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Sins of the Daughter [Saturn]

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"In my name..."

STR: 1 | SPD: 146 | CON: 251 | END: 251 | INT: 1001 | MANA: 11,650

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

A gentle breeze brushed through the open market. A welcome gift, one that so often would be taken for granted under most circumstances, yet for those who paraded through the busy street, no more than a few inches separating one another, it was heavenly.

Especially true for those whom had yet to acclimate to the weather of Sin, the humidity being an unforgiving temptress that made it hard for one to get comfortable. She was far from any sort of exception; the approaching summer months of Fiore were hardly the most temperate either, yet there was at least a period of acclimation that came with it.

But not for her. No, Astrid did get the benefit of ‘getting used’ to the Sinese climate, nor did she honestly expect to become familiar with it by the time her inevitable return to Fiore. It was a reality that she somewhat lamented, knowing that her time here – although a welcome break from the tedium that came with her business in Fiore, notably Crocus and Oak Town – would soon enough come to an end.

Already, her time within this foreign land had already exceeded several days, with multiple days remaining fortunately. The difficulty came within the pace at which the days already passed by, from the point of her arrival to right now seeming to passed with the mere snap of her fingers.

It lent to the urgency of the matter, one of the key points to her unexpected arrival in Sin and the preference towards this outer part of the nation, far enough outside Tianjing and the overburdened streets too crowded to appreciate one’s presence. This little hovel, by first appearances seeming to be little more than a makeshift market set up to provide for the disenfranchised and unwanted of Sin, was in reality one of the most wealthy setups within the nation. One of several spots in which high value trading often occurred, though often in goods and services that were seldom welcome within Tianjing.

Nothing considered contraband, at least by Sinese standards, but certainly goods were in the public eye would be far from glamorizing, especially to the eyes of prospective traders, foreigners, dignitaries, and others who the image of the nation mattered so much. Thankfully, for those like Astrid who cared little about the pseudo-moral-politics and rather appreciated the free market, places like here were ideal.

It did help too that she was among welcome company.

“For you,” came the warm voice of Baron “Freddie” Khuschev, a close associate whom had been instrumental in Astrid’s successful coup; the overthrowing of her father, her own ascent to the King’s Court. And a cultured wine merchant. Dressed somewhat casually, elegant silks that were thin enough to allow for his body to sufficiently breath, unlike Astrid, he managed to properly acclimate himself to the environment of Sin, someone who could have easily been mistaken as a natural Sinese citizen by his mannerisms, betrayed only by his tanned skin doing still failing to sell him as a local, particularly by those who were. Within full hands there were two delights for Astrid, one an elegantly crafted pipe, the bowl of it packed sufficiently with no doubt among the highest quality tobacco that someone could have acquired. In the other, something Astrid was far more familiar with; top-shelf Fiorian brandy, no doubt from Khuschev’s own distillery.

Taking both with delight, it would have been wrong of her to deny her host the pleasure of providing such treats. Even if the tobacco were not something that she would normally partake in back in Fiore, she was after all on a vacation of sorts. It was only appropriate that she enjoy herself. At the worst, it would take away from the frustrating futility that her intended shopping spree had yielded.

“Anything to your liking yet?” Khuschev inquired, as much curious to what may have suited Astrid’s taste on the particular product as he were just curious to the general interest whatsoever. It was surprising to see Astrid after such an extended period, now having found herself interested in the same line of work that he had left Fiore in order to pursue. Especially too that she was so regarded within Fiore as a Senator, based on what he had heard from those who spread tales of the happenings of Fiore; it was simply hard to wrap his head around the idea that any of this would have interested Astrid Venier.

After all, very few who found themselves much intrigued with the prospect of Demi-Human slavery.

She breathed in deep, inhaling a heavy cloud of the flavored tobacco as it filled her mouth, traveled down her throat and settled upon within lungs for a moment, not before being exhaled out in a thick cloud whose aroma filled the already thick air, faintly obscuring the large cages before her. Multiple cages, all reinforced to house and securely contain a full-sized human. Not a single one of them empty, rather each of them housing a Demi-Human, an adult female with animalistic properties in some capacity. Some more apparent than the others.

