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Red Sun Over Paradise [Open to PD]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Red Sun Over Paradise [Open to PD] Empty Mon Oct 30, 2023 12:03 pm

Daiko Flayme
Daiko might’ve done a little bit of research lately, finding himself longing to meet Yuurei’s new guild after the staggering mistake of not following up on basic, frequent news outlets concerning the generation of new mage’s guilds. No more! He did promise to visit his old friend’s new guild soon, and today was the day! Learning that it was located north, however, did freak Daiko out at first – when new settlements were created, it often included leveling some grounds, which meant that his cottage was in danger! That cottage wasn’t protected by any certificates, no title, no address, no nothing!

… But the guild was located in the Sieghart Mountains, so he quickly calmed down again. Reaching this place brought back rather pleasant memories – his ridiculous training courses back when he was part of Lamia Scale partly took place here, where he was tasked with climbing around the mountainous region for days on end, fend for himself, hunt and catch his own food, and scrape away dependent habits along with Arisa. Those were some fun times.

Daiko came flying up the large waterfall once he saw the giant establishment at the top, his flame-covered wings easily elevating him at high speed until the entire complex was right in front of him. “W-Woah, this… doesn’t look like anything from Fiore! Looks more like… uh… ow- leave me alone! I don’t travel often!” he expressed, ending with a groan at Coda pecking his skull at his lack of references, “What are the chances that Yuurei’s hanging out here somewhere? He’s, like, super-famous now… nobody even remembers Lamia Scale anymore.”

There was a tone of sadness from his last statement, brought by nostalgia unrewarded over the passage of time. He was indirectly told to let his old guild disappear into the foggy veil of time, clearing the way for this one to emerge tall and strong. Yet, he knew so little about Paradise Dawn… which was why he was here, obviously! To educate himself, like adults did!

However, his first actions were merely flying around the large building, taking a peek here and there out of curiosity. Wondering what he’d witness first – a gathering of mages, a message board, a bar or an arena…

(OOC: Took Christina to arrive here :3)


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Lumikki’s ravens all darted over to her room but only a few would enter her window. “My Revna, it would seem someone with wings of their own is approaching the guild hall.” Trygve, one of her most prompt ravens would tell her. Nothing made him happier than reporting something major first.

” Hmmmm yes, with wings the inverse of your own…” Lonu, her most matured raven would add on. He took the situations as amusing, giving a slight dance as he spoke.

“ Is that so me loves. Tell the flock to circle him for me so as to make sure he could stick around. I’ll be there shortly to show our avian friend the Raven of Dawn.” She was tending to her hair at the time as it was a habit for her to. But she quickly dropped her brush to put on a better dress than she had. A short black dress with double slits and lace. Her ravens had all gone to heed her desire, save but one. Lonu who cares to escort her over himself.

Lumi quickly ran to her window when all was done, her Demon form peeling away as if it was smoke, her tattoos dimming until unseeable. She looked human once more, just to make sure she didn’t scare the new bird away. Though her hands remained stained black as did her legs, to which was coiled with living shadow the jutted on ever shifting feathers. Her wings were of her own, six black, speck with blue hues, wings sprouted from her back. The little bit of her form she allowed to be left. And she flew off to where their visitor would show. Her sharp eyes showing him perfectly clear the moment she was a hundred meters away. He was dazzling to say the least. Indeed her inverse. And her curiosity would pour out of her as frost would streak just behind her.

Her flock would circle him long before she arrived, croaking with pleasure. Parting a path when she finally came to meet him. “ Greetings, what beings a winged creature like yerself to the Dawn. I am Lumikki of Paradise Dawn.”

