones ever called me that before.

Trouble in paradise indeed, while Lucretia had a good friend in Lee and a reliable sparring partner in Konyo. The former hadn’t been seen for quite some time and the latter was leaving to do their own business. She’d bite the inside of her lip- Wait… Lord of Wolves?

Is that what they’re calling me now? Last I heard it was Wolfsguard or wolfsbane. As for… well. The guildmaster seems strangely absent or busy and Kon I believe is heading out to do his own business. A pity really since our spars were enjoyable even if I lost both of them.

She seemed a little unsure with the way that the other was acting but they quickly dropped it and she’d rub at her neck; exhaling very slowly. How best to explain her relationship with her mother?

...As you can guess, I’m a natural born werewolf. A very rare… instance. Even further still I’m something called a precursor. Not many of my ilk even dream of being one. My mother. Is neither a pure bred werewolf like I, or a precursor. But she’s a monster all the same. She’s the reason my father died and the reason I became a hunter.

Lucretia said this rather bitterly; eyeing some of the passerbyers that hurried themselves along as the wolf was… very clearly very large. Very in charge and not in a good mood. They didn’t seem to pay any attention to what she had to say. Lucretia grumbled and would draw out a wad of envelopes, missives and the like. Each was opened and each had been read by the wolf. No name guilds, guilds that were looking to start up, guilds that had faded into obscurity but wanted her anyways. She’d tut and draw out the first one.

One that held a symbol anyone that was anyone would recognize. Lucretia looked… honestly a little uncertain and would offer the Envelope to her friend.

Assortments of all kinds honestly, good, bad, neutral, you name it they’ve sent me one. But… This one. Has my attention the most. When I first came into the country they sent me a warning letter as an act of courtesy; telling me to be on my best behavior basically. I thought it odd but this is odder still.

The missive from the Rune Knights wasn't a clear cut invitation but it was an acknowledgement of her efforts and a carefully gilded letter avoiding openly stating what the letter actually meant.

"I'm not good at political drivel Jikan. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't... tempted. My people hold the Rune knights in extremely high regard. Well. My clan does at least."


Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green] Empty Sun Jun 19, 2022 11:39 am


Oh how it was an enjoyable bemusing sight seeing her friend scratch the top of her head in a fit of confusion at Jikan's actions. It was a rare thing for Jikan to be in a mood to act this way. Joyfulness was something that fit her at time, but other things such as being peppy or bubbly where not proper descriptors of Jikan. And certainly not as often goofy. Silent, calm, reserved. Those were the common words one would use for Jikan as they fit her personality naturally. The times Jikan acted other wise would be a surprise for those who had been around her long enough. Although, she did enjoy causing that confusion. A bit of mischief and uncertainty to people people on their toes and their minds aware. It was not like Jikan was a blank thing lacking multiple layers to herself after all, she was a person. "First time for things then Luc".

Jikan had no idea on the parameters of the guild named as Infinity Wolves. The only thing she had known was that Lee, a person she had ran into and socialized with for a short time period when she first arrived into Fiore, was the guild master. Ah...well besides the fact it was a neutral guild and had a heavy emphasis on accepting non humans. It sounded nothing to be crazy about in Jikan's eyes. Just a guild that welcomed all types of people as long as they fit within the guild. A nice endeavor and welcoming in fact. One she respected in concept.

"Ah yes you've been upgraded Lulu. No wolfsguard or Wolfsbane. But Lord of Wolves. A much better name if I must say so myself. I never got where the other two came from...well...I kinda go wolfsguard. But wolfsbane???", she shrugged. Then continued her talk. "Ah a guild master busy and not seen in the guild? I wonder what sort of things have their attention. ...wait. Kon? You fight with them regularly? My my you have grown strong indeed since we last fought then. I don't know them but their name carries a lot of weight...and a lot of stories. But, what are they up to now then?". Interest slipped from her voice, powerful people were  missing or on the move. This was information to keep ahold of, and hopefully find a use for.

