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Knuckles VS Lumikki

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Knuckles VS Lumikki Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 5:55 pm

Knuckles Shi

The very arena, already varied and complex enough to be a masterful exercise in itself, had this time become a frozen wasteland with vast tracts of ice-filled ground where before it was but barrens. What was already relatively unforgiving and sparsely empty grounds were now turned into an almost deadly cold environment.

The 15-meter-high towering walls of the arena imposing in themselves had thick frosting on them, ending up with an icy exterior. Icicles hung from the top, glinting ominously in the faint, winterish sunlight. The walls themselves were of ice and stone, bolstered to resist the mightiest of impacts and the chilliest of temperatures. Viewers could see through parts of the icy walls, giving them a good view of the proceedings, as well as lending an air of mystery to the environment.

The ground was uneven, slick in places with packed snow, slippery with ice in others, the footing precarious, and every step hazardous within that 50-meter sphere. The ancients stood like sentinels at its edge, their branches heavily laden with snow and frost. Some protection came from them, but their bark was slick with ice, their branches brittle, promising to break beneath any real weight or force.

There was a partially frozen river cutting down the middle of the arena, its surface cracked and hazardous with ice. The river came to be about 5 meters wide, thus breaking into the middle of the battlefield, in which combatants were sure to cross it. Under the ice lay water, dark and ominous, and all too telling of the depth and cold that would surely await anyone who fell. The river held chunks of ice in its flow, creating further hazards and opportunities for agile fighters to use these as high stepping stones.

It was bitterly cold, each visible breath puffing out in a vapor. The temperature made an already tough enough proposition that much harder, sapping energy and slowing second-level reflexes. Snowflakes drifted lazily down from the flat, overcast sky, adding to the already thick layer of snow that covered the ground. The arena was almost silent, the typical clash of battle muffled by the heavy snowfall and the sound-absorbing quality of the ice itself.

Along the rim of the arena were tiered stone and ice benches, booked with Seven's folk in tremendous furs and cloaks. They had their eyes trained on the performers, poor breath misting in the frosty air as they cheered and shrieked and, really, as cold as it was, that went into the air, like a frost. It only added, for the more experienced, to the thrill of the proceedings this was one of the most inhospitable Seven had to offer an entertaining challenger.

The sky above the arena was dull, overcast gray but with cracks of thunder, threatening to bring a storm on its horizon. Cold, blue, diffused light imparted its touch to the whole scene from above, further giving a feel to this surreal frozen battleground. Here, only the strongest, most adaptable could hope to stay alive let alone win.

Knuckles was ready for battle, he now had a new eye that allowed him to see the weaknesses in his opponents when looking at them. Though he already knew what Lumikki's weaknesses were, he doubted he would be able to reach her to apply them here. Nor, would that be proper in front of an arena full of people.

As the Arena doors opened for him Knuckles, the daemon took on a look and laughed his hardest laugh, it probably echoed out through the winter wonderland. There was definitely someone out there that was against him when it came to picking arenas.  

The gods had a funny way of testing him in his combat training in these arena fights. Though Knuckles was starting to suspect it was not HIS gods doing this but the Gods of the Seven that held power here. If that was the case then of course it made sense, only because he held two Relic weapons of their competition of Norse Gods.

Knuckles took a step into the ice tundra that was the battlefield that he and Lumikki would be fighting in, the chilling cold ran through him, but adrenaline and the source of his daemon powers Lumikki herself, had allowed him to be less affected by the chill. Perhaps this is why her chilling touches did not affect him like others. He only could guess.

Knuckles immediately rose both hammers to the skies as he looked towards Lumikki's gate. Was she already in the arena? He couldn't say for sure since he knew she could go invisible. Here was hoping that he could drag her out in the open.  Mana fed into his two hammers as he called down TWO storms, one of the Void and one of This realm. He would also call upon him the Power of Thor from both hammers as lighting bolts rained down onto him covered his body in two different auras of lightning.