Each of them sat there within their cage, effectively confined to little more than a being shown off as a toy. Sadly the callousness was the nature of the business. What a client wanted to do with these women was their own business, and even Astrid, of whom Khuschev had seen some of the worst behavior within, had her own reason to find a companion here. And their past association aside, in this moment she were a client, first and foremost. Thus, whatever inspection she hoped to gain through the thick cage, that was her prerogative, one that he certainly would not interrupt. Interference was the last thing anyone in his position would have done; this was a lucrative business, but also one that was very volatile. The sad reality was that for every one of these women who would be sold, the majority of them would likely find themselves dead or otherwise wishing for such a fate.

In a cruel way, someone like Astrid being here was a lifesaver, literally.

Kneeling down, she took another deep breath, inhaling and then shortly thereafter exhaling another cloud of smoke, this time directly in the direction of the young woman in the cage before her. She watched intently, seeing how the woman responded. Dejectedly, that was without question. But there was something that was missing in this woman, something that Astrid was intent on seeing.

Submissiveness and a will to survive.

The two elements together, it was exactly what she wanted to see, to be entertained by.

Yet these women lacked them, much like the others that Khuschev had presented to her in the previous days.

Standing up, she sighed with disappointment. “They’re better than the group you showed me the other day, but they’re still lacking.” She turned to the man, seated on a nearby chair, simply watching the exchange between the women. “You have more?”

There was a smile on the man’s face as he raised his glass and downed the remainder of the brandy in a single sip, little over a shot’s worth of brandy gone in a quick second. “Certainly. I did have hopes that this group would have shown some promise, but there are still a few whom I’m certain you can find something worth while.” Grabbing the bottle, he poured himself another glass, holding the bottle out to Astrid with the option of refilling her class, the brandy admittedly near empty in her own. With her nod of approval, he poured, watching as the liquid filled near the brim of her glass, sufficient enough to distract her, if only for a short while while he made the necessary arrangements. “If you’ll excuse me. Will see about arranging their arrival in the morning and then we can discuss dinner arrangements.”

With that, he departed, disappearing within the elaborate and crowded building that he operated out of, leaving Astrid alone with the women still in cages, weak cries of desperation echoing throughout, all of them hoping to garner Astrid’s favor, if only for just a moment.

Alas, that did not happen.

Ignoring them as well as she could, Astrid took a hearty sip of the brandy, exhaling for a moment as the rush took her by surprise. Not often that she smoked and drank together, the combination certainly being a bit foreign to her. After some moments though, the insistent cries became too much, the woman choosing to instead depart for the streets and appreciate the relative silence. Much of the crowd had dispersed at this point, actually providing a woman like Astrid an opportunity to think, perhaps even enjoy her smoke.

Either option was a better choice than listening to the cries of the women in there. “Four days now, and not a single one worth the time.” She shook her head, looking for a moment at the brandy, “Here’s hoping tomorrow works out better,” and as she said this, she downed the remainder of the drink in a single gesture. Empty glass in her hand, she held it for a moment before suddenly throwing it down the street, ignorant towards whom it may have struck, erupting into seemingly thousands of tiny glass fragments, ignorant to where they may have landed, none of that measuring to the level of her concern.


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Sins of the Daughter [Saturn] Bjo4UNA

When it came to sin and its culture it wasn’t any surprise to him that it was vastly different than Fiore in almost every way. From the way that people dressed to the way that people spoke. He still struggled with sinesse almost only having a basic grasp of the language after a few weeks of passive study; there were things he didn’t understand still and he was aware that there were many mistakes that he could make with it. But given that he sounded like a foreigner, looked like a foreigner and dressed like a foreigner many people seemed… Charmed by his attempts at learning their culture. Even more so when he eschewed disguises like he decided to do today. His sister had suggested that he do exactly opposite of this, hiding his true nature and such.

But he liked stretching and it was easier for him to hide when people were actively looking for a ten foot golden ‘demi-god’ and not a somewhat handsome and mild mannered demi-human. Though neither of these were a proper descriptor of him anymore, somewhere deep down he had changed likely for the better.