Lucretia rubbed her neck, unease and tension obvious on level ten as she prepared to speak to Jikan more. "Oh....that is...well...a lot Lucreita. I'm sorry". It was a lot a few interesting pieces of informatio and not so fun pieces. Luc was a natural born werewolf, when Jikan first met her in her human form Jikan thought she was inflicted and turned into one. But, being a natural one was something, but....this Precursor was something else. Lord....Jikan never thought she would meet one. She stopped being a hunter a long time ago, and no one in her family had stories of Precursor werewolf....at least....stories that ended with the person living and being present to explain more. Jikan...was the first in her family of hunters to do so? And she had no idea this entire time!!

She wanted to know more, the details of what Luc was and the history of her mom and her. It was a piece of her pass that should could not drop. She found gaining information and fighting such people extremely thrilling.

Jikan watched as Lucretia grumbled and pulled out a wad of envelopes and missives. All already open. Cranking her neck up and trying to look on her tippy toes, Jikan took a quick look at them from her spot. Most with no guild names that Jikan knew or had an opinion on. So either new ones or weak ones trying to get a big fish to help bring in jobs. Well...that made sense...but it was weird how many reached out to Luc when she was in a guild already. One of them would be different though. And as Lucetia haned Jikan the evliope to her Jikan's eyes immediately sharpened a little at the symbol on it.

Rune Knight.

She held the paper up and she listened to Lucretia's words. Half there half not. "So they seem to be even more interested in you. But, what about you Lulu...tempted is one thing. But what are you thinking?".

#13Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia hadn’t really been aware of her friends… flippant desire to do something like this. It didn’t bother her too much but hearing the other sort of brush off her decision to give her a nickname. One that she had never been called before; so her surprise mixed with that desire made the woman pause. She didn’t see the light of recognition about her choice of guild and the woman exhaled a little bit.

I suppose it’s fitting in a sense. Maybe a little haughty or full of myself sounding but… Fitting. Ah. The latter was because of my efforts in the Dahlia region. Lots of kin there I killed.

She’d make a small motion with a hand; somewhat dismissive but that also entertained the fact that she had been a hunter at the time. Much like now. She’d blink and flick her ears a few times.

As regular as can be, Our first bout ended up with us destroying a portion of the guildhall and the other they showed off their precision abilities. Don’t even get me started on the raid against eternal nightmare. Mm. After our defeat there I don’t know; I know that they got out of prison but…

Lucretia gave a small shrug and closed her eyes; exhaling softly.

She’s responsible for everything in my life one way or another. Until her death I will never be free of her influence.

She knew that her companion had been sent to keep an eye on her but she also figured that the little dragon had one hell of a fix on keeping her safe. Or at least informed. So the werewolf allowed him to follow her about. The sharpness of Jikan’s gaze to the letter from the rune knights… That was hard to miss. She’d ponder the question that jikan posed to her.

What are you thinking?

Lucretia’s eyes hardened a little bit and then she’d nod her head; what was she thinking indeed? She was thinking the same thing that she had been for a long long time. That her duty was to fight against the darkness… And the rune knights would back her on that.

My reasoning for coming to Fiore was to protect it’s people Jikan, from the denizens of darkness in one shape or another. The rune knights have a lot of resources at their disposal; training; funding, you name it they probably have it somewhere. I’m thinking that… They could help me continue and further my goals as a hunter. Protecting those that need it.

The only hesitation that Lucretia had in joining such a guild was the idea that she’d no longer be able to do as she saw fit when she saw fit. She’d have to follow more than just her own personal code… Which usually lined up with the laws of the land. She’d grimace a little bit and stuff the letters back in her pouch.

Everything I ever did before coming to Fiore was for the people. Further still when I learned about my… Curse? Though now it’s more a blessing since gaining control of myself.


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Jikan was a reserved type of woman. Given that, and the perspective of her persona given to Lucretia through their interactions, it made sense for the warrior to be a bit flabbergasted by her friends actions and words. Jikan knew that. And that was exactly why she had do it. The slight chaos and confusion to the serious Lucretia was funny, and honestly, an attempt to make the werewolf relax given the situation that was going on right now with her. But it seemed that was going to happy either way as they were moving onto another topic while discussing her mom, but at least it would mix up the energy of what was going on.

Jikan stood a hand on her hips as she listen. "Haughty and full of oneself. Is that not the purpose of the epithet that they give a person? Hardly have I found one that was not a bit extra. Only the ones made by the person themselves held some sort of limits". She choice to not to comment on what Lucretia said about what she did in the Dahila region. She was full aware of the werewolf's pass as a hunter, although she had not shared her own stories about fulfilling that role in her past. Perhaps in time she would share it.