Knuckles was now ready with the added power of Thor to face off against Lumikki. Bolstered by the power of Thor from this realm and the Thor of the other realm. Knuckles took a much-needed breath after spending so much mana.  

With His clown Clout armor set Knuckles looked with one red eye looking for his beloved, he remained at the foot of his gate waiting for her to make herself known. His physical appearance was buffered than ever though he was also faster than ever before, yet still, he had two more ways to enhance himself further if need be.

The overcast from above them would warp and turn into a monster's thunderstorm as the wind would pick up guesting at 15mph, lightning struck around the Country of the Seven focusing on the arena area. As the lightning danced throughout the sky, the bright strike reflected of the icy blue of the frozen tundra in the arena. Furthermore, the area around Knuckles would start to terraform reflecting the lands of the Void.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Knuckles VS Lumikki Empty Sun Jun 16, 2024 3:43 pm


Knuckles left Paradise Dawn not too long ago, with a resolve to build his old guild anew and settle in the country of Seven. There was a slight heart break from his decision. Lumikki only just now got him back after months of being elsewhere. The Demoness had hoped that she could afford some more time with her beloved before he set off with such lofty goals. Perhaps a few months at the least. Yet how could she say no to the one she loved so dearly, or impede on his chance for happiness even if it laid somewhere else…somewhere without her? Bittersweet was the feelings of someone in love, with the maturity and desire to allow her Daemon to prosper.

And oh, has he prospered in his absence. One could say he even thrived. They relished in the company of companions long lost, yet the memory of Sleeping Calamity was still thoroughly ingrained in them all. The man she let wonder off now clashed with his brethren and grew stronger for it. And on his request and challenge, she was here to test him. So that he knew now where he stood beside her.

So hungry for battle is me Deamon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he surpassed me. Not like it would be a pleasing taste to lose to one ye sire. Still….strength is equally delicious, I suppose, even if it opposes mine….Well, may he be the only one ever to become stronger than me…. Both had grown vastly since their last clash. And though she gleamed some of his differences when he returned to her, much could have changed since his departure.

In two days' time after the message Murder had delivered to her from her beloved, Lumikki would make her way to Seven. Sorting the guild always took precedence and so it hankered her ability to move freely as she was able to before. But setting out for the North of Fiore and crossing the borders on Asger’s back left her thrilled. What more, perhaps she’d finally have one pleasing memory of this place as her last two fights only left a bitter taste in her mouth, almost making her detest the arena entirely. But if it were Knuckles, paired with this becoming his new stomping grounds, then perhaps she could make this a second home instead.

Before Lumikki could step foot in the arena, she noticed a peculiar shift. There was a thick chill hanging in the air, and even the pits below now seemed encased with ice and snow from the brief glances she could steal through the walls. Yet walking through the gates and finding herself inside was a distinct sensation entirely. The chill reminded her of her homeland, where the frigid cold could burn and nip at the skin if one did not dress for it. Or slow you down from its heavy, oppressive presence. None of this bothered the frost Demoness, of course, even if all she wore for cover was her Twilight Veil, Ka' el cape and Snow Monarch concealment around her neck. Her breath wouldn’t show despite the chill drawing it out of everyone else present, and when Lumikki stepped toward the ring, she almost felt of charge of power running through her. As if the influence of the cold was now also melding with her. The sensation felt as if it was so old; it was ancient. Its presence was an odd comfort, and Lumikki would relish in it and every step toward the ring. Willing her magic to bleed into the atmosphere so that black snow would now mix with the storm that took over the gentle flurry outside.

The ice within was imposing, layering upon the walls within in thick slabs and jutting frost spikes. The ground was both covered in snow and ice that left it slicked and cumbersome to walk upon, though that did not bother her either as ice could never pose as a hinderance to her anymore. Lumikki drank in the frigid air, filling in her lungs with the chill she loved so dearly. It was environments like these that made her feel so alive.