He had arrived at sin quite some time ago; trying to learn more about the place in his efforts to understand their government, the reason that it lasted so long and its culture. He was fascinated with their history and it was through them that another passion of his was lit, the hunt for artifacts. Which was the entire reason he was even out so late today. The open markets were a hub for information both paid and not. Whispers through the streets were easier to hear than those in crowded buildings he found.

There was… a few things that he didn’t quite agree with here and that was their slavery policy. While fiore didn’t allow for purchasing and the use of slaves as far as he was aware; they didn’t crack down on it as hard as some of the other countries he found. There were also individuals that were able to escape the law by hiding in the darkness; something he understood that some people would forever get away with. It was frustrating to find someone lacking freedom here; his jewel purse was light and his ability to help those beyond his grasp were even further in the midsts of darkness likely to fall into the hands of someone cruel rather than kind or just.

The knights may have paid him well enough to enjoy himself and survive without much issue but when it came to the exorbitant price that some people charged for a life… well he wasn’t able to even come close to some. So he had to focus on trying to either come up with an idea to save people through other means or through the means that would just lead to more people getting captured with ill begotten gains.

It was a conundrum he was stumped on. Lumikki had warned him about imposing his justice on other lands; so he had to be sneaky about this. Subtly was not his strong suit; so he wracked his brain. Wandering through the open market; map in hand as he puzzled over both it and his problem. Many people moved out of the way of the desertio looking ‘demi-god’ unaware that he wasn’t paying them any heed. Though there were some instances of him having to gently step aside.

It wasn’t as busy as usual; given how late it was. Well with it being this late the folks that would be out and about would either be the folks that were running late… or the folks that lived in the darkness so to speak. He stood there in the midst of the various stalls and streets staring down at the map still. The information barely registering on his mind as something else dug at him. Sighing and wrapping the map up with twine before flicking his hand, the traces of void greedily taking the item. It was convenient for storage of a great many things but they always came back weird or different. He hoped that maybe it’d come back in a language that he better understood.

He knew of two separate operations here in town, both of which had different owners and both of which were… unscrupulous at least to him. To others they might seem charming or even kind; but he knew that there were some in this world that were very good at putting on faces. The nobles out of the rune knights taught him that not all knives had to be physical. Something that stuck with him for a good bit.

He was still in his musings as something drew him out of it. Something that wasn’t usually what you’d hear here. The sound of shattering glass, or rather the sound of something minorally shattering. Small, like either a window or some kind of bottle. It was a good enough reason to investigate and a better one to see if someone was hurt in which he could help them. But he also realized as he approached that he was near one of those very slave sellers. Hurrying along wondering quietly to himself if perhaps one of the slaves was trying to escape through a window after breaking its chains. Something he could get behind. Though as he arrived it wasn’t even remotely what he figured.

A woman dressed in what he could only describe as a very fine suit with long white and black hair stood a bit of a distance away from what he could tell was pieces of glass on the ground. He had never seen someone quite like her before, white hair wasn’t exactly the most usual of pigments among humans or their ilk. But then again he was a literal ten foot tall ‘demi god’ with golden fur dressed like he should be in several countries over. There was a coldness he could feel in the air and there was a long moment or two where he considered simply leaving her to her own devices. But curiosity and concern got the better of him and he’d speak up; it was laced in his voice. Concern. Curiosity. An edge of wonder.

Is everything all right?

He bore no weapons on his person, no malice in his heart. Only ample wonder and a further need to be of assistance. The click of his claws on the pavement and the slight adjustment of his more animalistic features like his tail curving ever so slightly or his ears turning to better gain the sounds of what was about him were quickly drawn into focus. Yet among all the curiosities the distinct lack of his eyes not being opened painted a very strange figure indeed…


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"In my name..."

STR: 1 | SPD: 146 | CON: 251 | END: 251 | INT: 1001 | MANA: 11,650

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

There were some things that were simply evident. Things that a person did not have to look too deeply towards, no hidden nature that had to be uncovered in order to understand, no deception that one had to associate their mind with to be aware towards. These things were simply known.