As Jikan watch the tall friend of her blink then flick her animal ears Jikan still paid attention. It was a bit simple to ackowledge that well, being a hunter you captured creatues of the night. And sometimes...ended. But Kon being an interesting factor. And the latest events she had been involved in. She ignored the guild destruction. "You fought Eternal Nightmare? Well, what were the circumstance of that situation? And you lost and had to break out? Are you okay?", being a dark mage Jikan knew the...things that went on when opponents were captured. Light and Dark mages did the same things. And depending on the doer, it could be worse or better. And so, although her voice, and face stayed the same, her words did hold a bit of concern.

Jikan almost facepalmed as Lucretia just shrugged speaking about this, as if the chaos of the three things she just said was just child's play. She was practically a walking calamity thinking like that.

Anyway....her mother.

"She's responsible for a lot of the start perhaps. But as a grown woman and more so a person with your own agency and chose made. You have done more for yourself than she controlled right? It is not good to think until she is gone you are not free. For that mental hold is the biggest strongest chain than anything magical or physical. If you do not treat your mind you will only be bond still when she passes on".

Jikan still held her left hand on her hip, a relaxed posture with her hand holing the Rune Knight letter that Lucretia had given to her to read.

As Lucreita told Jikan her reasons a smirk came ontoher face. Not a juding or mocking one. A...proud one. Wishing to be strong to protect the people of Fiore. Jikan chuckled a little, it was very much her as well. Power. Power to be free. Power to be not oppresed. Power to choose and hold who and what she held close unafraid. Hearing Lucretia's reason, it made a reason why Jikan liked her so much with how little they had interacted truely. "Ah, my friend I think I finaly know why I like you so much", she gave the letter back, still holding the smirk on her face.

"Protecting something someone has decided to value is important to their soul. You have decided for you that it is the people of Fiore. It is what pushes you pass your limits. Being surround by people who have that same value, hopefully at least...as I heard stories but it seems that is in the past, shall give you a group of people to lean on. To work with to ensure that protection and peace is not broken. There is a bit of lack of freedom and option in this group, but at least you will hopefully get further in your goal".

Next Jikan would speak very matter of flatly, thinking about her two adopted kids. She may even sound like she was speaking a bit with an edge and coldness. "Being a Werewolf is neither a curse or blessing. It is a condition. For some at least. Others, it is a ethnicity or race. Either way, it gives someone something to use. Whether it be good or bad, a boon or curse, it dependent on the person, their life, and how they use it. It is the same as power. Power is neutral, its user makes it good or bad. You know how you used it in the pass, and how will use it now and in the future. That. is all that matters Lucretia ".

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
I always sort of thought they were things people earned I guess. I never gave myself any of those names. Just the people I guess.

Another shrug in regards to the naming conventions; if the people gave her names they would give her names. She’d rather them be honest about it; her first epithet being Wolfguard was fitting and… well Lord of Wolves was fitting she figured due to her nature. She’d adjust a little bit; leaning a bit more on her spear. She seemed to be relaxing to a degree around Jikan. The question regarding Eternal nightmare… She’d ponder and then just admit it flat out.

Seika being a rune knight definitely influenced the approach on them and Kon seemed keen on proving a point I feel. For me I went there because it just felt right fighting them. They’re my opposites in a way; covered in darkness. I don’t know enough about them other than their leader; but that’s my own fault. As for the latter two… yeah I’m all right; I was only in prison for a day and most of it I was bed-ridden recovering. The following day I escaped and left a bloody mess on my way out. Punched down their big ol gate too.

Lucretia chuckled a bit; looking a little proud of herself that she was capable of doing something like that with only a pair of blows. But given she had punched the same spot… it’d probably look like she had just punched it once. The werewolf rubbed at her neck; Jikan had a point but lucretia… Well she knew better.

Well it’s more that she keeps on influencing situations around me; trying to make me join her or trying to affect choices I make subtly. It’s why my companion is here under her suggestion. But I know he hasn’t a clue there. At this point it’s just more spying on me than actually being able to completely affect my decisions or situations.

