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Phantom Lord

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Phantom Lord

Phantom Lord was a known Dark Guild years ago. After many years of being a ghost of Oak, a man known as Ibilis came back to revive it. Already a known, if enigmatic figure in the Underworld - a powerful man willing to go to any lengths to get what he wanted - Iblis saw the power in that name, and it captivated him, until he took it for his own organization. The world is now a playground to Phantom Lord, and an expression of Iblis' ideals: To indulge in your deepest, darkest, most decadent desires without anybody to hold you back.

To this end he created a veritable Cult of Chaos in all but name, a group that dabbles in all sorts of criminal activities, but with a very different goal beyond mere pursuit of profit. To Phantom Lord, the mayhem created by their actions is its own reward, and anything else is but a welcome bonus. The reasons for engaging in these endeavors differ between each Phantom, after all, Iblis welcomes all who are willing and eager to throw off the yoke of morality and pursue their own heartfelt desires. Some engage in rampant criminality; bank robberies, black market deals, murders for hire... Others pursue more insidious goals, searching for power where no mortals would dare venture, while others still are content with a more mundane degree of thuggery and vandalism. Or anything in between. Members are encouraged to seek out opportunities that strike their fancy, and if none can be found, create them.

Phantom Lord lacks a strict hierarchy, as Iblis encourages his Phantoms to act upon their impulses and aid each other in their ambitions. The guild values pure freedom, while Iblis delights in the death and chaos resulting from his uninhibited Phantoms acting without a shred of restraint, letting them do as they please so long as they don't act against the Guild. Power, profit or simple thrills, Phantom Lord's main goal lies in the indulgence of the individual, and the power needed to act upon them without retribution from those who would oppose them.


  • The user may not take any Good Quests.

  • The user may not reveal sensitive information about Phantom Lord to others for as long as they live.

  • The user may not bring their own problems to the doorsteps of the guild. They are required to be capable enough to deal with their problems without letting it affect the headquarters.

  • The user may not go against the Guild Master by all means, or dare to plan against him as he'll automatically find out and demolish you in his own way.


An eerie structure that started life as an abbey, the guild hall of Phantom Lord stands apart from the rest of the world as it is housed across a long stone bridge on a plateau all of its own, and has been expanded over time past the central structure. This still makes up the main chamber of the building, gothic architecture abounds in the series of spired towers that sprawl from this large main area, looming highest is the master's private chambers, where he can watch over both his guild and look down upon the world as a whole.

The fixtures within are far from hospitable to most, unlike many guilds which look inviting and comfortable many of the features found within this building would likely be more at home in a dungeon, with the walls lined with racks and manacles between sconces that drip wax and it isn't unheard of to find some form of instrument of torture within most of the rooms. The grand hall features several long tables used for feasting and meeting, at the head of these is a throne where the master sits and is flanked by positions which are occupied by his chief lieutenants. There is a key hierarchy in place, the more favour you have earned the closer you are to 'god' so to speak, and rookies are beaten down for presuming they can sit at the head of any tables.

Beyond the hall the building features many rooms which afford the locale a measure of self-sufficiency, there are store rooms to keep food and drink in, and a wine cellar in which the GM keeps a large stock of his favorites. Beyond this also houses training rooms and a laboratory to brew draughts and potions, along with an armory there is a vault for plunder and treasure, while the master keeps the more powerful magical items locked away in a special store in his tower.

Offering lodgings for the members, once again it seems that rank is important as several of the towers serve as 'dormitories', and like with the hall the higher one climbs the higher one lives. This both literal and metaphorical, rookies and the lesser gifted tend to bunk together in communal rooms while the more elite toward the tops of the towers have their own rooms to themselves, or to share with the folk they are closest with.