The dynamic too, between those of the described “elite” and those who made up the rest of a given society. It was not unique to any one region. Every nation, every city, every segmented little clan splintered apart from one another followed the same principle. She knew of it while in Fiore, whether growing up or in her current life, having always stood among the ones that were fortunate enough to look down upon the rest of the world.

Even in a nation like Sin, where the political stratosphere was as complicated as it was, to the point of even being needlessly so, the same principle that Astrid had known for so long held true too. One only had to look down the street to see enough of that picture being played out. Slavery, a practice that generally amongst humanity was considered despicable, trotted out like that of any common-day affair like purchasing a few pieces of fruit. What made it all the more eye-opening was how even in this, it still was viewed as something for the elite only.

The power to purchase another human, or Demi-Human as Khuschev tended to deal in, she were one of few people in this area that not only possessed that capability, but with such authority too that seldom would challenge it. That power carried weight, instilled fear, particularly among those of the lesser status. So much so that as the glass exploded only a short distance away from her, there were not a soul whom looked at her with scorn or contempt. Nobody trying to hold her accountable for her actions, no chiding her over the risk that the explosion of glass may have posed to others.

If anything, those who exchanged glances to her were those out of fear. Fear that she may have been upset, that they would be the next victims to whatever fury she may have wrought. Even two had gone to her and asked if there were anything she needed, hoping to appease her. She smirked, suppressing a chuckle that she were all too inclined to let out, “Bring me another drink. The man in that building there owns the liquor and glasses,” she nonchalantly pointed towards Khuschev’s compound, the caged Demi-Humans still on display, “The glass belonged to him. See that he’s compensated accordingly.”

The pair looked at one another, reservation apparent on their faces, before ultimately answering Astrid’s demands, venturing forth within as – like men possessed – they sought Khuschev. Once they were out of sight, Astrid sighed. It was easy. Almost too easy.

Her attention had been so focused upon the spectacle before her, that she hadn’t paid much heed towards the behemoth that had come into the picture. Viewing him out of the corner of her eyes, she looked with a fierce intensity, distinct pupils focused as the towering figure came more into focus, the obscuring shadow giving way as the figure moved closer, not close enough to be considered in “close contact”, but at least to where his words were clear.

What he asked was simple enough, but at the same time, his concern felt out of place. “But of course!” She said with a dose of exaggerated flair, frustration evident, the reason being everything about. Another day of what amounted to a fruitless shopping experience, the heat being something that she at this point was ready to be done with, and without a drink she was forced to hope that the locals could handle the simple task of getting her another. One that they appeared to be failing at. “Just another day wasted…”

Her frustration was evident, her tone a mixture of dejectedness and disappointment. The day had proven to be a long, and fruitless one, and the arrival of this figure was the last thing she was looking to entertain. She had no idea who he was, only that he seemed to tower over everyone in the area. Even from the distance between the two, she could clearly see that he held most likely a few feet above her.

An oddity. If nothing else.

But the figure’s size and stature, whatever menacing quality may have been embedded within his mysterious arrival and size were betrayed by the innocence of his question.  Betrayed, that was perhaps the most apparent thing that she could take away from this singular interaction. While the locals walked around her fearful of what was could have happened, this man walked with them. Not in the same derived fear, but rather in the innocence. She saw it plenty of times, both during her father’s time as a Senator and through her own too; fresh, eager assistants and junior Senators that hope to change the world, trying to be as “down to earth” as the ones who they represented. Some did it out of scoring points and securing favor, while there were those who believed in what they were doing.

Many grew wise to such thinkings. But still plenty of them did not. They still believed in what they were doing, that it would make things better.

That naivety, to see a figure that could have been thought of as imposing as the one before her moving gently through the streets; what some may have found to been endearing or otherwise commendable, even charming perhaps – Astrid could only silently judge the figure.

Still, that did not mean that there weren’t an opportunity to find some enjoyment perhaps. The day had been largely disappointing, and though she knew Khuschev was good for providing a worthwhile dinner – perhaps the best thing that could have been said about her time in Sin up tot his point – that did not mean that she not keep herself preoccupied.