She’d take that letter back, blinking a bit as the other admitted to them while they liked her so much. Lucretia cocked her head to the side as the other spoke. She definitely had a good opinion regarding that and the lack of freedom was her biggest concern.

In some respects it’s a bit like being a hunter, a very set sort of lifestyle. I only know of two Rune knights and one of them is… Not one any longer I believe.

Wether it was death or their own choice she had not heard from her friend for quite some time. She’d shrug her shoulders and then the other talked about how being a werewolf was not a curse or a blessing. A condition to some, a ethnicity or race to others. She’d rub at her chin a bit and eventually she’d flick her ears a few times; the cogs in her head turning.

For me… It’s a tool, but my history too. So I guess that I’m more keen to call it a race than that. Seems respectful. Especially after…

The woman stopped herself and then closed her eyes; letting out a soft laugh.

I think I know how I’m going to use it in the future, but it’ll require me meeting the person responsible for helping me escape the boiling rock. Or at least gave me the idea to escape.


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"Ah yes that is true that those things are earned. Well at least normally. People also seem to come up with the silliest names for some reason or not. Maybe a joke, maybe just a word said and it somehow spreads. For a time several years ago, the name people were calling me by was Babysitter", she sighed. A sigh that held no positive or negative response to it. It was one that was neutral and only responded to how silly and random the epithet seemed to be in her opinion. "I do not have any idea how that stated and got associated with me. Well, anyway....", she moved on from this topic. Taking a glance to her side at the walking bystanders of Joya. A one shouldered shrug was given. She held very relaxed posture and mannerism, same old same old.

A slight movement of her eye flickered when she heard the name Seika. Ah yes, he was the man that was there that night. Arriving in the middle of Jikan's meeting with the others, alongside his two commanding officers...Shirichio and Hitomi if she recalled correctly. A large amount of time had happened since. Shirichio had disappeared, or at least became in active as it seemed someone took his place as commander. And Hitomi...well...word was that she left the Rune Knights and had joined with Eternal Nightmare. Her reasons why were unknown to Jikan, but such things happening among highly reputated people out in the open, with their positions of power? Well, it was very easy for those words to quickly spread like a hot fire around the different regions and people of Fiore.

"Hmmmmm, do you believe you aiding him in that event was the driving force to this increased notice and request of you then?", Jikan then made a disapproving sound, a tch tch tch as she shook and waved a finger at Lucretia. "Oh Lucretia. Information is important. When fighting a person and why you are fighting a person. Knowing Odin's history I suppose I am not surprised, but the others? Well...I guess the only reason would be because they are in a dark guild and protecting their leader right?? Either way, good to know you are fine now".

Jikan raised an eyebrow as Lucretia explained her mother's actions of influence. Small subtle things it seemed. Her type of person. Why she wanted or needed her daughter was unknown, and truthfully, that was a curious aspect that drew Jikan in a little. However, the skills and knowledge of influencing the situations around someone like a chess piece on a chess board. She messed up obviously if it was known, so Jikan had a lesser interest in the woman. She had some sloppiness. But, perhaps she could be a useful tool that Jikan pulled the strings on from the shadows? Or at least, stayed out of the way of and had a cohabitial benefit from. Jikan looked at Lucretia as she thought of this, keeping her same old calm neutral face on with her hand on her hip. She shifted her eye to the little dragon with Lucretia. "My...your mother sounds like an annoying fellow then. I would say a helicopter mom...but....they have a better sounding relationship than you do. With the...ya know. Wanna murder thing. But, why does she want you to join? What could she be after after being away from you for so many years??".

"Oh, and who was that?".

#17Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Reminds me of this old hero that for the longest time was named chicken-chaser. Ended up being a really powerful mage before eventually just vanishing.

Lucretia chuckled and shook her head a little bit; it was an old folk tale; some of it was preposterous and some of it seemed so real that it could happen all over again. The woman gave a shrug; to Lucretia’s knowledge Jikan’s Epithet was something completely different. The amazon if memory served? She’d rub at her chin thoughtfully; noting that flicker of recognition on Jikan’s face.

