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I got the high ground [Group C]

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I got the high ground [Group C] Empty Fri May 03, 2024 9:55 am


It seemed that the groups that had gathered were all mostly ready to enter the cavern. Despite the fact you might recognize some as allies, rivals or maybe even punching-bags, for today it seemed the cards had decided to pair the three of you together.

While fortunately the cavern had been quiet for the time being, meaning that there was still time to discuss strategies or prepare for the expedition, it was clear that time was slowly running out.

The knights at the barricades were all at the ready, having just escorted a group toward the cavern that included a woman and three children, which by the way made some of the guards ponder if this was the start of a tragedy, the next group that was escorted in seemed to be quite a spectacle as well, some had even sworn to hear the female muttering something about not being held responsible for collateral damage?

Nonetheless, one of the knights approached the remaining group and waved a hand in greeting. "Greetings, we just received reports the voidal energy is starting to gather again in the portal so we have to keep the briefing short. Your task is to kill whatever is responsible for protecting the barrier to the boss chamber and then work together with the other groups in order to vanquish the boss inside."

A hand reached for his chin as he pondered for a moment. "Ah before I forget, your compensation as promised awaits upon your return, and any treasure you find during the expedition is yours to keep."

A simple set of instructions, but more than enough to understand what the rewards would be upon returning. "Unfortunately we don't have much intel about what awaits inside, the cavern keeps sending people to random locations inside the void, but it all seems to focus around this huge castle, so you'll likely find the boss inside the throne room."

He gestured toward the other groups that had just entered the cavern. "Best get to know each other on the way in, doubt any of you want to be outdone when it comes to getting the treasure that might be lurking in the caverns."

Meanwhile the portal leading into the cavern pulsed with energy and a gust of wind blew out of it, almost as if a telltale of something that might await the group inside.

So far it seemed that they were granted permission to enter the cavern, so once they had teamed up and were ready to go the group could enter the cavern and find out just what awaited them inside the void...


Hello Group C~ Your topic is up and ready to go.

Group C: Ittindi, Knuckles Shi, Toga.


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The tides of fate were cresting fiercely now, twisting and heaving as colossal waves, ravenous for anything in their path. Millions of tons of destiny's pressure bore down, unrelenting, upon the crowns of onlookers—heroes and the hapless alike—who dared to confront the swelling surge. This wave, teeming with preternatural, ancient energy, was a force unlike any the trio had previously encountered; it was a power that preceded them and promised to outlast their mortal coils. Those not fortified with sufficient willpower might as well yield to its pull and discover the mysteries at the sea's depths.

Around the peculiar dimensional rift, Tōga stood with a serene expression, his calm, brown eyes observing as various guards convened for a briefing. The void fractures were escalating into a serious problem, plaguing the world around them. In response, teams across the realms were mobilized to confront these anomalies, aiming to extinguish their threat and plunder the treasures they concealed.

The Rune Knight remained attentive, his nods and smiles intermittently signaling his understanding. His pink hair fluttered with each gesture as he sat, the black steel of Zangetsu strapped to his back, his birdman’s cape offering warmth against the chill. Assigned by his organization as a reinforcement, Tōga was well aware of his role, yet his gaze lingered on the enigma before him, contemplating the perilous journey ahead. Danger was no deterrent to him; instead, his thoughts wandered to the secrets and marvels that lay within the dungeon. What adventures awaited him?

Time, as always, would reveal the answers.

enter - Tōga!

#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles Shi walked up towards the Knights, seeing Toga already there he smiled up to the Gods watching over them.  Saying a Prayer of thanks to Odin for gracing him with a warrior, and not just any warrior but Toga, this would be the third time they worked together against what was projected to be something tough. Knuckles doubted it would be if the two of them were together.  Though this man was an enemy as he was a Rune Knight, while Knuckles was a known Criminal the two had always worked together without issues.  

As he approached the Young Man, Knuckles called out and waved with a grin. "Hey Toga! Faith has destined us to work together once more! Let us bring a swift defeat to our enemies so we may dine like Kings and get to know each other a bit more."

