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Berial's Demon Bringer

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Berial's Demon Bringer Empty Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:48 pm


Name: Berial's Demon Bringer.

Slot: Modification.

Type: Arm.

Class: -

Quantity: Limited.

Element: -

Description: Demon Bringers are a reptillian-esque claw which extends up to the elbow or shoulder. It is the manifestation of a Demon's soul or power. Its appearance is constantly visible, because the Demon Bringer takes over the arm of the user.


  • The user must purchase this item from the Mysterious Merchant in one of his topics.


  • The user must select which arm the Demon Bringer attaches itself onto. This cannot change in the future, because the Demon Bringer will take over the selected arm of the user completely.


  • Berial's Strength: The arm has an increased Strength of 50.
  • Berial's Endurance: The arm has an increased Endurance of 50.
  • Berial's Prowess: Should the user cast spells through this arm, the mana cost is doubled for the spell, but the damage is doubled as well. Other factors about the spell do not change.

Hidden Feats:

  • Berial's Magnificence: The numbers for Berial's Strength and Berial's Durability change to 100 when the user has done 100 roleplay posts after obtaining Berial's Demon Bringer. The user must prove in an administrative topic that they have done 100 roleplay posts after obtaining Berial's Demon Bringer, and used it at least 5 times in combat in which they won against someone ranked equal or higher than them.

#2Noel Raion 

Berial's Demon Bringer Empty Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:51 pm

Noel Raion

Left arm onegai ishimasu !


Berial's Demon Bringer Empty Fri Apr 17, 2020 5:20 am


Noel has purchased Berial's Demon Bringer for 4,500,000J to replace his left arm.

m a t r i a r c h y
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