She must have met Seika at some point as well; it wasn’t hard the wolf figured. Big names like the three of them tended to find one another this way or that. Lucretia had fought with him and then also against him in a spar of friendly sorts. It occurred to lucretia she actually fought a lot of mages that were well known in Fiore. She’d frown just a bit at the question Jikan posed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case, before my entrance to that fight not many people probably heard of me. Or at least didn’t put too much stock in my name.

Information was important, a crucial part of any engagement. Lucretia had felt like she would have been fine at the time but now… She knew she had to be a little more careful; not everyone would be as forgiving.

I erred and managed to walk away from it in a manner of speaking. I don’t plan on slipping up or attacking without people that I have some form of teamwork with. It was sloppy. Kon and Seika were both strong as were I but our lack of teamwork and information of who would be there was our undoing.

Lucretia adjusted and considered something for a moment; from what she had been aware of… and of how she fought. In single combat she likely could best everyone in there to some degree depending on the situation but the same could be said of anyone in there too. Odin was a mountain, Erebus was a blade, Jin and Achylis she had to admit she barely knew much about. Other than the blinding light from Jin hurting even through her tough skin and Achylis being careful not to engage spoke to her on levels that she couldn’t explain.

Jikan’s statements about her mother being annoying as a mother could not be any closer to the truth. Flicking an ear the Large wolf pondered a bit as to the reasoning. She’d eye the other and eventually figure she’d at least share her understanding or reasoning for it.

My mother wants me to join because unlike her I am a precursor; she doesn’t have this blood for whatever reason but I do. She knew it from the start; we’re just built differently. So she wants what she thinks will be the next leader of the werewolves under her belt. But if I had to guess as to what else she could be after… That list darkens incredibly when you consider her roots to the witches of Iceberg. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to capture me at some point. Though that in itself will be incredibly difficult.

Lucretia frowned a little bit and turned to note the increasing lack of people around the two. Like folks had either decided it was too dangerous or had better things to do in the area. That last question went unanswered for a few long moments and Lucretia sighed. How do you explain… who and what you met? Without really batting much more than an eye at the topic she just decided to come out and say it.

Fenrir. He came to me in my dreamscape like my wolf before my first transformation. He said nothing because I already knew who and what he was. He ‘left’ to go to the north, towards a mountain range that I recognize from Iceberg. After I woke up my wounds were healed and when I found my equipment in the boiling rock chests… two things that were definitely not mine were there. Normally I’d just lump that with guard carelessness but… The frosty touch to them told me otherwise.

She’d bite her inner cheek and stare at Jikan; her companion shifted awkwardly and looked away from the pair. He was… a fairly relaxed companion who had honestly come to Lucretia about his reasons for being there. So in that respect she trusted him.

For some reason he wants me there and I plan on going back to iceberg to see what he has in store for me. I never put much stock into the gods before; but something in my blood tells me that I would be a fool not to.


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"I heard that he disappeared after crossing some type of road. Lost track of where he was going and headed I supposed", an old folk tale indeed ad one that Jikan did not recall the finer details on much. But, adding a little joke seemed to be fine and dandy to her, she hoped Lucretia would not mind her making a joke to the history of something.

"Ah...possibilities possibilities. Testing one's mantle is always more important to people with power than just saying a name. A name can be said, a name can disappear being blowed away by the sound of the wind. One's prints in the ground and their effects on the soil took a much longer time to be made, and thus vanish", she said in a soft voice. Speaking as if she was trying to be poetic. It was a bad attempt.

"Hm.....synergy is always important. As strong as you three are, facing a whole guild without prior experience of working together is only bound to spell doom. Well, at least you did not die or lose a limb. And, you gained a very important lesson from this. Their group likely have people with certain skills and roles that they know how to use best in a group. It was likely impossible to beat them with only three people i you could not separate them and get into one on one situations".

Jikan tapped a finger to her cheek an eyebrow up as she moved her eye a little in thought at the information, "I see. That does make a lot of sense. Having you as an influence would be key in that region. Even if you did not become the ruler. Your existence holds a lot of influence to the minds of the region as well as werewolves I would imagine. ...even more so to someone touched by a god. That's...well...something you would imagine does not happy even once in a thousand years. It seems you have a lot of people interested in you Lulu".