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Meanwhile if you move away from the skies and go back on the ground, you would see an older dragon slayer. He considered leaving the guild hall and move on to quest elsewhere. But just as he was leaving he would see a flock of ravens or was it a murder or ravens? He wasnt sure what a school of ravens was officially called, but he would look up and witness them surrounded something else in the sky. It was a bit too high up to see who or what was up there, but things were certainly interesting
"What is Lumikki up to" he thought to himself

Speak of the demon, there she was in all her glory, flying past him to the new person. He observed the flight and encounter curiously, watching to see how it goes. He wish he had a drink to watch this. But y'know what, leaning against the wall and crossing your arms is close enough... kinda

#4Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
”You know, there’s not a large waterfall back in Hargeon… or any, for that matter. I think we have a river close by, but what if we found a waterfall somewhere else? Blue would definitely love to swim under a waterfall once in- WAIT! We should’ve taken Blue along with us! Why’d I just leave them back at the guild like this?! Blue would’ve loved this place…”

Upon a second gaze at the waterfall apparent behind the guild’s structure, its majestic presence completely overwhelming the contour of Daiko’s fiery magic at play, he wondered: “… Or maybe they’d have issues swimming up from the bottom. Blue ain’t no salmon, after a- w-wha, wait, woah! Crows?!”

A bunch of crows began circling him out of nowhere, all flying around with croaking chirps… but they weren’t attacking him or anything. They seemed like they were interested in this new person showing up here. “H-Hi there, birdies… sorry for scaring you all,” Daiko apologized, spinning in the air to avoid hitting some of them who flew way too close to his fiery wings and blue garments, “C-Coda, be careful! I think they’re friendly, you shouldn’t get angry or- C-Coda?”

Coda was preoccupied with spinning in circles, chasing down a couple playful crows with either bloodlust or… playfulness of her own? From his distance, he couldn’t tell, but Coda appeared to have slowed down compared to the crows. He was worried, since Coda was still a bird of prey – and they hunted other avians too.

A bunch of crows made some space, drawing Daiko’s attention towards an ascending figure with a mist of freezing particles left in her trail. Almost… a polar opposite in terms of aura. Daiko was akin to a burning sun, and while his magical sensory wasn’t the sharpest thing around, he could still deduce from what he saw left behind her ascension… freezing cold. Six, black wings with a faint, icy-blue hue. It felt weird to meet a contrast to yourself, yet someone so oddly… familiar. Almost as if they were two sides of the same coin.

Blinking a couple times, Daiko managed to come up with a greeting: “Hi there! Uh, hello! Sorry, I just wanted to meet an old friend of mine… I’m Daiko, from Blue Pegasus! Do you know Yuurei? If you’re a friend of Yuurei, then consider me a friend too…!” Despite his chiseled face – a long cry from how young he used to look like back in the day – Daiko still had the voice of a naïve individual – a sort of untainted childishness bubbling inside of him, regardless of his career as a mage with blood on his hands.

Blood of his guild’s enemies would not taint his character, and blood of those who disregarded innocent lives wouldn’t either. If anything, it spoke of how mentally fortitudinous he was, even if he wasn’t aware of it himself.

“Also… you a Phoenix, too? A black, icy one?”


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Lumikki fell into her habit, circling around Daiko as he introduced himself. The mention of Yuurei made her both more curious and disinterested. She knows a few stories of her Guild Master but not quite of how he met all he knew. She could not fathom how this man knew Yuurei and it peaked her interest. But the thing of it is, Yuurei attracts and repels many types to the Dawn. It was becoming boring to think it was only him who had any influence here.

Meanwhile Tenevi, her harpy companion would join the gathering. She flew with all her four wings cutting into the air. She had mostly dark blue feathers but there were shades of purple and ice blue in her plumage. The face of a girl with short air and mostly closed eyes. She darted through the skies to circle the companion of their guest. Part to check his behavior and part to play herself.

“ Phoenix too?” She inquired while giving his words thought. Finally did she gaze him with her World’s eyes. Aaaah so those truly do exists…. she thought to herself. And another member of Blue Pegasus like her beloved Ùlfr. ” I should of known better than to think of yer kind like mere stories. Nothing seems to be a fairy tale anymore these days….” she finally stopped before him so that they would speak more clearly.

