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Blood, Sweat and Drinking games? (Yuurei)

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Blood, Sweat and Drinking games? (Yuurei) Empty Fri Nov 03, 2023 9:42 am


Kaito came out in Seven which was a strange feeling and they were in an area and the drinks were in huge barrels and some strange looking people were there for them waiting and he looked around and wasn't seeing the rest of the group they were with before and he wonders if maybe his teleport had been disrupted by someone but he has no proof of this so he was going to wait and listen as they started to speak saying they were here to take on the ones that dared to come here and it was in drinking and fighting and Kaito was not sure why this was a good idea from them to take him on and others that came was this because of the medal he had gotten was this a test or a funny off shoot to mess with the drunk people taking part in this Kaito was unsure and was very much not ready for it.


Blood, Sweat and Drinking games? (Yuurei) Empty Fri Nov 03, 2023 10:29 am


Yuurei would make his way to the next place that they were heading to. There was a lot of drinking involved, but he was fine with it. The Seraphim would make it to the next place, and it would seem like there was a lot of drinking here too. That was good, but there was a twist, you could only drink if you participated in fighting while being drunk. They wanted people to fight barehanded with no weapons, no magic, and no armor involved.

The eager brawler would hear this and he would be filled with excitement. He was definitely going to join in on this. The half-elf would take a cup and chug down the beverage presented to him.

“You can count me in. I will take anybody on.” He said to them as he would start drinking more.

Renji would hear and see this and the people here were in for a surprise.


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Kaito was not getting drunk no matter how much he drank and he walked out there and he was picked for a fight against one of the guys that was bigger then he was and Kaito only blinked and wondered what the actual point of drunken brawling is as fighting and drinking are both things Kaito doesn't view in a good favor. He had been challenged and he wasn't going to back down as even if it was stupid he still only have one choice and that was to keep fighting. Kaito started brawling with the man and the man really seemed to be able to take a hit from Kaito who seemed to be unphased by the other man hitting him back that the other man had started to voice that Kaito had to be cheating in some way but Kaito ended up knocking him out right after that with a solid hook and others looked at Kaito with a bit of fear toward him.


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Yuurei would be told to go into the arena, and he would listen to them. When he did he would crack his neck as the man would enter the arena as well. they would look at each other and soon enough the fight would begin. It would seem like he knew who Yuurei was, so it was a good way to prove themselves. He watched the man close to the distance between the two of them and he would swing at Yuurei.

The Seraphim would see this and he would dodge the punch and he would counter with a hook to the man’s face. When he hit the man he would cause the man to stumble back. It would also cause the man to bleed a lot as he spat it on the floor next to him. It was then he would see him closer and he would launch a flurry of punches at Yuurei.


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Kaito was not sure why they were here and drinking and it seemed strange here but that was something that he didn't have time to worry about and he gets back to the fighting with them and he doesn't back down even when he is being double teamed. Kaito dodges the hits from them and then moves just in time for them to hit the other as well. Kaito was not feeling the drinks besides the crappy taste they had left in his mouth. They are confused to why Kaito wasn't showing any signs of being drunk or poisoned in any way and Kaito runs in on the next guy and gets low and kicks them up into the sky then jumps up into the air to them staying in the shadow of the person and then he grabs onto them and then piledrives them into the dirt of the battle arena and he looks at the others that not look to have crapped their collective pants as he had just planted him a dumbass tree.


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Yuurei would see the punches coming, and even though he was intoxicated it wouldn’t matter. He would move sluggishly, but he would be able to dodge the attacks. He would move around move his body to avoid the incoming assault. The man would throw a kick, and Yuurei would block wit with his own leg as he had a smile on his face. It would piss the man off, but he didn’t mind it. He would launch another jab, but this one was too scare the man. He would have the man jump back out of fear as he looked into his eyes.

It was then the man would become angry and he would run to Yuurei again and he would attempt to grab him. The Seraphim would see this, and he would avoid him all together. It was then he would hear the crowd getting upset and he knew what he had to do right now.


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"Seems they are keeping us bust huh?" He spoke but to who it was uncertain and for why as well was uncertain Kaito had been acting weird this whole time was it fate that caused that or was it something else? Was Kaito ever really who was in front of them that were the questions probably swirling around to the people looking at him as he moved and side stepped the attacks that were coming still Kaito was not sure if these guys full of fear were to be scary to him or not he was not right there was something wrong as if Kaito was seeing things that weren't there and where ever shifting and there was something going on but he couldn't see it or was it that he couldn't see past the lights and lines that a normal person would. He drank while he fought them as none of them really could come close to landing anything that was like a real hit.


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Yuurei would look at the man and it would seem like he was upset. He would just have a smirk on his face as he wouldn’t be upset for much longer. He would see the man was coming to him again, and that was when Yuurei would make his move. The man would launch a right hook to hit the Seraphim. The Angel would crouch to avoid the punch, but he had also dug his foot forward to get into the brawler in front of him. He was intoxicated, but that didn’t mean this was a fair fight.

The being that was even stronger than the gods would have a smirk on his face. The two of them were looking at each and the man was in fear. He didn’t expect Yuurei to do this, but it had been done. It was then he would swing a quick jab into the man’s abdomen. The blow from the attack would resonate through the man’s body and he would gasp as his eyes would roll back and he would fall to the ground from that one punch.


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Kaito didn't waste a second and he kept on top of his tasks and shows that he was not going to be second fiddle to anyone as he was and will always be a monster even if he denies it even if he is branded a hero deep down he is always without fail he is gonna be a monster and that is something that he can't deny of himself as he might have come to terms with that being inside of him it didn't stop him from using the powers and that rage in his soul. Kaito knocks them around and does his part though it was no work of art but it was done with. He collects his things and he headed for the next area and he hoped that it was a more relaxed place to enjoy a drink and some time away from it all and that was something he needed a more peaceful place and not one of issues.


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The people in the crowd would see what had happened, and while they were quiet for a second. They weren’t sure what had happened, but this man had taken his opponent out in one punch. It was then that they would grasp that it was over, and they would start cheering Yuurei. He would put one hand up and he would have a smirk on his face. He would walk out of the place. Still, now that this fight was over they were going to another place, right? He was sure of it and he would see Kaito making his way somewhere. That was when Yuurei would follow behind him and he would enter the portal.

He wondered what would be the final place they would be enjoying their time. It would be a place that he would call home, right? He wasn’t sure, and he just followed the flow knowing he could get home on his own.


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