Jikan noted the dwindling people. It was something she did not care about. People moved all the time, and with her rep, well, sometimes ran. Lucretia being a good person in their eyes seemed to get the same treatment. Funny as a protector she still could get shunned for her condition even if she had it under control.

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#19Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia chuckled a little bit hearing that joke; ah yes the legend of chicken chaser. Something that would honestly earn more jokes than not. She’d give a small little wave of the hand not really minding it by the looks of it. The softness of what Jikan had to say was not lost on lucretia and she’d raise her brow just a bit.

You’re not wrong there, can’t even really know how many of them have vanished throughout the years.

The woman adjusted a little bit; it would have been a tough uphill fight with them all in the same area. Personally Lucretia felt if they had broken them apart that it would have ended a bit differently but how would you really know when something like that happened?

Truth be told; I feel if we had separated them we would have likely won in the long run but… Wasn’t really an option from kicking in their front door together. I doubt something like that will happen between the three guilds again.

The woman sighed; the Rune knights didn’t have that many well known knights anymore; infinity wolves was barely together with all the members more or less leaving one way or another. She knew that some had left with kon, another to paradise dawn and well… She was going to likely leave soon herself.

Hearing what Jikan had to say in regards to the werewolves and Fenrir; Lucretia rubbed the back of her neck. A lot of influence and there was a lot that she could do with that sort of influence. But it wasn’t something that she particularly wanted to endorse long term. Claiming to be ‘touched by a god’ would just draw unwanted attention. Lucretia had figured that once she was found out about being a werewolf it wouldn’t go over well for most.

A lot of people interested for things that I am and not the actions that I take it seems. Well. I say that but I doubt many a wolf could claim half the things that are true about me.

She’d let out a bemused chuckle and set her spear against the wall. She seemed far more relaxed than when she arrived and would sniff the air after a moment. That scent trail had completely vanished which was frustrating. But she felt a strange tug on her sense of direction. Like north was back to Iceberg.

Heh. So much to be said about me but what about you? What sort of things have you gotten yourself up to Jikan?


Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green] Empty Thu Jun 30, 2022 6:05 am


"I suppose the question of those names are the same as with people in general. Many come and go through the month and years. Simple not becoming or staying well known or settling down. I am sure even the Lord of Wolves could be forgot in several decades if she just rested in a nice town or country side doing whatever day to day things she wished", Jikan smiled softly. "Enjoying life and at peace".

Jikan shifted her weight, Mia, her exceed, perking up out of staying quiet as she waved to Lucretia's companion. "Who knows? Past is the past and can only be a memory or reference point to the present and future. However, whatever reason that made you all attempt to attack Eternal Nightmare and their guild may happen again, maybe in a better situation. Or, some other group. For the same reason or another".

After doing so Jikan simple stood as she listened to Lucreita's next words. Interesting in wht one was and not who they were and their actions. Boy, did that ring a bell in Jikan's head. Both life before becoming a mage and somewhat still once she became a mage. A few actions and weak associations to less than reputable people. How much was reasonable to blame on her was unknown to her at this point nor did she cared. She somehow found herself the leader of them and watcher of the town they were in, so, she had responsibilities and a system to take care of.

"Me? Well, general stuff. Take care of my adopted kids, watching over the place I am staying in, time from time taking jobs and containing to train and fight. Keep myself in shape and grow my power and skills. Two years ago I...came upon some nasty child slavery, that's how I found two of them, in Bosco. Another one I found homeless and starving during my adventures here. Just been taking care of them and putting my energy raising them. I don't know how much of that I really did since they are all now practically adults, or at least very old teens. With the training I have given them and some independence over the two years so they can practically take care of themselves. One of them has already left to do her own thing, the other two are still hanging out around me".

These were the type of things Jikan thought Lucretia was referring to. Not anything magic or work related. Even so, with her possibly becoming a Rune Knight. She preferred to keep the details of being a Guild Master of a labeled dark guild as hush hush as needed. No need to let Lucretia know about it if she did not, and no need to put it into the air and make her talk or act on it if she did know and was just acting indifferent.

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#21Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia nodded a little bit as Jikan went on to talk about how big names tended to settle down eventually. Hearing the idea of her however… Lucretia slowly shook her head at that. There was never a peaceful ending for her clan; not one wolfenstein saw old age and often more than not they died on the battlefield.