” Is being a Phoenix charming? We’re ye hatched from an egg? I ask genuinely as I meself came from one when rebirthed. Though sadly I’m no Phoenix friend of Yuurei, Ima Demon.” She leaned forward as she spoke, her eyes shifting colors from her icey blue, golden yellow into a purple and bright pink. Her voice had echo as she said Demon, as if her voice was other worldly. Her aura had to work harder to keep her cool despite the blazing heat of his wings but it was worth the playful gesture as she had fun.

Lumikki pulled all her wings so that she could glide backwards. Putting some distance between the two once more. As much as she wanted to test her cold to his heat, it was neither time nor place. The man seemed gentle in his speech and a friend of Yuurei was family of hers. There was more than enough time to tease him later.

“ Consider me forged from the primordial Frost and Dark’s splendor and though usually I am no fan of those that bear flames, I’ve come long enough to befriend them She spoke with a playfulness in her voice almost like she was teasing. For all of Daiko’s naivety, Lumi spoke in its inverse with cheeky knowing. Her small stature and childish tendencies would lead one to think her young and immature but it was just her preference to be more playful. She preferred to keep her darkness hidden and tucked away until it was a more fun time to spring it on her target.” Ye speak of the Heartless Angel, tis me Guild Master. I can say I indeed know of him and If ya know of Brone then ye know me Uncle….Ye can disperse loves.” The last bit was her command to the ravens, who pulled apart and away from the pair in the sky. They ebbed and flowed as they shifted in the air, none choosing to be very far.

“ It seems Alex is below.” Trygve, one of her closer ravens would report. Lumikki would look down and smile, waving at her Frostkin down below. “ The Angel hardly leaves the North so he could be found here. It’s simply the matter of him showing himself. Is he all that brings ye to the North Phoenix? It’s curious meeting me inverse flying about so do ye have time to kill?

She stuck her tongue out playfully as she pulled her knees up to her chest and tilted jer head. ” Wanna play with me Daiko?”

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He curiously observed what was going on, but considering everything was done at a distance and in the sky mid flight, his range of sight was minimum. Its like staring at a dot or such. He couldnt hear what they were saying, but he was able to see them nontheless. Just meant extra eye strain
"At this rate I might as well get glasses" he thinks to himself

The cloud of ravens dismissed. He'd notice Lumikki lock eyes with him. Ah so she noticed his presence. Well presence with an asterisk, he wasnt quite there where she was. But close enough.
He waved back to her. But it was more that single, nonchalant, old timey trying to be aloof person kinda wave. Wasnt as energetic as say a youngster eager happy and bursting with energy. It was more calm motion from him.

He also didnt want to fuss her since she was already talking with someone, so he'd wait when things naturally move back down to earth. He was curious who the other fella was and why they were here, you dont get people like this at the guild every so often.

#7Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
… Something about her circling around him made Daiko feel a little bashful. It was almost as if she was eyeing him down like a pride of lions were when eyeing down a lone gazelle on the savannah. He could physically feel her gaze etched onto him, and he wasn’t used to any of that! He hoped that he was, at least, presentable enough to be a sort of ambassador for Blue Pegasus – his guild did put emphasis on the essence of presentation.

Coda began circling the harpy that joined their circles too. Four wings was a new concept to Daiko, whose eyes drew towards the harpy in order to confirm what he skimmed a moment ago. Four wings? That person can fly, like, twice as fast as us?! he wondered, quickly pulled back towards the cryo-avian sorceress who expressed her surprise at meeting a Phoenix like himself. “Wait, I… I can transform into a Phoenix, yes, but-“

Funny questions followed up, which had Daiko’s head cranking like old gears in a clock. “I-I… I think? I don’t know, I think my mum gave birth to me normally, but I couldn’t possibly know…” he pondered out loud. Accordingly, the feathered lady herself had hatched from an egg… wait, so it must’ve been the case for Daiko too! She was just like him, so why not? “Oh, in that case – I think I was, too. Especially if- oh, you’re not a Phoenix…” Well, that was a little sad… he swore for a moment that she confirmed to have been another type of Phoenix – thinking as if there were other ‘types’ to begin with, which was a baseless accusation of his.

