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Best Friends Fight (Brone)

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Yuurei had been enjoying his time in Seven; it was a dangerous place, a place where monsters lingered. With that being said it was the best place for him, and it was not too far from his home. See Seven was on the North side of Fiore, which means it was right on top of the North of where he lived, and the guild he loved was located. The time here had brought him to think about the future of what he wanted in this place. Shuten and Levithan felt this ambition and decided to play with it, make it darker, and see how the man would go about it.

Still, for the time being, he wanted to do one thing and it was a fight. The Starlight was in this arena and had two battles already; they were splendid fights, and he couldn’t help but see who they would have him fight next. Of course, he told them that he would fight anybody, and both times they presented people who were part of his family. He wondered if the third time would be a charm, but he was soon going to find out.

Yuurei if you don’t allow your inner darkness to come out we will make sure that you cannot do anything to stop Migi’s limb from causing destruction to this place. Leviathan said to him as he laughed.

[i]So cruel, but he’s right we want to see a bloody match, show us that you aren’t something we should just destroy.
He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei’s hands were over his head as he was sitting down waiting for his turn to fight in the arena. His mind was breaking, but he continued to fight on; his urges became darker than they ever were before, but what could he do about it? It was then the door would open and he would get notified he was about to fight. His eyes pierced through the person who spoke to him causing him to run away.

The Seraphim would get up from where he sat and walked away. Each step he took a piece of armor and weapon would appear. He would grab ahold of both his swords, one invisible the other visible, and soon his face would be covered by his helmet and his body protected by his armor.

“Blood is all you guys want to see. Destruction is all you want to see. I will give you that but to my enemies. For now, I will listen, but next time I will not.” He said to them as he was in front of the gates.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! We’re here for another round in the Arena of Champions! This man has gone through two fights already and what a fight they were! Still, he is here for more fights and more challenges to come his way! With that being said we will be with him! He came out of nowhere a monster in his own right, he has the right to call himself Levithan!” He shouted as the gates for Yuurei would open and he would step out to the arena and when he did he would wait for his opponent to show up.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Seven, a place the dwarf has never visited, but joke to take a trip in order to see something new and to get away from the stresses of work. He had left a message at the guild, informing them he would be taking a small leave but will be returning in a few days. Flying on the black pegasus' back drastically reduced the travel time as compared to taking the roads, though the dwarf had to fly low, close to the ground so his fear of flying didn't overtake him.

The Area of Champions caught the dwarf's eyes, even back in Paradise Dawn, he didn't want to admit it, but this was the true reason why he was visiting Seven. He wanted to see a show of power between fighters. The only issue was his difficulty in acquiring tickets; it became so complicated for him, he gave up trying to purchase a ticket as an audience member and just registered himself as a fighter, which proved to be much easier.

Brone Heavyaxe donned his ice armor, and his blue helmet. the gate before him remained closed until ready. He could hear the cheers and excitement along with the announcer calling forth someone by the name of Leviathan. The dwarf gripped his golden shield in his left hand and his golden axe in his right, feeling a little impatient, but soon enough the gate began to open.

"And now, the challenger! All the way from Fiore, Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for this short, but power dwarf, here he is: The Mountain!" The announcer's voice rang causing the audience to roar in cheer as Brone stepped out in onto the arena. He didn't want to use his real name, preferring no one knew who he was so no one could target him while he was alone or target the guild while he was away.

There stood Leviathan across the way, bearing armor that looked familiar, but the dwarf shrugged it off as he walked forward. Brone gave the champion a nod in recognition. the dwarf wasn't nervous nor overly excited, he simply want to stretch his muscles and get a chance to see the rest of the fights, he figured attending would allow him front seats.

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Yuurei would wait for his opponent to show up and soon enough they would call him. This would bring the Seraphim to reach out to his face with his right hand and he would shake his head. It would seem like he was fighting Brone. The Mountain could have been anybody, but the size, the armor, the helmet, and the golden axe, led to the conclusion it was Brone.

Still, he would notice that the man would have a shield. His hand back by his side with the weapon in his hand, he would tilt his head. It would seem like his friend had gotten the shield back but at the cost of what? Did he lose his arms to get that shield back, or did he find another way? He wasn’t sure what happened while he was away, but it seemed like he was going to have some fun with his best friend.

Of course, he wouldn’t hold his punches against Brone. That would be stupid as hell for Yuurei to hold his punches against him.

That is Brone isn’t it? Yes, fight him with everything you have! Make sure that he understands why you are the strongest! He said this throughout Yuurei’s mind.

This is going to be fun, don’t hold back Yuurei Leviathan would say to him.