Alas a life like that isn’t for me. It’s more likely to end abruptly on the battlefield. Most wolfensteins don’t see more than twenty or so winters I’m rare as it is to see my thirtieth or so.

Lucretia had never questioned that fact but providence seemed to believe in her to the point of where it was now sending her messages of what she should do. A path she could follow, she’d fold her arms a bit and mull this fact over. With Brondrache getting a small wave he’d manage a meek one back; getting talked about in such a manner felt strange to him but… The little dragon would pull out an apple out of his little crown and offer it to Mia.

I suppose. Especially if I deign to join the rune knights; it’s likely they’ll send me to attack them again if I had to bet. They don’t like guilds like that setting up shop so brazenly.

If there was one thing she could respect about the rune knights it’s how they went after the darkness in their own way. While it wasn’t so vague compared to her… well she could still respect it. She’d cock her head to one side as the other explained what she had been up to. Adopting kids, watching over the area she resided in… Hearing that there were child slavery going on lucretia’s hand tightened a bit and her gauntlet seemed to complain a little from that. She didn’t like slavery, not normal slavery or child slavery.

Jikan was a better person in that regard than the wolf; she had left her child behind because of the laws of their people and tradition… here this other was going out and saving them; taking them under their wing. She’d close her eyes a little bit and exhale.

You’re a better person than I am. I wasn’t even aware of that sort of thing going on in this part of the world. I’m glad to hear that you helped them but I also can’t help but wonder what kind of strength you came into to help them so.

The large wolfen woman leaned a bit; staring down at her friend and gave them a slight grin.

I have a proposition for you.


Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green] Empty Mon Jul 18, 2022 8:49 pm


"Who says it isn't for you? Just because one's culture or job has their life ending in one type of way, does not mean they have to follow", Jikan's words seemed to take on something.Her voice that was normal soothing a sing song like lullaby was still calm, but this time more on the monotone side, heavy. As if it was weight in this believe to her. "You decide if that happens, be damned what fate says or thinks. You can live and have that type of life when you wish", her words were determined, encouraging even. That was if Lucretia even wanted that type of life in the first place. She could be happy with how her life was right now and would end.

As Jikan spoke Mia noticed that Brondarche was a little shy. Giving a meek wave back at her small greeting. They were friendly at least! Mia felt so as the small dragon pulled out an apple out of his little crown and offer it to her. She took the apple and looked at it, examining it as she let it turn in her little paws. She felt bad, she wished she had something to exchange as well. She turned around and began to look in her magical bag.

...a yellow ball of yarn....no....lent....no....a fluffy tail on a stick?!?!....no

She continued to rummage and look as the world continued around her.

"Well no one does. Its hard for stuff to be ignored either from awareness, in case of the good, or a desire to not do something, in case of the corrupt. Standing out and doing something so noticbale,even more so when such an active force. Is bound to bring in the attention of eyes and ears". Jikan said this smoothly, and as she did so she made mental notes of her own. Something to consider and work on later.

Jikan stuck out one of her hands, waving it side to side in front of Lucretia as she spoke and commented about what she had down. "No no. I am no better than you or anyone else. I just did in a situation that was aware to me and before me. If you were in the same situation you would have likely done the same. It is something that they try to keep hidden. Shadows, targets that no one would care about or see missing, or buying people off with silence, and using force when not an option. For everyone one site you find, there is likely three more you missed".

Jika raised an eyebrow as her friend lined forward. Their toothy mischievous grin. If anything there was one thing that caused that woman to have that smirk on her face when she was with Jikan. "Let me guess? Spar? If so I'm down".

#23Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia blinked owlishly as the other asked who said that it wasn’t for her; honestly with the way her life was and the way she went at it it was so more likely that she’d meet her death abroad than in some home way into her yonder years. She’d shake her head slowly.

I just… never thought uh…

She wasn’t really sure how to state that; not really sure how to even continue that line of thinking. That actually threw her off a little bit that someone could think that she of all people could settle down. She seemed earnestly confused for a brief instant before shaking her head as to clear her mind.

I know I choose my own path; just I never. Thought that far or that I would be allowed peace in that sort of fashion you know?

