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Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green]

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Fang over Fang [Jikan/Green] - Page 2 Empty Sat Aug 20, 2022 10:23 pm


Mia had continued to dig dig dig in her back. Only letting out a small eeeep Feeling herself get pulled up by her little shirt by Jikan's handle. Being carried/dragged forward. She let out a soft sigh as she kept her head in the bag, fully hearing everything that was said so she knew the details already. Guess she had to look while moving. "Can of tuna...no. Chocolate cookie....no....a stuff toy???....no". Dig dig dig she went. Determined to find a gift for her new friend!!

Once they got to the designated spot outside of town, Jikan put Mia down and patted her head as the exceed continued to look in the bag. Her tail going wag wag wag as she dug in more. "Couple for a game store?...maybe....couple for food stand...darn it...it is expired...gotta keep looking". Dig dig dig. While Mia did this Jikan had continued to move. Finalizing her spot. Her neck popped as she stretched her neck, her left arm still held hidden within her robe. She snapped her finger and looked at Mia. In that instant Mia stuck her hand out of her bag. A ball of light in her hand fly off towards Jikan, impacting her immediately. Jikan's appearance changed, her causal Joya outfit changed into her full battle armor and gear. Her weapon on her right hand as well.

A bit excitement already starting inside her, Jikan smirked, the gesture hidden under her helmet as well. She stretched her legs out as Lucretia asked her question, trying to get a nice warm up. "Hmmm? More than last time. I am going to use my magic against you this time around, so go with where you think you need to match. Keep it nice and challenging and all yea??". Jikan wanted a good fight, challenging. She wanted an opportunity to grow. She had no idea really how strong Lucretia was or how hard she could push her. But, the last fight was extremely challenging and fun, so with the time that had passed, hopefully she could get something twice as exciting.

Given that the two were just getting formalities out of the way. Jikan decided not to move yet. And so, she just got in her quard. Her left and right arms up, the length of her 1.5 meter arms to protect her body and head. She held her hands up in a boxing stance, having them close to cover as much as they could. "Ready? we'll begin when you are friend".

Wc: 433

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#27Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The little drache looked a bit concerned about Mia who was still digging around in their sack, he’d lean this way or that as he fluttered after the trio. Scratching at his head was it really that important that she return something for the apple? It was just meant to be a nice gesture. Hearing the snap he’d look between the two and Lucretia herself who still stood in all her ‘glory’ couldn’t help but blink owlishly as the other changed into their battle attire. Many wouldn’t just walk around in full gear like she would. She’d grin a little bit, toss the helmet up and let it fall onto her head; clasping it with one hand.

Last time we were neck n neck but a lot has changed. For the both of us it feels.

Lucretia drew in a soft breath, feeling her body respond to her commands. She felt her muscles draw taut and she could feel it hike with the added resistances. She was already ‘in’ the form that she had been walking around in but she hadn’t been in combat. It was oddly different.

If jikan was going to use her magic, if she was going to be as ample of a fighter… Lucretia nodded her head. Her grip tightened on the haft of her weapon. The shaka zulu assgei growled in response. A weapon. Growled.

Lucretia wasn’t the one to waste words, she wasn’t the one that thought less of her friends or family for doing what they liked. She knew deep down in her gut that someday in the future she might have to cross swords in anger with many that she would have called friends.

Jikan would not get an answer; but what would greet her only a handful of beings had seen and what they had seen was a lesser version. A weaker version of the hybrid form. Lucretia’s body distended further. Standing tall and above where her werewolf form crested. She was positively massive, standing a whopping 5 meters in height. Looming over her friend for a all of a moment.

People like us were born ready Jikan~

Lucreita didn’t let that be anything more than a firm acknowledgement of her friend before she lept forward. Defenses? She definitely knew her friend had them in spades but with her size and strength she’d let her friend know that she was taking her seriously. She was going to give it her absolute all.

She’d drive her spear forward in a thrust, looking to slam Jikan’s chest with the rough part of her spear; not playing pretend. Neither of them would ever consider to do that to the other in any shape or form.

WC: 452/2000
Combat stuff:
Mana: 3,340/4,175

Gear/Racial effects:
Apex Predator Smell : The user can smell the scent of anything within a 50-meter range to determine their location and hunt them down.

Night Vision: Werewolves are able to see in the dark as though it is day. This also allows them see through magical darkness.

Alpha Physiology: Instead of the normal 20% increase that Werewolves receive passively, the user receives a 30% increase in their Strength, Speed, Constitution, and Endurance. This does not stack with the Transformations.

Magically Inept: Werewolves have difficulty casting magic having a 20% increase in mana cost and a One post cool-down increase for all spells.