Yuurei would crease his brow hearing them talk to him, but this would be enjoyable. The Dwarf would bring him closer to becoming the monster he knew he could be. Yuurei would start it off by unleashing his wings on his back. He never went to the Seraphim Transformation form, but it was not something he wanted to or enjoyed using. Still, it seemed like he was moving in that direction due to Shuten and Leviathan’s influence. Zabimaru would roar out loud to show that it was superiority to Brone.

“Execution!” He said as the sword in his right would break apart and the six segments started flying at Brone in different directions.

Three would attack his armor from the left, while the other three would attack from the right. While this happened, Yuurei would rush forward with his invisible sword in his left hand and he would thrust into the Mountain.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Most fighters Brone encounter in his life don't emanate an aura of danger, save for the world threats that find there way into their dimension. With this being an arena battle, it further gave the dwarf a false sense of security, for what were the chances he would face off against a powerful foe that would put on immediately on defense? He would get his answer.

Indeed the armor looked familiar of the opponent, but it wasn't until the wings sprouted that the atmosphere completely changed. Brone immediately came to a halt, his body instinctively go into a fighting stance, his legs bents and his grip tightened on his shield and axe. For a moment he wondered if this was another angel that was here to attack him looking for Yuurei, but as a familiar aura came to him, the roar of Zabimaru, the dwarf confirmed that this wasn't just any angel... this was Yuurei.

After vanishing for months without a trace, Yuurei was back, how though? and why here? Questions tried to flood the dwarf's mind, but he pushed them out. Sparring with Yuurei so often has taught him to always be on guard and actively moving. Every single mistake can cost him his win, and every misstep could even cost him his life.

The blade split into six parts and flew towards him. Brone took a step back to adjust himself to defend against Zabimaru, he flicked his wrist and his golden axe was magically switched out for the black axe Dhuraindarin. This was no regular opponent, so he needed to make sure he underestimate this fight. Brone roared a battlecry, activating the magic within his armor which caused the ice to spread all throughout his body causing a layer of ice to coat him. As the six pieces closed in, Brone was ready; he deflected one of the pieces with his shield and as for the other piece he would counterstrike it with his black axe, the blade would slice through it, destroying the piece. For a moment, Brone had mentally apologized for destroying that piece, intending to help reforge the missing piece to complete Zabimaru again, but now wasn't the time to think on that, for the other pieces managed to strike, albeit against his ice skin. With such power, the four pieces of Zabimaru managed to completely destroy the layer of ice, exposing the dwarf once more.

And there he was, the Seraphim quickly dashed forward, closing the gap between them attempting to punch him. Brone would attempt to try and dodge at the last split second, but something unexpected happened; he was impaled by something invisible which caused his armor to explode with cracks running all about it like a large spiderweb design. This was all insanely quick and dangerous which further confirms that this was indeed Yuurei, but Brone couldn't stop to confirm by speaking to him; for some odd reason the severity of this battle worried the dwarf, wondering if his life was in danger. Regardless, he needed to act fast. With how Yuurei fights, he couldn't try to step back, which would be a hinderance to him even if he managed to somehow get out of the Seraphim's range, so he needed to counter fast and immediately.

Brone bent his knees further and lowered his head so the horns on him helmet were pointing at Yuurei's midsection, then in the next quick motion as he kicked off the ground, his body would bullet forward, practically flickering from view aiming at Yuurei's midsection, hoping this would land a great hit, dealing enough damage or at least knocking him back to give him some space.

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Yuurei had brought the pieces to Zabimaru’s hilt. The blade was missing one it seemed like that black hammer was back and as dangerous as ever. He also saw the shield that was in his hand, and he could only chuckle. His best friend had gone back to his old ways. The ultimate shield and weapon that breaks everything.

Still, breaking his Zabimaru would also mean he damaged the hammer even if just a little bit. He thought about it. What the hell could he do about that shield? He wasn’t sure there was anything he could do. Still, he had to be worried about how he used his weapon. Okay, now that he thought about it, the only way to get rid of that axe was to break it with one of his weapons. He would have one shot his weapon, but he would also get rid of that issue too.

His thought process was on overdrive, but what made him more intrigued was everything that happened next. The man’s helmet had switched and the charging had begun. He was actually surprised about this. He wasn’t sure he saw Brone use this before against him. He did see him use against Akari that day.

This was beautiful as he could see Brone charging straight at him.

“I need to see what you can do, Mountain!” He shouted at him bringing out his battle cry and returning the favor to Brone.

His Kaldbak’s Fierce Winter had coated his entire body with a sheet of ice to protect themselves and their armor. He saw the danger that came from the attack in front of him. His defensive spell would take the hit without a problem, shattering the defensive spell, but also pushing him back. The smirk on his face could only be known by Yuurei himself, but he was excited to fight him.