The storm above would churn and swirl, its thundering presence now overpowering the cheers of the crowd. Lumikki knew it was the power of her Daemon, beginning the rotation of his preparation for battle. The distasteful muck creeping beneath her was, as she came to understand, was the void in which he came to command. Sapping her mana like the ravenous black hole that it was, its existence both vexing and opposing. Though as a being of the Abyss, she took offense to its redundant presence.

Lumikki took a hard stretched as she walked passed her gate, raising her arms above her head and interlocking her fingers, while the lingering shadows of the hall clung to her. It almost looked like she was walking into a sheer black veil, the dark hugging tightly to her skin and layering into feathers upon feathers. The Demoness' four wings unfurled and the attributes of a harpy became visible. Lumikki promptly finished her transformation while swiping her arm to reach for a weapon that didn't seem there. Her Abyss Spine, by default, existed between two realms, and in her swift gesture, Lumikki seized it in hand and brought it back toward Earthrealm.

Despite the raging storm above her, the frost mage took to the skies, the turbulent gales of the maelstrom hardly a challenge to her strong four wings. The frozen river would be the first thing to catch her keen eyes. The dark below made it appear as if her ice created it. But sure enough, she'd catch the glimpse of crimson in her gaze. Her beloved below, charged with the power of is his legendary hammers. A sight she'd never get bored with, but the impending clash was not solely appealing as well. Yet what is a God Slayer if they failed to confront the might of the Divine? Bittersweet this battle was to have to clash the essence of her Abyss against the strength of everything she loved most. But in a way, what else could prove more worthy of this challenge? What better to assess her prowess and his?

The demonic harpy glided within twenty meters above her lover, the imposing presence of her aura now washing over him to rid him of some of the bolstered vigor granted by the gods. Her tense grip on her staff causing frost to creep along the shaft. With one swing of the Abyss Spine, Lumikki empowered the chill in the air further, ridding the man of his swiftness, and with another, his strength. With a chuckle, Lumikki dropped her staff back into the in between, snatching her harp instead. And as he played her haunting melodies, she expanded her domain in an instant. Freezing the air to temperature far below zero, the frost biting at her lover deep beneath his skin and armor, chilling him from blood to bone. The seductive embrace of her tundra affliction only hardened the ice of the arena and exacerbated the falling black snow. Her companion, Tenivi, was represented but a black shadowy raven beneath her mistress. Yielding the little power afforded to her for the sake of the Demoness.    


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#3Knuckles Shi 

Knuckles VS Lumikki Empty Mon Jun 17, 2024 5:28 pm

Knuckles Shi

Once Knuckles would see his stroms above he looked around to see his Demoness Lumikki above in her half transformation.  He'd shrug Murder off him so the raven would be out of harm's way, or so he had thought before his beloved had struck spells at him before even saying a word to him. Poor Murder was blasted with the effects of the chilling attacks that made him come over with a burning chilling effect, usually, his armor would take most of this but somehow the attack had cut passed this.  

Still, it had to be the blessings he had put on it from the ritual that gave him some type of benefit here.  He could feel his strength and speed being sapped rapidly, and his other stats too but not as hard. Knuckles exhaled as his breath made steam as he settled into the effects of the spell, he was frozen to his core now.  She had even taken his mana due to something. He was not sure how she had that now, perhaps something she learned after facing him. Whatever it was Knuckles was learning Lumikki had leveled up since they last faced each other.

If he was honest he was a bit annoyed with his lover. That was underhanded and lacked honor. In her hast, she had hurt her own Raven. While it was true she was a Demon of all things, she had been on with honor, it had been a building stone to why he had fallen for her. She was an outliner among Demons.  However, that display was something Knuckles found to be beneath her. Speaking of beneath her was that little helper that had been with them when they went to the desert area.  He was not sure why she was brought into the fight, but she was here.  