Brondrache blinked a bit and leaned to one side to see what Mia was doing; he wasn’t going to rush her or anything but he would take out another apple from his crown. It wasn’t strange to wonder where he kept those things right? Magic? Or maybe the crown had it’s own crawlspace; hard to tell!

You have a point there, I just hope that I can do something about it in both senses.

Lucretia knew that there were only a few dark guilds of reputation in Fiore and it was hard to pinpoint them without digging. Eternal nightmare was the only one she was personally invested in at the moment. She was sure that the others would cross her path eventually and she would have to deal with them when the time came. She’d flick her ears forward as the other spoke about the situations she had been a part of. Would they have done the same? What approach would lucretia have taken? She’d contemplate that question for a moment; clearly taking in what her friend had said.

I suppose so. Though finding shadowy business like that has never really been my forte I can certainly see myself making an effort for it…

Lucretia would dip her head in a nod at that question; she had an itch to fight the other for some reason. Near in the back of her head; maybe it was just because the two of them started out that way or… maybe something else. It was hard to say.

Yeah; I think the both of us could use a little bit of a bout. Since what? The last time we fought was… ages ago?


Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green] Empty Mon Aug 01, 2022 8:17 am


Jikan stood by her words after she said them, and as her friend began to speak after shaking their head in a slow confusion that thought did not change inside of her. Albeit, it was going to get interesting with her response if Jikan had to guess it. Perhaps that was indeed something to consider in this conversation. If one did not even think of the possibility, then said possibility might as well not exist. “Hmm….well”, she said, lifting her right hand under her chin. Alright I suppose. Most people don’t think extremely far in their lives. Some not far at all. Add in the factor of the legitimate confuse that seemed to be on her face before she talked more and well…

“Lucretia, everyone is allowed peace in any sort of fashion they wish. The question is only if it will be acquired. But, I can get that. Not everything comes as a possibility to the mind in one’s life”.

“Deck of cards?....no. FISH!?...no….my fish!....book? Maybe….”, spoke Mia as she began to look through the bag even more. This time she placed the bag down and plucked her head into it. Her cat tail waving side to side as she was still working on finding a suitable present to give!

“I am sure you can Lucretia. Possibilities are limitless after all. The opportunities just have to be created or grasped”, she said with a nod. Sure of the matter. For someone in the light to find the deeper evils hidden in the dark was not easy. It took their toll. But, people have done it throughout history, and history loves repeating itself. Or at least rhyming”. She then looked at Lucretia and began to walk away. Not leaving the conversation, but going to a suitable area for their spar. “Ah I thought so. That look is always easy to tell when you want a spar. Okay, lets get going so we don’t wreck anything”.

After that Jikan would pick up Mia by the shirt, the exceed super focused, and maybe a little too relaxed with Jikan, continued to look through her bag. Slowly and casually Jikan walked, traveling to a spot far out of town where no person was and nothing to be cared about if destroyed. “I think this is a good spot?”.



#25Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Maybe it was the case that her family never really lived past their twenties that made peace so hard of a concept to grasp. The idea of settling down never appealed, nay it never got to a good spot in her brain. She’d stand there; shifting a little bit on her spear.

I-... Yeah.

How could she argue with that idea and the wolf would rub at her face with a clawed hand. She looked a bit out of sorts with the idea. The idea of settling down; a flash of who she could do that with… It sent small waves of uncertainty down her spine and the wolf adjusted herself. Her helmet gently ‘bonked’ against her hip and she found herself frowning.

You have a point jikan. Maybe a little bit of training could help. There’s been a few people that have told me I should try other things so…

The woman flipped her helmet onto her palm and then tossed it up onto her head. It’d be an easy thing to lock it in place as she padded after the other. The look of her wanting to spar? The woman chuckled and motioned for Brondrache to follow after her. The little dragonling perked up and flew after her; looking nervous and then glancing at mia. Equally worried for the other that was still poking around their bag.

Once they were out of town and a good deal away Lucretia rolled her shoulders, bringing a grin to the other. Though it was hidden for the most part under that helmet.

Looks pretty good to me. How hard do you think we should go this time?

Lucreita was curious given that she wasn’t actually sure compared to the last time how far into a fight Jikan would want to go. Both of them were fairly well matched and well… Maybe the other didn’t want to knock one another out. Or maybe they did?



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