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Attack on the Family Vault [Brone/Lumikki]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

Attack on the Family Vault [Brone/Lumikki] Empty Tue Jan 16, 2024 9:32 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
The five clans present at the Hrútr Main Hall brought joyful sound that echoed through even the distant corridors. A handful of dwarves gathered with several instruments and brought music to life. Couples and even singles joined in dance, some done so upon tables. It wasn't long before the kegs of Dragon Fire Ale were roll to the main platform. Once they were cracked open to pour out, a cheer radiated amongst the party.

"Why call it 'Dragon Fire'?" One dwarf asked as he filled his mug to the brim. He had already been chugging his share before he got his answer.

"It was fermented using the dragon fire" the dwarf who brew the concoction proudly said as he stood on the table and began his story of how he and his sister took down a mighty dragon, but kept it alive so it would help with their brew. Once it was done, they all shared a round, including the dragon to which they befriended. Some of the dwarfs who listened in on the story awed, but others openly doubted the authenticity.

"No way ye beat a whole fire-breathing dragon!" A younger dwarf called from across the table.

"Didn't Brone fight a dragon!?" Another of the younger dwarves shouted, which was enough for Brone to part his lips from his drink and jump atop the table.

"Aye! twice I had fought against a dragon, one breathed fire, nearly singed off me beard! While the other was a God of Lightning that called upon thunder clouds at will!" He got into his theatrical performance as he drew his blue spear from his back, striking it through the air. At the climax of his story he plunged the spear tip into the table, causing a cold chill to quickly spread out, freezing that portion and impressing the surrounding dwarves.

"Chill my glass" One dwarf nonchalantly said as he brought his glass mug up to Brone to which he tapped the spear tip against it and caused it too to freeze to the point it cracked; the ale began to leak from the crack, but the dwarf didn't worry and quickly began to down his drink.

"Bah! Their damn dragon burp, they can keep that; the real taste is in the Spider Bite wine" Frare brought over a large glass jug that was almost as large herself.

"Why put it in glass? Ye just gonna break it" Dordon was already pouring himself his second drink.

"Put a sock in it and let me have my damn wine!" Frare shouted angrily, already annoyed with her husband's tiresome opinion and nitpicking; she then turned to Lumikki and gave her a smile as she spoke softly to her, "Lumi, sweetheart, do ye mind chilling this for us?"



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Lumikki was fascinated by the story from the brewer. Real or not, the implication was interesting. Befriending the dragon is not what she found to be absurd, nor was it the matter of beating one in battle. It was the thought that with its flames, one could brew ale. It was a craftmen’s choice she’s never considered before.

But soon they were singing her Uncle’s praises as the warrior who downed dragons. And in the heat of the moment, Brone had put on a show. Lumikki wanted to step in, eager to prove her frost, but Frare provided her the better opportunity to show her skill. And she would do one better as Lumi planned to avoid cracking the glass.

The little raven looked over to the jug that was heaved by Frare as she gauged just the right amount of strength needed. She settled on just a kiss, blowing one toward the wine just a few feet away from her. The Daemon’s chill hung in the air as it crossed the room, but it would concentrate soon around the glass jug. Wrapping around its surface like an unfurling flower as the chill would make a black frost creep along the surface like massive petals of an inflorescence coming to a bloom.

Lumi managed to keep the ice from touching the wine, it only sat on the glass. But the drink took no time to chill to a more refreshing temperature, more so than the ale brought out just before.

” When did yer frost start taking such a ghastly color?” Inquired Viola, she was sitting just to the side of the Daemon at a fairly empty table. Her face was more surprised than disturbed, but she was fairly taken aback by the discovery. ” Not long after I left Mum. Perhaps it was a parting gift from Nan. I liked to see it was a waking reminder of how much I miss her.” Lumikki uttered her words like a susurrus in rowdy storm. She had no desire to speak on it, let alone do it right now. And so she tried to shift the tides elsewhere. Approaching Frare to grab two glasses and pass one to her mother.

” Have ye seen Pa since we got here? It’s been rowdy…” Lumikki trailed off before Brone’s uncle caught her eye.” Maybe I should look for him.” She muttered, walking over Nargbark to entertain another conversation with him in the in the rowdy crowd.


