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Tournament Arc PT. 6 (Neutral)

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Things were going well for everyone. They would be able to go through the round without a problem. Now that everything was over, Yuurei would open his eyes. He would see that the crowd of people was excited. It would seem like things were going faster than they did before. It seemed like they were able to do everything today. That was good but did that mean that they have people who could heal them in the back? He figured that would be the case, but he didn’t really want it until the final battle.

It would take a bit for them to get everything on the way. It seemed like a lot of the fighters were a bit destructive when it came to the arena. It was quite interesting to see that there were a lot of people who were strong in Fiore. Still, once everything was ready the announcer would get on to the ring and he would look over at everybody.



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“Ladies and Gentlemen, how are you guys enjoying the tournament so far?” He asked everyone as they were cheering and excited about everything that was going on.

The announcer was happy to hear everybody’s excitement. He would look around to see everybody waiting to see the next fight ahead. He would gather himself as he was getting ready to speak.

“Okay so the first fight of this round is between our defending champion and one of the many challenges to face him.” He would say as he was waiting for them to get into the ring.

Yuurei would get on the stage and he would look over at the man that he was going to fight. It would seem like he was a lot more skilled than the other person he fought last round. He would do his best, but he knew that he didn’t have to go all out. They would both look at each other and they would get into their fighting position.



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Once the fight started, Yuurei did his usual. He would open his hands and he would gather his magic circles on his hands as he was moving around the arena. His opponent was moving toward him, but he was making sure that it would be harder for him to get him. Once the stars had entered his body, Yuurei started moving faster than he did before. He run in a circular motion as he was running into his opponent now.

The light mage was the first to strike and it would be a quick attack. the person he was fighting would dodge it and he would spin around to kick Yuurei. The Nephilim would dodge the kick as well as it was kind of close to his face. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to get hit by this guy just yet. It would seem like the crowd was as if they were waiting to see what would happen next.

Yuurei could see the man was smiling as well and it seemed like he would have something up his sleeve. A dagger would come out as he rushed straight towards Yuurei to stab him.



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Yuurei would see this, and he was actually surprised about that. Still, it was an all-out type of fight. This was allowed, and he would dodge the attack, and he would get cut slightly on his shoulder. He would chuckle a bit but started moving. He knew that this guy wouldn’t stop pressing him, and he had to do the same thing. The berserker swung his leg around trying to kick his opponent right in the face. Still, they would dodge the attack and would swing their dagger at Yuurei.

He was quick, so he had to be fast as well. He would punch the dagger with his gauntlet and his weapon would be able to protect him, which was a good thing. Still, he could feel the damage on his gauntlet, so he couldn’t really do that too often. Still, now it was his chance, and he would use his left hand to connect a punch straight on the man’s face. He would have him stumble to the side and it would give Yuurei enough time to gather himself.



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The man would shake his head as he was still standing from the last attack. He had a smirk on his face. He felt his jaw get dislocated from that hit, but he was able to put it back. He would start moving towards Yuurei and another dagger would appear in his other hand. It would seem like he was going to be using two of them in their fight. That was good to see, but the light mage was going on the defense. He was moving around the arena as he was dodging the blades that were coming straight toward him.

These types of weapons were scary and dangerous. He didn’t like them at all as they could truly hurt someone. Still, it was his way of thinking because he was a hand-to-hand fighter. The light mage would soon see an opportunity to attack, and he would take a stance with his left leg and bring his right leg to reach over to his opponent.



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He knew he couldn’t block the attack on time or avoid if he continued doing what he was doing. He would lunge back instead to avoid the attack. They would have their distance widen, which would bring Yuurei to smile. He would get into a fighting position once again and he would relax. He was a fighter and this guy used weapons. He fought a bunch of people who used weapons in the past.

He would give the man a stern look as he was getting ready to continue on with this fight. The Nephilim would be the one going on the offense this time. He was quick on his feet, and he would be right in front of the man’s face ready to fight. He would throw a hook to the man’s abdomen, but he would see his opponent would jump back to avoid the attack. Yuurei would smile as he pushed forward, he would throw a second punch, this time a hook going towards his face. The man would dodge this one, which would bring Yuurei to bring his knee to come up into the air and towards the man’s chest.



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Yuurei would see the man would block the attack and that was when he heard a crunching noise. The man would release the daggers as they would fall to the ground. The light mage would look at him and it would seem like the last attack hurt a lot. The man would slam his hands onto the ground and would put them back into place. He would grunt in pain and everybody in the crowd would flinch from it. They were getting to see what else this man could do.

