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[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem

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[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Mon Apr 08, 2024 2:09 pm

As dusk settled, Hosenka, with its Joyan-inspired architecture and bustling streets, held a different allure under the canopy of twinkling stars. An ambience of lively camaraderie and laughter echoed in the cool evening air as gentle steam rose from one of its famous hot springs. Eelzad found himself indulging in the town's renowned hospitality amid the natural serenity and convivial spirits.

In the beginning, Eelzad had enjoyed a quiet reprieve from his adventures, soaking in the healing waters and enjoying some peace. Despite the vibrancy of Hosenka and the warmth of its people, the evening turned into an impromptu celebration of life's simpler pleasures. As he shared stories and jokes with the other guests, Eelzad's formidable presence was softened by the genial atmosphere.

Clad in nothing but a towel, his necklace, and his trademark confidence, Eelzad raised a cup of Sake, the traditional brew gifted by the Joyan culture, toasting to new friendships and the shared experience of the hot springs. Several travelers and locals joined him in the toast, each with their preferred drink. Their faces glowed with the warmth of the water and the evening's festivities.

"Bring me more! Join us! "

While the laughter settled into a warm, companionable lull, Eelzad leaned back against the edge of the hot spring, the steam curling lazily around him. In a languid gesture, he waved his cup in the air, signaling for another pour of sake.

"Ah, my friends," Eelzad began, his voice a smooth blend of mirth and nostalgia, "this reminds me of my last quest before I joined the guild. A client was an eccentric collector who was obsessed with acquiring a relic believed to be guarded by the spirits themselves. I was alone in the depths of the Cursed Forest surrounded only by shadows and whispers.

As the attendant navigated the wooden planks that surrounded the hot spring, he refilled Eelzad's cup. His eyes twinkled with the reflection of the lanterns that dotted the area as he nodded his thanks.

Taking a sip, he savored the warmth of the drink, which contrasted with the heat of spring. He continued, gesturing with his refilled cup, "what the client failed to mention is that the relic was protected not just by any spirits, but by a legion of ghostly warriors, remnants of a forgotten battle, bound to protect it forever."

Listeners' drinks were temporarily forgotten as intrigue and suspense circulated among them.

The sound of Eelzad chuckling was rich with the thrill of retrospect. "There I was, thinking my greatest challenge would be the journey there. I was right, it's a lot easier when you have the power of the ripple. That makes me a specialist when dealing with those kinds of problems." Flexing his bicep, an intoxicated Eelzad would boast more while drunk.

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#2Salem E. 

[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Mon Apr 08, 2024 10:57 pm

Salem E.

After all the work he put in. Salem was going to make sure he had a fun night on the town. Hosenka was a great place to be but it was really busy for him. All he wanted to do was go on cute dates with his wolf man. Maybe bang some of the locals so well they make a statue out of his dong, then eat and try every food around. This was not something that came to pass. His man toy was busy so he found himself more alone than what he really wanted. He just really disliked it when his man had that time of month.

This time he finished his drink and was determined to get in the hotspring. He went over to the osen. Grabbed the towel and got ready. He threw it over his solder not really feeling like wrapping it around his body. He liked to give the people present a show. His body was the definition of what the Fae could do for you.

The sound of laughter reached his ears and grabbed his attention when he made it in. To say he was surprised was an understatement. Salem saw a dude that almost looked as good as him. The man had a complexion that was not common to Fiore. He would not be surprised if a man like him was Desiertian. At least to some extent. It was finally a decent guy to look at. Looking at him Salem thought he was practically made to be someone’s eye candy. He had a decent muscle structure and good hair.

Salem got in the water quickly. He did not want anything to start showing out in the open. With his powers he could move the mist to cover himself up more anyway. He was not too worried but he was trying to keep some semblance of proper etiquette. He swam his way over to listen in better on the conversation and even actively participate. Wanting to know more details about the man.

He picked up the man was in a magic guild. It would be a small world if he was in the same guild as well. He could have actually helped with the fire rabbits. That or some of the clean up that was required from all the damage. The pay was good though.