Her focus remained on the towering figure as it moved closer, its stride somewhat measured, its steps softer than what she probably would have figured someone of its size. “Although,” she started, her tone calmer, more reserved. Certainly more than how she had first conducted herself, “Now that you mention it. There is something… I hate to even pose such a request to someone whom all we’ve had to exchange is but a passing remark, but I feel I have no other option.”

Her speech picked up, concern laced within her voice, “I’m not proud to admit it, but all that,” she extended a hand out towards the small group whom were picking up the numerous shards of glass spewed everywhere. “I had a, a moment, I suppose you could say. A woman thing, you get it? Not proud to admit it, nor would I normally, but you see… Some of the locals, they thought I threw the glass on purpose! They started yelling at me, and then they saw those women over there,” she pointed to the Demi-Humans locked within the cages, the same ones that she had rejected only moments beforehand.

“They started accusing me of things, that I was involved with that, and then they rushed inside the house! I don’t know why, but I’m worried for the person who lives there! I just… They way they looked at me, it seemed like they just wanted an excuse… To do something, and I... I think they think whoever lives there, well what's more likely to be cause problems? Attacking a woman in the street or someone who deals in a business like that? But please! Please you hae to help them. If you only saw their faces, please I fear whoever's there doesn't have much time...”


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His curiosity blossomed as he saw the scene in proper light; the shattered glass. The various people working and serving this individual in front of him. There was at least… three? Four people working on picking up shards of glass. He stood there for a moment uncertain of what exactly was going on. He knew where they were, or rather where abouts they were. His hearing picked up just enough of the conversation to understand the basics but…

Her attention was eventually and ultimately on him; he could see that she held interesting eyes just much like how his was hidden. His innocence and naivety were comparable to intensity and… There was another emotion and another instance that he couldn’t fully comprehend. Something underlying in those eyes he struggled to do anything with. He’d rub at his chin, tail shifting this way and that. Her exaggerated flair wasn’t lost on him and he’d slowly tilt his head to one side. Another day wasted? Had she been looking for something specific? He had to wonder.

The frustration in her tone was easy to pick up, for the other two he wasn’t entirely used to them. Perhaps it was harder to compare their days than he had any right to do so. His grin never waivered but most of his emotions could be conveyed from the various flicking, twitching or motions of the ears and tail. Or the way that his brows scrunched ever so slightly. Infinitely cheerful in a sense. He had stopped his approach, standing a good bit off from astrid as he didn’t want to push any boundaries the other may have.

Then came the explanation of what had occurred, at first he didn’t really understand what she meant by a ‘woman thing’, there was much of that that he wouldn’t understand for quite some time anyways. More so that he didn’t really live among humans easily enough and still didn’t entirely understand the complexities of what came with being a woman or a man. However his attention turned towards the demi-humans locked in cages; there was a slight adjustment of his jaw, a tensing of shoulders. An ever slight twitch under his eyes.

I suppose they blamed you for this sort of thing too… tch..[//b]”

His voice was soft; his naivety and innocence worked against him here but as astrid explained further his ears would perk up and a lot of concern was plastered across his face. Compared to the woman he wasn’t exactly the most eloquent nor did he have the same sort of issues but if the business inside was considered legal… even if he didn’t agree with its practices… but he also shouldn’t enact his own justice outside of his own jurisdiction. But there was a sense of freedom to enact what needed to be done.

”[b]Then there’s little time to act if that’s the case. I’ll have to speak with them about it and we’ll see if we can’t sort this out all right?

Saturn felt like if they had attacked her outright that the time for talking was past and he’d have to likely get a touch physical with them for the woman’s sake. Starting to walk towards the entrance of the building, hand coming to the knob to help push or pull the door inwards before ducking through it…


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"In my name..."

STR: 1 | SPD: 146 | CON: 251 | END: 251 | INT: 1001 | MANA: 11,650

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

Brief somewhat, but to the point. The figure may not have been the creature that its size and figure deceptively painted it as, but there was something to be appreciated.