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#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
"Such a pretty frost, like obsidian" Frare was amazed by how Lumikki's ice had blackened and created beautiful designs as it coated the glass. She distributed the drinks to those who desired wine before taking a seat beside Viola, but as she had sat down, Lumikki was already making her way to Nargbark, "Is everything alright?" Fare asked, wondering if there some form of tension; she had missed the dialogue between the two, but assumed something might have been said.

* * *

"Black ice, huh?" Nargbark said, though he wasn't looking at Lumikki as she approached, but he was staring at a far off wall at the western side of the large cavern. He pointed to it; the depiction it had, shown a female dwarf hammering down on an anvil, "Do you see the sparks that come off the anvil? Well look again" Taking a more focused look, the viewer can see what was suppose to be, or expected to be, spitfire sparks were actually in the design of snowflakes, "That story is of an old myth; the older generations believed that it is mainly the men who can forge using fire, but at some point, they've realized the structures of ice can only be created by Winter. No male dwarf has any craftsman ship with ice, for we cannot use fire to forge ice, and our hands are too rough to handle something delicate. So they associated winter with women, feminizing it, then eventually it was believed that because without fire there is the cold void, that our All Father Dhurain had an older sister who was born first, for Winter was always there before the heat of summer came along." It's possible that some dwarves had heard of such a tale, but it was rarely ever spoken by the males and only passed down the women.

Nargbark eventually looked back at Lumikki and nodded at her, "A very old tale, but not really known by the men, for we tend to fear what we don't understand nor what we cannot temper with fire, but in time we learn to accept things if it means no harm to us, for we feared the surface world for along time, but here we are; some even say that your father holds the tear of Dhurain, which was frozen by his older sister in remembrance to his work.".

* * *

The crowd cheered when Morgrym finally arrived. He smirked, though tiredness could be seen in his eyes, it didn't stagger his walk which shown his authority in the party. Dwarves raised their glasses and mugs to him, and as he walked through the crowd to get to the head of the table, he looked down to see that someone must have slipped a mug of whisky into his hand. He laughed, then took a swig before calling out to everyone, "Welcome, everyone! The time has come for the clans to come together and celebrate our history, our present, and our future together, no matter how far we are, our home will never be forgotten!" In response, the cavern was filled with cheers.

"The Långsiktighet Clan, the Wisest of the dwarves, who's insight cannot be rivaled!" As Morgrym said this, he raised his mug to one side of the table to which half a dozen dwarves raised their mugs, their chests swelled in pride.

"They also hold the Öga Opal, said the be eye of the first Dhain dwarf" Nargbark whispered to Lumikki as he watched the introduction.

"The StarkMithril Clan, the Merchants and the treasurers of the dwarves, our treasure hoard is represented by their works" Several StarkMithril dwarves lightly slammed their mugs on the table in salute.

"They hold the Huggtand Diamond, said to be a shard of a fang that belonged to a strong lunar wolf that was defeated by Dhurain himself".

"The Brandarbetare clan, who are argued to be the best blacksmiths with hottest forges in all the land!" The Brandarbetare clan drummed their hands upon the table in response.

"They hold the Bläs Citrine, said to be part of the sparks that flew from Dhurain's forge, which can produce powerful flames for a forge".

[color:1a7c=ff3300]"The Heavyaxe Clan, the dwarves who had seen more battle and adventure than any other!" That is when Brone, Dordon, and several other dwarves took up shields and weapons and banged them together, even Frare took one of her own son's axes and banged them against her husband's shield.

"They hold the Hjärta Emerald, said to be the Heart of the Stone, giving love and courage to the dwarves."

"And finally, the Hrútr Clan, we who hold onto the memory and tradition of the clans, so that we will always remember who we are and where our home is" Morgrym raised his mug towards his wife, then to his daughter. Everyone began to clap.

"Your family hold the Riva Sapphire, Dhurain's tear which holds the memory of the clan." After Nargbark said this, he gently nudges Lumikki forward so she can join her father at the head of the table as everyone took their seats to eat.

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