This is what he knew what a fight really was.

“Mountain! You're holding back again! That should have damaged my armor! He shouted at Brone as he would also feel the slowness of the armor.

The Seraphim decided it was time to destroy that axe of his. He looked at the damage Zabimaru and figured if the dwarf wanted to he could obliterate the weapon. Yuurei figured he would give it to him then.

“Awakened, Bankai, Zabimaru!” He shouted at his sword.

The sword started to change its form as it had gotten much longer than it was. The sword turned into what looked like a spine that reached twenty-two meters and a head at the end, which would be considered the tip of the blade for three meters. It looked over to Brone as Yuurei had done the same thing.

He stepped forward pushing to close the distance between the two of them.

“You’re the only one who can take me on, Brone!” He shouted as he would swing Zabimaru.

The huge sword would be swung and move at twenty meters per second, which would be instantaneously from their distance. Still, his aim wasn’t Brone’s armor or helmet, no it was the black axe. He would have lost his Zabimaru, but at the same time that axe that can destroy anything would also take damage, which is what he was going for.

Zabimaru would attempt to hit it with the midsection of the blade, and at the same time, the Baboon head would bend trying to take a bite out of it as well. Yes, he brought the blade to do this only because he was certain that Brone would block the initial attack with his shield.

Migi’s arm started to move as well. Two sharp appendages would appear on Yuurei’s wrist and they would extend by ten meters attempting to deal some huge damage to the axe as well. This all happened with just right hand and while it happened, Yuurei would swing Excalibur into the air, shouting out the attack he unleashed on Brone.

“Excalibur!” He shouted unleashing a massive attack that would deal damage to all of Brone’s equipment that was on him if he was hit.


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Brone Heavyaxe
The tackle connected and shards of ice flew all about, this confirmed the armor Leviathan is wearing is Kaldbak's twin. He felt the cold chill, his movements were slowed as well. There was no longer any doubt in his mind that Leviathan is Yuurei, as to why keeping hidden in secret, the dwarf wasn't sure, but hopefully after the battle he'll be able to get those answers... that is if he survived. One thing that Brone learned during his time in Paradise Dawn and fighting against many foes including sparring with Yuurei is that one should never let their guard down and always consider the worst case scenario.

Then he heard the howl of Zabimaru; it transformed into it's true form; the dwarf didn't waste time in matching it's howl with his own battlecry. Like a bear, the dwarf needed to assert his dominance, showing no fear, but meeting the threat head on. This battle was going to push him as Yuurei always did, so he gripped his weapon and shield, readying himself for the incoming attack, he opened up his senses, including his divine insight. Whatever tactic his opponent had, the dwarf should be able to spot it, though he knew well how fast Yuurei is when in combat.

Hearing his name being called, Brone nodded, it was indeed Yuurei's voice, though he wasn't able to see his face, "Glad te know ye still alive!" though his opponent dropped the alias 'Mountain' and went straight for Brone, no doubt for Yuurei to reflect their friendship like a figurative handshake after being apart for months, the dwarf didn't call out his real name, still not aware if his friend was hiding away from unwanted eyes, and with the audience all about them, anyone could be watching. With how known Paradise Dawn is and especially the Angel of the North, it would be easy for word to travel. As for word to travel, Huginn and Muninn did not warn the dwarf of who was within Seven; for all he knew, the ravens were probably perched somewhere close by, enjoying the sight of the dwarf's surprise.

The fight.

Sparring with Yuurei so often, Brone had to anticipate moves as best as he could. What would the seraphin go for? The body, helm, or his weapons? The shield is known in the guild to be indestructible, especially to Yuurei and Kaito who held the two original pieces, and there is only one item that could destroy it, which is the black axe Dhuraindarin in the dwarf's right hand. The axe is a major threat to the angel; though the dwarf wasn't sure what sure what the focus would be, he needed for sure to protect the axe as long as he could, for it was the only thing that could destroy any of Yuurei's powerful items.

Zabimaru was fast! Moving with great speed despite being so large. At that moment, Brone began to move, he turned his axe, allowing the blade to point towards the incoming midsection of the opponent's bankai, as they connect, though Dhuraindain would take some damage, he would be able to destroy the bankai if successful... but Brone knew well that his axe was a key to this battle, so he decided to try a new tactic he's been moving to use on Yuurei.

Brone brought his shield close to him, and given his size, this would be easy for him to cover much range, especially against the large head of Zabimaru. The skeletal head slammed against the golden shield just as a glowing light enveloped Dhuraindarin. Then Migi came out, the familiar morph he had gotten to know at one dinner; for a moment the dwarf thought the morph would strike at him, but actually went for his hand... the weapon. Luckily Brone had already initiated on the spell.

