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Sakura and drinking games combine. (Yuurei)

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Sakura and drinking games combine. (Yuurei) Empty Tue Oct 31, 2023 4:52 pm


Kaito came out in Joyan and he sees games of balance and aim were the themes here and he wondered if there was anyone that was drunk that he could just challenge and defeat as there was not much that he was worried about unless he got paired against Yuurei but Kaito didn't see that happening as he figured that Yuurei had figured out that it wasn't effecting him but that there may be more wrong with Kaito than there was right and he grabbed the drinks that they were making them take and he then he took a few shots with a bow at the targets ranged weapons had always been a sort of bane for him so he is now looking harder for someone that seems stupid drunk so he can take them on and just barely win with his subpar archery skills and hope that he isn't beaten as there were seemingly some locals here as well that weren't as drunk as some of the people that had come here.


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Yuurei had followed Kaito to Joya. A place he had become familiar with. He didn’t think he would be in a specific country a lot, but here he was. He felt connected to this place, and that was a good thing. Still, he was here for more pleasure than anything. He was with Kaito right now and their adventures with drinking would continue. He would look over to his friend as it would seem like they were going to play games while being drunk. They were also going to be in teams. Of course, Yuurei and Kaito would be a team.

The Seraphim would drink his alcohol and he was told to shoot an arrow. The Requip mage had a bow before, so he knew how to use one. He would pull the string of the bow that was given, and he would see things were blurry. Still, it wouldn’t stop him from hitting right near the bullseyes as he took another shot of his drink.


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Kaito feeling totally nothing takes aim and fires his shot is decently close but still not the best, you would think that a man that fires beams from his fingers wouldn’t be so shit with a bow but the weapon still vexed him as he was not a longer range weapon user and would be sticking to his sword and other swords that he likes as he goes but that is a pipe dream for him probably. He was not sure if he could really make a decent collection of swords. Kaito drinks some more and he is not impressed as the taste is off still and he wonders if Judith if she were to taste this would start correcting their recipes for the drinks and he watches as his slightly drunk opponent takes aim and fires it was the same amount of points as Kaito had scored and Kaito knows he needs to make sure to not loose this and effect Yuurei and he focuses as he would use his eye to look for weak points on the target and he sees on in the bullseye top right of it.


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Yuurei would watch Kaito take another shot as he was drinking. This was the game, and it was hard not to drink what he had anyways. He would look at the target and it would seem like the people they were playing against were used to doing this. He chuckled a bit as he wondered if they always went out hunting when they were drunk.

He would look at the target now as it was his turn and he would do his best to focus. His eyes stared hard at the bullseye, he was trying to get a good look at what he needed to hit. His body moving ever so slightly, he would have to refocus himself. It was then they would complain and he would mock them as he would let the arrow off and it would hit the bullseyes. Their jaws would drop and they couldn’t believe it as Yuurei would hiccup a bit and looked surprised himself.


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When Kaito was back up he took aim and he could feel it like his aim had locked onto the weak spot and he wondered if this was something that he should be worried about, but he released the arrow and it split the target in half putting it to the ground and the judges are talking to each other as Kaito drinks his drink from the shot at the target and they look like they have no idea what to do and if they should count it or but the arrow is still in the target that is on the ground. The guy that was against him looks at Kaito and wonders what he had gotten into and he stepped back from Kaito a bit and he wonders if there is a fight that he should be fighting but he knows that this is just a game so losing really carries no weight but he also knows that it is more a thing of pride and he would make sure that Yuurei and Fairy Tail win.


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Yuurei would continue drinking as he was enjoying himself right now. There wasn’t anything else for him to do. He would look over to Kaito and he would see his friend shoot the arrow. What he did next had shown a display of strength and usage of a weapon. He would see that the target would be split from the arrow, and he would only chuckle when he saw this.

The Seraphim wouldn’t say anything about what had happened, instead, he would take another hit of his alcohol. It would seem like he had put fear into the man, and it would eventually be Yuurei’s final turn. He would look at the target presented to him and he would take aim. He noticed that he was swaying last time, so he had to play around with that. He would see how his body would move, and when it got to the point where he knew it would hit its mark he would release the arrow. It would be sent flying hitting the bullseye again and causing Yuurei to rub his eyes because he was glad that it worked.


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"I think I over did it..." The bow felt a bit off in his hand but he was going to still take aim and fire another arrow at the target and he was not sure if there was really a point as he was probably going to miss and he was glad that Revy had turned him down as she would probably be here to see his shame and that was not an easy pill to shallow for him and that was something that was going to have to be taken care of. Kaito didn't miss he just kept hitting the target over and over as he was using is own eye to look for weakness and it was helping him to aim and hit those spots as he was not sure why it felt so natural but it did and he wasn't going to keep questioning it as there were many things that he needed to do and see.


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Yuurei would see that this game was coming to an end soon, the two of them were hitting their marks in the game. It was interesting to see these two works together. Still, Kaito wasn’t getting drunk, so he was drinking just to put on an act. As for Yuurei, his tolerance was high for these things. Of course, he was feeling the effects of the poison that was alcohol. It would stop him from proving that he was a different breed.

The young man would reveal another hiccup as he shot an arrow from the bow and he would hit his mark. He would wipe his mouth a bit as he felt the substance on his chin. The game was coming to an end, but he kept drinking. Renji would see these two were playing around with the competition and he was just spectating wondering why Revy wasn’t here with them.


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Kaito is given a strange medal and he looks at it and he wonders if this was really something that he wanted to keep but it was fine as well as some women seeing his trinket hanging from his cloak and starting to gush over him a bit and offer him things at discounted prices and they are smiling and excited to see him and Kaito sighs and turns them down as he had been spending to much Jewels as of late and he really needed to stop being lazy and start getting Jewels back into his bank or soon he will be broke again and that is not something that he really wants to do so he needs to get back to making jewels and not just spending jewels like they are water rolling down a hill to the next body of water from a mountain.

Kaito sees that they are moving on to the next area and he wonders where they will be going this time around and if it will be fun or if it will just be more pains in the ass for him and he walks through.


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Yuurei wasn’t sure what was happening at this point. All he could tell was that they had won. He wasn’t sure what they had won, but he would be given a medal. It was nice and shiny, but not something he would be wearing. He would take it and he would put it away in his dimension where all his items were. He would finish his drink without a problem and he looked over to Kaito. It would seem like they were ready to go on to the next place.

He was fine with that as he knew it would give him a little bit of time to sober up. Of course, it wouldn’t matter because he was going to be drinking in the other place. He would walk away from everything here and he would make his way to Kaito. Renji would see that the two were ready to move forward, and he would follow behind them as well.


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