Upon reaching the man he extended his right hand towards Toga for a handshake of respect before turning to the Knight who suggested they get to know each other on the way. "No need for that we true warriors know all we need of each other through battle." With that Knuckles pulled on his Clown Helm and secured it before grabbing his pair of Hammers from the God of Thunder Thor.  It was time for them to get moving, Knuckles was just waiting on their last member and if faith had any say in the matter which he knew it did he suspected who Odin would send his way.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Ittindi looked himself over once more in the mirror in the officer’s tent he was in. He had just finished brushing off any dirt that had fallen on his magical tuxedo in their track out to the entrance of the cavern. Today would be the day they entered, there were so many different factions here Ittindi wasn’t sure that the room he ended up being sent too would have other Rune Knights. If that was the case he’d have to be extra careful to not need his magic, he hadn’t had to many challenges lately that had required him to use more than his dominator. It’s functionality was going to be upgraded upon his next rank, that was one of the things he had been briefed about in his captain onboarding. Ittindi had to admit it was nice having others address him as captain, he had never been shown so much respect from the public. Looking over his outfit, he’d choose the color gold today for his cloth stripe on his top hat, waving his hand over it as it shimmered to a beautiful rich gold.

Putting on his top hat Ittindi would doublecheck his dominator in his holster, right below his left armpit and beneath his coat. Taking a deep breath Ittindi would head out onto the controlled chaos that had become these void rooms. He’d push his way through the crowds to the front where his assigned group would meet. There was a quick briefing, and then they were told they could enter. The cave itself was alive as its  winds whipped towards them, Ittindi would look over at his companions and see two familiar faces.

The first was Tōga who had been promoted to colonel since the last time they saw each other at that festival in another country. He’d of course not give him a salute since they were out in the field, but when he had time he would congratulate him on reaching colonel. The other companion was his Young Master, what an odd coincidence that he’d know both of his partners. He knew little about Tōga’s fighting capabilities, he had been mostly the perfect defensive wall for the god avatar they faced together. He did have that large sword as well, Ittindi was sure the man was adept with. It’d be easy enough to provide both of them ranged support as his Young Master would charge straight in regardless.

”Yes lets get off to it, congratulations on the promotion Colonel I can't think of anyone more deserving. Lets try to stick relatively close to each other inside.”


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Perhaps it was fortunate the three of them knew each other, because in hindsight their familiarity with one another might serve them well in the events to follow. Once the reached the portal leading into the cavern it seemed they were being teleported to somewhere, quite akin to traveling through a tunnel of darkness and then... a clear night sky.

Underneath them the sight of the large castle made of some sort of unknown material rose upwards, high into the sky but at the same time not as high as the three of them: for yes they were literally dropped high in the sky by the magic of the void. Underneath them were a collective of rooftops and towers, perhaps in a more normal realm occupied by sentries watching for foes encroach from a distance, but here was no such thing, or at least no human sentries.

The section the three of them were descending toward was a large rooftop connecting to a massive tower, likely leading deeper into the castle, although one would notice that a collection of stone statues reminiscent of gargoyles stood on pedestals.

However, more importantly was the fact the three descending adventurers were not alone. Nay, at the top of the tower closest to the rooftops a group of kobolds were chattering away idly. "Why even post us here? It's not like anything interesting ever happens up here..."

One of the kobolds called out in annoyance while another of his kin mumbled in frustration. "Yeah, does Darkfang expect to have dinner fall down the sky or something?" However, among them a smaller kobold pointed at the sky in disbelief. "Is that a bird?" Another kobold holding a large oaken staff adjusted his glasses and peered upwards. "Nay, I don't think it's an air balloon either..."

To which a larger kobold raised a club the size of his smaller kin and hauled it over his back. "It's an invasion! GOD DAMD! FINALLY, SOMEONE CALL THE TROOPS DOWNSTAIRS! DINNER IS FALLING DOWN THE SKY!"

The kobold laughed, the smaller kobold from earlier rushing down the staircase, seemingly on his way to try to call for allies! Meanwhile the remaining group was clearly looking at the descending trio with the same hunger as a bunch of predators, little did they know just who was falling down the sky!

Whether they'd land on the tower or descend further to the rooftops, at least it seemed something was preventing them from breaking their legs or worse during the fall, but a fight seemed almost unavoidable in this case.

Void-tainted Kobold Barbarian: (armed with a giant club)
10x S-rank durability

Lesser Kobolds: x4
4x S-rank durability

Kobold Mage:
3x S-rank durability

-A kobold ran off to try to get reinforcements and will succeed in 3 posts from now.