Knuckles would look up to his beloved feeling a sting to his body as he moved. Well if that was how it was going to be then so be it. Knuckles spread his arms out as he allowed his demonic energy to flow through him. His eyes would start glowing purple as the Obscura wrapped around his body. 2-meter wings made of the ebony energy would stretch out at their full length and flap twice once fully made.

Knuckles let out a demonic roar that would echo like his thunder above, which would also boom in reaction to his mood.  The rain from the storm would freeze and turn to snow, adding more cold to the environment, he had taken note of the black frost that flowed through the area, but paid it no mind.  Knuckles would push off the ground until he was 15 meters into the air, only 5 meters below Lumikki, he would fly up as high as he could and look up to her if she did not move.

Knuckles would spin his hammers as his voice would rage from behind his  Clown Helmet. "Such actions in a spar are distasteful, but I shall meet your actions in Kind." With that said he already had done more than she had, but that just was how he was wired. It was true he became merciless while fighting, not holding back and all but he still had honor in his actions for those who deserved it and followed the path of the warrior. What could he truly expect from a Demon who cast magic though?  This was to test themselves and see how the other had grown after all so he could not falter her even if he did not agree.

For a moment Knuckles would close his eyes as he allowed his Daemon intricts to take over, no longer viewing her as the woman he had yet to ask to marry him, but another opponent. A grin would grow under his helmet.  It would soon become visible for a moment as his helm would glow in red energy and vanish, his eyes piercing through her only to be covered as he lifted his left hand and threw Shattered Minor off to the side, as he fed it mana to seek his target, Lumikki.  It would look as if he was casting the hammer away as he quickly lifted the hand to his face, of course, this was a ploy to make her focus on his movements and not the hammer.

A black energy outlined in red would come from his hand as he waved it over his face, a white mask with a painted face would cover his face now. He began to laugh, but his voice was distorted as if two voices were talking at once.  Feeding his mana into the mask he would start to go under another transformation. His skin that was not covered in Obsucra would change to a solid white color but it would look like a shell of bone. His crimson hair would grow vastly until it reached the small over his back. His hands turned into hands with claws, and his face was covered by the same style of mask as before yet it looked way different. He even had horns now.

Knuckles was now fueling himself and his body with two different types of Demon energy, his Daemon form which ironically came from his opponent, and this demon power from another realm.  Together Knuckles was above to burn away the chilling effects that Lumikki had placed to hinder his physical abilities and surpass them. All but maybe strength and speed that was. Though he doubted he would be able to even physically touch her in this battle, he could at least try to make her move in a way that was caused her to move in error.

Meanwhile, as he transformed into a form she had not yet known about, His hammer had curved and started to fly up coming behind Lumikki and aimed for her head. If she did not foresee the attack coming she would be met with a thunderous and deafening blow to the back of her head, which would make it where she nor her little friend could hear each other.  If it did or did not hit, Knuckels would hold his left hand out as he could recall the hammer to his hand.  Letting the hilt hit his palm, knuckles would twirl and move to either give chase to Lumikki or prepare to attack again.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Knuckles VS Lumikki Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 3:03 pm


The air hung cold and heavy. If there were no barriers or means to control the spill of magic, the audience would feel the biting chill from the tundra influence. The taste of frost in the air mixing with the sweet scent of the emerging storm soothed her. Dual sensations woven together and cradling up above. That was, until she felt him, but none of the senses we as they usually are. She experienced a surge that made her feel as though she had already been struck by his lightning. It was enough to draw her eye back down to the Daemon below finally.

Admittedly, Lumikki didn’t notice the raven below until after their movement. The sight of them staggering in her frjósa broke her heart in tandem with her beloved’s words. The mix of conflicting feelings was overwhelming. All the while, their open stream of emotions washed over. Lumikki let them flow into her, his anger, his inner conflict, his resolve. The harpy bit hard into her lip as all the emotions shattered her entirely. Deep blue blood seeped from the wound and slowly trickled down her chest. She no longer cared about this venture, she no long care about this match.

