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They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei

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 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Tue Nov 21, 2023 10:30 am


Kaito walked out of the portal and into the fridge area and he looked around as a blizzard was happening but through the blizzard he could see people bundled up and serving drinks as well as showing those that came before them how to dig ice and build snow men and Kaito is not sure that they should really just drop people in normal clothes into the cold tundra like this but Kaito's cloak adjusted to the cold and warmed him. Kaito threw a human sized cloak to Yuurei and a special one to Renji so if he changes sizes and forms it morphs with him.

Kaito was not going to risk the two getting frost bite or freezing to death as they had just come from a very hot place to a very cold place and that will have a negative effect on their bodies as it is like walking from a warm day outside to walking into a place cooled by ice magic expect on a bigger scale which means colds and other illnesses are more common to be happening here and after they took them he went up and grabbed a drink.


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Fri Nov 24, 2023 1:02 pm


Yuurei would feel the cold and he would rub his arms. He had gotten used to the cold because of the North and the Marchen Mountain. Still, he rather a warmer climate all the time. Renji would come out of the portal, and he would be just fine. This was amazing weather, and he loved the feeling of the cold.

He would have his cloak go on his face, and he would cover his body with his Berserker’s suit.

“Much better if I do say so myself.” He said to Kaito.

He would walk over to where the drinks were, and he would pour him something to drink. He would take it in without a problem and he would feel the warmth that it was providing in this weather.

“You’re going to have to drink a lot of that Yuu, so you don’t feel the weather.” Renji would tell him as he wasn’t sure about Kaito.


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 8:55 am


Kaito shrugged and he then went to go and start in the snowman build contest that was going on and the snow was heavy and the others were struggling but Kaito wasn't seemly very bothered by it but he kept going as there was nothing that seemed to worry him as he just rolled the snow and kept to himself and he wondered what the plan was even as there didn't seem to be much that he would need to be worried about but he kept going and doing the designing of the snowman and it looked like he was just making strange bits and pieces when really he was trying to craft something that was good looking and showed that he was putting in efforts as this was something a child could do but as this was a contest he wasn't just going to lay back and be distracted or half ass it as he needed to make sure of this thing as he didn't want to be upstaged.


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 7:34 pm


Yuurei would continue his drink and he would look over to Kaito. It would seem like his friend had decided to join the contest that was happening here. The Seraphim was going to join him but then decided to stay back. He would continue drinking as he watched things go. It would seem like the alcoholic beverage that he was drinking wasn’t bothering him, so his progress was better than the others here. The Requip mage would chuckle when he saw this, and he would continue to drink.

“Kaito got this without a problem.”He said to Renji. Renji would look at him and he would shake his head at those words.

“How come things like alcohol don’t affect Kaito, Yuu?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

Yuurei looked at him and shrugged as if he didn’t know himself. He figured he would ask Kaito at a later time, but for now, they were just spectating and drinking.


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 7:52 pm


Kaito seems to be very unphased as a part of him is just numb but he guessed that all good things come to and end and now was that end that Kaito had been seeing coming as he needed to make this all right but there was really no way to have that work out in a way that had any meaning but he was just living day to day and he hoped that Revy would be feeling a bit better as she seemed very not in the mood to come and do this drinking games thing when he usually saw her drinking wine she hadn't lately but that didn't seem to ding any bells in his head but he was not going to worry as she promised him that she was fine just that she needed to rest so Kaito wasn't going to ask questions of her.

He stepped back as the judging was decided and he had seemed to have once so he just dropped back into the snow and he made snow angels on the ground but he still had his more dead panish look on his face as there seemed to be something nagging at his head about all of these areas and he wondered if they had any meaning.


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:12 pm


Yuurei would look at his partner in crime and then he would look over to Kaito. It would seem like he didn’t care about anything right now and he would just smile at his friend.

“He would tell us why at another time. Right now I’m trying to figure out why Revy isn’t here.” He said to Renji.

The Exceed would hear him and he did notice that from the beginning. He had known why, and it was just how she was when it came to these kinds of things.

“She doesn’t like drinking and all of that, so you can kind of figure that she wouldn’t want to be around something like this. I don’t blame her though, but I wished that she was here for me at least.” He said to Yuurei as he would look at Kaito.

It was then that they would see that the man step away from the snowman he made as they were getting ready to judge things.


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:19 pm


Kaito just stayed laying there him feeling a nagging feeling like he was slowly being pulled from the world like something else was calling to him but he has no idea what it is but he guesses either it is another Kaito being killed or there might be somewhere else that called to his being rather it was just his mind or if it wanted him as a whole he would not know. Kaito hears his name being called and he kips up to his feet from the ground leaving a perfect snow angel Kaito had won but it was close and he looked over at Yuurei and Renji and he wonders if Revy and Renji had snuck off at some point and Revy was working on something else but he didn't feel that was right to ask as he was not bothering anyone and if they had it was just there business anyways and none of his own.


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:43 pm


Yuurei would look at Kaito as the man was out of it. He could teel that he was bored, and it would seem like he wanted this over with. He would shake his head, and he would laugh a bit. He would continue drinking as he wasn’t going to leave this without drinking. It would seem like there were a lot of people who didn’t win the competition, but Kaito’s name had yet to be named. It was soon enough, but there were only two of them left. It would seem like they were having a hard time deciding who would win, and when they did, Yuurei would laugh. It would seem like his friend had won, but it was a close call.

He would look over to Kaito and he would see him get up as quickly as he had thrown himself on the floor.

He would clap for the man’s victory and would clap for the person that had given Kaito a challenge


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 9:07 pm


He looked over at Yuurei and he blinked as he had not thought he was going to actually win. "It is weird to hear I won anything besides a ride on the pain train." He spoke oddly as weird images flashed through his head of a different place and a different him. These were strange things but he shook his head and he was trying to figure out what he was to do with this information but he had nothing else to do. He started sampling the other drinks so he could see what else these people had for him and if this was the best they had as his tased like it was really just nothing in comparison to the drinks in the hot fighting area as those tasted like they could pickle a goat in less than a week which was a strange though to have at that moment and he hoped that there was a good thing next. "Renji you didn't sleep with Revy right?"


 They said on the rocks but this is questionable for drinks. (Yuurei Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 6:10 pm


Yuurei would hear Kaito’s words, and he would shake his head. It was weird for him to say something like that. Renji would look at him and he would scratch the side of his head. There was something wrong with this guy and every time Revy wasn’t around it would seem like he would go off the rail.

The Seraphim would finish his drink and it would seem like they might be going to another place. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen there, but he figured it wouldn’t be as weird as it was here. When they were ready to leave though Kaito had asked Renji a weird question.

The Exceed stopped moving, as he froze for a bit as he was looking at Kaito.

“I don’t think that is any of your business Kaito. If you want to know the answer to that ask Revy herself.” He said to him as he would walk away from the man.


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