-Whether you decide to land on the Tower or the rooftops is up to each of you, during the fight you can use your spells/items and such as usual (or even train them), although whether they land or not is up to the DM to decide, in terms of incoming damage I'll be adjusting the damage based on each person in the group and their individual actions. The difficulty of the monsters also tends to show in their durability, for example the Void-Tainted Kobold is a lot stronger than the lesser ones, who in turn are more durable than the mage, but the mage in return can cast spells etc.

Any questions, send them my way~


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Outside the cavern entrance, a cacophony of voices showcased the fervor of countless adventurers. Groups, guilds, and organizations from all corners of Earthland had converged on this Void Dungeon, each intent on conquering its depths and claiming its hidden treasures for their own. While many were motivated by the lure of riches, Tōga's passion was fueled by the thrill of the challenge—the chance to test his courage, sate his appetite for adventure, and push the boundaries of his magic. Amidst the bustling crowd, he stood with a serene smile, patiently awaiting his team's arrival while the sounds of preparation echoed from the Rune Knights and other adventurers outside.

"Huh?" Tōga's attention sharpened as his keen sense of smell picked up two familiar scents. The first to appear was the red-headed demon, Knuckles. "Ooooh, Knuckles-San!" Tōga greeted him with a broad wave, striding forward to meet him with a firm handshake. "This makes what? Three times now we've tackled some world-ending threat together? Hahaha," he quipped cheerfully, the gravity of their situation belied by his lighthearted demeanor. Despite Knuckles' notorious reputation and their potential future as adversaries, Tōga respected his power, valuing the demon's alliance in the face of the daunting challenges that lay ahead.

Shortly thereafter, the second familiar scent materialized into a figure beyond Knuckles. Tōga's smile never waned. "Ooooh! Ittindi-san! Congrats on being promoted to captain!" He dismissed the formalities and titles that came with their roles, knowing Ittindi understood his superior's disregard for such conventions. "Who would’ve thought it would be us three---" His sentence was abruptly severed as magic enveloped them, and in an instant, they were whisked from the cave's interior to a location distinctly thinner in air.

"Ooooo Ooooo Ooooi!" Suddenly materializing mid-air, Tōga and his comrades found themselves plummeting toward the earth. But before panic could set in, a castle surged upwards from the ground below, erecting itself amidst a host of ghastly foes awaiting their arrival. With no time to ponder the theatrics of the magic at play, Tōga reacted instinctively.

His eyes, now shimmering grey, mirrored the steeliness of his resolve as his body outlined in similar hues. His Extinctas surged, complemented by streaks of intense flames and reddish-black crimson scales spreading across his body like rays of the morning sun.

Landing solidly on the stone pavement where a kobold mage stood thanks to his Birdman Cape, Tōga wasted no time. Draped in the full might of his Dragon Force1, a massive pool of magic brewed within him. With a dramatic exhale, he unleashed a hellish wave of fire toward the kobold2, marking his presence and signaling his readiness for battle.

Don’t hold back!” he roared, his voice echoing over the clamor of battle, rallying his allies to unleash their full might. Drawing Zangetsu from his back, the slayer prepared himself for retaliation.

Combat Log:

#7Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles brimmed with a smile as Toga spoke back. "Yes, for the gods have willed it. They are testing our courage and might so that if we fall we may join the ranks of the warriors who have come before us. We shall dine together in Valhalla! Even if Toga did not believe in the old gods it did not matter he was still one of the few he could consider a TRUE warrior.  Their conversation was broken up by a familiar voice, one he knew too well. When he turned to face Ittindi Knuckles noticed right away the fancy new gold.  He was a bit shocked to see something so drawing to Ittinidi then it all made sense. Though he had not known that Toga too had advanced.  The two of them were lifting through the ranks, perhaps if life had gone differently he too would have been among them but at last he was on the other side of the fence. He was an agent of darkness and a man who was trying to overcome a choice made in fear.

"Well after this how about drinks on me!"

Then poof, the void opened up, and out they went descending from the sky falling towards the earth, well if one could call this place earth. He was not too sure what was below but he was certain whatever was below would be adventure.  He looked over toward Toga he was not in a panic as it seemed he had something to assist in his landing.  Knuckles was used to flying as a Daemon and so that only left Ittindi. Though he was sure his webs would be useful there was no reason to leave it to chance.  Obscura began to leak out of the Daemon as it covered his torso and part of his back. 2-meter wings made of the energy were forged, and using them instantly he held out his main hand to Ittindi's offhand as he safely flew towards where Toga was landing.  Using this time to build his speed up to his full speed.