It wasn’t a simple brute that lacked the understanding of promptness.

On one hand, she almost thought that there were have to be greater effort on her part, her selling of a story being believable enough, the nature of being in a foreign land always something that lent well to one another’s sense of perception. When everything is confusing and uncertain, it makes it all the easier to believe what one wants to. And though she had long since seen the reality of the world, there were no shortage of fools who believed that the people were inherently good.

Between her and the thing that was consoling her, she could say with certainty that at least one of them were not the fool. The other? Believing the first woman who expressed any sort of concern in her voice seldom without a shred of doubt, seldom was the smartest course of action. But, who was she to avert the movement forward of things? After, she as much were the conductor to this performance now, and her star had only now taken the stage.

“Thank you,” she said, her words hoarse, a sense of fear still penetrating through the otherwise busy air. She took a step back, stopping only as her hand touched against the warmed stone that made up the weathered stone fence. It had seen better days, certainly, as had much of this area honestly. Sin was a lovely nation, both in its cities and its natural landscapes, but often times it was the places like here where that beauty was lost. In part due to the lack of wealth that flowed in, much of it being recycled again into the same illicit affairs that made them popular, and through purposeful action; the less traffic that a place saw outside of those who had reason to do business here, the better.

But even if it made sense to her why this place was run down and all in all miserable of a place, it did not make her any less thrilled about being it. It simply made the contrast between her situation here and her time in Crocus all the more apparent. Her office had been given all the luxuries that one could have asked for; massive space, imported art from all throughout Earthland, modern luxuries aplenty. To have gone from that though to end up here, even knowing the entire reason for her trip, was still striking. The futility would have made it all the worse, though this was if nothing else looking like maybe it had something more to offer.

The first act had been promising enough, but it was time to see how the remainder of the performance would go.

Astrid watched carefully and intently as the large figure moved closer and closer into the compound, to the point of a brief glance making it seem like they themselves were a customer, so deep within cages of its kind locked away. She continued to watch, her lips not once moving, but her voice was heard.

Not by the figure that was looking deeper, hoping to uncover the truth to the story that Astrid had spun. No. Instead it were by the two whom she had first led, the two that she guided inside the compound, the same two whom she had put the large figure on the trail for.

“Someone is coming for you…”

“You have no time to run. You must fight. It is that or you will die.”

“He is just beyond the door, there is no other choice.”

“Do not relent. Do not allow him a chance.”


With each echoing of her false warning to those inside via the capabilities of her Eldritch Dragon Slayer Magic, she watched all the more intently and curious. She knew Khruschev would be fine; he had shown and proven himself to be far more resourceful than even she at times gave him credit for. As to the large figure whom was about to collide with the two whom likely had been whipped into a frenzy of their own, she didn’t know how it would end.

But she was excited to watch.


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There was much about him that was strange, much about him that was alien. So much so that often he was naive, often he was innocent, having no clue about the way that the world worked or the darkness that was within for the moment. There was a grace in that, a grace in his failings to understand the very people he wanted to protect. So the way that he took this scene by hand and was content on leading it forward on helping another? He didn’t have time to doubt what she said if someone was in danger and while he knew his form of justice and the fact he was trying to enstate that in a different country…

He couldn’t stand idle.

Her hoarse thanks was met with an honest and genuine smile, even though his smile was forever in this form. That he was nothing but kind and genuine; there was something that made this part of his body seem so much more than it ever was. While he moved deeper into the compound he felt his heart ache for those in the cages, he felt his heart ache for everything that was going on here. He felt the injustice, he felt the hopelessness in front of him. He felt the twisting sensation in his chest, felt the irony. Felt the hurt that was all around him. It was staggering, the song here was so foul, so harsh. Everything about this went about everything he was.

His hand curled slightly; there was a slight tremble to the way that it was held and a slight tremble of his tail. A flick and nervous twitch of his ear. He wasn’t on edge but he clearly was upset about what he was seeing. As he got deeper into the compound… He could feel to a degree the darker things that this place was capable of. He looked around; wordlessly. Trying to figure out where the two men she was talking about was.

