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A game of drinks Santalicia (Yuurei)

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A game of drinks Santalicia (Yuurei)  Empty Sat Oct 28, 2023 6:32 pm


Kaito begrudgingly entered a bar as he heard that he was being challenged to take on some people in a drinking contest which isn't really fair to anyone that takes him on as his body is not normal and keeps him at a peak condition so alcohol really will have no effect on him so if anything the test of the drinks would be what will end up getting him if anything.

He has no idea to what they want just that he had been called out to take on some people but he has no idea what kind of drinking games might be coming his way but he was not going to back down as there was much that can be at stake here so he was going to take it on and he was going to make sure that he keeps the Fairy Tail name untarnished if he can help it. Seems the first of the tour of drinking games was a form of get the ball in the cup while hoping that your enemies don't land their balls in your cups or you have to drink it.


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Yuurei and Renji had decided to take part in this event. He had heard there was a contest for drinking again. He had done this last year, or something similar and he figured he would do it this year as well. He would go with Renji, and he would see how things would go. His first stop would be in Stella, and he would approach the pub that was there. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he knew that he would enjoy himself.

He would enter the place and he would see a bunch of people enjoying their time here. He would look around and he would see a drinking contest going on. The young man would walk over to the contest that was happening, and he would look around.

“If you’re trying to join the drinking contest, then take this and drink first. If you can handle this then you will alright.” He said to Yuurei.


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Kaito sighed and he walked over to the area to get into the contest as he doesn't drink and was just going to drink some normal things even though he knows that it won't effect him and he started up taking them on as there was some name protecting at stake and he wanted to make sure that he didn't fall short of the goal of doing that. He saw Yuurei and he knows that going against Yuurei would most likely be a death warrant as Yuurei is the best at everything he does. There is no way that Kaito could ever beat Yuurei at anything so there was no reason to take it on. He tries to stay off to the side as he competes as he hopes that it doesn't end up coming down to him and that man that would defeat anyone without even trying to do it as he is gifted in all things and there was no way a second rate person like Kaito could beat him.


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Yuurei looked over to see Kaito was there. He had a smile on his face as he waved at his friend. It was then he would feel something from the drink that was given to him, and he would chuckle because it would seem like it was a strong drink indeed. He was fine with that and he would move forward to handling the competition.

“Alrighty then, bring for the man I got to beat.” He said as they all looked at him before cheering to see Yuurei get his ass beat.

The young man was happy to see they were against him, and he would be given his drink and the man he was facing would approach him. It was then the two of them would start drinking, and see which of them would fall from the excessive consumption of alcohol. They continued going back and forth and when the crowd saw it was a match, it got quiet. It was then that the man Yuurei was facing, would fall on his ass and Yuurei would be conducted the winner.


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"You all just walk in and think you got the will and the skills to take us on, you all must be stupid." The man walked up and sat at the line of drinks that they were going to race to drink and see who was the better at chugging and being able to hold their drink as there was not much that this man feared even if he was against a god.

Kaito takes on the guy that had sat across from him as he had no idea what he was even doing and seeing as he was not a drinker this might just be a far bigger deal than it had to be and that was something that Kaito couldn't just walk away from and he was not going to back down or lay down and die as he was a person that needed to not show weakness as he was one of the best of Fairy tail and as such he has the pressures of doing what he must to not make Judith regret having him be a rep for her.


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Yuurei would smile as he looked at Kaito. He heard what his friend had said and he would just laugh a bit as he drank more. Renji would see them and he would shake his head as he drank some of the milk that was given to him. It would seem like it was Kaito’s turn to take on the challenge. Yuurei would watch him as this was the first time he had seen his friend drink. It was interesting, and he would look over to Renji as the Exceed would walk to him.

“Wow are you guys really going to beat these people in a drinking contest? You two aren’t regular people, so it would be hard for you two to lose unless you don’t have the tolerance for it.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would shrug his shoulder when he heard this and he would drink more of his alcohol.


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Kaito was feeling nothing of the drinks as his body was stuck in a state of his prime so the effects from alcohol had no effect on him, which to someone that liked to get drunk this would be a nightmare but Kaito had never wanted to get drunk so there was really no loss here for him besides that he is drinking something that tastes like ass even through the slightly fruity flavor. He looked at the poor guys that were looking like they were dying pretty much but Kaito really had no idea what that meant for him as they were looking like they were about to tap out and Kaito finished the drinks that were in front of him and the taste just lingered like a bad fart on the air and the other guys heads drop onto the table as they had lost and that was probably a hard pill for them to swallow for them but Kaito felt nothing as there was nothing to feel.


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“Yeah, but we need to have fun somehow. First of all, I’ve never seen Kaito drink a day in my life. The fact that he drank something right now is a first for me. It doesn’t even seem like he even got affected by the way that tasted.” He said to Renji.

Renji looked at Kaito and Yuurei and remembered that Revy told him before that Kaito hadn’t drunk. The fact that he was drinking was a strange thing to see.

“You're right, I wonder what made today different.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would walk over to Kaito, and he would smile at his friend. He would put his hand on his shoulder, and he would pat him there.

“Nice job Kaito. It seems like you can drink without it bothering you.” He said to him as he laughed a bit.

Yuurei looked around the place as he was wondering if he should drink a bit more before they left.


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"Life is a bitter taste that never goes away one can only hope that they will die and it taste better than what this does." To him it is just juice that lacks taste like a slightly over ripened fruit that makes the brew taste too over powering and he looks at the group of people that were starting to go for the next place and Kaito has no idea how or why they were going but he figured that now was something that no one would bother to wait for but he had no idea to if there was a reason but he stood up and he started to walk away from this place and toward the door as there was more that needed to be seen and the day seemed to be young and there still be a lot of trouble ahead of them and he wished that he had thought out the course better but he was at an impasse and he was just gonna go. He walked through the portal to the next area.


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Yuurei and Renji would hear him, and they would look confused. They didn’t understand what that meant, but they figured that he didn’t enjoy drinking. He would laugh a bit as it seemed like it tasted like crap. He would rub the back of his head as he felt bad for his friend. Still, it would seem like he wasn’t going to be here any longer. The Seraphim and his partner were fine with that.

It seemed like they were going to go off to the next location for this. The Seraphim would just put the glass down and Renji would put his cup down too.

“It seems like we’re off on another adventure. Let’s see what unfolds for us in the next location we’re going to.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would nod as he would hear him, and he would pick him up as he would follow Kaito.

“I guess he doesn’t like alcohol after all.” He said as he kept moving.


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