As they approached the Castle Knuckles looked down to scan the area, there was one big one oh how he wished to face that one. Though there was another rushing off. "I will drop you off towards the runner. " Knuckles knew from his time with Ittindi that his webs could and would catch the runner preventing their landing from being known. It was best to take out these guards and get a layout of the Castle before they began a siege.   As Toga started to deal out damage to one of the lizard people Knuckles dropped Ittindi at a safe height as he swung around back towards the brute lizard. He knew all those within 25 meters of him would be hit with the fear effect of his form, though he hoped it did not affect his friends too much.

Knuckles drew both hammers as he sailed for the Lizard with the great club, upon approach Knuckles attempted to hit the brute with both hammers in the back attempting to shatter its spine in a single combo.  After his attempted swing he would revert from his Half Transformation to conserve his mana.
For now, he wanted to see what he could do as a test before he drew too much attention towards them.

Battle Info:

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Colonel Tōga was obstinate as usual, Ittindi didn’t mind some people didn’t see rank the same. In front of a civilian even his Young Master being the civilian he wouldn’t dare scold a Colonel. Not without a serious grievance, but if he did catch Colonel Tōga alone he planned on telling him to be careful about his lack of decorum. The Young Master offered they all get drinks after this, Ittindi of course would accept. Before he could give it more thought the very air around him shifted. It seemed that the portal had lurched out to pull them out of their current reality, as Ittindi was now falling straight down. In front of him was a  large castle and Naki’s voice surged loud and true in Ittindi’s heart.

”Yes, this is why I travel with you human. Demons never have situations like this so exciting your heart has so many emotions coursing through it. Now give in to them feel the wind in your hair feel the blood running and bring them to me.”

Ittindi wasn’t sure exactly who Naki talked about, until he saw the kobolds below at the same time his Young Master had his hand out. He had transformed into a demon, while Tōga was still falling towards the ground. Ittindi would take his Master’s hand and be flown off towards the runner kobold.

”Stay safe Young Master”

He would let go of the Young Master’s hand dropping down a couple feet. Ittindi would pull his gun out as he landed. He’d aim and breathe out as he pulled the trigger, squeezing slow. The drain of the mana always felt like an aftereffect as Ittindi shot his second strongest bullet at the Kobold runner. Ittindi noticed that Tōga was off fighting the mage, and the Young Master was headed towards the largest of the kobolds. Ittindi’s cheeks would puff up as a grey magic seal appeared he would spit a stream at 20 m/s once it arrived where the kobold was it would explode in a 8 meter diameter. If he was caught he’d take a B rank debuff to his speed.

Ittindi would walk heel to toe towards the kobold as he prepared to fire another shot if it was fine after the first and it hit. He expected to start running if the Kobold kept running away from him to sound the alarm. Ittindi’s miasma would disappear quickly after it exploded, once a target was effected all he had to do was maintain the mana connection to keep the effect going.  He was also curious on how durable these kobolds would be, he wouldn’t be surprised if one shot was enough to take it out. This had to be quick and surgical, who knew how many there would be inside the castle. Ittindi had a feeling he’d have that magic talk sooner with the Young Master than he thought.

Combat Log:


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And so the three warriors went into battle. The first to make his descent was Toga, whose landing that came accompanied by his transformation clearly intimidated the kobolds. One of the ones nearest to Toga even took a few steps back in hesitation as the man unsheathed his blade and unleashed the power of his dragonic flames!

A sudden surge of mana erupted from the mage's staff, a defensive spell stirring in the form of a barrier that made the torrent of flames from Toga crash onto the barrier, and while the spells canceled each other out the mage had been forced a step backwards, attempting to regain his footing while the remaining two Earthland warriors made their arrival as well.