A slight adjustment of his brow, a slight ‘gritting’ of his teeth. It would be wise to… no he shouldn’t use something like that here. If he did the prisoners here could get hurt and he wanted exactly opposite of that. So he’d have to rely on simply brute strength; as much as he could manage if they proved to be problematic. That and perhaps there was more of a misunderstanding than he expected. Still. He continued to hunt for these two, not sure where he was exactly looking. Squatting down slightly before cocking his head to one side. There was so much activity here that… well finding their trail would be difficult. He hated that about cities honestly…


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"In my name..."

STR: 1 | SPD: 146 | CON: 251 | END: 251 | INT: 1001 | MANA: 11,650

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

Her eyes were fixated upon the sight before her.

The figure, the beast as perhaps more appropriately described as, continued along, breaching the most basic layer of defense that existed within the compound; the grotesque state of those within the cages. Women, Demi-Humans more appropriately described as, of which their pasts may have widely ranged in terms of circumstance and fortunes, irrelevant in the end as all of them ended up within their steel enclosures. For whatever the thing before her was, there was a delight of sorts to see it having to walk amongst those that may well have been it had the gender it were born as differ.

A simple flip of a coin and rather than pursue two supposed vagrants that had tried to assault a defenseless woman, perhaps it would have been the one in the cage watching as a different creature were being led astray. She wondered just what it must have been that went through the beast’s head as it ventured deeper, any turning of the head away from the door in front of it leaving a caged damsel trapped within. Her own inspection of the women had been admittedly superficial, appeal and exotic allure being what most defined her interest in the Demi-Humans captured. But perhaps this thing, whatever it were, perhaps its morals would push it to be more concerned.

Maybe it would do something.

Maybe not.

There was no way to know for sure, as much as she found herself wondering quite if her own little game would give her the sufficient payoff she was hoping for. Sure, the threat had been made to the two inside, their own behaviors and objectives having led them entirely astray to the plot that Astrid was attempting to pull them and this beast into, but there was no certainty that they would have been willing participants even with the threat. And to the thing within the compound now, would it have been willing to actually go through with acting against the pair? A standoff was the last thing she wanted; it lent to the most underwhelming story that could have been written.

Though she was not a fan of the idea, within her mind Astrid knew there were few options available to her to ensure that the second act could begin. She held her palm forward, far enough to where she could tell where it would go, those who would be impacted. Likely nobody. There was always a chance for blowback to affect someone, but at that point it would have been most likely those within the cages, and even if that happened, it wouldn’t be like they would be able to tell what happened.

They would be none the wiser. As clueless as the figure inside, as those behind the door still. But they would all imagine the same thing. That it was a byproduct of the inevitable conflict; justification that they had to act first.

Either they would descend upon the beast or the beast would act in kind. It wasn’t likely that any sort of stalemate could last as the Eldritch Dragon Slayer blast radiated just outside, causing a loud boom that echoed throughout the street, sending debris and stone flying in all directions. Some landed just within the compound, at least one of the caged Demi-Humans crying out as debris smashed against the cage she were held within. From the streets, Astrid launched herself backwards, falling onto the street hard, mindful enough to avoid striking the poor stone wall that still stood, a part of her being confident that even the wall shifted slightly with the shockwave that reverberated out.

She winced slightly as she fell upon the ground. It wasn’t the most comfortable landing, but she had managed to angle herself appropriately she felt. If anything, it was the dirt and sand that now stained her clothes that left her most frustrated, but if it would be enough to draw out a conflict of some sort, she imagined that it would have been all the worth it.

Alas, something to reflect on in the future perhaps.


Spell(s) Used:

Name: Eldritch Dragon's Mind Blast
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Eldritch Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Offensive [Enhancement: Damage Over Time, Armor Piercing, Overcharge - Offensive]
Element: Arcane
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user pushes their palm forward towards a target to release an invisible blast. The blast expands outward in a cone, reaching a maximum height and width of 10 meters at the conclusion of the spell. It causes 1 S-Rank worth of damage on impact and knocks the target back for the remainder of the range.

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