One of Lumikki's upper wings snatched her harp, clutching it in the talon that emerged from the radaile. As Knuckles began to surge and bolster his power, casting his hammer to the side. She would dash down to scope Murder into her arms. "I'm sorry lil one...", she'd apologize sorrowfully, but not loud enough for the Daemon to hear her over the storm. Lumikki put her hands together in a prayer, urging her frost flowers to sprout and bloom along the bird. It wouldn't be enough to heal him in full, but it would be the start to soothing the coming pain. She would simply have to keep him at hand so she could heal the raven, while using the talons of her wings and feet to help maneuver with casting her spells. This would keep Murder out of the way from subsequent attacks, while she tried to quell the fury of the Daemon.

Lumikki fed mana through her harp before taking off and held her wing out to swiftly play her spell, while drenching it in her darkness to attune the pair. The lavender magical circle, signature to her work, would spin above her and Lumikki flew through it, letting it drape her in a dark veil and, in mere moments, she'd be out of sight. Her silent wings never making a sound. By then, the curving hammer was already heading toward her. The Demoness barely noticing it as she flew off, but she'd tap her wings to cast another quick spell to help her quickly fly away. Picking the direction that brought her further to the left of the warrior at fifteen meters in the air.

While pulling in her right arm, the one that cradled Murder, she would peck him with kisses. Finally, taking the time to observe the freshly turned beast before her at leisure because of her hard to find nature. If she was not so upset at him for even considering bringing one of her birds within the gates, she would have marveled at his new form. The intricacies were so foreign and bizarre, as if he was not more Yokai like her brother than Demon. The deviation from her was somewhat vexing. Was she not enough? Did he need to seek power elsewhere? Where would he even come upon such a form? There were too many questions to answer, too many things to consider; but she had to come to a resolve for right now. So, as she mulled it all over, Lumikki was plucking the strings of her harp in a swift melody. While of which, a magic circle promptly flashed from beneath him. Sprouting large black blossoms that grew to be three meters in height. As the ice unfurled, they'd shatter all at once. Massive obsidian like shards were flung in all directions. Should Knuckles stay, he'd be damaged by the charge.

Lumikki cared not to speak to him, only to quell the new form and return to where she belonged. With each entry of this arena, she was not sure it welcomed her. Whether fault of hers, or the displeasure by the Seven pantheon. It was settling within her, that this place would wring her dry should she let it. With both Yuurei and her beloved facing her like monsters, or the fool she met that threatened to claim her life. Perhaps this place would get her killed if she let it.


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#5Knuckles Shi 

Knuckles VS Lumikki Empty Wed Jun 26, 2024 6:48 am

Knuckles Shi

It was too late for the Daemon to recall his hammer, but he watched as the Demoness went down to Murder and healed him, it was enough to take the edge off of Knuckles sure, but they were still here to fight. On one hand, he could not blame her for attacking without warning but on the other, he still looked down upon it. It overall did not seem to matter at all since Lumikki went into her veil before he could even land a blow to her. Another one of her spells would meet him and his gear, resulting in him taking more damage without being able to do anything about it.

Perhaps it was time for the Daemon to look into defensive spells. He learned with Yuurei and now twice with Lumikki that a defensive spell would probably bring him further along in the completion of being a warrior than just trying to damage everything. OR perhaps the Daemon needed to secure a way to look through invisibility and find a way to push past his current limitations.

Either way, this fight looked like it was going to go more in the same direction as last time. While he had the power and the skill to land hits on Lumikki, he did not have the ability to see her do so leaving him in this odd state of just taking damage for no reason. It was a lesson though. He would have to find a way. He would make that his primary objective following this fight.