Composed Transformation: Not turned, but born as Werewolves, these few can control their transformations better than others. Their transformations have a 0 post cooldown.

Compass Awareness: The user can sense directions like a compass, knowing where a specific direction is. The user receives a reduction of 20% on traveling by foot or on their mount.

Bestial Scaling: The user can dig their fingers into a surface, then propel upward and dig in again, generating the effect of wall-crawling. This can be done on vertical and horizontal surfaces. They cannot stand straight on walls though.

In Tune With The Lands: The harsh savannah of their homeland offered Shaka little refuge from the elements. Constant prolonged exposure to the sun and landscape had toughened Shaka's skin to the resilience of natural reflection. Thus, whenever the user receives damage to their Constitution via Physical Damage, the damage is returned to the source as well for 3 ranks lower than the equivalent received.

Voice Plugin: The user can alter the sound of their voice. The voice is obviously modified, sounding slightly unnatural and enchanted. The user can mentally adjust the pitch, masculinity or femininity, and reverberation of their voice at will.

Destruction Swing: The user becomes more comfortable using two-handed weapons. The damage of a two-handed weapon is increased by 50%. This only affects the damage listed on the page of the weapon.

Belle of the Battlefield: The user can wield a two-handed weapon as if it was a one-handed weapon without the necessary Strength requirement.

Two-Handed Prowess: The damage of Two-Handed melee weapons is increased by 40%. This only affects the damage output of the weapon. It does not affect the damage output of the user.

Abilities used:
Name: Full-Transformation: Precursor Werewolf.
Mana Cost: 10% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: 50 RP posts as a Werewolf after this has been purchased
Type: Transformation
Range: Self
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user becomes three meters in height. The entire appearance shifts into that of an overgrown monstrous wolf. It is said that only a few Werewolves in history have managed to access this form. Among Werewolves, it is also said that this form comes closest to what their ancestor might have looked like. The transformation increases the base Strength, Speed, Constitution, and Endurance by 150%. In addition, the user receives a Minor Magic and Physical Resistance. Spells, however, cost 50% more mana instead of 20% more mana while using this transformation. This is not a spell but a biological capability. Therefore it cannot be canceled by artifacts or magics that can cancel spells.

Name: Shaka Zulu's Kingly Manifestation
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 10% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: Shaka Zuku's Assagai
Type: Transformation
Element: Wind
Range: ~
Cooldown: Once Per Topic
Duration: Sustain
Effect: When using Shaka Zulu's Kingly Manifestation, the user grows two meters in height while becoming more muscular. The appearance of the user shifts into that of a muscular, bipedal, humanoid lion. The transformation increases the base Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Constitution of the user by 100% as long as it is sustained. The user also receives Minor Magical Resistance and Minor Physical Resistance while using this transformation. Though, the user cannot use magic while using Shaka Zulu's Kingly Manifestation except for spells attached to items. This transformation cannot be canceled by items or magics that can cancel spells.


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Her hands continued to stand at attention as she watched her friend speak. Legs bent and relaxed. "Yes, yes it was, and quite challenging. Never had I ever regretted fighting someone without using my magic". She...laughed? Jikan actually laughed. Thinking back to the intense spar and the other times with Lucretia...it was...fun. Nice. "We have both indeed grown, a lot I can assume. Thus why i don't want to hold back with my magic this time. But even then, I expect you to give me a work out with this Lulu".

Jikan's eyes eyed Lucretia as she spoke. The soft breath from the werewolf bringing a surge of strength and power into her muscles. It looked....larger now? More defined? Looks like she was far stronger in this werewolf form than she thought, she must had been relaxing this whole time! Worse yet, she thought she heard that spear growl...was it a sentient weapon?!? God, it was more troublesome than she had grown to know.

Soon Jikan found herself speech less at what happened next before her. Jikan was....seeing Lucretia transform again. She had no idea that werewolfs could go a level beyond. Throughout her years of study and experience, she had only see them change into what Lucretia was before, a big fluffy, puffy, strong form that was a bi pedal hybrid human wolf look. At times, with effort to exert themselves more, their physical appearance looking further like that of a wolf. Lucretia's body grew, a massive 5 meters in the air...god...she wondered if Lucretia's limbs grew as well due to this? That would make fighting and getting into close range be an even trickier task...

”People like us were born ready Jikan~ ”.

For once....Lucretia had said something that Jikan was going to disagree with. Raiding Paradise Dawn and taking whatever defeat if she was too weak, Fighting a dragon solo to defend Orchidia, losing her arm in the process. That was what she was ready for. But a 5 meter giant that she could feel was tremendously physically powerful, she was not ready for!!! This was beyond anything, this...was....THRILLING. If she was the type of lady to giggle she would be doing it uncontrollably right now!! My god Lucretia....you...are..simply....AMAZING. Her mind shriek in excitement in her mind seeing the transformation.