The area in which the guild is situated seems to be afflicted by the dark magics and rituals which have been performed in the area, very little plant or animal life seems to linger close to the site, save for a colony of bats that live in the structure and the occasional crow or raven. The eerie effect of the mana inherent to the place actually seems to warp both the climate and appearance, one will note the ambient temperature dropping a few degrees which can provoke a shiver from the unprepared, and even on a sunny day the area seems dimmer and duller than most. Looking even more intimidating at night, the warping effect of the area seems to add crimson color to the moonlight, making it appear as if the building and space around it are steeped in blood, perhaps as a message for those faint of heart that this is not a place to stay…

King of Cards

Iblis is the current master of Phantom Lord. He believes chaos will reign and the world deserves nothing besides it. His goal is to enjoy the true freedom that they were born to have, with those who have the same belief. All who defy him and have not lived to tell the tale of what he does, but those who have heard the punishments cower in fear or respect him even more. His family is unknown, some call him a god, a god that defies all other gods like his namesake. Iblis, a name that means 'Enemy of Gods'. After all, only one Goddess truly matters: For him, there is no greater pleasure than the world burning before his eyes and watching people beg for their lives, feeding the Goddess of Death with all beneath him and his guild.

Hidden under the dark for so long, he finally ascends to bring back the greatness of the Phantom Lord and make the world his Phantom Sanctum. The power he has brought with him is unknown, but an aura so powerful says it could even overpower the highest of Gods. Which is needed as their guild will someday even be targeted by equally powerful beings, or so he believes. Until that moment comes, he's happy to simply sit back and enjoy the show as his Phantoms unleash themselves on the world at large.

Guild Spells

  • Name: Shadow Realm
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: 50 meters
    Cooldown: Once per month
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user stretches their arm out towards the enemy and activates the spell, with a symbol of Phantom Lord appearing below themselves and their target. Almost instantly, a shadowy black hole reminiscent of a pitfall will appear underneath the enemy, sucking them into a shadowy dimension. The enemy will fall into the shadow dimension and be removed from the topic, and will be ejected sometime later in their home or Guild base. The user and their allies may not claim any fight rewards from that enemy as the battle will be treated as a draw. Enemies affected by this ability may not reenter the topic using any abilities, with the exception of defenders in Raid threads, who would be ejected back from the shadow realm close to the location they are defending. This spell cannot be dodged or nullified.

  • Name: Phantom Warp
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: Once per month
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user taps their foot on the ground, which causes a seal of Phantom Lord to appear underneath their feet. As the spell activates the user seemingly vanishes into thin air, and may teleport to any other location they know. This allows them to exit the topic rather regardless of their speed, and reappear in the topic of their choice. They may only teleport to their Guild Hall or anywhere one of their allies is present. The user cannot attack in the same turn as they use this spell, and it cannot be nullified.

  • Name: Ghostly Miasma
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: 50 Meters
    Cooldown: Once per topic
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The snaps their fingers, a symbol of Phantom Lord appearing underneath their feet as the spell activates. The user radiates a foul miasma that permeates through the entire area, severely weakening enemies in the area. They'll find their grip on their weapons and magic weakening with every moment. Enemies in the area cannot benefit from Attribute boosting spells or abilities so long as the spell is sustained. This spell cannot be nullified.


Level 1:
  • Unseen Menace By tapping their guild mark, the user makes it disappear which hides their identity and prevents them from being invaded in topics they created. Users with a bounty instead have the effects of their reputation reduced by two levels.

Level 2:
  • Well Connected: The user receives 10% Extra Jewels from Quests.

Level 3:
  • Omnipresence: The user may claim two additional Social Interactions every month. Additionally, they may take lower-ranked members on Social Interactions up to their own rank. This cannot exceed the maximum number of S-ranks allowed per month.

Level 4:
  • Experienced Night Socialite: The user receives a 20% Experience for all types of Infamy quests, including Social interactions.

Level 5:
  • Grand Larceny: Once per topic, they may choose an item from another player's inventory to make a copy of. The user may freely use that item if they have an item slot available, as though it had been pulled from a pocket dimension. If available for purchase or Lupin, the user may also buy that item with a 30% Discount while the topic is ongoing.

The King's Cards

  • Queen Nikki

  • Jack: Kana

  • Ace: Jen

  • Joker: Kanna

  • Spots: Kuriana

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