“What is the ripple?I don’t think I have ever heard of that type of magic. And what guild are you from?” He asked that question just as he was able to make out the guild tattoo on the man's chest. A very familiar one because Salem had the same tattoo. His was covered by the water but could get noticed if he moved closer and lift his legs up out of it. Not that he was going to lift his legs up yet. A person had to at least buy him a snack first.

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As Eelzad was absorbed in the jovial atmosphere and the tales he was telling of his past adventures, Salem's approach was not immediately noticed by him. As soon as the newcomer's voice made its way through the steamy air with a curious and smooth tone, Eelzad's attention shifted to the newcomer. Then he turned towards Salem, whose confident entrance and unapologetic demeanor as much as his physical appearance astounded him as much as his confidence and boldness. This was not the first time Eelzad had encountered someone of such importance; it wasn't every day that he encountered someone like him.

"The ripple?" Eelzad asked, his voice carrying a note of intrigue. "It's a magic form passed down through generations of vampire hunters. It allows the user to harness their mana in a way that mimics the energy and purity of the sun. "He explained in a tone that hinted at the complexity behind the simple description of the spell. "Quite effective against creatures of darkness."

There was a flicker of recognition and surprise in Eelzad's eyes as he noticed Salem's guild tattoo." In addition, it seems we have more in common than just an interest in unique magics, "he continued, a warm smile spreading across his face as he continued. "I am a member of the same guild as you are. Small world, eh?"

The mist swirled lazily around them as Eelzad respected the delicate balance between privacy and openness the hot springs naturally engendered. "I have heard about the fire rabbits and the cleanup missions that are going on. There has been quite a bit of activity in the guild lately. Is that something you were also involved in? " he inquired.

As the steam rose into the night, two guildmates found common ground in a surprising place. His relaxed yet commanding stance in the water revealed a man comfortable in his own skin and in Salem's company. His openness encouraged trust and camaraderie between them.

"It must have taken a deft hand and a cool head to deal with those creatures. They are unpredictable as well as fiery."

It seemed that the mist around them was ebbing slightly, giving room for the burgeoning connection between the two guildmates. In the water, Elzad shifted a little, his posture inviting further conversation.

"I'm Eelzad Kors," he introduced himself formally, extending his hand toward Salem. "And you are?" Perhaps this was a higher ranking person of the guild? Who knew?

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#4Salem E. 

[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Fri Apr 12, 2024 10:17 pm

Salem E.

Salem has an amused smirk on his face from an errant thought.The man had a magic that was not only effective against his vampire ex. It also worked on his current werewolf boyfriend. He found it funny in a mundane way. Not that he thought this guy could take Alaric down. His pupman had a killer hook. Although. he had a body that said he would try.

“Yes. It can be called a small world.” Salem gave a happy reply when he found another guildmate. It was funny. Spending so much time in the guild and never really seeing them. Showing up at an event for Fairy Tale and Blue Pegasus, he can practically throw a rock and come across another.

The fact that the information on the fire rabbits got out so fast was almost surprising to him. It was almost because Salem understood how amazing he was. It would be weirder if people were not talking about him. “Yeah. I was a part of some of the fun. It is a lot to do.”

Salem was glad to have met a fellow guild mate. Even one so willing to open his legs. It left the Fae with a good impression. Salem thought for a moment after the introduction. He could have found out more about the fellow through his own means but decided to be normal.

“Salem. Salem Emir but everyone just calls me Salem.” Salem signaled for some of the workers. He ordered some more liquor for Eelzad and him to celebrate their meeting. It was normally not recommended for people to drink and bathe. Except with excellent magical healers it became more of a none issue. That and mages leaned towards having a strong constitution. Not more than adventurers but still pretty strong. “Here. Let us drink something better, till our heart's content at our meeting. In fact a free round for all present.”

Taking the expensive sake from the server. Salem downed it in one gulp while in the buff. The place seemed to be watching in mild interest at Salem. A pretty man with semi androgynous features but still manly. That and he had enough jewels to up the anti of the place. Not knowing that most of the money was taken when he put down an insurgency some time ago. Not that the dead would be able to call him out on taking it. For now he was going to honor their memory but getting the entire place hammered. It would be what he wanted if the situation was reversed.