Dhuraindarin instantly switched places with the golden axe of Beowulf, taking the strike instead. And in that moment, the golden axe was shattered, diced up by the power of Migi's blades. "Good to see you again, Migi" Brone wanted to say, but he could never have a conversation with something so fast, especially in a battle that every half second counted.

All this happened, while Yuurei kept his distance about ten meters away; smart as usual, this gave Brone pride, seeing that his superior whom always overpowered him actually taking caution against him, this was acknowledgment to the dwarf that he was indeed a powerhouse that the angel respected.

Even then, Brone needed to close the distance and fast, so he bent his knees again. Then something surprising happened; Yuurei waved the invisible weapon in his hand. For a moment, the dwarf expected it to extend like Migi or Zabimaru, but no, it was magic; a wave of light washed over Brone, burning and cracking his ice shield. Surely it was strong, but the dwarf knew better than to hesitate, in his early battles, he learned when sparring with Yuurei, he needed to either counter, or attack while being hit. So he shouted, activated another spell.


Brone was no longer a dwarf, but his body bulked into that of an 11 foot tall polarbear. Before anybody in the audience could register what was happening within that wave of light that struck the dwarf, Brone had bulleted forward again at Yuurei with his helmet's horns pointing at him, he also had clenched his fist to land a solid punch if someone he would miss this speed-blitz.

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“I’m glad you still sharpening your skills. And you know I cannot die. The powers bestow on me won’t allow me to anyways.” He said to Brone.

He was indeed God-like, in the grace that he made his own, and the power he had obtained through his journey and experience, Yuurei was praised, love, but most all feared. He was happy to see that Brone was still well and it seemed like he had become powerful once again.

Yuurei’s Zabimaru hit its mark, and while he had tried to use Migi’s abilities to cut down the rest of that despicable axe, it seemed like his friend had other plans. His sentient sword had met its demise in the clash between Dhuraindarin. It would roar from the blow, disperse back to its original form and the blades would drop to the ground no longer returning to Yuurei’s side. He saw this and nodded as he figured that would happen. He would change his weapon as it disappeared and reappeared as Samehada would take it's place.

That was twice that his blade had broken in a fight. His mastery of the blade had not been mastered and he could see it right here. Still, with Brone it was different he had a weapon that had caused destruction like no other.

“My bad Yuurei, I guess he noticed what you were trying to do.” Migi said to Yuurei.

Yuurei was fine with that as he retracted the sharpened appendages back to their normal size for their next strike. Yuurei had hit Brone with the explosion that been let out from his invisible blade. He had to used this to his advantage as the length of Excalibur wasn’t known to many people. Still, attacking him was one thing, but the danger that had come from after was impressive.

The charge that had come after his attack was smart. He used the cover of his spell to make an attack. It was one that pleased him very well. When he saw the man charging at him like a huge bull. Yuurei welcomed this. He flew into the air, so that Brone would land a hit on his Kaldbalk. He felt the blow and impact of the attack, which would actually sent Yuurei going.

The force behind that charge was incredible, and Kaldbak had been shattered almost to its destruction without much of an issue. Still, while this had happened three things would occur at the same time.

One of those being Migi’s two sharpened appendages would stretch out once again attempting to deplete whatever remaining life was on Brone’s armor, and hopefully deal some damage to the big dwarf-bear. The next thing was Samehada was unwrapped depleting Yuurei’s strength, but would also be swung down on the back of Brone’s back. As for his final act, Yuurei had swung down his invisible blade at the helmet that he had been smacked with as he flew away from Brone.

“That helmet suits you Mountain! I fear you’re missing something for if you had hit me directly, I think I would have been in critical condition.” He said to him as if it was true.

Brone couldn’t pierce through his armor as others did. He did have it when Benimaru was around, but since he couldn’t use his companions in this fight, then he understood where the disadvantage was located.

“How’s the guild?” He asked him as he already knew, but wanted to hear the words of his friend.

The Oni and the Demon would mess with his head as he felt a sharp pain on the side of his head. He ignored it though as he was in the middle of a fight he couldn’t ignore. His ring glowed for a second repairing some damage to the armor, and he waved his arm and soon enough a new armor would replace the worn-out Kaldbak for now. He was now wearing his Berserker’s Suit.

This one didn’t have the defensive capabilities of Kaldbak, but it did what it needed to do what was necessary. Yuurei lowered himself from the air he was in, they were fighting and he was strong enough not to use moves like fly into the air to take advantage. He didn’t attack at the moment as he was on guard for the time being. He wanted to see what Brone would do next.

“Your form is brilliant, it is you in all aspects! Now show me more, show me that you are what I think you are, a close friend, a rival!” He shouted as was waiting to see what he could do next.


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