But… her next revelation left his eyes widened in shock. She blatantly told him that she was a Demon, a race of sentient creatures akin to humans that Daiko obviously knew about, but… whom he didn’t exactly have the best experience with on account of his old guild’s fate. She didn’t look anything like a Demon, though – she was fancy, beautiful, stylish and had wings! Birds weren’t demons…

When her eyes changed hue to a purple and bright pink color, Daiko’s own eyes turned from dark-grey to an amber-gold hue in response. They had many similarities, in the end… but each similarity presented itself differently. However, it ultimately made things run smoothly, and Daiko already felt like he was conversing with an age-old friend. Maybe it was the power of birds, after all…

His hands were… shaking a little bit around when she admitted to not having been the biggest fan of Pyromages, one of which just happened to be him. But that was water under the bridge, so it was no reason to panic, after all. “Phew… thought you were serious for a second,” he relieved, intent on listening on. She referred to Yuurei, the Guildmaster of Paradise Dawn, as the Heartless Angel-

“Wh- …” She knew Brone, too – more than knew, apparently, as Brone – another past member and friend of Blue Pegasus – was her uncle… mhm? Huh? He couldn’t see anything similar to Brone in her appearance, though… but back to Yuurei’s nickname-

“What a cruel name… he’s not heartless at all!” he groaned with crossed arms, watching the corvids scatter from the two. However, if Daiko wished to meet Yuurei, the latter was often to be found in the North – likely, he’d make his appearance here sooner or later, and then Daiko could… well, he initially just wanted a look around, but now he wanted to spar again. Until then, though, Lumikki appeared to have some sort of silly plan in mind – although, her tongue poking out was falsefully interpreted as a musing mockery, to which Daiko angrily poked his tongue at her direction. “Mmmmmmnh! I have time, but if you’re trying to trick me just ‘cause it was Halloween recently, then I’ll trick you back,” he threatened with the weight of a child throwing a tantrum.

… Oh, she looked far more genuine now. He had the feeling that she was up to something – there was something about her body language that made the air feel like trickery, but…

“Ye, I wanna play,” he ultimately replied rather quickly, somersaulting in the air.


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Lumikki's eyes studied the man flying just before her. Her face held such a cheeky grin as Daiko tried to keep up with all her words." I was kidding about it all ye know. I'm but a simple raven. A humble ice and dark mage. A rare kind of human." She said one more with a playful tone. Swaying happily as she hovered.

She enjoyed how flustered he would get. She could tell, with her eyes, that he was older than her but he had such a cute way of speaking. So earnest and too pure. Much too charming to ever truly know the Angel or any of his annoying cruelties and it was of no interest to her, to explain to him otherwise. " Yes, yes Daiko, it was a slip of the tongue. The Bleeding Heart Angel obviously, he does so much for the North after all, he's even begun wearing a rose to expand his charm. The dazzling hero someone wishes to be in their story. That is of course, if that's the story ye want. What is yer story? If ye were in a fairy tale, what kinda of story would I get?" Lumi smirked enough that her lips would pull back and reveal her fangs. She gave a soft chuckle as she spoke.

" Tenevi, could ye ask if Alex wants ta play?" She would not be so cruel to her own guild mate that she'd leave him below unattended. Even if she doubted how much he would entertain her fun, she still wanted to bother him all the same.

The harpy flew down annoyed, though she hid it well. Circling Alex for a moment before landing just in front of him. " You're going to strain your neck if you keep looking up pointlessly, no? Either way, my Revna asked if you wanted to join. Quick now, I'll be sure to pass along your answer dear."