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[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Sat Apr 13, 2024 4:54 pm

Elzad raised his eyebrow in appreciation as Salem ordered drinks for everyone present, clearly taking control of the evening in a generous and audacious manner. "You have a way of making an impression, Salem," Eelzad remarked with a smile, accepting the sake with a nod. While the other guests murmured thanks, the steam around them shimmered with excitement, the atmosphere becoming even more convivial.

Eelzad savored the warmth that spread through him as Salem downed his drink. His eyes, however, remained keenly on Salem, intrigued by this guildmate who could effortlessly turn a quiet evening into a celebration.

"You certainly have the spirit of an adventurer," Eelzad said, setting his cup aside. "It's not just anyone who can stir up the crowd and light up the night quite like you. Tell me, Salem, with all the exploits and missions you've been involved in, there must be one that stands out. Can you tell me one? My ears are open to a good tale, especially one that's lived rather than simply told."

Eelzad leaned back against the hot spring edge, his posture relaxed but his attention entirely focused on Salem. As a storyteller, he was interested in hearing more about Salem's experiences. According to him, stories are not only stories that entertain, but are windows into the souls of those who have lived them.

"And if you don't mind my curiosity," Eelzad continued, "how do you manage balancing the demands of our guild with your... personal adventures?" He continued, "It seems you manage to weave quite the tapestry of experiences." In his tone, he was light but sincere, which indicated that he had a particular interest in understanding how Salem integrated his vibrant personal life into their shared guild duties.

Aside from Eelzad's curiosity about Salem's adventures, he was also fascinated by the undercurrent of magic that seemed to ripple through his presence as well as by Salem's adventures. When Eelzad observed Salem's easy charm and the way in which the mist seemed to obey his whims, he realized that there was much more to his guildmate's abilities than what was evident at first glance.

"As fascinating as your tales are, I also find your magic equally captivating," Eelzad said, leaning slightly forward, his eyes reflecting the flickering light from the lanterns that surrounded him. "The power of Ripple Magic can be seen in the way it fights what is considered as dark beings. But what about your own magic, Salem? I see that you seem to have your own unique touch. If you could tell me some basics about how your magic works, I would be more than happy to take it at face value. After all, this is a party, so there is no need for serious talk. "

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#6Salem E. 

[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Tue May 07, 2024 1:05 pm

Salem E.

Salem was downing some of the drink with gusto. He was really relaxed in the hotspring. He started making spouts and stuff in the water with one hand. His ears perked up when Eelzad spoke about a spirit of an adventurer. It was funny how close the man actually came.

“Hahaha..” Salem chuckled a bit before collecting himself. “You were so close when you mentioned the spirit of adventurer, the girls kinda a dick though. Anyway for me I end up on various adventurers because of the guild. Before that I spent centuries in my home land. Providing entertainment and shelter.”

Salem would be a bit unaware if he pointed out he was inhuman in those words. He did not take the humans too seriously anyway. If they reacted negatively that would be on them. He was having fun as he made more intricate patterns, dismissing some of the mist so others can check out the spectacle. Salem was made as an Oasis spirit and was considered a Fairy of fun, games, and shelter. Getting a group of people or anyone to have fun when he felt like it was second nature to him.

The Fairy Godfather would talk about one of his adventurers fighting a Kraken, or how he told the story about a squid that felt like it was too grown up. That was an underwater battle that took a lot out of him. It had an extra large mouth with extra sharp teeth. It made him think about how his current body imagined vaginas to be. It was more funny to him than anything. Some looked at him like he was boasting or absolutely nuts.

“Oh, my magic is an interesting tidbit of conversation. Well magic in general. Humans often view it so one dimensionally, not that you all can be blamed. You are often not inclined to feel it as deeply as the other races, you and the fauna.”

Salem took another swig. His tolerance was a lot higher while being in the water because he would heal himself subconsciously.

“Anyway. My magic is of the aquatic nature. I manipulate it in different ways for different needs. It is not even a serious discussion so don’t stress about it. It just comes naturally to me. Water needs a lot of control and creativity. So it works best with people that can think.”