Knuckles his clever usage of his transformation aided Ittindi in catching up with the fleeing messenger, who had just barely reached the staircase leading down deeper into the castle when Ittindi's shot hit the kobold's shoulder! The creature tumbled forward onto the ground, trying to regain its footing at the same time the puff of miasma obscured his vision, making the kobold cough in anger. It was clear it had lost any interest in fleeing, instead turning toward Ittindi and with a dangerous glint in his eyes lunged forward, attempting to slash with its clawed hand at the man! (D-rank damage if hit)

The remaining lesser kobolds clearly intended to get their revenge as well, two of them rushed after Ittindi but were still too far from reaching him, while the two remaining ones attempted to go after Toga! The one who hesitated earlier attempted to shove the sword-wielding warrior, almost as if hoping to send him falling to his doom off the tower, while the other was attempting to claw at the sword, clearly thinking it was the source of the fire that had nearly torched their magic-wielding companion earlier. (also D-rank damage if he is able to reach your sword).

However, brave as Knuckles was, his instinct for seeking the strongest among his foes had served him well, for at the same moment he moved past the giant kobold in an attempt to attack his spine something disturbing happened. The back of the kobold started to swell, as from within a series of tendrils emerged, and while Knuckles his first swing with Mjornir hit the back of the void-tainted kobold, inflicting 2 S-rank damage, the next blow would prove that things became more difficult! A tendril coiled around the kobold's large club and swept it upwards, deflecting the magical attack of Shattered Mjornir (A-rank damage inflicted upon Shattered Mjornir), although the club cracked under the force of the blow, making it clear that there would not be much that weapon would do when it came to shielding the kobold from attacks.

"You think you're the only ones blessed by the void? Earthlander?" The giant kobold slowly turned around while one of the tendrils on his back attempted to make a stabbing motion at Knuckles' torso! (will inflict 1 A-rank damage if hit)


State of battle: Giant Kobold took 2 S-rank damage and has 8 S-rank durability left, but it seems the power of the void is weakening him! Giant Kobold takes 1 S-rank damage per turn he has his tentacles growing out of his body. (7 S-rank durability left)

Kobold messenger took A-rank damage and has 1 S-rank left (he had two but took another A-rank from falling harshly onto the ground), kobold is attempting to attack Ittindi.

Two kobolds are attempting to move to Ittindi and will get near him next round
Two kobolds are attempting to shove Toga off the tower! One is doing the shoving, the other is trying to damage your sword, no need to worry about stat rolls or anything, just keep in mind in your post he is essentially tugging and pushing at your body so you're likely a bit off-balance.

Knuckles is currently fighting the giant Kobold like:


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In the heart of the castle fairway, the trio of warriors stood their ground upon the fractured stone, the impending clash unavoidable. Each combatant had chosen their prey, ready to unleash the fury of their mages and weapons.

Toga, his eyes ablaze with determination, fixed his gaze upon the Kobold. Knuckles, the most daring of the three, set his sights on the colossal Giant Kobold. Ittindi, intent on preventing any forewarning of their presence, sought to ensnare the messenger in a web of his own making.

Clad in resplendent scales of crimson and onyx, Toga's dragon force surged through his veins, amplifying the potency and might of his spells. Yet, the mage proved more formidable than anticipated, conjuring a magical barrier to shield against the fiery torrents that threatened to engulf him. "Tch!" Toga remarked, his eyes narrowing as he prepared to swiftly counter, determined to test the resilience of that protective cocoon and see how long it could withstand the heat. However, his efforts were momentarily thwarted.

"Huh?" the pink-haired mage mused, realizing his frame and weapon hand were compromised. "Ahh!" Toga cried out as his footing betrayed him. Before he could react, he was sent hurtling over the edge, vanishing from sight as the Kobold's strategy proved effective, successfully knocking him off the platform they all stood upon.

. . . . .

The tale of Toga's demise hung in the air for but a fleeting moment before the gentle, rhythmic sound of flapping wings crescendoed, growing louder with each passing second. Swiftly reengaging the two Kobold aligned before him, Toga seized the advantage of his aerial position, courtesy of his Birdman Cape's aid.

With a powerful sweep of Zangetsu, he unleashed a dazzling stream of white and yellow light from the cleaver's obsidian edges1. The intense energy surged forth, seeking to engulf the Kobold in its golden radiance, hoping to send them flying off the platform with a concussive force mirroring their own attempt on him. As the light subsided, Toga gracefully landed, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Combat Log:

#11Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles seemed almost overcome with joy as his eyes widened when his second attack was countered, finally something he would be able to FIGHT! He looked at the Larger monster as Knuckles feet met the ground and he looked at his hammer over. It was a little worse for wear, but he had faced way worse odds.  When he looked up the monster was talking during the fight, what an amateur.  Knuckles used this time to lunge but then he heard it and the sound made him hesitate as the blast struck him square in his chest plate.  While he felt a tinge of pain his armor would take the brunt of the attack easily.  It was that sound that had caused him to stutter that had Knuckles replaying it, that was Toga's voice and it sounded like it was falling. Since he had allowed his form to fade, Knuckles would have to wait a few more seconds before he could recall that power.   "Dammit..."