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He looked as a figure drew closer and bigger and soon he would see that it is Lumikki's harpy. Who spoke to him. He rubbed the back of his neck. "Good point" but then he quickly answered "Of course I wish to join her"
Now he wasnt sure what else the harpy wanted. It said that it would pass along his answer to Lumikki, suggesting she wasnt taking him for a ride anywhere just yet. So he'd allow the thing to fly back to his master as he'd look down and rest up. The mount companion had a point, he shouldnt look up for that prolonged time.

But he was wondering who was that flying guest that had arrived to the guild hall. He doubted it was a new member. It just seemed like an odd approach. Neither a quest giver. So perhaps someone was expecting a friend?

#10Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
She didn’t look very raven to him. Ice and dark magic, however… he could see that. Dark as her skin, ice as her hair. A rare human- although, she did say she was a raven kind of gal, too. Raven Magic? Did ravens possess both dark and frost magic? Ravens sure were cooler than he thought – their jet-black plumages alone brought them plenty of attention from the likes of artists and the like, but to think that they co-

… Maybe… just maybe, Lumi meant that she was a special case? Ought to put two and two together, Daiko – it wasn’t that hard to conclude.

“… Ohhh, he’d look way cooler with a rose,” Daiko pondered over this new ‘look’ of Yuurei, the Bleeding Heart Angel. Maybe he made women’s hearts bleed with how infatuated they’d become… jealooooooooooouuuuuuuuuus. That sounded like something straight out of a bedtime story for little girls, and Lumi agreed – curiously asking what kind of story Daiko was in. “I- I don’t know. Maybe, like, a really cool story about… fights and fire and stuff, with cool birds so all the kids will like birds as well,“ he pondered out loud, nodding his head in agreement with his own thoughts.

“Wait, what we playing, again? Was it tag, hide and seek, or tug-of-war?”


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As the phoenix inquired what games they may share, a sudden chill would already fill the air. It was in no way malicious, but it was indeed getting quite nippy and fast. The Demoness would circle the man in the air once more before gesturing for him to follow her with the water of the falls that would pool over near the Dawn. She would gesture to Tenevi as well to beckon Alex over before diving forth.

The sky was already clouding, as she was landing onto the water, the surface promptly freezing over to ice with every step. Black snow would fall from the skies as the frost mage clutched her hands and threw her arms into the air. In a surge of the moment, a flash freeze shot forth and froze then waters surface completely. While her black snow would begin to pile just on top.

The Demoness would turn over to greet her guest once more, a playful smile etched on her face. As she held out her hand, a black snow ball would slowly form. She would toss it at the approaching Daiko to begin her jest. ” Ye could play with me in the snow, until that Angel of yers notices!” A soft giggle left her lips as she would form and toss another one his way.

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He arrived up in the air with Tenevi, just so Lumikki can go down "Seriously?" he groaned and sighed, and so he and Tenevi followed her to the water which she froze. He would get off the mount and look in the palm of his hand a snowflake, but it was black. Ahh, so Lumi was making it snow. He realized she wanted to play with snow, so he used his own magic so he could make it snow as well, only his was not black snow of darkness, but the more familiar and normal snow. White in colour. He figures why not hasten the process so she could have fun

"Ok ok. Listen. Now that Im finally here and able to speak with you."
he looks at Daiko "Who exactly are you and why do you wanna play games with Lumikki?" he then looks at Lumikki "Is this your new boyfriend or something?" he wouldnt be surprised if two bird people hooked up. Would that make them love birds? Hah

#13Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
She just turned the pool near their guild hall into an ice field, perfect for skating and playing ice hockey and stuff… but the snow that began falling was black! Wait, what sort of Magic did she possess to turn snow black?! Daiko almost physically jolted to the side at the sight of falling, black snowflakes, while Coda tried grabbing a few with her beak. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait- black snowflakes?! Isn’t that… wait, I know what kind of Magic that is!” he triumphantly proclaimed his conclusion, raising a finger up in the air, “You must be a Demon Slayer!”