Jikan back pedaled when she saw Lucretia move, her body moving 8.75 meters in the first second and 17 meters in the second. Depending how the actions in the seconds of her movement went, would determined if she continued to or was able to move backwards. The transformed werewolf quickly closing in on the 25 meter distance between them. In a second of her movement, Lucretia would have been able to travel 17.5 meters. Then another second to have her body stop moving.

During these two actions, Jikan would act. And with the terrifying amount of physical power before her she new she had to not hold back here if she wished a slimmer of a chance of winning the spar....which..honestly she thought was impossible. Instead, she just had to make it as challenging as possible! In the first second of her run backwards while still facing Lucretia, Jikan would cast two spells. With a wave of her left arm and a deep breath she casts two spells. With her breath taken, a 4 diameter purple magic circle appears in front of their mouth. And with the wave of her left arm, a single brown magic circle would come at the spot that Jikan had been in the start of her movement 4 meters in size.
While the brown magic circle was being formed, Jikan's purple spell unleashed. A dark beam of dark energy was let loose from her mouth 4 meters in size. If this spell landed it would deal S rank damage to Lucretia's right leg.

After the spell had traveled in the first second, the magic of the brown circle with flow to life. A brown colored wolf made out of earth would creep out of the ground and take a bite into Lucretia's left leg. Super charged by the demonic arm Jikan had, but at the cost of draining more magic from her. If the wolf landed its strike, it would deal SS damage.

Once this happened and the two seconds were up. A 16.25 meter distance between them at the first second, and a distance of 33.25 meters after the second second. She saw Lucretia's spell extend covering a massive amount of distance in the spot Jikan was once was. A forward thrust with the spear that seemed to be aimed at her chest. It made sense, it was the biggest easiest target after all. And her body armor didn't help. With the amount of distance between them after Jikan's 2 seconds of running backwards and Lucretia lunging forward towards her, Jikan would shift gears, changing her run to a forward run, moving back towards Lucretia going 8.75 meters per second.

Wc: 868
Twc: 1301 / 2500

Spells used:

mana used: 750
tank: 5500 / 6250

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Pre post breakdown:

Time flowed and the threads of fate danced; the combat of Jikan Suesu, The Amazon and Lucretia Wolfestin, The Lord Of Wolves being underway! The dual casting of Jikan's beam special and wide area of effect spell going off in a sequence after each other. The purple 4 meter magic circle appearing out of Jikan's mouth before shining and twirling; letting out a purple beam of light to flew forward. Its size swallowing Lucreita; the magical properties of Jikan's magic passing throw Lucretia's armored defense, hitting her for 1xS( 1xB due to moderate magic resist) damage as she approached Jikan, harming Lucretia's right leg. In the aftermath of this Jikan could feel a slight flow of vitality, but as she had suffered no injuries yet the life force simply swirled around before flowing away from the battle scene to give nutrition of the environment.

After Jikan purple beam hit Lucretia and faded out of existence, the 4 meter brown magic circle created by the wave of Jikan's left hand would bring out a second assault. A singular brown colored mana wolf crept out of the ground, biting Lucretia's left legs; avoiding her armor and hitting fur and flesh. This wolf was overcharged with Jikan's magical power, dealing 2xS (1xA due to moderate magic resis) damage to Lucretia's left leg. The two seconds flowed like this, Jikan's sells going off and landing while both her and Lucretia's bodies moved.

The distance between the two of going from 16.25 meters in the first second and then 33.25 meters in the second second. The spear strike that Lucretia may have still attempted hit nothing but open air. Seeing Lucretia miss, Jikan had decided to turn back towards Lucretia and run again, going 8.75 meters per second to shorten the distance between them to 24.5.

With that exchange ending, Jikan felt that she had realistically only got minimal blows on her friend. Her magic spells proving largely not effective in dealing any meaningful damage. But it was damage all the same. As Jikan began her next phase of actions, her speed increased to 17.5 meters decreasing the distance between them now to 7 meters. While she was running she would throw out her left hand as if she was doing a punch aiming toward's Lucretia. Her left leg specifically. A 1-meter white magic circle appears under her as she did so. A white and brown light flashes around her fist before a twirl of wind is formed around her hand. The force of wind coming from her outstrtched hand 1 meter in size traveling at most 15 meters. If this spell landed it would deal 1xA damage (1xC due to Lucretia's mod magic resis).

Spell used:

spell cool down:

Post breakdown:

Wc: 436
Twc: 1737 / 2500

mana used: 100
mana: 5400 / 6250

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