The mage was emphasizing his point with the water show that he was putting on. He had a couple of dolphins swimming through some rings mid air, a water flow show going, and even an octopus putting his drinks to his lips for him. It was all so simple and easy to him. Mostly because he had a ton of mana and was using the water readily available.

“You can probably find ways to use your magic as well. Ripples sound interesting but I am sure you are much more than that. The muscles on your body and the shape of it..” Salem licked his lips as he stared before continuing. “Tells a nice story all on their own. You must have trained hard or have one or two more interesting tales.” Salem took a moment to finish off cup number eleven. Making sure to order even more drinks. If not for himself but for everyone present. Looks like the fun fairy was going to have this place wrecked.

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[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Tue May 07, 2024 9:59 pm

It was with a mixture of admiration and amusement that Eelzad watched Salem's water show. There was a fluid elegance to the water forms, from dolphins to swirling rings, which perfectly complemented Salem's light-hearted demeanor and his light-hearted demeanor. Despite Eelzad's own approach to magic which is rooted in the tangible force of Ripple Magic, his own approach to magic felt distinctly different yet fundamentally similar in the way it connected deeply with the soul of its wielder.

"You wield your magic with such ease and joy," Eelzad remarked, his voice filled with genuine interest as he observed the aquatic spectacle. "In fact, I find it quite mesmerizing, actually. It reminds me that magic, in all its forms, reflects the essence of the one who wields it. Yours brings joy and wonder to the world, qualities that are much needed in every place."

Eelzad leant back in his chair and took the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the hot spring, as well as the company with which he shared it. Salem's comment about his physical appearance and implied stories behind his muscles drew a chuckle from him. "Ah, yes, the tales these muscles could tell," he responded playfully, giving a slight flex as if to humor Salem's observation." A great deal of training has been put into it, indeed, and not all of it was for battle. There have also been many hours dedicated to mastering the control needed for ripple magic--precision in the flow of energy through the body, just as you have control over water."

Eelzad then leaned forward slightly, his curiosity piqued by Salem's background and magic. "It's fascinating hearing about your adventures and seeing your magic in action. It really does add a whole new dimension to how I view magical abilities. And yes, ripple magic is my forte, but I've always believed in exploring the full potential of any magic. It's about pushing boundaries, after all, isn't it? There is a magic in the future that I'll try to obtain, but it'll take some time."

With a thoughtful nod towards Salem's continued antics with the water, Eelzad continued, "Your ability to bring fun and lightheartedness to any situation is remarkable. It’s a rare gift, and frankly, quite refreshing. As for my own tales, they're a mix of the mundane and the magical. From dueling with dark mages to quieter moments spent mastering a new spell under the moonlight."

As Salem ordered more drinks, Eelzad raised his glass in a salute. "To new friendships and shared tales," he toasted, smiling warmly. "I hope you are able to hold your liquor, my new friend. "

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#8Salem E. 

[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Tue May 07, 2024 11:11 pm

Salem E.

Salem did not say much as he downed his shot and listened. He was happy that Eelzad was pretty. He was worried the human must have taken a lot in terms of brain damage. The poor thing. It was that or the selective hearing was strong. After giving it a bit more though Salem simply remembered he was smarter than most. It could just be him comparing Eelzad to someone like himself. The scary comparison made him think a bit less than. Not like it was his fault he was a human as well. It was like a part of what he spoke was lost on the poor human. He deemed it necessary to tone down the smarts to bring up the fun.

“Yep. Magic is all about possibilities. That is a good thought.”

The Fairy Godfather said the words and downed some more drinks. He was putting the alcohol away like it was an ugly child, on parents day at the orphanage. Some of the people in the background started to cheer the two people along. It seemed like it was becoming a competition between the two heaviest drinkers. Salem and Eelzad.

“I can hold my liquor well enough. Looks like you have some skill as well. If you can outdrink me. I can gift you something valuable. If I win. I can use a bit more muscle for things.”