Meanwhile, Knuckles scanned the icy terrain for any signs of his lover, though since she flew and was now soundless he had no way of seeing or hearing her wear about. He was at a loss yet again on how to handle this. He reverted to his normal form and fell down to the ground, attaching his hammers to his waist. His demonic power faded from him and he cast away the storms in the sky.

For the first time, Knuckles would be booed from one of his fights as he started to walk away, while he was sure he could last longer in the fight but at what cost? It have to fully repair his gear, or to just stand there as he was going to be hit from behind the veil? He would rather just forfeit and be done with the ordeal. Besides, it seemed there was some discussion that needed to be had anyway. Lumikki had taken her raven so there was nothing left for him to do besides remove these shards from his body, but that could wait till after he left the arena.

Holding his arms up in surrender Knuckles walked to his gate, there was not anything he could do in this current place and time to chance the outcome of the battle. Perhaps later he would, but he doubted he could withstand the amount of attacks that would come for him and have his mana drained too if he did not have the power to battle back. There was no way he would drain her of her mana before she drained him of his thus he could no longer keep his storms fed.

"I give up. Meet me at my Guild."

WC 2500+


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Knuckles VS Lumikki Empty Thu Jun 27, 2024 8:58 am


Lumikki held Murder tight in her arm, the bird was raised to her face and lips so that she may pelt him with affectionate kisses. In their current stalemate, she’d heal the raven with a constant steam of magic, letting her mana flow within the avian in the form of consistently blooming and wilting black frost flowers. All the while the talon on the radaile of her wing would still clutch tightly onto the harp, ready to bring it to her should she need to play another spell song.

Lumikki with wings like an owl, silently flew through the sky. The setting within the arena was no longer a fascination, and her gaze was now only directed at her lover. Then tension of his muscles still apparent as he called back his hammer, and his appearance was still quite a bit to take in. Lumikki couldn’t make sense of him, or his power. She did not know where he found this new mask or what he’d do next in his rage. She could only feel his anger and frustration.

She’d take to a glide, circling around him for a new view. His long crimson hair, she found striking. His long black talons felt reminiscent to her own. The white from the mask transcended his head, wrapping around his skin where the Obscura had left exposed. The black and white motif of his was like the frost and dark of her own, yet everything about his form took on a more ferocious stance as oppose to the elegant one she’d foster. Yet Knuckles was no beast and he’d exude the aura of a monster.

Lumikki would shiver at the sight of him, it was not quite out of fear but the begrudging reluctance to fight him. Even with her temper flaring, it was a small ember to the displeasure felt by him. His feelings still flowing into her even when she close off their thoughts, and she’d prefer it that way in the current moment.

But when he called to his hammers and latched them to his wrists, and powered down his new form. Knuckles would still not feel approachable. Like a ghost, Lumikki would lower down so that she was nearly beside him. No where near close enough to be in grasp, but enough to hover in his presence. Still she’d keep her veil as it was the only separation she had. As if she was in a reality adjacent but not quite his own.

Her feathers were receding and shedding away, shifting from her harpy appearance to that of human facade. Though her four wings still kept their presence as she had yet to touch the ground. The crowd that was previously cheering their rising champion, were now echoing their boo’s and dissatisfaction. They wanted to see the clash of elemental storms and were displeased to get a taste of the monsters before one hid away and the other would give him. Lumikki spared a glance at the audience, annoyed with their presence and spiteful enough to want them dead. But her abrasive thoughts were only a result of them witnessing some of her intimacy, her faults, her mistake, and his anger. The Demoness was repulsed. She wished the barrier wasn’t there to protect them, but she’d temper her chill as to not aggravate Murder or Knuckles any further.

And it would be the sound of her beloved’s voice that seized the entirety of her thoughts and sensed in an instant. His tone ridding her of the vindictive desire and washing over her with sadness instead….but if she did not adhere, if she didn’t face him, she wouldn’t make a worthy Demoness. With a whimper, Lumikki silently followed. Only to reveal herself within the walls of his guild hall next.


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