… Well, he’d only really met a couple of those types of mages in the past – the most notable being his Guild Mistress Alisa and her Demon Slayer Magic. However, hers wasn’t black at all – it was shiny, way too shiny, to ever be associated with something as dark as this. So how come he mistook this for Demon Slayer Magic?

Bird brain.

“O-Oh, I actually just wanted to meet up with Yuurei, but now I wanna play snowball fight!” he replied to Lumikki’s friend, a fellow Cryomage named Alex, before rolling up a small black snowball that quickly melted in his hands. “… U-Uh, gimme a moment, I can do this,” he beckoned, making several attempts at forming a simple snowball – however, the moment he was ready to throw it at anybody, the snowball had lost half its size and melted away into black water.

“…” To circumvent his hands’ natural heat, he blew on them – literally emptied his lungs’ storage of air onto his palms before trying one more time… and it worked! “There we go! Think fast!” Daiko declared before throwing a snowball straight towards Lumikki. Coda had been a cheeky one and formed a snowball with her talons, which she dropped right above Alex’ head.


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” Demon slayer ye say? Ye aren’t wrong, I do slay ‘em when I can.” She wore a cheeky smile as she admitted to this, after all, how could she get stronger faster than consuming her own kind when she gets the chance. As Alex approached to make his peace, and set his appearance. Lumi twirled around, her fingers were whisked around like a conductor leading a song, and more and more snowballs would form into the air before she finally looked back to Daiko as he struggled to keep the ice in his fingers.

” Fire lacks fun and whimsy if ye ask me. Ice can be cruel, aye, but it could also grant solace in its versatility. Still, I’d garner to say, the warmth of fire could be so pleasing if it suits ye.”

She let some of her prepared snowballs fall toward Alex, hopefully cutting into her fatherly ways so that he could fall into having fun like a child again. Ice being his element, it’s easy forget how to enjoy it when it has become your tool. Especially when it was what you used in fighting.

” Have ye happen to see Yuurei around Frostkin? It’s been awhile since the Angel has showed his wings around here. She twirled around to conjure another valley of snowballs, this one a much bigger turn out then before and the numbers kept growing. At this point, it could bury someone alive but she wanted to see how much more she could do before she sent them toward the visitor.

Meanwhile Tenevi would stand to the side and wait for a moment. Observing the company before dipping herself into any of the fun. Finally she would bend over and scope some snow into her talons, playing around with the mass of frost before pressing it into a ball. But she would wait another long moment before loosening her grip on it. Eventually she would decide to throw it at Alex, as he lacked the magic to melt the snow and undo the spell, or the ability to eat it all. This would sate her as she mentally prepared for the other. The next of which would fly at Coda as she was helpless to do the same so easily.

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The blue pegasus person thought that Lumikki was a demon slayer, Alexandre didnt see the logic in his reasoning, a demon having a demon slayer magic? Anywho once enough snow has builded up, Daiko would try to make a snowball but due to him being the firey type, had a rough time forming one without it melting in his hand, so several attempts later he would succeed. He threw the snowball at Lumikki.

"I havent seen Yuurei in a while. Last I heard, he traveled to Luluhawa, but that was months ago. Havent seen nor heard the recluse angel. Not that I interacted with the guy much" he answered Lumikki

Alexandre thought that he would sit this one out and let the love birds enjoy their time together, none of them actually denied him asking if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Though just as he relaxed, he felt a snowball on the top of his head and saw a cheeky bird
"I guess we're doing this" he didnt think he'd partake in the snowball fight. And before he got to do anything else, he got pelted with another snowball, this time by Lumikki's companion Tenevi "Oi, did I offend the animal kingdom or something?" he would ask no one in particular, merely think out loud
"Ok, thats it. You are so busted" he said to Tenevi as he grabbed and formed a quick snowball to get the bigger companion back

#16Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
He was right! She was a Demon Slayer! Points to Daiko for figuring that out all by himself!