Salem had a crap stirring grin on his face. He doubted he would be able to lose. If Eelzad did not notice he was cognizant enough to shape his mana and control his spells. That meant it should be an easy win on his end.

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[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Tue May 07, 2024 11:11 pm

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[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Thu May 09, 2024 7:29 am

Eelzad's eyes lit up with competitive fire as he caught the challenge in Salem's words and the mischievous glint in his eyes. The call to a drinking contest was exactly the kind of spontaneous adventure Eelzad relished, especially after the engaging discussions they had shared. With a broad grin spreading across his face, he nodded enthusiastically.

"You're on, Salem! Let's see who can truly hold their liquor,"
Eelzad declared, his voice booming with excitement as he reached for another shot. He raised his glass high, signaling the beginning of their friendly duel. "To magic, mayhem, and a night to remember!"

The crowd around them, already energized by the spectacle of magic and camaraderie, cheered louder at the announcement of the contest. Eelzad and Salem became the center of attention, their spirited competition adding to the festive atmosphere of the evening.

Eelzad knocked back his first drink smoothly, slamming the empty glass down with a satisfying thud. He immediately reached for another, keeping pace with Salem's impressive consumption. Each shot was followed by a burst of cheers from the onlookers, who were clearly enjoying the show.

As the rounds continued, Eelzad maintained his focus, using his training and willpower to keep the effects of the alcohol at bay. His background as a warrior and mage had honed his body and mind to withstand various challenges, and he was determined to give Salem a run for his money.

"Hope you've got something truly valuable in mind, Salem, because I'm not planning on making this easy for you!" Eelzad joked between drinks, his spirits high and his demeanor still sharp despite the increasing amount of alcohol.

The competition grew fiercer and more animated, the friendly rivalry only served to deepen the bond forming between the two, their shared laughter and good-natured teasing resonating with the magic of the night.

However, as the contest drew on, the cumulative effects of the alcohol began to manifest. Eelzad's laughter grew louder, his movements less precise. His cheer remained undiminished, but his body started to betray the strain of the contest.

With one final, hearty swig, Eelzad attempted to set his glass back on the table. His hand, less steady now, missed the edge slightly. His attempt to correct the mishap came too late; the momentum was already shifting. With a slow, almost comedic wobble, Eelzad's sturdy frame began to sway. His eyes, still sparkling with amusement, widened as he realized his balance was compromised.

The crowd gasped and then chuckled as Eelzad, with a surprised huff, leaned heavily on the table. It wasn't enough to stabilize him, and with a resonant thud, Eelzad's elbow slipped, sending him gently collapsing onto the table. A few more hiccups escaped him as he tried to push himself up, his movements sluggish and his speech slurred with a jovial, "Well, that's quite enough, I suppose! It's my loss, Salem."

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#12Salem E. 

[FPHS – Drinking Contest] Eelzad/Salem Empty Sat May 11, 2024 10:23 pm

Salem E.

Salem took down another shot with a crap eating grin on his face. This was a competition that was pretty much rigged. If you wanted to beat a Fae at anything the first step would be getting them out of their element. Letting someone like Salem compete while in a body of water was asking for a thrashing.

“Yes. To magic and mayhem!”

The next shot went down with gusto. Salem was taking the time to savor each drink while he did it. He found it humorous because he was already out drinking Eelzad, mostly because he was healing but he was doing it. The extra consumption of alcohol was having an effect on him. Salem had to tone down on the water works before stopping completely. Actively using magic that he could not control was asking for trouble. Salem was not one to participate in involuntary manslaughter often. He preferred to be a lot more deliberate with it.

“You can actually put it away.”

That was the final word Salem managed to get out before Eelzad went down. Salem was shortly going to drop as well. He resisted by not taking another drink since he already won. He would take a moment to actually try to heal and sober up. When it was a passive effect he did not think about it as cheating. If he really tried to heal he would have never gotten drunk.

When Salem was sober and in his right mind, he gave his newfound compadre a smile. He took a liking to Eelzad. He was a simple minded person that was easy to get along with. Salem paid to have the dude taken to a nearby room. He got his own as well. It was a pleasant windfall that the place paid them from all the publicity their competition drummed up.


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