Knuckles held  Shatter Mjlnor to the Sky as he fed his mana into the hammer and it began to glow. Knuckle cast Tempest Rage, as lighting infused his body gifting him with the power of Thor and empowering his Strength, Speed, Constitution, and Endurance by a solid amount. His body would become shredded with muscles and a fair lighting aura covered him.  If he had the ability to, Knuckles would have gone full Daemon mode on this overgrown lizard and knocked his ass into the air, but at last, he had to re-gather his Obscura before manipulating it again.

"Do not worry about alarming the others of this Castle, they will soon hear your screams echo through the lands as they WILL travel further than the Voids reach. "

No more words, Knuckles lunged at 20 m/s and slid down to a knee where he'd cross-swing his off-hand which dealt magic damage at the Kneecap of the Lizard and pushed off with a leg that was not folded onto the ground propelling him up as he would swing  Mjlnor at the elbow of the arm which held the giant club in an upper cross swing on his way up.  If possible he would finish off his combo hit with a swift kick with his left leg using the cross position of his body to generate more force aiming for it's head.

It was unknown to Knuckles that Toga was fine, but it would not matter now as he was in a Daemon Rage, and only until all his foes were dead would it calm. With the fog, he hadn't an idea that Toga was fine.  The only thought worse than Toga being taken out, was that Ittindi would be not far behind if they had taken out someone the Knight had ranked higher than him. The pressure was really starting to pile on only fueling his negative emotions more.

Battle Info:

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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It seemed that Ittindi’s intuition was wrong as the Kobold popped out of the smoke lunging towards him claws out. Trusting his magical suits protection, he’d fire off his strongest shot directly at the Kobolds head while he was lunging.  Ittindi knew that the creature wouldn’t be able to resist to busy plotting its own course of action. His armor, it was weird to think of his suit that way, but it absorbed the claws just fine. He knew that he wouldn’t have much time after his second shot, he’d stow his pistol back in its holster. Turn around to see Tōga fighting from the air as well as his Young Master on a rampage further away. Ittindi figured if there was going to be room to cast it’d be now and clenched his right fist.  A few meters ahead of him a grey magic seal would appear on the ground with a chained Kusarigama shooting out towards the kobold on the left approaching Ittindi at 40 m/s. He didn’t have control over the chains like he did his silk, the advantage being that he could focus on other things after selecting his target.

After he had cast the spell Ittindi would position his arms as he summoned his naginata into his hands. He didn’t have enough practice to use his gun in close quarters, that was part of what he wanted to work on with the Young Master. His spear however, he had enough introductory classes in the Rune Knights. He had been taking his time learning the forms from Joya after learning of the weapons origin. Ittindi hadn’t met his perfect Joyan connection just yet, Tōga was the only one he knew from the country. He didn’t speak of it much during their night out drinking, it gave him the impression that Tōga left there for a reason.  He had met Mimi there once, but that had been so many years ago, and if he recalled correctly she was also visiting. He’d just have to keep his eyes on the Rune Knight roster, surely there’d be another recruit who enjoyed Joya.

His spear stance was one of defense even if his spell hit, he knew from his gunshot early it would not be enough to take down one of these creatures. Now a slash or two from his spear would be a different story, especially since it was cursed or enchanted, Naki had explained its effects to him. This would be the first time Ittindi would witness them, choosing not to test it out on random beasts or criminals.  Ittindi would do one last sweep of his vision making sure it was just the two kobolds he planned on facing before taking a deep breath and preparing for any slip up from the creatures where he could strike.

This is where the real danger would start, they had no doubt alerted at least part of the castle’s garrison to their presence from the loud clashing. Ittindi wondered if he’d be in trouble being the closest to the direction the messenger was running. Surely the reinforcements would arrive from there. Today might be the day he tests the one power he had the most disbelief in supposedly he could resurrect himself in combat.

Combat Log:

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