SHE WAS CHEATING, THOUGH! She could manipulate ice, and he watched her manifest snowballs in the air – just a bunch of orbs floating about, such an advantage… and what did she mean by her comments about fire? Fire could be fun, too! Like… uh… bonfires for cooking, and… lights outside… he could also do small fire figurines, but they didn’t last long. “I think fire can be funnier than that! If anything, it lightens up the atmosphere,” he commented, trying to hit Lumi with his snowballs in spite of her aerial agility, “C-Come onnnnnn… you’re lucky I’m not melting all the snow right noooooooow!”

He was having lots of fun now… but his attention returned to the topic of Yuurei’s whereabouts – last time they recalled his location, he was at Luluhawa- wait, that was where Daiko reunited with him, too! He hadn’t been seen by his own guild members since then? That felt weird. “Is he that shy? But he’s your Guildmaster, right?” Daiko reaffirmed in wonder while scooping up another snowball, “Then again, a lot’s happened outside of Fiore, too… maybe he just likes to be at all those hotspo- Coda, above!”

Coda, slow in the snow, was suddenly buried in a snowball and poked her head out of the black snow in awe, witnessing the larger avian grant Alexander a similar treatment. Oh, how she wished she was that big…

“But if I was Yuurei, I’d at least stick around my fellas a bit more than that… I think. I don’t know, I’ve never been Guildmaster before,” Daiko further shared his thoughts as he finished his next snowball, “Okay! This time, you won’t be able to dodge!” Gathering strength in his legs, Daiko leapt up in the air before swinging his arm and launching the snowball towards Lumi’s position, intent to at least bring the other bird enthusiast to his level.


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” Ye’d have to show me the charm of a flame sometime Pheonix. Usuaully blazes have been more overwhelming than fun in any regard. Even in me upbringing, we revered the spirit of stone over fire’s embrace.” She spoke in a voice with a giggle in its fringes, finding much merriment in their encounter already.

With the stage set, she now watched it all unfold as her new friend and her frost kin enjoyed themselves in the little mayhem. All the while Daiko was spilling his thoughts about her Guild Master and his ways.

” Personally I like him lots as a mystery. It helps pave the unknown he chooses to surround himself while building up the reputation he’s known for. I could only wish to become half the enigma one day, but it would cut all the joy from watching humans find their way to me lair. No—I can’t be scarce. Not quite yet.”

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After dealing with both Coda and Tenevi with a snowball or two, he approached both Lumikki and Daiko and he wanted to put his own thoughts when it came to leadership "I do believe that being a mystery is not good for being a leader. A leader is a man of the people, that guides them and comes to their aid. Mystery and aloofness is unbecoming of a leader as you render yourself as unapproachable to the meek and the new. Mystery and aloofness is good when you are a guild ace, when you have the needed authority, but not the responsibility of being a leader"

Alexandre as an older man among the two spoke his own thoughts about leadership and in a way spoke what he thinks of Yuurei or his own leadership style if he was a man of mystery or trying to be one. Mystery was as Lumikki said, good for building a rep of being an enigma. But if you're worried about that while you are a leader, you are a bad leader.

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Daiko Flayme
Stone?! Well… there were stones everywhere, so- but still, stone?! But fire could be cool, as well! C’mon! And stop being so nimble in the air, he couldn’t land a single snowball on yoooooou!

When it came to their opinions on Yuurei, Lumi herself preferred this ‘mystique’ aspect of his, adding that it made his achievements all the more impactful. Like a secret vigilante-kinda guy… that didn’t really sound like the Yuurei he met years ago, but a lot must’ve happened for him to boot up his own guild and all. Safe to say, from observing just the members present here, it was an awesome guild watching over Daiko’s previous home.