Yuurei had to give him that as he was able to keep fighting. Still, he wasn’t worth it and that much he knew it was then he would try to pick up the daggers. The light mage wasn’t going to let him do that and he would run straight toward him. His opponent would see this, and he would dodge the kick that Yuurei would be throwing. He wouldn’t be able to get the daggers he was using.



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Yuurei would have a smile on his face because he wasn’t going to allow this to go on for that long. He would move quicker than he did now. The berserker was moving as fast as he could now as he would go to the side of his opponent. He would see this and when he tried to block the attack, Yuurei would break his defense. It was then his right hand could be seen coming from under him. Yuurei would land an uppercut straight into the man’s jaw. He would be lifted into the air as his eyes would roll back from the hit. When he fell to the ground, the announcer would get close to them and would start the count.

It wouldn’t take long, but the ten counts would happen, and Yuurei was declared the winner. The light mage would make his way towards his seat as he figured his next fight would be one of the hardest fights he would have in this tournament.



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Yuurei would close his eyes when he got his chair and Renji would look at him. It would seem like he actually enjoyed that fight.

“You got to remember to always be ready for the unexpected. That guy almost had you. If you weren’t quicker than you then he would have probably have been the winner.” He would say to his friend.

Yuurei would hear this and he would nod because he wasn’t wrong about that.

“Yeah, it really did catch me off guard, but at least I won I guess.” He said as he would start meditating.

It wouldn’t be a long one or so he thought. There were only three more fights left in this round and then he would be going up next. As time would go by the round was over and now there were only four people left for the whole tournament. Each bracket had its finals before the last two would fight each other for the strongest and the prize money.



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The announcer would get onto the stage now as he would look at everyone that was ready for the next fight to begin. It was then that he would announce the first fight. Yuurei would make his way into the arena, and his opponent would do the same thing. He figured that this guy was going to be strong. He did make it all the way here. The Nephilim still had his buff on him the entire time. He was able to do that through all the training he had to undergo with his mana.

He would get into a fighting position as he would look over at his opponent. It would seem like he was ready to fight. When the fight would begin, Yuurei would run straight toward him. He would toss a quick jab and the man was able to dodge the attack without a problem. When he saw this, he knew this guy would be good. Yuurei would feel a punch connecting on his face and he would be sent flying to the floor.



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When he hit the ground, he would be quick to get up on his feet and he would look over at the man in front of him. He was quick on his feet as he was already running to him. He wouldn’t be able to wipe the blood off his face. He also noticed that he was cut open and when he looked over at the guy it would seem like he had spikes on his hands. That was great and he would only smile when he saw this. He would dodge the attacks that were coming towards him, but barely.

He couldn’t do anything else except that, which he found annoying. It wouldn’t take long, but his opponent would launch a quick kick straight at Yuurei. It would connect right on his waist, and he would feel the blow from the attack. He would stumble to the left as he would hold onto his side. Still, the guy was not going to finish as he would close their distance and he would punch Yuurei right on his chest and it would send him falling to the ground.



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The crowd would gasp when they saw this as he was staying on the floor. The announcer would start counting. Yuurei chuckled as this was great, which meant that he was going to have to get a little stronger to beat this guy. He would pour mana into his gauntlet and there it would activate, and he would feel himself getting stronger. He would get up from the ground slowly as the announcer would move away. His opponent would suck his teeth as it seemed like he was hoping to win right there.

Yuurei would crack his neck as he was getting ready to fight this guy. It was then that he would run straight towards him. The guy was surprised that he was able to move faster than before. This was impressive, but now they were at the same speed. The light mage had a serious look on his face as he would throw a jab at his opponent. The man would dodge it but barely as he would try to counterattack with a punch of his own. The light mage would dodge it this time.



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The fight was almost done, and Yuurei knew what to do. His eyes would turn gold now as he activated his Nephilim powers. He wouldn’t use it fully but just wanted to use his eyes to make this guy slower for a bit. He would do just that, and the man wouldn’t be able to avoid what was coming next. He would punch the man right on his nose as he would cock his head back. He would also stumble back from the blow, but Yuurei wasn’t done. He would make it right to him and he would punch him right in his abdomen. The man was surprised about the raw power behind this man’s attack, but why couldn’t he dodge them now? He saw Yuurei’s eyes and saw they were different.

The light mage would swing around he would kick the man on his face as he would spin into the air, and he would fall to the ground and unconscious.

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