“A lair? I… I thought, maybe, you’d have a nest or somethi- ohhhh.” he exclaimed before getting hit with a clarification – she was a Demon. She mentioned that earlier… and demons had lairs, right? Ye, ye, that made sense.

Alex wasn’t the biggest fan of the whole ‘mystique’ persona, since in his eyes, it made Yuurei less approachable by new members and those who sought aid from within his ranks. But Yuurei wasn’t the type of person to leave someone in need of help unsupervised, much less ignored – nah, that’d be cruel and irresponsible of him, and Blue Pegasus had taught him better than that! “Doesn’t really sound like Yuurei to be that unapproachable… I’ma have to catch up with him later on that.”

Today was a fun day to unwind and enjoy the few privileges of snow that Daiko could think of. Lumi had similar opinions about fire, which made them have a little yin-yang thing going on, but since they were both bird-themed, Daiko now had a new friend for life. Two, in fact – Alex’ face had some bird tendencies in there, too!

“I’ma go check up on my cottage further north, it’s somewhere in Worth Woodsea in case you stumble upon it. Just don’t break the walls, please! They’re not easy to make with fire magic!” he warned them before seeking the skies alongside Coda. All fun times had to come to an end, after all, and he had some business to do himself.

“By the way! Blue Pegasus’ likely to hold another Springtime Festival later this year! Feel free to come by then! Coda, especially, wants to see you there, Lumi, so don’t make her sad, okay?!”

And with that message, the Firebird went north as quickly as he came to the waterfall. He was certainly going to visit them again, someday – hopefully when Yuurei was around.


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” Suppose that could make him seem unapproachable, but to be fair, one of that level of power always was. The meek would cower at the thought of facing him and the inexperienced would feel the brunt of their flaws. Not to say he cruel enough to sink it in, he is thoughtful in his advice when he is in the mood to provide it. But I’ve read and observed there are many leaders that feel distant to their own. Whether it be true or false is hard for me to tell as I am too ignorant of it all. I’ll just say Yuurei was mostly approachable for me, thought I’d have to admit how determined I was to flourish in his presence. Can’t say the same for the rest, but I could say Brone shines in the inviting regards. Always one to help a new member settle in their “home”. Out of the rest of the members here, I supper me high among the approachable.”

Lumi gave it much thought as it slipped her mind, where was she when Alex first entered. From the mist of her memory, it was hard to discern. ” Forgive me, the memories are’t as clear as they used to be. Certain things got jumbled in the egg after all. When was it ye joined the Guild Alex?”

The conversation would go fast as the trio would entertain the snow for a bit longer. That was until Daiko would continue with the reason he came. Finding the home he claimed to have in the woods just a bit further to the North. The Phoenix offered his welcome and the Demoness would entertain such invitation. More so after this part blurted on fire magic walls. Though she was visibly sad to see the bird gone.

” Till next time,” Lumi would say somberly. Extending her farewell to the Frostkin to the side of her as well. ” That was a fun change of pace, but not it is time for me to rest. I shall see ye later for dinner Frostkin.” Uttered the girl before her wings would also unfurl, carrying her sheepishly back to her room.

Curtain Call

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Pokedex Entry

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"Be sure to catch up on him." Alexandre simply said to Daiko. Indeed he and Lumikki had differing views on Yuurei and his style of leadership. After that Daiko said that he'd go to a cottage further up north, just not to break anything because repairing it would not be easy. The elder man shrugged and spoke "I do not intend to ruin anything for I am not the destructive type"

Lumikki meanwhile asked when did Alexandre join, he replied "I believe it was your ice skating party when I joined. I cannot remember when it was exactly. May? June? July? Or maybe Im off by a lot"

Then Daiko invited them to a Blue Pegasus event, he merely looked at Lumikki to see her reaction and response. Alexandre nodded "Indeed, seems we go our own way. See you some other time Fire Bird" with that, he made his leave


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